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I was doing some research on autism because I wanted to write a character with autism and as I was researching I discovered that I do I lot of things that where listed in my research, my most obvious ones being arm flapping, feeling uncomfortable with eye contact, being unable to eat certain food because of texture, and repeating phrases almost word for word. I tried telling my friend about this and she said to just ignore it because I didn’t act like her cousin who has autism. Any thoughts?

those are all pretty common traits for autistic people, but i think when writing an autistic character it’s important to go beyond the typical traits because the only representation we get is stereotypical (btw, all autistic ppl are different and saying they should all act like someone’s cousin - which is a rly common comparison - is ridiculous). so i’ll help break down the traits into what they come from? because i think understanding what makes these common traits gives your character more depth. 

  • arm flapping 
  • this is stimming, aka sensory seeking behaviour.
  • most stimming is repetitive movements, so leg jiggling and arm flapping, rocking and bouncing are all common body stims. 
  • people stim for different reasons, but when i analysed a survey of 1026 people, the main purposes were quite clear. firstly; it’s part of our body language. it helps us communicate and express ourselves in the same way that people smile when theyre happy. 
  • secondly, it helps regulate our emotions. this can be happy ones (i flap hard when im super happy because it’s too much happy for my body to hold inside!) or negative emotions (works like self-soothing and helps calm us down). regulating emotions can be especially helpful to autistic people as many of us experience alexythmia and so find it hard to identify emotions
  • thirdly, it is a way of interacting with the world. it can root you to the present or ground you. this links to coping with negative emotions, but also coping with the world that’s busy and overwhelming and not suited to our needs
  • finally, it’s also a way of focusing, because it lets u get some of ur extra energy out so it doesnt distract u, or it just helps u focus anyway. there are more reasons why people stim (u dont have to be autistic to stim) but those are the main ones
  • uncomfortable with eye contact
  • that one is to do with a lack of understanding social cues, or struggling with social skills
  • well, that’s what it says on the DSM, but personally i know im meant to make eye contact (it’s not a lack of understanding) its just so deeply uncomfortable it like makes my skin crawl. no thanks. 
  • unable to eat certain food
  • this is to do with sensory issues! sensory issues make up a big part of what it is to be autistic. here’s a pretty good post explaining stuff to do with it
  • if sensory stimuli get too overwhelming, it can cause a sensory overload. these are awful, and things you would normally have quite a high tolerance for may suddenly seem like hell. for example, i am personally okay with overlapping noise like lots of people talking most of the time, but as soon as i start to overload, or im having a sensory-bad day, that becomes physically painful for me. 
  • repeating phrases word for word
  • this is called echolalia. u can check the tag for a better understanding
  • this is when you repeat a word or phrase over and over. It is a type of echo-phenomenon that that specifically involves it being repeated out loud, but most people (including professionals) use it to cover thoughts as well. 
  • it can be either involuntary, for stimming, or for communication. I’ll explain each one:
  • involuntary - you know when u get a song stuck in your head? like that but words or phrases. it can go on for minutes or hours or can just be once at a repetition, like an echo. often it can be out loud too, eg. i sometimes just echo whatever my mum says to me for no particular reason when im tired
  • for stimming - repeating a nice sounding word or phrase can be a great stim! especially words that are fun to say 
  • communication - repeating things you’ve heard can be used for communicating. some autistic people are entirely echolalic, which means they only communicate verbally through echolalia. echolalia can be immediate or delayed. examples of each of these would be:
    • immediate: “shall we go shopping?” “shopping.” 
    • delayed: “can i have some of your drink?” “take a fucking sip babes

hope that helps! also, @scriptautistic is dedicated to helping people write autistic characters, so take a look through their blog!

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I don’t know why I waited this long to watch Hannibal...

…but I know that my life is never going back to what it used to be.

What a great show. I’m only a little over halfway through the second season, but it only took me two and a half days to get there, and I’m not slowing down any time soon. (Especially not before the new school term starts!)

And can I just say, I was mildly aware of “Hannigram” before I started watching this show (I vaguely remember some celebratory posts from like 2 or so years ago circulating in some overlapping fandom tags), but now I get it.

This is the scene that really pulled me onto this ship:

I don’t really see it anywhere, and I know it’s not much, but this little exchange just jump started some feels.

Also, Hannibal’s just kind of adorable, isn’t he. Like Will has his dogs and everything, but Hannibal’s just like

Petting a fluffy animal in the middle of case. In a room where a person was just buried alive inside a dead horse.

What a show. A+

OUAT Meta Project

Thanks everyone for giving feedback and ideas on a fandom wide push for meta and respectful conversation. I am excited people are interested and even more excited by the topics people floated! Some quick housekeeping as I continue to refine this idea. Open to suggestions on everything below. 

* I reserved the URL @ouatmetaproject which I admit is not the most original but is straight forward. Also the tag “ouat meta project” is empty so we could use that as a tracked tag. The meta blog (whatever it’s final name) will act as a repository for meta written on the discussion topics (later might expand to any good metas). Bloggers can post on their own blog or submit to the meta blog. Posts tagged and/or @ the meta blog will be reblogged. 

* The goal would be to get meta on all the main cast. In general I would like the meta to be respectful and not about tearing down other characters. The blog would attempt to be a non-anti environment and would tag anti or critical posts accordingly. I want to encourage respectful discussion and get viewpoints from other fans not start hate wars. 

* I would love to have an extra person or two to help with admin reblogging and the like. Send me a message if you are interested. 

* There are 11 weeks left in hiatus but we have plenty of topics and some of them overlap. So two complimentary topics a week could work and give people a bit of variety. I think broad topics with specific questions attached to generate thought and discussion would work best. Will organize a master post of topics and send out a topic reminder every Sunday. 

* People have provided plenty of topics to get started but I am still open to suggestions.   

* Will contact blogs and networks to try and spread the word. Would appreciate a pm with names of blogs/networks within your corner of the fandom that have a lot of followers and/or might be interested in participating. I think the more fans from around the fandom that contribute the more interesting this will be. 

* Am I missing anything? 

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