like there is more of a story for other characters besides veronica and the case

Out Of The Rain, Into The Storm - Jughead x Reader (Jason’s Murder Investigation Series) - Part 1

Here it is! The highly requested Jughead and the reader investigates Jason’s death together fic series!
I just need to say a few things:
I will try to keep the reader character as open ended and gender/race neutral as possible.
This begins during the second episode, sometime after Weatherbee announces that it is a murder investigation and just sort of ends at Cheryl’s confession.

You duck into the diner, just managing to escape the sudden torrential downpour, adjusting your school bag as you scan the place apprehensively. Pop’s is more crowded than usual, no doubt due to other people seeking refuge from the rain, and you look around for anyone familiar. You hopefully seek out Betty’s blonde hair, remembering how warm she was to you on your first day, but instead you find nothing but intimidating upperclassmen and elderly couples, until your eyes fall upon a grey beanie clad head. You vaguely remember seeing him in class, seated a couple of seats behind you and as you walk up to his booth, you strain to remember his name. What was it? Jug… Juggie? Jughead?

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

I’ve talked about Homecoming as just a movie, but what about as an adaptation?

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PLL is back tonight!!!

Yay! In celebration I re-watched the last 3 eps of 7a to refresh my memory.

Keep in mind I stopped following writers and cast on social media before season 7 aired. And have for the most part avoided spoilers so that I could look at the show for “just the show” during it’s last season in hopes of getting to a point where I could enjoy it again. Short of reading theories on tumblr, I’ve actually avoided PLL since the break between 7a & 7b.

Things I had actually forgotten:

-Jenna asks A.D. if they shot Spencer

-Aria & Ezra haven’t discussed “Nicole” now that we know she’s alive.

-Paige was stalking Sabrina

-The doctor says he delivered 2 of Mary’s babies implying there are more

So My thoughts/theories/hopes/things to remember for 7b

-I kind of want Aria to be done with Ezra. 

-I do NOT trust Paige. And I think she’s only applied at the school as means to get closer to Ali. When she and Em are at the school she says “ I kind of want to go back “ (to high school) - weird - And outside of Spencer’s she told the cop she needed to see her GIRLFRIEND despite her and Em not actually getting back together.

-Jenna says she didn’t shoot Spencer, Mary didn’t shoot Spencer, Obv, Noel, Hanna, Aria, Em, & Ali didn’t shoot Spencer.

-Jenna doesn’t know A.D. I think Noel was the “middle man” between A.D. & Jenna. Now that Noel is out of the picture, A.D. has kidnapped? Jenna.

Mary + (assumed Peter) = Spencer —My guess is Peter is her dad

Mary + (unknown father) = Charlotte/Charles — My guess is that her father is neither Ken nor Peter but another character that she’s been connected to. (See below for theory)

Jessica + Peter = Jason

Jessica + Ken= Ali

-We don’t know if Mary or Jessica have more kids floating around out there but we have yet to have definitive answers regarding the fathers of Mary’s kid.

-Ali is pregnant by Archer/Elliot we do not know if it has anything to do with Em’s harvested/stolen eggs or not… I don’t think they are Em’s eggs.

-Toby & Yvonne had a car accident – I think Toby makes it, Yvonne won’t.

-Just because the person died, doesn’t mean they are dead. 

I have 3 major A.D. suspects. All who have had several clues against them throughout the series. All who have been suspected by the liars at one point or another.

1. Melissa. 

-She’s connected to the liars, Ali, & Charlotte. 

-She’s been involved or mentioned in some of the most important events (that night, Noel’s Halloween Party, Halloween train, the lodge fire, Cape May, etc)

-She is the only other person besides Ali & the Liars that we know visited Hector, no coincidence that A.D. has been using masks lately.

-Melissa is old enough that she would remember Spencer’s birth, So if Mary is really Spencer’s mother Melissa would know about this. “I’ve been protecting you since before it started”

-She’s had her fair share of shady companions, Ian, Garett, CeCe, Wilden, Jenna & Shana, Mona (Mona’s “army”) & Wren (I also think she was connected more to Noel Kahn. I believe he’s the man in the hat that Spencer see’s Melissa talking to on the surveillance cameras.. Noel likes to play sides, Charlotte/Alison… Why not play sides against Charlotte & Melissa. Noel was heavily connected to Jenna who was connected to Shana who both did things for Melissa (Shana even helped with some things at Wren’s apartment) 

-Melissa is the most suspicious person to have killed Charlotte. She literally had the murder weapon

2. Lucas

-He’s been a bit shady with all his cameras and “smart” house that just seems to keep landing our liars in trouble.

-He was caught visiting at Radley and he was not visiting Mona

-He was always in to taking pictures, something we never seen Charlotte do despite her and Mona having access to all the photo’s Lucas has taken. 

-He’s always had it out for Ali, and subsequently the girls for allowing her to be an ass. He only ever connected with Hanna.

-He went to prom with shady ass Jenna

-He could have easily killed Charlotte and planned to let one or all of the liars take the fall

3. *Wild Card* Wilden

-I’ve learned that not everyone who dies in this show are actually dead. And Wildens death was probably the one that shook me the most with this show as he had soooo many answers.

-Wilden could be Mary’s 3rd child, It’s never been confirmed that he had an actual relationship with Charlotte (not that it matters cough JASON cough) I mentioned YEARS ago that Wilden and CeCe looked like they could be related.

-Wilden being Mary’s child could answer so many “why’s” like

— Why did Jessica call Wilden to cover up the Marion thing and why did he agree? Why did Jessica call him again when Ali was hit? Maybe because Wilden would do anything to protect his aunt and sister.

—Why did Mary and Archer use a Wilden mask to haunt Ali? Because they believed Ali could have killed Charlotte and they wanted to freak Ali out, but as far as we know other than CeCe claiming Ali liked Wilden, we’ve never seen Ali & Wilden have a bad interaction, she had no reason to be scared of him. In fact Wilden was an ass to everyone in hopes to “solve” Ali’s case despite having inside knowledge.

—Wilden has never been a fan of Spencer and if he’s the 3rd child this would explain why. He and Charlotte never got to live with their actual parents. While Spencer got super parents Veronica and Peter. He easily could have shot her and dragged Jenna out leaving everyone to believe Jenna shot Spencer, but A.D. dragging Jenna away gave me flashbacks to Jenna and Shana helping a wounded Wilden after Ashley hit him with her car.

-Alison easily faked her death with the help of Mona & Charlotte, Maybe Wilden did the same. Charlotte was accused of killing Wilden because he was seen with a blonde, Maybe she was helping fake the death, not actually killing him. If Wilden and Charlotte could falsify reports to convince the world that Bethany was Alison is it so far fetched that Charlotte with the help of Holbrook faked reports for Wilden. (We know Charlotte and Holbrook were helping each other, as he let her escape custody, we also know Rosewood doesn’t have the best police)

-Wilden has always kind of just been around, much like Charlotte. We don’t know much about Wilden’s past either (touch on that later) There was def a person (taller than Spencer) in that doll house, and neither Charlotte or Sara are that tall, Leaving it to be Noel (who also isn’t much taller than Spencer) Archer, or my guess of Wilden. Spencer says the person felt familiar that would not have been the case with either Archer nor Sara. But Wilden is someone that would be VERY familiar to Spencer as he’s literally been watching her since the beginning of the show.

-Wilden’s unreliable past.Other than a flashback that showed Wilden was a rookie cop at the time of Noel’s Halloween party we really don’t know too much of his back story, but one thing has always stood out. Hanna asks Wilden if he’s still the party boy he was in the class of 96, Wilden says wow looks like somebodies been doing their own homework. Yet later in the show it’s said on more than one occasion that Wilden went to school at the same time as Melissa and Jason (meaning he wouldn’t have gradated for several more years) So we have a big inconsistency with his age.

-Lastly I will remind everyone of the fact that there was a man at Wilden’s funeral who looked JUST like Wilden…

(I know the Wilden theory is a long shot but with this show anything could happen)