like they are just so funny to look at

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My God do you practice expressions in the mirror? Anxiety's "sometimes I just gotta be me...N." looked like a cartoon it was so expressive. My face doesn't even /move/ that way! I rewatched that part 4 times.

Haha funny you bring that up!!! Ever since I was little, I’ve always imitated cartoon facial movements! I guess it kinda subconsciously comes through sometimes! It’s cool you noticed that!


Carl the Animator: “Wassup?”

Ted the Animator: “I swear, it’s impossible to move the people *in* the van perfectly in sync *with* the van.”

Carl the Animator: “Like, scaling them as it comes forward?”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, just look at it.” 

Ted the Animator: “I try so hard to keep it accurate frame by frame, but they still bounce around like crazy and slide to the left.”

Carl the Animator: “Weird. So, the tracking’s broken?”

Ted the Animator: “…the what?’

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, the motion tracking.”

Ted the Animator:…”

Carl the Animator: “Keyframing the passengers? 

Ted the Animator:

Carl the Animator: “…tying their position in the frame to the van?”

Ted the Animator:You can do that?!”

Carl the Animator: “Um… yes. You can even have it scale dynamically according to how big the van gets.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’ve been doing it by hand for months, why didn’t you tell me?!”

Carl the Animator: “You’re normally the one who knows all the techniques and stuff! I sorta assumed you’d know about such a basic thing by now.”

Ted the Animator: “…eh, I guess that’s fair, I am usually the smart one… how do you access that option in the program, anyway? I can’t find it.”

Carl the Animator: “Right-click the object. Second menu item.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh. Thanks.”

Carl the Animator: “You’re welcome, smart one.”

Andre Burakovsky - Judgey

Hey! I really love your writing! Can you do one with Andre Burakovsky where he felt like the reader is embarrased to date him because reader haven’t introduced him to reader’s friends? Thank you!

“What’s so funny?” Andre asked with a smile.

You two were having a lazy Sunday at home just relaxing with each other. 

“My friend Mandy got a new puppy.” You said showing him your phone.

“Cute.” Andre said with a frown. You could tell something was wrong with him, but you weren’t sure what it was. 

“You okay?” You asked leaning you head on his shoulder and looking up at his brown eyes. 

“Fine.” He said not looking down at you. That was so unlike Andre. 

“Hey, whats going on?” You said sitting up and taking his chin in your hands so he had to look at you.

Andre sighed “Are you embarrassed of me?” 

“What? No! Why would ask that?” You asked shocked as to why he felt that.

“Why is it that I’ve never met your friends? I mean you’ve met mine. You never bring your friends home nor have I ever met any of your friends. Why is that?” He asked.

“They can be very hardcore, and I just didn’t want you to be turned off by them.” You said truthfully. 

“Hardcore?” Andre questions.

“Judgey….I guess is the right word. If they don’t like someone they makes sure that person knows and I just didn’t want you to get upset.” You said. 

“You don’t they will like me?” He asked.

“I don’t know, that’s why I was scared for you to meet them. They didn’t really like my ex. But if you want to meet them than I would love for you to meet them. Friday?” You asked with a smile.

“Friday sounds good. Dinner? I’ll buy.” He smiled.

“Ha! They might like you already.” You joked placing a kiss to his cheek. 


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It's early for Halloween but...

Danny being batman for Halloween and dani being robin and then running into batman and robin only to realize it’s Damian in Dick’s old costume and Dick is 60s batman. Damian is horrified but by being seen like this but more so by the fact that Dani chose to dress in a copy of Tims costume instead of his. Red hood and Red Robin come in dressed as each other. Tim is the only robin that thinks Damian in the scaly panties is funny though but Danny’s laughing with him so at least Damian’s rage isn’t his alone. Jason just looks at Damian and in a dead tone just says “welcome to my childhood legacy”
That of course is when cass walks in with steph dressed as batman and robin respectively. Steph in her old robin uniform and cass in a more up to date batsuit than dick’s. And the way Steph just smiles when she sees Damian in the original suit Damian decides no one in the room right now is leaving with any evidence of this happening. But naturally this is where duke and Harper walk in dressed as the yellow and blue ninja storm power rangers (the first team to have a male yellow ranger and female blue ranger) wondering why didn’t anyone tell them there was a team theme this year. But they forgot as soon as they saw Damian in the scaly panties as well as dick’s batsuit and wonder what’s up with that and they tell them about the original two outfits but of course this leads dick to give a long lecture about the history of the robin suit to which Jason says “after dico wing do you really think you should be talking about style?” Tim being one of the only people to even see pictures of that monstrosity agrees while the rest have seen dicks fashion fails enough times to imagine. By the Damian is fine while everything and starts to ask dani why she would do something so horrible as to dress in a copy of Tims old suit and he agrees with her saying “ Halloween is about being scary what’s scarier than Tim being taken seriously.” (I imagine Dani doesn’t take Tim seriously because to her that needs to be earned and Tim has yet to do something to get it due to him and her not interacting much) to which Tim points out “I’m sitting right next to you, Ella” and Dani hates being called Ella but tim hates the fact that his demon spawn younger brother has turned their hell raiser little sister against him. But after a while of goofing around and talking the batkids start wondering what Bruce’s costume is. “be something scary ” cass put in. Duke Harper Danny and dani having their first Halloween at the manor together wonder what could be scary to the batman. And everyone but Dick is choking on their laughter as Bruce walks in, in an imitation Dico wing suit. Dick is pouting. From the door way if only to avoid flash backs of when Dick dressed like that every night “Truly terrifying, master Bruce.”

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some eleanor account just posted a picture of that article 'louis: eleanor had been my rock' which also includes the picture of briana and freddie at the park, and all the replies are like 'what??? I didn't know there was a picture of freddie and eleanor' like all these stunt girls look the same, it's why no one cares about all these stunts because everyone just gets confused who is who or they think its the same girl

hsajhsjakhskjahsjkahska this is so funny 

So I saw sausage party and it’s..

so dumb…

It’s not that funny or anything cuz the “hey we look like we’re a kids film and we curse” thing got old fast. The world doesn’t make any sense either. I think it’s like a Toy Story thing but…food and toys are different. The sausage walks but to human they just look like food. So how does a human perceive a sausage fucking a bread woman? Do they just see a hotdog sitting there?

When the new food is cut up into new food does the food have a new consciousness? If that’s so then the sausage would be a Frankenstein monster of a ton of other meats right?

Why do some objects talk and some don’t? How can food smoke pot? Why didn’t they just all rot at the end? Now that would’ve been something…

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jaemin's ideal type?

ok but really Jaemin would loveeee someone who’s very talkative like imagine him listening to you blabber about random things like that would be the cutest thing ever can i dieee. that boy smiles a lot and he’d surely like someone who’s good at jokes, lame or funny, he’s still gonna laugh bc he knows what his smile does to u ;))

also, he’d really like someone who is very caring and genuinely a considerate person in general bc he’s caring too and he’d love it when you become the caring type when he falls sick. ok but just imagine bringing a bowl of soup for him bc he has a cold and he look up at you and smiles bc ur so sweet :))) ok im cheesy but u know u love it bc ur reading i shud stp

i feel that he’s very organised and has his shit together basically so maybe he would want you to be the same?? in the end id like to remind ya’ll that this is just my opinion its not based upon any original facts or anything its purely my own idea of jaemins ideal thank <3

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Sorry if you already answered this before but, how did you get into New Girl and what are your favorite things about it. Just curious.

I actually don’t think I have!  This might get long, so sorry in advance. 

Well, back in 2011 when New Girl first premiered, a week before it aired they had a preview for it on demand (this was before I got screeners for it) and I remember immediately wanting to watch it, not only because I’ve always been a big fan of Zooey’s, but also because it looked like a really funny show.  I was pretty much hooked since that first episode, and it has stayed one of my favorite shows (along with Once Upon A Time and Outlander) ever since.

My favorite things about it are the relationships.  Both romantic and platonic.  I’ve also loved the evolution of all of the characters from the pilot up until now.  They’ve all had so much growth and yet, they still all remain so close.  They really are their own little family and I love watching them all each week.  And yes, I’ve been very much invested in Ness pretty much since he sang to her at the restaurant in the pilot.  

Not to mention, this show has always managed to make me laugh every single episode.

Thanks for asking, by the way!

ok I decided I would reveal one character in Galaxy Star since I haven’t been posting pages for it really.

and if you’re thinking this looks like Nova, you’re half right.

they’re suppose to be an alter ego that kinda just help Nova out in a fight.

funny thing, this alter ego was inspired by the other yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh season 0, so when I show you this character in the comic you’re going to see the similarities.

but I’m not giving away in other characters in the story or telling you who exactly this is actually is because it’s no fun spoiling everything^^


Its so rare to see a chubby/fat anime character. And if there is one theyre usually for comedic relief and have no personality. Thats why Hunk is such an amazing character that not only is funny but also is smart with so many talents and is relatable and is cowardly yet brave JUST SO HUMAN. So i get upset when i see fan art of him thin and muscular like?? Someone can be big and have muscles too?? Let us have this one fat character hes so relatable go draw Lance and his adorable lanky ass leave Hunk alone if he isnt gonna be the perfect chub boy he is now

okay but the reason I love when seventeen cover a girl group song is the respect. like all these other male idols always go out of their way to be “funny” and m o c k girl groups, wearing bad wigs, dresses, being overly dramatic and cute and singing really high pitched. some even half-ass the performance just to put up a “show”. but seventeen take their girl group covers seriously, they do it just as they would had it been a male group song they were singing, they do it with respect of the original singers, and I think that’s how it should be.


SO I HEARD IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY @therealjacksepticeye WELL THEN HAPPY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY FRIEND! I just wanted to try you out in a Disney-ish style?? Is it Disney?? I dunno..ANYWAY…HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY AND DO FUN STUFF. WE LOVE YOU AND STAY SAFE! 

~from your lovely neighborhood art college student..Liz. May the memes be with you, always :)….(and yes i did listen to that song for hours on end)

things can’t make you look like a sexuality. it’s very tempting to make easy jokes about “Dan looks like a lesbian”, “Dan’s pastel video is gay” i mean obviously correlations between behaviour and stereotypes do exist but when things are kind of you feeding into heteronormativism and the harmfulness of everybody’s living inside a patriarchy and the bullying that exists within the male-system with things threatening their masculinity - that’s just a bad thing and stereotyping sexuality and behaviour and gender isn’t a good thing - so you can say “that goat looks like a lesbian” or “the flowers, that’s a bit gay” and it’s not necessarily the most offensive thing but on a level it is slightly bad because you are reinforcing those things you know so it’s funny because next time you’ll be like “oh i totally look like a lesbian” it’s like that might seem like that but there’s nothing wrong with a lesbian happening to look like whatever “masculine” is.
what is “girly”? what is “looking feminine”? you go to nature, you got a female lion - they’re all meaty as heck. tell you what, lionesses at the zoo - they’re all thicc, look at those thighs. male lions are skinny as heck sat in the corner. what is “feminine”? who’s to say that a girl has to wear pink and like flowers? gender roles make no sense at all. honestly it’s just one of those things that make no sense - like you can say “men are stronger, therefore they should be the hunters” but in our modern society that means nothing. that’s like grounded in some kind of biology - but wearing pink, liking flowers and not liking flowers - that makes no sense. there’s like literally no background for it. there’s a difference between things that have some kind of evolutionary biological basis that we can say while now in our modern society that’s a pointless issue that we shouldn’t let define us.
—  Dan’s rant on the flower-crown-criticism | Dan’s Live Chat 14/2/2017

The rush of joy you feel when a stranger correctly names your instrument from just seeing the case