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In a world both frightening and unlucky, there are a few comforts. One of them is making new friends. Friends can make you feel the world is smaller and safer than it really is because you know people who have similar experiences. When you meet people like that, you may find your world feels a little more complete. Like the missing piece of a puzzle.


A tub of snow makes for some great enrichment, it seems.

I actually gave them the little pot at the top there first, but Tofu (white one) emptied it in two seconds flat and then sat in it, so I decided they need a bigger bucket. As you can see, Tofu was thrilled. Jack was more wary but he inspected the stuff too.

Presented in chronological order.

@why-animals-do-the-thing look at my fuzzy noodles enjoying some frozen water %)

@endangeredtreealligator and I came to the realization that you could put Aizawa in nearly any scene with Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation and it could still work and be 13x more hilarious.

Present Mic: You’re literally listening to turkey calls.

Aizawa: Oh is this- is this not rap?

Aizawa: I don’t want to seem overdramatic… but I don’t really care what happens here.

Aizawa: All Might has a lot of qualities I find horrifying. But the worst one by far is how thoughtful he can be.

A parent of a past student: *Comes into his office and complains about him expelling her son*

Aizawa: *slowly wheels around in a chair without making eye contact*

Aizawa: If any of you need anything at all, too bad.

Aizawa: I have been forced to do many things I don’t enjoy, like write things down and speak with people.

Aizawa: Not to worry, I have a permit.

*Hands the police a single sheet of paper with the words “I can do what I want.” on it*

Aizawa: I came here for the same reason people go to the zoo. Shhh, look at that thing.

Present Mic: *Speaking into a microphone so animatedly that he accidentally smacks himself in the face*

Aizawa: Nature is amazing.

Aizawa: I like saying no. It lowers their enthusiasm.

Aizawa: I’ll have the number 8.

Waiter: That’s a party platter, sir. It serves 12 people.

Aizawa: I know what I’m about, son.

Aizawa: Yeah, I’m just gonna stay angry. I find that relaxes me.

Recovery Girl: Allergies?

Aizawa: Cowardice and weak-willed men.

Aizawa: I was born ready. I’m Aizawa fucking Shouta.

16 things I learned in 2016
  1. Leave everything up to God, like everything.
  2. Help people who look like you and don’t look like you.
  3. Whatever addiction you have right now, it will never satisfy.
  4. When it comes to friends: Quality > Quantity.
  5. Follow your dreams even if they seem absolutely infeasible.
  6. Travel alone when and if you can.
  7. Laugh, laugh and laugh again.
  8. Learn the difference between honesty and being rude.
  9. Marriage is not your endgame. It’s a part of the story.
  10. That being said, stop worrying about marriage.
  11. There is nothing wrong with being alone.
  12. The harder the journey gets, the more you’ve got to rely on God.
  13. This too will pass - breakups, bad grades, and everything in between.
  14. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is to stay silent.
  15. Strive for God’s best, not your own.
  16. Stop dwelling on the past and move forward.

Star Trek Discovery has been delayed too and unknown time but this doesn’t have to be taken in a negative way.

Most creative projects get delayed because they need more times to fix problems. There being problems is not a negative. The only way it would be a negative is if they weren’t given the time too fix it.

All the Star Trek films and series have dealt with things like this. It’s normal. It isn’t a bad thing.

It shows quality control and I am down for them showing they care.

I watched Fantastic Beasts and I like so many things about this movie I don’t know where to start, so here’s the sassy niffler (bad quality as always, sorry ;-; also i was too lazy and only sketched the coins oops) (Alternative title to this: i can’t use pencils but i still insist on using them fml)

A moral dilemma

Anonymous said: “Playing off of the “smol” request, could you do where you’re at the mall and you ask a stranger (Yoongi) to get headphones off the shelf because you’re too short? + He refuses and offers another pair cuz the ones you wanted were “really bad quality”?”

I hope you like this! <3 Thank you for the request! :D 

Curse these shelves designed for tall people! The tip of your finger brushed the box you were trying to reach, pushing it further back. You were about to step on one of the other shelves to boost yourself up when you saw a better way of obtaining your goal.

“Excuse me?” You said to the young man who was trying on the display headphones. He took the pair off when you tapped him on the shoulder, looking slightly confused. “Could you get those headphones down for me?” He looked over to where you were pointing, walking a little closer.

“These?” He reached up and touched the box for confirmation.

“Yeah, thanks.” You smiled expectantly. 

“No, I can’t.” He dropped his hand back to his side, and your smile fell.

“Oh. It looked like you could.” You would have understood if he was busy, or couldn’t reach. But to walk over, touch the box, and then refuse to get it down? That was a little strange. 

“I can’t morally.” The stranger clarified. “That’s way too expensive for what you’d be getting.” He continued, walking past you and back to the display headphones. “Here, look at these.” He waved you over, and you followed somewhat reluctantly. “They’re only five dollars more, but they’re higher quality and have a warranty.” He picked them up and placed them over your ears before pressing the play button so you could hear the quality for yourself. They fit nicely over your ears, and had a clear bass, which could be hard to find in headphones. The stranger said something to you, but you only saw his lips move.

“What?” You said, taking off the headphones. He smiled, picking up another pair. 

“I said, they cancel out noise well. Now try these.” He placed the other pair on your head, and you could immediately tell a difference in the way they felt. The ear cups were too small and put pressure on your ears, and when he hit play there was no depth to the music. “Can you tell the difference?” He asked, and you noticed that these had no noise cancellation.

“Yeah, there’s a huge difference.” You said, taking the second pair off. 

“These were the one’s you wanted.” He said, referring to the second pair. “You see why I couldn’t get them down for you, right?”

You laughed, nodding. “Yes, I do. Thanks. How do you know so much about headphones anyway?”

He shrugged. “I compose music, you need high quality equipment for that. I’d be happy to tell you more, if you’d like. My name’s Yoongi by the way.” 


Yoonkook wallpapers requested by @fortune-suga-kookie

I’m sorry for the crappy quality and the long wait. Idk if it’s just me or photos of these two together are really hard to find. Anyways, I hope it’s not too bad and ya’ll who want will be able to use it. (◠ω◠✿)

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Riordanverse fandom: “Uncle Rick, pls stahp! We can’t take anymore!”

Me: “These words…I do not think they mean what you think they mean.”

Fandom: “He’s milking it!”

Me: “I mean, it’s quality milk, though.”

Fandom: “It’s too much.”

Me: *face peeking out from a large pile of books and shirts*

Me: “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Uncle Rick: “Hey, guys! Look at these plans for another myth series!”

Me: *drowning out discourse* “YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!”

There are a lot of different types of freedom. We talk about freedom the same way we talk about art, like it is a statement of quality rather than a description. ‘Art’ doesn’t mean good, or bad. 'Art’ just means art. It can be terrible and still be art. Freedom can be good, or bad, too. There can be terrible freedom. You freed me and I didn’t ask you to; I didn’t want you to. I am more free now than I have ever been and I am spiraling.
—  Alice Isn’t Dead Ep. 2, Joseph Fink

How to be even cuter with Snow… 👀


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?