like they tweet pictures


New official picture released by sailormoon_20th for Michiru’s birthday

just i love dan and phil's little tweets, like their little pictures they take of eachother, even if it's a stalker photo or a dan telling phil photo- "phiww take a picture of me by this wall" or a phil telling dan photo "daaan can you take a photo of me with this sushi?" just ugh love it

wow ranting 101

Periscope- Brendon Urie

You woke up in you boyfriends bed after taking a nap. you could hear Brendon’s  angelic voice being accompanied by the piano. This was one of your favorite things about staying at his house. He always woke up before you and sang. You had been going out for the past 6 months and his fans didn’t know. He said he wanted to keep you away from the hate you were going to get from them. You were glad he wanted to protect you from it, but it was only a matter of time before a picture was going to be leaked of the two of you or someone caught you two in public.

You made your way downstairs in hopes of being able to sneak up on Brendon. You tiptoed into the living room and saw him at the piano. He was singing This Is Gospel, you came up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist. You laid your head on his back and he stopped singing and looked straight forward.

That’s when you peered over his shoulder and saw he was periscoping.

“Oops.” you said into his back.

“Hold on guys.” Brendon said turning the periscope off and looked at you.

“Sorry.” you said feeling guilty that you just revealed the big secret.

“Don’t be it was only a matter of time before they found out.” He said kissing your lips.

He picked his phone up and saw that a bunch of people were tweeting him.

“Looks like they caught on.” he said showing you pictures that people screen shot off of his periscope.

“We can still cover this up if you want. You can’t even see me, all you see is my hands.”

“No I think it’s time they know. I love you and they will love you, and if they don’t then they suck and don’t know what their missing out on.” you smiled at him and he brought you down to sit next to him on the piano bench. He sat his phone back up and just before starting a new periscope he looked at you.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Sure.” you nodded and he started streaming.

As more people started view he started answering their questions.

You being the shy person you were just sat there.

“Yes this is my girlfriend. No she’s not using me and for you to even think that is cocky. Yes she’s very beautiful that’s one of the many reasons I love her.” he answered the questions.

“Why doesn’t she talk?” he read one question and looked at you and chuckled. “You wanna answer that one babe?”

“I talk, I’m just sorta shy.” you said timidly.

Then the comments were filled with ‘omg her voice is so sweet.’

‘How long have you been dating.’

“Almost 7 months right babe?” Brendon questioned and you nodded your head.

‘What’s her name’

“You sure you want them to know?” Brendon asked you. You shook your head yes and he kissed you.

“Her name is Y/N. It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

‘Aww, you guys are so cute together’


“Okay guys I’m gonna go now. I have to enjoy the rest of the time I get with Y/N before she leaves for the day.” Brendon said and ended the stream.

He turned to you and you smiled.

“You’re so pretty when you smile.” he completed.

“Not as handsome as you.” you said back.

He wrapped his arms around you.

“I should probably head out soon. I don’t want to be stuck in traffic all night.” you said.

“No, don’t leave. Stay another night.” he whined like a little kid.

“Brendon, I’ve stayed the past 5 nights. Aren’t you sick of me yet?”

“I could never get sick of you.” he said kissing you. “You know what, I think you should move in with me.”

You looked at him wide eyed.

“Don’t you think that’s a huge step, like you really have to love someone a lot in order to deal with them all the time.” you said. You loved Brendon with all your heart. He was perfect for you, but were you for him?

“Y/N, I love you so much. Come on, you spend all your time here anyways. You’re perfect for me and don’t deny that I’m perfect for you, because I know I am.” he said proudly but joking.

“You’re right. I think it’s a good idea.” you said and Brendon’s face light up with excitement.

“Really? This is great.” he said standing and picking you up. He spun you around and you giggled at his childlike excitement.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Brendon, but please put me down.” you said and he put you back down but didn’t let go of you.

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ive been sitting on my couch crying with laughter for a solid five+ minutes because you tagged that photo of danny devitos socked foot as matt hold why

listen this is PEAK matt holt content and i will tell you why it works on multiple levels:

  1. matt would on principle tweet something like this
  2. the uncanniness of the picture provokes a confused laugh from the audience… exactly matt holt’s humor style
  3. the essence of the man is captured… the divot in the pillow, the whiteness of the sock, the fact that we cannot see his face… all are concepts that combine to form matt holt
  4. the amount of information we know about matt holt visually equates to a wordlessly tweeted picture of a sock

“Pocket of Privacy” Approach - Sorry for my shit graphic, but it was the best I could do to show the non-sequential steps we’ve taken with Elounor in the last several weeks. It’s intentional, and I think they’re doing it for two reasons. 

The first is that it creates these little “pockets of privacy” between reveals that lend “credibility” to the narrative by making articles/anons/stalkers look more “in the know.” The press and stalkers knew Eleanor was in LA, but nobody else did, including her own update accounts, until today. We spent a week arguing she likely wasn’t, because no pictures/tweets/instagrams/snapchats of her were ever posted until today. The blind item and Sony pics explained the “reunion” article that came out this morning, hours before the Jamaica trip was “revealed” via Phoebe. It’s all a careful dance and relay of information meant to construe privacy and secrecy, when that’s not the case at all, because there’s multiple public layers going on to support the narrative at the same time.

The second reason is that I think it requires less participation in the “in between” times. So far. I think they’ll keep this up to make it appear more authentic than in previous times and to keep fans guessing about where/when the next step will be taken. 

Just remember that the order of things matters, and there’s a lot of layers at work here, some of them blatantly public (press articles, likes, follows) and some of them shrouded in fake secrecy and revealed at very intentional, opportunistic times (the Sony pics, the Jamaica trip, the Eleanor LA pics). It’s all still fake as fuck. Just a slightly more nuanced strategy than in previous attempts. 

I watch all these hockey babies at the ASG and honestly all I can think about is like the Zimbittle baby scoring a goal against Uncle Chowder at the ASG and having the cutest celly ever and like skating down the line of hockey players to get fist bumps while Bitty tweets furiously and takes pictures and Jack looks like a proud papa bear.

lol so the NPR Twitter account posted the entire declaration of independence, but like not a picture of it, they tweeted it in hundreds of tweets, and a bunch of Trump supporters thought they were legitimately calling Trump a tyrant and for revolution against the government.

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Dan is the little spoon and that picture just confirms it

remember when phil liked a tweet about how being the big spoon with a tall person was like cosplaying as a backpack