like there are two sides: one that understands elena's choice; because after all she wanted to

Dom & Letty 3.0 - FOTF

“You will never be alone again.

I vow wherever you go, I go.

You ride, I ride.

You fight, I fight.

And if you ever die on me Dominic Torreto, I’m gonna die with you..”

Those were Letty’s vows to her husband the night they got married and this movie presents them in action. In part 6 we got to see Dom fight not only for her but for their love, having to captivate her all over again. Now here in part 8 the roles have been flipped and its Letty’s turn to either fall in line with others thoughts or fight for her husband. The difference in their battles is the fact that Dom was fighting for a resurface of memories and their undeniable draw/chemistry – while for Letty it’s about faith. The question of would Dom do this, would he turn his back on his family…on her, and when all the evidence says yes, does she still have the power to say no. How much does she know her husband, how much does she trust him and their love. She comes through with flying colors.

Like I said even though this is a flip, there are big differences, one of those being knowledge of enemy. Dom knew who his enemy was, he knew what had went wrong with her and who was using that for his own purposes. But Letty doesn’t have this same knowledge. She doesn’t know who the big bad is or why Dom is doing things that are totally against everything he is. That’s where the faith comes into play, because she has to everything off the back of it. Despite others telling her that this may be who he has become she has to go off of what she believes of him and their love and remind them of all the great things her husband has done for them while they’re so quick to give up on or judge him. She reminds us of her position and exactly where her loyalties reside when she responds to Hobbs by telling him that he’ll have to deal with the both of them when he warns her that he may have to put Dom down. She’s not just willing to fight for him, but beside him – and that’s not in the hope that he’s still good, but in the certainty that something else is going on because her Dom would never turn his back, the fight for the family is all he’s ever known. You know its certainty because she places her life in his hands. In the briefcase scene there was this great subtext moment because here’s the reality, that moment after he shot the gun in the air and she turned around and told him that he wouldn’t shoot her because he loved her…this moment really was about choosing – he had a choice, stop her and his baby survived another day. Let her go free and choose losing that. He let her go. It doesn’t matter that she got caught unaware around the corner by someone else…because he let her go. The next scene – the standoff – is also important because here he is again choosing to protect his wife with the knowledge of what it will cost him if he shoots this man. Not only that, but it comes back to that faith again. Because this moment is really her time to prove if she believes her husband is doing this for a reason or because he’s turned bad. She has to either side with him (let the case go) or keep it and get the other guy a bullet to the head – putting Dom in further hot water (it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know exactly what that hot water is, only that she’s aware of its existence if she believes her husband to be innocent).

In one of my old Dotty articles I claimed that Dom had elevated in his Alpha status, that he had become the kind to analysis his enemy then to plot and plan.  That his control was of self and his lead was of understanding his mates and those around him. This chapter really proved those claims. He planned and adjusted to everything that happened (which I’ll go over in more detail in the review). The only thing he really couldn’t plan or adjust for was his wife. As they say – a driver’s weakness really is his best partner knowing all his tricks. She was the only one able to keep up with him cause she knew his tricks, when she got the briefcase he couldn’t adjust and ended up choosing her not once but twice which led to the punishment of Elena dying (not that I shed a tear – I knew she was gonna die the moment I saw that baby). The enemy’s biggest mistake was thinking it was an either or game with Dom – not realizing that he plays the long game his plan would be getting his child and going back to his wife…instead what she did was taunt the him with one (Letty) and bait his with the other (baby Brian). Big mistake leaving Letty out of her equation because she left something out there to fight for him and for him to fight for. She thought the baby would over compass that, she thought the baby would shadow his wife – she was wrong. It not about choosing the baby over Letty/family – it’s about connecting the two.  

I see people saying things like the baby ruined the relationship, it ruined Dom/Letty. No the baby may have ruined the fantasy as you saw it…but he didn’t ruin that relationship. Every one of their chapters has shown that nothing comes between that love because that love is the factor. Letty is not bothered, or upset by this child…and why would she be? It wasn’t something that intentionally happened and when she told Elena that she understood her relationship with Dom, she actually meant it. The baby wasn’t/isn’t a threat to her marriage. It doesn’t mean Dom was in love with Elena, cause he wasn’t. It doesn’t mean that Letty can’t have her own kids with him, cause she can. It doesn’t mean she’s gonna mistreat baby Brian, cause even though he may not have come from her womb – he is still a part of her husband and like him family means everything to her. It doesn’t mean that their kids will take second place just because it came second – understand that there will be no distinction between these kids. Understand that just because this baby didn’t come out of her womb doesn’t mean he’s not her son too. That’s what the Fast & Furious has always been about –a family created not by blood but by bond. Dom and Letty are now parents – maybe not in the way we originally thought/wanted, but in a way that’s not wrong regardless.

One of my favorite things about this series and about this relationship is everyone understands that when it comes to Dom and Letty – the shit that’s between them is undeniable and there’s no walking away from it. When they reunite and he lets her know he hadn’t walked away, she says she knows. Dom and Letty see themselves as soulmates, as bonded, as ride or die. Whatever you wanna call it, it all means the same thing -Love- They’ll follow, they’ll ride, they’ll fight, and they’ll die for it. Isn’t that the ideal, isn’t that why we clamor for it, why we cling to and love it?  

We’ve gushed at their cuteness/power, we cried when she died, we cheered with a blood of vengeance when Dom sought revenge, we fought for the Letty comeback, and we all gasped and gave a standing O when we all saw Letty’s pic after the credits, we died and came back to life when Dom fought for her, their love and their future. We threw our hat into this ring a long time ago and I don’t know about you guys, but mine still resides there and always will as long as the franchise holds close those ideals that are so dear to me - Loyalty, Love, Family, Romance and the sacrifice/fight in the name of those things. As long as it centers and protects the Dotty goodness. Familia remember that we fought for this shit right here. Our OTP’s love is written all over this piece and that is in part thanks to us fans. Romance is thrown to the side in action flicks, used to create some angst by killing off one of the lovers or back-filler that gets no real shine.  But with F&F we get it all, the action, the romance, the family. Sixteen years and the pairing is only getting stronger. I loved this movie because it really defined the love this time around. I don’t just mean romantic love either. It really put the quote ‘you don’t turn you back on family…’ to work, because even though some of them had been misjudging Dom the moment his life was in danger – what did they do? Every time I think they can’t emote further, that they can’t make me feel more about the emotion that resides in these films and yet every time I’m wrong. With the Dom and Letty relationship when I say it defined the love…I mean it really cemented what love means to them – as a pairing not just from Dom to Letty. If I had to pick one word to describe their type of love it would be faith. We’ve seen the trait throughout their relationship over the years and in a big way in part 7 when he let her go on the faith that she would figure it out and come back to him (cause you can’t tell someone they love you). Like I said earlier, it’s her total being in this film - because their faith in one another is so strong, so is the certainty of their love. The reason they can trust one another so immensely, the reason they’re so loyal to one another, the reason they’re so willing to sacrifice, the reason they make each other so damn happy is because of that certainty. They give and know its to be returned with the same passion. They love each other and they always will. It’s the reason they work, the reason they always find themselves together. It’s the reason they’re so indestructible. It’s the reason we’re so damn blessed.

Notes: Videos not mine first one is Queen of hearts and the second is of course one of my all time favs - you know I always gotta in with a ConquerGravity video because the vids are just so damn on point to what I’m getting at. Every time I see a ConGrav vidseo it always makes me see a bigger picture of what I think and feel about this pairing and they’re relationship. None of the videos are new cause the new film just came out but oldies can make you feel new things. I didn’t put everything in this post because I am coming out with a review of the movie and theres a lot of points that connect to that so I stripped this down and left it as bare as possible. I went and saw the advance showing…but I’m going again tonight to see it so I’ll write the review after and hopefully have it up by later Sunday night. Sorry this is so long with no images…

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Brian & Dom

Clairvoyant Disease (Aaron Hotchner x reader)

                   „Agent Y/L/N?”

                You were surrounded by stacks of files so you didn’t see anyone approaching you. Tall, dark haired man was standing in front of your desk.  He was wearing grey, expensive suit. He was in his late forties and behind him stood older, less dressed up man.

               “How can I help you?” you asked not sure what this was all about. They looked rather intimidating and you saw that they were carrying guns. After a moment you realized- they were from the FBI too. You knew them.

               “ My name is David Rossi, this is my colleague Aaron Hotchner.” The older one, David, smiled at you. “ Do you have a moment?”

               “I’m here on a internship. I don’t think my boss would appreciate me having a brake.” You moved the finished files and wanted to grab the new ones but Aaron Hotchner moved them out of your reach.

               “ We are Special Supervisory Agents with the BAU.” He quickly stated. “ And we had spoken to your boss. You can take a break to speak to us.”

               You raised your eyebrows and quickly felt yourself getting annoyed.

               “ I know who you are. I study your cases. I will repeat my question. How can I help you.”

               Two agents exchanged quick glances. David Rossi seemed to be amused.

               “ I can’t imagine that a smart, young FBI agent with good credentials would enjoy her time sorting through the old files.” He stated, the smile still present on his face.

               “Old files are not particularly interesting.”

               They looked around your little cave. You observed from your seat. You suddenly became intrigued.

               “ I can only speculate about why you are here…” You started but Hotchner interrupted you.

               “You always wanted to work in the archives after your graduation? I know you studied profiling and have a criminology degree.” Aaron Hotchner looked straight into your eyes.

               You read about the team and therefore you thought you knew them well but no amount of research could prepare you to being profiled by them. Because that’s what they were doing.

               “ Is that why you are here ? You want to question my carrier choices?”

               Rossi chuckled.

               “ You know what your academy professors think about you?” He asked.

               “ They say I am a freak.” You stated simply. It was years since you felt touched by their comments.

               “ I wouldn’t put that so bluntly Y/N. You have a gift and you are wasting it in this dungeon.” Rossi  was the one to look you in the eyes now.

               You bit the inside of your cheek.

               “So what exactly you want me to do?”


               “Lisa Elena Edison, killed in Seattle in 1987 was the first victim. He killed another five women the same year.  His victimology is all over the place. “ Emily Prentiss handed you the files as you both walked towards the airport.

               “ In 1990 he came back and killed another four. This time in New York and only prostitutes.” Spencer Reid was walking beside Prentiss.

               “ Big cities.” You murmured to yourself. “ I understand you think it is work of the rope killer.”

               Morgan looked at you with one eyebrow raised.

               “ You did your homework.” He smiled.

               “Always do.” You smiled back without knowing. “So where we are headed now?”

               “Dallas.” Agent Hotchner answered without turning around.


               You sat next to Prentiss on your way to the town where last two murders were committed. You found her presence very calming.

               The team was surprised when Rossi introduced you. Maybe a little suspicious too but they quickly focused on the case and not on the young agent that was presented to them as a consultant.

               You sat in your seat quietly and listened to their conversation about the case.

               “ We profiled the guy to be in his late forties. That would make him  about sixty now.”

               “He was active almost his whole life but the gaps between kills are odd. There may be more bodies out there.” Morgan stated.

               “The signature is too unique.” You said not looking up from the files you were reading. “ He always left his victims tied up with the same kind of string and in the same way. He wouldn’t kill without it.”

               “We saw many copycats agent y/l/n.”

               “She is right Morgan. It is possible that we are dealing with the same guy. It is highly possible this unsub is still alive and active.” Spencer defended quickly defended you.

               Hotchner closed his file and stood up from his seat.

               “ Morgan, Prentiss and JJ talk to the families of the last two victims. They will be waiting for you. Rossi and Reid will start working on the geographic profile. Y/n you will come with me to the last crime scene.”

               If they were surprised by his decision they haven’t shown it.


               The ride to the crime scene was uneventful. You talked about the case but you focused more on the city itself. It was your first time in Dallas and you behaved like a tourist what Hotchner found amusing.

               “Do you want to know who pointed you to us?”Hotchner asked as the silence fell between you.

               “ I know exactly who it was.” Your mentor’s face was still present in your nightmares even after three months.

               “ You can’t blame him y/n. You do have a good reputation amongst the FBI agents and he didn’t want you to waste that.”

               “If by reputation you mean they think I’m weird , then you are right sir.”

               Hotchner looked slightly annoyed.

               “ People are afraid of what they don’t understand. I can assure you that the team is different in that matter. We make our own judgments. Besides you’ve met Reid, you should know what I’m talking about.”


               “ He is not consistent.” You said and begun to put on your gloves.

               “Please explain.” Hotch searched his pockets for his badge and showed it to the policeman who stood in the doorway of nice, big, one family house.

               “ We are in a good neighborhood in a nice house.”

               “ He used to kill in abandoned buildings, motels. I see your point.”

               Stairs muffled the sound of your footsteps as you and Hotchner made your way to the bedroom.

               “Detective.”Hotchner shook  the hand of tall, slightly overweight man. He stood in front of the bed with small notebook and pen in his hand.

               Old school, you thought.

               After quick exchange of pleasantries you two were left alone.

               He was standing next to the closed bedroom door as you looked around the room. You knew you will be judged. That’s why he restrained himself from stepping in. It was your time for showing what you really are.

               “Where was the husband when the murder happened?”

               “ On a business meeting.”

               “Business meeting that doesn’t require the wedding ring.” You pointed to the small jewelry dish on the vanity. “ Something wrong with the marriage?”

               “Because he left his wedding ring at home? You based your judgment on that?” Hotchner asked without changing his expression.

               “You saw the walls. Alicia and Frederic Rutherford are not together on any of those photos and you noticed that too.”

               Aaron nodded.

               “The official cause of death was blood loss but we know he was strangling her too. That pattern is the same on all of the victims.” You looked through the crime scene photos to figure out how the body was positioned. “ He tortures, cuts her, and then waits for her to bleed out. We know he cut through an artery because blood is even on the ceiling.”

               Suddenly you fell silent. Hotchner seemed surprised but you experienced this before.

               Visualizing the what happened was fairly easy this time. You knew where she laid because of the photos. The state of the bed and pink painted walls was showing you that the victim suffered greatly.

               She was petite, stunningly pretty even in her late thirties. She was tossing on the bed frantically  when killer decided to finish her.

               He was standing on the right side of the bed because the blood droplets. There wasn’t any on the carpet there.

               You gasped when you realized something. It was hardly possible that man in his sixties would manage to drag young, fit woman all the way to the bedroom. You looked at preliminary ME report. No sign of head trauma. You have to wait for toxicology  report but you didn’t think she was drugged. Overall it looked like a work of the rope killer.

                Fuck, you needed to focus. Bring all the facts together, you encouraged yourself.

               Clean chair on the left side of the bed.

               “It is him. The rope killer is killing again. And he has help.”

               Hotchner processed what you said for couple of seconds.

               “Let’s get you out of here.” Your hands were shaking when he  was leading you out of the room with his hand protectively placed on your back.

               In the car he gave you a pack of tissues.

               “Is this normal?”He asked.

               “ My nosebleed is not important now, sir.”

               He started driving and you tried your best to pull yourself together.

               “You can call me Hotch, Y/N. ” He kept his eyes on the road so he didn’t saw when you raised your eyebrows.

               “So I passed your test Hotch?” This time he looked at you. You held eye contact for a brief moment.

               He didn’t seem surprised.

               “Of course you did.”      

Part 2 here!

anonymous asked:

Whats your take on Bonnie and Elena treating Caroline as a "best friend"? Don't know if you've talked about this before but your so good at making things clear and writing meta :D

Thank you! :D I haven’t written about this topic yet, but I’m happy to dive into it.

BTW- thank you for your patience! I just really wanted to finish that Stelena meta before writing any others. :) 

Trigger Warning: This is not pro-Elena.

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5 Reasons Why Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries Reaches a New High

The last episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Let Her Go,” easily became one of my favorite episodes in the show’s history. We’ll touch upon the episode a bit more in this review, but I mainly want to focus on why this season has continued to impress me. After barely holding on in seasons four and five, I am beyond thrilled that this show has gotten its act together and has recommitted itself to the qualities that we loved so much in season one. It’s like a miracle, or something. Now that TVD is taking a short three-week hiatus, let’s examine the main reasons why this season is really, really working for me.

Brace yourselves, because I have a lot to say.



This one is pretty self-explanatory for anyone tuning in this season. And if you’re not watching, then do it for no other reason but to witness Christopher Wood steal ever seen that he appears in. TVD hasn’t seen a more threatening antagonist since Klaus circa seasons two and three. The writing for this deliciously psychotic villain has been nearly flawless. He’s deranged, driven,and acts without remorse. (Well, there’s the whole Luke’s-Compassionate-Side-Influencing-Kai thing, but I will reserve judgment on that until we see where that’s going exactly). But perhaps his most inviting traits are his biting wit and dry sense of humor. He’s funny, like, in the Season-One-Damon sort of way, but only better. It’s just hard not to love him, even if he is kind of a scary, unpredictable maniac. I also really like the fact that he doesn’t have his own magic, and only absorbs magic from other sources. It gives Kai a good chip on the shoulder without making him sympathetic. Christopher Wood is a phenomenal talent, and his presence has given the show a much needed lift. I’m hoping that he stays, but I’d cool it with giving him feelings of empathy. In a TV universe full of anti-heroes and redeemable villains, sometimes I just want my bad guys to stay bad.

2. Steadfast Storytelling

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the mythology of the show. While I believe TVD has excelled in it’s storytelling in earlier seasons, it all kind of got out-of-whack and confusing in the last two (I still don’t get the entire Travelers business, but whatever). In season six however, the writers have thankfully taken their time to set up the mythology of the Gemini Coven. This was actually pretty cool because it linked various characters – Liz and Luke (the witchy college twins we met last season), Jo (Elena’s mentor and Alaric’s love interest), and Kai (Snarky Supervillain) – as siblings with a painful history in which psycho-brother Kai tried to kill them all. I loved the whole concept revolving around the “merge.” I loved that this coven had such weird and crazy rules regarding twins. I loved that these witches indulge in invisibility at the most opportune moments. The structure of this mythological narrative doesn’t feel overwhelming as other stories have felt in the past. It feels steady, and fresh, and exciting. And the execution of the merge was handled very well, with Luke dying instead of Jo. I’m interested to see where this story goes after the hiatus and how it concludes, but so far it’s been riveting.

3. Bonnie the BAMF

I could probably write a twenty-page essay on Bonnie alone because that’ just how much I have to say about this character. If I’m being real, Bonnie’s characterization has troubled me since season two. She showed an incredible amount of potential in season one, demonstrating inner-strength, vulnerability, and complexity ever since she discovered her magic. However, in the seasons that followed, Bonnie was wrongfully pushed to the background, used more as a plot-device (the go-to witch for Elena and The Salvatores), rather than an actual player on the show. Any attempts to showcase Bonnie’s point-of-view was usually cut short before it was fully realized, like her story with her mom in season three, or dad in season four. Even the Expression story line, initially filled with promise for a darker, sinister Bonnie, ended up disappointing. It wasn’t until season five, when Bonnie returned from the dead as the anchor to the other side that the character finally felt like was coming into her own. She started to feel integral again, not just because her actions pulled the story along, but because she affected every character, altering the fabric of the show. Her sacrifices in the season five finale established her as a woman of empowerment and selflessness. And from there, her most excruciating and astonishing journey began. 

Coming back to season six, Bonnie was placed in the most precarious of circumstances, living in a prison-world set in 1994, trying to regain her magic, and coping with the only companion she had left – her former enemy Damon Salvatore. Watching Bonnie and Damon together those first few episodes were better than I could have ever imagined. They complemented each other so well in their bantering, friendship, protection, and love for each other. These early season six scenes are true gems (I’d go further into it, but, then this would be a super long review and I want to avoid that). Despite the awesomeness of Bamon, it wasn’t until when Damon made it back to the real world, leaving Bonnie with Kai, that Bonnie’s true story took shape. We saw Bonnie stand her ground against Kai, patch herself up after he impaled her, and subsist when he escaped the prison, making Bonnie the lone survivor in the alternate universe. Isolated from everyone she has ever loved, Bonnie was forced to come to terms with living in an empty world. As Julie Plec stated on Twitter in defense of her writing choices, Bonnie has THE story this season. The reason, you ask? Because we get moments like Bonnie burning the tree on Christmas, running to meet up with Damon and Elena only to be shattered by finding nobody there, contemplating suicide by tearfully uttering “It’s the loneliness, I can’t take it.” Graham shines, ya’ll. She slays this entire arc in which we see Bonnie hold on to hope, lose hope, only to find it again in the midst of a complete breakdown. 

And for those of us who clamored for months for the much anticipated Bamon reunion, we were not disappointed. Damon is the first pit stop for Bonnie after she rescues herself, and their joyful embrace was perfection. I’m excited to see how Bonnie is reintegrated into her old life. She has undoubtedly changed from her journey, but I’m most curious to see how she copes with a potential case of PTSD, and who she leans on for support. 

This has been a sublime character study. Bonnie emerges triumphantly as one of the best characters on canvas right now.

4. Caroline Takes the Lead

Much like Bonnie, Caroline is another secondary character I’ve been waiting to see thrive in the forefront. I understand that because this show revolves around our core three, the rest are not going to have their stand-alone stories, but I’m glad that season six really took the plunge and gave both Bonnie and Caroline individual arcs that supported their growth as characters. 

I was on the fence with the cancer story line. My main concern was that I didn’t want Stefan and Caroline to be drawn together by tragedy like most of these couples are. But, what I found was that Sheriff Forbes’s impending death wasn’t just about Stefan and Caroline falling in love, but also about Caroline as an individual. This story was about Caroline losing her mother, and Caroline dealing with the possibility of unrequited love, and Caroline finding immense comfort in her best friend. This story was told through Caroline’s eyes, with multiple episodes beginning and ending with Caroline. Because everyone knew Liz’s demise was approaching, it already made this particular struggle with mortality different from all the other sudden and immediate deaths the show has seen. With this, we got to see Caroline deal with it over a small period of time. She sat with her grief, her anger, her frustrations, her fears. That’s what makes this story so heartbreaking, real, and human. It also exemplifies another brilliant character study of the season. 

The journey of this arc, resulting in the beautifully written episode last week, just proves why this arc will be remembered as one of TVD’s very best. Candice Accola and Marguerite Macintyre are true winners. 

Caroline’s emotional voyage will continue to develop after the hiatus since she has turned off her humanity in efforts to numb the pain. I can only hope that her experiences as a vampire gone rogue differ from that of Elena’s.

5. Steroline Delivers the Feels

This one kind of snuck up on me. As a huge fan of Stefan and Caroline since season two, I have always considered their friendship as the sweet spot of the show when everything else was messy and haphazard. But turning this flawlessly platonic bond into something romantic was an idea that left me doubtful. However, much to my surprise, the transition from friends to something more has been so enjoyable to watch. It’s awkward and sweet at the same time. It’s a kind of love that we had not yet seen mature on this show before, which is why this pair is a breath of fresh air. Rooted in a place of friendship, trust, and mutual support, it makes so much sense for these two individuals to be together. One can imagine that this relationship will be healthier than any of the ones we’ve already seen. But, of course, any great love depicted on a show has got to have conflict, angst, and tension. And Steroline has all of these things from Caroline feeling abandoned by Stefan at the beginning of the season, to not being able to define their relationship, to not finding the right timing. Witnessing this relationship blossom before me has me wearing a dumb smile on my face. Steroline’s first kiss was perfection. Stefan’s admission to Damon about his feelings for Caroline was perfection.

But, of course, with Caroline’s new predicament, we are going to see Steroline struggle some more before the relationship finally finds its footing, but I’m all about that, man. I am so here for this.

Other Great Stuff From Season 6: 

1. I am so pleasantly pleased that Jo and Alaric are pregnant and engaged to be married. Will this be TVD’s first ever wedding and pregnancy? Guys, I’m psyched. I’ve loved Alaric since forever and I’m happy that he’s found happiness and even happier that he’s found it with Jo. She’s my kinda gal. 

2. 1994’s pop-culture, fashion, and music gave us unexpected nostalgia. It was awesome while it lasted. 

3. Stefan and Damon finally acting like real brothers, minus the bitterness, animosity, and girl-drama. This feels right. This feels earned

4. Matt and Tyler as cops? Odd but possibly a good direction for them both. Except, wait, why would Tyler risk killing someone and triggering his werewolf curse?

Overall, the writers of TVD gave us what they promised – more focus on the characters and a turn back to season one. They have exceeded my expectations immensely. I’m really hoping that I don’t jinx it, but for now, I’m a happy viewer. 

And that about covers it. Of course, there are some details that I don’t like about this season (and a D-plot that I really don’t like), but I’m on such a TVD high right now, that I’m going to leave this review feeling warm and hopeful for what the rest of the season brings. 

Until then, much love.


This episode jesus.

So since we’re down to Nina’s last few episodes i wanted to watch these episodes and see if they’re going to give any change to Elena’s character and i don’t know why i still have expectations with this show because it keeps getting worse and worse. There was so much wrong with this episode but 2 characters were the MVPS who dropped so much truth and i’ll talk about them but first lets get the boring people out of the way. Here’s my review.

Alaric & Jo | They’re still very boring, and seeing as how i don’t care for neither of them I don’t understand why they’re still on here. It seems Jo’s only purpose is to make Elena realize of what she truly wants in life and who the hell knows why Alaric is on there maybe to be Damon’s cheerleader like everybody else on this damn show who knows but whatever they were boring.

Matt | Once again he was made to be a plot device, and have a 5 second scene of checking a wound where he was almost killed. Can y’all just give Matt his farewell and send him on his way? Seriously any episode he’s in he’s either being held hostage or almost getting killed just let him go already. I get that he’s basically the only human left among his “friends” but its time for him to die permanently or leave town because there’s no purpose for him anymore. I like Matt, he deserves better than his characters been given so give him his deuces and leave MF.

Enzo | Okay did i go temporarily deaf or did that fool call Damon his “old friend” when he was talking to Lily? Then bitch about Stefan again? I’m sorry who was the one who left you in a cell to die and then kill the woman you love? Oh right DAMON. I ain’t got no time to deal with Enzo his time on this show ran out a LONG time ago and this little storyline with him and Lily made him no more interesting. 

I hope this isn’t going to be some freaky hookup story or something between them because ew, but it looks like he’s going to help her stop from becoming a ripper again which would be very ironic seeing as how he constantly bashes Stefan for the same thing. Enzo just has no purpose, he’s either bitching about something Stefan did or holding someone hostage dude either die or shut the hell up because i don’t care anymore.

Now onto the MVPS of this episode….


One of the things the writers are getting right this season is how they’re handling Bonnie’s character because after seasons of her sacrificing for these people she’s finally realizing how they never appreciate what she’s done for them in return and she’s saying fuck that and putting herself first. She let Damon know that she wasn’t just going to let his mother have the chance to bring Kai back or those vampires/witches who could kill them all, she’s fought too long and hard to get back to her life for it all to go to hell again and that’s what i loved to hear. Bonnie taking control of who she is and giving no one any mercy.

She also dropped so much truth tea on Damon about the cure and she was right on the money with what she said. I was warming up too the idea of Bamon but when he tried to attack her that’s when i jumped off that train because it reminded me that he’s an asshole and doesn’t deserve anybody especially Bonnie. She deserves way better than that and more.

Lily Salvatore | I know some of y’all may have a problem with her but I love her because even though she has parenting issues, she also schooled the hell out of Damon the whole episode. She knew just how messed up he was for keeping the cure from Elena, knowing that it would make her happy and wasn’t going to give it to her so she took it upon herself as punishment to give the cure to Elena herself and i was here for it because he was too much of a selfish asshole to do it. She may be getting to know her sons again but one thing is for sure she isn’t a pushover and is just as lethal to get her point across.

I’m not sure where they’re going with her storyline but it looks like she’s going to be a ripper again if they don’t get her friends out of the other world and something tells me this is going to end badly. Bonnie has the device to get back to her world so its going to be a showdown no doubt.

Steroline | I feel like with these two they always try to flip back and forth from friendship Steroline to relationship SC and it just doesn’t work. I liked that Stefan was trying to help her get her humanity back, but that all went to hell with those visions because they were once again using Liz’s death to prop them again and i’m not here for that. I don’t understand why they took such a great friendship and ruined that, their first time was with their humanity shut off and they’ve been terrorizing people together so right off the bat whatever they have isn’t healthy and i’m still not feeling the vibe that Stefan wants to even be with Caroline. 

I know he cares for her, but ever since S6 started they’ve been forcing the fact that he HAS to be with her, everyone telling him he HAS to save her, HAS to be bring her humanity back and Stefan really has had no say. No ones told him that he doesn’t owe her anything, that all he has to be is a friend to her and that’s the problem. I think he’s more with her out of guilt and sympathy than anything else and i’ve said it and i’ll say it again he’ll never love anyone like he does Elena so Caroline won’t be 1st in his heart. Caroline deserves a good man, but right now she just needs to mourn her mother. They’ve put so much emphasis on SC that they haven’t had time to show Caroline just be sad and try to take it one day at a time and they probably won’t but that’s what should happen. 

sidenote: Loved what Caroline said about DE, not one damn lie was told!

speaking of….

Damon & Elena | I’m so disappointed at the fact that ever since S4 they’ve taken Elena’s character and made her a puppet for Damon to do and say whatever he wishes to happen. Everyone pointed it out to him what has been the truth since forever and that’s that he doesn’t give not one care to the choices Elena makes or what she wants it all about what he wants. Her happiness has to revolve around him, and if it doesn’t he gets a temper tantrum. He lashes out and takes out his aggression on the people who Elena loves, but that’s not the sad part its that Elena will look past all of that and still forgive him. Its not like she’s blind to his evil deeds either because those are the only memories she has of him so my question is why is still with this man who’s caused her life so much hell?

In S1 what happened when Damon found out that Elena was on her boyfriend’s side about not getting the grimore from his father’s grave? He threatened to kill Elena and turn her into a vampire.

In S2 what happened when Damon got mad that Elena made her own choice? He snapped Jeremy’s neck.

What happened when Elena wanted to make the choice to sacrifice herself to Klaus? He fed her his blood, so that she’d come back as a vampire knowing good and damn well she didn’t want to be one and then almost killed Stefan for defending her.

In S5 what happened when Elena(katherine) broke up with him? He killed Aaron, and almost killed Jeremy and Bonnie.

Its very clear that from all of this that Damon doesn’t care about Elena’s free will unless he has any say about it. Even when he died at the end of S5, when he came back he made sure to force his way into her life and even though she had erased her memories of him he didn’t care.

That brings us to the cure storyline, and this is what gets me about Damon. He says all these words about loving Elena, but when the time comes to show it he provides no proof. He didn’t like the fact of her growing old, having children, having an actual happy human life without him in it even though he knows that’s what she wants. 

Elena SETTLED for Damon, she settled becoming a vampire because she had to, she settled becoming the person she knew she didn’t want to be but she was never suppose to become this person in the first place.

We truly did lose the true Elena gilbert when she went off of the bridge and since S4 she’s never been the same. When she was human she was the best version of herself, with Stefan at her side she was selfless, brave, kind, and fearless. Stefan was such a great influence of Elena because he loved her unconditionally, let her make her own decisions, and was there for her no matter what. He wanted to take the cure with her for genuine reasons, he wanted to actually grow old with her and have a family with her. He also was content to just give her the cure and be happy in any way she chose, because that’s how much he loved her very selflessly. That’s why him and Elena worked so well because they had love in the most pure way and always brought out the best in each other.

That’s why Stelena’s “human” life episode was so genuinely beautiful because they truly wanted that life with each other, they had tears in their eyes when it was over because it would never be a reality. They told each other they’d always love one another and that’s what love is all about.

Damon only wants to take the cure with Elena because he doesn’t want her to go back to Stefan, or to leave his side to be happy her own. Once again this is about what HE wants, and not about what Elena wants. Damon never wanted to be human again, he doesn’t want any kids or to get married because in S4 when Elena asked him to take the cure with her what did he say? “That’s Stefan Elena, not me”, the only reason he wants it now is to keep Elena under his control. Its never been about her happiness, its about Damon and that’s why their such a toxic couple. They’re so codependent on each other, and selfish as a whole that they don’t work. They’re not romantic, they’re not epic, they’re just sad and if this is suppose to be representation on how a relationship should be its a very poor one. 

Elena’s self worth is dependent on Damon’s happiness, and if girls who watch this show think that’s how a man is suppose to treat you then that’s very unfortunate. He doesn’t care about her, he doesn’t care he stole Elena from his little brother, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and he’s not going to change. He’s an asshole, plain and simple no one else to blame.

I know this was long as hell but i had to get my point across, i guess i’ll see y’all next week!!!!

Ch. 3 Prince Lucas of Agannia (Fanfic)

(not my gif, credit to owner)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 4


Background: Loosely based on Cinderella. (Y/N) is Princess of Estia, and a few countries over is Agannia, where Prince Lucas will eventually become king. Each destined to rule, they are at a time in their lives for marriage, in which the only motivation is to gain political power. How would love have such a role in this environment?

Chapter 3

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So as nervous as I was, I found courage within to watch the episode, even more I watched some parts of it twice(besides the sc scenes). I knew this would happen which was the reason I was nervous about this episode. I knew I didn’t want Elena anywhere near Caroline to give her emotional support. I knew she was not the right person. We already knew Stefan’s feelings about Caroline but I knew this talking would go wrong. I get his hesitation and fear, she’s his best friend he doesn’t want to do something he can’t take back or fix, he wants to be sure before taking the next step. But Stefan really should consider making MORE friends, like more than ZERO at least! You don’t take advices from Damon, Even Elena which happens to be known with her bad choices despised the idea of listening to Damon which seemed pretty inconsistent by the way considering how she’s all about Damon and
Damon: She’s not the one! If she was you wouldn’t have to ask!
Really?? Is Damon the one to question this? Meeting the one, realizing it in the blink of an eye and not questioning, hesitating ever? Really? Do we need to remind how long it took Elena to pick Damon? How it was always going to be Stefan? So in Damon’s perspective Damon’s not the one too. Ironically while saying this he’s in front of a mirror, looking at himself. Nice. As much as I hate the fact that Stefan said “yeah” and couldn’t come on top after that little convo I understand he couldn’t say anything because he was already in conflict within. But I loved how upset he looked and how instantly he tried to defend “the feelings he can’t explain” which means it wasn’t the thing he wanted to hear. He wants to move on, he sees the light, shines upon him, he needed encouragement to go into the light, sort of an approval from someone. Damon’s words rather upset him. So this episode practially tied up most of the theories we came up with before. He knows there is something, he knows he feels something but he can’t explain what it is, not to damon, not to himself, not to caroline so what is he going to do? What can he do? He’s in the middle of a big shit storm and he’s trying to figure out right direction to take. These are the moments someone could take advice to heart no matter how ridiculous it is and Damon basically ruined everything rather than encouraging him in this episode. So thank you Damon! And thank you once more for reminding Caroline how terrible it’s going to be tomorrow because she didn’t suffer from loneliness and silence and from the people who left her enough. Yes remind her this so she can turn it off. Thank you. (I don’t hate Damon, Defan forever!! I hate writers lol) As a side note I’m definitely on board with Caroline’s turning it off. There are traits based on emotions and there are traits based on personality. ie: being bubbly=personality trait, caring=emotional trait. So considering her emotional and personality traits if we take out the emotional ones, like caring, kindness, insecurities and such. It’ll take Caroline back to neurotic control freak, bubbly, optimist, little bitchy, shallow, selfish perfectionalist party girl which is a better version of season 1 Caroline. (when I say season 1 caroline I don’t mean the entire season, she had a big development throughout season 1) So actually in my perspective humanity off Caroline is not EVILOLINE. She will be Caroline, a little more selfish a full vampire, not a RIPPER not an ANGEL but accepting vampire nature doesn’t mean she won’t go full dark, she’ll hit rock bottom pretty quickly depends on who she will come across which means writers can manipulate this storyline in any direction they want. Without Stefan it would be fun ride. But with Stefan?? I don’t know this story can go any direction it all depens on timings, feelings, how much Stefan willing to do, how much he is aware of his feelings, are writers serious with steroline? Because there is another narrative I’m following in the background I don’t like it but I’m not gonna share it until I see it really going somewhere. I really want to believe they truly care about steroline and they won’t ruin it but most the times writing choices are bad here. I’m not sure what kind of obstacles and dramas they will pick in the future. As far as stelena concerns, stelena is unsalvageable.

I hate the hug scene so I’m gonna just skip it. Just another repeat of 6x07.
The scene where Caroline sang a tribute song was amazing and I’m totally in love with it. Candice can even sing. Caroline should have been one of the main characters long before and she should have take the spotlight long ago and writers should have considered a musical carieer for Caroline. There are soooooo much wasted opportunities with her and we are literally wasting air, time and space with a certain useless main character.
I love how Stefan was amazed with her, how admired he looked, it feels like he got that feeling he can’t explain just like when he was just amazed and shocked when he kissed her and literally couldn’t say a thing! See?? This was the encouragement he needed all along and he got that courage from Caroline. A reminder of what he felt, how he felt. This time when he goes to Damon he goes there to prove him he’s wrong. This time he’s not hesitant.

I think you were wrong about Caroline. I realized that I may not be able to explain what I feel for her but IT’S SOMETHING and yeah maybe all love isn’t true love IN THE MESSED UP WAY YOU AND I HAVE EXPERIENCED IT but I think this could turn into something EVEN BETTER

I know that SE fans believe what Stefan and Elena felt was real and it was but the problem is, Stefan fell in love with two girls which happened to be both doppelgangers and both of them was at first sight and I’m sorry no matter what characters believe it doesn’t clean away the suspicion that doppelganger prophecy manipulated their feelings prior to dating. Again during dating the love between them might be real. True love doesn’t necessarily come in the form of “love at first sight” or you can be sure immediately. So there is some logic fail there with both brothers. Practically Stefan is experiencing something he didn’t before, he slowly fell in love and at the moment he’s slowly realizing it. He’ll learn a different kind of true love. But with his words; maybe even better. This is a man IN LOVE *who wants to pursue a girl* talking. Hyped by feelings. You can feel it from the smile on his face when he gets the approval he was seeking from Damon. (Which is parallel to his sad face when he gets disapproval in the first talk he had with Damon) He gets up with a smile as if he left all his burdens on the table and finally he’s able to go where his heart takes him. Unlike Caroline he needed a long journey and thinking and encouragement to follow his heart. It’s understandable considering how bad Elena broke his heart. Last time he followed his heart, it was ripped out, crushed and stepped on. So he needed this he’s not like Caroline. Caroline is the true form of bravery within the vulnerability. Unlike Stefan Caroline follows her heart, she knows how to pick up the pieces. She’s experienced, she’s the optimist. Stefan is not, he instantly shut himself off after the first heartbreak, did the same thing after the second but Caroline broke through those walls and got into his heart with her humanity and heart. That’s how she touched his soul, even in the form of a monster he was despising the most which Elena couldn’t do. Now that she lost it and I HATE IT! I love and I want humanity off Caroline but NOT NOW that was the worst timing ever! This is a big test for Stefan’s character. Are we going to repeat the history that occured with Elena or is Stefan going to put his heart out there and risk everything this time? Will he follow his heart or is he going to be devestated with this news? If I know how strong his feelings are beyong his predictions I fear that ripper Stefan is on the way and it’s our next bump on the road.

BTW I believed they would not go there, I believed Caroline was stronger than that. I thought that it was the obvious direction that everyone saw since 6x01 and which is why they wouldn’t go there but I was shocked that they took the most obvious route. Though If I were to imagine Caroline turning it off, only our queen could do a planned turn off lmao Who wanna bet she even made some kind of a list and rules thing for herself and even planned everything she’s allowed to do and not allowed to do during her humanity off period asdasdşlkdsa Anyway I think this storyline will be fun until it gets messy, tearjerker and bloody.

Don't Let False Maturity Make You Believe Calaric is a Good Idea

Why the hell are some people now on board with Calaric? Just because they had a “mature” conversation at the end in 7x20?

Not that everyone needs life experience to understand relationships, but in this case, my experience definitely plays a part as to why I believe Calaric is a terrible idea. As a mom of two kids and as someone who has been in two long-term relationships that spanned years and plenty in between, I can tell you that that supposedly mature conversation was anything but.

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freckledsouls  asked:

kc + 2 or 45 pleASE YOU'RE AMAZING THANKS ♥

Since I’m a terrible person who takes forever to write things when my muse just up and disappears for months on end, I’ll write both for you :) Please forgive me!

2. childhood best friends au

Also for Klaroline AU Week, Day 5


13 years



“Give it back, Damon!”

“No way, Blondie. It’s mine now.”

Caroline clenched her hands into fists at her sides, tears threatening to stream down her cheeks as she glared at the older boy. “Bunny McFlufferson is mine, Damon! You can’t have him!”

The dark haired boy smirked at her, holding the purple stuffed bunny out of reach. “Finders keepers, losers weepers!”

Unable to hold back the tears any longer, Caroline wailed as she chased after Damon. Where was Stefan when you needed him? He had always managed to keep his older brother in check whenever they played at the park, but ever since Elena had invited him to play house with her he was hardly ever around anymore.

Suddenly Caroline ground to a halt, watching in shock and awe as Damon faceplanted in the sandbox. She looked up to see another boy about his age standing over him wearing a scowl.

“I don’t think this belongs to you,” the new boy said in a funny voice as he reached down and retrieved Bunny McFlufferson.

Caroline stood silently captivated by the new boy as he walked up to her, dusting off her stuffed animal before returning it to her grasp.

“This is yours, isn’t it?” he asked, giving her a shy smile.

“Your voice is weird,” Caroline said as she stared up into a pair of blue eyes.

The boy frowned for a moment before he replied. “I’m from England. Everyone talks like me over there. My family just moved here.”

“Oh,” she said, not really understanding. “I’m Caroline. Thank you for saving Bunny McFlufferson,” she said enthusiastically, hugging the plush tightly against her chest.

“My name is Klaus.”

“Your name is weird too. Let’s be friends. Do you like the swings?” she said in rapid succession, grabbing his hand before he could reply and pulling him towards the playground equipment.



“Caroline, hurry up!”

“I’m coming! Wait!” Caroline cried as she raced down the hall, throwing open the screen door and ignoring her mother’s yell to slow down. “Did you bring it?!”

Klaus gave her a devious grin keeping his hands behind his back.

“Klaaaaauuus,” she whined, stamping her foot in annoyance.

The blonde boy laughed, finally showing her his hands.

Caroline squealed in delight, grabbing for the bag of Maltesers and eagerly ripping it open. “Thank you!” she said belatedly, mouth full of the chocolate candy.

“You’re welcome, Caroline,” Klaus said shaking his head in amusement. He wasn’t sure why she was always so excited for the candy he would bring back from his summer trips to England, but he always enjoyed the way her face would light up when he gave her a bag. “Now come on, Bonnie was already threatening to hex Kol when I left to get you, we shouldn’t leave those two alone for too long.”

“You know she can’t really do magic, right?” Caroline questioned, digging in the bag for more candy as they walked down the street to Klaus’ house.

“I know, but she throws a mean rock.”

“Well, Kol is annoying, he probably deserves it if she does,” Caroline assured him, defending her friend.

“Probably,” Klaus agreed.

“What about your sister? Where is she?”

“Elena and Katherine wanted to play dressup and you know that’s Rebekah’s favorite,” he said with a grimace, clearly not a fan of the game.

“Yeah,” she agreed, not particularly interested in joining the girls that day. She much preferred to spend time playing with Klaus. “Can we play in the treehouse today?”

“Of course,” Klaus said, smiling over at her. “That’s where I left Bonnie and Kol.”

“Klaus! She’ll probably push him out of the tree house! Again!”

“Well, we should hurry then, come on!” he said, grabbing her hand in his and racing down the sidewalk.

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As much as I’m enjoying the SE/DE vs. BE/DB parallels, I think the differences between the two love triangles far outweigh the similarities. The differences are why I find the latter so much more compelling and enjoyable than the former. Every relationship in the triangle starkly contrasts with its “parallel”. (Yes, I’m posting this in both the BE and the DB tags. It’s under a cut and you can easily skip the parts that don’t pertain to your ship. You’ll survive).

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8/20- Day Four: “Hope is the only thing keeping me going, Damon.”

I was against it for the longest time because Bonnie didn’t strike me as the kind of person who’d want to become a vampire, but now, after the whole S6 Bamon ordeal it’s become more plausible in my mind. Damon has broadened her perspective as much as she has broadened his. As such, I think, with Elena’s head hanging over their relationship whether they’ll admit it or not I think Bonnie would be tentatively open to ‘killing’ herself and becoming immortal to bring Elena back.

Here’s where it gets fun though.

I think that Kai is smarter than even was shown in canon. Dude was chilling on his ace for years, and he spent his days watching Damon and Bonnie for a creepy amount of time before he revealed himself to them. He was forming a plan in his mind from that point I’d think – he needed an A, a B, etc and he needed to have his shit together to get what he wanted done. So fast-forward to this whole Elena’s life and Bonnie’s debacle – there was a reason he chose to pit Elena against Bonnie. There was a reason he thought this would be a conundrum for Damon. Whether it’s:

  1. Kai believed Bonnie would sacrifice herself no matter what for Elena
  2. Damon didn’t love Elena as much as he claimed to
  3. Damon loved Bonnie more than he claimed to
  4. Or (and my personal favourite) despite Damon’s ride-or-die-epic-gag-reflex-inducing-blind-love for Elena, what he felt for Bonnie stood a chance in the face of all that and Kai was banking on that

See Kai is a vindictive little bastard, he uses anything to his advantage and he holds a grudge like no other. Sure, he wanted his family six feet under but he also wanted to settle the score with Bonnie and Damon for the stunts they pulled in the various Prison Worlds. (Bonnie making sure Damon got out, hiding her magic from him, trying to kill him, etc) so he did what he does best – he lies to get the final laugh.

Tying Elena’s life to Bonnie’s was a good call, fine. But what if he made it so that if/when Bonnie chose to kill herself that it just killed them both? Or that even when she dies, Elena would just go with her? Why the hell anyone would put so much stock in Kai’s word is beyond me, but I digress.

ANYWAYS: So, Bonnie decides to become a member of the un-dead and in doing so she is transported into this other ‘state of consciousness’ (let’s call it a Grey Realm or wherever the hell Elena is at ATM IDK) where she is confronted with three people:

  1. Her Grams
  2. Kai
  3. Elena

They are all together and Kai is dead centre with that dumb smirk on his face. He’s pulled a fast one yet again. He explains that he knew Bonnie would do this, that he was in fact counting on it. He tethered himself to the spell that’s kept Elena alive, so in a fractional sense he never died the day Damon hacked his head off. (And if you want to get technical the same magic that sent Bamon to the Prison World is what tethers Grams and Bonnie AND Kai- it could work, okay?)

Kai gives her three options:

  1. She can transition and lose both of them, and never see him again (because her transitioning would cut off the tether of the spell)
  2. She can choose to die, and bring them both back, but he’d return as well
  3. She can try and kill him, but it will only take the other two with him and will be for nothing.

See, I want to make Bonnie accountable for more than her own life when it comes to consequence; because up until season six she was blindly indifferent to her own well-being and her life. She’d lay it all out without thinking of the consequences she’d have to face, time and time again and it breaks my heart. So here, she has to choose and she has to choose wisely (she has to choose for herself. And here the consequences are greater than just what she is able to ‘live’ with (ironically which is usually her death))

And then to absolve Elena of her idiocy (harsh, I know. Whatever) thus far in canon I would have her and Grams approach Bonnie’s genuine sense of helplessness in the face of it all and have her decide to put herself first, for real this time. I think it would be pretty cool to see both the person who has done nothing but be Bonnie’s rock and truth paralleled with the source of a lot of Bonnie’s problems (and subsequent pain) tell her that, you know what, we’re putting you first. Take your life and run, we’re okay, we’re ready for you to let us go. (as well as everything we represent that’s been holding you back from being who you really are)

It would also be interesting because despite it all Elena’s life has been short and filled with supernatural violence and mayhem. But I think her having these ‘two epic loves of (her) life’ crammed into such a short space of time, being a doppelganger and a vampire and seeing her brother grow and grow into himself (Ish? IDK IDC) would give her a sense of closure. It would be like Elena was looking at everything Bonnie had done for her and saying, “It’s my turn, okay?” Because here is Elena is consciously giving Bonnie the okay to end her life - for real.

And Elena’d have Grams, family in a way, as well and she’d be able to finally step up to the plate and say to Bonnie: “I’m your sister; you’re my family, my best friend. Let me go, I want you to let me go. Don’t think about me or what I want or what Damon wants, look at me and let it all go and live for yourself.”

Then of course, some teary-eyed hugging with her Grams who I believe Bonnie’d  struggle to let go as well because I think deep down she’d want nothing more than to have her grandmother be alive again and to ‘make it right’ for what happened with the tomb spell. Cue tears and drama and Bonnie deciding she was going to do it – she was going to choose herself. (This of course shocks Kai, because he never once imagined that Bonnie was capable of putting herself first, not for anything or above anyone – HAHA – SUCK IT, PARKER THE JOKES ON YOU)

Bonnie wakes up and Damon is frantic. He wasn’t sure if she was even a viable candidate to become a witch-vamp and when he sees her come to, his relief is instant. That’s when she explains it all to him and why he shouldn’t be relieved to see her, because Elena is never coming back and Bonnie’s not sure if he’ll ever forgive her. He’s quiet, but he isn’t looking away from her either.

  1. She’s taken away his Elena
  2. He can stop counting (what is he going to spend his days doing now)
  3. He can understand how hard the choice must have been for her
  4. Can he forgive her?

Being Damon, he waits for her to drink blood and fully transition into an immortal (an eternal reminder of him losing Elena?) and he leaves… 

And, for a while she’s convinced that he’ll never come back. She’s heartbroken but steadfast in her decision, she can’t regret it now, it’s already done and she remembers what Elena and Grams said. 

So she begins to move past it; past Kai and the havoc he created in her life, past losing Elena after she’s explained to everyone else what has happened (they’re supportive, hurt, understanding, caring, etc), past seeing her Grams and knowing she’ll never be able to again, past Damon, past her own past – she’s doing it. She’s living her own life. It’s not what she imagined and she’s struggling here and there, but she’s staying strong. She’s a Bennett. She’s Bonnie, she can do this. (Side-note: I’m picturing Stefan and Care teaching her how to feed. It’s kind of adorable)


One day, Damon comes back and he just stands there, in front of her. His face is unreadable and her heart, her un-dead little heart, is in her throat. He’s back. He’s home. She’s waiting for some kind of cue from him, anger, pain, resentment. 

You could hear a pin drop.

And then the most amazing thing happens.

His eyes tear up a little, much like hers she’d guess, and he slowly opens his arms. And, just like the time when she made it out of the Prison World she barrels over to him and jumps into his waiting arms.

(The End?)

It was long, I knoooow, but, I think it’s kind of perfect for Season 7 – HASHTAG HEADCANON

PS: Song inspiration is “Fools” by Lauren Aquilina “Those hardest to love need it most”