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Your muse spent all night perfecting their alibi. (Prompt)

Errant bombs are a glorious thing when one handles them with kid gloves. Ilyea loved Lina like a sister but her erratic behavior was becoming troublesome and worrisome. She had to give to kid credit the fact she could shake things into a fucking whirlwind faster than anything Ilyea had ever did.

Maybe she could have gone into engineering instead of inscription.  

But that wasn’t the case right now. Carefully the mage un-wrapped the bomb that stunk of Lina’s demonic impunity and rolled it towards her intended location. The wounds on her body ached as she neared closer to deposit the article. She wasn’t sure how much had gone in within that area but she knew she couldn’t be nearby it. Something whizzed past her face and half dimly in her mind she was thankful it didn’t hit the bomb.  

Ilyea didn’t have the time to check all the corners like she used to be able to. She couldn’t keep the growing infestation down and despite Aurora’s mention; she possibly couldn’t be near his old child hood home either.

At least until this was taken care of.

Lina was locked up and people vaguely knew she was capable of such things but would her friend dimly be able to create this scape goat situation. With a slow corpse like walk, Ilyea leaned down and quickly shoved in the bomb to the small hole within the grass when she reached the entrance. Inwardly she hoped that whoever was down there wasn’t too smart at all.

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Her gamble paid off as the bomb exploded after a few moments shaking the windows and the ground with its blast. The ground was slightly uneven but with the small translucent corpses burning near the ground, Ilyea knew she had found the mark to be true.

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?” Kerrwyn’s voice echoed within the shared Scion’s communicator. The mage had to wince as his voice was almost as loud as the bomb.

“Just found one of Lina’s old bombs Kerrie. Accidentally triggered it….wasn’t near Erudition thankfully.” Ilyea replied with her deceptive half-truth.

For fuck’s sake…” Lledwyn’s voice came in right after.

Ilyea echoed her brother’s bitter statement. This was the fourth one she found near Erudition and she only had one bomb. She needed better excuses soon.

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