like the textures and shit

The Gloves Are Off
(Boppy and Raspberry from Dissoctale)

July 2017
Drawn in Procreate and Medibang Paint for iOS
Edits done in Pixlr

Boppy and Raspberry belong to @sinisor

It says July, but in reality this has been sitting in the WIP stage for a good two to three months.  I was working on it as a stream thing, but never made significant progress until I sat down and went:

Ok, I’m just going to marathon the shading on this thing, I’m getting it done…

Then proceeded to spend I think 10+ hours finishing it it…

I started this months ago as a gift for @sinisor, an IRL friend I go to school with, because they were going through some rough times (school, stress, etc.) and I decided to draw them their characters from their Undertale UA Dissoctale.  Little did I foresee my own perfectionist-level shading techniques getting in my own way to make my life a living hell… (nothing on you Sinni, it was just my art methods)

But hey, it’s done…

And yeahhh~~ I know, they’re supposed to have gloves n’ things, but I was too proud of the way the hands turned out and the gloves weren’t really working so, no gloves…

I can finally go through and delete all those stream announcements with the skeleton GIF off of my blog now… X)


I mentioned working on a little silly experiment some time ago, and it is finally here! This should have been finished a lot sooner but I couldn’t get my impatient ass to focus on a single project…

There are a few ear plugs for TS2 but they all come in a similar size and in the larger ones the lobe is part of the accessory, which is kinda inconvenient (you have to make recolors to match every skintone you plan to use with them).

This is the best solution I could came up with now that sliders are a reality. It’s not perfect either: depending on the base face you start with, you will need to modify the ears with other sliders besides the one included to avoid clipping. Unfortunately some ears won’t work with these no matter what.

Teen to elder, both male and female. 12 recolors, mostly abstract marble-like textures. I forgot to include emo shit like the typical checkerboard pattern lmao.


some painting practice! i was just messin around with stuff trying to get more comfortable with painting n junk, and i actually think this turned out rlly nice! like im p proud of it, also its my new icon!! cause my last one was gettin rlly old

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FUCK that legitimate spooked me for like half a second because its pitch black in my room....wait..wait is-is junkrats teeth just the exact same model for the top and bottom row but rotated around? i mean he has the same golden tooth on the top and bottom if you spin them around...


I think you’re right

what the fuck

Okay my mom took me to this meat place ive never been to before, she said she went there w her friends all the time and i was like well okay lets go have some pork

Its called hamjipark and i CANT REMEMBER the last time i had pork that delicious

Like not even in recent memory, i mean like… Ever????

God it was so fucking good like it was so juicy and the texture and the TASTE like holy shit the yangnyeom was so good it was smoky and spicy and sweet and holy shit just ripping it off the bone was enthralling like oh my god my teeth were so happy my face was covered in oily sauce BIG ASS PILE of pork and we devoured it till it was naked bones and im so stuffed idk how im even lucid enough to even be typing this oh my god the sticky yangnyeom the huge slabs of brown-red pork w the seared crust and the succulent fucking meat

Oh god im so full i cant move im so dizzy i cant see straight my nose is running im gonna pass out im so sweaty

Listen… Even the banchan was delicious… Really good summer kimchi and bean sprouts and cabbage. Good ass namul. Im a huge fan of kbbq style potato salad and theirs was SO GOOD but yeah those pork ribs dude… I cant feel my face

I ate too much im dying

Both my mom and i ate till we saw stars and started feeling rigor mortis and it all came out to only twenty five bucks like oh my god

So much meat

Thank you hamjipark my whole soul is sweating and vibrating like a washing machine and im ruined for other meat now and i think i can see shangrila and im so happy i got to eat your pork

“I hate that there is so much emphasis about how your blog looks on here and how pretty it has to be for people to think you’re worth following. Like, if your theme isn’t 10,000% and your icons aren’t texturized with borders and shit, you can forget people wanting to interact with you.

Even if you’re a great writer and the love for your character comes through in the writing and how much time you’ve clearly put in their background… it does you no good if your blog isn’t “pretty”.“

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Lockwood and Co.: The Hollow Boy

A massive outbreak of supernatural Visitors baffles Scotland Yard and causes protests throughout London. There are reports of many new hauntings, including a house where bloody footprints are appearing, and a department store full of strange sounds and shadowy figures. But ghosts seem to be the least of Lockwood & Co.’s concerns when an assassin attacks during a carnival in the centre of the city…. 

falling in love is hard