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One of the major things about the “Spencer has a twin” theory I can’t wrap my brain around is that the Hastings’ wanted Mary’s baby. They were 100% on board with taking Spencer and raising her as their own. No questions asked.

If there were another baby, wouldn’t they have taken her, too? The Hastings were well off and had plenty of money to raise twins alongside Melissa. Also, wouldn’t Veronica have mentioned another baby when telling Spencer about her birth mom?

It seems really unlikely to me that Veronica and Peter would just take Spencer and leave the other one to child protective services or whoever. Because surely it’s gotta be against policy for a Radley patient to be allowed to raise a baby in an insane asylum??


Later, thousands would say they saw it happen. The king, standing on the battlefield, the red-haired girl fighting by his side. Then, in the blink of an eye—or a brief glance away, or the momentary obstruction of the crowd—there is only one: King Hiryuu, the crimson dragon of legend, uniting all of Kouka behind him as he leads his armies to victory.

Hak doesn’t see it, though he’s there in the thick of it. Or rather, protecting his red-haired king, looking to them for direction in the heat of battle, feels so natural that it’s only later, standing by Hiryuu’s side as the king accepts the surrender of the Kai Emperor, that Hak realizes there’s anything to question. Then he freezes.

“Hak,” says Hiryuu, turning back to face him, his melodious voice both familiar and oh, so wrong.


“I am Yona,” says Hiryuu. “And I am Su-won. Don’t worry,” he says with a smile. “This is how things were always meant to be.”

“The red dragon will return at dawn,” Yun recites. He glances at the sky. It’s high noon now, the bright sun beating down on the dusty road home. Hiryuu rides at the head of the army, his generals following close behind. His dragons should be near him, too—Zeno is right by his side— but the others stay back, a lonely group amongst the triumphant soldiers. “I didn’t know this would happen! Ik-su never said—” Hak doesn’t reply. He remembers what Su-won did to the princess. How can Hiryuu say this was always meant to be?

The dragons, too, are silent. Finally, Shin-ah speaks. “He’s…not Yona,” he says.

“But he’s Hiryuu,” says Kija. “To follow him is the greatest, the only desire of the dragons.” He looks like he’s trying to convince himself.

“This can’t be permanent,” says Yun. “Can it?”

Hiryuu smiles, and speaks to Hak as if they’ve always known each other, and Hak can’t look him in the eye. “Where is Yona?” he growls. “What did you do to her?”

“Hak,” Hiryuu says gently, “I told you. I am Yona. She and Su-won, we were always two halves of a whole.”

“Yona was never incomplete!” Many things had been incomplete. The kiss she left him with the last time they saw each other, the words he never gave her in response. But Yona was always everything she needed to be.

Hiryuu turns his gaze to the heavens. “Do you remember when the two of us looked up at the sky together?” he asks.

“No,” Hak says shortly, and storms away.

“I’m no happier about this than you are,” Ju-doh says.

“You knew it would happen.” The Sky general doesn’t deny it. “When you traded your second sword for a shield, you knew it would happen. Why didn’t you warn her?”

“Warn her?” He scoffs at the idea. “She was the one armed with prophecies and dragons. She was the one who turned up everywhere he went. Don’t try to tell me she didn’t understand their destiny.”

It’s pointless to argue, and Hak doesn’t care to try. “Then why didn’t you try to stop it?”

“He wouldn’t let me,” Ju-doh admits. “All he asked was that I help him make the best use of the time he had.”

These days, Ju-doh is no closer to the king than Hak. The dragons are the ones who stay by his side—all the dragons but Jae-ha. “I chose to follow a girl who doesn’t exist anymore,” is the last thing he says before he flies away, as soon as it becomes clear there’s no going back. Hiryuu lets him go with a sad smile on his face. Zeno clings to his king. Shin-ah seems to love him, but flinches whenever the king speaks his name. Kija has become stiff with duty.

The generals accept the return of King Hiryuu gladly, even the ones who were never believers before. Joon-gi pushes even harder for a match with his daughter, who is far more amenable to the idea than she once was. The day before their wedding, Hak leaves for Fuuga. He’s not coming back.

Two years later, Hak is visited by a yellow-haired young man who he almost doesn’t recognize as Zeno. He’s taller, and his hair is shorter, the angles of his face a little sharper. “Hiryuu came back for a reason,” he says. “Zeno thought mister might want to know.”

“…oh,” is all Hak can say to that.

“Zeno misses the miss, too,” Zeno admits. “But at least Zeno won’t be missing her for long.” For the tiniest instant, Hak hopes—and then he realizes that Zeno is referring to himself, and not to Yona.

“Zeno, are you—are you going to be alright?”

“Zeno’s going to go visit Ryokuryuu next!” the former yellow dragon replies, without answering Hak’s question.

The king is planning a visit to Fuuga. Hak doesn’t intend to be there, but at the last minute, he can’t bring himself to leave. He’s weak, and he wants, oh how he wants to see that red hair again, those deep violet eyes, Yona’s eyes, even if he’ll never see Yona again. Hak stays back as the royal party arrives in the late morning—they’ve even brought the little princess with them—and there, he’s had his glimpse of Hiryuu, and that’s enough. That’s enough for a lifetime.


He turns. Standing before him is Yona—older, a grown woman, but without a doubt, Yona. “Princess,” he says. “What—how—?”

“Look at the sky,” says Yona. Hak looks up. What he thought was just a cloud covering the sun is no cloud at all but a much darker shadow. The beginning of an eclipse. “Long, long ago, the red sun was eaten, and the world was dyed black,” Yona recites. “We have until the light returns.”

“How often do solar eclipses happen?” Hak asks her.

“Yun says it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

“Then just tell me one thing. Is this what you want?”

She buries her face in his chest, tears staining his robes. “It’s not,” she says, gripping the stone on his necklace tight. “Hak, I just want my family back, I want you—” She pulls away from him and takes several deep breaths. “But it’s what Kouka needs. I made this choice, Hak.”

Hak pulls her close and wonders what will happen if he doesn’t let go.

When the light returns, she’s still there with him. Hak wonders if he dare hope. They return together to the main house at Fuuga, where Tae-wu greets Yona with confusion—and Lili greets her with open arms. “Yona, isn’t this longer than you expected?” Lili asks.

“It is,” says Yona. “Lili…where is Su-won?” But the other woman doesn’t know.

Two days they wait. Hak would like to never see Su-won again, but Yona is fraught with worry. The little princess doesn’t know what to make of the strange woman who looks so much like her father.

At dawn on the third day, Ju-doh rides to Fuuga. “Su-won isn’t coming back,” he says. “Not to Kouka, not in his lifetime.” He bows to Yona. “Your Majesty,” he says, “Su-won accepted where his path would lead. He never wanted that for you.”

“And you?” Hak asks.

“I’ll join him in exile,” says Ju-doh. “I only came back to deliver this message.”

Yona bows in return. “Thank you, General,” she says. She reaches for Hak’s hand.

“Princess,” Hak begins as they watch the former Sky general ride off into the distance. No, she’s not a princess anymore. “Yona,” he says, “Yona,” he repeats her name, “Yona.” She is Yona and only Yona, and that’s all she ever needs to be.

She looks up at him. “Hak,” she says, smiling. “Let’s go home.”

So remember how I talked in my Lance analysis about how Lance has probably been practicing with his bayard offscreen?

Remember how when Allura asks the mice for secrets, Chulatt messes up his head fur like Lance’s hair, makes shooting motions with his tail and then spins it like somebody in a western movie doing gun twirling, to which Allura replies “that sounds like Lance”?

Operating theory: Lance has been practicing with his weapon in private, and he’s also been practicing trick shooting/gun twirling and that’s what the mice told Allura.

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Dennis calls Maureen "dude" multiple times while they are married. Could it be because dude has evolved into a term of endearment for him due to him using it for Mac all the time??

I love this theory but let me raise you a slightly modified version of it: Dennis calls Maureen “dude” as a result of hearing Mac calling him that with warmth and affection over the years, hoping that the use of the term can conjure up the same feelings for Maureen that he feels with Mac - but to no avail. 

After rewatching the Noora scenes last season, I’m convinced she didn’t feel that Willhelm loved her and that’s why she left. The last time she left somewhere it was because she didn’t feel like her parents loved her. In Noora’s first scene back last season, she tells Eskild and Linn if he really loves me than he’ll come after me. That’s like a Noora/Secret reference, if she thinks about that hard enough it will come true.

That post abt how the left is so demonized in America that Bernie is seen as radical really is the truth cuz I’ve NEVER have had any teaching in school on leftist ideology except like when we barely touched the ice berg of political ideologies in a few grades

so there was this mASSIVE CRASHING/SLAMING NOISE?? OUTSIDE?? JUST NOW?? like our whole heckin house shook it was like something fell from the sky and landed right next to us like what the heck

my mom went out to talk to our neighbor (who also felt it and wanted to be sure he wasn’t the only one who did) but I’m like,,, ,, lowkey freaking out what the hecc was that i’m calling aliens right here right now lmao


C2E2 Day 2: Down with the LMDs! 

Season 4 Jemma Simmons: me

Daisy Johnson/Quake: @daisy-in-the-skye
LMD!Fitz: @centurionjones
Season 1 Jemma Simmons: Lily, 10, who did all of the blood makeup for the aftermath of our LMD battle!

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Would you be able to explain executive dysfunction? I kinda get the gist of it but I'm still pretty confused. And is it directly related to autism? I've heard the two mentioned together a lot but I wasn't sure.

sure! so executive functioning refers to brain functions that are primarily centered in the frontal lobe (the “executor” or governor of the brain, aka the big cheese). those functions include social cognition, like emotion perception and social decision making, theory of mind (perspective taking), problem solving, planning, etc- essentially complex brain functions and social brain functions. 

executive dysfunction or executive functioning impairment, means one or more of those functions is impaired. sometimes it’s due to a general frontal lobe impairment, and sometimes it’s more specific than that. 

executive functioning impairments- particularly social cognitive impairments like theory of mind -are a core part of autism. however, other issues are also associated with executive functioning impairments, including schizophrenia and traumatic brain injury. 

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theory: u know how they said that that one other precinct was corrupt in the audit? 72nd or 74th or something? well they're the ones who frame jake

OKAY i’m glad you brought this up because honestly i didn’t even catch this when i watched the audit the first time (or the second lmao)

i like this as a theory!!! we already know the squad is going to a “cop con” in the episode after the stop-and-frisk ep, and we know the episode following that is the chasing amy episode. it wouldn’t be that far-fetched for cops from WHATEVER precinct ends up getting shut down for realz to a) know that the nine-nine should have gotten the axe, but didn’t for whatever reason, and b) attend that same cop con. i would LOVE to see some kind of tension/rift between the nine nine and other precincts at the con and for that to lead to a conflict that results in whatever this season’s plot twist is going to be!!! this is a VERY good theory and i am full on-board

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What do you mean by the mental hospital thing? Like the whole crazy theory that all of ouat takes place in Emma's head? I don't think A&E are crazy enough to do that (hopefully)

Not the dumb coma theory.

But a lot of shows have had their “mental hospital” episode where the character questions reality and it’s implied that it could all be a dream/delusion etc.

Buffy did it for instance.

It’s just a really cheap writing cop out especially for a finale, to have her final battle be her questioning the reality of these fairytales AGAIN, if we already spent 6 years going over this.

It would just be fucking stupid and cheap and he explicitly said they weren’t going down that path.

But they did write LOST and he’s a liar.

And just the picture of her in a hospital setting looking very skeptically at her son, combined with the obvious separation and spoiler pics we’ve gotten, as well as A&E’s stupid cryptic answers about the final battle not being a battle as we’re use to seeing it, definitely points in the possibility of that direction for me.

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Ofc, whenever someone says something you don't like means they're into conspiracies. Your yelling would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. Also, still not a Le Pen supporter at all but hey whatever floats your boats guys.

…. ‘she’s been put there so that HE wins’ is like the most conspiracy theory crap that anyone can think of pls are you even fucking for real

also given that you can’t even tell me I’m pathetic off anon I have a feeling that you might be a trifle more pathetic than I am

and she’s still a fascist and macron still ain’t, case closed, and I never said you support her but lol if you think she’s AS BAD AS then you obv don’t have the SHE IS A FASCIST point clear


lb-lee replied to your post: “i follow the theory of structural dissociation” …

I still don’t understand where or when this theory came from and why it suddenly seems a huge thing but only on tumblr.

well, The Book about it, The Haunted Self, is from 2006. it seems pretty well-received in the academic world, at least. but it’s certainly not without its criticisms and alternative theories? since,  y’know, that’s how science works. so, at least in the papers I read, it’s pretty commonly cited – though, usually just as a “so here’s a bunch of things about the way we think DID & trauma work” (so, y’know, a scientific theory), not like specific engagement with what makes an ANP or an EP, secondary vs tertiary, etc., the way tumblr seems to engage with it.

my guess is that it was used by some blogs to explain things like “no not every system has a core” and “multiplicity is first a failure to integrate rather than a splitting of a singlet original”, plus DID/OSDD-1′s connections with BPD and CPTSD. but then, due to lack of access to its detractors and belief in a Single Medical Model, tumblr took it as Absolute Goddamn Irrefutable Fact that must be made entirely relevant to every system’s life otherwise you’re Doing Multiplicity Wrong – ‘ANP’ and ‘EP’ suddenly becoming system roles that you see alongside ‘protector’ and ‘host’.

and so now that there’s a Theory to Cite, there’s some sort of added authority there. you wouldn’t believe the amount of times we’ve seen “endogenic multiplicity isn’t real because the theory of structural dissociation!”, as if the basis of DID research wasn’t already founded on “multiplicity = traumagenic” beforehand? (and extra funny having found Nijenhuis’ disclaimer that structural dissociation was never about non-traumagenic experiences, oops)

(the OSDD-1a/-1b split is similarly amusing/bemusing. engaged with very differently on tumblr than in the scientific literature they’re supposedly citing. (we actually found a post of mine approx two years ago where i express surprise that someone used the subcategories lmao. caring about that difference apparently happened fast.))

- Ace

I like the idea that the being we now know as “Anti” existed before it ever chose to associate itself with Jack.  Just some nameless virus or ghost or demon, wandering whatever cyber or ethereal plane it was native to.  Maybe it even tried to manifest itself in some form, but never got enough acknowledgement to grow powerful.

But then, one day, it discovered this fanmade idea - Antisepticeye.  The concept of Anti, at that point, had absolutely nothing to do with the entity.  But maybe that could be exactly the vehicle the creature needed to gain the recognition and become stronger.  So it used all its strength to disrupt one of Jack’s videos, just a little.  And people caught on.  Soon the fandom was abuzz with talk of this creature that resembled a character that they themselves developed.

And the nameless being was just loving all this.  After who-know-how-long of being ignored, it was finally getting noticed!  It eagerly surfed the internet for more headcanons, more ways to reinvent itself as this character.  Until one day it realized, it was no longer just pretending to be Anti.  When people were discussing Anti, they weren’t talking about some hypothetical being…now they were actually talking about him!  Now he had a name and a fanbase!  And with every post and piece of fanart he became more powerful, sneaking into more videos and sending eerie messages.  Until finally, on Halloween, he’d gained enough strength to make an entrance worthy of the Antisepticeye name.

After that, he probably just rested on his laurels for awhile, browsing the #antisepticeye tag to see what people were saying about him.  Maybe getting a bit giddy whenever he came across some extra cool fanart of himself.  Unfortunately, as time went by, more and more people were mentioning some other fictional character in Anti’s tag.  And that wouldn’t do at all.  So Anti visited us at PAX to remind us who the real star of the show is.  And now that people have gotten the message, he’s gone quiet again.  Maybe some day he’ll pay us another visit, but until then he can be happy knowing that he’s truly become Antisepticeye.

Original Blue Paladin Theory

So…we all know that the writers of Voltron: Legendary Defender are experts on dropping very subtle hints. It’s one of the reasons I love the show so much. We know that Zarkon was the paladin of the Black Lion. And as they worked together, I’m almost positive that Alfor was the paladin of the Red Lion after this little hint here.

Okay, cool, so that’s Alfor and Zarkon, once upon a time besties probably, piloting the Black and Red lions. Cool. But check it chEcK IT CHECK IT OUT

So we all know that Haggar’s magic is the catalyst that allows Zarkon to locate the Black Lion.

Alright. Cool. But then… wait a second. We see her doing something very similar on her own in the pilot episode.

Zarkon was the one to connect over a distance with the Black Lion. When the Blue Lion reactivated, however, it was the Blue Lion’s Energy that Haggar felt. Does that mean that she’s connected with the Blue Lion?

Especially after the revelation of her Altean origin, it seems likely that Haggar, Alfor, and Zarkon are connected. It would make a lot of sense for Zarkon to consistently put Haggar’s opinion over others as a fellow paladin.

Not to mention, in this scene, she mentions that Voltron is rightfully ‘ours’. Not rightfully yours, mr. Emperor. Ours.

Conclusion? Haggar could very well be the original Blue Paladin.

Don’t ask me why I got so excited about this, sorry for the ramble. XDDD