like the style of their songs is really good for them

Before my trip, I gotta download mad music… Feel free to drop me suggestions.

My music style is… anything I guess hip hop inspired or has a good beat… No snsd stuff or super junior stuff… They’re the exact opposite of my style.

Please… I need music, and I suck at finding songs.

If you know any good khip hop songs, yassss.

Idk…here’s an example of a song I really like… Beast - Good Luck.

Yes… Please give me songs. All the songs I know now are old n crusty.

N punk pop or pop punk is cool. I don’t go out of my way to listen to them but I freaking love the old Sleeping with Sirens and All Time Low n stuff…

Help a lil booger like me out plz

updated masterlist yay

(I have everything listed in the order that I wrote it so you can watch my writing style grow and change over time woooo – the ones I wrote like two years ago are really cringe-y [and apparently I had never heard of proofreading] but i’m posting links to them anyway omg; if you want to read stuff that’s actually good, the links at the bottom of the lists are the newer ones)



One Shots:




One Shots:


(written in a way that allows the reader to fill in whatever guy they want)

One Shots:


anonymous asked:

can you recommend some shinhwa songs to me? i want to listen to them and never have.

hello, sweetie!! thanks for trusting me for this haha ^^

It really depends on which kind of music you like, because in Shinhwa’s music you’ll find a lot of different styles, sometimes even mixed together haha.

I’m going to recommend you some of my personal favorites (: and if you want to know more just drop me another ask, I’m always willing to help.

- Resolver.

Their debut song, and more than being just a catchy song, it’s full of energy. Really good lyrics, and the balance between rap and actual singing is really nice. You can even listen the rap of some members than don’t do it anymore, like Minwoo.

- Eusha Eusha!

Song also from their debut album. This is a very veeeeeeeery catchy song. It has a fresh feeling since it was meant to be a summer song. The stages where really cute and they still sing it in a cute manner lol

- The things I always want

I guess not many people like this song… but is one of my personal favorites. It is very different from the songs I mentioned before, since it’s a ballad and all. Their voices during this song convey really deep emotions despite being a rookie group at that time. The boys’ voices are very sweet, but also kinda sorrowful so it creates a nice contrast with Eric’s low voice. Oh should I mention the lyrics are kinda nice too? Eric wrote part of it.

- T.O.P

This song it’s part of their second album. Honestly? I have no idea how to describe this song because I can’t find words. Just watch the video I promise you won’t regret it.

(the video I linked is from a music camp peformance, so there are a few dance breaks that the original song doesn’t have)

- YO!

This song has more of rock feeling than actual pop (their entire second album, actually). This is an anthem for the fandom lol sort of? I don’t know. The song conveys a really strong feeling, aggressive rap mixed up with the sweet touch the vocal line adds. (If you’re thinking about watching live performances of this, please beware of panda!Dongwan. Don’t be scared, it was all Lee Soo Man’s fault and it didn’t lasted long lol)

alright enough of old songs, you probably are not into that lol sorry for rambling. I think I really enjoy talking about their early years. If you want to know more about their first three albums just ask me again, I’ll tell you everything lmao.

- KBS Musical Festival

The video I linked earlier is a live performance during 2007. That video shows all their charm. Singing live while dancing to their most famous songs: Brand New, Hey Come On!, Perfect Man and T.O.P

If you’re looking for more new stuff:

- Venus

Shinhwa’s comeback after their military service. Singing live while dancing, after a four year hiatus and with the average age above 30. Do I really need to say more?

- This Love

Glorious comeback for their 11jib. Dancing vogue style and ridiculously fancy (and sometimes ugly) stage outfits and amazing live vocals. Enjoy this catchy song and sexy comeback.

- Sniper.

Now this is good content lol this year comeback, 12jib. This whole album is amazing so I really recommend it.

The live peformances of this song are all amazing, Great stage clothes, kinda going back to their more ‘dark’ concepts.

- Alright

Also from their 12jib. I have nothing to say about this song because you need to watch the live performances, like the one I just linked.

(Mnet actually has a focus for every member for this comeback, for both Sniper and Alright)

I hope you like this, anoni!!! I was actually going to put songs from every album but you might get bored and if the post is really long right now, imagine if I had gone with original plan LOL I’m sorry, I hope you have the time to read all this. I’m always happy to spread the orange love so don’t hesitate to come and talk to me again :’)


Honestly, I’ve seen a load of comments like
‘Zayn signs with label’
‘1D: let’s drop a single’

And if that’s true, good for them! Or maybe it’s just like what they did with Fireproof probably in hopes of no leaking the other songs?

But then dropping this single right now, August in the UK is the ‘proper’ summer we have and everyone not in school and work, this will help their next album so fucking much being played now over summer and they’ve never dropped stuff this early so it’s exciting.

Plus so many of us have said in the past ‘well because their album released then, they don’t make it into this awards show nominations because it was too soon or too late’

We’ve never had NEW One Direction songs in the summer so I’m excited and it should really boost their album and BUY DRAG ME DOWN! OR LISTEN ON SPOTIFY AND TWEET AND REQUEST IT ON EVERY RADIO STATION

i remember way back in the day youtube used to recommend videos - staff picks to showcase rising talent. and i watched them quite a bit (esp animated ones) and they were really good?

i just went through my old likes on an ancient youtube account and rediscovered:

  • Story from North America - dad tries to convince his kid not to kill a spider, as told through song (cw for body horror, but in that kinda trippy, adventure-time-style animated way yknow)
  • My First Crush - buncha folks describe their first crush as told through animated animals
  • Howard -  same animator as above but i love her style. about losing feelings for someone.
  • Cellphone Caprice - cellphones going off on a subway train start a kind of song
  • I Wanna Be Famous - nothing especially important about this one except it’s the first youtube video i remember watching? told through acoustic song (cw for blood, death, negativity, guns)

I love reading reviews from reporters who have never heard a 1d song but have been assigned to cover a concert or CD because they’re always like:

“WELL I KNOW NOTHING OF THIS CHILDRENS BAND IM BEING MADE TO REVIEW BUT…oh…I…um…I guess??? They can really sing??? They dont sound like boy band? They are not doing any boy band stuffs?? So many tattoos??? Genuine loving friendships evident in all their interactions??? And their girl fans are actually just having Fun together they do not seem craZY at all just…happy wtf? My bias is useless here?? The Sun lied to me!! Also Harry Styles is attractive very and they are all older than I knew of (because NO I did NOT think to google a CHILD BAND (that is actually quite good and all in their 20s did u know that it says so here on 1d wiki i MEAN WHAT) before i reviewed them///and i am definitely NOT currently googling harry’s tattoos no way ok ye s i am actually he has 50….i like the leaves) ANYWAY i also rilli enjoyed the MUSIC (they make music i did not ever consider this wow) but it is actually GOOD and sometimes even sounds like it could be roCK music even??? is neil playing an actual guitar?am i havinG a sTROKE? do I like one dalmation??? Yes I do, I’m a fan now”.

5sos-aussies asked:

If you could collab with any artist, who would it be and why?

Yo. This question is so legit, it stresses me out hahaha :P

I have really weird collab dreams. Like specific things. I desperately want to sing I Will Follow You Into The Dark as a duet with Harry Styles. Like DESPERATELY. But I don’t want to collab with One Direction… Like no hate because I love them all, but it would be very overwhelming trying to sing with all of those incredible voices.

I want to collab writing-wise with Fall out Boy or Ed Sheeran because they’re songs are amazing, but I don’t want to sing with them because I can’t live up to that and I would feel like a fraud trying to sing with them hahaha!

I also really want to sing an anthem-y song with the 5 Seconds of Summer boys. I think they totally kill anthem’s, so doing something like Anthem by Good Charlotte would be sweet because I think the voices would blend well, and they’d totally slay. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of an awesome cover of an awesome song. 

Cool. That’s about all of my collab dreams. Besides from that, I’m content doing my own thing with Tori. I basically collab on every song I do because I’m in a duo ahhah.

xx Amy Best

I just love imagining back in the old days, before the Quintessons came to Cybertron, the Wreckers bouncing around the Badlands, having a good ol’ time, and Magnus being an absolute nerd singing the battle songs with the rest of them and his (then thick) accent like Wheeljack’s. And them just roaming the countryside and fighting bad guys and protecting the forming civilizations out there and it’s really beautiful.

This is why I love the Covenant of Primus. It turned Ultra Fragging Magnus with a Stick Up His Aft as a backup weapon into a guy that had once been passionate, and reformed into the mech that he thought others needed. That’s why he doesn’t like Wheeljack so much – because Wheeljack reminds him of what he once was, of how much he’s changed since the old days… and how much his style is no longer as appreciated towards the end of the War.

I have a lot of Ultra Magnus feels.

anonymous asked:

I love SKH so fucking much, the song is awesome, the melody is great and the lyrics are on point but I feel like it really doesn't sound like a 5SOS' song, the song reminds me of Good Charlotte's songs (which is kinda normal since they worked together on the song) and I'm not sure if they're changing they're own music style and writing different things or it was just this song, either way, I'm so excited for the new album and I barely can wait for new songs, they could release them all already

I’m so excited for the album as well! xx

anonymous asked:

do you know any artists/bands brittany listens to please?

What kind of music to you like to listen to?
I’m not really partial to any one boy band. I kind of like them all. They’ve got different styles. I like *NSYNC. They’re really great performers. I saw them in concert. They were awesome. I haven’t seen Backstreet Boys in concert, so I don’t know. Backstreet Boys are much more mature and much more focused. I like that, too. I think Britney Spears is really good. I’m not really partial to any teenybopper girlfriend or whatever. I just like all sorts of music from country to techno to pop to rap. Anything. I can’t handle certain kinds of country. I can go as far as Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks, but when it gets into Garth Brooks and it gets really twangy I have to stop!” - x

What’s the last song you downloaded?
Probably the “Lord Huron” album, I love it, I downloaded all of their songs. And there’s a band called “1975” that I really love. But then I also really love Kelly Clarkson’s song “Catch My Breath,” I’m into that too. I kind of go back and forth between new indie music and, like, totally awesome pop music.” - x

5 Seconds Of Summer's music

I love 5SOS’ style very much, they may not be Greenday but at least they didn’t go for the classic band way, too pop and cheesy.
They went bad boy style and the best part of it its that they are really cute.
Instead, boybands sing beautiful and romantic songs and in reality they are shitty people, but 5SOS is a band that sings that type of music and they are cute and good people in real life.

People dont let them be. I love them because people say they copy this band or this other, but please. Every artist looks up to another artist and you cant deny that. They are people, normal people who admire other people. They admit they admire lots of bands and obviously they’d like to be like them.
People telling them things like “You’re not Greenday” “You’ll never be like Blink-182” its like stfu and let them be.

If i admire for example, T-swizzle, and i sang and was recognized as 5sos maybe yes, id get inspiration from songs of Taylor and YES OF COURSE I WOULD LIKE TO BE AS SUCCESSFUL AND TALENTED AS HER, i admire her!
I mean if someone asked me “would you like to be like Taylor swift?” OF COURSE ID LIKE TO BE. Yes, obviously id like to be recognized because of being ME but another part of me also wants to be like her lEtS bE HONEST

They admire for example Greenday, if someone admires Greenday, (i use this band as an example it could be any other band) and you ask them “would you like to be like Greenday?” They would tell you that of course theyd love to! 5sos knows that, but they know and tell us that they want to be 5 Seconds Of Summer, people, they have their own music. Its different music. Even tho you and they know that theyd still like to be like them. They admire them. And theyd say “We would love to be like Greenday” but people would bully them and hate them and say theyre just copying them because thats how people is.
its like saying that if i study the same career as someone else im copying them, cant i just like the same thing that some else likes and do it in my own way?
and they are always copying
Justin Bieber is copying Michael Jackson
One Direction is copying the Backstreet boys. I mean, why? Cant i just follow the same way someone else already followed without being compared? And without people telling me “ohh, you must wanna be like him/her but you never will”

Besides, a new generation is coming. They are really young and people should thank them that they are doing GOOD MUSIC for a NEW GENERATION.
Good Charlotte, Blink, The Killers, Nirvana, Guns and roses, etc
I love them, I do. But we need new music
People need to know that
People need to know that just because you admire someone and want to follow their steps does not mean you are copying them.
They can follow their steps and be completely original come on

we need new people in this generation to keep the gender alive.

I dont understand why people now days are really mean

Tagged by juicy-shuu ! Thank friend ;u;
Write 6 random facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 of your followers.

1. I straight up had no idea I was actually really good at video games until Gia came to stay with me for a few weeks, because I’d always been friends with these uber gamers. I’d been comparing myself to them so long I thought I was just ‘okay’ at games. xD

2. Most people who get to know me even a little usually find out I’m a ridiculous audiophile who can’t go three days without downloading a new song. I have tons of music, and everyone has a hard time finding songs I haven’t heard before. This has led to me being called things like ‘music guru’ and jokes that if I’m away from my headphones too long I’ll die.

3. The first anime convention I ever attended was on halloween, while my Grandmother was in the hospital. Mom helped me style my wig in the bathroom of her hospital room. It’s weird to think about tbh, but I still had a great time.

4. I hate too much heat. I melt super easy. Cold can be countered with fuzzy blankets but heat is so hard to deal with. The only good thing about summer is swimming and vacations. Oh, and conventions.


6. I could live off pizza for a pretty decent amount of time even though it’s my second favorite food to rice. Why is pizza so good? It’s so good.

I’m just gonna tag kytyngurl2​  and shulksfeelif they wanna do the thing


This is it.

This song is proof that one direction are going to come out stronger and better than ever on this new album.

I think they did a really smart thing by changing up their sound from the “FOUR” album. They are at a starting over point in the band and this is the perfect way for them to do that.

The song is catchy, pop yet has a rock edge, and has a dance vibe all at the same time. The vocals are KILLER. When you listen to it you don’t think “oh zayn’s voice is missing” you think “this is a great song, sung very well”

I hope this song gets the credit it deserves because if songs like Bad Blood and Where Are You Now can be extremely popular than Drag Me Down can be just as popular.

The boys are back.


Kikwang’s shirt ripping has me kinda dead. Also why is Doojoon such an adorable dork? Dancing to 12:30 at the end of Yey…

Can we talk about our precious maknae’s beautiful voice? And the fact that Yoseob look like sin? And that peek at his abs!!!!

Junhyung and Hyunseung’s hair, though… Are they both at war with their hairstylists? Why do the stylists keep on doing this to them?

But the song is really good! It’s a really different style, but really good. Let’s give them lots of love. Most of the songs if not all are already charting on Melon. :)

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have you ever heard future starts slow by the kills? it really reminds me of your thread with nyxvuur

( HOLY SHIT ) ║ nyxvuur.

okay, i don’t know what surprises me more:
the fact that these lyrics actually… wow i am blown away by this. bless you, i’ve never heard this song before but i
??? really like it. and it fits. jesus christ. this style of music fits unbelievably well with the two of them i think i’m going to die. you’ve pretty much got them perfectly.

an anon actually reads threads that i write with other people and associates them with songs and then
actually takes the time to come and tell us about it. like what a thing to wake up to !!! bless you anon. now i’m going to be listening to this song for the rest of the month sdfghjklsdfghj. you’ve got some good taste in songs. (B

zoldyckes asked:

(this isn't in anon but anyways lol) i know you're into kpop and im interested into getting into it more, but i have noooo idea where to start. the only group i've listened to really is SHINee and EXO and i liked the both of them. so i was wondering, what are some good kpop groups for beginnners like myself??? thank you ^^

Oh my dear kouhai, you just put yourself into some deep trouble LMAO

Okay, so you already listened to EXO and SHINee that’s a pretty fresh start. I only listen to male groups xD so I have more information about them, well let’s go, for each group I talk about I’ll say my top songs that might be a good start.

My top three kpop groups are 

  • INFINITE (my very first, it’s a good start tbh bc they have a lot of styles. Song recommendation: Man in Love, Bad, Back and Last Romeo) 
  • BTS (fresh new boys, they’re really popular right now, and they’ve developed so much in so little time I’m so proud of them - Song recommendation: Let me Know, Born Singer, Hold me Tight and Danger), and 
  • EXO which you’ve already listened to but I’m putting a recommendation anyways for songs that should be more appreciated: What is Love, What If, Playboy, Promise and Baby Don’t cry

You should also check BIGBANG bc well it’s BIGBANG lol (songs I like the most: Haru Haru, Tonight and Tell Me Goodbye) and GOT7 just released a very very good album (songs: Just Right, Nice and Stop Stop It)

For girl groups, I recommend Girls Generation, SISTAR and 2NE1 although I don’t listen to them much, they’re the best imo ^^

anonymous asked:

Opinion on twenty one pilots?

Uh I don’t really know them. Obviously I see them all the time on my dash but I only have like two of their songs which I kinda like. They aren’t really my style of music, but they seem perfectly nice and everything and I get a lot of people like them (I don’t really understand why they’ve got a massive fanbase all of a sudden, but then I don’t really listen to them). Also I’d never heard of them because they aren’t really a thing here in England, well not until really recently anyway, so I had no idea who they were. Um yeah, so they seem nice and they have good lyrics and are clearly very talented, just not my sort of thing I guess.

Also I know there’s stuff going on with the “clique” right now or whatever, but I don’t really have an opinion about that because I don’t really get it. Thanks for the question :)

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studio killers?

First song Youtube redirected me to: Ode to the Bouncer

Do I like it? yeah i’d jam out to it

Would I listen to more of them? if I’m feeling it

Who would be my favourite member? Teemu Brunila

If there’s a music video to it, did it catch my attention? yeah i really like the art style

Have I heard of them before, but haven’t realized it? i doubt it

Send me bands

theprinceandthebookshelf asked:

Feyre, rhysand, lucian =)

Feyre: How creative are you?

I have no idea…  Is pretty creative a good answer? Cuz I don’t really know >.< 

Rhysand: Are you a morning or night person?

I suppose I’m more of a night person but when it’s school I usually turn into a morning person, it’s weird I know. But I love staying up late and nights are better than mornings, so yeah.

Lucien: Favorite Fall Out Boy song?

Hmm, I like Centuries, Immortals, Thanks for the memories, The Phoenix and Uma Thurman best so all of them (can’t really choose only one of them).

My song knows what you did in the dark (Light em up) is also good.

Thanks Haley! ^^

Send me an ask Sarah J Maas style