like there is some magic in the way taylor writes i shit you not

Laundry Girl

Warnings: Cuss words. Negan. SMUT. unprotected sex. 

Request: Haha! No prob ur writing style is awsome. I would like the reader to be a normal laundry worker at the sanctuary with a huge crush on negan that makes everyone else think she’s crazy. When negan’s jacket ends up in her laundry pile she goes to give it to him personally. I want it to end with negan catching her in his room wearing his jacket. She’s lost the second he calls her baby doll. I would like it to be sweet smut. Please and thank you! - @irenewolfland

A/N: I hope this is to up to everyone’s satisfactory level! It was really fun to write! 

Continue to send in your request! I didn’t have school, I’ve been writing all day!

You’ve been at the sanctuary for some time now, working in the laundry earning points to stay alive. You had the biggest crush on the head savior and everyone that knew thought you were totally insane. You couldn’t help but get turned on every time he walked into the room. Your cheeks would get red, and look away. Thank God he never talked to you would of been just standing there eyes wide, trying to speak but only be blubbering out incoherent sounds. 

You were just about done folding your basket of clothes, when your hands hit a smooth leathery fabric. For a moment, your breath caught in your throat. There was only one man that wore a black leather jacket in this place. Why would his clothes be in here? Doesn’t he have someone do them for him. But here it was. The head honcho’s signature leather jacket lay in the bottom of your basket. 

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By Tavi Gevinson

August 2013

The general public has managed to make Taylor Swift’s greatest strength seem like her greatest weakness, and it makes me feel sad and angry and like people are really missing out on something great. By “general public” I mean email-hosting sites and sometimes Fancier Publications, and by her “greatest strength” I mean Taylor’s unique ability to focus in on one detail or exchange and magnify it completely in this way that makes it feel at once universal and deeply personal. I don’t want to devote too much of this holy ink and paper to haterz, but I do want to free your mind from any reservations about the Swift Power in order to fully prepare you for a MAGIC-CARPET ROLLER-COASTER RIDE across this CANDY LAND BOARD of a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from BRITAIN(= NOT LIKING TAYLOR SWIFT).

Swifties see the characteristic at hand for what it is: writing. Her songs are her point of view, making it her job to blow up the most minor event into something that more accurately represents the way she experienced it. As Tay quoted Neruda in her Red liner notes, “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.” This is basic Nabokov shit, right? Everything hits harder in memory. Everything changes color. Her first album will tell you she is a natural crusher, daydreamer, hopeless romantic. Obsessing over the briefest of encounters is what we do. She was just born to translate it for millions of people. And I don’t think her commercial responsibilities detract from her genuine passion for her craft. Have you ever watched her in interviews when she gets asked about her actual songwriting? She becomes that kid who’s really into the science fair. Her hands go crazy and she explains all the different categories she breaks emotions into and how they all have their own individual sounds. Then the interviewer totally doesn’t get it because it’s 60 Minutes and they were hoping for a pleasant little soundbite instead of, like, an Andrew Kuo–style verbalization of the human psyche. And Taylor smiles, perfectly aware she just weirded them out, perfectly aware it’s the same weirdness from which she pulls all these beautiful songs.

So the fact that people think they’re, like, Nancy Drew for claiming that none of her relationships have lasted long enough for her to be able to write a song about them really proves only that she has this uncanny talent for dressing up an experience until what happened matches how it felt. I don’t care that her relationships aren’t long-term—she’s a little busy running a goddamn empire! I don’t care if she only dates guys to write songs about them, like people say—she dates people, she writes songs about her life, naturally many of these songs are about people she’s dated, and many of them aren’t, as well. Mostly, basically: I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT.

These are some of my favorites, severely edited down for word count. I almost didn’t want to publish it, because her music is so close to my heart, but I also really wanted to publish it because her music is so close to my heart. Please handle with care.

Album: Taylor Swift

“Our Song”

Somewhere in the dark depths of deleted YouTube videos is a circa-sixth-grade recording of my childhood best friend and me singing this while I play guitar. Taylor’s one of the reasons I learned guitar (along with some vague image I had of ROCK STARS and PEOPLE IN COOL HATS), and I was very serious about imitating her country twang. While Taylor is not technically an exceptional vocalist on this first album, she knows exactly how to make each word sound on an emotional level. Her instincts are just right, her cadence is so her. Like, it’s not just that her lyrics perfectly match up with the music and together they accurately capture a certain emotion—you can also just hear it when she’s smiling, or looking up, or thinking. This, I would argue, is more important than technically good vocals, and it’s also very rare.

“Picture to Burn”

So much sass! Pickup trucks! Dads who are gonna beat up ex-boyfriends! I’LL TAKE IT.

“Stay Beautiful”

This song KILLS me because I only ever listened to it a few times way back when, which means rediscovering it was like seeing someone you didn’t even know you missed but you’re suddenly so grateful they’re in your life. The lyrics totally apply to young Taylor: “Don’t you know, you’re really gonna be someone. / Ask anyone.” UGHHH. I think I get so emotional listening to her first album because it’s just so heartening to think about where she was when she wrote these songs (lonely, bullied, awkward phase, bad at boys, country-music nerd) and where she is now (BFF to PLANET EARTH). She’s a prime example of how you can turn a middle-school-rooted inferiority complex into beautiful, relatable art. She’s like Chris Ware, except not, except totally.

ML Fan Fic Rec/Appreciation List

Hi! Hello! I thought this might be the best way to show love for my fellow fan fiction writers in the ML community on this the day of appreciation for such folks. I’ve posted about the majority of these authors before in a blog rec list, but I want to put out a formal review of each author and their fics because reviews are important. There are so many fic rec lists out already, but writer types NEVER tire of attention (trust me, I know) so here we go (in alphabetical order to keep things classy and neat): 

A Brand New Dawn by @whitebear-ofthe-watertribe 

A lovely university AU. I love the way she writes Adrien and Marinette’s rekindled friendship, it’s just so warm and comforting. There is drama and fluff and romance and it’s just such lovely story. Also, her description of high fashion clothing is just #writing goals 100%.

A Werecat in London by  @i-am-thornqueen

An exciting expanded magical world AU.  This world that Thorn has created is just so rich and detailed and could easily stand on its own entirely. Adrien, Marinette and the whole crew drop so easily right into the middle of it and meld perfectly. Her OCs are beautifully developed characters and stand wonderfully on their own two feet, I could honestly read a whole book just following them. It’s full of action, angst, hilarity and Sin™.

Bare Necessities by @reyxa

An adorable art school AU where Adrien ends up as a nude model in Mari’s figure drawing class. Need I say more? Hilarity and adorable drawing sessions and art lessons ensue. This fic is pure and unaltered cotton candy and Reyxa does a wonderful job spinning it while throwing some Sin™ on top for good measure.

Black Cats And Curtain Calls by @bullysquadess

An extremely accurate theatre AU.  The first,  but not the only, Bully fic on the list. (Honestly I had to stop myself from putting them all down.) This short and sweet fic is hilarious and if you were/are a Theatre kid you will appreciate ever inch of it. Bully will capture you every time with her tongue –in-cheek humor and spot on characterization and this little fic is no exception.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by @runningoutofink

A perfectly done Project Runway AU. Bee just does an absolutely phenomenal job translating the classic reality competition TV show format into the written word which is no small task. One of the things that impressed me most about this writing is that I could visualize every single scene perfectly. It is clearly and beautifully written and honestly made me fall deeper in love with the cast of ML.

Heartstrings by @seiyakanie

The beginning of the end for me and ML fics. This fic took my ML fic virginity and I have never looked back. If there is one thing Taylor knows how to write its Sin™ and luckily for us she knows how to write more than that. I love, love Taylor’s descriptions of actions and the thoughts and feelings of characters while they’re in the middle of those actions. (I also have this fic to thank for plunging me into the depths of Taylor’s OC heaven. Seriously, the girl has an armory full of AMAZING OCs, go check them out.)

Inking Indigo by @matchaball

An exquisite tattoo/soul mate/flower shop AU. I just…I will never be able to stop talking about Matchaball’s writing. Her prose reads like poetry and in some spots like a song. It has rhythm and grace and leads you slowly and easily through the world she’s creating. It can be a hard feat to find an author who not only writes beautifully but also has the world building, plotting and characterizing skills. Matchaball has all of these and more. Reading her writing is just so lovely and relaxing. I just cannot get enough.

Lady and the Tom Cat by @skaylanphear

I think technically this would be a mating cycle AU? It doesn’t matter because it’s FANTASTIC and I am just so pumped to see where it goes. Written by the fantastic Kay, how could you go wrong?  I will expand more on how much I love Kay’s writing in a bit, but I’ll just say I’m so pumped to see her write some sexier things because I know it will be done RIGHT. Jump on this train, it’s going places.

Pick Up and Chase by @skaylanphear

If you’d like to see Adrien embarrassed and stuttering for once, this is the fic for you. I cannot even begin with the level of cheese that Kay has going on in this fic, but it is just an amazing amount. If you’re lactose intolerant steer clear. This is a purely fun, purely hilarious fic and its just so much fun. If you need to smile, this is the place you need to be.

Porte-Boner by @abadmeanman

This fic is so hilarious it altered my state of mind and caused me to write the most ridiculous and off topic comments on each and every chapter. It got so bad that the author was forced to message me to ask me to stop. Then he followed me on Tumblr just to make sure I would leave him alone. He messages me occasionally to make sure I’m not going to comment on his fic again. Jokes on him. We live in a free country and I CAN DO WHAT—

Okay, here’s what I have to say for real. Anyone can pop open a word doc and start writing a shit post meme fic and throw it up on AO3 and call it a day. But it takes a true writer to do it WELL. Humor does not come easily and written humor is often times one of the hardest forms to nail. Phil nails it (HEH HEH) perfectly. His comedic timing is spot on and the sheer amount of pop culture references are just staggering and I’m sure I’ve missed about half of them. On top of that he stays true to character while exploring edges we’ve not seen (and definitely WILL NOT see) in the show. Okay, now I’m done.  

Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman

An extremely delicious, definitely NSFW BDSM/friends with benefits/fake dating AU. This fic is just so much more than it’s AU. It goes so far beyond its BDSM theme and I was just not prepared for it when I dived in. What you might think you’re getting: crazy kinky sex everywhere all the time – What you’re actually getting: deep and meaningful character development, ANGST, FLUFF,  lessons on safe and healthy sexual relationships, lessons on safe and healthy relationships in general, lessons on how NOT to pretend like you’re not in love with your partner. And all of it extremely well written. If you are not an Innocent Child you must go read this. It will save your soul and send it to hell in one fell swoop.

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear

*DEEP BREATH* I am still not and never will be over this fic or Kay’s writing. It just cannot be done. Kay’s understanding of these characters and their world is so insanely in depth its mind boggling. She handles each and every one of them with such love that it takes my breath away. Nothing is done without out a cause and effect and everything is woven into an intricate web. I sometimes get so profoundly sad that this is not cannon because it’s just so authentic and accurate. I know I can’t really say that because we don’t know what will be “cannon” or authentic or accurate, but it just is. If you’re not reading SF or planning on reading it, you’re doing yourself a terrible disservice.

Squares, Triangles, and Other Shapes by @sadrien

DOUBLE. FAKE. DATING. AU. Holy hell, how Sadrien even got through the fic summary without getting vertigo I have no clue. This fic delivers something that I think the fandom required. A fake dating square to walk hand in hand with our love square. It’s still early on, but I can already tell it will be filled with a bunch of hilarious situations and shenanigans. I’m just so excited and you should be too!

Sugar, Sugar by @bullysquadess

Who else but Bully would/could deliver unto us a beautifully written…Sugar Daddy AU? Just the mere fact that she fully has me believing this could really happen between Adrien and Marinette is the achievement of the year. This fic is in the early stages, but has such a promising beginning and will surely be a hilarious ride.

The Ladybug and The Bees by @bullysquadess

Oh man. The infamous TLATB. So, this is the third Bully Fic™ on my list and I could talk about how it’s the flagship sin fic and all that, but I’m not. I want to talk about how much I love Bully’s writing and how great of a writer she is, really, truly. As I said in my little blurb about Porte-Boner, humor is a truly hard thing to write and get across the right way. Bully does this flawlessly, every. single. time. But there’s more than that, when TLATB started to take an unplanned off-road detour to angst-ville, Bully managed to keep her readers right with her. Folks, that is an extremely hard thing to do, to keep your readers with you, no matter what crazy shit you do. To keep them believing and to not jolt them out of the narrative. That’s the main job of the writer, to kidnap their readers and keep the believing all the way through to the last page. Bully, you’re a great writer, I know you’re having a rough and unpleasant time right now, but keep your chin up. You’re great.

The Luckiest Man In Paris by Ms. Sophie

The premise of this fic is just so undeniably adorable and everything that follows is undeniably adorable as well. I just love how Sophie writes the dynamic between Chat and Mari. It’s so true to their characters and so adorable. HAVE I SAID ADORABLE ENOUGH. I’ve actually probably said it too many times for the amount of sin happening (and will be happening) in this fic. Sophie captures my attention with lovely turns of phrase she uses and wonderful character interactions. It’s such a great read and you should GO READ IT NOW. Also because Sophie is a sweet little dumpling.

You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae

Okay. So, um…it’s like really hard to get me to actually cry, like blubbering tears and unattractive hiccups crying, during movies/shows/books. I can count on one hand the amount of times a book or movie or show has made me cry. You Don’t Know Me has DESTROYED me.  TWICE. While reading it. If you’re ready for a soul-crushing amount of angst Ferisae is your dealer. She delves deep, deep into Adrien’s character and pulls out everything that is sad and lonely and uses it to crush you in the best way. Even if you’re someone who actively avoids angsty fics (like me) you absolutely must give yourself the chance to read this. Just make sure you have a nice warm cup of something hot and a blanky and maybe some baby animal photos open in the next tab over.  

Okay this got super long, whoops. Sorry not sorry because all these author’s deserve all the love.

Thank you to each and every one of these lovely people and every fic author out there. Y’all are truly amazing for the amount of time, work and love you put into your writing. It shows a true passion and even if writing isn’t what you want to do with your life full time, the passion you have can easily be transferred to any aspect of your life. Passion is fuel to live and live happily. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

Missing Adam

Ok, so I know I fell off the face of the map and stopped writing for a while. Sorry! This was just something I had in my brain for a while. Love you all!


Taylor was sitting on her bed, petting Olivia and feeling sorry for herself. It wasn’t something she allowed herself to feel very often, but every once in a while, when the Internet was particularity vicious and Adam was far away, she allowed herself to wallow.

She and Adam have been dating for almost six months now. One of her longest relationships. And while they have had disagreements, like every couple does, Taylor had a feelings that this relationship was going to last. It was dumb, but it was in the little things. In the way he said her name when she woke up in the morning. Or the way he would hold her hand , tugging it gently towards him to keep her focused on him. Or the way he kissed her when she was upset, like her feelings were valid, like he understood her. She missed him so much when he went away, but their distance creating an intensity every time they came back to each other. The way he touched her sometimes–she swore it was magic.

She checked her phone, knowing she wouldn’t see a response to her text. She knew he was in another country, that he was working and couldn’t check him phone. She knew that. But it still sucked. She sighed and kissed Olivia on the head. “Just you and me tonight, Dibbles.” Meredith had fallen asleep on the living room couch and anyway, she wasn’t the best company when Taylor was feeling down.

Taylor decided to call up one of her friends, but as she scrolled through her phone, she figured out that the only people in LA at the moment was Gigi and Selena, both of which were out tonight. She shook her head and decided to just bake instead. She headed down to the kitchen, and as she pulled out the baking pans her phone went off.

She quickly glanced at it and saw that it was a text from an unknown number. Taylor frowned–she did change her number pretty regularly, but she was usually pretty good about updating it with the correct numbers. Sliding the message open, she saw that it was from Harry. “Seriously?” She said to herself. “How often does that boy change his number?”

Harry was in town, all the boys were, and he wanted to know if she wanted to hang out. Taylor thought about it but thought it was a bad idea. “Not really in the mood for company, maybe another time?” she texted back, then put her phone down and went back to baking.

It’s not like they weren’t friends anymore, it was more like…what was it like? Taylor mused to herself as she sorted the flour and mixed in the butter. It was like–they were friends but not, because how can you be really close friends with someone who know too much about you? With someone who you told your secrets to, woke up next to, and then decided it was over, it couldn’t work. She shook her head. She and Harry had barely hung out alone since she started seeing Adam. She didn’t think he would like it too much.

And she placed the first batch of cookies in the oven, her buzzer went off. “Ms. Swift? You have a visitor,” Toby, her security guard called out over the intercom. Taylor ran over to the video screen, and of course, it was Harry. “Shit,” she breathed out, then pressed the intercom. “Let him in,” she told him, then went to her front door. Taylor thought it over–why was he here? She told him she wouldn’t be good for company tonight. Maybe he needed to talk or something. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail and headed to the door.

Harry pulled up in his car, sleek and quiet, like always. As he got out of the car, he fixed his jacket and ran his fingers through his hair. “Harry,” she called out, then stopped, not sure what to say. He came over and gave her a big hug, a genuine one. “It’s been too long, Swift,” he whispered in her ear as he held her close.

Taylor hugged him back, then let him go, afraid of what his hug would mean, afraid of giving the wrong impression. She pulled away and glanced to the ground. She shrugged. “It has. Although I’m afraid I might not be such great company tonight.”

Harry looked at her, concerned. She looked drawn and sad, her arms hugging herself tight. He knew it had been a while since they saw one another, but this mood didn’t seem to fit Taylor at all.

Taylor walked him back through the house, and as she pulled out the cookies from the oven, he petted Olivia affectionately as she rubbed her head into his hand, purring loudly. She was such a good cat. “So,” Harry said, breaking the silence as he walked over to the kitchen island, “are those break-up cookies or missing-him cookies?” She looked up, surprised. “What? You have a pattern,” Harry smiled easily, lifting himself up onto the island to sit and grabbed himself a cookie. He continued speaking with a mouthful of cookie. “Ohh-shit. These are hot. Anyway– when you’re upset, you bake cookies. Something about the measuring and forming I think. It’s soothing or something.”

Taylor stared at him curiously. “I didn’t know you paid much attention to my baking habits, Harry,” she said eventually, as she started taking them off the tray and placing them onto plates.

Taylor was distracted, putting the next batch in and cleaning up some spilled four off the counter. She smiled as she saw Olivia hop up on the island next to Harry, rubbing her jaw against his leg and mowing loudly. “Looks like someone needs some attention,” she smile, pointing to the cat. Harry laughed and petted her until Olivia was content, curled up on the counter next to him.

Harry didn’t say much, as Taylor continued to bake and clean. It was peaceful kind of, the two of them silently together, as if words weren’t necessary. Harry finished the cookie and leaned over to the sink to wash his hands. “You wanna talk about it?” He asked her eventually, hopping down from the island and leaning against the sink.

“I don’t know–isn’t this weird?” Taylor said awkwardly,wiping her hand on a towel and pushing her fringe behind her ears, “Me, talking to you about boy problems?” She turned to face him, and really looked at him for the first time.

He was taller, his hair was longer and more tangled. He had a wild look about him, a restless energy–but then, he always had. His shirt was half open, and he looked good, really good. If someone were to notice that kind of thing, which she was wasn’t. Obviously. He smirked when he caught her eyes, knowing she was checking him out.

Harry shrugged and tugged his ear sheepishly. “I don’t know–do you think it’s weird?” Taylor was about to answer yes, of course it was weird, but she stopped herself. Why not, she figured. They were friends. He might even be able to relate.

Taylor shrugged and headed into the living room, and Harry followed. They sat on the couch, cross legged, like kids. Taylor started talking, nervously. “I don’t know–it’s just the press has been pretty viscous this week, you know? And it’s giving me like, flashbacks of when you and I were dating, and it’s so hard for me that Adam is not here now. Like, I just need for him to tell me it’s going to be ok, and that it won’t affect us, unlike… She stopped suddenly, glancing up for a second, daring herself to look at Harry in the eye. His eyes were sad but understanding. "Unlike me?” He finished for her, grabbing her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I don’t mean it to be mean,” Taylor answered quickly, sitting up straighter, but Harry cut her off. “No, I know, I get it. Back then you had to go through a lot and I couldn’t tell you it was going to be ok, that it didn’t matter. I know I never stood up for you. I’m sorry about that, by the way.” He said softly, tracing her palm with his finger slowly. “Biggest mistake of my life.”

Taylor let go of his hand and smiled sadly, scrunching in her legs close to her body. “I just…wish he wasn’t halfway around the world right now. He’s my person. Right now, I just…need him.”

Harry watched as tears started to fall from the corner of her eyes. He glanced around and found a box of tissues. “Here love,” he said, handing her one. She smiled at him gratefully and took it. “I must look awful right now, a big old mess,” she sighed, wiping her face. “I think you look beautiful,” Harry said under his breath. She glanced up quickly–she heard him. She ignored his comment, giving him a look. “Am I being selfish though? I know how busy he is. I can’t get this worked up about the media. What do they know anyway, right?” She half laughed then sighed, unfolding her long legs and stretching.

Harry just looked at her, this beautiful, wonderful, woman who did so much good and tried so hard and got beaten up for it all the time. He just looked at her, and thought of every mistake he ever made, and how he had made her feel bad too. Taylor took his silence for agreement, and started to get up. Harry caught her arm as she stood. “You’re not being selfish love. That was a dark time for you–it had to have left some scars. And if he doesn’t get that, you deserve better. You deserve someone telling you it’s going to be ok. That you two will make it no matter what. You deserve something better than a guy like me.”

“Harry,” Taylor breathed out, sitting back down. “Oh Harry, listen. Don’t beat yourself up about the past. It was ages ago and we were both so young. She shrugged. "People make mistakes all the time, you forgive and forget.”

“But you never let it go?” Harry finished for her, smiling. Taylor laughed, a real laugh, then leaned in and quickly kissed him on the cheek. “I let go of any anger I had for you ages ago,” she whispered in his ear, smiling. She stood up and offered her hand to him. Harry took it and she helped him up off the couch.

“Thanks for making me laugh,” she told him, giving him a quick hug. Harry started to say something, but Taylor’s phone went off. “Hold on, one sec,” she said, walking back into the kitchen. “Adam! Hey! How’s it going? Everything good down there?”

Taylor walked further away, and Harry couldn’t hear the rest, so he followed her her into the kitchen. “Oh honey, don’t worry about it–the press is just one thing. I can ignore it.” Taylor was silent for a bit and then, “well, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty upset about it earlier, since you’re so far away. I even baked your favorite cookies, just to make it seem like you were here.”

Harry couldn’t listen anymore, but he couldn’t walk away. She was happy, she had really moved on. She loved Adam, real love–he could tell. Taylor was silent again, then said, “You have no idea how much I needed to hear you say that. I’m just missing you like crazy right now.” Taylor was leaning against the island, her phone resting in between het shoulder and her ear. She sighed happily. “I love you too. Can’t wait until your home again.”

At that moment, Harry couldn’t be in the kitchen any longer. He crept back to the living room and sat on the couch, his heart racing, the room spinning. He felt like everything was in slow motion: it was really over, for real. He couldn’t put his thoughts in order, they were scrambled all over the place. He had thought maybe she was upset, maybe she needed a friend, a more than friend, to help her. He hadn’t realized until that moment that she truly didn’t need him anymore.

Taylor came back into the room, and her entire attitude has shifted. She was lighter, happy even. She seemed to be in a daze until she saw Harry sitting on the couch. “Harry! Thank you so much for coming over! I really appreciate it!” Harry couldn’t help but chuckle. That was the Taylor Swift he knew. And it was then, he realized: they were really over. Kaput. No more. Taylor had found a man that would love and cherish her, and be there for her in ways Harry didn’t even know about yet. He has come over to cheer her up, but all it took to make Taylor happy again was a five minute phone call from the one she loved.

Harry stood and gave Taylor a quick hug. She walked him to his car and hugged him one more time. It felt like the last time, it really did. He squeezed her tight and breathed her in, one last time, for memory, for nostalgia, for a life he wouldn’t live. He said goodbye to her and promised her they would hang out soon. He let her go and drove away, sleek and slowly, just like he came.

Playlist: Top 100 Songs of 2014.

100. Nick Jonas “Chains (Just A Gent Remix)”
This remix hits all the sweet spots his singles JUST missed.

99. Nicki Minaj “The Crying Game” feat. Jessie Ware
Probably the best featured appearance Nicki had on The Pinkprint.

98. Tinashe “2 On”
The current Queen of SleepytimeJasmineTea R&B made the Cassie followup nobody expected.

97. Julian Casablancas “Where No Eagles Fly”
JC left The Strokes behind and got in touch with his experimental side.

96. Mariah Carey “Meteorite”
I’m all for Mimi dabbling closer to dance and further away from big ballads at this stage in her career.

95. Weezer “Cleopatra”
That hiccup in the meter took this single from merely enjoyable to quirky.

94. EXID “Up & Down”
South Korea is still doing dance-pop better than anyone else, even with a fake saxophone.

93. St. Vincent “Regret”
Still restlessly creative and making pop on her own terms.

92. Calvin Harris “Blame”
Another arena-sized dancefloor banger from Calvin Harris.

91. Miranda Lambert “Little Red Wagon”
Playfully brash like no one else in country music.

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betrayal in the common room (narry/stylanverse, 4k)

So a while ago I did a meme and someone asked me the following:

And then I received a prompt asking for jealous!Niall Narry, which fits in with this ficlet that happened.  Sorry to the anon who asked this - I didn’t mean for it to take so long!  Mentions of past Haylor.  Takes place post way, no way.

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I really held myself back from doing this, because I knew that once I did, it meant I was way more in love with this series than I wanted to admit to myself. But I am, and when scrolling through the tags for the different books, and the different ships…ya’ll are very ruthless.

I get it…I actually ship the fuck out of Rowan and Aelin. I saw it happening in Heir of Fire, but I still had hope for Chaol and Celaena, because she said she would always choose him. Even when I knew that they would never be together like that again after Nehemia died. So I just wanted to put a few of my own thoughts on some of this, instead of talking to my computer screen like a psychopath.

Dorian/Celaena: I never shipped them together. I love Dorian. He was a prince that was raised to think and feel a certain way, and in his own small ways in the beginning of the series you could see that his logic told him things were not right in the way that his kingdom was being run. But, it was going to take something to jerk him into being awake enough to really want to challenge what was being done. Celaena was that catalyst. I have no doubt he loved Celaena, but I never saw it in a place from straight romance. She was a challenge for someone that was used to women literally falling at his feet for a chance to spend a moment with him. He liked that she did not immediately turn into some lovestruck little girl when she met him. She was a challenge to get and she would have been a challenge to keep. AFTER he got to know more about her, he admired her. I would go so far as to say that he idolized her. She had been through a lot, and she still found a way to get up every single day and fight. She still found something to fight for. He liked that, and I believe that ultimately led him to a sort of love. When he finally lets her go in COM, I don’t think he is sad because he was in love with her. I think he was sad and it was hard for him to do that because she was the only one that challenged him, but he also knew that somewhere in the back of Celaena’s mind she would always think about what HIS kingdom - his father - did to her and her people. So he had to make a choice: keep that flame open for someone who would probably never be able to love him with her whole heart because of what was in the past, or let her go with the chance of sometime down the road having a really great friendship with her.

Chaol/Celaena (Aelin): I loved them together. When they were together and flirting and a couple and happy, they reminded me of some spring themed Taylor Swift song and video. I loved how you could see a mutual respect between them grow in the beginning of the series. And when I realized that Celaena was going to blame Chaol with Nehemia’s death, it broke my heart. Once it happened, I had to put the book down for a couple of days. I honestly didn’t want to read past that part because I really, really loved the together. But no matter what, sometimes you can’t help but associate someone with something bad that happens. It’s like when you breakup with someone and you can’t listen to a certain song anymore because it reminds you of them. It’s not the song’s fault, it’s how we are as people. I love Chaol. I love how he didn’t treat her like a murderer even after she tried to kill him. But he put her in the dungeon cell and locked her up after that! You might say. I think we can all agree that he did that for HER, for her safety. He knew what he was dealing with. He knew that she had so much shit happen to her that Nehemia’s death broke her. And because of how deadly she was, he knew that she would easily get herself killed. He loved her enough to keep her safe from herself. Chaol’s major flaw that would keep him from being able to love Aelin the way he loved Celaena is that he (like pretty much everyone in Ardalan) believed that the world was better without magic and the magical beasts. He was scared of magic and what it could do to his world. I never saw this emotional abuse some anti-Chaol people talk about. In the beginning of the series he was a soldier that was keeping a dangerous criminal at arm’s length to protect his king and his prince because it was his duty. And also because he fiercely loves Dorian as his friend. He grows to respect her and train with her, still keeping her at arm’s length until he can’t anymore. Then when he finds out that she is Fae, it terrifies him. Of course it does. You don’t grow up being told and believing that something is harmful and all of a sudden accept it when it’s thrown in your face, even if the person that throws it in your face is someone you love. When Aelin comes back, he does see her as a monster. Why? Because that’s what the Fae were to normal people. He blames her for everything that is seeming to go wrong, because to him she IS magic. I took it more that he resented the fact that she not only broke through to her magic, but has accepted the shit out it than (knowing that things between them would never be the same) than him being emotionally abusive. Is it right? Nope. Is it how real life happens? Pretty much most of the time. By the end of QOS, i think it shows a huge growth in him as a person to even ask Aelin to show him her magic.

And let me take a moment to speak about the whole Celaena vs. Aelin thing. I don’t understand what is so hard to grasp that yes, 100% Celaena and Aelin are the exact same people. People wear masks to get them through the day, sometimes to get them through their whole life. That’s what Aelin did. Calaena was the part of her that could be who she used to hide her shame of what happened when she was a child to the world. Calaena was the scared child that felt she let her world down. Aelin is the woman that grew up enough to know that hiding isn’t the best thing to do. Aelin is the Queen and understands that Queens have to make decisions, hard decisions. Aelin is the Queen that has to wake Chaol up and show him that with or without her being queen, the king that he served most of his life was a bad man that was doing bad things. Why not stand up and take a stand against it? It is literally right there in the books. I don’t know why it is so hard for some people to see that you actually see Calaena grow up during that battle with the Valg princes. She stopped running and took that mask of being Celaena off to become the Aelin she ALWAYS WAS. Calaena was a girl. Aelin is a woman. And also a Queen.

Rowan/Aelin: I did not like Rowan at first. I didn’t know if SJM was writing this clearly hot as fuck but assholish character to test exactly who we as readers fall in love with. And I won’t lie. I totally got it. But for much of the first half of the book, I hated Rowan. That was until I stopped reading the book and started it all over again. That was when I started to understand him better and hated him a little less, THEN I fell in love with him.

For anyone that calls Rowan emotionally abusive, please never go into the military. Rowan was a soldier, a warrior. In basic training, in the real life military, they break a person down to build them back into a soldier. They break them from being a child who would not be able to deal with some of the things a soldier will see, to being the adult that will know how to stay strong in even the harshest of environments; whether emotional, mental, physical. That’s what Rowan was doing with Celaena. He was trying to break her down to be a soldier and then to be a Queen. Did he have the best methods? Telling her she should have died? No. Not at all. But fucking Rowan probably wasn’t the best person for that job anyways, and Maeve knew it. In my opinion, she hoped that Rowan would break her so much that she would never be a threat to Maeve. That’s why she did not tell him everything Calaena had been through in her life. A soldier has no time for emotions, not when it matters. Not until later.

And, I really hate to be the one to break this to some of you…but you don’t train people to be soldiers by having pillow fights and talking about feelings. Just doesn’t happen. You hit, and you get hit. It is not always a fair fight. There will be someone bigger and stronger than you fucking you up, SO YOU CAN LEARN TO FUCK THEM UP RIGHT BACK. If Rowan was going to only train her by hurling flowers at her, how the hell did any of you expect her to be able to fight anything stronger than a flower? I would have been more pissed if Rowan didn’t treat her like any other soldier at first. I honestly don’t see in any of the arguments about why people hate Rowan anyone screaming how wrong it was that he let her go out and fight on her own. She was getting hurt then too, right? Okay.

After Rowan found out her real backstory, he had nothing but respect for her. Once again, that word: respect. Even Aelin did not want or expect him to apologize to her for what happened before. She understand what they did to each other. She recognized that sometimes when you hit rock bottom, it’s not going to be the pretty, overly soft, prince that helps you up. It is going to be brutal truth. The tactics are not always the best. They do not always feel good. I did not, and will never like reading Rowan telling Calaena that she should have died. But, I will always defend that with the fact that he did not know she was depressed. He did not know what kind of place she was in mentally. As far as he knew, she was a spoiled brat who was running away from what she was supposed to be. Why? Because fucking Maeve told him so. Did no one else read how strong that blood oath is? Because the way I took it was that it was strong enough that is Maeve told Rowan that the sun was purple today, with a clear and bright green sky…Rowan, seeing that the sun is yellow and the sky is blue, would stand there with his hands on his hips looking up into the sky saying, “Hm, damn sure is a purple sun, isn’t it.”

So Calaena could have had the word depressed tattooed on her forehead with a signed paper from THE BEST MEDICAL PHYSICIAN ON GREY’S ANATOMY stating that she was clinically depressed, and Rowan would have STILL believed that she was a spoiled little girl. Because Maeve said so.

So, there you have it. The longest post I will probably ever personally type on Tumblr. All about fictional characters.

TL:DR - I have too much time on my hands.

Edited to add: I know Rowan was not supposed to make her a soldier. I know he was supposed to get her used to using her magic and skills to show off for Maeve. That was a lot of writing up there, so I forgot to make that point. But, Rowan was a soldier so he used soldier and warrior ways to try and train her to use her magic. But first he had to break her to get some sort of emotion out of her. And for anyone that battles depression on a daily basis (as I do), then you should know that often depression is a complete lack of emotions or even too much of one emotion that it can cloud every other emotion you have. Once again, not defending some of his tactics that he used. But in no way (in my opinion) did I see him be emotionally abusive. WE KNEW that she was depressed, and broken, and lost. He didn’t know that. Not at first. Okay…there. Whew.

anonymous asked:

What are a few books you'd recommend someone read? That you really like? I'd like some new books to read and I figured I'd ask you?

oh boy, you’ve really opened pandoras box now, because i have a lot

here we go, I’m going by genre:


The Barsoom Series (also known as the John Carter books) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. There are eleven books in the series, but they’re really short. This shit is gonna be 100 years old in two years, but it still holds up. Attractive, sarcastic motherfucker goes to mars, meets aliens, action happens. Has badass warrior ladies, which was huge for that time period. If you’ve seen the movie, you kinda know the gist of it, but holy crap the movie is shit compared to the books. 

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Technically six books, but Adams died before he could write the sixth so Eoin Colfer stepped in and wrote it. World gets blown up to make a hyperspace bypass, the last man alive and a cast of ridiculous characters end up traversing the universe together. Marvin the depressed robot is the greatest character you will ever meet. This series is fucking insane. It’ll make you fall to the floor gasping for air one minute, and the next it’ll fuck your mind so bad you need to stare at a wall for an hour. Everything is connected. And I do mean fucking everything. Some of the best comedy I’ve ever read.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. It’s Jurassic Park, you know what the fuck it’s about. But the book is a lot different and a shit ton more intense than the movie. I had nightmares about this shit. It’s great.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Three books, but they’re pretty damn long. Holy fucking shit, this series. It’s one of those things that no matter how many times you try to explain it, you just can’t. It’s one of the most beautifully written and brilliantly imagined series I’ve ever read. The characters feel alive, the magic feels real, and the tears you’ll shed are definitely gonna be real. If you like mythical creatures, mystery, magic, paradoxes, and some of the most gorgeous writing you’ll ever read, this is the book for you.

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Stand alone book. The most absurdly amazing book you’ll ever read. Basically, an angel who sucks at being an angel and a demon who sucks at being a demon like the world the way it is, so they decide to sabotage armageddon. But somebody has misplaced the antichrist. It’s fucking hilarious, very clever, riddled with Queen songs, and just when you think it can’t get any more insane, it does. Holy shit it does.

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. Four books in the series. Dragons. Magic. An evil ruler that has to be defeated. All the classic fantasy you could possibly want, written beautifully. 

Urban Fantasy:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. Five books in the series. Modern day Greek Mythos. Fucking hilarious first person narration given from one of our many demigods, Percy Jackson. The chapter titles are a gift to this world, shit like “I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher.” Good gods, do yourself a favor and read this.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Fifteen books so far, not stopping any time soon. This series has it all. Humor, heartbreak, magic, amazing villains, mystery in Chicago. The main character is the most wisecracking wizard to ever exist, I’ve fallen off the bed laughing several times due to the narration alone. The world is amazingly well developed, the characters are perfect, the writing is hilarious, but also incredibly fucking sad when it needs to be. I can’t say too much without giving away spoilers, but if you’re willing to start this monster of a series, it’s absolutely worth your time.

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire. Six books. This series is very well written, the shadow world is amazingly well developed, it’s funny, heartbreaking, badass, and a really entertaining read. Plus, a couple gay and bisexual main characters. Very angelic based, most of the main characters are nephilim, keeping ‘order’ in the shadow world, which doesn’t bode well for the other magical creatures that exist. Revolts happen, and wars break out, causing several cases of severely questioned morals, so if you like that sort of thing, this series is definitely up your alley. Magnus Bane is a gift to humanity.

The SPI Files by Lisa Shearin. Two books so far. Very similar to the Dresden Files, magic wise. The main character is a tiny, hilarious, adorable, blonde, tequila drinking, powdered-donut loving Seer in a supernatural agency full of badasses. Very funny, the one liners in these books are legendary. It’s a very unknown series, but it’s really good, and I’d really love to see more people read it.

These are just off the top of my head, so there are plenty more I didnt think of just now…

go read! and I’m sorry for probably ruining your life!

❝ I decided to come up with a masterlist of starters because over the time that I’ve used roleplaying I’ve noticed how stressful and how hard it really can be to come up with something slightly more original than just a simple ‘hello’ or a really lame joke for a starter. So I’ve gathered about 50 starter ideas that hopefully will come in handy for you. Please like/reblog the post if it was of any help. ❞

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Day Two: I'm Not Sorry For Feeling Beautiful

I don’t remember a time when it was okay to feel beautiful.

The default way for little girls to feel is “could be better.” For me, my nose is too fat, my Puerto Rican blood gave me a unibrow and hairy sideburns, my chin was too small, my pores too visible. As soon as I stopped believing in some of the magic of childhood, and of superheroes and princesses, the magic of my face faded right along with it.

When I was sixteen, I repeated the things I disliked about my face like they were my goddamn mantra. I repeated them to myself, to friends, to my mother. “I hate my nose! I hate my fat cheeks!” Lunch dates at Applebee’s with girlfriends were peppered with the usual “oh no, you’re gorgeous” and “your nose is NOT fat,” a rotation of the comforts we employed to others but not ourselves. It was the kind of small talk that came more easy than discussion of the weather. Still, I also remember this: the girls that we thought knew they were beautiful were the bad girls, the girls who were full of themselves, the girls who we openly scorned.

If you felt beautiful, if you felt pretty, you certainly should have kept it to yourself.

The older you get, like most things, some of this passes. I learned to use foundation, worried about other things, got flattering haircuts and finally learned how to properly wear eyeshadow. I stopped feeling such utter teenage despair, but carried some of the old mantras in my pocket for occasions I needed to be my own worst nightmare.

It is always easy to fall back on not feeling beautiful. It is so easy to see this as your personal worth, your value to the world, and admonish yourself when it doesn’t add up to those high expectations: go to a bar, see beautiful girls, feel like shit. See a beautiful friend, feel like you aren’t as good. See a model, see Taylor Swift, see somebody else, compare, compare, compare, compare. It is our default setting.

I know, I know that with all this, there are still moments you feel beautiful.

I always felt beautiful in secret moments. I felt beautiful when I got out of the shower and caught myself in the mirror. I felt beautiful before I left the house with my makeup and hair on point. I felt beautiful in pictures I took myself but were too afraid to post. I felt beautiful in private, like it was something I was not supposed to be doing, like it was wrong to have a sense of confidence with the face I was born with.

This year, I will not apologize for liking my face, for posting pictures of my face when it feels beautiful, and I will not shrink from feeling confident and pretty. This is a hard thing to do, and it still feels foreign as I write it. It feels vain. It feels shallow. It feels like I am a narcissist or a snob.

But I am tired of feeling bad all the time. I am tired of picking my face apart. I am tired of the default setting, of conversations with girlfriends where we talk more about what we don’t like than about what we do. I am tired of comparing, and I am tired of pointing out my flaws. Now, as odd as it feels, I will do the opposite. I will feel confident when I feel beautiful. I will leave the house with that confidence, instead of being humble and waiting for the world to bring me back down to feeling bad.

This doesn’t mean I will feel beauty all the time. I know the old ways will be there when I don’t want them to, when I already am having a bad day, when I put something on and hate how it looks. So I will embrace the beautiful even more. I will smile when a friend compliments me and not retort with a humble “oh, you don’t know what you are talking about.” I will take pictures on my phone, I will revel in the moments that I love the face I was given. I will do it on my own terms, and not from what people tell me, not from what people see. I will feel beautiful in the ways I see beauty in myself.

This year: I will not apologize for saying I am beautiful. I am. So are you.

What goes around

Part 5 - Wedding Bells

“Sweetie, what’s wrong with you?” Andrea asked as they sat in the backyard. She had noticed that something was wrong with Taylor ever since the moment she walked in the door.

“It’s nothing, mom. I’ll get over it.” She smiled softly and Andrea gave her a questioning look.

“Tell me.” She urged and Taylor sighed softly, staying silent for a few seconds.

“Adam’s getting married.” She told her quietly. “He’s proposing to Harper this week.” She felt like she was physically hurting as she said those words making it more real.

“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry.” Andrea frowned giving Taylor a hug.

“It’s okay, mom. I’m fine.” Taylor forced a smile.

“You don’t have to pretend for me, honey. I know you like the back of my hand.” Andrea, squeezed her daughter’s hand softly smiling at her.

“There’s nothing I can do, mom. He’s happy. That’s all I can ask for. And Harper’s a great girl. He deserves someone like that.” Taylor nodded looking out at the view. “I’ll just keep being his best friend for as long as I can. That’s all we were ever meant to be.”

“Taylor, you’ve been in love with this boy for three years, even when you thought you weren’t. And I have a feeling, you’re not going to stop. Remember what you told me when you got back from the Bahamas the first time?” Taylor smiled softly at the memories they had made on that vacation. It had been the best of her life. Just her and him alone away from paparazzi and all their troubles. “You said that he was the love of your life. That he was the one you wanted to be with for the rest of your life. Now I’ve seen you go through relationships but never once in my life have I heard you say something like that.”

“And he is still that person. But I’m not that person for him. Maybe I’ll find someone someday, although unlikely, that will mean as much as he does to me. But Adam will never be mine. He’s with Harper. And he’s marrying her.” Taylor wholeheartedly believed in what she was saying. It was her truth.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you how wrong you are. I hope you find the answer to your problem in your heart.” She was a little confused as her mother stood up and walked inside but she didn’t want to keep talking about Adam. Although he was all she thought about. She stood up herself and followed her mother to the kitchen. “But you can’t let this get you to where you were two years ago. You can’t, Taylor. No matter what you do, you can’t let it happen.”

“I know.” She nodded. “I won’t let it happen again. I’m in a better place and I’ve accepted this. Adam’s just my best friend and I’m going to be happy for him and Harper.”

Taylor had found the farm to be a safe haven. A place she went back to when she felt like hiding out and with Adam proposing to Harper, she definitely felt like getting away. So, Gigi upon hearing the news, she made some time to fly down there to be with Taylor for a bit.

“So how are you dealing with it?”

“I’m writing.” Taylor laughed softly.

“When they get married, you could interrupt and it’d be a movie like moment.” Gigi joked an they laughed together.

“That would be the most embarrassing moment of my life AND I’d lose my best friend.” Taylor shook her head.

“Harper’s nice. At least she’s not a famewhore bitch.” Gigi shrugged, smirking and Taylor giggled.

“She is nice. I think that’s the only thing that makes me feel better. At least I know he’s in good hands.”

“God, why are you so nice? I hate you.” Gigi rolled her eyes, nudging her friend.

“I have no reason not to.” Taylor told her, smiling softly. “Harper’s been nothing but sweet to me and she really loves Adam.”

They stayed silent as they rode the horses around the property. Taylor found the whole place so magical and serene, it brought some peace to her mind and she knew anyone who had been there agreed.

“You know what bugs me?” Taylor broke the silence. “If we had stayed together, if it hadn’t gone to shit, if we had just talked it out and found out what was really happening on each other’s mind, we’d be the ones married by now. If he really was planning on proposing, I would’ve said yes in a heartbeat back then. We would probably be thinking about babies and maybe we would’ve bought this farm and we’d all live here…” she trailed off.

“Babies, huh?”

“Just a thought. I don’t think I’m having kids.”

“Shut up, Taylor! You’d be an awesome mother! A baby of yours would be incredible.” Gigi rolled her eyes and Taylor shrugged, chuckling at Gigi’s offended expression. “And besides, I want to be a godmother. Even if it’s your fifth child!” She joked.

“If I ever have kids, I promise you will be.”

“Close your eyes.” Adam whispered in Harper’s ear and she giggled, doing as told. He guided her down to the backyard where he had set up the place where the proposal would take place. He had laid rose petals on the grass and candles and he had set up a picnic for them to enjoy. “You can open them now.”

“Wow…” Harper mumbled, grinning. “You’re amazing!”

“After you.” He laughed, pointing at the blanket. She sat down. “I want to make your birthday memorable.”

“It already is! First the bracelet and now this! I love you!” Harper smiled at him.

When they finished dessert, Adam took her hands in his and told her to stand up and she did confused. Adam chuckled, pecking her forehead.

“So we’ve been together for a year and you’re incredible. I really do think that you’re the person I’ll be with for a long time. You’re so sweet and beautiful and I want to thank you for putting up with me.” He laughed and took the box out of his pocket. “So Harper Jane, will you marry me?” Adam smiled, standing on one knee in front of her as he held out the ring he had bought.

Harper’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened as she stared at the ring and then back at Adam. She was silent not saying anything then she looked down at her feet, tears glistening in her eyes before she whispers, “No.”


“No. I won’t marry you.”

“Harper what do you mean?” Adam was caught off guard. He stood up, his heart beating erratically.

“I can’t marry you when you’re in love with another woman.” Her voice cracked. “I’ve tried to push it out of my mind and to ignore it but it’s impossible, Adam.”

“Harper, we’ve been together for a year, there’s no one else.” Adam took her hand and Harper smiled sadly up at him, placing a hand on his cheek.

“There’s Taylor.” She murmured and Adam didn’t breathe at the mention of Taylor for a few seconds. “And she’s in love with you. She has always been in love with you. You’re in love with each other.”

“That’s not true, babe. I love you.”

“Adam,” Harper shook her head. “Who’s the first person you think when you get good news? Or when you get bad news? When your dad got sick and you didn’t crawl out of bed for a week, who was the person who managed to make you smile? Who is the person who can always cheer you up when you’re grumpy because you’ve been in the studio for too long?”

He doesn’t answer but it’s a given. It’s always Taylor. For absolutely anything. Every situation, he thought of Taylor before anyone else.

“There’s so much more, Adam. She loves you. She knows you better than anyone. Inside out and I was hoping I’d know you like that but I don’t. I’ll never know you the way she does. And she’s been so nice to me. So kind. She’s an amazing woman. She could hate me because I’m with you but she doesn’t. And that’s because she loves you so much. And she’s in a different state at the moment. You told her about the proposal, didn’t you?” Adam nodded his head, tears welling up in his eyes. “And she decided to leave just the week you’re proposing. She’s hurting.”

“You’re hurting.” Adam argued.

“But I’m not the love of your life, she is. And she’s probably crying her heart out in Nashville while you’re here proposing to me.” Harper placed her hand on top of the little black box in his hand. “This isn’t my ring. It’s hers.”


Tell me what you feel about this! I love it when you do!