like the team has no defense

The Trump administration is ignoring one of the fastest-growing sources of new US jobs: Renewables

  • If Trump really cares about job creation, he might want to rethink his stance on those unsightly wind farms.
  • Renewable energy is becoming a major engine for U.S. employment:
  • In recent years, jobs in solar and wind energy are growing about 12 times faster than the rest of the U.S. economy, according to a new report from the Environmental Defense Fund.  
  • The report also found that these difficult-to-outsource jobs pay about $5,000 more than the national median wage.
  • The jobs are easy to train for, too: Trade groups, like nonprofit Solar Energy International, offer accreditations you can get in less than a week.
  • For an administration that’s ostensibly about jobs, promoting the renewable energy sector seems like it would be a no-brainer.
  • But Trump’s team has reportedly floated the idea of scrapping the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy within the Department of Energy. Read more

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Okay, but let’s talk about Nate Ford.

I know that he’s probably not your favorite. He hasn’t the 80% heart and 20% genius proportion like Hardison. He is not evidentelly-autistic and funny and quirky and casually badass like Parker. He has no dark past card up his sleeve and no anopologetic culinary hobby and beautiful hair rutine like Eliot. He’s not charming and emotionally mature like Sophie.

He’s an asshole.

But the thing is.. The thing is…

You know, it’s obvious that Nate Ford lacks empathy. He imitates it, but he slips all the time, with the clients, with the team (he never actually slips with Maggie though). He lacks empathy, because it’s his defensive mechanism, because his loss, his grief,  his guilt eaten him out and left him empty. He couldn’t be with Maggie, he has no one before the team.

And it means one simple thing - without the motivation of empathy, most of what he does, he does because he considers it right. Because it falls under his ethical code. That’s it, that’s what drives him, what gives him purpose.

But another thing is, to be a top-dog insurance agent, you have to have a really, really lousy ethics. We have the character to prove it, even. (Yes, I’m talking about James Sterling.) The firm is benefitting when their clients lose, that’s how it works.

And it means that either Nate was walking a very, very narrow line while working in the firm, managing being both decent human being and damn good agent, or he had an epiphany after he lost his son, after his loyalty was not repayed, after his firm screwed him over the same way it screwed over dozens and dozens of people, sometimes with his own help. He had an epiphany, and changed his worldview, and it all happened before, in the backstory.

Nate’s Ford’s story is not a redemption arc. He was an asshole, and he stays an asshole, the egotistical broken alcoholic, that enjoys his own smarts too much, and parades his losses too loud.

But he never punishes anyone for criticizing his behavior, he doesn’t push back, he says “It’s my choice” instead, and he lets his team push him to be better, and his life to be harder.

So no, Nate Ford is probably not your favorite.

But damn, does the man try.

Jack first notices Bitty on Halloween. 

He doesn’t know who the kid is, at first. All he sees is a small, blond first year with bright eyes and a frown frozen on his face as he picks at the pies on the table. All the other Hufflepuffs are happily digging into the feast, but this first year is upset and displeased and Jack is all the way at the Gryffindor table, but he wants to go over and make the kid smile.

So he does.

Well, after the feast.

“Hey!” Jack calls out as he runs to the kid, as Shitty and the rest of the Quidditch team stare at him like he’s been possessed.

And maybe he has been possessed. He’s kind of a shitty Gryffindor, all shy and insecure and gruff and an introvert. He’s the complete opposite of his best friend and his team. He never approaches new people, barely approaches people he knows. But there’s something about this kid…

“What?” the Hufflepuff asks defensively, tensing up at Jack easily catches up to him. Merlin, he’s so small.

And wow, Jack really didn’t think this through.


The Hufflepuff raises an eyebrow, but he relaxes. “Are you okay?”

“Yes! Are you okay, though…I mean, you were frowning all through the feast and you’re a first year-”

“…Why were you staring at me during the feast?”

Shit, that made him sound like a creep. “You were the only person frowning.” Nailed it.

The Hufflepuff shrugs, looking down at his feet. “The pies were all wrong.”


“The pies!” the kid huffs, glaring up at Jack, “they were stiff and bland and lukewarm and those aren’t pies.”

Jack blinks. “Have you tried talking to the elves about it?” That was an easy fix.

“Elves?” the Hufflepuff blinks, “elves exist!?”

I- are you a Muggleborn?” That would explain why he hadn’t recognized Jack. It’s usually the muggleborns that don’t recognize his face that looks too much like his father’s sometimes. Great Bob Zimmermann, savior of the Wizarding World and Quidditch player, and his son, just Jack.

“Yeah?” the kid looks at him with trepidation. “Is that a problem?”

“No!” Jack exclaims, “no, it’s fine! You just seemed surprised! But yeah, there are house elves that work the kitchen! They’re…actually right by the Hufflepuff dormitory if you want me to show you.”

The kid smiles for the first time that night. “That’d be swell!”

“Right,” Jack starts to walk towards the kitchens, trying to walk slow enough that the kid can keep up. “By the way, my name is Jack. Gryffindor.”

“It’s Eric, Eric Bittle!” the kid, Eric, says, walking with a spring in his step. “But you can call me Bitty. It’s what, uh…Johnson, it’s what Johnson calls me! I’m a Hufflepuff, obviously. Johnson is my prefect and you probably already knew that-”

“Nice to meet you, Bitty.” The babble was kind of cute.

Wait shit.

“Pleasure to meet you, Jack!”

Jack first notices Bitty on Halloween, but it wouldn’t be the last time he’d notice him.


And this here is a scene that I really love…

This is from when everyone at Anteiku, Uta and Tsukiyama teamed up to save Kaneki from Aogiri.

Nishiki and Touka claimed that Tsukiyama only wants to eat Kaneki and doesn’t actually see him as a friend. In reply, Tsukiyama confidently explained that he has started to like Kaneki. However, he’s thinking to himself how he would eat him when he has the chance.

What I like about this scene is that it basically foreshadows what will happen in the future: Tsukiyama will genuinely start to like Kaneki but realize it when it will be too late.


What your preferred Legendary skin says about you: Tank Heroes

balderich-way too agressive
griefhardt- less agressive than balderich but you can be assholes too. tries to pin opposing griefhardts at EVERY OPPORTUNUY to prove your superiority.
lionhardt- the true blue steadfast reinhardt mains. excellent shield, cornerstone of their team, know exactly when to attack and defend.
stonehardt- similar to lionhardt; the only hardt who has a problem being too defensive, rather than too aggressive.
blackhardt-very calculated, leans more toward the agressive side but still a good shield. gets a lot of charge kills and is likely to get potg.
bloodhardt-asshole. minimal but crucial shielding. probably targets one player, though in your defense, you’re still an effective team member
wujing-you’re either quiet af like the raptorion pharahs/nomad genjis, OR a tremendous cornball who hops around and spams voice lines and flirts with the healers all match. pretty good players either way. type A is balanced, while type B can be a little too defensive.
sidenote: while black and bloodhardt’s player types remain consistent, these skins seem to swap a lot. there’s plenty of asshole blackhardts and calculated bloodhardts too. for some reason they’re always really nice; they’re the ones that’ll try to befriend you after they catch you flanking [this is also common on Tangerine?]. b.vas are more friendly, junebugs are more skilled.
junker/scavenger- you dont’ even play much but you’re like REALLY dedicated to this skin
palanquin-the die-hard dedicated mains/fans; similar to witch mercy, you either cried when you unboxed it or while having to shell out the 3000 coins for it. not much notable about your playstyle though.

mako/sharkbait- literally can’t think of anything notable
toa/islander-seem to be the best players of the roadie variants
junkenstein’s monster- if you see one in a skirmish they probably won’t kill you
bajie-probs a kindhearted person who loves roadie’s softer side but you murder everyone in matches.
sidenote: all roadhog players seem really, really similar to me. but again, i main support, so all i ever get from them is a priority on their hooks.

weightlifter/champion-ur fucknig gay. you will never replace this skin.
siberian front/arctic- spam hello during the ENTIRE MATCH. you’re a bunch of goofballs, but still fairly effective players. probably ships zarya/mei.
industrial/cybergoth- pretty good zarya players and know how to graviton effectively, but literally if you use these skins i don’t trust you

safari/explorer- just here to have a good time–which for you means nudging your team to victory by doing exactly all the things winston shold be doing. freindly, but a very effective player, definitely won’t kill you in skirmishes.
yeti- probably didn’t even use winston much until this skin
undersea/frogston- honestly i can’t even tell these apart from the default design in battle half the time. no one really uses them.
wukong-upset bc you JUST bought yeti and now this one exists and you want it too.
sidenote: we all know winstons are super rare outside comp so i’m going more on intuition here, i’m easily way off.

Offense | Defense | Tank | Support

My Fe heroes team! Marth and Takumi are frontline offense (Takumi has close counter which is op as hell), Sharena is the ralleybot that helps Marth and Takumi, and Merric is a defensive unit that kills off any knights/units that get too close to Sharena. I love them so much :)


It’s driving Barry mad.

He’s the fastest Seeker in the history of Hogwarts. He hasn’t lost the Snitch once in the last four years - but a match… oh, matches are a whole other problem.

The lions usually wipe the pitch with badgers; Slytherins haven’t been a problem since Rory got himself banned and Barry’s team haven’t had to worry about burning Bludgers.

But somehow, they just can’t get past the Ravenclaw defenses. Barry doesn’t know if Snart keeps his team on the pitch every night, drilling the tiniest details of every play imaginable into their heads, but it sure seems like it when Barry thinks, during yet another match, that he has them figured out, that they have broken through the ironclad defenses- only for the Ravenclaws to turn around as one and perform some ridiculous maneuver that earns them thirty points by the time Gryffindor recovers from the shock and realizes what they are doing.

It’s completely maddening, is what it is - Snart is only a seventh-year student, and sure, he’s smart, but he’s also unbearably smug when he wins (which is really most of the time) and Barry just wants to win and show Snart that a victory can be accepted graciously and with humili-

Ah, who is he kidding, he wants to beat Snart so badly that he could rub the guy’s face in it for weeks.

Maybe that’s what possesses Barry to march up to Snart on Christmas Eve (Snart always stays at Hogwarts - Barry knows, because he always stays too) and challenge him to a match, one-on-one.

Snart gets a funny look on his face, but he shrugs and swings his long legs over the bench to get up.

Forty minutes later, Barry’s loud gloating gets rudely interrupted when Snart kisses him, right there on the frozen Quidditch pitch, ankle-deep in freshly fallen snow and he tastes like victory to Barry, victory and warmth and once his brain starts working again, a great deal of confusion.

“What-” he yelps, and Snart frowns, in that definitely-not-cute way where a deep line forms between his eyebrows and Barry just kinda wants to poke him in the forehead and feel that crease under his fingertips. Not that he would feel much, with his fingers frozen through his sub-par Warming charm.

“I thought that was the whole point of you asking me out,” Snart mutters and his hands, until then resting comfortably over Barry’s hips, start slipping off. Barry grabs Snart’s Quidditch cloak before he can think about why he doesn’t want the older boy to move even an inch further away.

“I just asked you for a match!” he sighs. “Why would you have thought that I was asking you out?”

“We ARE out,” Snart’s lips, still a bit red, from the frost or from Barry’s mouth, curl into a smirk, “and also, Barry… I’m a Keeper.”

A nationwide survey last fall by Remington Research found that about two-thirds of respondents opposed professional football players using “the N.F.L. as a stage for their political views.” The number was markedly higher for men than women, whites than blacks, and Republicans than Democrats.
The whole question, though, rests on a fallacy: that the N.F.L. has ever been a politics-free zone. To the contrary, professional football has been suffused with politics for decades. But because those politics so often tended to be conservative and pro-military, they looked to kindred fans like a normal, neutral baseline rather than an obvious skew.
Anyone who regularly watches or attends N.F.L. games takes for granted the military pageantry—flyovers by Air Force pilots, paratroopers descending to midfield, color guards presenting the flag. Less well-known is the fact that the Department of Defense paid about six million dollars to sixteen N.F.L. teams, between 2010 and 2015, to hold various salutes to the military. What appeared to most spectators to be sincere expressions of patriotism were actually advertisements and cross-branding.
—  “Football and Politics” Samuel Freedman
Random Headcanon Friday: More Reverse Falls Headcanons

Let’s get to this:

– Dipper’s naturally protective over women. Despite how things might seem at first, he would never abuse Pacifica when they date.   If someone hurt Mabel, Pacifica or any other girl in any way, he’d make them pay big time.    This is kind of like the same way Kaiba is protective over children in Yu-Gi-Oh.

– Dipper and Mabel are a great team when taking down adversaries.

– Dipper and Mabel are both trained boxers thanks to Stan. Dipper, however, doesn’t like it quite as much, mostly using his skills for self defense. Mabel enjoys it a lot more, boxing in her free time.

– Mabel is better at boxing then Dipper.

– Dipper and Mabel are trained in Krav Maga as well.

– Even in this universe, Dipper still has a fear of puppets and the same goes with Mabel and Claymation.

– In addition to bells, her biological family and later on Bill Cipher, Pacifica has a fear of heights and snakes.

–Dipper and his sister each have a triangle mark on their wrist that Bill gave them to remind them of their deal and that they’d have to pay the piper on a later date.   They gain a second one once they make the deal during their version of  Dreamscapers. They hide them with gloves and other items in attempt to stop Bill from seeing out of them. However, this does not always work.

–  Bill loves messing with the twins, talking about their canon selves sometimes.


Aries: She looks for strong trainers and doesn’t pay attention to badges or to become a pokemon master. She likes angry looking pokemon… and mareep.

Taurus: He is a very diligent trainer, who defeted all the gym leaders of kanto region. He isn’t interested in being a member of the elite four. His pokemon are heavy like him.

Gemini: The double battle trainer who is too busy making friends to take his role as pokemon trainer seriously. Best pokemon for double battles.

Cancer: He is a responsible trainer. He is the defensive type in battles. His pokemon have a strong defense. 

Leo: He is a Pokemon Coordinator. He hates battle, loves beauty. He has gorgeous pokemon who win a lot of contest. 

Virgo: The Elite Four type, she has a powerful and strong team. Steel and Dragon type make her rivals run away. 

Libra: The one who start training just for fun and end with a great team, no one knows how. She just wants beautiful badges and doesn’t care for the region or the competition. 

Scorpio: Venom trainer type. She just wants to be lethal and doesn’t being disturbed. 

Sagittarius: Backpacker type. He loves his pokemon and travels with them just for seeing the world. Doesn’t care about badges or competition.

Capricorn: Gym leader type. She mixes heavy pokemon with fast pokemon for claiming the victory. Failure is not an option.

Aquarius: The one who knows a lot of legendary pokemon but doesn’t try to catch them because they are LEGENDARY. Doesn’t care too much for the competition. 

Pisces: Fisherman. He doesn’t care  about competition at all. Just loves his magikarps and doesn’t know one day they will become to incredibles gyarados. 

Ophiuchus: Just an asshole on the way.

Winning Touch Down (Sehun Request)

Summary: Sehun may be the quarterback of the football team, but he has his eyes on an unlikely girl.
Members: Sehun x Reader
Type: Fluff/a bit of smut (heated making out)/ Student!AU
Length: 1,315 Words

So I am totally not a sports person, so sorry if the first paragraph is a little awkward with the small amount of football I put in it. Sport Sehun seems really sexy. Anyways, I really hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong

“And we are coming to the last seconds of the game. Oh Sehun has the ball. Defense looks rough, will he make it?” The last seconds of the Homecoming game were always tense. Everyone sat at the edge of their seats in the stands. Sports were the only thing your high school seemed to care about, which always rubbed you the wrong way since you were one of the few students who focused more on the arts. You were one of the leads in the school musical, but thanks to the Homecoming game, your rehearsal was cancelled. You would usually never like to come to a sporting event, not just for the principle of the matter, but also because you just did not find them interesting. The only reason you came was because your best friend, Sehun, was the quarter back.

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Is there video that shows Gigith making Asian eyes or something? Because in that still photo - as much of an idiot as she appears to be - she seems to be imitating his expression rather than mocking his features. Yolanda's overly defensive response (if it was merely a non-racial gesture) makes her look more guilty tho, it's true.

There are multiple videos of it online, even though Bella has since deleted it - you can view one here. Its not a “did she” or “didn’t she”. Gigith clearly lifts it to her face and squints her eyes and then laughs.

 There’s a ton of press on this as well - it’s a thing:

Just a little reminder

• Sideswipe mentions Strongarm in almost every conversation

• in “Some body, Any body” Strongarm was actually scared for Sideswipe’s wellness

• Sideswipe basically said that he will stay on Earth for Strongarm

• they are always together in almost every shot

• When Sideswipe caught Strongarm, he was about to say something to her but got cut off by Bee. “Anything for-”

• When Drift was insulting the team Sideswipe got defensive over Strongarm

• The conversation with Denny: “do I ever tell you what to do?” “Nope, that’s Strongarm’s job.” That sounds like something you would say about your wife/significant other.

• they pick on each other like little kids on a playground. yes. But do you know what most parents say when a boy picks on a girl/vice versa? They say: “It’s because they like you.”. . And this is actually pretty much true from my personal experience.


~this post was brought to you by the Strongswipe defense squad.

((I probably left out some things but you get the picture))

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Electric type?

Woah! This ask shocked me to the core. WAHAHAHAHA

- my favorite pokemon of that type

Originally posted by codll

The Mareep line has always appealed to me, even back in Silver version. But back then, it was just under the line where I didn’t put it on my team. Fast forward to X, and ohhhh man. Mega Ampharos is so rad. Luscious locks & rad Electric/Dragon typing, plus Cotton Guard to just casually increase Defense by x2.5 (!!!), and did I meantion STAB Dragon Pulse? What a great ‘mon.

- my second favorite pokemon of that type

Originally posted by corsolanite

Despite the utter thrashing Lt. Surge’s Raichu gave to Ash’s Pikachu in the anime, I’ve always liked Raichu more, and I’ve found it sad & unfortunate that it’s always overshadowed by its younger siblings. The tail, the ears, the colors, all so much cooler than Pikachu, who to me seems plain by comparison. Alolan Raichu is cool and all, but between Pikachu’s Light Ball and the myriad of Pikachu clones that have come out in the last 20 years, I wish Raichu Classic would get a chance to shine on its own merits somehow. I just love Raichu so much. I even traded away my Pikachu in Yellow Version when I was a kid so that my cousin could evolve it and trade it back to me. I was very disappointed to discover that it wouldn’t follow me after it evolved… 

- the cutest pokemon of that type

Originally posted by eclairspark

Speaking of Pikachu clones, here’s one now! What a handsome boy. Too bad it’s no good in battle, but hey! At least he’s adorable! Look at that little rolley-polley ball of cute! D’awww. He’s sleeping. Definitely the cutest Pikachu yet (unless you count Plusle and Minun together, but that’s two Pokemon so they don’t count since they aren’t as cute alone). 

- least favorite pokemon of that type

Originally posted by shelgon

Dedenne. Buddy, Little guy. I know we have a lot of electric rodents already, but at least they’re ostensibly different species. Plusle & Minun are kinda rabbit-y, Pachirisu is a squirrel, Emolga is a… flying squirrel, and Togedemaru is a hedgehog. Great. You know what we already have 3 of? Electrice mice. I know you have the Fairy-type going for you, and that’s cool, and I know we have to have a new electric rodent in every single region, but, like, look: when I set out to write this post, I didn’t want it to be all about Raichu, but like c’mon, stop stealing my mate’s thunder over there. Mimikyu is a better Pikachu knock-off than you, and it’s not even Electric-type. At least Mimikyu has character, flavor even. But Dedenne? You’re just. Pikachu again. Sorry, little buddy. You don’t stand out, and you distract from the mouse that I do want to get some attention. Nothing personal.

Well, that didn’t go exactly as I thought it would, but thanks for asking! I hope you enjoyed it, even though it was mostly about Raichu… 

I’m gonna come out and say it, Real Madrid must be the worst team in the world to play for. The way they are treating Keylor Navas is terrible. The man just had the greatest season ever for a goalkeeper in the champions league and has been a rock at the back of the defense. Every mistake he makes get magnified and he’s never had the support of management. I don’t understand how you have a world class keeper like Navas, and yet every chance you get you talk about how you want to find someone else.
Keylor Navas doesn’t deserve this.

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I'm from the Seattle area, which means the closest NHL team to me is the Canucks. Why should I be a fan of them, as opposed to picking a random team further away?

You shouldn’t. lol. jk. I’ll give you a real answer. 

The Canucks are in a bit of a rough patch right now but every team goes through that at one point or another. Full disclosure: there is no explaining the moves their gm makes

Throughout the organisation, there’s a huge emphasis on having a positive impact on the community. The team charity is the Canucks for Kids Fund which dedicates resources to assist charities which support children’s health and wellness, foster the development of grassroots hockey, and facilitate and encourage education in British Columbia. The core beneficiaries are the Canucks Autism Network, Canucks Place Children’s Hospice, and BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. At least one member of the team took part in the Vancouver Pride Parade (he’s no longer with the team though).

I don’t really know what else you’d wanna know so here’s some videos if you’re interested

Vivillon Gijinka!

He was my first bug type on my team in Pokemon Y! He is a very gentle and calm person, and he loves fashion. He won’t go anywhere without his scarf though. When Vivillon is sad, his antennae lower. Vivillon loves to teach others new things. He isn’t the strongest on the team, but he has defensive moves for smarter plans. He is mostly known for Bug Buzz.

☆ | fyi

If you’re going to reference hydra!steve in our thread Sam won’t have noticed any major differences in his behavior. If he has noticed him acting different, it’ll be on small stuff where there’s always a reason he can put it down to. So he’s likely to tell your muse they’re being paranoid or on the wrong track and get defensive over Steve. He has always, without fail, told Sam what he needs to hear after all.

He’ll discuss it and he’ll definitely think it over if your muse points out some interesting, second guess type reasons for suspicion. Especially given he already knows someone in every team has been flipped by hydra (misty told him when she bailed his ass out- he’s still the only one privy to that) but he’ll take it with a grain of salt. There are other avengers he’d suspect long before Steve.


“I DID IT ALL ALONE! … You helped a little!”

I swear, Fernando’s line has never been more fitting now than it’s ever been before, although incidentally.

On the rest of my team’s defense: their objective times have been fair and reasonable for real, given how they were all flanks and damages (’sides, one of them seemed to have experienced multiple connection issues).

But compared to that monstrosity *points @ 725*, they look like they’re tiny results.

(Just for the records: most of the times I was doing a deadly conga with AI-Torvald and “NemesiSalsa”, either around a payload or on the point.)

P.S.: The presence of NemesiSalsa is the reason why my Fernando has a different armour: I’m picking the habit of switching temporarily to that “God of War” one, whenever I’ll see another Ferny popping out in AI-Team, so my team can tell them apart more immediately. ^^;