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It’s past midnight and I’m studying for my communications final so naturally this popped in my head

Zimbits virtual coworkers au

So Bitty and Jack work for the same company, maybe a hockey magazine publisher? That’s not too important

What’s important is that the company has offices all over, in both south canada and northern US (thank u NAFTA)

So Bitty and Jack are put on the same team together, and they know eachother but they don’t KNOW eachother. Eventually through skype meetings, the company’s IM service, and emails, Jack really starts to like Bitty. He starts running things by Bitty he doesn’t need to, closing his emails with little emoticons (this is a professional environment Jack) and apparently Jack lied somewhere on his resume and has avoided learning anything in two years of work cause he keeps skyping Bittle and asking how to do things he really should be able to do on his own. He doesnt even pay attention half the time and just stares at his monitor! Bits begins to wonder if he should bring this up to Jack’s supervisor, but thwn again maybe not. Jack is always very nice and laughs at Bitty’s dumb jokes and thanks him for his help

Then once their joint project is over the company decides that the whole team should meet up to celebrate and Jack tries to talk to Bitty and is coincidentally very near him the. whole. time.

And Bits just appreciates that this boy with the really nice eyes and a bit too much colonge (he got really excited and yes he went a bit overboard. Jack this is supposed to be business casual put the bowtie back) is being so friendly when the rest of the team seems to not know how to talk to the people they’ve been working with for the past several months.

The next project Bitty is assigned to is closer to him. Jack’s not on his team anymore. He thinks he’ll miss all the IMs and little smiley faces, but his new project soon becomes the only thing on Bitty’s mind


About a week after the party, Bitty gets an IM from Jack
He didn’t expect to hear from him again
This boy must be desperate for friends
But when Bitty reads the message it’s about Jack’s new project??? And he’s asking for more advice????
And at this point our Eric is beginning to catch on
So a few weeks later, Bitty decides to see where Jack’s interest really lies
He gives Jack his cell number, “since you message me so much already”
Bitty feels like he’s barely hit send when he gets a text from a new number
In Canada

And this keeps up for another three months while Jack clumsily tries to flirt over text (ya’ll its not easy) and Bits absolutely encorages him cause he’s fallen in love with his awkward but dogged persistence until Jack gets drunk one night and confesses to Bitty in a horribly misspelled string of texts while Bits was dead asleep and in the morning through his wicked hangover Jack makes out Bittle’s succinct response
“I knew it”
And the rest is history

hi everyone!! my best pal @4dcs4 and i are putting together a mcgenji fanzine. we’ve wanted to make this project happen for a while now, and in light of the recent election, it seemed like a great time to get started. all proceeds as a result will be donated to support lgbtq+ efforts in the states. we are looking closely at the lgbtq+ task force as of now but would be open to other ideas!

we hope to celebrate the relationship between mccree and genji while also celebrating happy, healthy and valid queer relationships. we’re looking for submissions that are happy, empowering, and uplifting! this is a positivity zine and we’d like to stay away from things that are a little too sad (because there’s plenty of that in the overwatch canon already, right!?)

if you’re interested in participating, all you need to do is send the following to

name (preffered AND online handle would be great!)

tumblr (for crediting purposes later!)

and one or two sketch ideas of what you’d like to submit to us! they don’t have to be complete but a rough comp is necessary for us to see what we’ve got.

the submission deadline is December 9, 2016 (a month from today!) and decisions will go out shortly after! thank you so so much for your interest. :)

EDIT: i can’t believe i forgot to mention (thanks for those who asked) – we’re looking at a size of 5.5in x 8.5in for both print and pdf. and when you are drawing your image ideas please keep them PG-13 or SAFER. thank you!!

re: early decision

Hey guys so I know that almost all early decisions have come out. For those of you who got into your dream school, congratulations! You’ve worked so hard for this and you deserve it so much and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. So get ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your senior year. You’ve earned it! 

However, for those of you who didn’t get the news you were hoping to hear these past couple weeks, you are still valid, you are still incredible. I was deferred from Yale last year and it broke my heart. It’s normal to feel sad, to feel dejected, or angry. Let yourself feel this. It’s okay. But it’s also important to keep your chin up, to not get discouraged, to keep working hard because that’s your reward. Not the college acceptance that waits for you at the end of this, but rather your effort and your growth. 

I won’t like to you; it sucks to get rejected. But it’s not personal. College is a business. It will still suck in the future. But wherever you’re headed to in the fall of next year will still hold so many incredible moments and experiences for you. No matter where you end up, there will be opportunities waiting for you. Yes, these opportunities will be different from the ones at your dream school and your experience might be different, but it will still be as valid and as incredible and life-changing than the one at your dream school. It will be exactly what you need to grow into who you will become in the future. 

My rejection from Columbia still break my heart. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be different had I gone there. But if I had, I never would have met the wonderful people here at Brown and had the amazing experiences that I have. Sure, Columbia would have been great, but Brown has still provided me with everything that I need to become who I want to be and I promise that will be the same for you wherever you end up. 

Chin up and keep working hard. You’ve got this. 

Your soul is the best I’ve come across. I would search for you again. You have known pain, you have known loss, you have known heartache. You have been through it all and yet you still smile and bring joy to everyone. But I know that on the inside, you are scared when things get real, you use your carefree attitude as a defense mechanism to help deal with the reality of your life but you are there for me despite and you treat me like I’m worth everything. You make the effort and go above and beyond and my soul is so happy to even have seen the light that you are. I might have gotten scared today but I really hope you realize that I’m not like other people. I’m scared too but I would be an idiot to let you keep thinking that your life isn’t valid enough to have something that lasts.



I’m nb trans, and aporogender more specifically. Being fat and having big boobs in addition to dressing the way I want essentially means that I never pass in any situation. I have been told to just loose weight or bind so that some people will be more willing to respect my identity. I want my body to stay the way it is. Bodies don’t have gender identities, people do. Clothes don’t have gender identities, people do. My gender identity is valid regardless of what I look like or how I dress. Sorry, not sorry for being someone who takes more conscious effort to respect, the way I am and acknowledging that has been the defining thing that keeps me from ending my life.


white/white-passing trans folx: can we please share more tpoc and especially dark trans black women? Also let’s not fetishize them. Let’s not talk about how attractive they are to us. They don’t exist for us to have something beautiful to behold.

Nonfat trans folx: please represent fat trans folx. Not just cute fat or sporty fat. Like actually go through the tags and rep all fat trans folx.

Able bodied trans folx: let us represent any disabled/mobility challenged trans folx. They are fucking valid and rarely if ever get representation. Also let’s not talk about what inspirations they are. Their life struggles are not there to make you feel better.

Financially stable trans folx: We need to represent poor trans folx. Money gives us access to soooo much that can help alleviate some of our pain or at least make it somewhat easier to manage.

TLDR: trans folx, represent other trans folx that are marginalized in ways you aren’t. While trans representation is abysmal enough, trans folx who are white and thin and able bodied and have financial stability are the vast majority of the kind of representation our community does get. Let’s do better.

*I definitely didn’t mention all the different levels of marginalization or marginalized identities within the trans community. Feel free to add to this, correct any mistakes I have made, etc.

** for those trans folx who are not wanting or not able to participate, you are in my thoughts today. You are not alone.

***I will go through the tag as much as I can, but also feel free to submit or tag me in things to make sure I reblog them.

self-confidence paradox

I’m not hot. I’m not sexy. Or at least, I don’t feel like I am.

And sometimes you just really want that validation.

I don’t want to be cute. I don’t want to be pretty.

I want to be desirable and wild and whatever else that shit entails.

I want to be hit on.

But at the same time, I don’t?

Partially because I accept that this urge is this bullshit social drive for women to be sex objects. Which I want no part of.

Partially because I don’t actually care about my image that much. It takes effort & energy I just don’t have.

And also because I’m terrified of people actually hitting on me.

I like to flirt, I like to kiss. But what if someone actually wants sex? (which is usually the point)

I’m not interested in that part all that much. (well, most of the time)

And I’m paranoid of strangers. And I don’t take compliments well. So I wouldn’t know what to do if it happened.

But like… My confidence takes a dive every time it happens to someone else and not me.

I’m not hot. But sometimes I want someone to tell me I am.

nb whiskey

so whiskey is my precious nonbinary tadpole and just

feminine nonbinary people are super valid and whiskey has always struggled with that because they are afab and love “traditionally feminine” stuff 

but their family was always like 

“if you aren’t a girl you can’t like girl’s stuff”

so when they start at samwell they put extra effort into presenting masculine

and honestly its super tiring 

because they are still hiding themself to make other people more comfortable

they don’t really know how to stop doing that though because it has become a reflex of sorts

it ends up being dex who helps whiskey figure themself out

cause yeah dex is trans too and he spent a lot of years rejecting femininity because he didn’t think his gender could be valid if he still liked pink and frilly dresses

but he spent a lot of time talking to shitty in his freshman year and that was a very big help 

dex makes sure whiskey knows that reclaiming that forsaken femininity isn’t an easy road 

and that they will doubt themself  but they can come to dex at anytime or even shitty (cause yeah they may not have met him yet but shitty practically reaffirms sexualities and gender identies for a goddamn living)

anyway just nonbinary whiskey being feminine and valid and not feeling bad about it because masculine nonbinary is not the only option

anonymous asked:

The scene in the new chapter of TATA where Totoko paints Karamatsu's nails is so cute and makes me extremely happy for some reason XD Thank you for that little gem

I am SO glad that you think so because tbh I wrote that scene in google docs on my tablet, and in about an hour I’d written the entire scene - approx 500 words or so as well as the 250ish preceding it - and I was like “yeah great progress! that’s a lot of time and effort and words for nail painting but anyway let’s take a break” and I saved my progress and poked around on firefox for like five minutes and then went back to google docs and the entire scene was gone in its entirety. so what I’m saying is I had to rewrite the whole thing from scratch because I thought it was too damn cute to just leave it out and your enjoyment validates that time I wasted on rewriting so thank YOU for considering it a gem ♡ ♡

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RE: post/155992883083 I think it's bc they don't actually know, or want to know about it, but they want the kudos for writing about the 'difficult subject'. They don't actually make an effort, bc they don't care. (honestly, my pet peeve is when they do write a realistic if understated portrail of child abuse but they present it as good parenting, like, gee, am I glad this random person decided to validate my abusers or what)

jadkfljaf yes!!! which is why it just. makes me so mad. like. djfkala. and same @ your pet peeve. i cannot stand reading/seeing a parent in some work of fiction that even slightly reminds me of one of my own and is treated by the narrative as “good” like lmao no no no stop pls and thx

something i really do love about the undertale fandom and recent trends in fandom culture is that i think fic writers are getting more appreciation? like its become more normal to reblog fics and leave comments even if they’re just “aaaa!!” or speculation or “cool chapter”. this isn’t universally true but i’ve gotten some comments on my most recent fic that really made me smile and feel validated for all the blood sweat and tears that have been poured into this novel-sized 50k+ word mess that i’m writing like… for free. in my own time. pouring my soul and emotions and pain and etc into it on top of school and family and working when i can. im not saying im on the same level as a published author or that fic writers deserve all the praise in the world but writing takes a lot of effort even if its not something dark and moody and personal and im glad that im seeing more comments being left now

because of course i have older stuff that got a lot of likes but no reblogs or got a comment or two, and i’ve seen huge fics with over 3000 kudos that have maybe 3 or 4 comments and i’m just… so glad that ppl are realizing how amazing comments are to fic writers

im so…. so fucking tired of The Struggle in this site. No matter what I do, I just cant really like. Get any attention to me.

I’m literally always doing jumping jacks yelling “LOOK AT ME!!!!!! CHECK OUT WHAT I CAN DO!!!!!!!” but nothing ever comes of it.

And I am just so… so sick of wasting my fucking time. I’m so sick of constantly feeling like shit, constantly feeling like I’m not valid, constantly feeling unwanted, constantly feeling like my efforts are all going to waste i’m just so super fucking sick of it all.

anyways im gone. don’t look for me.


Yea. Bi/pan erasure can be shitty. This is me poem-ing about it.

Ps. This took a ZILLION tries to all get in one take. Validate my efforts by giving it a like?

Also I am armed with nothing to do this afternoon and a bottle of wine. Stalking and following people who reblog :)

Fan Mail

Everything on your blog makes me sick and I love it.

I created a film house specifically as a place for female, poc, and queer filmmakers to connect and share projects but it’s often referred to as a “niche” and even my parents are like “do we really need something like this?” and “no one’s going to watch the films in your festival, they’re too specialized.” But when I see the stuff on this blog I’m reminded why we do need it and it kind of validates my efforts, idk. Thank you for making this blog, I and so many other women in film appreciate it so much.

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how do i deal with bad ace days where i just feel so broken and like my existence is wrong and no one will love me because I don't want to have sex with them

You take things one day at a time. Give yourself time to feel what you’re feeling, because those emotions are valid, but then you make a conscious effort to change your mindset. Employ some self-care techniques, whatever works best for you, and remind yourself of all of your good qualities. 

The good in you cannot be cancelled out by sex. You are worth more than any sexual encounter and anyone who doesn’t see that isn’t worth your time anyway. 

I got to see some of my college friends from the bookstore this weekend. I love them so much and they are legitimately some of the best people on earth. Some of them told me that as a way of knowing what I’m up to, or when they miss me, they watch my videos on YouTube. I was so touched because I put to much effort in to that medium, and every time I upload I’m a mess of anxiety and crave validation and always feel like a sham. But to know that people who love me use it as a way to feel closer to me, well fuck, what could be better or more important than that?