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do you know of any movies or music ddl likes?

Thank you anon for sending this question back. I think I may have accidentally deleted the first ask since I couldn’t find it in my drafts or my queue and for that I am so sorry. I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to do some research and discover/rediscover many things about him. However this task turned out to be harder than I thought since my memory is blurry, my bookmarking system is messy and DDL’s retirement news pretty much drowned many specific articles that I’m looking for.


Daniel Day-Lewis is a film fanatic. He loves wandering into a cinema and taking pot luck with whatever is on (I laughed whenever people tweeted they thought they just saw DDL queued behind them at movies). He loves even bad movies and likes to analyze the work of actors past and present. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the list of his favorite films although he always talks passionately about those whose work he most admires like Montgomery Clift and Charles Laughton. So I gathered some pieces from his interviews and articles and hopefully it will give you some insight into what kind of films DDL likes.  

He is intrigued by all kinds of performances.

DDL reveres the greats like Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro. He dislikes John Wayne, loves Gary Cooper and prefers the Jimmy Stewart of Capra’s classic pictures to the Stewart of Anthony Mann’s westerns.

He saw Taxi Driver at least five times when it first came out.

In 1976, when he was 19, Daniel Day-Lewis saw Taxi Driver.

“It was a real illumination. I saw Taxi Driver five or six times in the first week, and I was astonished by its sheer visceral beauty. I just kept going back – I didn’t know America, but that was a glimpse of what America might be, and I realised that, contrary to expectation, I wanted to tell American stories.”

He is fascinated by Clint Eastwood.

“I used to go to all-night screenings of his movies. I’d stagger out at 5 in the morning, trying to be loose-limbed and mean and taciturn.”

Ken Loach is the biggest influence in his life.

“I am rather surprised that I haven’t made more stories about my own country but it is a mistake to suggest that the biggest influence on my life in terms of movies has been America. It was and remains Ken Loach and his whole body of work, not that I have ever worked with him. There is something unique and pure about the way he works, without a taint on it. His beliefs have remained unwavering since he made Cathy Come Home.”

He gave Carey Mulligan a personal note for the movie An Education.

When describing the gift from Daniel Day-Lewis, she explains:

“He wrote me this beautiful handwritten note a couple weeks afterwards just saying how nice it was to meet me and that he’d like An Education. His penmanship was beautiful. The note was the most beautiful thing. If my house was burning down, I would save that. It is so precious.”

“If….” is his major early influence 

When asked about a movie he saw when he was young that made him say, “This is what I’ve got to do with my life”, Daniel mentioned seeing the movie “If…” about a rebellion at a British boarding school, with Malcolm McDowell.

“Certainly that was a very important moment, but not just because of Malcolm in that film. It was partly because I was at a boarding school at the time, and if I could have got away with setting fire to the place, I would have done it. And he created a banner around which all the outcasts rallied, and so that film was a big influence.” 



Some of these are really shocking since it’s hard to imagine what kind of music DDL listens to so prepare yourself.


This is one of my favorite DDL’s legendary tales. For Gangs of New York, DDL listened to the music of Eminem to get into his character, the infamously violent leader of the Natives gang, Bill the Butcher.

“Yes, every morning around five, especially the song “The Way I Am.” I’ve admired him for a while. I’m always on the lookout for music that might be helpful to a role. It bypasses the intellect in a particular way. With this film, I realized I was listening to Eminem more than usual.”

Classical music

He listens to Bach.

Folk music

In one interview, while driving up the Wicklow Mountains, DDL slid a CD of Irish folk music by the band Planxty into the sound system, and the writer said the car was filled with layers of mandolins and guitars while DDL said:

“Nothing I say will be more eloquent than this music.” 

(he loves not talking during interview) ;D

Snoop Dogg

This is the transcript from an interview with DDL back in 2003.

Q: What other music have you used to prepare for roles?
DDL: Sinéad O'Connor certainly has helped me. Bach. Nirvana. Snoop Dogg.

Q: That’s funny, I’m interviewing him tomorrow.
DDL: Are you! Will you, from this great distance, pay my respects? He won’t know who the fuck I am, but I think he’s very cool.

Jimi Hendrix

This is coming from his first son with Isabelle Adjani, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis:

“The first album I ever listened to was ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimi Hendrix; my dad gave it to me on my tenth birthday. My mom flipped out! I know there’s a lot of sex, drugs, and rock & roll all incorporated in his music, but there’s something I loved about that kind of rock & roll. It was so raw, and so authentic — it really spoke to me. My music is definitely soul, folk-oriented, and acoustic, though. “

We also knew he went to Adele concert with his son 

and to Bruce Springsteen’s as well and hung out with him in Italy with Steven Spielberg. 

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Some Golden Lovers trutherism for you: guesting on a metal music/wrestling podcast Kenny is asked about the rivalry between he and Ibushi. There's actually a lot to dig into, but perhaps most interestingly, he basically says that there is no story with them, per se, because all the interviews are just speaking the truth. I can't link in an ask, but google "squared circle pit" podcast, and it's the most recent episode; skip to 50:05 if you don't want to listen to the whole thing.

First of all, I need to say how much I appreciate people coming to me with Golden Lovers news. I have truly Made It. Please, by all means, let me be your clearinghouse.

Here’s a link to the thing in question. You can always tell when Kenny is doing a shoot interview because he has his Canadian accent on high, and this is one of those times… and… yikes… he says, basically, that everything they’ve ever said in interviews about each other is true. Like, the thing about Kota being afraid of him and stuff, he says, is true. 

He says they promised each other they’d never fight each other again (after Budokan), because they would just push each other too much and like maybe die. Kinda, actually, what I said in this post: it sounds like he’s sorta saying that they don’t have self-control around each other, so they agreed to never do it again. Unless it was the “right time”, which was probably the Tokyo Dome (unspoken but understood). But then he talked about how special the G1 final was, and said that it might very well be special enough.

But then if they didn’t see each other in the finals, if Ibushi signs with NJPW, he wants them to fight at the Tokyo Dome, and then never again. 

TBH, my personal headcanon is that 1. they’re still close, and 2. this is another chance, on a much bigger stage with a much bigger audience, to have fun together in a way only they can, and part of that fun involves only them ever knowing the real truth. They love the stage they have and the fascination fans have with their story, so they are, independent of NJPW or really anything at all but their own relationship, keeping this alive and playing their parts to the extra degree that only they can. I think I recall reading that for their Budokan match, they were the only ones who knew what they were going to do. Like, they kinda just went away and planned all the dumb shit they were going to attempt, and the whole thing was a joke between them that DDT and wrestling fans happened to be privy to, but definitely not in on. 

They’ve always kinda seemed to have their own little world, and their loyalty here is to their story more than it is to kayfabe, or any promotion or goal or whatever. That seems very them to me, they know how good they are and they both love telling stories, and they are (or were) bffs (at least). Imagine if you and your bff had that kind of stage to make the world look at your dumb antics, to act out a story that was essentially a creation of your shared mind and mutual trust and affection. Their number one loyalty is to each other (in my headcanon), and making wrestling fun in the way they think it should be. Like they’ve said from the very beginning.

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I agree with you on that notebook thing. Even with Elliots current mental condition, theres still a part of him, not mr. robot, that remembers bits of Tyrell. Tyrelliot is really not one sided! They do bond over their daddy issues like Sam said in the interview.

Hello, friend! Yes, totally. I’m glad that you agree with me! That’s one of the key moments of their bonding. Even it was Mr. Robot in that scene, there was still a bit of Elliot in there, or we could say that there was still a bit of Mr. Robot in Elliot as well.

I’m probably over analyzing there, but I can’t stop thinking about the fact that the notebook was the first (and probably the only) thing that Elliot asked for when he arrived in prison. I’d imagine him writing down “red wheelbarrow” on the cover the moment he got the notebook. He probably didn’t really know why he wrote that down, but he just had to. Since then, Elliot had been holding on to that notebook, trying to get better. I would argue that Tyrell isn’t necessary a bad influence on Elliot, but rather, he might actually be the one who gives Elliot the determination and courage to regain control.

Tyrelliot is never one sided to me, and there are proofs from season one. I LOVE the scene where Elliot saw Tyrell calmly (not threatening in any way) sitting in his apartment holding a key when he was having that withdrawal dream. We even had Qwerty saying something like “don’t be shy, you can come closer”. It actually reminds me of the penguin and Marla scene in Fight Club, which was probably the first time that The Narrator realized that Marla wasn’t just somebody he appeared to dislike, but rather someone he couldn’t get out of his head.

Then, after Elliot remembered who Darlene was, he saw a sequence of faces in the mirror, and one of them was Tyrell’s. Since Sam Esmail said that the two first met in the scene in the pilot, there was no further history of them. So why would Elliot kept seeing someone he just met in such situations (when the other faces he saw were his father, his sister, and his best childhood friend/crush), unless there was a strong connection between Elliot and Tyrell.

In season 2, when Leon asked Elliot the very important question of if he dreamed, Elliot painted a picture of the future, where he and his friends/loved ones were living happily. And there they were: Tyrell, Joanna, and their son. Elliot clearly wanted to be friends with Tyrell, and he wanted Tyrell to be happy. He even remembered the details of Tyrell’s family even though he’d only met Joanna and the baby once then, and in a rather unpleasant manner. Elliot here was in control of his thoughts, and some part of him was preventing himself to realize his true feelings towards Tyrell. Besides the fact that he forgot about 80% of the interaction with Tyrell, it could simply because that Tyrell was a married man with a newborn kid, and the Elliot we know would never knowingly take away a man from his wife and child (we all know how much Elliot hates cheating, eg. how he protected women in his life against cheating boyfriends). On the other hand, Mr. Robot was the one who cared less about these rules, and he was able to show his true feeling toward Tyrell…which was why Tyrell was more smitten and playful around Elliot in the season 2 finale.

I guess I’m just really hopeful about Elliot, not just Mr. Robot, realizing his feeling towards Tyrell at some point in the show.

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also u gotta tell me ur kira thoughts fam

oh man OK so preface: i am not excusing him at all it’s interesting to think about it

so. so. araki’s outwardly pretty conflicted on how he decides to talk about kira’s backstory. in one interview, he talks about how he didn’t want to make kira sympathetic by virtue of “oh well his parents neglected him”/he was abused whilst everything we see in canon rejects this. kira’s family is described as “close” and happy and his father is devoted to the point where not only does he cover up his crimes but stays around as a ghost to keep protecting him. like he’s not even just forgiving of him, he straight up thinks that he’s his beautiful baby boy who sometimes does bad things but otherwise is perfect.

so, the way i interpret it- and actually just found out is more or less what araki said in a 2004 interview- is that the abuse was the opposite of neglect: he was completely smothered. his parents were a much older couple; it’s not that much of a stretch to assume that kira was either a surprise or a last chance miracle baby for them, which meant that from day one he was very special to them.

everything was strictly controlled: food, schedules, trips to the doctor like clockwork every year, ties perfectly done up, socks the right way and folded neatly in drawers, photographs taken and stuck straight in books… like, god, i’m betting everyone at some point remembers getting their nails clipped too short or told off for biting them so imagine that turned up, if his fingernail clipping obsession started as a result of that.

everything he does can be seen as a way of clawing back control. half of his MO is based in control; kira literally turns his victims into objects, strips their identity, imprints his own thoughts and ideas on them- he even dresses them. his identity as a serial killer aside, he rebels against what any japanese parent in the 1970s and 80s would want and determinedly refuses to be the best at anything; not only does he not like the spotlight of being number one, it’s just so much easier to be unremarkable, particularly when you have the ability to reject your parents and make that decision for yourself.

when he’s older, kira is just as meticulous- arguably to the point of ocd- and he carries on with all those habits because he’s afraid of change but it’s all on his own terms. and then he gets to assert that same control over his victims. when you look at his interactions with his father in the manga, he never seems particularly relieved or grateful; he makes no effort to contact him and only seems to get more agitated when he gets involved before he gets bites the dust.

idk tell me ur thoughts

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i just saw another country, and i can't stop thinking about harry that age and eggsy together. young harry could be one of the candidates that was put forward at the same time as eggsy. at first they can't stand each other because eggsy thinks harry is just a posh, spoiled rich guy and harry thinks eggsy is brash and rude. but as they're trained they find out they have a lot of common and of course there's sexual tension. and you can guess what happens next lol.

((Gonna tag @vulcancherry​ because they were bemoaning the lack of young Harry fics earlier and @yeseggsy​ cause she’s always a slut for young!Harry))

Eggsy isn’t sure what it is he’s expecting when Merlin nods towards the pair of double doors in front of him. He glances up at his father (who is apparently not just the Lee Unwin he always knew, but also Agent Galahad a fucking spy) but Lee doesn’t say anything, just raises an eyebrow, one corner of his mouth twitching up in something that might be called a smile under less confusing circumstances.

Merlin clears his throat and Eggsy wraps his fingers around the handle, tugs the door open, and steps inside. The group that greets him already have him feeling out of place and so far all he’s done is breathe their air. But that’s sign number one, innit? he thinks. They’re obviously the ones who have the greater claim to it; he’s just there taking it up. His dad has some explaining to do.

He doesn’t have long to dwell on this before Merlin is slipping in behind him, expounding on how they’re about to ‘embark on the most dangerous job interview in the world’, whatever that means. The magician lifts up a shapeless mass and tilts his head towards it. “Does anyone know what this is?”

‘Body bag’ Eggsy’s mind supplies. God knows he saw enough of them in the Marines.

A young man raises his hand and Eggsy catches the movement out of the corner of his eye. He turns his head to get a better look at him and has to bite his lip to keep from snorting in amusement. His hair is obviously not a thing to be tamed, mass of brown curls that it is. Whiskey-brown eyes are sharp and alert and his posture is that of one who legitimately put books on top of their head to practice when they were younger. In other words, he’s the very picture of a posh brat. Wonderful.

Merlin nods at him and the young man’s hand falls to his side, shoulders getting impossibly straighter. “Body bag, sir,” he replies without hesitation and Eggsy has to admit he’s a bit startled by it. It lies at odds with his slim frame, deeper than anticipated.

Doesn’t change anything. Still a git.

“That’s correct,” Merlin says and Eggsy realizes time is, in fact, still moving. “Harry, isn’t it?”

The young man, Harry now, nods and goes back to standing at attention. He seems to sense Eggsy looking at him, side-eyes him critically. Apparently he doesn’t like what he sees because he only rolls his eyes and returns them to the front.

Still a git indeed.

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you probably get bothered with messages all the time, but I just wanted to send some love for your kaisoo analysis, and I appreciate how insightful you are when in my opinion I feel like a lot of shippers are too superficial when there's a lot of other really interesting things about them to observe. and don't listen to haters! kaisoo gets hate like this more than any other ship bc even non shippers can't deny smth is going on but don't like admitting it.

no no not at all, i dont get bothered by them at all and thank you for the compliments  σ(≧ε≦o)

[as always, delulu warning, it’s okay to think i’m crazy bc of this i dont mind, and this is gonna be long, i know you didnt ask my theory but i cant help it since you mention there are lots of small details that need to be observed, you’re so right, 100 points for you miss, erhm anyway, prepare your eyes, and sorry for late reply i’m a lazy piece of shit so yeah, procrastinate is a must]

there are many things that can be seen in their interactions plus how other members act around them too can’t be out-looked. idk if they realize this, but they actually dropping quite obvious hints (but not obvious enough to be seen by casual glances), sometimes i feel like they do this things on purpose? not to flaunt their ship but to set a mark of possession (”he’s mine” something like that). 

as we know, soo has a lot of male fans - some are straight, some are not, some are still in questioning state bc of ksoo (there are many translation notes about some guys become sexually confused after they saw ksoo; one of them saying he has a gf but now he doesnt see his gf in that way anymore bc apparently soo invading his mind, also there’s a fan that angry at kai -for no apparent reason, out of the blue- on ksoo’s fanboys thread, or how one admitted that he is straight but if he was gay he would do ksoo in naughty way(?),  

[i got curious, went to naver, searched and found one; it was posted on mid-end 2014 and basically the post said this: “hello i’m 20 y.o male and i really like do kyungsoo, he’s adorable (baby-like) and when he laughs his mouth shaped like a heart and it’s really cute, that surely gay right? what should i do?” idk if the poster was trolling but there are quite many other posts mentioned kyungsoo’s fanboys]

on YT comment pages there are also quite a lot males that proclaimed themselves as ksoo’s fans (once i read a comment saying he feels pregnant after hearing soo’s voice lol) and also there’s this guy came to korea and he met exo and ksoo greeted him and then he was crying((?) i think), what i’m sure of is that this guy was really touched and overwhelmed bc ksoo saw and smiled at him [this was on MNET]). [again, correct me if i’m wrong!]

and there’s jongin, who doesnt hesitate to drape his hands on ksoo almost everywhere and everytime, even on the photoshoot set; for example like that kolon sport jacket photoshoot; baek and suho were just quiet and chiling and bored waiting the photographer ready to take their shot, and kaisoo busy being dorks about a ring on jongin’s finger, then the photographer yelled at him bc he was busy flirting with his love instead of posing and also on the same day of this ‘your ring is stupid’ incident happened, jongin played w/ ksoo’s earlobe, 

another example is that pepero commercial, sure maybe the director told kaisoo to be paired to feed each other, but i’m sure 20000% the director didnt tell jongin to graze his fingers on soo’s lips while feeding him a stick of pepero, i mean tell me right in the eyes that this guy didnt do it on purpose, bc it really seems he did it on purpose, why did he do that? it was a national commercial, he must have known/realized that the whole nation would watch this cf, 

clearly he *purposely* shoved his fingers so they could touch soo’s mouth here, he could just hold the pepero on the non-covered-with-chocolate-part but nooooo, of course no, he just had to graze his fingers there, and look at his face, he enjoyed it, look how his mouth moved like he was making a“nom” sound 

[i checked the video again and jongin mouth moved like he was saying “omnomnom” while watching soo eating the pepero from his hand and try to compare how kaisoo feed each other (look how jongin maintaned eye contact when he ate the pepero and when soo fed him he looked straight in his eyes and his grin was so genuine but i think that grin was for soo not for the commercial but maybe this is just me) with how other members feed each other and when baek danced, they were all laughing and jongin seemed to be genuine with his laugh and when he laughed he looked at soo]

now try to connect these two; “jongin flaunting his closeness w/ soo on public” and “ksoo’s fanboys phenomena” — bc the probability of him has known/heard/read those fanboys “confessions” is high, there are members that often online so i bet that some exo members already aware of those fanboys and things they wrote, and prob had told jongin about this, (directly or indirectly, like jongin just overheard or something), 

and also there are some male celebrities had praised ksoo publicly, saying ‘ksoo is pretty’ or ‘him in female version is my type’ or ‘i want to see him crossdress’ or ‘his face is my type and all of those things’ (talk about “kyungsoo effect”), they work in entertainment field where gossips and rumors easily spread around so i think the chance of jongin has heard about these male celebs crushin on soo is also quite high, plus when k.will said ksoo was pretty, baekchen were there, bet 20$ they pestered soo about this after the interview 

the point i’m trying to make is i think that all the touches and glances that jongin gives to soo, half of them are intentional because he wants to assert his dominance over soo, like saying ‘he is mine dont flirt with him directly or indirectly’ and those “i love you”s that had been said to soo 4 times in public (that interview when he said soo needs to take care of his throat, showtime, that ceremony award when soo wasn’t available, oranghae) or how he would associate love and cute words w/ soo (that SES - Love song and that hyung and his famous V signs drawing even though that V signs look like hearts compared to V signs jfc jongin so subtle)….. like that, maybe, hahah idk i’m delulu trash save me /sobs/ 

(while half of them is bc jongin is so thirsty he just can’t help it, bc it’s a habit, probably? maybe he touches soo a lot in the dorm/private places etc and he sometimes forget that they’re in talkshow/on camera and unaware his habit oozing out)

soo has his moments too even though imo this guy actually pretty subtle compared with jongin until recently idk what happened maybe he’s tired w/ all the actor routines so his brain can’t really restrain him and his instinct take over and the result is him koala-ing himself on jongin’s body (and man, jongin seems pretty happy about this, l dont have the gifset but he looked so happy when he said ksoo is a koala and when soo pressed his body on him he looked happy too), 

and even tho it seems jongin gets jelly easily, soo is the same imo, when jonign is touched by other he looks sad/upset 

soo has a stoic face imo and he looks like he doesnt talk much and keeps things to himself (in interview, he said that he only uses his phone to listen music and rarely text and other members too feel ksoo is really quiet and just speaks few words - except jongin of course,) prob that’s why he isn’t really obvious about things, 

unlike jongin, even though he seems to be the same like soo (not really opened about his stuffs), he is quite blunt about certain things, in interview it’s been said that he would reject invitation to go togehter somewhere if he’s not in the mood to go while the other (yeol) would think about it and eventually give in bc he would feel bad if he reject the invitation, also some members think jongin is cold person, and when they asked the reason they said it’s bc he is very honest/blunt

so i guess his personality also molded in his body language, bc how the way he acts around ksoo, showing the world that kim jongin isnt the most subtle man on earth hahaha

i’m sorry i’m delulu god whats this i’m so embarrassed just skip this post /get swallowed by earth/ 

PS : again these are just theories (or fantasies - whatever you want to call it), i dont know these 2 boys personally, so i dont know about them actually, this is just how i see things based on interviews/gif-sets/translation-notes etc, so yeah, prob all of these things i wrote are wrong and deluded as fuck, thanks for reading and forgive my writing mistakes! /fly away/

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but like! i know this's been discussed but i can't get over it - there is no viable explanation for it other than Harvey fell in love with Mike at first sight? (or first 15 minutes lol) because eidetic memory or not harvey knew all the consequences? any lawyer would let alone harvey specter? and he was willing to throw everything he'd built and earned to the wind for this boy? and even after, when mike was thinking about quitting he could've let him but he ran after him? god these 2 kill me

Look I’m gonna be completely honest here. Personally I don’t think Harvey fell in love with Mike at first sight. Don’t get me wrong, I get why people have this headcanon, and it’s a completely understandable one. But for me that’s not how it happens. 

Personally I’m more into the idea of Harvey not necessarily falling in love with Mike at first sight but just recognising that there was something about Mike that he wanted to keep in his life. He felt an immediate connection, the likes of which he hasn’t felt since he met Donna. And he knew he had to do something to keep Mike near, because how else were they going to be in each others lives?

So Harvey hires Mike. And he chases him down when Mike tries to quit. And he’s hard on Mike so Mike can realise his full potential. And he rescues Trevor not for Trevor’s sake but for Mike’s. And he does all these things, big and small, because slowly but surely he’s falling in love with Mike. He doesn’t know when exactly it happens, when it goes from Mike being his protege to his friend to someone he’s utterly in love with. But I think he becomes aware of his feelings when Mike leaves the firm to work with Sidwell. But then there’s so much fighting and angst and as much as he feels that for Mike it’s almost like he can’t focus on it because so much else is going on.

And then Mike comes back to the firm. And Harvey has no choice but to deal with his feelings, acknowledge that he has them. And then. Then Mike is charged with fraud and every waking moment becomes trying to save him from prison. And when that doesn’t work every waking moment is devoted to trying to get him out. He can admit he’s in love with Mike, but he also knows that it doesn’t matter. His feelings don’t matter. All that matters is getting him out and back to Rachel as soon as humanly possible.

So he does. He saves Mike, just like Mike saved him when he walked into Harvey’s interview room that day. And just as he’s ready to say goodbye again, to take him back to Rachel, Mike tells Harvey to take him back to Harvey’s apartment. Harvey panics, wondering what’s wrong, and Mike reaches over and just says, “I want to go home. Take me back to your place.”

So Harvey does. And Mike stays in the guestroom. And every day Harvey wakes expecting to find Mike gone, returned back to the apartment he shared with Rachel. But he never does. He’s there every day, and as the days pass Mike confesses in fits and starts, that Rachel couldn’t deal with the separation, that Mike saw Harvey ten times more often than Rachel, that when told Mike had a visitor or call he’d start to hope it was Harvey and not Rachel. 

Mike finally admits that he fell in love with Harvey at first sight. He just knew nothing would ever come of it, so he tried to get over Harvey by being with Rachel. And he thought he had. But being separated from the world threw some things into pretty sharp relief, and he realised the truth. He was always in love with Harvey.

And finally Harvey can tell Mike the truth, that he’s so in love with Mike he doesn’t know how he could ever go back. So he does. But only after kissing Mike senseless.

  • LAURA BROWN: Swimming with sharks is not only scary, it's a big metaphor. How did you learn to swim with the sharks of life?
  • RIHANNA: I try my best to avoid the sharks of life, but I have had my share of experiences with them, and in those cases I just have to handle them accordingly. But I do not swim with sharks … sharks swim with sharks.
  • LB: Did you watch Jaws as a kid? Did it scare you or thrill you?
  • R: Both! It freaked me out because I was a beach baby, so every time a new Jaws came out I would take months off from the beach or just sit on the sand. If I happened to get in the water, my dad would hum the theme music, and I was right back out of it. But that was really my fault because I was obsessed with Jaws. Steven Spielberg was my childhood hero.
  • LB: Would you say you're adventurous? What is the greatest adventure you've been on, and what would you like to do?
  • R: Greatest adventure? Are you kidding me? I just did a photo shoot in the midst of sharks. It's going to be pretty hard to beat that.
  • LB: You are fearless with your style, but in what ways are you fearless in life?
  • R: I think I'm like most people—we fear the unknown and the things that have yet to come to pass, which are the very things that don't deserve to be feared. When you give God complete control, it's very hard not to be fearless.
  • LB: Being famous for a decade now, you would have had to develop a thick skin. In what ways are you tough, and in what ways are you sensitive?
  • R: This skin has been developing since my first day at school. It didn't happen after fame; I couldn't survive fame if I didn't already have it. So sometimes the toughest thing in life is to be vulnerable. I'm not generally a sensitive person, but I tend to be more sensitive toward others and what they're going through. I don't know if that's the healthiest thing, but it's the truth.
  • LB: You're about to release a new album. How ambitious are you, having achieved so much? Are you competitive at all?
  • R: I am very ambitious! It's ridiculous how much I want to put on my plate, which is already full. I am sensitive to what my team is going through. Actually I'm lying. They get no sympathy … we love what we do!
  • LB: You've been killing it stylewise. Do you have to psych yourself up for a daring red-carpet look or do you just go for it?
  • R: The way I dress depends on how I feel. I never have to psych myself up. Usually it just feels like it works.
  • LB: What has been your favorite red-carpet look ever?
  • R: My favorite red-carpet looks are usually the ones I get to help design: the Adam Selman Swarovski crystal dress at the CFDAs, the Stella McCartney all-white dress at the Met Gala, and the Adam Selman white jersey dress from the VMAs. But the red Azzedine Alaïa at the Grammys is also one of my favorites.
  • LB: Whose style would you like to steal for a day?
  • R: Zac Posen and his sick custom suits … and the hair.
  • LB: Is there a line, fashionwise, that you would never cross—something you would never wear?
  • R: I don't like to commit to those kind of rules. You never know.
  • LB: How much maintenance does your style take—hair, nails, fittings, et cetera?
  • R: At times a lot of maintenance, and at times none. I have a job that requires quite a lot of glam, and I have a great team that helps me with that. But sometimes, like when I'm in the studio or on vacation, there's little to no maintenance.
  • LB: What was behind your return to Instagram? Did you miss it? How much does connecting with your fans daily mean to you?
  • R: I … like … pictures! And that's the bottom line.
  • LB: How do you feel about censorship on social media? Should the nipple be truly free?
  • R: The C-word?!!! I don't even know how to spell that.
  • LB: What makes a BadGal in 2015?
  • R: You're about to find out.
  • LB: What do you want to achieve this year, in life and in love?
  • R: The same goal I set every year—to be happy.
  • LB: Who is your most unexpected friend?
  • R: I have friends from rock stars to Rastas; I don't even know what an unexpected friend is at this point.
  • LB: Do you make new friends easily?
  • R: No.
  • LB: What is a perfect day for you?
  • R: The day I wake up without cellulite? Now that would be the perfect day.
  • LB: What is your guilty pleasure?
  • R: Reality TV. I can't get enough of it.
  • LB: Finally, how do you eat goddamn pasta every day and still look like that?
  • R: You mean how I got my cellulite?
  • Okay but imagine this
  • Bilbo is the tattoo artist who owns his own shop that everyone is really confused about because he's this cute little thing that were baggy jumpers that go over his hands to do the sweat paw thing when he's not inking someone and he has these big glasses that he's always fumbling to push up his nose and he's just all around adorable and he's polite and smiles warmly at everyone and he looks like he needs to be in a pile of pillows with a cuppa and a good book next to a roaring fire instead of in the middle of a tattoo parlor with designs that range from disturbing to beautiful why is this small creature here why this isn't right and his workers are like hell just you wait
  • And then he shows up randomly in a new pair of glasses that compliment his face perfectly and a pair of nice, tight trousers and a button up white shirt that has the sleeves rolled up to the elbows revealing his multitude of tattoos and a burgundy vest with elaborate buttons sewn on and everyone is like holy shit then Bilbo is talking with someone and having a civil chat and someone says a slur of some sort and instantly any sign of warmth just disappears from his face and he very calmly asks them to leave and the person is like why because I said [insert slur here] and then suddenly tiny cuddly Bilbo is an imposing force and should be ten feet tall to just complete how terrifying he is when he wants to be and he's suddenly very heatedly describing how slurs are incredibly rude and highly inappropriate in any situation and how to merely casually insert them into a conversation is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself for this behavior, your mother would be feeding you bars of soap for a week should she have heard that, get out of my shop and good day to you, and everyone watching is just like O.O because Bilbo has never even spoken in an unkind tone before even when he had really difficult customers and they're all just so shocked and his workers are behind the counter laughing their asses off
  • Now insert Thorin, high-and-mighty businessman who has a soft spot for his two nephews and takes care of them constantly and is always there when they need him and who tries to be stern with them but really can't deny them a single thing. He's got boisterous Kili at one elbow (sixteen maybe) who's chattering on and on about something from school and Fili (nine? twenty?) who's very calm and collected and listening to his brother fondly and interjecting every now and then and they're both making Thorin just feel so proud and they walk into Bilbo's shop because after six months of Kili pestering Thorin about a tattoo and showing him the design he'd created a year prior and begging and pleading for weeks, months on end he's finally convinced him yes, he really wants it, please uncle, I'll get it on my upper arm so I only show it off when I want to, please, I'll make sure mum doesn't yell at you, and finally he concedes because he can't get mad at them and he talked Dís into letting him get it easy enough
  • So he gets a recommendation from Dwalin who has an impressive number of tattoos scattered across his body which adds to his intimidation and makes lots of people comply out of fear of what could happen if they don't and he points them in Bilbo's direction so they go on a rainy Saturday since no ones seems arsed to get out besides them
  • Bilbo's shop is buzzing with life as usual, filled with the misfit kids he'd taken upon himself to watch over. So basically he's got merry and pippin and frodo and Sam all working around his shop doing random jobs like sweeping and wiping down the counter because Bilbo insists that they keep themselves busy and that they don't do bad things and in exchange for work instead of being paid they earn 'credits' Bilbo logs and when you get a certain amount Bilbo will give you a tattoo free but he insists they get the slip signed every time regardless since they're still young. He'd pay them but he's already got Tauriel working as his extra artist and they're looking for a person to work the register and help people find the design they want cause Bilbo is busy tattooing and sketching out custom designs and Tauriel never leaves her workroom unless it's a break for her or Bilbo insists she get out for once
  • So the shop is all bright and colorful and filled with designs, some generic and some unique, and Bilbo is dressed in the vest outfit and sitting on the counter in the criss cross applesauce position (how the fuck do you describe that position anymore without using the preschool shorthand someone tell me) and he's beaming down at his 'kids' as they sit on the floor in front of him, all of them laughing as frodo tries to braid tauriel's hair and merry and pippin and sharing a snack and Sam is sketching in his book a gorgeous flower tattoo for his next one but still joining in on the conversation. In walks Thorin and Fili and Kili and everyone turns to look at them and Bilbo is instantly up and smiling warmly, welcoming them in and telling them they can hang up their raincoats, no need for those in here. And Kili is stunned into silence because of Tauriel and Tauriel is blushing a brighter color than her hair because what is this who is this boy who is shorter than her and watching her as if she is the sun and the moon and the stars encompassed in one body that wasn't right he shouldn't be staring stop it stooooop and Fili is looking over the sign for help Bilbo had put up and the boys on the floor don't pay much attention to the newcomers and then there's Thorin and Bilbo and Bilbo is trying to straighten his clothes because oh gods oh gods he's cute and Thorin is watching Bilbo fiddle with his clothes and glances at his tattoos cause oh goodness no one should be that attractive
  • A bunch of stuttered explanations and accidental flirting later and Kili is set up with Tauriel in her room and he's getting his tattoo and Fili is being helped by the boys with his resume and interview and Thorin and Bilbo are chattering away about nothing and then Centuries by Fall Out Boy comes on so the boys perk up and frodo dashes to the sound system without missing a beat and turns it up with a cry of "Bilbo, it's your song!" and Bilbo is laughing and the boys start getting up and dancing to the loud music (Fili included after a bit of arguing) and Bilbo doesn't realize it but he's singing along and then Thorin who knows the song because Kili is constantly playing this album over and over is singing too and they're just grinning while shouting along with the lyrics and they don't take their eyes off of each other and they're completely in sync when the chorus comes on and just "Some legends are told, some turn to dust, some to gold, but you'll remember me... Remember me, for centuries. And just one mistake is all that it takes, we'll go down in history... Remember me, for centuries."
  • Flash forward a few years to their wedding, Thorin's skin a bit more colorful after a few trips to Bilbo, Bilbo's shop more popular that ever with the influx of businessmen that Thorin happens to find and send his way (really, he didn't think so many people hid so many tattoos under those huge suits) and they're grinning and frodo, merry, pippin, Fili, Kili, and Tauriel (the last two unashamedly holding hands and pressed as close together as they can manage) are getting up to make a speech and Bilbo is curious but then they're all speaking in snippits, telling them that they all had ideas as to what sort of speech they could come up with and then they realized they really shouldn't say anything at all, there's something that could say everything they needed for them, and now Bilbo is absolutely intrigued and so is Thorin and everyone else and then they step offstage and Centuries starts playing and Bilbo and Thorin are laughing and grinning and going to hug the troublesome kids close and everyone is singing and some people are really confused but those nine and a few select others know what's going on and they're just so entirely happy and once the song is over Kili just goes "I'm so glad uncle let me get that tattoo"
"Happy 1 year.."
  • Y/N's POV
  • I looked at the clock and finally started getting ready. "You ready?" My manager peeps in her head in my room. I just nod and followed her down the stairs into the car. It was time to do a red carpet for an event. Who knows what event it was this time, all I know is, there are events after events that it is hard to keep up which one is happening.
  • We got to the event, and I got out the car. Flashes and camera shatters started going off. My manager let me onto the carpet to take some pictures. As I was walking, I got called by a friend of mine in seventeen magazine, to do a quick interview. I walked up to him and greeted him.
  • Interviewer: How are you Y/N?
  • Y/N: I'm good. Very good. Excited to be here!
  • Interviewer: What are you excited most about tonight?
  • Y/N: You know, everything. I just can't wait to see what Kevin Hart has in store as the host this year. So, I'm expecting it to be really funny..
  • Interviewer: So it was recently your birthday.
  • Y/N: Yes it was just last month exactly
  • Interviewer: Well, happy belated birthday from all of us!
  • Y/N: Thank you so much.
  • Interviewer: So can you recall the most memorable birthday good or bad in your life
  • Y/N: I can actually but I'm not going to say it haha
  • Interviewer: Come on, we can handle it
  • Y/N: Ok Well I have had great birthdays in the past. But the one I remember the most was my worst birthday in my life
  • Interviewer: OOoo, what happened?
  • Y/N: Well, a couple days before my birthday I was in jersey visiting some friends and I came back the morning of my birthday. And I went home to see my boyfriend
  • Interviewer: Ooo, boyfriend!!
  • Y/N: Yeah, well when I went home, I found him in bed, naked, with another girl in his arms.
  • Interviewer: WHAAATTT
  • Y/N: Yeah, my reaction too hahaha
  • Interviewer: And then what did you do?
  • Y/N: I was shocked too. And at that point I started a video and taking pictures as proof that there was another girl in bed with him, you know, just in case he denies it to our friends
  • Interviewer: Genius! Genius move!
  • Y/N: And from then on I just kept recording. I set it on the table so I can get the whole thing on table. I slowly removed the blanket that was covering them, and found that they were both naked. Which made me so much more mad you know. So I walked my butt to the kitchen, grabbed a big bucket, put 20 big hand scoops of ice cubes in it, then put cold water to the top. I walked back to the room, and poured it allllll over their bodies
  • Interviewer: YOU DID NOT!!!!
  • Y/N: But I did haha
  • Interviewer: They must have been pissed!!hahaha
  • Y/N: GOOD! Haha, well he fell to the side of the bed and sat up and said "Y/N what the hell!" like what the hell was that for and what the hell are you doing home. And the girl was trying to cover herself and yelling at me "YOU ARE FREAKING CRAZY!" And I remember yelling to the both of them, "IF A BOY EVERY CHEATS ON ME, I WILL BECOME A CRAZY BITCH NOT BECAUSE I'M CRAZY BUT BECAUSE YOU CRAZY ENOUGH TO CHEAT ON ME!"
  • Interviewer: That is great!! Hahaha he deserves it both of them! You heard it here folks! You cheat on her, you get the bucket!
  • Y/N: Yeah, want to know the craziest part of it all?
  • Interviewer: What's that?
  • Y/N: It was my most recent birthday...
  • Y/N: I did in fact have one
  • Interviewer: WHAT?! Dish the dirt, who was it?!
  • Y/N: Haha that is what I'm going to be keeping a secret.
  • Interviewer: How long were you guys together? How long have you known each other?
  • Y/N: We've known each other for 2 years? 2 1/2 years, yeah. We dated for 11 months on my birthday. So we were friends before.
  • Interviewer: How tragic. Who is it though? A boy from your hometown? Someone famous?
  • Y/N: Wellllll, you know him.... So...
  • Interviewer: We know him huh? So he's famous!
  • Y/N: Welllll.... Yeah....? He's known..
  • Interviewer: He's upcoming famous.
  • Y/N: There you go, he's upcoming famous.
  • Interviewer: Come on, why won't you tell us? He did you wrong, do him wrong. Don't you want girls to know about him and his ways?
  • Y/N: *Smiles * Haha, I'm not going to deny him future girlfriends! Haha that sounds too much of an ex girlfriend type. I'm not like that. You know, one mistake does not define a person. Yeah, the mistake he made was pretty big and wrong but you know I don't know his intentions for doing so, or his reasonings behind it. But have you ever heard of the saying "You can do 99 things right and 1 thing wrong. But everyone will only remember the 1 thing you did wrong?" He did everything right in our relationship except one thing, the wrong thing. Doing me wrong. I don't want people to know him by the one thing he did wrong.
  • Interviewer: That's very kind of you for someone who just got their heart broken and cheated on. But really, are you sure there's not one little ounce in your body that wants people to know about him?
  • Y/N: Haha no.. I'm not going to do him dirty like that. I will not deny him his career because of one mistake either. I believe in him. I believe in his future. That it will be big and bright. I support him 100% and I will always be his number 1 fan whether he knows it or not. And I wish him all the luck in the future.
  • Interviewer: One more question. Why did you keep your relationship a secret?
  • Y/N: I have a personal life and a professional life. I like to keep those 2 separate. What I do in my personal life is my business. Not anyone else's. I didn't want my fans or his fans calling him out or me out saying we don't deserve each other, we can do better, or why are you guys dating, or he/she is ugly just because we are dating. No.. I don't want people to be in my business telling me what I can and can't have in my life. I would love to make my personal life public so everyone can know more about me but I'm not ready for that. I'm not comfortable with people telling me those kinds of things yet. So until then, my personal life and my business life will stay separate.
  • Interviewer: If you saw him right now, or he's watching this right now, what do you have to say to him?
  • Y/n: Today is the 9th?
  • Interviewer: It is in fact the 9th.
  • Y/N: uhm, * looks into the camera * Happy 1 year. * smiles
  • What she says: Im fine
  • What she means: Im so glad Pixar is back on top with Inside Out, not that I thought that it was actually going downhil, like some insisted to state. Not that Brave and Monsters University were bad movies, but they weren't as good as the ones the studio did till 2010. With that said Im actually so concerned with the future of the studio. After The Good Dinosaur, they don't have any original movies scheduled for the upcoming years, and Im also concerned with The Good Dinosaur itself, cause, correct me if Im wrong, as I could see from some interviews, more exactly one with the producer of Inside Out, he hinted that it wasn't going to be THAT great, and with THAT great, I mean Pixar great, just like what happened with Brave. And the sequels, oh the sequels. First, we have Finding Dory, which I want to believe that its going to be wonderful, but I just can't be sure. Finding Nemo, just like all Pixar movies leading up to Cars 2 (and exclusding Cars), its a fucking piece of art, and they can't fuck this movie up, but, after what I saw on the early 2010's, I just can't be sure. I mean, I know the whole cast, except for Nemo, cause, well, will be back, and Andrew Stanton will be back as the director, but there's no way of knowing how its going to be. Then, there is The Incredibles 2, that, just like Finding Dory, I want it to be fucking awesome, but there's no way of knowing how its going to be. Brad Bird will be writing tough, so there's that. Then there's Cars 3. Seriously? FUCKING CARS 3??? Come on, Pixar, Im trying to help you out in here. Is Disney, isn't it? They are making you do this for the merchandising, aren't they? And then, my biggest fear, Toy Story 4. They can't ruin it, they just can't! One of the best trilogies in cinema history, they can't toss it in the trash like that! John Lasster will be directing, but... I can't think about it that long or Ill start to worry. So, I want to believe in Pixar, I want to believe that they puted their crisis behind them. But I can't just state that after just one movie, after four years of lesser movies. Just... *sighs* Just don't let me down, Pixar. Don't let me down...
domestic Hollstein is cute but consider:

post-s3 Hollstein having adventures

they do have a knack for finding trouble, and Laura never can resist a challenge. Carmilla goes along because she’d follow this tiny dork and her hero complex to the ends of the earth. 

(also, in her view, 80 years max is less a lifetime and more a last hurrah)

so they wind up zooming around Europe on that ridiculous bike Carmilla insisted on buying. “if I can’t go dangerously fast one way, I’ll do it another, cupcake.” they don’t set out to slay dragons like knights on a quest, but somehow they end up doing their fair share anyway.

some dragons they don’t slay. Rupert was a perfect gentleman and invited them to come for tea whenever they next passed through Wales

they meant to settle down, really they did. there’s a tiny hole-in-the-wall apartment in Paris and a townhouse in New York and a slightly dilapidated castle not far from Silas that Carmilla refuses to answer questions about. anywhere they’re together is home, but these bases of operations jointly share the title. home happened. marriage is on the horizon. somehow, though, the actual “settling” part never really panned out.

not to say they never pause for a bit of domestic bliss

(Laura pads across the kitchen floor, barefoot, wearing a quilted silk robe too old and opulent to be hers. she wanders over to the stove and wraps her arms around the would-be chef’s waist.

“you were muttering incantations in your sleep again.”

Carmilla leans back against her, a smile in her voice as she says, “was I?”

“mm-hm. you should probably give that grimoire a rest.” Laura’s nose wrinkles. “also I’m pretty sure you’re burning the eggs.”

“am not.” but Carmilla slides the pan off the gas burner all the same.)

Laura takes a job at Silas, ignoring the oddly desperate interview and the fact that nobody cares about her age. it’s the only place that doesn’t object if a professor goes missing for weeks when certain planets align, or during every total lunar eclipse. her students certainly never complain.

it’s not exactly the ever-after either of them grew up wanting. but it’s happier than either could have dreamed

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I don't know if you have already answered this before but can I ask why do you adore mino so much? I'm too a trash for him but I can't seem to put my adoration for him into words!?!

wow this ask is packed i’m actually speechless. um, i think we all have different reasons why we ‘adore’ people and i don’t think i’m any different from you because i’m literally blanking right now i don’t know what to write and how to answer this question but

i think my ‘adoration’ for him grew into what it is now when i started seeing him as more than just an idol, a rapper. more than just the amazing artist that he is, and i started seeing him as a real human person who can very well be one of my friends. that it’s so easy to be fazed by the mistakes that you make or to give up but he doesn’t. and that’s only the tip of the iceberg if we’re talking about stuff that you should appreciate song minho for.

mino is hardworking, passionate (even non-fans admire this about him) and very inspiring. his story literally breaks my heart everytime i think about it. he trained to be part of block b but, because of personal reasons, had to leave before he could debut with them (which is one of the only two times that zico ever cried ever ever). he debuts with b.o.m soon after but the group had to eventually disband because of ‘lack of popularity’, then he had to be part of a survival show before he gets into yg to be part of (you guessed it) ANOTHER SURVIVAL SHOW. he was the last member to join winner but was made to be the leader of the group (as if it’s not hard enough to try to fit in an already established group of people, yg just has to put him in charge of these four kids as well) just for that position be taken away from him because of an injury. ultimately, team a wins the competition and all his hard work finally pays off, proven by the group’s successful debut.

HE IS SO TALENTED. and this is evident in all the tracks that he had put out before and after debuting with winner. he was part of an underground hiphop crew called royal class and has been writing his own lyrics ever since he was young. his dad used to be a dj which is why he was inspired to do music. with winner’s debut album, mino puts out his solo song ‘i’m him’ which literally has way too many references and punchlines for a normal human to understand in just one listen. it’s great though, and even better with the mv.

then enters smtm4 which literally gave him the good, the bad, and the ugly all in one. but more than all the amazing tracks that he’s released (bless u zico), the witty lyrics he wrote, the collaborations he did in the course of his participation on the show, i think what smtm4 really showed us is how headstrong and brave mino was. that amidst all the controversies, the issues, and the criticisms thrown at him, he remained standing and continued fighting until the end. there were times when i worried about his well-being and all i wanted was to protect him from everything but every time he would come out with a smile on his face and he would give nothing less than his best in everything that he does.

mino loves his family. like, it literally makes me sob thinking of his love for his family and the fact that he’s not afraid to show that to them and to everyone. he’s used to showing affection to his mom and is not ashamed to do that even if ‘he’s already 22’ lmao. he dedicated his smtm4 semi finals song to his dad and even sent a heart to his mom during his stage. he’s loves his younger sister danah so much and took care of her ever since they were young. mino has a close relationship with his family which i really admire because those are the values that you would want in guy.

he’s a great friend and i say this in a sense that he literally can make friends in a newly discovered territory even if he’s just been there for two seconds because he has that glow about him and that charm that just sucks people in. his bestfriends (who are also great guys, btw) are legit his ride or dies he calls them ‘his shoulders’ because they’ve always been there for each other from the very start and i can only hope i had the same ability to maintain friendships like he does tbh he needs to do a seminar on this or smth bc i’m here for all that

and have i talked about his sense of humour? this guy literally couldn’t give two fucks about how he looks like as long as he could make people laugh. everytime, on interviews, when the members are asked about mino’s role in the group, they never fail to mention how funny he is and how he’s the mood-maker of winner. seungyoon once said that when the members are tired, mino will be there to cheer them up and recharge them. he also says the most random shit that will just have you ?????? and make you question if you’re the stupid one for not getting what he means. to top it all off, he’s there to laugh at himself with you. with his most beautiful smile that’s brighter than a thousand suns @minhosducks​ will back me up on this

lastly, though i think this is already pretty obvious, mino is so damn handsome he literally could model for banana republic and he’d fit right in with them other gorgeous males. AND THAT MELANIN THO god bless his dad for giving him such beautiful sun-kissed tanned skin <3 #StopWhiteWashingSongMinho2k15 and can we talk about his shoulders though like i’m pretty sure that’s got its own zip code or smth it’s so damn wide a plane could land on it tbh AND HE’S TALL TOO GOOD GOD IM A GONER

now to wrap this up (i have to stop at some point but tbh i can go on forever talking about this) song minho is an amazing artist, a good son and brother, a great friend, and just an overall amazing person. there’s so many things to love about him and i hope more people see that.

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I just don't understand why they love to hurt us. I mean I know this is not our life but still, they're a boyband and boybands usually try to do what fans want them to, at least in public.(the same goes for larry not talking to each other, if it was legit we wouldn't know?) I'm not saying she can't go to concerts but we don't HAVE to know it? Like go wherever you want I just don't want to know? sorry this probably doesn't make any sense my head hurts

but babe, shes there so that we CAN know… thats the whole point.. shes not there because shes having louis’ baby… shes there so that fans can see her and think shes having louis’ baby… it’s so transparent it’s funny!! it shouldnt even bother you anymore because it’s sooooooo funny!!

fuck her cousin tweeted ‘get ready ;)’ right before the show… the bears are literally larry getting married… theres fucking rainbows everywhere every show… NIALL of ALL people shading simon on stage.. the whole thing is a fucking JOKE!!! the hilarity of it all is just next level… he had 2 months to go to an otra show in her OWN country but yet they make her fly out to london, be seen with the family, probably be mentioned during the capital interview so that we can ALL TALK ABOUT IT!!! and frankly we’re just all sitting back laughing at it…

as ive said many times… these stunts are not to make larries stop believing in H&L… but they’re to keep everyone else believing they’re straight. so fucking let them!!! we know the truth… we know it’s all bullshit. they needed another round of promo for the beginning of the UK tour and album promo… they literally can’t do anything re babygate until the baby is ‘born’ anyway as thats whats been hinted at re paternity denial… so why not fly her out to london, pretend her and louis are ‘giving it a shot for the sake of the baby’, get the fans and media tlaking for a bit and then she’ll be gone again. easy peasy.

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Can you please persuade me that Alex isn't a douche? I know that he's had people call him douchey or arrogant a lot and I've always liked/loved him as a person, an image and a musician, but there's been so much going round recently and the Brit awards speech just tipped it off for me... I can't decide whether I like it or if I'm starting to agree with everyone that thinks he's a douchenozzle, and this is making me sad, so can you please try and change my mind? Thank you x

  • okay so
  • first of all alex is a shy person and he’s admitted that his way of coping with it is by having that kind of over the top exterior, that combined with the fact that he’s been in the business for a while now he knows what he has to do to be entertaining a lot better now so with that his style/appearance has evolved etc. so you can’t really equate THAT to his actual personality
  • anyway this is something he does to appeal to a wide audience and i think what people should be really paying attention to is how he treats fans one on one and there are countless stories about how nice he is ok
  • like literally just from january there’s been i think like 5 stories of how nice he was??? (like him taking a pic with a girl despite his bodyguard saying they can’t take pictures, a guy ran up to him on stage during pretty visitors and he just put his arm around him and kept singing, then 2 other fans ran up to him on stage and he just hugged one of them, then some fans met him one night and he didnt want to take pics but then he felt guilty after and ran back just to take a picture with them, then he sang happy birthday to a girl in the crowd i think also ETC. ETC.)
  • plus how he treats interviewers and also the fact that the band is really close and there’s never been reports of drama is a good sign
  • now the sad thing is people just look at the exterior and dismiss it as him being arrogant??? just cause he started wearing suits and changed his hair up????idgi???
  • btw speech he gave at the brits was iconic and that’s what you need to be memorable so i loved it
  • idk i love him and i love his overconfident moments as well idk if i convinced you but yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Hilary Duff's Interview on "Reddit"
  • Fan: What will your second single be?
  • Hilary: I don't know what it's going to be!
  • Fan: Would you like to make another album down the line or will "Breathe In. Breathe Out." be your last?
  • Hilary: God, I hope not! I really want to make more music. I already want to start working on another record! I've lived with this one for so long now. I know everyone else is just now hearing it, but I'm already thinking of the next step. I will definitely not wait as long to make another record.
  • Fan: Hi Hilary! Fans were wondering about the songs that didn't make the album that you mentioned in interviews or posted clips of (i.e. Feel Alive, If I Fall, This Heart etc.) and wanted to know what happened to them and if we will ever hear them? Secondly, I wanted to know if you can see yourself making more albums after "Breathe In. Breathe Out."?
  • Hilary: That's the tough thing about making a record. You start somewhere, and you end somewhere, and only a certain amount of songs can be on a record. And the strong survive. It's sad. "If I Fall" is one of my favorite songs, and "This Heart" is a song I wrote about Luca, so maybe I'll sing it live in concert with him there, i sing it to him in general, but that's the way it goes - you cut some songs, they might not be as strong as others, but there's always options of ways to use them. Another song I wrote for the album is "Outlaw," and we put that in YOUNGER - so now we put it as a bonus track on a special record that you could only get here or there. But that's just the way it works - and you only have a certain amount of spaces.
  • Fan: Last month you performed (on my 20th birthday actually!) in front of a huge audience for the first time in a while.. how did that feel?! Do you have any plans for pop-up concerts this summer or maybe even a tour?!
  • Hilary: I do have some plans for a pop-up tour, maybe one or two shows, just to play the new music. But nothing set in stone yet. All is depending on schedule. But yeah, I definitely want to sure, I'm just shooting the second season of YOUNGER in September, taking a break for Christmas, and then getting a show together. I'm really missing playing live shows, and being onstage, and it felt so good to play that Boston radio show and see a live audience in front of me again.
  • Fan: Hey Hilary! Thanks for doing this today. I have always been a fan. Saw you twice in concert in 2004/2005. My sister & I used to fight over who loved you more!! I can't tell you how many posters we had of you. Tour books, door-sized posters, DVDs, CDs. It's been incredible to see you grow into a successful, independent, & beautiful adult. So my questions are which do you favor more? music or acting? Why? Also, what's the most meaningful song on Breathe In. Breathe Out to you? Also will we see you on Haylie's cooking show? Thank you so much!
  • Hilary: Well, first of all. That's a cute story. I have stories with my sister like that too. I would say maybe I feel more comfortable with acting, you know? I've done that longer. I feel like that was my passion as a child, and my dream. And I fell into the singing, and obviously, get something totally different from it. I love being a musician now. I think it took me a long time to consider myself that, because I really have to work at it. But being onstage, there's no other feeling like it. It's tough to choose. Being in front of a live audience is something really special. I'm trying to get an answer first! They're both so different. This season I was so upset, but I didn't get to be on Haylie's show. I was so busy with my record and traveling so much that none of our dates matched up. It was such a bummer, because it's such an amazing show, and we have so much fun together. And it's a shame, because we have so much fun cooking together. Next season, i will! My favorite song on Breathe In. Breathe Out., one that's close to my heart is "Braveheart." I wrote that song. And it's a bit of a sad song, but there's definitely strength in it. And I love that about it.
  • Fan: What would you tell the 13 year old you?
  • Hilary: Mmmm. I remember feeling really insecure at 13. Like, part of my job was...I had to have a certain confidence, and a certain bravery, but inside I felt like a very normal insecure 13 year old. And I guess I would tell her to just take it easy on herself. That everything sorts itself out. And everything's not such a big deal. And I guess I would be like "Just wait until you're an adult - Wait until you're an ADULT, if you think that's a big deal!" And I'd give her a pat on the back, and say "Good job. Calm down!"
  • Fan: A few years ago a friend and I were walking toward Avalon on a Thursday night when he spotted you at Katsuya. Being young and naive, I got very excited and turned back, at which I time I pointed at you and shouted "YOU'RE HILARY DUFF!" Then you slowly turned and walked away, seemingly frightened. Do you remember this encounter? If so, I apologize for startling you.
  • Hilary: *smiles* No, I don't remember that encounter, but I guess I'm used to being yelled at in public!
  • Fan: Hi Hilary! What is your favorite part of being a mom? What is your best remedy for when Luca has a cough?
  • Hilary: Ooh, that's a good one. I think I feel so grateful that I get to have so many new experiences with him. I mean, everything in my life has changed because of him, and all of it is for the better. It's so entertaining to watch how his little brain works, and the questions that he asks me, the things he's interested in - it's amazing to watch him grow and become a little person, and I get to watch him grow and follow along with him. And laugh a ton in the process. It's great.
  • It depends on how bad it is. They make some natural cough syrup that I will use? I'll try to keep a humidifier in his room. And put baby Vic's vapor rub on his feet and his chest when he's sleeping.
  • Fan: What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?
  • Hilary: Oooooh, toughie. Tough call. Maybe "Welcome to New York"?
  • Fan: Is there a reason why Hilary is spelled with only one "L"?
  • Hilary: Because my parents really made a huge mistake! I don't know... I like the way my name is spelled, and I think now the rest of the world knows how to spell my name, but growing up, it was pretty much ALWAYS misspelled.
  • Fan: Hiii Hilary! You are always camera ready and gorgeous, what's one makeup/beauty tip you can share with us?
  • Hilary: I am DEFINITELY NOT always camera-ready, or gorgeous, but thank you! Hmmmm. What's a good camera tip? I think not enough people focus on eyebrows. That's one thing I focus on a lot. Eyebrows frame your face. People tend to make their eyebrows too small, or too light. I think if you played around with it, you'd be surprised what the outcome would be.
  • Fan: Harry Potter or The Hunger Games? lol Love you!
  • Hilary: AWWWW that's EVIL! How am I supposed to choose?!?! HUNGRY POTTER! Yeah, I love the Hunger Games. But I might say Harry Potter.
  • Fan: What was it like working with Tove Lo? She seems like such a fun person. I'm in love with your new album and I hope you enjoyed working on it as much as I enjoy listening to it.
  • Hilary: Aww, thank you! I love hearing that.
  • Loved working with Tove. She's a cool chick, for sure. REALLY talented. And really added something special to my record. I'm really grateful for that.
  • Fan: what has been your biggest challenge to record your new album?
  • Hilary: I think... it's just been a growing experience. From the start of it to the end, it's just learning a lot about myself and about what I want to talk about and what I want to say and how I want to reach people and what I want them to know about me. How my voice sounds. It's been 7 years since I made a record. And I guess it was a very therapeutic experience, but also a lot of pressure to get it right, you know?
  • Fan: Hi Hilary, What do you have to say to your male fans? We love you, and we wish you all the best as this brand new BIBO era is about to begin! We want as many singles as possible, and come to Toronto please!
  • Hilary: I guess I would say what I would say to any of my fans, which is I'm really grateful for your support, and sticking by me for such a long time. You make an impact, and a difference, in my life. And I hope you relate to what I have to say on this record. And this is definitely going to be an exciting new journey, and I hope you come along for it!
New interview [full transcription]
  • Jesse: Hellooo.
  • Amy: Hi, Jesse!
  • Jesse: How are you?
  • Amy: I'm good, how you doing?
  • Jesse: I am so excited to talk to you! Did you hear that the fans in Dallas have gone [mental] [if someone knows what the exact word is, please let us know!]
  • Amy: Oh [laughs] that's awesome!
  • Jesse: And a major shoutout to your biggest fan in Dallas, Tyler Bennet who alerted me to the announcement.
  • Amy: Aaww thanks for telling me that. I mean, we really do have incredible fans, it's been like one of the things that makes it so fun, you know? I mean, it's fun to get up on stage and perform but having people all over the world that, like, really care and, like, get it and you know it's just music, we're not changing the world but it feels really good, it feels like we're doing something that means something to people and, man, it just means that much more to you, you know?
  • Jesse: Well, the last time we saw Evanescence in DFW was for Edge Fest 2012, I interviewed you backstage in a bunny suit?
  • Amy: [laughs] Yeah, I remember.
  • Jesse: It seems like after that show you all kind of... just went quietly away. Talk a little bit about what you've been through this past few years.
  • Amy: Oh my lord, it's flown by! Err - Well, the biggest thing in my life, to be totally honest, at the moment is my SON, which I had in the meantime. He's turning one tomorrow. So... [chuckles]
  • Jesse: OH MY GOSH, baby Jack! He is the cutest thing I've ever - I just want to eat him up!
  • Amy: Oh my lord, he is sooo cute! Okay but he has four little teeth now and they're razor sharp and every time I pick him up he gives me this big hug and just chomps on my shoulder [laughs] and it huurts so bad. He's awesome, he's doing well, he's just started to walk and say all kind of crazy words in I don't know what language. But he's really cute and we're really excited about him, it's been a really great experience I can't really describe, it's been an amazing experience from day one since [chuckles]. Just a lot of love, a lot of new inspiration and feelings, you know? There's a whole transformation that takes place that's just your mind and your body and your heart, everything just feels like "WOW I didn't know I was capable of all this stuff", you know? I didn't know I was capable of feeling so many feelings and that my body was capable of doing so many things [chuckles] And now, it's cool because I guess I thought, to a certain degree, "okay one day, I'm gonna grow up and have kids and stop all this crazy rock'n roll business and I'm gonna just focus on being a mom and - I do! I wanna be a mom, like I wanna be great at that, I wanna be the best I can possibly be, but I feel [??], and inspired and empowered and excited about life. Like, I don't want to retire, like I guess maybe as a kid I thought that's how I would feel. I feel really cool, it's funny 'cause I'm doing more, like, in a day that I have done in a long time. Like everyday it's BOOM you're up, you're going first thing, you know? [chuckles]. And I'm taking care of him but also, it's a gym, I lost 21 pounds! Genuinely, it's really, really hard [laughs]
  • Jesse: Do you feel like Superwoman? 'Cause my best friend had a baby and...
  • Amy: ARGH!
  • Jesse: Once it sank in and once she found her groove she just... I'm like "Who are you and can I have some of this?"
  • Amy: I'm going - I'm not kidding, it's like "I'm READY TO GO"
  • Jesse: [laughs]
  • Amy: You definitely feel like you're - err - operating like at highest capacity a lot of time. Which is like, actually makes you feel really good. Like - I don't know, sometimes, when I'm not doing anything, nothing productive, I start to feel pressed, like "Man I need to work but I don't wanna work", I just feel like lame. But now, you know, it's him, working for him, that's a motivator and you sort of wanna be awesome for the sake of that person you love so much. And I'm working on myself and getting excited and getting ready for the end of the year and the shows and knowing that we have, you know, these fans who care and are excited about it, just - It's awesome! Like, I wanna be a mom and a rock star and all those things all at once, it's incredible! If you can, absolutely [laughs]
  • Jesse: I'm glad that you brought that up because it's kind of an interesting prompting, this interview at this juncture of your life and your career, because it kind of mirrors that of your dad, in a small way, doesn't it? Wasn't he in a band when you were born?
  • Amy: Oh, yeah err - yes. My dad, you know, ran away to California with my mom to, you know, be a rock star and get a record deal and - my dad's a great musician, he plays a lot of instruments and has a beautiful voice - But you know, due to the all L.A, you know playing gigs and bar things and early eighties, I mean late seventies-early eighties... Well, then he found out my mom was pregnant with me and I guess when I was born and stuff he was like "Man, this is not the life that I want for my kid, we're gonna go back to Florida, I'm gonna get a radio-station job and like, do that." He's, you know, made a career, a wonderful career at the radio and voice work.
  • Jesse: Has he offered you any words of wisdom, any guidance on how to kind of navigate this new path you're on?
  • Amy: Ouh, I don't... I need to talk to him more... He just called me before I called you. I mean, he said "Hey I got the best of both worlds 'cause I don't have to really do it. I just came home and had my family and then you grew up to be a rock star so I can just live my career through you" [chuckles]
  • Jesse: Back in April you guys announced that you'd be performing for the first time in three years at Ozzfest, in Japan, where's there a catalyst for this particular decision?
  • Amy: You know, I - everyone still out there, we're gonna do something really cool, not super often, this is a special thing but I was just at a point, like when I heard about it, I was like "November? I think I will be back by then", like I feel like I can get my body back and like he will be seventeen months older or something, and gosh if I really wanna do this, like I'm feeling like in my head, like be everything at once, and I don't know, like I rather just do it. Take him with me, and just start now, not wait, you know and it's just a cool thing to have people go "hey come to Japan" you know, and rock out. I mean, it's more complicated than that but then again, it's not, like we'll do all the work to have things taken care of and just fun stuff but like... We get to go to Japan, like I mean, just in general, it's an opportunity to go to Japan. Like so many people are just like "it's a lot of money and it's a big - like why would you go, where would you go, I don't even know", like, we'll go do that, I want that for him, so... We're taking the family [laughs] I'm gonna have my baby on a really, really, really long flight and I apologize in advance to everyone on the plane, I am gonna do everything I can to try to get him to shut up and go to sleep. I can't... No guarantees [laughs].
  • Jesse: The shows now, this week you announced the shows that - three stage sideshows - I think you're kicking it off in Nashville and then you're coming to Dallas...
  • Amy: Yup!
  • Jesse: ... And Los Angeles. By the way, on behalf of all the Dallas fans, thank yoouuu. Where's there a particular reason what we got so lucky?
  • Amy: Oh, yeah. I wanted to head that direction because it's the shorter flight, again about like the baby on plane [laughs].
  • Jesse: Baby high five for Jack! Awesome!
  • Amy: It's like, I mean we could have done New-York but I was like "yeah I need to go the other way, just make it eleven as opposed to fourteen hours" I tried to be in between rock and baby but that's really hard. So, yeah we rehearse in Nashville, it's like a hook for the band. We live all over the country and it's like a central location where we have been rehearsing for the past years. So, we'll get to get there and practice and make sense of the show right there. And Nashville's great for that, anything you need, anything that goes wrong, they've got it covered.
  • Jesse: And is it the same lineup, you, Terry, Tim, Will and Troy?
  • Amy: Yup, it's gonna be rad, the guys are really excited err - just talking to them a lot this week, we're just starting to put together like ideas about set lists and maybe who's gonna open. We don't know that stuff yet.
  • Jesse: On behalf of all the Dallas fans, HOT DAMN GIRL, that's fantastic!
  • Amy: [laughs]
  • Jesse: That's fantastic, I'm so thrilled.
  • Amy: Hopefully this is the beginning of more, more shows to come in the future.
  • Jesse: You just answered my question [laughs].
  • Amy: Yeah, I thought I might! You know, once we do like a set and I feel like "We got this" then it's a lot easier to go "cool" and like accept opportunities and like it's always a good time for this, there's stuff going on that we'll be looking for next summer, for potential ideas.
  • Jesse: Now the biggest question that I've got from fans on Twitter when I found out that I was going to interview you and it was the tweet that you recently posted about going through old files, older recordings, new dreams and I think, you starting the fire again. What is the potential for a new Evanescence album?
  • Amy: Actually, err - I haven't been working on new material for Evanescence. I've been working on new material on my own. Err - so right now, I just went through like a lot of studio - well, I have a studio in my house, I did like that record last year that was like old school music and I do little things there but now that I'm getting there again... I wanted for a long time to flex some different muscles and make music that's - I don't know, I always wanted to make music that's completely true to myself and I love Evanescence I'm stoked to go back on tour and play music with Evanescence. But honestly, lot of musics I listen to these days are very different from that and I collected, it's a big mix. It's fun for me to be something else a little bit, so actually like the first thing is I have been - just for fun - going out there and playing with weird cover songs (chuckles)
  • Jesse: What are you covering?
  • Amy: And I - I don't wanna tell you yet!
  • Jesse: Teaaase!
  • Amy: I'm gonna record them, I'm gonna finish them out and then I'm gonna release them online pretty soon, just like kind of one at a time.
  • Jesse: I love the work that you did on War Story, I think one of the songs from Aftermath just got an Independent Spirit Award but could you talk a little bit about the other project you've been working on, called Indigo Grey. That looks really amazing!
  • Amy: Yeah, I hope it is! I - I think it really is, those guys are so talented. They're, here in New-York, these guys that came out of like Riverdance, where they grew up and just wanna do something creative and unique and edgy and different. So that's like Irish step mixed with like hip-hop and they do a lot of stuff with cool live music. It's kinda hard to explain, because they're just artists, kind of all over the place. They wear like gas masks and do weird dances, it's really cool. So they're putting together like a kickstarter and they're doing like a live experience thing that I'm - I'm still trying to understand, it's like drones and it's interactive somehow, like the audience takes part on what happens, sounds crazy but it's awesome. I don't know exactly when that is gonna be but also, in the meantime, they're doing like these little short films and the first one that they've done is really cool, you know, and we sort of scored it, Dave Edgar and I. So we did the music, a all bunch of it, and then there's actually a cool song-song like by me that I did in my studio. It's not like a song with a bunch of vocals, it's definitely more like rhymes and music but err - that's me making my music so...
  • Jesse: Yeah, yeah, the video in the kickstarter thing was really amazing so I, I really wanted to make a point to ask about that. I can't wait to see how that progresses. The last time they updated it was like June 16, so I keep waiting for more updates.
  • Amy: I know, they're just still, we're just talking about "okay, which day are we gonna release it" I'm keeping on touch but I'm not really sure.
  • Jesse: Amy, thank you so much for taking the time to call in. I know, the pre-sell for the Evanescence shows started yesterday but general public sale are gonna be on Saturday, I predict an immediate sell-out. Happy early birthday to Jack and congratulations to you and your family.
  • Amy: I'm so grateful for that, thank you!
  • Jesse: See you November 15!
  • Amy: Alright, we'll see you soon, it's gonna rock!

anonymous asked:

can you summarise the revised flashback theory? I see a lot of talk about it and I've tried to look into it but there's so much on it I just get confused and lost :( if you can't no worries

Sure! Basically the idea is that the show, as we’ve seen it so far, is specifically from Riley’s POV. There’s a decent amount that supports this. For starters, in an interview (I think with The Hollywood Reporter) before the show first aired, Michael Jacobs straight up stated, “You’re going to be seeing a lot of Riley Matthews because she’s the point of view of this show”. Also, when you think about it, there are very few scenes (aside from Topanga/Auggie/Ava stuff) that don’t have Riley in them or her footprints on them. Then there’s actual lines in the show itself. Like in GM Father when Riley tells Lucas, “Look everybody’s copying us [slow dancing]” even though it’s pretty obvious the kids aren’t slow dancing just to copy them. Plus all the stuff about perspective that’s mentioned in GM Gravity. And while yes, the revised flashback theory is about Riley growing up and realizing the world outside of her perspective in general, her realizing the extent of Lucaya is going to be a big part of that.

And what’s really great (kudos to the writers) is that they added plenty of subtle cues via glances and character’s actions etc., that demonstrate Lucaya even as early as S1 (Maya literally stepping back in GM Boy, all the facial expressions in GM Sneak Attack detention, etc). But it’s subtle enough that casual viewers, just like Riley, don’t notice. But the show tells us all the time (usually via Cory) to look closer or how we can change our history.

But a lot of people, just like Riley, don’t. So just as Riley is starting to get hints of what’s actually going on (i.e. her looks in Yearbook and Creativity), so are the viewers (and interestingly as her awareness increases, the amount of “look closer” stuff decreases). But Lucaya isn’t something that just popped up in S2. It’s been there all along.

So how will Riley (and consequently, the casual viewers that are also stuck in her POV) come to this realization? Well that’s where the flashbacks come in. The idea is that something, most likely during Legacy, will trigger these flashbacks (what exactly the trigger is I’m not totally sure). But these flashbacks will either be clips we’ve already seen but with emphasis on the small subtle moments that most people gloss over. Or most likely they will contain new camera angles of scenes. For example, we know they have multiple camera angles of the scene in Rules where Maya pulls Lucas towards her (the shot in the episode vs the theme song are different). Plus the unseen “ha hurr” from World of Terror that first shows up in GMT3 flashback scene. So I think they’re definitely sitting on stuff they could use for revised flashbacks. It’s also possible they may insert Riley into the flashbacks (a la GM Cory and Topanga) but I’m not as sure about that.

But I am pretty certain revised flashbacks are going to happen. Consider the scene in Gravity where Cory is describing the play Our Town. It’s basically a giant hint. He states, “It’s all about the history of people just like you me. Mostly, about not taking what we have for granted. And a girl who gets a chance to take one look at the life she left behind. Also in her interview recently, Rowan describes Legacy as “The finale is very interesting. It’s about the legacy we all want to leave behind in middle school — not only about what you’re physically going to leave behind, but also what thoughts you’re going to associate with middle school”. And I know that’s not too specific, but I think Riley leaving her Riley centric views behind as she goes to high school makes a lot of sense. And revised flashbacks are certainly a “very interesting” way to do it.

Also consider the few scenes without Riley. The most notable are Lucaya flirting during Rules, Lucaya campfire, and Lucaya smoothie date. It’s not an accident that the most explicit Lucaya stuff happens outside of Riley’s POV. Also all of the implied off screen Lucaya convos and how Riley is surprised by them (like in Pluto and Forgiveness)

And when Riley does realize what’s been going on (how far back Lucaya really goes), it’s going to shake her to the core. But she will also grow a lot from it in general.

If the whole revised flashback plays out as I think it will,  it’s going to be so good. Casual viewers will be just as shocked as Riley and rewatchers/those hip to all of this will enjoy it a lot.

Hope that covers it for you!

@yeoldeshipper –feel free to add :)

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Idk whether it's sad or funny that some people see Xing as a selfish, unconcerned, disloyal member of exo with all his new opportunities even after that one interview.... It's almost like they can't believe that someone that nice and selfLESS exists anymore? Like, there are still some people out there in the world that try their best to succeed for others and themselves and all you do is discredit them??? People, there's still hope for humanity. Not everyone is horrible. Love yourselves please.

OMG RIGHT. Yixing could literally not have worded that interview any better. I guess it’s up for interpretation but I honestly saw no shade thrown at Krishan. He acknowledged that the Chinese members received fewer opportunities. He made a post telling Luhan he still supports him. All he’s saying is that instead of leaving he decided to work with the company to utilize his talents in China. Honestly to say that he’s being selfish is so skewed? I’m unable to even see the point of view in which he’s being selfish, admittedly I’m biased but I’m really really trying to look at the situation objectively and I cannot see ZYX being selfish at all. Again this is just my interpretation, but I think he’s saying he agrees, the conditions weren’t fair just like Kris & Luhan but rather than just spilt he’s really trying to build up an SM in which Chinese members can be treated equally. 

K-fans and a lot of Exo-Ls in general just don’t want to give him a break. He states time and time again that he’s not leaving the group but he’s being “selfish” by promoting alone in China and making his own earnings? Like. Huh? He’s hardly the first Exo member to film a movie or something. “He’s missing Exo’s promotions” like sorry he cannot spilt into 2 separate and fully functional Lays to do both? He was offered a role and took it. He’s really striving to do both, literally flying back and forth to record a 3 minute song, to the point where he is so exhausted that he’s falling over and bleeding on stage. (Which I don’t agree with, I think he really needs to take it easy but it’s not my place, especially as just a fan, to tell a grown ass man what to do). And SOMEHOW people think he’s being selfish. *Hands on temples* Like Exo-M hardly even participated in the stages for the Overdose era despite it being an ot12 song but NOBODY CRIED ABOUT THAT DID THEY? Exo-M has been given so much less exposure and for people to criticize ZYX for wanting to promote more, it’s utterly ridiculous. I wish these people leading a crusade against Lay would just be outright in not liking him, like at least own up to all this hatred you carry inside and stop hiding behind these reasons that make absolutely no sense. Really if a K member opened his own studio, there would be congratulations all around and a parade, not this.

Whatever you know what, ZYX I see you, and so, so many people see you and your hard work and your sincerity and want you to succeed.