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I remember making the V2 meme and laughed at how good an opportunity it was. I then completely forgot about it and a year or so later I made the V4 meme with the same fucking caption except it was Taiyang!!

So really both of Yang’s parents told her that she is a useless lesbian

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In celebration for reaching 1500+ followers, I’m hosting an art con!! WOO!!

  1. You must be following me! New peeps welcome!
  2. There will be three themes mentioned below. pick your favorite and draw with the theme!
  3. It’s gotta be undertale related. AUs and OCs are acceptable so long as they’re still ut related
  4. Learn the basics of quantum mechanics
  5. You gotta tag me in your entries so I’ll see em, also please reblog this post so I’d know you guys are entering!
  6. Contest ends at the 27th! I’m not planning on making this a super long contest.
  7. Bonus points if you could draw my skelesona in it!
  8. Forget Quantum mechanics
  9. If there’s still any lingering questions, ask me!

-Pleasant Surprise

-Sweets Galore!


First prize is gonna be a fake screenshot! like this!

Second and third will get a short gif like the ones I’ve been using on this post

or like this!

oh one last thing?


So about that Witchy Pen Pals post by @astralwitchling

How many of you would want to actually participate in something like that? (Sending letters or gifts to a witch pen pal)

@witchcastors and i were chatting about it, and we’d really like to get something organized. We have a few ideas but we’re not quite sure how many people would be interested, so if that sounds like something you would enjoy, please give this a reblog!

We’ll keep the ideas flowing in the meantime. I’m super excited to see if we can turn this into something!


group hug + solo keith icons

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ideally looking for blogs that are discourse-free, and 18+ as i will sometimes post nsfw. i ship a lot of things, these are just my main ships that i am looking for more content for. i’m also looking for people to talk with about these ships (specifically allurancelot. please. i cant be the only one)

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Something Entirely New (Cullen x Inquisitor/Reader)

Cullen never really knew what it was like to be in love until recently.

Word Count: 600

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy!! Thank you (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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You had completely changed his life like he’d never thought possible.

He had felt his heart pound around others before, his mind draw to an utter blank, or even feel so flustered as to rush off.

But you were different.

Utterly and wonderfully different.

His stomach used to twist or tie into knots at the sight of you, and there were more times that he could count that you left him at a loss for words, hardly able to muster more than a few murmurs.

But you made him happy.

Happier than he thought possible.

Despite it all the moment he’d see you approach him his heart would skip a beat and a warmth bloom in his chest.

He hadn’t entirely thought he was in reality when you admitted the same to him, somehow able to maintain that sort of calmness you always had.

How you did, he hadn’t the faintest idea.

He could make a list about all of the things about you that amazed him.

But the idea of ever saying it to you left him near shaking.

But somedays he could come close.

And one morning he had come close.

He had woken to find you cradled in his arms, streams of sunlight pouring in from the glass of your quarters as his eyes opened.

He couldn’t help but smile as he felt your hands ribboned around him in return, only stirred as he let out a small yawn.

You crinkled your nose briefly, stretching before sinking back against him, your lids opening as you looked up to him, smiling.

“…Good morning.”

“Good morning.” He hummed, grinning at the sleepiness entangled in your tone.

You glanced up outside, folding your lips. “I’m not…I’m not sure I want to get up yet.” You raised your brow, sheepish. “What about you?”

“I don’t mind.” He simpered.

You thought for a moment. “I’m not…I’m not tired I just…” You giggled meekly, the tips of your ears reddening. “I don’t really want to leave this.”

It clicked in his head almost instantly, feeling his heart threatening to burst.

He hardly even thought before the words slipped from his mouth.

“I love you.” He said softly. “I love you so much did you know that?”

Your eyes widened like saucers, your face erupting into red in a moment’s notice.

And you began to laugh.

It was a beautiful sort of laugh, quiet and flustered as you responded.

“I love you too.”

He couldn’t seem to stop smiling you said that to him, tipping his forehead against your own.

“I…” He sighed. “I don’t even know how to begin to describe you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re just…” He folded his lips, trying to muster the courage to confess it. “I can’t believe I’m blessed enough to have this-to have y-you with me.”

You were speechless for a second, gaze shining with a sort of surprise in your expression.

And then you melted.

You curled your hands around his cheeks, peppering his face in kisses, eventually finding your fingertips tangled in his hair.

“You want to know something?”

“What?” He asked, trying to mask his embarrassment, his face slightly hidden within one of the pillows.

“I think I just might be the luckiest person in Thedas when I’m with you.”

666thecreator  asked:

Hi, I don’t mean to be a bother, but can you do a protection and luck spell for me so that I can get away from my abusive mother? My post on my other blog classyinversace explains it all but I can’t link it in an ask. I wear a clear quartz around my neck I’m a cancer with a Capricorn moon... if I can do anything to make the spell stronger please let me know. Have a lovely day, and thank you! 💕

How about we just turn this into a emoji spell?

✨ 😃 👍 👊 ⚔️ ☘ ✨

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Metallica Meet N Greet London 22nd Oct 2017.

Hi guys. 

So as promised, i thought i would write about my meet n greet experience plus tell you all how the gig went! It was of course, amazing. What i thought i would do, is to write about the meet n greet in this post and do a separate one for the actual gig as other wise it’s gonna be as long as War and Peace lol. 

Please bear with me re any spelling mistakes etc, i am shattered (i had less than 4 hours sleep because i was buzzing so much afterwards!) but i wanted to get it all written down whilst it’s still fresh in my mind. 

So after a fairly easy drive and train ride down to london, we (My long suffering husband and I) arrived at our hotel 35 minutes early before check in at 2pm. My email from the met club stated i had to be at the designated meeting area at the 02 arena by 3pm, any later, you won’t be let in!

I was anxious to get checked in so i could get the tube to the 02, so as soon as it hit 2pm i was at the desk. Checked in, we quickly dumped our overnight stuff in the room, me double checking i had my id, my items to be signed, my phone and very importantly the concert tickets!

The tube only took us 10 minutes, so we arrived around 2.20pm. As we were coming out of North Greenwich train station, i snapped this picture of the Service information board. 

We arrived outside the 02 arena, as it was still early and the merch shop was right in front of us, we decided it would be sensible to go and buy some stuff now rather than face the long ass queues later, especially as i didn’t know how long the meet n greet was going to be. 

Merch purchased, we headed to the meeting point, where there were two other people also standing, me tentatively asking “Are you here for the meet and greet?” 


“Oh good, we’re in the right place!”

We stood around for the next 20 minutes chatting amongst each other, more and more people joining us, all asking the same “Are you all for the meet and greet” question. 

Then 3 people from the Met Club came along, checked our id and concert tickets against their list of names and we were then issued our wristbands. 

We were taken into the main entrance hall and told “if you need to use the toilet, do it now, you might be standing around for several hours”. Once everyone arrived back from the toilet, we were taken around to the side of the arena and went through some doors taking us to the back stage area. At this point, we had to empty all our pockets, have our bags searched and then be patted down for security purposes. 

We then walked along a little further, right behind where all the seating is in the arena and stood along a wall waiting before we were allowed through any further. As you walked along, you could see all the tour cases with the Metallica logo on it all stacked up. The met club reps were all really nice and chatty to us whilst we waited. Whilst waiting, we heard the guys sound checking which was amazing. The drums were vibrating more my body so much! Then were heard the guitars and then the unmistakable sound of James singing a few lines into the microphone. We were all looking at each other, like Fuck! That’s Hetfield singing less than 30 metres away from us!

Finally after waiting around 30 minutes, we were moved into another corridor, double doors on my right, a black curtain on the left, so essentially we had a small contained area. We were asked to line up on opposite sides of the corridor and were informed about the rules. 

1st Rule - You don’t talk about the rules!

Just joking, they didn’t say that, it was just general stuff about waiting for the guys to come to you, having your camera ready, only 2 items to be signed etc etc. 

At this point, i was still feeling quite chilled about the whole thing!

Then walked in Rob. 

He went to the opposite wall to where i was standing which meant i then ended up being the 2nd from last person to meet him.  At this point i looked at the guy next to me and we both just laughed nervously. Rob makes his way around us, about halfway around, Lars then walks in! Toothpick in mouth of course!

Rob eventually gets to me. I quickly hand my phone over to one of the reps and shake Rob’s hand. Feeling a tad trembly, i say hello and asked him how he was. He said he was feeling great and asked how i was. “Yeah, i’m good thank you”. 

I didn’t plan to ask the guys any specific questions as i thought i would just say what came to me at the time rather than stressing over what to say and knowing me, getting myself all tongue tied. 

I asked Rob if he was looking forward to playing tonight in london and he said he was very much looking forward to it. I then asked him to sign my RTL vinyl and my husband’s MOP t shirt. Had my photo taken and we shook hands again and i told him that it was lovely to meet him and good luck for tonight. Rob thanked me and said it was lovely to meet me too and he moved on to the guy next to me. Rob really is a lovely guy and i’m slightly annoyed that i didn’t realise it was his birthday the next day as otherwise i would have wished him a happy birthday, but never mind. 

So next up was Lars. Lars was the one i was most nervous to meet for some reason!But actually having met Rob and seeing Lars go round all the others, i felt fine by the time he got to me. 

We shook hands and i asked how he was. he said he was doing good and then he asked where i was from (he asked everyone where they were from). I told him i was originally from Essex but was now living in Cambridge. At this point, he then points to a couple of the others on the opposite wall and then says “Oh, we have someone else from Essex here and this guy is from Cambridge too!” Lars then asked if we knew each other or lived near each other, resulting in this quite funny 3 way conversation between us about whereabouts we lived and Lars asking how near our respective villages were to each other. 

Lars signed my RTL vinyl and i told him how it was my favourite Metallica record. I then asked him to sign my husband’s shirt and said that he was waiting outside and that i had to mention him because he was the one who introduced me to Metallica. Lars smiled and said “Well tell him i said Hi!”.

We had our photo taken (several actually, the guy taking the photos took a few whilst i was talking to Lars which was nice) and i have to say, he smelt amazing! I don’t know what fragrance he wears, but he smelt so good! We shook hands again and i said it was lovely to meet him and good luck for tonight and he held my hand and nodded his head and said “and you”. 

I really don’t understand how people call Lars an asshole because he is the sweetest guy! You can tell he really enjoys meeting the fans and wants to get to know a little bit about us, he is 100% a genuine lovely man. 

Lars finished up with us all and said thanks for coming before disappearing behind the black curtain. 

(Lars pointing to the guy from cambridge!)

Now we were all waiting for who would come through next. I knew it would probably be Kirk, but of course, i couldn’t help but hope that James who maybe decide to attend. 

We then heard more music being played further down the corridor for about 20 minutes, so whether that was maybe the guys in the tuning room? Not sure as couldn’t really recognise any of the songs being played so in hindsight it may have been the support act tuning up. 

Then in came Kirk with a big “Heyyyyy!” and a big smile on his face. He is absolutely beautiful to look at in real life (not that he isn’t in photos, but you get my meaning.). 

Kirk came to my side of the wall first, so i was 2nd in line to meet him. 

Kirk came to me, big smile on his face. Shook his hand (his hands were slightly sweaty bless! So maybe he had been playing just before coming to us?  and asked him how he was. He told me he was feeling good and not as jetlagged as he thought he would be! We laughed and i said well that’s always good. Again i asked if he was looking forward to playing tonight and he said he was. Kirk seemed in a really good mood actually which was really nice to see, he genuinely appeared excited to be back in the UK. He signed my items and we took a picture (a hug from kirk is amazing by the way as you will see by my face in the picture!) and shook hands again and again said “Really lovely to meet you Kirk” and he said “and you, see you out there”. 

Kirk is really lovely and as i said he is stunning! Really jovial, nice guy. 

Kirk made his way around everyone else and then as went to disappear behind the black curtain, he said bye and he’ll see us all out there. 

(Please excuse my loony grin!)

With baited breath, we could all see we were wondering if our luck was in and would James come along, but unfortuanetly no, one of the club reps informed us that the meet n greet was over and to gather all our stuff and we would be shown back out. 

Never mind, i totally respect James’ reasons (whatever they are) to not attend (probably good from my point of view because i genuinely think i would have been lost for words, or blubbed! Neither is good!). 

We gathered out stuff and made our way back out the way we came. I called my husband and met him outside Starbucks and gave him a hug before telling him “Lars says Hi by the way!”

I just want to say, that despite being one of the biggest bands in the world, they are all humble, genuine, lovely guys. No egos, no thinking they are better than us, just really down to earth people, who obviously enjoy meeting their fans. I will defend them to my death the next time i hear someone say they don’t care about the fans, only money, because i genuinely don’t think that is the case at all. 

So thank you Metallica and thank you to the Met Club for giving fans this amazing opportunity. Something to tell my kids about one day. Yep, Mum was cool once!

Now to just find frames to frame it all!

Thanks to you guys for reading! I’m sorry it’s long (equal apologies for my face too lol), but i hoped you enjoyed reading about my experience, words can’t describe how happy i am. 

I will write up about the gig in a separate post. 

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can yall help me with my art project

yeo im here to ask for ur help again peeps

for a film project im making, i would like for you guys to tell me about 1 object you associate with protection, and if applicable, the story behind why you associate the object with protection. theres no prerequisite on what kind of object, it can be a standard household object or something hella wacky.

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hello friends! this is riles :)

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It’s so good to see that the trash is taking itself out.

You will not be missed.

I just wish that y’all would announce your departures so that I could block you on the way out. 


hey guys, colette here! as there’s only a week left until halloween i thought we could start a special selfie party!!

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