like they're two pieces of the same puzzle

you-little-oedipus  asked:

Help me I don't know how to draw people kissing without them looking like they're eating each other's faces off and you're such a good artist, can I have advice?

I’d be happy to try and help ! Even if I don’t think I’m the best at drawing kisses, haha. 
One of the first mistakes I made was to draw the two characters kissing on the same angle. While they must not, or their noses will bump and it won’t work XD I drew it and it looked more like puzzle pieces than real people kissing. 

So yeah, I learned that they must tilt heads. Imagine the “camera” being above one, and under the other. On one you’d see under their chin, the ear will be higher, the eye too (and you would see only the lower lip when they kiss). And on the other you’d see less of their chin, the ear and eye would be lower (and you would see only the upper lip when they kiss). 

 I tried to illustrate, please excuse the poor quality, it’s late XD

There’s a lot of different kisses too ! The more passionate it is, the more it looks like they “eat each other’s face off” haha XD

Here’s a few kisses I drew where you can see the tilted heads in different styles :

I know all of us artists hear this all the time but this is SO true, look at models. I would suggest pictures of real people or really good/realistic drawings instead of random art, cause no matter how cartoonish your style is, having real bases is always important. First thing any artist must do is observe. The more you look, the more you learn. And it’s pretty easy with google. Feel free to look, redraw the pose in order to practice. 

I hope I helped at least a little bit ! I’ll be happy to help again anytime ! ^^