like the only thing i remember was his shirt and me trying hard not to acknowledge his presence

Another Chance

Happy Valentine’s Day @cami-nts I hope you enjoy! - your VSV

Stark white numbers and formulas and words floated about against a blackboard background in Lance’s head, colliding like gas molecules. A cloud of chalk dust flew into his line of sight like a disturbance. Lance thought the dust had a weird voice. He almost felt his brow furrow.

“I said the library’s closing, sir!”

Lance jolted awake, his head flying off the open book where it had landed when he fell asleep. His joints ached and his whole body was stiff. He looked up to see a guard standing over him, glaring somewhat judgmentally.

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Christmas Shadows

Fifth Imagine of the 12 Days of Christmas! Next is Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton.

Fandom: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

Summary: Christmas is a horrible time for Enoch and nobody knew why until Enoch told the reader why. 

Pairing: Enoch O’Connor x (Female)Reader

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 1747 words

Published Date: December 18, 2016

Warnings: kissing scene,

Know: (y/n)- Your Name, (f/f)- Favorite Flavor, (h/l)- Hair Length, (h/c)- Hair Color

‘The Sweetest moments of the season are the times we share.’

- Unknown

Masterlist Request

“I don’t know where he went, (y/n). He just sort of disappeared after I tried to give him a present.” Olive told the girl before shrugging, “He’s always liked this around this time of year. I’ve asked him once before, but all he did was blow up in my face. So try not to ask him if you find him.” (y/n) sigh as the girl patted her back before leaving her alone in Enoch’s bedroom. She has been looking for her boyfriend all day long and yet there was no trace of where he could be. Apparently Miss Peregrine knows where he was, but she wouldn’t say. Wanting to find out what is happening with Enoch, she continued her search. 

So she started to look in the places that won’t seem likely of where he’ll go hide. She had already checked the other places that were obvious like; his bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, library, dining room, other children’s rooms. The place that seem very unlikely of where he would go would be outside. Quickly, she ran down the stairs and ran out the door excitedly. Her head was so focused on finding Enoch that she didn’t notice the soccer ball flying at her. When she did though, she yelp and fell to the ground on all fours. She looked up to see Hugh and Millard playing soccer and now they both were looking down at her. 

“You okay, (y/n)?” Hugh asked, a few bees flying out of his mouth. She nodded as she stood back up, brushing the grass off her dress before looking around the area. 

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Stupidly obvious solmates

A while back @loving-cs-fanfiction reblogged this post and I was stupid enough to start writing this prompt on top of all the things I had to do already, today I finally give her The Thing. It’s slightly more stupid than anything she might have wanted, but I had all the fun writing it. Unbeta’d so forgive me for these 5300 words (exactly geez) of Captain Swan. I’ll re-read it later, but for now I just want it to be OUT of my drafts.

tagging also @killiancygnus because I know she might like it.


Without further ado, I give you the silliest soulmate au you’ve ever read.

Rum was a good idea. Vodka was an awesome idea. Thank God for Ruby and her incredible supply of alcohol, because Emma was having the time of her life.

So what if she had an nine a.m. class the morning after? She could do it. She could totally drink everyone under the table, she was not at all drunk. Not one bit.

“Emma, careful! The table!”

Okay, maybe she was a little bit drunk. Just a tad. No biggie, she could use Granny’s hangover cure in the morning and everything would be fine. She kind of hoped she would black out so she wouldn’t remember seeing Killian fucking Jones sporting her name on his exposed chest like some sort of prize or whatever because he was the sworn enemy of his own buttons.

Wear a fucking t-shirt for fuck’s sake. Fuck.

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Genre: Angst

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1596

A/N: I don’t even know where this came from, but I still hope you all like it~

- Admin Snow

Our Masterlist

 “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.”

He made me feel special.

“You make me so happy. I hope I make you even happier.”

His words were always so sweet.

“There isn’t a moment in my life that I don’t think about you.”

I wanted to believe everything he said to me.

I want you here next to me. I want to hold you in my arms forever.”

I needed to believe everything he said to me.

“I miss you.”

Because they made me happy.

“I love you.”

Unfortunately, there were times he wouldn’t even remember our conversations.

“I love you too.” I hung up the phone and watched as the bright numbers 3:41 glared back at me. I waited until my phone screen went black on its own before letting my head fall back on to the pillow. There was no point in trying to fall back asleep now, I never could after his late-night calls.

Getting up, I dropped my phone on to the bed sheets silently wishing that it’d get lost in the folds of the fabric for good. That device only caused pain at this point anyway, I didn’t want it anywhere near me.

As soon as the thought crossed my mind, an ugly voice in my head reminded me that if it were to ring once more I’d immediately turn back around and frantically search for it without a moment’s hesitation. The realization made me sick.

The kitchen’s tiled floor was cold against my bare feet as I treaded across towards the cabinet that held all the glasses. I lifted myself on tiptoes to grasp my fingers around one and tried my best to be as quiet as possible when closing the door, remembering that the hinges tended to whine when falling back in place. I didn’t want to wake my roommate by accident and have to give an explanation as to why I was up so late.

As I walked over to the sink I began thinking back to his phone call, all his phone calls and his texts. Phone calls that came with beautiful slurred words and texts that consisted of so many misprints that at times it was hard to make any sense of. But I loved them. I loved them so much that I hated myself.

I knew that he didn’t mean it. I knew that all his words were influenced by alcohol. If I did mean anything to him he would still call me in the morning. He would ask me to spend time with him and respond to my messages, but he didn’t. At least not when he was sober.

Our relationship was long over, he had broken it off months ago. He claimed that he had found someone better, someone that could love him better than I ever could. His words cut deep, especially because I had never loved someone as much as I had loved him. As much as I still love him.

So when the calls had begun, I clung on to the small bit of hope that we could make this work. I swore to myself that I would make this work.

I would try to justify his drinking.

He’s out with his friends, why wouldn’t he drink? He’s probably tired and just wanted a few beers to relax. There’s nothing wrong with drinking every now and then, or every day. He is old enough to know what he’s doing. He calls me late at night because he isn’t able to find the time to do it during the day. He hasn’t messaged me back because he’s probably busy. I’m so fucking selfish and needy, no wonder he left me in the first place. His life doesn’t revolve around me. I need to give him his space. I’ll just wait and be here for him when he needs me. He loves me. I know he does.

Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t realized that I had slowly loosened my grip on the glass. The sound of it shattering was what brought me back to reality.

Vision blurry, I looked down at the mess. I quickly began picking up as many pieces I could. Pain shooting up from the tips of my fingers as I felt the glass slice my skin. I winced at the feeling but I ignored it. Droplets of red began coating the glass in my hand and parts of the tile, but that was the furthest thing in my mind in that moment.

“Y/N?” I didn’t look up at the voice and continued my actions, hoping that he’d leave if I didn’t acknowledge his presence. “Oh my god! Y/N! Stop!”

Next thing I know he is holding on to my arms, pulling me up. He shakes the glass in my hands out of my weak grasp and carefully places his arms under my legs and brings me into his arms and away from the mess of glass around me.

“Taehyung, pu-put me down. I-I need to clean it up.” He didn’t say a word. Instead, he pushed the door of our shared bathroom open and set me down on the counter. He stepped away from me and knelt under the sink to reach for the first aid kit. Glancing down at my hands, I realized that the amount of blood that coated my hands did look alarming, but it didn’t hurt anymore so it mustn’t be as bad as it looked.

“Tae, I’m okay. It’s just a few cuts.” He stood back up and made his way in front of me. “I can clean them up on my own.” But he ignored my words and forcefully pulled my hands away from my lap where I held them tightly together, not caring that it stained my oversized t-shirt in red. He reached behind me to run the water to wet the gauze he held, and gently, he began cleaning my cuts.

“Why were you crying?” His tone was dark, voice deeper than the norm. I was hesitant in answering. I knew that he would be mad if I told him that I was crying over my ex, again.

“No reason.” He set the red tainted gauze aside, done with cleaning the majority of the blood.

“He called you again, didn’t he?” I’m sure that my silence was enough of an answer for him.

He took a deep breath and continued his work on my cuts. I had been right, the amount of blood exaggerated the actual magnitude of the situation. There were many cuts but all were shallow and small, and for the most part, had already stopped bleeding. The deepest wound being the one on the tip of my forefinger.

After he finished disinfecting and bandaging up the worst of them, I thanked him softly. I began moving forward to stand up but Taehyung stopped me. He placed a hand on either side of my thighs, effectively trapping me. I looked at him in surprise, not being used to him being so close.

He faced down at my lap, his blonde hair tickling my chin. Slowly, he bought his brown eyes to meet my own, his gaze giving off a mixture of determination and sadness.

“You need to stop this.” He started softly. “This is unhealthy and I’m worried about you.”

“Taehyung, I don’t nee–”

“No, you don’t get it Y/N. Look, I know he broke your heart, I know he cheated on you, and I know you still have feelings for him, but you have to realize that he doesn’t really love you.” His tone was cold and harsh. The first time he had caught me crying I had told him to mind his own business. This didn’t involve him and I didn’t care what he had to say.

“No, you’re wrong, he does love me. He told me he does!” I fight back. “You don’t know shit!”

“He’s lying! That sick son of a bitch is just using you, and I’m tired of just letting all this happen!” His words rang in my head. He is just using you.

“Get away from me!” Even though it strained against my wounds, I tried pushing against his shoulders, but he didn’t budge.

“No, not until you fucking admit that you know that he doesn’t love you!” His voice boomed, echoing in the small bathroom. He doesn’t love you.

He is just using you.

“He does love me!”

He doesn’t love you.

“Stop being so delusional!” He grasped my shoulders, forcing me to look at him. “Admit it!”

“No!” I scream back, fighting my tears and the voice in my head that screamed that he was right. Taehyung was right.


I broke down, all the tears and emotions I tried so hard to hide came out in to the open. All the pain and heart break exposed for him to see. It was like I was reliving all the emotions from the first time and I couldn’t control it. I felt so vulnerable.

I let myself fall into his chest, hiding away from his saddened eyes. My whole body was shaking with my sobs, lungs gasping for air, and my hands grasping for him, for his help, for his comfort, for anything.

“I love him, Taehyung. I love him so much.” He fell silent for a few seconds, but slowly, he let his grasp on my shoulders go and reached around me and enclosed me in his arms, pulling me close.

“I know, Y/N.” He held on to me tighter. “I know.”

First [13]


All Rights Reserved

© 2014 Katarina Jones


She contemplated the idea again and again through her own blonde-headed hair. Come on Lara, just get it done with, go to his room and face him.

But it wasn’t just as easy as her head pictured the scene. It was obvious. Something was up with her bigger brother and she might be the cause of it. Did he see her panting and screaming yesterday night at the cause of her friend?

The small thought of it made her sick to her stomach. She didn’t want him thinking that she had no interest on him whatsoever or that she broke their agreement to the whole “you own me” plan.

She stopped her hand from shaking and grabbed the doorknob. No. She had to knock first. Nervous gulps followed one another as she clenched her fist and knocked two times on the door, before she let herself into his room.

The typical manly scent was always filling his room, making it his temple and Lara’s dangerous grounds.

Before she let Adrianne take over her last night, that scent only made her desire grow bigger for him. But now…it just made her sick to her stomach knowing that she had risked everything that she was working for; her first time with Lucas

Lucas was lying down on his bed, the glorious being of his, filling her entire stomach with butterflies. No Lara, no. That isn’t what you want to feel. You only desire Lucas for sex; no feelings.

The image of his strong muscles being hidden by his black shirt, made her forget about it all and just go and fulfil all his manly needs. But it wasn’t the right moment for that. Not now.

His eyes were glued to the phone in his hands. He was watching something that prevented him from noticing Lara’s presence and he was obviously too entertained to acknowledge her.

Lara slowly walked over to his bed, remembering all the good memories of the last few days and tried to make as much noise as she could with her footsteps so he wouldn’t get startled when he saw her.

But that wasn’t the case. She coughed and strange noises to see if he would finally glance up, but Lucas wouldn’t budge. He was acting as if he was oblivious to her being.


His dark blue eyes narrowed up to her and quickly snapped back to his phone’s screen, completely disinterested in whatever she had to say or do. Whatever he was watching was more interesting than talking to his sister. “Mm?”

“Listen Luc,” Lara began, her voice shaking a bit with nerves, “I know you told me to not to-”

Lucas sighed and looked up, locking his phone and placed it beside him. “It’s okay Lara,” he interrupted her, his eyes holding no emotion.

“What?” she blinked slowly, feeling out of bound and completely out of her league. She didn’t even feel like an eighteen year old; she felt like a child getting chastised for stealing cookies out of the forbidden jar.

“I said its okay,” he repeated, slowly as if he were talking to a small child, “Let’s just forget about everything,” his dark eyes snapped up to hers and he clenched his jaw, “every single thing that happened between us.”

Her eyes widened and she felt her heart beating quickly with fear. “Luc-”

Lucas shook his head, the anger he felt the night before coming back to haunt him. He couldn’t believe that she disobeyed him. He had given her strict, clear orders of what was going on between them and she couldn’t hold unto her end of the bargain. “I said to forget.”

“But I don’t want to forget!” She cried out, sounding like the child he was making her feel like. “I don’t know why you’re so angry at me! I didn’t do anything!”

And that did it.

Lucas stood up from the bed, his face turning into a dark scowl as he lowly whispered, “You didn’t do anything?” Lara shook her head, her heart beating faster than conga drums, “So you don’t remember what happened yesterday between you and Adrianne?”

He was inches away from Lara, towering over her shaking figure as he bit out every distasteful word that left his lips. He was beyond pissed. “Do you need a reminder?”

A single tear slid down her cheek, leaving behind a gold trail as she shook her head and bit her lip to keep it from trembling. This always softened Lucas up; it should get the trick done. But Lara thought wrong.

This time she’d have to do more than bat her eyelashes and pout her lips; she had crossed the line.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Lucas snorted, shaking his head as he stepped away from her and sat back down on the bed. “Sorry doesn’t cut it; get out of my room, Lara. I told you the conditions of me helping you with your shit; you followed everything I said, and I’d teach you everything I knew.” He scoffed, “But even that you couldn’t do.”

Lara glared at him, crossing her arms over her chest as she finally got fed up with his attitude. Yeah, she had gotten freaky with her best friend, but it wasn’t like she shoved a dick up her “virgin tunnel,” like Adrianne would call it.

“You told me that no other man could see me, Lucas; you never said women couldn’t.”

He returned her glare, clenching his jaw even harder as he realized that she was right, but he was still angry and stubborn. “So now you’re into women?!”

“No,” she groaned, throwing her hands up in the air, “it was a one-time thing, Luc. We were both horny and had alcohol in our system. Besides it’s not bad to experiment, I was just trying out something different.”

He rolled his eyes, huffing immaturely and began cursing under his breath.

She smiled, realizing that she finally got the upper hand again and watched as her step-brother ran his fingers through his brown hair, dishevelling it into a sexy mess. Lara crawled on the bed, smiling seductively and whispered, “I want you to be my first in everything.”

When she reached Lucas, she bowed her head and pressed her lips against his, kissing him slowly and teasingly. Lucas placed his hands on her waist, putting space between them and even though his eyes spoke a different story, he said, “You’re not being forgiven that easily.”

Lara nodded quickly, her soft blonde hair falling over her shoulders and slightly tickling Lucas’ collarbone. “Of course…anything. I’ll do anything.”

“Yes you are,” Lucas stared deep into her eyes, his own shining with such passion and hunger that it reflected off hers. “Get on your knees.”

She frowned, not really catching on as Lucas stood up and stood in front of her. “W-what?”

“On. Your. Knees,” he repeated, growing irritated. Lara quickly nodded, getting on her knees as Lucas pulled her towards him and placed her head right in front of his hard bulge. “Do you see this?”

She nodded once more, her heart beating excitedly in her chest as she realized that her brother was going to give her another sexual lesson.

“He’s your friend,” Lucas whispered huskily, taking her hands in his as he felt his hard cock through the fabric of his sweatpants.

Lara giggled at him, more from anticipation than anything else, but it made his eyes snap open and he glared down at her. She quickly sobered up and gulped. This time there was something different in the atmosphere; Lucas was being dominant and she didn’t know whether to be excited or afraid.

He wasn’t going to hold back.

“I’m serious, Lara. You will not use anything else to pleasure yourself but this.” Using her hands, Lucas took his grey sweats off, sliding them down his toned calves and Lara licked her lips, eyeing his thick shaft through his boxers.

He was completely constricted and he needed immediate release and she wanted to volunteer as tribute.

“When we’re done here, you’re going to get your vibrator and hand it to me. You will not use your hands to touch yourself; you won’t use anything to pleasure yourself, do you understand me?”

Lara frowned, her heart speeding up at the thought of not climaxing every night. “B-but,” she sputtered, unable to form a coherent sentence.

“No buts,” he growled, “if you can’t do a simple task then how the fuck will you learn?!”

She quickly nodded her head and whispered, “But what about when I’m horny?! What the hell am I supposed to do then?!”

He smirked. “You come to me. I will be the only person to touch you, see you naked, feel you; anything sexual that is done to your body will only come from me. You can tell Alex at the moment that you’re going away on vacation.”

Who the fuck was Alex?!

Oh…her imaginary boyfriend, right.

“I prohibit you from seeing Adrianne without me being there. When you have friends over, I want your door open; I swear to god, Lara that if you let someone else touch you, no matter the sex, I will make sure you regret it.”

She didn’t know if she was just insane or stupid, but Lucas managed to make her pussy drenched by controlling her the way he was. She gulped nodding as he stepped out of his boxers and his cock stood at full attention.

Lara’s blue eyes widened as she stared at the monster before her. It would probably break her in half to have his throbbing shaft thrust inside her, but it would be worth it.

“Open your mouth,” he commanded, not sounding like her loving brother whatsoever. He sounded like some BDSM master.

Lara did as she was told, closing her eyes when Lucas placed his hand over them and then placed the tip of his head in her mouth. The musky male taste on her tongue made her panties heat up worse than molten lava. She needed to shove her fingers in her pussy and bring herself to a glorious climax, but if she dared go against Lucas’ word—well she wasn’t even wishing to find out.

Lucas smirked deviously as he slid the tip of his head around her mouth, pre-cum slowly oozing out and as much as it was killing him to have his cock in her mouth, but not have her do anything; he was going to teach her that he’d be the only thing she’d want in a long while.

“Kiss it,” he whispered, biting the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from chuckling. He knew that his requests were a little bizarre, but he wanted her to submit to him completely.

Her soft plump lips puckered against his head, slowly peppering kisses against it and slowly grabbed the base of his shaft to slide more of him into her mouth. Lucas closed his eyes, grunting in pleasure as Lara’s hot tongue grazed across him, making his knees weaken.

He gulped, letting his head fall back into his shoulders and huskily grunted, “Suck on it like-”

Lara cut him off by sliding his shaft into her mouth. She didn’t need him to give her similes; she just wanted to do it. Lucas groaned, entwining his fingers in her blonde hair as she sucked on him eagerly.

“Fuck…that’s…fucking amazing…”

Her lips turned into a grin around his cock and Lucas began to slam his hips into her face. Lara gagged as his entire length went inside her mouth, but she quickly tried to adjust to him as he kept slamming his hips into her.

There was no mercy at all in his actions.

And Lara loved it. That was all she wanted; for Lucas to treat her like his bitch.

“That’s it, baby,” Lucas breathily praised, “suck on your brother’s big dick.”

At the filthy words leaving his mouth, Lara moaned. She loved it when he spoke that way; it turned her on more than the fieriest chambers of hell. Lucas groaned, the vibrations of Lara’s moans making him go overboard.

He held unto her head, keeping her in place as he began to face-fuck her. Lara shut her eyes, feeling his cock filling with cum and gagged. Her throat would surely constrict in pain later on, but at the moment she adored the submissive position she was in.

She would do anything Lucas proposed without a doubt.

A long string of sperm shot into Lara’s mouth and her eyes widened as Lucas fastened his thrusting hips and almost suffocated her with his length. It sounded painful, but it really wasn’t.

For all she cared, he could hold unto her throat and slam her against the wall as she shoved his dick up her tight virgin hole. Then again, during a sexual high the body was more open to pain and Lara sometimes was a masochist…

The mind-blowing orgasm that broke through Lucas was so powerful that he almost fell to his knees. The anger mixed with lust made the cumming feel like a drug that he never wanted to end. It was glorious.

Lara swallowed his entire seed, licking her lips as she stared up at him with wide “innocent” eyes and gave him a smirk as he leaned against the bed to support himself. After regaining his normal heart beat, Lucas raised his eyebrows at her and said, “Get on the bed.”

She didn’t think twice about it, she simply climbed unto the bed and continued licking her lips. Lucas really did taste good. He must’ve been eating lots of pineapples lately…

“Open your legs,” Lucas practically growled, his voice deepening with desire.

Lara did as she was told; trying to control her breathing after Lucas gagged her with his length. She watched as Lucas got down on his knees, slowly pulling down her pyjama pants. As her bare pussy came into contact with the cold air and Lucas’ breath, she shuddered.

“Mm,” he moaned, running his nose up her smooth thighs, “at least you listened to something I told you to do.”

He was referring to her not wearing any underwear.

“I want you to tell me something, Lara.” She looked up at him. “Did Adrianne make you feel good?”

The tone of voice he spoke in told her that she should say no, but his eyes challenged her to lie. She was stuck in between two walls. “I…”

Lucas bowed down, sliding his tongue into her slit slowly and parted her waxed pussy lips. “Did she make you feel like this?”

Lara arched her back off the bed, groaning as Lucas began to lap at her dripping cunt, licking her as if she was candy. Her legs rose off the bed, wrapping around his strong shoulders as she moaned loudly and tightly grabbed unto her breasts.

He was tempted to pin them away from her chest, but he was so concentrated on her delicious taste that he chose to ignore it. His tongue flattened against her heat, sliding in between her folds and teasing her clit in the process.

Lara cried out, filled with such ferocious passion that she thought it would shatter her into a million pieces. If this was what her brother had to offer, she couldn’t wait until he showed her the rest.

Her fingers tightened around his smooth hair as she pulled him closer to her, grinding her hips into his face as he ate her out. “Fuck, Luc that feels so fucking…unf!”

“Did she suck your pussy like this?” he whispered, as he ran the tip of his tongue up and down her entire length. “Did she shove her tongue deep into your little pussy like this?”

Lara groaned, wishing that he didn’t have to prove anything to her, but groaned and yelped when he nibbled on her lips. Her entire frame shook as wave after wave of orgasms tumbled down on her, making her feel stunned.

Lucas wrapped his lips around her small clit, sucking on it until she thought it had lost all circulation and her legs shook with pleasure. Her clit was literally so sensitive at the moment that it felt completely numb.

“No one will touch you now, Lara; you’re mine. This pussy is mine; you are mine, do you understand?”

“Y-yes,” she gasped, closing her eyes and squeezing her breasts tightly. Her back arched and twisted as she cried out in bliss.

Moans and groans echoed throughout the room as Lara cried out Lucas’ name, swearing that she was thinking of him when Adrianne touched her sexually and it wasn’t until she climaxed so hard that her eyes rolled back into her head and she blacked out that Lucas believed her.

He was good at what he did.

And his sister knew that now.


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i am still waiting for you

Originally posted by ibgbang

Title: I am still waiting for you
Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader
Genre: Mistress!AU
Summary: Hours had turned into days, then to weeks, months and finally years. She could never forget how much Jiyong had made her feel, even when her heart needed to let go.

Do people get to know when their heart is broken when they’re hurting or are there any signs that show the introduction to unstoppable pain?

That question flooded her head as she made her way through the crowds of people, one folder in one hand and the other fixing her hair as she tried to reach her usual spot near the organization team of said concerts. She had always done her job right, whether it was with a saddened heart or with the biggest of smiles and it was one of those cases when she worked with Jiyong. People loved how much screen time each member got, the lights and the performances and the way the team worked with the group was incredibly functional, hence why she had been called once again to work with the group in another tour. She lets out a soft sigh when she finds an empty spot and she lets the folder down, looking through the notes she had taken of each song and how the stage’s decorations could look better with lightning and such. As she scribbles down, she feels that small pang of guilt inside her heart, asking for forgiveness for the sins she had committed before. Jiyong hadn’t been in a relationship for so long or so she thinks and when the organization team spoke about him whilst working with other groups, they said he has been concentrating much more in his music and has been a little bit quieter since his divorce. Although she pretends like she doesn’t care, she really does and with a soft thud, she picks up her water bottle and takes a swing before wondering how things had turned out the way they did.

Jiyong, he’s not the one at blame for it all…but it was a half and half situation. He was guilty for looking at other woman, for giving love and taking it back to give it to someone else and much more for playing with someone’s feelings by telling them he’ll leave his wife for her. She was also guilty, having believed in him and looked at a married man, interlocking her hands with his even when his wife’s name was carved in that gold ring that he wore anywhere he went to. At that moment, she sees Daesung passing by, bowing to the team and giving her a weak smile. Obviously, his group mates knew about the situation that had happened between the two and it was not usual to see Jiyong’s ex lover –or perhaps, his actual crush-. She smiles back, pretending she’s not hurting for being there and she had the option to just drop everything and say that she won’t work with said group ever again, but she needed to pretend she never had something with Jiyong and for that she had acknowledge his existence, whether she liked it or not. As she scribbles down another few words and looks at the way Youngbae was performing one of his solo songs, before she heard the sound of something being placed over her little table.

When she looks over, she’s surprised to see a tattoo in said person’s hands that she recognized quickly and a bag of takeout.

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In Your Blood

Summary: Something is plaguing you and it’s as unexplainable as the absence of a certain archangel and his behavior when he returns.  Part 3 of The Best Laid Plans Series (Part 1, Part 2)

Pairings: Gabriel x Reader, Reader x Sam (unrequited)

Tags: smut, unprotected sex,

Word Count: 5443

Author’s Note: This was written for April’s @gabriel-monthly-challenge dialogue prompt:

“You know, some people think that prayer is just as essential to life as water, air, and sex.”

Special thanks to: @sumara62 for her amazing beta skills.  Complete credit for the title goes to her.  

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Still awake at an ungodly hour?  Check.

No closer to solving this case than you’d been three days ago?  Check.

Fever hitting full force?  Check, check, and check.  

Which was why you were spending most of your nights outside of the motel rather than in it.  The cold night air was calming, considering the heat pulsing through your system.  It came in waves, rolling over you seemingly without rhyme or reason.  The more this happened, the more you were convinced it wasn’t a coincidence that all of this started when you picked up the trail of a witches’ coven.

Then again, it could simply be natural wear and tear; come to think of it, you couldn’t remember the last time you had gotten a decent night’s sleep or finished a meal.  

You waited until the sun came up before rising from your night’s vigil.  Your muscles ached in protest, stiff from sitting against hard pavement and unforgiving brick.  It was a welcome sensation; distracting and grounding you as you started your morning routine of fetching coffee and breakfast so everyone could hit the ground running.  

As with the last few days, you were completely unaware of the presence that shadowed your every move.

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Enough to Grab Onto

I got sad talking to @inkedferns about his hair last night. So I woke up and spat this out. I also definitely got teary eyed over one line (EMBARRASSING MUCH!?) – guess which one! x. (I was going to wait to post it until more of the world was awake, but I CAN’T!)

“It’s just hair,” Harry tells you with a heavily lined forehead.

“I know,” you say. “It’s just… it suits you, you know?” You reach up and run your fingers through the curls that nearly go to his shoulder blades now. “And I’ve gotten used to it. I like them.”

“All this time,” Harry says with a shake of his head, “I thought I’d have to worry about someone loving me for m’money. I was wrong.” He kisses you pertly and you scowl. “It’ll grow back, won’t it?” he soothes you. “Didn’t you say it was looking a bit tattered anyway?”

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Something That Finds You: Chapter 9

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: T
WC: 3418
Summary: “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

In a time of tension in the land of Zootopia, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are arranged to be married as a symbol of peace and unity. The only problem? They can’t stand each other (the 8 year age gap doesn’t help either). A story following Nick and Judy growing up together, through all the good and bad.

[A/N]: While writing this chapter, I was heavily inspired by the song “Hunnie Pie,” by Zella Day. It’s so fluffy and romantic, if you’re interested you guys should totally check it out!

Chapter Selection: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]-9-[10]

Judy was tucked away in the shade of an apple tree, the same apple tree she’d practically grown up under. Her lessons were over for the day and she’d wanted to find a nice spot to read; this seemed like the perfect place. When she’d first approached it, she couldn’t help but remember that this was the same tree Nick had kissed that vixen under when he was 16, then immediately hated herself for remembering that, let alone caring at all.

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You’re Never Gonna Lose Me

Request: Hey, this is my first request and sorry for my english is so bad oh my god. This idea popped in my head, maybe a bucky x reader where she is an avenger and they have a crush on each other, but during a mission against HYDRA she get intoxicated/poisoned and Bucky is totally terrified of lose her because she probably won’t survive?

Warnings: Swearing, violence, idk

Word Count: 2,405

A/N: Thanks to the anon that requested. Sorry it wasn’t exactly like your request. Anyway idk if you guys have noticed but I curse A LOT. So sorry about that. Also Tangled was on while I was writing this, and I love that movie so… Anyway send requests/feedback here.

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The Kitchens

The one where Sirius and Remus belong to different worlds, and it’s harder to find each other than expected.

part 2

Sirius was woken up the next morning - only too early - by Sam, feeling instantly groggy and disoriented by a certain smile occupying his thoughts.

“C’mon Black.”

Sirius cracked one eye open, his vision of bright green eyes and neat blonde hair only slightly obscured by his own eyelashes.

Sam raised an eyebrow, “They don’t pay me to watch you drool, you know.”

Sirius humphed, eye shutting again and words slurred with sleep, “Five more minutes. And that’s Mr. Black to you. Maybe even master for waking me up…”

Sam scoffed, “Sure it is, mate. Only in front of your mum. And not if you want breakfast.”

Sirius sighed, “Breakfast..” Then more awake, “Breakfast.”

He sat up so suddenly that Sam jolted back, “Jesus! What the hell, Sirius?”

Sirius turned frantically on Sam, hand grabbing the sleeve of his servant’s jacket, “Sam.”

“Oi, ‘m right here, y’lunatic.” Green eyes questioning, he shook off Sirius’ grasp, “What’s wrong?”

“I-“ Sirius worried his lip, “I met someone last night. One of your lot.”

Sam looked at Sirius through hooded eyes, “Well, that’s not rude at all,” he said dryly.

Sirius cursed, “That’s not what I- Sorry. I meant he works with you.”

Sam’s eyebrows pulled low, “You mean- he- he works here? At the castle?”

Sirius slid off his bed, bare feet pacing back and forth on the wooden floor, “That’s what I said isn’t it?”

“I- Wait.” Sam stood as well, hands out, “What do you mean you met him? Like you- you and him-“

“What? Oh- god no! I’ve just met him. Bella was being a bitch and so I just got into his car.”

Sam was silent for a moment, eyes squinted as he tried to work out Sirius’ words, “You- wait, what?”

Sirius sighed, pushing a hand through his hair and turning on the spot to resume his pacing in front of the fireplace, “Well, I didn’t know it was his car.”

“That’s not helping me much.”

“He almost ran me over while I was running and then I got into his car and convinced him to drive.”

Sam looked blankly at Sirius for a moment, “Okay. I’ll rephrase: What?”

Sirius groaned, “Never mind how we met! The point is- is…” Sirius groaned, “Sam-“

“Calm down!” Sam slid off the bed, “Just- just get dressed, okay? What’s his name? I probably know him.”

Sirius tugged a sweater over his body, letting his arms down with a huff when it got stuck at the top of his head.

“Remus.” He said, his voice muffled, “His name’s Remus.”

When Sam yanked the sweater over Sirius’ head, he was grinning from ear to ear, “Seriously?”

“What? What’s wrong with that?”

Sam laughed, “Nothing! Nothing, he’s just- he’s one of my best mates.”

Sirius felt his eyes go wide, “No.”

Sam shoved a pair of trousers into his hands, “Yep.”

“Well- wait, what does he do?”

“He works in-“

“The kitchens! Right, right.” Sirius attempted to balance on one foot and tie his shoe at the same time, only to have Sam have to steady him with a hand on his shoulder.

“You truly are helpless, aren’t you.”

Sirius straightened up, narrowing his eyes, “Well, that’s not rude at all.’” He mocked.

Sam smirked at him, shaking his head, “Breakfast. Now.”


Dinner was quite the occasion in the Black household. It was rarely just the family. This could have been due to the fact that, when it was, bickering was sure to break out. Guests kept things civil. Guests also meant white tie.

“What do you think would happen if I walked down there in a t-shirt?”

Sam flashed him a grin in the mirror and he held Sirius’ jacket out for him to shrug over his shoulders, “Death. Probably.”

“Probably.” Sirius agreed, smoothing down his collar, “What do you think would happen if you walked down there in a t-shirt?”

“Me? Oh, I’d get fired.”

Sirius pretended to frown deeply, accentuating his posh accent, “Well, that seems deeply unfair, I do say.”

Sam just nodded solemnly, and held open the door.

“Sirius.” His mother dragged his name out, the ‘i’s sounding thick with her slapped on smile, the one that seemed to stretch her cheeks unnaturally, “On time for once, are we?”

Sirius trotted down the last few steps of the main staircase, “You have Sam to thank for that.”

His mother stared blankly at him for a moment, smile widening in discomfort at suddenly not knowing what her son was talking about - not like it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. She threw her head to the left, letting out a long laugh for her guest’s sake, “Yes, of course.” She smoothed down her too revealing dress for a woman of her age, laying her hand on a rather large man’s arm, “Sirius, you remember Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson, don’t you?”

Not particularly.

Sirius slapped on a smile of his own, reaching his hand out grandly to Mr. Parkinson, “Of course. How are-“

“And their daughter, Claudia?”

Sirius’ handshake froze, his smile tightening. He suddenly felt far too much like his mother.

He hadn’t noticed the girl before, standing to the left of her parents, aside her mother. Sirius felt his throat go dry.

“Claudia.” He straightened up. Her hand was cold and small when he took it. She offered him a small, nervous smile.

He tried to offer one back, “Of course. How are you?”

“Fine, thank you-“

“We’re very pleased,” Her father’s booming voice made both Sirius and Claudia jump, “to be here, in such a noble house. What an invitation to receive.” Mr. Parkinson was taking Sirius’ hand again, clapping his other atop it as if Sirius himself had invited him. The word invitation hung in the air. Sirius had a bad feeling it was double sided.

Sirius pulled away as smoothly as he could from the red-faced man’s grasp, “We’re very pleased to have you. And I’m sure ‘we’ includes my father, who will be along shortly..” He glanced at his mother who pressed her lips together.

“Yes.” She agreed, “Shortly.” Then the smile was back up as if nothing had happened, “Shall we go in?”


The table felt too large for so few people. The food seemed to be too much. His mother had pulled all the stops: Chicken and duck, an array of sides, two waiters to a person. To his left, Claudia looked more than comfortable taking whatever she wanted without a glance at who was giving it.

“Potatoes, sir?”

Sirius looked up to his right, grinning, “You know me too well, James.”

Sirius heard a little snort from his left. Claudia was dabbing at her mouth with her napkin, and lean over a little too close for Sirius’ liking.

She scrunched her nose in what Sirius was sure she thought was an endearing way, “You know the names of them?”

He heard the tiniest of scoffs from behind him and instantly imaged James trying to casually adjust his glasses while planning how best to spit into her pudding. Sirius pushed away the thought that he could easily do it from this distance.

“Well.” He leaned back in his chair, flattening his napkin on his lap, “Only the few that annoy me most.”

A throat cleared from behind him and he suppressed a smile.

Sirius only had a moment to acknowledge that Claudia looked far too pleased with this answer, before the great double set of doors were banging open loudly. There was a scuffling of chairs scraping back as they all stood.

“Ah, dinner time. What’ve I missed?”

Orion Black sauntered into the dinning room then, impeccably dressed, smile spread wide, colorless eyes glinting, and reeking of the strong scent that usually accompanied his presence: Whiskey.

“Darling,” His mother’s act was back in place, thicker than her makeup, “I’m so glad that work finally permitted you to join us-“

“Sit.” Mr. Black commanded, as if barking at a dog, has he fell into his own chair. His eyes flicked to James who was in the process of serving Mr. Parkinson yet another serving of duck, “You.”

James’ back straightened up as all eyes turned on him. Sirius could see his mother eyeing his unruly hair out of the corner of his eye.

“Yes, sir?”

“Fetch me and my friend here,” He gestured to Mr. Parkinson, who attempted to smile through a mouthful of pork. Sirius winced, “fetch us a whiskey, would you?”

Mrs. Black let out another one of her drawn out laughs, looking to Mrs. Parkinson as if daring her not to join along, “But darling, don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

Mr. Black barely glanced at her, “Second thought, bring the bottle.”

Claudia’s eyes moved back and forth across the table, lips pursed. It was as if she was watching a rather displeasing tennis match.

Sirius’ mother dabbed at her mouth with her napkin, eyes hard and glaring on her husband.

James closed the doors behind him and all was silent for a few beats too long. Until Orion seemed to realize Sirius was there.

He laced his fingers across his stomach, “So they’ve told you, have they?”

The throat-drying feeling crept up again almost immediately. Sirius set his fork down, “Told me?” He croaked.

“Orion.. Darling-“

“Well, the marriage, what else!”

Sirius swallowed hard. He felt his breath rattling in his chest. he looked dead on at his mother, “Yes, mother. What else could we have been talking about?”

Mrs. Black’s eyes flashed, “It was right to wait for your father to be present.”

Like he’s even really present anymore

Sirius bit his tongue.

His mother pulled her lips back in a smile, “Isn’t it excellent news?”

“Yes, excellent news.” Mr. Parkinson piped up, hand patting his great stomach. Sirius’ father smirked at him. Sirius didn’t look at Claudia.

“Yes.” He choked out. He picked up his fork again, squaring his shoulders, “Yes, excellent.”

James came back in with his father’s whiskey.

(I know there’s no Remus action in this part (don’t hate me, he’ll be back very very soon i promise!) but I just wanted you all to meet some other characters, including some of my own :) hope you enjoy!)

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for the meta meme, 1 and any Luke Cage character :D

I’ve rewatched the show and certain episodes and scenes too many times, and my opinion and thoughts about Shades shifts a little each rewatch. This is what I managed to cobble together and I hope this more or less sums up my thoughts/headcanons on Hernan Shades Alvarez.

Early Life

Cornell inherited this business but Shades came up in it. He told Mariah that he had nothing growing up except the knowledge that people like him knew they could go to Mama Mabel for things like a thanksgiving turkey, and school clothes, so he grew up idolizing strong female figures like Mama Mabel, and above all he respects people with power. I see young Shades being cunning and insightful. I see him and Cornell working together a lot, but he doesn’t really respect Cornell– just the name Stokes. So by association, he hangs back as the right hand man but wishes he could be noticed and trusted with more to do. You notice in the first episode that even though Cornell and Shades go way back, there isn’t much warmth between them. As kids, I imagine that Cornell and Shades were asked by Mama Mabel to do some task or another, and Shades sneakily undermining Cornell to gain favor– maybe dropping hints about Cornell not helping because he was too busy with his music. Before the incident with Pete, I think young Shades pitied Cornell’s lack of interest in this business and inability to step up.  


To Mama Mabel, I think Shades proved himself to be a loyal and reliable earner, but he knew he would never have a seat at the table. This is a family business and Shades will always be an outsider. When Diamondback angrily pulls the gun on him over Cornell’s murder, he makes it clear that this isn’t a kingdom for Shades to inherit.  "What? You thought I was just going to leave it all to you?“ Diamondback sees right through him, knows that his whispering in Mariah’s ear to de-throne Cornell is Shade’s doing. Shades is ambitious, but he’s not foolhardy. He never showed up in episode 1 with the intention of having Cornell killed, but he saw an opportunity when a problem presented itself so he took care of it with Mariah’s help. He is loyal but that loyalty can be broken if he thinks person in charge is being reckless. He’s logical, even tempered and cannot be baited the same way that Cornell and Mariah sometimes can when they’re called Cottonmouth or Black Mariah. You see this in the interrogation room with Priscilla. Being there is a nuisance but it’s nothing new. He passes the time by toying with the Priscilla and asking for a law… yer.


Shades is always a heartbeat away from power, and I think just prior to episode 7, he really thought he was going to use Mariah like a pawn. Make no mistake, I think he also had real feelings for her, at the very least before this he was crushing on her HARD. But it doesn’t mean that he also doesn’t also want to make an in for himself either.  When the henchmen come back after hearing of Cornell’s death, Shades tells Zip and Sugar, Y'all work for me now. The club- it belongs to Mariah. But I’m in charge. Before he says this, he’s surveying Harlem’s Paradise, the camera pans as if saying, look at this kid. He made it. It’s short lived but I think we are meant to believe power was always his goal.  

But I also believe that while Shades might be cunning, he isn’t really a leader. I wonder if he knows this too. A leader in this business has to work in the light and in the shadows to broker deals. He or She must strike fear and admiration, work their brand and public persona. Cornell, Diamondback, and Mariah have big personalities who can command attention, and fill a room with their presence. I think the show markets Shades as the Littlefinger of this show but I see him more like Tom Hagen from The Godfather, who was a loyal outsider with power because he held the ear of the boss. This relationship only works though if the boss is receptive and takes to heart the advice of the consigliere. And I see Shades easily filling in the role to the right woman.


When I try to pinpoint when Shades decided that he was going to side with Mariah COMPLETELY, it changes all the time. OH MY GOD, THE STRUGGLE. Theo Rossi in the Yahoo interview he says “Shades is conniving but in a way of not being conniving so does he really have some care for Mariah?” And that’s why it’s interesting. The first time he goes to the brownstone and tells her that she’ll be surprised by what she’s capable of, I think it was in part a manipulation tactic, but also a way to gauge her interest and find out if she remembered him (see post) Can’t he be thirsty for power AND for Mariah? I think he was trying to figure out if she’d be up to the task. I don’t think until we get the scene with the crime bosses, where Mariah unflinchingly describes this genius plan to sell guns to the cops that Shades realizes that he’s found the right person, with the shared vision and charisma who deserves his allegiance. I think at this point, he decides he can focus solely on partnering with her.  

Also, their dynamic– I believe with all my heart, when Mariah tried to strike him for speaking out of turn with her, and he blocks the blow that he would have been more than happy to let her hit him IF she was doing it from a position of power and not as a reaction to having her pride wounded. I don’t know enough about D/S relationships to comment on this but I will say that nothing turns him on more than when Mariah is being a little rude or shows him who’s the boss, like that kiss. When SHE BITES HIS LIP and walks away, well… Shades.. get ready to crawl. It’s over. Theo says that in that moment, and in character when the kiss happened Shades is thinking, “He got her, and this is going to be fun.” That’s such a puzzle too. “Got” her like you manipulated her OR you finally won the woman of your dreams? I kinda think he doesn’t really know either and I think it will be fun to explore this relationship further in season 2. We are all having so much fun (and torturing ourselves) debating this!

That being said, I think I’d be happy if they never directly acknowledged anything too?  I would love for them to continue subtly hinting at their intimate relationship. Mariah coming down the stairs followed by Shades who’s shirt is completely buttoned except for the top 3 buttons as he fixes his collar. Mariah getting ready to hold a meeting in her living room and finding Shades’ Ferragamo belt in the cushions, and casually handing it to Alex, like “Can you please return this to Hernan?” And trust me, Mariah is the only one who can use his given name. When Priscilla or Misty use it, it’s like an insult. But I think Mariah says it (*cough* during sex) it’s like a way to be close to him. Also, she’s gotta have something to scream in the throws of passion, and I just don’t think “Shades” will do it, lol.  Anyway, it doesn’t even have to be about sex. I still can’t get over how he opens push-only doors for her! The intimacy is in the details.

Sartorial Choices

Finally, I want to talk about Shades’ clothes. He’s come a long way from not having school clothes.  He obviously spends a lot of money on them. “We’re first class all the way” has got to be one of my favorite things he ever says, and his dropping a wad of cash into Zip’s hands for a new wardrobe was fucking baller.  Stephanie Maslansky mentions that Shades wears Helmut Lang, Prada, Hugo Boss, and Ferragamo. But he only wears black. Shades is the kind of person who values quality and good tailoring and he’s all about making a subdued statement. All black is a chic uniform. He’s announcing to the world he’s the Karl Lagerfield of Crime™ !

The ray ban sunglasses are another classic choice. My theory behind the sunglasses has to do with power, empathy, emotions conveyed through the eyes. I imagine Mama Mabel employing Shades and Cornell to do a lot of dirty work as young boys. Did these people deserve to suffer? Did they deserve to die? These questions are irrelevant as long as the victims don’t look him in the eyes. The glasses are cool, and intimidating, but also an attempt to remove himself emotionally from the kill. The times he takes them off, as many people have mentioned, is a sign of respect- with Mariah, with Diamondback.

Remember? (Bucky X Reader)

Tag list:

A/N: lolololol ok i need to chill with the angst

“Would you just talk to me?” You shouted at Bucky as he stormed past you to grab his clothes out of the drawer and angrily pull a shirt over his head.

“I would if you’d act like a normal fucking person,” he snapped back, sliding past you to the kitchen.

“Excuse me?!” You shouted, following him. “I’m not the one who shuts down everytime I bring us up!” You accused and he eyed you for a moment before gathering his keys.

“I’m not doing this with you today,” he muttered and you snorted, crossing your arms.

“Do what? Talk? Heaven forbid we actually talk, right, Bucky?” You sneered as he ignored you, opening the front door.

“You’re a fucking coward.” You whispered, your frustration bubbling over in the form of tears as he paused in the doorway, glancing at you over his shoulder blankly.

“I’ll meet you at the party. Don’t wait up,” and with that the door clicked shut behind him.

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Late Night Swim

I combined an anon request for swimming pool smut with an anon for Impala smut, and with lifeofawinchester ‘s request that the reader take the lead with the smut. Enjoy! XOXO (Also, I feel the need to tag but-deans-back-tho.)

Warning: It’s all smut.

Word Count: 1882

Dean wasn’t doing anything. He was just driving back to the motel from the diner, not even bothering to sing along to the radio. And yet, you couldn’t stop staring at him. It was hot out, the humidity making everything a little sticky, so he had taken off his shirt, leaving only his tight undershirt between his skin and the summer air blowing through the Impala. You could see every muscle in his shoulders and arms, and in no time at all, you were imagining what it felt like to be wrapped up in them. 

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Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: IwaOi
A/N: one of four winners of the milestone fic giveaway. requested by @suga-weregoingdown. prompt: hot gym trainer iwa and gym newbie oikawa

“You might want to drop a few layers before you work out.”

Oikawa pauses behind the locker door and slowly peers around, witty remark at the ready. He’s already late for his first training session of the week with the new trainer his gym had recommended and adding to the delay isn’t exactly on his to-do list.

Whatever reply he has ready, however, dies a sluggish, excruciating death as he nearly drops his water bottle on his foot when he catches sight of the offender. All lean, sculpted muscles of him. And, Oikawa blinks just to make sure he’s not seeing things, shirtless.

Yes, definitely shirtless.

“Oh my god, you’re hot– it’s hot. In here. In the locker room, I mean.” Silently, he begins counting down, wondering how long it would take him to strip and hoping he wouldn’t accidentally go full frontal in front of the guy in the process.

It’s all he can do to pry his gaze from the way the sweat clings to the guy’s skin, how his biceps flex when he lifts his arm to take a drink from his own water bottle, and it’s a full minute before the guy interrupts his train of thought with, “are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Um,” Oikawa says, making a mental note to remind himself later about not being distracted by hot, sweaty, shirtless guys. Not that Glistening Muscles is hot. No, not even close.

Before he can change his mind, he practically flings off his track suit down to his gym shorts and a flimsy t-shirt before he shoves all the contents into the locker and rushes off without another word.

“You’re late.”

“I know, Tetsu-chan, but what do you care anyway? I’m not gracing you with my presence today,” Oikawa retorts, mouth stretched wide in a teasing smile. “Besides, I would’ve been almost on time if I hadn’t run into some guy trying to be a smart ass in the locker room.”

“More than you?” Kuroo says with a snort. “Alert the media.”

“Ha ha, very funny. It’s weird, though. He looked so familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it. At first, I thought it could’ve been– but, no. That’s ridiculous because the last time I saw him, Iwa-chan was so scrawny and tiny and he could never have packed that much muscle in–”

“In what, exactly?”

Oikawa freezes. 

He knows that voice. In fact, he’s heard that voice only a few minutes before. And he’s pretty sure it’s attached to a well-built, god-like, shirtless, dripping in sweat–

Oikawa blinks to clear his head. Probably faster than is socially acceptable.

No. No distractions. That’s what he told himself. 

He turns to find the same guy from the locker room standing behind him, expression just as confused as Kuroo’s. That is, until Kuroo puts two and two together, his Cheshire grin enough to make Oikawa want to smother him with the towel slung over his neck. 

“Oh, Oikawa,” Kuroo drawls, the grin widening even more and Oikawa is fairly sure it’s to keep Kuroo from choking on his own laughter. “Have you met Iwaizumi?”

“I-Iwaizumi…?” Oikawa nearly drops his water bottle for the second time.

“Your new trainer, I guess,” Iwaizumi supplies as he runs his fingers through the spikes of his hair and offers a tentative smile – a nervous habit Oikawa recognizes from when they were kids. Oikawa doesn’t know why he remembers that, but before he can acknowledge whatever adrenaline shot his body has fueled him with at the sight of his old grade-school friend, he’s walking away in a hurry. 

He thought his quick exit would be enough to get him out of harm’s way before he starts freaking out, but apparently the pole near the yoga mats has other ideas. He slams right into it and ricochets off, his attention focused on making sure Iwaizumi hasn’t followed, and before he realizes what’s happening, he swivels right into the mirrors lining the wall with a loud crash. The impact knocks him back and he hits the ground hard enough to make him wince, his hand smoothing over the tender spot on his butt from the graceless landing. 

White spots dot his eyes and he shakes his head to clear it, realizing belatedly that someone is holding out a hand to help him up. When he chances a look at his savior, he flinches and tries for innocence as Iwaizumi stares back with the same dawning familiarity Oikawa had experienced. 

“I don’t quite remember you being such a klutz,” Iwaizumi remarks, and Oikawa swears he can hear Kuroo cackling from all the way across the gym. “I’d say nice to meet you, but since we’ve already met, how about I take you to get some ice for your face and maybe we can start over? Dinner, maybe? If you’re not busy after the workout, that is.”

Oikawa manages an airy laugh, grunts as he strains to get up even with Iwaizumi’s help. He takes a deep breath, skin tingling from where Iwaizumi had touched him in an attempt to turn him back into a human being with working limbs, and puts on his best star-lit smile. “Are you trying to hit on me, Iwa-chan?”

“I think you’ve gotten hit enough for today,” Iwaizumi says with a chuckle. “But I guess I wouldn’t mind adding to it.”

“Mean! You’ve gotten even more brutish since I last saw you and–”

It’s after a moment that Oikawa realizes they’re still holding hands. He glances down before he returns Iwaizumi’s penetrating gaze. 

“What if I was? Hitting on you, I mean?”


Then Iwaizumi laughs, eyes crinkling and mouth stretched wide into something Oikawa fondly remembers. 

“Never thought I’d see the day you’d become a speechless idiot. I guess there’s a first time for everything.”

“I feel like I’m reliving parts of my childhood I’d really rather forget,” Oikawa mutters with a dramatic sigh. 

“So… dinner?”

“If you promise not to call me an idiot, yes.”

“Only if you stop being one,” Iwaizumi counters, subtle teasing behind dark eyes and fingers giving Oikawa’s a squeeze. 

As Oikawa watches color rise along Iwaizumi’s cheeks, he thinks maybe he doesn’t quite mind the name so much. Not when Iwaizumi is the one to use it. 

Maybe he never did. 

The Morning After.

A/N: This is inspired by a previous imagine titled Yes, No, Maybe which can be found here.

I knew as soon as my eyes peered open to the unwelcome sunlight I would be stuck recovering from a hangover for the next few hours and maybe even longer. There was an incessant pounding of my head that was hard to ignore and I struggled to even open my eyes, rising some from the comfortable blanket I was hidden under. My eyes drifted around the room as my vision cleared only to realize I wasn’t at home.

I was at Kieran’s.

I tossed the blanket to the side and was stuck looking to my bare legs, my body only covered by an oversized OKC t-shirt which I knew to be his. I groaned to myself, still trying to piece together all of the events of the last 12 hours or so. I hadn’t even looked to the clock but I was sure it was far later than I wanted it to be.

I didn’t bother putting on any more layers of clothing. I just headed off to the kitchen as if this was my home and I was comfortable but that was the furthest thing from the truth. I was nervous to see Kieran and have him greet me based off of whatever transpired upon my arrival last night.

It didn’t take long for me to find him, leaning against the counter plopping a piece of fruit into his mouth as he leaned against his kitchen counter, his iPad occupying his other hand. I stood in the doorway unnoticed until I cleared my throat.

I expected him to look up to me then and acknowledge my presence but he decided to forego eye contact, instead just speaking while his head continued hanging and taking in whatever the contents were on his iPad.

“Your dad called. I told him you were asleep. Downstairs of course,” he explained nonchalantly while scrolling his device. My eyes widened in fear. My father knew our relationship was over so I could only imagine what his thoughts were hearing I had spent the night at Kieran’s.

“Did you…?” I didn’t have to continue my question for him to know what I was referencing. Still in the same position, he responded with “He doesn’t think anything happened. I told him you weren’t feeling well and I picked you up to bring you here.”

It amazed me even if Kieran possibly was annoyed with my recent actions, he was able to still find little ways to look out for me because the last thing I wanted to explain to my father was me stumbling drunk into my ex’s home to embarrass myself.

“Thank you,” was all I could muster up. He didn’t respond.

I took a few steps forward, unable to continue dealing with his cold demeanor. “I’m not sure what I did last night but I’m sorry if you’re upset with me for it.”

“Why apologize if you don’t know what you did?” His eyes finally looked up to me, waiting for a genuine answer. I wasn’t much able to provide one. A chuckle released from his throat and he finally put his iPad down to put his full attention on me. Little did I know, I wouldn’t want it after hearing what he had to say. “You came storming in here like you owned the place, insisting that I explain to you who this girl was and who that girl was. That’s what you did.”

My eyes lowered in shame as I began to somewhat remember the events he was referencing. “I just had a little too much to drink…”

“A little is a fucking understatement.” Kieran had always hated when I drank. Always. It was probably the cause of many arguments throughout our relationship. I wasn’t always unpleasant when I was drunk. I could be pretty free and enticing under the spell of certain alcohol but Kieran wasn’t much a fan of my sexual advances while I was under the influence. That wasn’t enough to excuse my drunkenness.

“Why do you do this anyway?” He continued. “Barging in here like you truly care when you really don’t because as soon as I even give you the idea that I’m possibly interested in giving us a try again you run off afraid. Why do you keep coming here?”

And he wasn’t lying. I had found myself here quite often in the past few months no matter the opposition of my friends and my own mind. Of course it all came while I was under the influence so once I sobered up, I was a completely different character. In reality I didn’t think there was any repairing to our relationship. We had outgrown each other, starting off as childhood sweethearts to now where we were full-grown adults with different interests, different paths.

Part of me wanted to let go and be able to move on but the other side of me couldn’t help but cling to the past. I had a fear of the unknown and the unknown was a future without Kieran.

“I don’t know.”

It seemed my answer wasn’t satisfactory because he began to walk away, only to have me pull him back. “Look it isn’t easy just letting you go. I thought maybe it would be but it hasn’t been and I just drink and…I’m sorry, ok?”

“Yeah. Sure. I have to go to practice so…see you?” Without another word he began his steps out of the kitchen and to the door, I presumed, leaving me behind to sulk in my ex’s kitchen.

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Bara cafe soumako au

How innocent am I that I had to google bara café? I mean I had a suspicion but I had to make sure :)

Part 2  Part 3

“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this Nagisa.” Makoto bit his lip, nervously eyeing up the bright “Lucky” sign. The place seemed innocent enough but after some extensive research he realised that wasn’t the case.

“What’s the problem?” Nagisa sighed. “You said you’re desperate for work and this place is desperate for staff. It’s win win.”

“But it’s a topless café!” He hissed, ears turning red from embarrassment.

“So? It’s nothing you don’t show off at the beach.” He shrugged.

“That’s different.” Makoto complained. “People aren’t leering at me.”

“That’s what you think.” He laughed, loud and hard.

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