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DAY 3222(ii)

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Jan  23,  2017                   Mon 11:08 pm

Tomorrow is a few minutes away and it has its importance just like any other day or night .. but tomorrow is the day of my parents wedding anniversary .. and that day shall always be special for me and the family !

My Father broke convention, as did my Mother in coming together as husband and wife .. he from a low middle class Kayasth family from Allahabad, UP .. she from an affluent, aristocratic Sikh family, from erstwhile Punjab, now in Pakistan, with a lineage from her Mother’s side, that traced back to one of the prominent Saints of Sikhism .. her Mother and my GrandMother being a Sodhi, keepers and caretakers of the respected Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara … !

Surnames of our land people were representative of their caste, class, standing, region, religion et al .. my Father broke that too .. he did not retain his surname Srivastava, because it denoted the Kayasth caste, but kept his nom de plume, Bachchan, as his surname and I am the proud first bearer of that surname .. it came about quite suddenly, when I was to be admitted to my first School in Allahabad, the St Mary’s Convent, and the Sisters asked for my surname .. my Father and Mother took an immediate decision and it remained .. now for generations !! 

I roll down my desk to my Father’s auto biography and having read and re read his first and sudden meeting with my Mother, pull out those pages again and read them again and again .. I wish I could put those thoughts down for all to read and experience .. it is not without reason that the purists have claimed that my Father’s prose is better than his poetry ..

The auto biography has been described by many readers as ‘not put downable’ .. and as I spend time on each sentence and word, I wonder at times to give up all that I so vacantly get involved in, and spend the rest of my living time in just to be with my Father’s words .. it would be my most purest DELIVERANCE ..

Each paragraph is an education, a learning, of not just his genius, but of the ease of his expressions on life and its undulating understandings ..

Dear Lord .. give me the courage someday to fulfill what to me shall be my SALVATION ..

Amitabh Bachchan

and I read with utter dismay the information that the internet stores as fact on my Father and his bearings and his works and life .. they are all incorrect .. what is true and factual is just one - his Autobiography - honest, pure and breathing life !!

Anyone else feel like they didn’t have sex? Like I’m all for Alex Danvers getting laid by Maggie Sawyer hell I live and breathe it but I feel like their relationship is still kinda new and Alex is really new to this and I feel like they actually just spent the night in each other’s arms and now I’m having feelings again send help

do u ever just watch kyungsoo do that thing he does when he sings where he places his palm on his chest and squeezes his eyes shut,lifts his chin up a bit and sings right from the deepest chamber of his heart and go,,,,,,,,, wow what a soft dream

i’m gonna write an au where samwell is a town that people have a tendency to run away to instead of a college, and it’s gonna feature:

  • eric bittle and his bakery 
  • (don’t ask him about his family just don’t)
  • (Homophobia™ will be involved there but only there)
  • shitty the bartender
  • (his one cool uncle died and left him the money that he used to open it)
  • (it’s pissing off his family more than you could imagine)
  • lardo the artist
  • (left art school to travel, fell in love with samwell, never went back)
  • (she’s famous online and actually makes a good amount of $$)
  • ransom and holster the high school teachers
  • (they arrived in samwell at the same time but not together)
  • (now they’re never seen apart)
  • dex the mechanic
  • (moved from his original small town to this small town)
  • (is very angry but can fix literally anything)
  • nursey the writer
  • (moved to samwell for Inspiration™)
  • (has written 3 popular books since then but has no intention of leaving)
  • chowder and farmer the happy couple
  • (that’s their thing)
  • (they’re possibly starting a family and they’re both just happy with it)
  • jack zimmermann nhl super star
  • (has won multiple stanley cups and is on the fast track to winning more when he disappears after he looses a shoot out)
  • (shows up in samwell days later, books a hotel room, and slowly starts learning how to enjoy life again)
  • (this is where the story starts)

Open Call: AFTERMATH Free Zine for TJLCers

Hi I’m Mel I’m a BFA grad, am working on an LGBTQ gallery space, and drew a lot of Johnlock porn. Like many other tjlcers, I was obsessed with Sherlock: I stayed up nights reading metas, fanfictions, Oscar Wilde, ACD’s books, John’s blog, twitter accounts, and watching adaptations, roleplaying, drawing them and loving them. 

The finale tore me to shreds: not only was it of poor quality in general, but the creators were brutal and disrespectful regarding the treatment and representation of queer-identifying people. When I saw the suicide hotlines being reblogged the night of the finale it broke my heart. All I could think in my fit of rage at the end is we deserve better. We deserve better than these power hungry men who mock us and can’t write a decent ending, who have to rely on baiting to generate an audience and then fall back on stale, anti-progressive writing.

While I can’t give you as much as I want, we can only do what we can. I want to put together a zine and send it to anyone who wants it. I don’t care about money or putting my name out there. I just want to give back to the community that can outwit the best in TV, and are smart and sweet and fiery and hilarious and have gotten me through, and have absolutely been my favorite fandom.

Spread this please, tag your friends. Anyone can join, it’s all free. Submit a meta, a rebuttal essay, a fanfic, headcanons, poetry, art, comics, photo edits/manips, anything that can go into a PDF to //flavoapis @gmail .com// by Feb 28. I want to start sending it out by March. It’s open ended, I just want everyone to create what’s on their hearts, because for me and probably many others, this is my goodbye to the fandom.

I just want to write a story about Rosie growing up with her gay Danger Dads Dr. John and Sherlock. And mostly I want to see what everyone has to offer/ is willing to offer. Because in the end, the TJLC fandom did something interesting, we made ACD’s Mofftiss’ “Sherlock” ours. WE created the red pants, the modern Sebastian, Translock, smol Sherlock, fawnlock, etc, it goes way back lmao. WE created our own Baker St. legacy, and we can keep creating it.

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On one hand I prefer the idea of Anakin no longer being a Padawan when Obi Wan joins his and Padme’s relationship. 

On the other hand I really like the idea of them first sleeping together after the battle of Geonosis while still high off the “holy shit we lived”