like the snk fandom does

snk chapter 59

Hitch and Marlo, you say?

So many Annie mentions. A chapter there there is annie this annie that everywhere is a chapter well spent.

Yep Marlo, that’s the idiot alright. 

wait are we confessing about adorable background guys here because when mink was kicking the ass of the guy who harassed aoba in the common route, there was this dude standing next to mink with a grey, long-sleeved shirt and he looks so beautiful.. nitro+chiral makes even the background characters hot it’s not even funny anymore

everyone likes to talk about how bad/dramatic/problematic the SNK fandom is but I feel like very little people talk about the wonderfully talented and artistic side of it like god bless fucking everyone in this fandom who draws/does graphics/writes/supports those who do because your contributions are meaningful and you deserve to be recognized for them