like this if u cry everytime

ok but why tf are y'all sleeping on meet me in the hallway???? that song is a fucking masterpiece????? i walked the streets all day running with the thieves cause you left me in the hallway (Give me some more) just take the pain away ,, shakespeare whom??!1? we don’t talk about it it’s something we don’t do cause once you go without it nothing else will do ,, um death would be kinder????

fav little BTS things:

angel dumott schunard walked up to a perfect stranger, asked him “oh my god you okay honey?” took him home, dressed his wounds, gave him food and let him stay with her for the night, the next morning he brought her to meet his friends who were like family to him (the trust!!) and she invited them both to life support (“on christmas?” “some people don’t have anywhere else to go today” like if u cry everytime) and as they were leaving did a little dance to cheer up roger, someone she literally just met, because she didn’t want to see him sad, her friendship with mimi and mimi’s story about how she always helped those in need, i can’t remember where i was going with this but i literally love angel with my whole entire being and want to let everyone know she deserves everything that is good in the world

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hey isaac got any jake dillinger hcs?


  • jake figures out he’s bi bc he has a sex dream abt harry styles when he’s like 15
  • speaking of one direction, he goes SO damn hard for them and he cried when he saw them in concert in middle school (tbh 75% of the time he’s crying over 1d)
  • speaking of pop music that just really rustles jake’s jimmies, he would literally take a bullet for carly rae jepsen. like she’s his number one and everytime she goes on tour u will see his ass there. he has a fan twitter an everything. he once gave rich a black eye for saying she’s overrated (”She Saved The Gays Rich You Dumb Fuck Respect Her”)
  • he makes friendship bracelets for all his friends and he never takes them off like he would rather die (michael cries when jake gives him and jeremy theirs which makes jake cry and jeremy is just like ??? wtf guys its just some strings and michael tells him to shut his whore mouth lmao)
  • he has three (3) pet hermit crabs and their names are homerun, chicken nugget and mustard. he posts daily pics of them on his snapchat
  • all of his socks are neon (most of them are knee high, he wears them with shorts like a dumbass) and he refuses to wear any other kind
  • he makes chloe a smoothie every morning and brings it to her at school. every month is a different flavor and he always adds whipped cream
  • on special occasions (or when he;s just really feeling himself) he puts glitter in his hair
  • the first time his group of friends all come to one of his Big Games togther he cried and got yelled a by his coach bc he stopped in the middle fo the field to wave to them (michael actually comes to a lot of his games, i mean they all do but michael goes to the most)
  • he’s on the chess team. he’s their worst player but no one has the heart to tell him bc he gets so excited while playing
  • if he sees a hula hoop. he’s gonna hula hoop. and he will not stop, his hips keep spinning. the colors r whirling around him. everything is begging him to stop but he’s running so no one can grab them to end this hell. he’s unstoppable.

Sincerely Three: Dating & Cuddling Headcanons

Requested: jaaa!!


  • Alright, Connor’s that guy, you’d never admit to have a crush on, but secretly you admired him for some time
  • And then, mate grew out his hair and wow, you’re totally crushing on him lmao
  • Little did you know, that he also thought that you were kinda cute
  • Not only kinda cute, but like really beautiful and the way you smiled, and mate was totally in love wtf
  • Both of you would be too shy to make the first step, but you’d always be hoping that the other one would DO, BuT NOOOO
  • So, as mother destiny declares: you two should do a project together and the rest is history
  • Connor’s like the ideal boyfriend
  • At first, you two were kinda quiet, not really knowing what to do, regarding that this was your first real relationship. Usually, you’d hang out with each other, just talking and maybe some kissing. But as soon as you started to get really comfortable around each other, shit got real
  • Connor tried to sort of hide his emotions in front of you, all the time, cause he was scared you would think he was weird and leave him
  • Narrator: She thought it was not weird and didn’t leave him
  • You assured him so often that it is okay to feel things. One time, he smiled and then said “Well, if it’s okay. I love you. Very much.”
  • You nearly attacked him, kissing him, also whispering “God, I also love you so much”
  • BASICALLY, half of your relationship is kissing, cuddling and judging other people
  • The first time, when you were at his house, you fell asleep right on his chest. At first, Connor didn’t know what to do, cause on one hand he was scared he would move and wake you up and ON THE OTHER HAND, he thought “What the fuck is happening”
  • You were totally cuddling him, pressing your face on his chest, heard his heartbeat
  • Connor liked it. He stroke your back, looked at you while you were snoozing quietly and thought that you were the cutest person in this world
  • Anyway, that guy loves to cuddle. He’s like cuddling you 24/7.
  • He just likes it, feeling you close to him, maybe even pressing a kiss on your neck
  • Back to the “he’s the ideal boyfrienddd!!!”
  • He fucking is
  • he’s totally lovable, buys you small gifts and even (and that surprised u af) writes you small poems, that were insanely well and made you cry!!
  • anyway, he’s super and a perfect cuddler + boyfriend


  • He probably had a crush on you since Kindergarten and everytime you talked to him, he couldn’t focus on what you were saying, cause all he could think of was “Alright, how do I politely ask you to kiss me?”
  • Funny thing is, you thought the same about him lol
  • Evan’s like #shy, so one time you asked him to go out with you and it was the most beautiful day ever and god
  • You just love Evan so much
  • And he loves you so much!!!
  • You’d always come together every afternoon, doing some school stuff and afterwards you’re just cuddling, kissing and talking about life and other stuff (v specific)
  • (yeah I know you just said “shut up” in your head I know it don’t u lie)
  • ANYWAY, Evan loves to cuddle
  • Everyday when you’re together, he just sits there, lays an arm around you and then u two just fall on the bed, cuddling all the time
  • maybe even kissing
  • he loves to smooch you
  • especially during breaks in school
  • he even squeezes your hand a lot
  • that boy is just sooooo in love with you wtf thats adorable
  • weLL in school, he’s always taking you to the room where your next lesson is and nearly runs to it again, when the lesson is finished to pick you up
  • At first, he was a bit shy and therefore he never really wanted to sorta display the relationship
  • but out of a sudden that boy got confident, kissed you in school, right!!! in front of ur friends
  • U two love laying bed, cuddling all the time
  • throughout of it sum making ouuuut
  • Evan loves falling asleep next to you
  • and omg
  • luv


  • You two were probably friends for idk 4 years until one day he just asked you all romantic
  • You were just hanging out and suddenly he goes like “Yo, I think we should date”
  • And then you just started dating
  • Bc secretly both of you loved the other one v much
  • Jared always seemed v cold and v much like an asshole
  • but in fact, he was the most lovable person
  • Even though he showed it in weird ways
  • he’d like send you memes with “When bae is mad” with the face of Nicholas Cage and he’d be like “lmao thought of u ily”
  • although sometimes he like really!! showed it
  • You’d be hanging around, he grabbed your hand, pressing a small kiss on it and say “You know, I’m really glad that we’re dating”
  • he just loves you so wtf
  • You loooove coming over to him, playing video games, watching films
  • falling asleep in his arms
  • Jared loves hugging you
  • like everywhere you are, he just puts his arms around your waist
  • presses a kiss on your forehead
  • omg
  • and at night, he loooooves stroking your back until you fall asleep
  • he loves sending you wholesome memes about love
  • and u probably watch vine compilations all the time
  • idk
  • he’d also tease u af in public like wtf chill mate
  • he just loooves u so much
  • and u love hiiiiim
  • aw
Friends to Lovers with Yuta
  • omg i really miss doing these
  • and i also miss the members a lot :((
  • but anyways, this idiot is like my third fav and i lOVE HIM
  • but let’s start this k
  • so, how you met
  • you were just walking towards a cafe that was really close from there and yoo were a bit distracted with your own thoughs you know
  • and this loser was probably getting late for practice and was running for his life
  • i mean he knew perfectly that ty was going to kick his ass if he was late again
  • and both of you were going to differents directions and you bumped into each other
  • but it was like violent like you ended up falling
  • “shit! i’m so sorry!”
  • “u-uh no, it’s fine, don’t worry”
  • he would bend and help you to colect all the books and stuff you had in your arms and keep apologising
  • “no, seriously, no need to worry about it, i’m fine”
  • he would offer you his hand to help you stand up and jesus christ can you imagine how soft and warm his hands probably are i want 2 die
  • and when you saw his face you were so shook?? like?? what¿
  • how in the world can someone be so perfect???
  • and he was wearing his training clothes and had 0 makeup but he was looking sO GOOD WTF
  • and he though the same about you, you were so good looking and damnn he wasn’t going to let pass this opportunity you know
  • and you were so embarrassed like you just fell in your butt in front of the most handsome person alive in this world can i delete my life pls
  • you got so flustered and you were blushing?? you couldn’t even talk properly
  • “i-i’m fine”
  • and he smiled so widely at you, you were so adorable to him and your heart was hurting bc he’s so nice and caring??? what
  • “i’m sorry, i was getting late to my dance practice, but, where were you going?”
  • “ah~~ just to the cafe that’s near here”
  • “let me go with you"
  • even if you tried to deny him bc he was getting late he still went with you aND paid your coffe
  • you guys even exchaged phone numbes bc
  • “i’m really sorry that i haveto go now but, what about going back here together tomorrow afternoon?”
  • he literally invited you to a date i’m-
  • you spended the whole day constantly thinking about him and dYING
  • and same for him, he spended the whole day talking about you to the other members lol
  • “why are you so late again, yuta?”
  • c h i l l
  • and the next day you actually had so much fun w him
  • he talked a lot about him and his life in japan, and he listened to you so carefully and asked you a lots of things
  • it was perfection
  • you got lots of dates together and you would text each other a lot
  • but he confessed to you in your fourth or fifth date idk
  • he had shiny eyes and he was smiling at you the whole time
  • he knew you liked him back
  • i mean you were so obvious bc you would always get flustered and shy and all cute
  • so he was feeling really confident in that moment
  • he even grabbed yoru hands and played with your fingers
  • and the way he confessed was so cute and simple
  • “you’re just so amazing, y/n, i couldn’t help but fall for your charms. please~~ be mine y/n, i can make you so happy”
  • omfg
  • he started running and jumping everywhere while laughing like an idiot
  • and your first kiss was like a week later
  • you were cuddling and making each other some questions u know
  • btw he lOVES CUDDLING
  • he would cuddle with you in any chance he has
  • “but do you prefer cuddling with me or with sicheng?”
  • “sicheng, definitely”
  • and you were like :O ??
  • “he lets me kiss him, you don’t”
  • and hellooooo loselose is not going to be better than you
  • so you just.. kiss him? lol
  • you cupped his face and just went for it without even thinking about it
  • he laughed while touching his lips and looked at you
  • and omg his glare let you all shy and blushed
  • you hide your face with your hands, but he grabed them delicately and kissed you again
  • but this time the kiss was so perfect and sweet
  • i want 2 cry my eyes out
  • he’s such an amazing boyfie
  • he’s a really protective boyfriend let me tell you
  • and everytime he gets jealous he’s SO clingy
  • even more than he normally is
  • but a t the same time he cuddles with sicheng while they watch anime and you’re like <l3
  • “I already told you y/n, i’m not dating sicheng he’s just a friend”
  • lmao
  • but he would be the perfect boyfriend that everyone wants
  • i’m rlly soft for him now bYE

agustcd  asked:

ur top 10 minhyuk looks ๐Ÿ‘€

1. anytime he has worn yellow like ever,,

2. the ultimate bf look….

3. the outfit he worn on his second date vlive, cute :(

4. The Pink Suit from beautiful era……god tier look

5. i sorta already included yellow but this one deserved its own point 

6. everytime i look at these i cry

7. anytime he’s worn a choker but especially this one

8. that time he wore that multicoloured beanie….i can’t find a pic but i hope u know what i mean 

9. the corgi on his shirt…..the necklace…he’s so precious 

10. anytime he wears a hoodie!!!!!! he looks so soft and warm