like they do in hamburg

white knight

Lukas isn’t used to his dad taking pictures of him. He isn’t really used to anyone taking pictures of him but Philip. But his dad is standing alongside Helen and Gabe and all three of them are smiling and Lukas doesn’t feel as stupid in his cap and gown as he thought he would. He’s seen other schools in bright oranges and blues and shit, but they lucked out with black. Philip looks fucking adorable, and Lukas plans on telling him later, when they’re alone, just how goddamn cute he is. But for now he wraps an arm around his waist, pulling him a little closer, and grins for the camera.

“How many more pictures?” Philip asks, through gritted teeth.

“As many as we want,” Helen says, snapping a couple more.

“You took about a hundred before the ceremony,” Lukas says, raising his eyebrows at his dad. People are still streaming out of the auditorium and Lukas sees a bunch of other kids having to deal with the same crap they’re dealing with right now.

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BARÇA EMOJIS: Marc-André ter Stegen

“No matter how hard you try, there are going to be a lot of people who don’t care. That’s just the way of the world. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s music or the way you dress or your political stance or the color of your house or the way you build a hamburger. As long as you like it, do it.”

Lori Barbero, Babes in Toyland’s drummer, talks about growing up with music, not wasting time on things that aren’t fun, and her advice on “never, ever, ever” caring about what other people think of you.

Interview by Stephanie Kuehnert. Photo by Joe Dilworth. 

17.04.13 PON! ARASHI Week 4 - ARASHI [English highlight]

Question: Which member has the softest / most flexible physicality?

Jun answered Nino
Leader, Nino, Sho answered Masaki
Masaki answered Jun

M: Nino’s hand is very soft.
S: Puni-puni.
M: The touch of his hand is soft. Like hamburg steak.
S: Let’s do it? [Take away Nino’s boards]
N: (Shout) Hamburg! (And showed his hands)
A: Would’ve been great to have that (that instrument for the gag).
N: Everyone in ARASHI laughs with this.
S: Our favourite gag. Though in fact I was bit worried about the atmosphere of the studio. (giggle)
N: Sorry (giggle).
A: MatsuJun, I have image that he has been flexible in physicality all along.
M: My bending forward is flexible. (Bended forward flexibly)
A: Right. So I chose MatsuJun.

S: Though I also thought it was MatsuJun, recently when I saw Aiba Masaki…
N: (Point to Aoki) You haven’t studied.
S: (Point to Aoki) You information is outdated.
O: I saw him today in green room. He was doing stretching exercise.
N: He did stretching, muscle training, and push-up.
S: In the past one or two years, for concert performance, his solo performance, he had been doing stretching during that time. When I was aware, he became very flexible.
A: I thought if I worked on the training I’d become flexible.
Aoki: Little and often fills the purse.
A: Right.
S: Are you flexible on bending forward too?
A: I’m. (Bended forward flexibly)
S: You couldn’t do that before, right?
A: Not before [I did training].
M: (To Aoki) Please update your information.
Aoki: Sorry I didn’t study enough, I learned today. (giggle)
ARASHI: (Laugh)

* Just highlight, not verbatim.

so i finally watched diu episode one today
(i also got a really nice brush pen)

Apparently fans in Chile have been stalking the band’s hotel, sang songs and got mad when the band didn’t come outside to meet them. At least that’s what I heard.
Cmon guys, you’re not entitled to a band’s time, especially not in their day off. They’re human beings who have every right to spend their free time with whoever they want. Interacting with fans is a part of their JOBS, not their sole purpose in life. If your boss showed up on your doorstep on your day off to give you work you wouldn’t be thrilled either.
Yes, they always say they love their fans, but well, I love chocolate and still don’t eat it 24/7. I love karate but I’m not at the dojo 24/7.
Just be respectful please and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want a stranger to do with you

consider this an indication that I am still low-key mad about it, one year later

Ok so when yall make stuff like hamburger helper do you season the meat while you cook it or do you just go with the seasoning it comes with

Cause if yall just go with the seasoning it comes with…. unfollow me lmao

[nudging my partner awake at 4am] hey, wake up- do you ever think like, cheeseburgers shouldn’t be called that? hamburgers were named after hamburg but a cheeseburger isn’t from cheeseburg, there is no cheeseburg, and it also creates the implication that a hamburger is made of ham when it isn’t, and- just- just listen, it doesn’t make sense, it should be called a hamburger with cheese. are you awake?

anonymous asked:

answer every fourth question

4.What’s your religion?
- I was raised Catholic but I’m not religious now

8.Do you like bubble bath?
- I don’t really have an opinion on it I guess

12.Vegetable or meat?
- I should eat vegetables more, but honestly I really like hamburgers

16.Do any hard drugs?
- no

20.Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
- pfft no

24.Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt?
- lol all the time

28.Do you sing in the shower?
- not out loud but I always have a song in my head

32.Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
- when I was like 3

36.Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
- I wanted to be vet or a waitress

40.Wear slippers?
- noooo I hate them

44.Can you curl your tongue?
- yes

Relationship preference:
48.Shy OR open?
- a little bit of both I suppose. I don’t wanna hear about everything

52.Straight edge OR non-straight edge?
- a happy medium. I think more that a person should be free to try anything if they want to and I’m not gonna be the one to judge

Thanks for asking!!!!🌻💚

When someone makes a possessed family members gif set for Dean but leaves off Castiel when Dean literally spent most of the backend of S11 upset over this compared to the one episode he dealt with the other examples…

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Niceart Drabble: Does it taste like...

For the “kissykissy” day lol

Pairing: Niceart

Genre: Humour

Summary: takes place in re: episode 12. At first Hajime is happy at Art’s return, but then she’s confused…


Hajime was glad Art returned. He had been really mean to her and almost killed Nice, true, but Nice without Art was like her without seeing hamburgers: totally miserable, so she was happy he came back because it meant Nice would be happy now.

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"Living till the age of 200" - talk between Kyo and Chihara Seiji (

Kyo from DIR EN GREY/sukekiyo and Chihara Seiji, one brother from the comedy duo “Chihara brothers”. A talk session between those two happened. There were many that thought it’s an unusual combination, but Seiji is originally known as a rock authority and Kyo surprisingly likes comedy/to laugh. While working in the totally different worlds, they showed strong interest in each others field of work, there was a wide range of topics coming up in their conversation. I think that from Kyo’s remarks and also form how Seiji lead the conversation with frank way of speaking suggest that Kyo enjoyed the interaction with Seiji. And since in the content their relationship of trust comes out more than anything, please enjoy reading the whole conversation.

Interview by: 渡辺裕也 /Watanabe Yuya

Instead of the comedy that is supposed to “make everyone laugh” I prefer the comedy of walking ones own path, you know. (Kyo)

– As it seems that you met each other through mutual friend, do you maybe remember what did you talk about first?

Kyo: It was surely some hardcore story?

Seiji: Oh yeah. Few years ago I was playing in a hardcore band.

K: Did you have any concerts recently?

S: Not at all. Now I’m going to Africa (for program “Finding various villages around the world! Japanese going to such places!”), so I don’t have time for a band at all.

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Okay I’ve got to ask. Do those guards look like they are made of old hamburger meat? And Silat. I admire the bravery in your fashion statements, but shoulder pads that seemd to be modeled off of Sperm cells is a BIG no no especialy with those pine cone bases. And take off that silly hat, it looks like a milk chocolate hershey kiss. And why does this look like a page from the long awaited Men of the Kushan calender?

Can you imagine though if Clavicus Vile enters a tavern

Not as a mortal

Not in disguise

Full 100% Daedric Prince ungodly presence.

So everyone’s freaking the fuck out and the innkeeper’s like “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”

Then Clavicus goes

“…Can I have a hamburger please?”