like the red wedding

My fave moments from SDCC press


Candice : There’s still Cisco, Kid Flash…*looks in DP’s direction*…a bunch of people stepping in to help

Int : what would the wedding look like?

Tom C : Red wedding

Candice : Oh my god! Why would you put a curse on our wedding!

ET Now

When Grant thought he was blocking Keiy & he leaned into Candice (3:10)

(At 3:50) JLM : Kids are always in trouble whether it be […] or regular everyday drama *puts his arms on Candice*

Candice : Wait why are you putting your arms on me like?

Grant : Cuz gurl we got all the drama 

Candice talking about Iris’ dream wedding (5:25)

(6:25) Grant correcting Leanne saying Iris is Barry’s FIANCE not girlfriend (A MAN)

(8:50) Grant taking a picture of Leanne mid interview & her smiling & blowing him a kiss

THE EXCHANGE STARTING FROM 10:50 to  11:05 “Dude stop! She’s not your real girlfriend!” THE NOISE I MADE SKDKSJD

The nod to Candice/Caity friendship at 11:55

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Uhh, I think Mella caught the flowers, but then Whisper tackled her…. so, they’re both going to marry Edge as far as I’m concerned.

Red poured his soul out, then got beaten with a bible, and Edge got doused with holy water.  He started writhing on the ground and rolling around because of his tree sinning.   Then, he threatened to kill Rick Astley, but Red told him to reign it in.  

Afterward, everyone went to the reception at Red Robin and there may have been karaoke, but I left before that.  xP  

This part of Tyrion chapter in ASOS is so underrated. Look how sweet it is: 

“I won’t intrude. Dress warmly, my lady, the wind is brisk out there.”   

The wind was brisk, just as he’d warned Sansa, and there was a smell of rain in the air. Perhaps when Lord Tywin was done with him he should go to the godswood and fetch her home before she got soaked.

I just think Sansa brings out a more sensitive part of Tyrion. Its cute. 

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Reading your Robert ask, do you think Jaime can be redeemed or nay?

Talking about Jaime and redemption is like stepping on a landmine in fandom. Let’s do it.

Look, in theory, everyone can be redeemed as long as they are capable of changing. Jaime is capable of change; the person we met in AGoT is not the same one we left off in ADWD. So in the abstract sense, yes he could be redeemed but only if he takes measures to earn that redemption. But is Jaime taking those measures? The answer is a resounding no.

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Modern Say Yes to the Dress type AU where Emma and Teddy are getting married. Teddy takes Sam and Jack along with him to pick a tux while Emma takes Josh, Vas, Billy, Goody, and Red Harvest to help her find a dream wedding dress ❤️

I feel like Green would constantly show off his wedding ring. He would try to do it lowkey at first : like placing his left hand in his face or tapping his ring on whatever he has in his hand.
Then he would just be super obvious: Like “Oh no god I almost lost my WEDDING RING! Red would have killed me!” And he would just shove it into peoples faces.

I also feel like he would also make it clear that he’s married to red. Like when Red just shows up he’s like “Oh hey there Red, my sexy HUSBAND.”

Red thinks if this marriage is really worth it

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And in the article Eddy actually says that Emma is following her mother's advice so it confirms in a way that she's heavily influenced by her parents wishes at that time. And her dress again-Eddy said at SDCC that her wedding dress would be more like red and leather and it isn't,it's very traditional instead. So did they changed their minds or are they planning a plot twist? Not to say that it's clearly stylised after Grace Kelly who have sacrificed her career for her husband. That's not subtle!

…yes to all that and I’d like to add, that… the wedding dress completely encapsulates her, which suddenly reminded me of Emma being stuck in the spider web. The scene felt like it came out of nowhere at the time, but…

…I decided to look up spider dream symbolism and… 

“The spider is also symbolic of feminine power or an overbearing mother figure in your life.” [x]

…well… the plot thickens.