like the raft though


“You’re the one who lied!”

why do we lie when we actually truly love someone?

Ep1: The Adventures of Pinocchio

Ep2: The Ugly Duckling

Ep3: The Snow Queen

Ep4: Romeo & Juliet

Ep5: The King Has Donkey Ears

Ep6: Two Years’ Vacation

Ep7: The Frog in the Well

Ep8: A Lucky Day

Ep9: The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Ep10: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Ep11: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Ep12: The Magic Flute

Ep13: Christmas Present

Ep14: Hansel and Gretel

Ep15: Don Quixote

Ep16: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Ep17: The Scarlet Letter

Ep18: The Red Shoes

Ep19: The North Wind and the Sun

Ep20: Peter Pan

I Look Inside Myself (and See My Heart is Black)

Tony tried to keep his steps light and his face looking unbothered when he followed Ross into the Raft, even though his face felt like a slab of raw meat, his left arm was aching sharply in its sling, and his gut was in twisted-up knots. And he thought he managed to pull off the act – until he glanced over a guard’s shoulder at the monitors he was watching. Then his steps slowed, and he knew his face was showing far too much of what he was feeling.

Wanda, chained up in her cell, pale and glaring at the camera. Stuck right where he’d tried so hard to keep her out of, even when it had earned him nothing but hate.

And Loki. Shackled up in even heavier suppression gear than Wanda, but standing tall in the middle of his little cell. Also looking at the camera, glancing up through his lashes, looking almost coquettish, a faint smile on his thin lips. Four years he’d been there, since SHIELD decided to declare finders keepers after the Battle of New York, and looking as sassy as ever. The bastard.

Swallowing through a tight throat, Tony made himself look straight ahead and focus on the prisoners he actually had a chance of meeting.

Tony jetted off to Sibiria, watched everything he’d ever tried to believe in fall apart, and barely made it out alive.

He wasn’t sure he was pleased about that last bit.

”Priority call from Secretary Ross. There’s been a breach at the Raft prison.”

Tony gleefully put Ross on indefinite hold, and didn’t think much more than Rogers you crafty asshole. Then the new emptiness of the compound closed around him, and it was all just noise in the far background, nothing to do with his life.

The Accords had been for the Avengers, and they were gone.

What did they have left to threaten him with?

He’d forgotten the fact that the Raft had held more than former Avengers.

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