like the style of their songs is really good for them

As a fan of older groups, I don’t pay too much attention to some newer ones. I do like some of them, but they wouldn’t go anywhere near my faves at any time. Thinking that, I was really surprised when I fell too much in love with OH MY GIRL’s “Closer”. It seriously is a great song. I know absolutely nothing about the group, but I went to check on them and was really disappointed with their comebacks. Not that the songs are bad, but they aren’t my style and aren’t anywhere near as good as “Closer

I think about lying on the floor and being so tired and it’s 4am and I’m lying next to harry more than I should. I think about made in the AM, how true the song is - when you’re talking out of your asses but it’s seriously probably the best conversations you’ve ever had.

I think about what it would be like to touch shoulders with him. Friendly, nothing to come of it. And he will talk with his hands, straight up in the air, flailing them up and down every once in a while. 

I think about his giggles, and his yawns, and him rubbing his eyes.

I think about saying something - or him saying something - that starts us both up in a giggle fit. Like, the ones that start out as little giggles and then, we both really start thinking about it and it gets a bit more like laughter, and then, we are both clutching at our stomachs because it hurts so good.

And I think about HARRY’S laugh. What it would sound like. Loud, booming wails of joy coming from him, his face turning red and he starts to tear up, the noise enough to send me straight to heaven.

But THEN - he can’t breathe. We both can’t. One of those laughs where you’re both squealing through your throats, eyes pinched shut and he’s rolled over now.

I think about just watching him… taking in his pure joy, his noises, his gasps for air and his howls of laughter.

and I think about how I want to bottle them up and save them.

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squad activities anon again but just bc i like dance au's what types of dance does the lion squad (read: keith totally unironically dances to kpop/bboys when no ones looking) do pls and thank


  • He would. He’d look up dances to his favorite kpop songs and learn the dances to them, alone in his room.
  • He’d think he was the coolest.
  • He took hip-hop classes once because one of his foster families was rich and nice.
  • So with his like… 3 weeks of dance move knowledge, he coreographs dances to other songs besides kpop
  • The routines are garbage, though, but he has fun doing it.


  • I bet he’d be a really great dancer doing any dance.
  • He can do ballet, but doesn’t tell anyone about it.


  • He’s good at things like the waltz, but besides that, he’s not very good.
  • Lets Pidge dance on his feet, dad-and-child style. It’s v cute.


  • He’d really like traditional dances.
  • He’d also be very good at tap dancing and would love how it’s both music and dancing. 


  • They can’t dance. They’re so bad at it. 
  • They tried once, and sprained their ankle and broke an arm.
  • It’s that bad.
Down to the Bone
  • Down to the Bone
  • JT Machinima

Down to the Bone by JT Machinima (through the first chorus)


it took me a few days to do this (I’m not very good at drawing the skelebros yet… and this is only the second time I’m attempting the underfell bros) - but i had a lot of fun doing it… er, maybe too much.

go give JT Machinima’s full song a watch & like/subscribe! i’ve been kind of addicted to this ever since I stumbled across it, haha. i actually ended up feeling like it really fit the underfell skelebros better than the classic skelebros, and i wanted to try making one of these! learned a whole lot about expressions and body language and framing and orz//// there’s a few things i’d wanna fix tbh (crossed the left/right lines a few times w/o setup) but hey ʅ(〃∀〃)ゞ i’m away from home for a week+ so i didn’t want to let it fall by the wayside.

tl;dr! hope you like it & go check out the original song & artist, JT Machinima!

  • Me after a new Steven Universe:That was good! I liked it a lot, but it could have done better honestly. That one moment was a little cringy, and the song felt forced, they aren't as good as season 1 songs. I don't really care about the character they focus on that much, but I guess other people like them; I don't really see it though. They never mention any of the old characters anymore, I'd rather hear from them. It was a bit too cutesy and honestly the anime-style of writing and art just doesn't do much for me. The joke everyone thought was funny I just thought was cheesey. But don't get me wrong it's a good show. And I liked that episode a lot!
  • Me after a new Clarence:Literally flawless. Absolutely perfect in every way. Great humour, visuals, character depth, emotional moments, and clever jokes. Definitely one of the best episodes yet from a show that keeps getting better. A+. Utterly flawless.

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Oh😅 okay. I was asking if you know of any bands that sound like how you think RHATO would sound. And what Jason's singing voice would be like.

Oh! Well in my head Rhato sounds similar to Haim (if you don’t know them, The Wire and My Song 5 are really good examples) and maybe there’s a bit of Zayn too tbh (Wrong & Lucozade, for example)

And I’m not sure what his voice would sound like. I dont know why but for some reason I just keep thinking about Juanes, specifically his song Me Enamora. (Which doesn’t make sense because I don’t think his voice would fit the style of music rip)


Submission 😄 - vocaloins

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I don’t care if NAVILLERA sounds like all their previous songs or if it’s completely unique, if GFRIEND has found their musical niche that they enjoy being in, either hop on the train or get off the next stop

Like if they enjoy being in this genre and singing this way, let them live!! They’re happy and they’re making other people happy and your negativity on their music video is pathetic, go complain on your personal blog or somewhere else

Your comments of “it sounds like everything they’ve done, it’s so boring” is really unnecessary

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What are your thoughts on Beast comeback? (:

See, I’m probably not a good person to ask about this, because even if I don’t show it, honestly speaking, Beast is my everything. There’s never really been a song of theirs or a comeback that I’ve disliked which probably speaks volumes for how far gone I am. I don’t know if people feel this way about their own favourite group, but listening to Beast feels kind of like coming home after a long tiresome work trip. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to them for so long that their voices (and personalities) are familiar to me the way a friend’s would be, but everything about them is so comfortable even when they try genres that they haven’t done before. There are looks and haircolours and styles I don’t remember fondly but song wise they’re right up my alley. I do have preferences for some over others but at the end of the day, I like them all.

So, with that said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this comeback. Like I said, I always like all their songs so that wasn’t really something unexpected but the songs this time are also so much more diverse than I expected! Also, do you know how long I’ve been waiting for Kikwang and Doojoon’s “Baby, It’s You”? Nearly 10 months! That’s almost a whole year.

Looks wise, this comeback is easily my favourite. Well, I don’t quite love the pants but the heavens have blessed us with black/dark brown hair all around. Doojoon, Kikwang, and Yosoeb look great to me no matter what you put them in, but honestly it’s Junhyung this comeback who makes me swoon. See, I didn’t quite like Dongwoon’s long hair from the last comeback, but now, though, it’s short and black and goodness, he looks so, so attractive. Easily a second favourite. ♥

Song wise, I’ve been listening to a lot to “Highlight”, “Ribbon”, “Found You”, “Baby, It’s You”, and “잘자요”. I even woke up today to Junhyung’s “highlight” line ringing in my ear. (For the last few days, it had been his “tie up a ribbon”.) I would’ve given you opinions on all the songs, but I just got my album last night and so only heard most of these (except Butterfly, Ribbon, and Baby, It’s You) for the first time yesterday. I know I could’ve listened earlier, but I told myself to wait until I got the album and it was definitely worth the wait. Honestly though, the five of them together can probably just sit down and sing me the iTunes terms and conditions and I’d still love it.

Highlight is so different from what I was expecting! I thought it’d be something like Encore from HTL, HTL but it wasn’t. I loved it literally a second in and everyone’s voice sounds so chill and laidback and suave. I don’t have anything to say about Ribbon, except for wow how the hell does Junhyung do this to me EVERY SINGLE TIME? The violin in Ribbon is SO GOOD. I’m so glad he put in the instrumental on the album, because there’s just so much to appreciate!

I think it’s Doojoon’s parts that I like best from most of the songs on the album, but can we talk about Yoseob’s high note during Ribbon? When they released the teaser with it and I listened for the first time, I legit thought that Junhyung had altered the audio of the actual song in just that teaser for effect or something. But then the song drops and their live performance comes out, and Yosoeb hits those very high notes with almost ease and just…

Ah, this has gotten really long, but I honestly love this album a lot. But then again, everytime they release something, I go like “this is my favourite” until they come up with something else. (Can we talk about the Japanese tracks they’d been releasing last year though? So much talent! I died when Dongwoon sang his lines in Saigono Hitokoto.)

In case you were curious (you’re not, but I just wanted to say either way) I pulled Junhyung and Dongwoon’s photocard and Doojoon’s bookmark from the album. I love the photobook but I’m sad about the lack of group shots. There’s only one and it’s that aerial view picture of them in suits running. There’s a few of them in duos and trios but not really any as a whole group. :(

The photocard is curious looking shape-wise and it has a red string running through it. Not quite a ribbon but more like a thicker, heavier version of what I imagine the red string of fate to be like. It’s also tied up in the center and in the ends. Idk how to explain without pictures. But yes, I love. I love very much.

(You should never ask me to talk about Beast, because I don’t have a lot of friends who stan them. So, if you ever even ask me a question with a one-word answer, I will write you a paragraph.)
Giving Up by Ingrid Michaelson (cover)

Giving Up by Ingrid Michaelson (cover) by Gabriella C

It’s not from a musical, that ok? - illtrytosaveyou


Yeah it just makes it a bit harder for me to cast you but I’ll get at least one. I’m also making corrections that fit more with this style instead of MT since that fits haha. 

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