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Black Girl, NYC

Greetings people. I identify as a Black female who was born and raised in NYC. I am slowly progressing through my study of education and history in college. Other then that, I spend (probably) an unhealthy amount of time reading and writing sci fi and fantasy. But by high school, I got sick and tired of the same story featuring blonds and brunettes saving the day with their straight, lean male heroes so I turned to my librarian seeking something new. She pointed to Octavia Butler and the rest was history. I’ve been seeking diversity in media ever since.

Family life and Culture

I grew as the middle child of six siblings with my single mother and grandparents. Yes, my working-class household fits the stereotype. We even have an absent father *sighs* But, hey shit happens. And with the biological father turns out not to be the best father figure, shit had to go right out the door. Yup. But make no mistake that this is a norm. Most households on my block do have both parents involved in their children’s lives. Our circumstances called for us to have one. That’s all.

The house was full, loud and rambunctious. We made up a good portion of the children on the block (unsurprising) and basically ran it. There’s a whole novel that could be fleshed out of my childhood if I wanted to. Our neighborhood is very tight knit. Next door neighbors were treated like Aunts and Uncles. When summer came around, we were sometimes divided into groups as the parents who were off from work overlooked us while braiding our heads. Blackouts became an all night bbq and sleepover on each other’s porches. Crooklyn by Spike Lee was a good representation of what it was like in fact. Somewhat. Minus the brownstones, plus a couple more fights (lol).

My grandma was a nurse who’s pretty big on us knowing our family history. She made sure to talk a lot about our Gullah Geechee roots. We also had some Dominican culture influence since her closest friend and our Madrina was, well, Dominican. But she is fairly strict on gender norms and how my sisters and I should act especially with brothers. She antagonized me the most growing up because I continued to ignore this. We don’t get along but i can’t say i don’t get why she’s the way she is. She has a pretty dark past. My mother, a latchkey kid of the finest stock, is more laid back and gives all of us free range to make our own mistakes. Most times. Other times, she’d rather lecture us. Depends on our crime.

I don’t know what my grandpa used to do. He retired waaaaay before my grandmother. I also don’t know much about his culture. He’s 1st gen Jamaican who fully assimilated into American culture. Well, beside his food choices. Now, he gambles and goes to church. When I was younger, he used to teach us how to gamble too. And how to cheat and not get caught. We got a lot of free fast food while he taught us. He has gotten more frugal the older he got. And more isolated.

Dating and Relationships.

I don’t date. I have no interest. Well, no, that’s not exactly true. I’ve considered it but I rather have not seek out anything outside of platonic right now. I have a tight knit circle of friends and several other groups of friends I associate with depending on the activity. I’m realizing it seems like I’m using the term “friends” loosely but I swear I’m not. I’m a virgin and I feel nothing about being one until someone goes “*gasp* You’re a virgin really?” and then I end up on high defense saying “So?” Believe or not, that messed with me a lot.

My love life and lack of interest in having one has always been a struggle. In middle school, the group of friends I hung with were becoming more infatuated with love and sex. Yes, middle school, fifth through eighth grade, ages nine to thirteen. But, when they would talked about who’s hot or not, they would look at me funny when I didn’t join in the discussion. Instead of explaining myself, I simply copied other’s reactions and gushed along with them. This instinct followed me through High school til stopped out of annoyance. I became a listener and adviser in their relationships because I really do love stories in many shapes and forms. And I would never turn down hearing a story.


My primary language is English and AAVE. I’ve been living in a neighborhood filled with Blacks and Latinx. Most of my friends are Black and Lantinx. I didn’t meet a white person my age until college. Okay that’s a partial lie. I’ve been in a summer camp that was made up of predominantly white children. But as the only black kid in my age range, I was sorta uncomfortable. I never made lasting friends there. After High School, I spent a year abroad in Tena, Ecuador where I learned Spanish and Kichwa. I still suck at both languages.


Lots of my clothes when I was younger were borrowed or hand-me-downs. Half of them still are. It’s like thrift shopping without the hiked prices thanks to its popularity by rich white people (Thanks rich white people!) All my siblings’ taste varies. In my case, I’m fond of combining loose and tight clothing (tight jeans and a loose sweater/ baggy jeans and a tight top). No makeup. Silver accessories.

I used to have a short bob cut permed. I hated it. But I rather a perm then getting my hair straightened with a hot comb because the back of my neck and big ears would always get burned. It wasn’t until I made a friend with a natural afro that I realized my natural hair was even an option.


Lol I was a nerd with bad grades.


My family practices Santeria, which has historical roots in both Catholicism and Yoruba thanks to slavery (Yay slavery!). However, because the religion is not fully accepted or well-known, I tend to say I’m simply Catholic if asked. Apparently, a Black Catholic is hard to believe. It is assumed all Black folks are Baptists or some branch of Christianity. I have no idea where that stereotype came from. But I can give some guess. (*cough cough* Tyler Perry….).  

As I stated before, I love scifi and fantasy. I especially love urban fantasy involving witches. I blame this love on Practical Magic and Eve’s Bayou, my childhood faves. It’s because of this love that I wish to see more stories with witches of color. And no, I don’t mean that one evil/mysterious southern/Caribbean Voodoo/Hoodoo witch hollywood loves to portray so much. That always plays into the “Black is evil” trope. Give me some damn variety!

I would squeal so hard if the mythology involved in a story isn’t even Eurocentric. I’m not joking. This is serious. When my religion was simply hinted at in the Raven Boys series (It was also a great way of making even more obvious that the character was definitely not white.) and Kenya Wright’s Habitat series, I squealed. All the authors did was write the names of some of the Orishas and I couldn’t help but put my phone down for a moment and inwardly scream with glee. That being said, if a writer does decide to use afrocentric or any religion involving “witchcraft” as a basis, I would personally ask that they make sure is is not a closed religion.

Santeria is, in fact, a closed religion. And while I don’t mind mentions of it in fantasy and even a main character stating they practice it, do not go any further than that. Don’t even research the practices within the religion other than what is public knowledge (And if you don’t have any public knowledge, just ask) Respect that there’s a limit. Anything further spelunking  is consider rude, disgusting, disrespectful and dangerous. There’s things that I don’t even know because I haven’t been properly initiated. And the internet has a lot of these practices exposed when it shouldn’t be so please don’t look into it. Please.


Most of the cooking in the house has been done by my grandmother. Because of her various relationships, our food has always been a mixture of Black American, Gullah, Lantinx and Caribbean influences. It is so good. So, so good!

The only thing I don’t eat of hers is her seafood gumbo because I don’t like shellfish. One of my sisters said I should have my “black card” taken for my distaste. I said she could take it if she can name more black movies than me. She still can’t take it. My other sister wishes we could switch places because she loves crab but is allergic. The crazy girl actually sends her husband to buy some benadryl so she can eat some if we ever have some on the table. Smh. Siblings.  


My family on both sides are quite fond of reunions. On my grandpa’s side, the family uses Fourth of July and Christmas to get together. On my grandma’s side, they tend to host annual summer reunion and send out RSVP invitations complete with schedules of the whole two to three day event. I didn’t mention this under my family life, but both sides of my family are boujee to different degrees. Lots of black sorors and frats members on both sides. I can’t believe that slipped my mind typing.

I’m a little iffy with Christmas. It’s more of a holiday for the older generation and our niece and nephews. The younger generation, however, don’t particularly care for the holiday. For some of us, it’s because it’s not really Jesus’s Birthday and Santa was whitewashed. For others, it’s because we don’t care to feed into the corporate holiday. For most of us, it’s a combination of the two. But we do love getting together when we can. My older sister and I have conspired to celebrate kwanzaa instead for the past two years. So far, it hasn’t grasped the interest of anyone else in the family.


  • Being nerds from a young age, my siblings and I have been called “Oreos” or“Not really black” by kids in school on more than one occasion. We shut them down by fighting. Probably not the best strategy but it was best one I could think of in middle school and below. Made it easier to go back to reading my manga.

  • I got compared to my sisters a lot. It was the absolutely most annoying thing ever. And a major source of my insecurities growing older.

  • Need I address colorism? My highschool was filled with it. #TeamLight v #TeamDark. I was on neither team, because in the region I live, skin color was a pretty long spectrum. I fell in the between. Who came up with this?

  • I’ll admit it. I hate my own tears. They make me feel weak. Which isn’t true…I know. But, it is a mentality I always had. I have depression and PTSD. This isn’t really a secret. I tell people if I’m asked. But have you ever had someone look at you and say, “Really? You don’t seem like the type.” ……

  • I am a black female. I’ve been labelled “Strong” and “Independent” the older I got. By my mother. By my siblings. By my peers. And I get those labels. Even from friends. I loved those labels. I call myself by those labels. I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen as strong and independent? Those are positive affirmations, right? I think they would be. If that wasn’t all the positive labels we could get. Somehow, society has decided we are beings that are incapable of being multifaceted. I was indirectly taught to hate my own tears because black girls don’t cry. You can’t cry and be strong. What a terrible mantra fed to black girl at a young age. So, instead you tell everyone “It’s fine.”

I told my therapist it was fine. Until she told me straight up it was not fine. And it was okay to cry. I don’t like to cry. But I still (involuntarily) did it.

Things I’d like to see less of/Things I’d like to see more of:

  • I’m sick and tired of seeing black and latinx folks being portrayed as only fantasy gangs members. We are not only gang members. That’s a terrible popular myth the media put out there and I hate it even more so when it’s portrayed in SFF genre..

  • I’m tired of having one black person in a novel being described as having skin the color of “midnight.” And he’s (it’s always a he) not even that important to the story

  • I hate how every time someone decides to add a person of color, they have to be ambiguous brown. I’m not saying ambiguously brown don’t exist and don’t need representation but is it really that had for a dark brown skin person to play a major role in a story that’s not about slavery? Speaking of which….

  • Why we always gotta be slaves? Or better yet….

  • Why don’t we exist at all in High fantasy stories? Urban fantasy? Brooklyn wasn’t always the gentrified white town it is now. Still isn’t. How are you erasing people of color from NYC??? We make up way too much of the population to be completely erased

  • Stop racial coding other creatures to surround your white human characters. Especially as the bad guys. That’s just shitty writing. Step up your game!

  • I love Black love

  • I love Gay love. I wish more would follow moonlight’s example and show poc are gay too and gay doesn’t always equal to stereotypical femininity.

  • I love interracial love HOWEVER, can we pair people of color with other people of color as well? I’m starting to hate seeing it always a white person paired with a Poc. Variety damnit!

  • Friendships between boys and girls that don’t transform into love.

  • Friendships between girls that didn’t start out as a rivalry.

  • Different body types besides the skinny and tall. Make a main character that’s fat for once. It’s not a problem.

  • Magical characters of color that aren’t “Noble Savages” or “Wise Monks” that used their magic for personal gain for once instead of waiting for the white hero to come.

  • Nerdy black characters who aren’t 100% competent and cries. One that isn’t in a five token band that always gonna be compare to the white main character. Make the nerd the main character!

That’s all I can think of at the top of my head. But my list really does go on. 

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prompt: “hey, have you seen…? Oh” + “well, this is awkward” + “it’s not what it looks like” 

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: 2k+

warnings: fluff with v minor tony swearing

prompt list: click here

a/n: please send me hd horizontal bucky gifs bc im running out and im not gonna post new fics without cute gifs im petty like that

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fave thing about the wonder woman movie is that steve trevor isnt there bc diana needs a man, hes there bc diana deserves love and bc it gives the veiwers a real idea of the pain she would have to feel by outliving all her friends. showing her in the future wouldnt be enough we had to actually see that she had lost someone she cared about and then we would make the connection that she lost everyone else too. it also shows that a woman loving a man doesnt make her weak, bc most women in superhero films are only there as love interests but diana was not only a whole person and the main character but she loved someone and was still strong and powerful and important and he helped her morally decide things without making it seem like she couldnt make decisions of her own and honestly its the most empowering and precious movie ive ever seen im still crying

Things that got me in Anastasia (Pt.2)

-the costumes
-the audiences reaction to the costumes
-the set was similar to the movie and I loved that
-Dimitry dancing (I know it’s a musical but it’s still funny)
-Vlad, Anya and Dimitrys solo were adorable
-although I like the movie version of dimitrys solo better
-“and soon all of Paris will be singing to you”
-the elevator
-Anya and Dimitry wanting to dance together
-dimitry staring at Anya
-“at last theres a future, there’s freedom and hope in the air”
-crossing a bridge was beautiful (as usual she was amazing)
-“some body’s bridge and somebody’s daughter”
-the set was goregeous
-Anya leaving a different direction than the hotel/Dimitry
-close the door was amazingly heart breaking
- the playing and seek line was so emotional
-“I believed so long, I have dared to hope, with door wide open that you might enter”
-“tell them I closed the door”
-gleb looking so disappointed in the other Russians and being called needy
-“we are out of second chances why are we here except to forget”
- Lily was hilarious.
-her shaking her head no and then dancing anyway
-Vlad coming up behind her and her not noticing
-her reaction once she realized it’s Vlad
-“ever since that first day at court I knew I was beneath you. Your right darling, you were”
-and the really long kiss (I died laughing couldn’t stop smiling)
-“and under the table you foot touching mine,”
-“ I loved you….. you loved me,”
-them being out of breath after their amazing dance skills.
-but they still do the sign afterwards
-how Alexei was swinging like the movie
-her family telling her to remember
-dimitry running in
-them being so close and then realizing and moving away
-dimitrys and Anya’s expression while telling their story
-“only eight but proud and serine,”
-Anya sitting basically on top of him
- omg the violins
-Anya getting lost in her story
-dimitrys “hey” after not too clean
-“I tried not to smile but I smiled”
-her tears
-“I remember”
-“with the sun in my eyes YOU were gone”
-they were so close
-he moved from holding her arms to her hand
-INSTEAD OF KISSING HER, HE BOWED. (For the second time in his life)
-honestly dimitry tying his shoes was hilarious it was funny how he fidgeted with it
-dimitrys third time bowing
-everyone’s reaction
-couple outfit goals
-vlads song but idk why they changed it
-“.. I just forgot romance. I never should of let them dance”
-quartet at the ballet is one of my fav
-the mix of swan lake and the musical songs
-“my past and future so near”
-dimitrys “home love family. She will have all of it. I will help her”
-glen and dimitrys “some one hold her safe and warm someone resucues her from the storm”
-the dancers were amazing
-“I refuse to dream I refuse to hope”
-“find a way.. anastasia”

Grayson Dolan Blurb; His type/Dating Grayson would include

  • Okay first off Grayson would probably go for probably the most bubbly,cute, and awkward girl he could find
  • Like she’d be all sunshine and happiness
  • But also very emotional
  • And he’d hate to see her cry
  • She’d also get scared pretty often
  • So he’d have to go easy on the big adventures, horror films, and pranks when around her
  • But she’d try to get into skateboarding and hiking and all that for his benefit
  • And she’d pretend like she wasn’t scared
  • Until last minute when she would freak out
  • And he’d comfort her
  • And tell help her to get over her fear and do it if she really wanted to
  • She’d be really adventurous for sure though just in a more subtle way
  • Grayson’s type would 100% be a fan
  • And he’d find out one day that she used to write fan fiction about him and they’d both be blushy and flustered asf
  • But deep down he’d find it cute
  • And for some reason I can see Gray going for a girl who is musically talented in some way
  • I feel like Grayson’s type would be the kind of girl who watches anime and reads manga
  • She’d be 100% a kpop Stan too
  • And she’d be super kawaii
  • As for appearance, like Ethan, I don’t really think that Grayson would care
  • I still think he might have a thing for blondes and shorter girls
  • But he’d find her adorable either way
  • And if you ever find yourself dating Gray (lucky asf) better buckle up bc this boy is a handful
  • I feel like you’d meet each other in a really cliche way
  • Like he’d bump into you at a coffee shop
  • And then awkwardly give ask for your number
  • Your first date would most likely be at the movies bc this boy is cliche asf
  • After about only three dates he’d know that he was falling hard
  • You’d have sort of the dream tv romanticized couple relationship
  • And after about just 3 months you guys would go public with your relationship
  • But the fans wouldn’t be surprised bc they’d been shipping this all along
  • I feel like you and Gray would be the type of couple to tell each other dirty jokes
  • And use cheesy pick up lines on each other
  • And you’d most likely vlog together all the time
  • You’d be like David and Liza level otp
  • You wouldn’t know how to skateboard
  • But gray would try so hard to turn you into a skater chic
  • And you’d honestly enjoy him teaching you
  • Expect lots of cuddling
  • Cuddling with ROM coms
  • Cuddling in the morning
  • Cuddling at night
  • Cuddling on lazy days
  • You’d cook together EVERY MORNING
  • Mostly pancakes but you’d try to broaden his horizon with cooking
  • Hugs from behind
  • Hugs from behind when he wakes up to see you cooking in the morning
  • Cheeky butt grabs
  • From both you and him
  • Grayson would be very possessive and the jealous type I think
  • And I feel like the two of you would get into quite a few arguments over this
  • But you’d always make up afterwards
  • Possibly with make-outs afterwards
  • Most definitely with cuddle sessions
  • He’d be really close with your girl friends
  • And cautious of your guy friends
  • And I can’t stress this enough CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD TO GRAYSON
  • He’d open doors at resturaunts
  • Open the car door for you before entering a resteraurnts
  • Buys you flowers and chocolates
  • Likes to dress nice for dates
  • Over all you’d just be a really goal worthy couple like, I want a relationship as imperfectly perfect as this.
Individual Success Part 2 (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

i strongly advise you to go reread part 1 to refresh your memory

“Miss Y/N, it is time you take your medicine.” The nurse from the nursing home said to the lady with the greying hair.

“I have to take medicine?”

“Yes, you do.”

“Oh, okay.”

“And right after you have a visitor.”

“A visitor?” Y/N asked perplexed, she could not think of anyone who would want to visit her.

“Yes a visitor. Shawn Mendes.”

“Who’s Shawn Mendes?”

And the nurse did not reply, just looking down at Y/N with sad eyes.


“Miss Y/N, your visitor will see you now. Would you like to go meet him outside or shall I get him to come in?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to go out?”

“Well, you don’t like the cameras much.”

“Cameras? Why would there be cameras for me?” Y/N asked.

The nurse led her out to the front door of the home, where two journalists were indeed standing.

“Y/N! Y/N do you remember any of your Hollywood days-“

“Now now, she is not in shape for questions gentlemen, quit wasting your time here.” The nurse said to them protectively.

“Hi.” A man approached Y/N, a tall man with kind eyes behind the wrinkles on his eyelids, and curly brown hair slightly greying.

“Hello.” Y/N responded, shaking his hand.

She couldn’t quite grasp it, but there was something in this man’s eyes when he looked at her that made her feel oddly at home.

“Shall we go in?” The nurse came in between them and walked them slowly up the steps into the garden of the nursing home.

The two sat down at a small table. Shawn merely looked at her, a small smile on his face.

“So. How are you today Y/N?”

“Oh I’m fine. And you? Um what was it again?”


“That sure is a nice name.”

“Thank you.”

As much as he smiled, there was some unknown pain in his eyes, Y/N thought. She wondered why.

“So, what brings you here?” She asked the stranger.

“Just came to visit you.” He replied.

“Have we met before?”

“Oh, it’s complicated.”

“Interesting. So what do you do?”

“I used to be a singer.”

“A singer! How fun.”

They sat there for a little bit, gazing at the afternoon sun.

“It’s awfully boring here.” Shawn huffed.

“Yeah. Why don’t you tell me a story?” Y/N suddenly asked Shawn.

Shawn looked at her.

“I can’t think of any.” He said.

“Anything, just tell me any favourite story of yours.”

“Well there is this one. It’s my favourite story of all times.”

“What’s the name? Maybe we have the book here at the library.”

“Oh no need. I know it by heart.” Shawn said with a twinkle in his eye.

“There once was this girl. Who was in love with a boy. They were very much in love.”

“I swear to God Shawn if you push me-“

Shawn picked Y/N up by the waist and leapt into the lake with her still in his arms. Y/N mounted to the surface of the water, sputtering and coughing.

“God, you little-“

But Shawn interrupted her probably inappropriate words by planting his wet lips on hers.

“Get a freaking room!” Aaliyah bellowed a few meters away, interrupting her water fight with her friends.

“That sounds very cute.” Y/N hummed.

“Oh yes. That couple was very very cute.”

“Did they end up together Shawn?”

“Oh, it’s very long and complicated. But we’ll get there my sweet Y/N.”

“So. They were very much in love. But they were both very very ambitious. The boy wanted to make it big in the music business. And the girl, wanted to become a successful actress.”

“The beginning of their relationship was amazing. They couldn’t be separated and they made each other so much happier. When they were with each other, smiles never left their faces.”

Y/N twirled in her deep ruby dress flashing her happiest smile to the cameras. Shawn, looking dashing in an all-black suit, stood beside her admiring his beautiful girlfriend.

“And now for some pictures of you two together!”

Y/N approached Shawn and smiled at him before turning to the photographers.

“Shawn can you look away from her for a second to look at the cameras?” A photographer laughed.

“C’mon you can take your eyes off me for a second, right?” Y/N giggled up at him.

“It’s nearly impossible.” Shawn said, holding her tightly as he kissed her.

Photographers shook their heads as they realized they were never gonna get that proper picture of those two, but couldn’t wipe off their small smile off their faces seeing those two together.

“They sound so cute.” Y/N smiled.

“They were.” Shawn smiled at her. Even with her greying hair and aging face, Y/N was still as radiant as ever.

“So, then what happened?” Y/N inquired.

“Well. Like I said both of them were extremely busy. The girl had about four auditions a day, and I- uh the guy, had a big world tour to plan. Soon, they found themselves away from each other for days at a time, speaking in only brief texts.”

“Oh, how tragic.”

“Yeah, well.” Shawn looked at her sadly. “They eventually decided to follow their own paths and see where that would lead. The boy went on tour for a year and a half, and the girl meanwhile landed a movie gig, which would eventually result in extreme success and recognition.”

“Did they find their way back to each other?”

“Not quite. Not yet at least. During this 18 months of touring, the guy played a dozen shows with his close friend. We’ll call her um C.”

Camila and Shawn hugged, as the audience clapped and cheered. Another successful show was over.

“They got closer and, eventually started dating.”

“And the girl?”

Shawn smiled.

“She was very focused on her career.”

“So did they ever get to see each other again?!” Y/N leaned in closer, eyes wide with interest.

“Well, actually the first time they had seen each other was at an awards show red carpet. There she was, standing smiling at the cameras, when the boy saw her. Now, he had seen her every day while on tour. Not on purpose all the time, she was just in every magazine, billboard sign ever. But to see her physically there, standing not ten meters away from him made his heart feel something.”

“Then what?”

“Then, the smiled at each other. It was a smile of congratulations. At this, the boy thought it was over, that that smile concluded that they were happy for each other, no matter the bittersweet they both felt.”

“Then came another day. Completely random. They had both decided to go visit the café they had met in. They did not consult each other or anything, they just somehow both went at the same time, same day.”

Y/N got her coffee and tipped the young barista heavily. She knew quite well what it was like being in her place. Literally. Turning around, she saw the door swing open and in came a man. A silhouette she knew all too well.

Shawn stepped foot in this café he had not visited in three years. This was actually where he met Y/n for the first time, he thought. Lifting his sunglasses, he saw Y/N. He blinked, thinking he was just imagining her everywhere again. But she was still there, standing in shock.

“H-Hi.” Shawn approached her.


“How are you? Y/N.” Shawn said. Her name just rolled off his tongue and it caught him off guard how natural it sounded.

“I’m okay. And you? Shawn?”

“I’m good. Congratulations by the way, on um, well everything. Not a day goes by where I don’t see your face on a movie theater sign, or magazine cover.” He chuckled, however his laugh couldn’t hide the pain he felt from seeing her every day as he was trying to get over her.

“Oh! And congratulations to you too. You sold out 75 shows.”

“Yeah… Well, I’m glad you’re doing okay.”

“Me too.” Y/N said. She finally looked down from his forehead to meet his eyes.

Their eyes reflected each other’s wild pain from not having each other.

“Fuck it.” Shawn said, leaning down fast and locking lips with Y/N. Y/N relaxed into the kiss. Their hearts, after nearly two years, finally relaxed and were put at ease.

“So did the boy leave C?”

“Why don’t you guess.” Shawn winked.

“He did. And they spent the rest of their lives together, didn’t they?” Y/N said.


Y/N looked up at the stranger’s eyes. Behind his brown irises, she could sense a whole lot of admiration, as well as bittersweet pain. The cause of this pain, was a mystery to her.

“I think I’ve heard this story before.”

“Have you now?”

“Yes. And you. You look very familiar.”

“Hmm.” Shawn merely hummed.

He looked at her intently, as if waiting for something to happen. Y/N met his eyes and then lowered her gaze. Shawn held his breath.

“Well, I should be taking my afternoon nap now. Thank you so much um-“


“Shawn for the story.”

And at that, Y/N rised from her chair slowly and went inside the elderly center.

Shawn exhaled.

“Well?” Aaliyah asked at the entrance.

“Not today ‘Liyah, not today.”

“One day, don’t worry.” Aaliyah said, clapping herbrother on the back.

“I know. One day, she will remember. Remember me.” Shawn said, looking up at a window, the sun reflecting on his glassy eyes.

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Miss Peregrine's wards and their secret interests

- Although Jacob is a little awkward and sad, he actually has a great interest in aeronautics. When he was a child, his parents used to spoil him with tons of plane toys or helicopters or jets and the Millennium Falcon until he grew an interest in assembling the toys. At around 5 years old, he’s already accomplished assembling a whole toy plane in under a minute. He aspires to build something for Emma and everyone else soon.

- Emma is very secretive and makes sure nobody finds out about her interest in singing. She barely has any time to practice because she’s always looking out for everyone else. She actually has a very soothing voice and only Jacob and Claire has ever heard her. They encouraged her to sing for everyone else but she wouldn’t budge.

- Bronwyn is really the type to have secret little interests nobody’s ever figured out about. Bronwyn actually really loves to speak in front of everyone. She lacks confidence often but sometimes, she accidentally bursts out sharing her idea. And most of the time, it sounds brilliant. (She can actually be quite good in stand up comedy.)

- Fiona has eyes on architecture. She’s already managed to design a treehouse around a tree she’s also managed to grow according to how it should fit around the house. She makes little houses for birds or squirrels and if Enoch becomes too much of an ass, she traps his clay men in cages she’s structured, as well.

- Olive and Claire are literally tiny fashion designers. (They go along with Horace sometimes.) They have mannequins and they pin down cloth in it to create a design after they finish sketching a whole piece. Their writing might be a little young and squibbly but they make cute, worthy designs.

- Horace has an extreme interest in acting he is not afraid to yapp about. But he’s actually really good. This is the only time he goes along with Millard - discussing the history of drama and acting for movies. That’s why he’s a life saver whenever they get caught by a group of normals, having his bunch of excuses topped off with a little bit of impressive acting skills.

- Enoch likes to sketch. It’s the only time he’s patient. He watches his subject intently and gestures down an impressive sketch that Miss P was ever so proud about. (Enoch actually likes getting forehead kisses.) His favorite thing to sketch is Emma. She’s just very still and quiet and also loves having drawings of her. She’s the only one who doesn’t whine when Enoch asks to sketch her.

- Hugh is a huge botanist. Which makes him even go closer along with Fiona. He likes helping Miss P with growing stuff in the garden and Fiona does as they wish. The garden is very pretty and healty because of Hugh’s advice.

- Millard, obviously, would want to write. Plays, poems, sonnets, novels. His witty words and outlook on the world makes him fit to being a successful author. He’s written a few short stories to read to everyone. Miss P stays up the latest to listen to one more.

Code Yellow

A/N:  Thanks for the lovely ask! I thought this one would be easy to write, but it harder than I imagined. This time, my lovely writing friends jumped in with a ton of ideas on how to make the story realistic. Thank you, as always, my friends! ( @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @melissas173, @emulateharry) I’m so appreciative that they let me hang out with them and that they share their honest opinions about my writing. They push me to be better every time. Go read their writing. You won’t be disappointed. 

I love my sister-in-law. Honestly, few people could have survived my Code Pink. Indeed, many had been ruthlessly eliminated from dating my brother early in the protocol. Plus, I’d been able to help Harry with his Code White when he was ready to propose to her. I’d heard all about the proposal once he decided she was The One, but honestly….she’s the best sister-in-law I could have asked for.

Whenever I’m bored or Michael is busy, I head over to my brother’s house, especially when he’s out of town on tour like he is now. My SIL and I get along as if we were born sisters. We laugh at the same things, and I love that she is always willing to listen to my stories about my cat or the latest piece I’m writing. Which is how I find myself at Harry’s house tonight. My little brother is out of tour with his second album; I think he’s somewhere in Asia tonight. Maybe Japan? Who knows? I can’t keep up with his schedule.

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maggie and alex watching a horror movie bcs maggie loves them and alex getting terrified and burying her face in maggies body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie finds them hilarious.

Horror movies.

Partially by old habit – Eliza Wilke had loved them, and much as she’d tried, Maggie had never been able to kick the habit after… well, after – and partially because she loves finding continuity errors, she loves yelling at people to not making the stupidest possible decisions, and she loves, to be perfectly honest, being terrified.

Being terrified, and overcoming it.

But Alex? 

Alex will bend over backward for her, always, and so Alex settles in for Horror Movie Night, determined to be a DEO Agent, not a trembling, needy girlfriend.

Her resolve doesn’t even last through the first murder.

Because she’s cuddling into Maggie’s side and she’s burying her face in her chest and she’s trying not to – god, she’s trying not to – but she’s shivering.

It takes all she has not to cover her ears with her fingers, but the sound stops, anyway. 

She looks up, disoriented, into Maggie’s softly smiling face.

“Babe, you could have told me you can’t do horror movies.”

“I can do – “

“Alex, I would never… I wouldn’t judge you, babygirl. For anything, ever. You’re allowed to run around with an alien ray gun all day and desperately avoid horror movies by night. I won’t tell a soul, Agent Danvers. Okay?”

“But you love them, Maggie, I don’t want you to – “

“To what, to leave you because you don’t like a certain type of movie?”

“To be unhappy with me, to be… bored by me.”

Maggie cuts off her own laughter by kissing Alex sweet, kissing Alex tender, kissing Alex smiling.

“Alex Danvers, I could never, ever be bored by you. Ever. Okay?”

Maggie Sawyer’s smile is nothing but contagious, and Alex can’t help the grin that spreads across her own face.


“Star Wars instead?”

“Can I still cuddle this close to you?”

“I will always protect you from stormtroopers, Ally. You’re not the only badass in this relationship.”

Short Trimberly fluff


The one where Trini always has really warm hands and Kimberly has bad cramps

She keeps me warm

Kimberly Hart was fast asleep in her bed when she heard a knock on the window. This could only be one of the Rangers, her friends, because who else would climb up to her window instead of just using the doorbell like any other normal human being.
So she begrudgingly rolled over, got out of her bed and went to open the window. When she saw her girlfriend waiting outside a small smile came onto her lips.

‘Good afternoon princesa’ Trini said and climbed into the room. She went over to give Kimberly a quick peck on the lips. When she didn’t feel her lover reciprocating the kiss she leaned back and looked at her.

'Are you okay amor?’ Trini asked with a frown on her face.
'Just not feeling that well baby…’ Kimberly said while holding her stomach.
'Aww cramps?’ Trini gave her lover a look full of empathy and a kiss on the cheek. She guided her over to the bed and both girls sat down.

'Good thing I brought doughnuts then’ Trini pulled a bag of Krispy Kreme doughnuts out and handed it to her girl.

At that Kimberly’s face lit up and a small grin broke out on her face.
'Did I ever tell you that you’re the best girlfriend ever?’ She said and kissed Trini before pulling out one of the doughnuts. She bit into it and started moaning. Trini’s eyes went wide but she started giggling.

'Raspberry filling…my favorite. Thank you baby’ Kim finished the doughnut and kissed her girlfriend again.
'You know I brought something else that could help’ the small Latina said and waved her hands in front of Kimberly’s face.
'You know I’m not really in the mood to-’
Trini started laughing which only confused Kimberly.
'Baby you know I would love to do that right now because it could actually help but…you know how my hands are always burning up?’
Kim still looked at her with a frown on her face. Trini started to blush but said 'well maybe we can watch a movie and I could use my hands to…you know…help with the cramps. They’re practically like a heating pad’

Kimberly was speechless. She never thought that anybody would ever care about her like this. She never thought she would find love, didn’t think she deserved it after what she had done to Amanda. But here she was, with Trini, her wonderful and thoughtful girlfriend. The girl she met and became friends with 'by accident’ The girl that ultimately became her girlfriend. That girl cared more for her than anybody ever before had.

'I love you Trini’

Kimberly couldn’t stop herself, she just blurted it out. And although they hadn’t said it yet she wasn’t scared that Trini wouldn’t say it back. Actions do speak louder than words and when she heard the quiet 'I love you too Kimberly’ she launched herself at the other girl and smothered her with kisses.

They continued to kiss for a while and only stopped when Trini heard a small wince.

'Come on princesa, let’s lay down. I’ll even let you pick the movie’ Trini said and smiled at her girlfriend.
After the smaller girl settled down behind Kimberly she put her hands on the girl’s stomach.
'Oh wow you were right…they really are hot!’

Trini just scooted closer to Kimberly and whispered into her ear: 'Told you so princesa’ She also gave her a kiss on the cheek before they started watching 'Sing’.

After half an hour Trini could only hear Kimberly mumble:
'Thank you again baby…for everything. I love you’

'I love you too’

And with that they both fell asleep. Cramps gone, and even more adoration for each other in their hearts.

Happy Birthday, Pidge-kid!

Author: Admin Miraculous

Word Count: 2345

Princess Allura had called an emergency afternoon meeting between the Paladins of Voltron, surprisingly Pidge was let off the hook and allowed to do what she pleased. As the young Green Paladin left with a smug look on her face the others stared in confusion. You frowned, you and Pidge were supposed to add some more upgrades to Green after all.

Lance let out a loud groan. “Oh, come on! How come Pidge gets to leave?!” Lance yelled, throwing his hands up in the air for extra effect. Allura pointed her index fingers up to her lips, effectively quieting him.

Coran quickly pulled up a holographic screen and scanned the Castle’s camera systems, only to confirm that Pidge was in her hangar with the Green Lion. The duo appeared to be ‘chatting’ with one another happily, so he turned towards Allura and gave her a thumbs up.

Shiro rose an eyebrow towards the young princess, “Any particular reason you allowed Pidge to leave?” He questioned the two Alteans.

Coran cleared his throat rather loudly, “Well, after looking into your background from Earth, Allura and I have discovered that today is our Green Paladin’s birthday!” He said happily, as he clasped his hands together towards the end for added effect. Your eyes widened in surprise.

“Wait, really?! I didn’t know! Aw man, now I feel like a bad friend,” You said in shock, Lance looked genuinely surprised as well. “You didn’t know either, Lance?” Keith asked the surprised boy, who shook his head. “You were literally on the same team in the Garrison, how did you not know?”

“Well, I knew,” Hunk said, as he rose his hand. Lance shot him a glare. “You’re supposed to say you didn’t know so I don’t seem dumb!” He scolded, while Hunk shrugged. “You look stupid on your own already, there’s no way I can make it worse,” Hunk fired back quickly, as Lance let out an offended gasp. You and Keith laughed in the background.

“Okay, no need for fighting! The question is what should we do for her birthday?” Shiro settled, as Coran handed out juice packs. You gratefully took one and mumbled a thanks, causing the ginger altean to smile.

“I say we throw her a party like back on earth!” You exclaimed, as Shiro looked away. “I really don’t remember what a party is like, so I can’t be of much help,” He mumbled dejectedly.  “That’s fine!” You replied, starting to panic, “You can just get Pidge a gift, as us kids from Earth settle the party—” You started before Keith cut you off. “I don’t know if I am apart of this ‘kids from Earth’ group, but I haven’t been to a party. So I can’t help much either,” Keith said with crossed his arms.

“Let’s get this settled then; [Name], Lance, Hunk, and I are going to set up the party while Keith, Coran, and Shiro set off to go get gifts for our favorite Green Paladin! I will accept no objections,” Allura said, clearly becoming annoyed at the bickering.

Everyone nodded their heads in approval, then Shiro and Keith went to follow Coran. He had begun to talk about great places that had various gifts, “Acelr is simply marvelous! I’ve heard of tales of a majestic, white lion who could only tamed by a young female around your age. Quite fascinating, really.”

“Let’s start off by getting a cake,” Lance suggested, as everyone nodded eagerly. Who doesn’t like cake? As the four of you hurried to the kitchen, Pidge suddenly decided to get a drink. Everyone froze in their tracks, as their beloved birthday kid stared at them.

“Um … everything okay?” She asked in confusion, as everyone smiled awkwardly at her. “Nothing! Just do whatever you were going to do,” Allura said, then shooed everyone away to the kitchen.

Pidge squinted at your leaving figures, before shrugging it off and making her way to the training room: she wanted to be both physically and mentally helpful to Team Voltron after all.

After making sure the coast was clear, Hunk went to get special ingredients for the cake. “Since these ingredients aren’t like the ones from Earth, I’ve been experimenting and found some stuff close to the ingredients of cake. It should work,” He continued, as he pulled out a powdery substance from a secret compartment in the wall.

“Genius! Traditional Altean cakes are made with very different ingredients, but I think Earth cakes will turn out just as delicious,” Allura complimented with a intrigued smile. You and Lance looked on in awe, watching the Samoan native expertly measure powders and liquids before combining them into one, large bowl.

“I’m pretty sure none of us know how to cook except for Hunk, so how about we start decorating the living room? Or whatever they call it here,” Lance asked, causing you and Allura nodded in approval once more.

Lance quickly lead the two of you out of the kitchen and into one of the many empty rooms inside the castle, the room with the sunken couch to be exact. “I’m guessing you remembered that Pidge said that this was her favorite room?” You questioned as Lance flashed you a proud smile. “Why yes. Yes I did,” Lance answered in a matter-of-factly tone, causing you to snort.

“Let us decorate then!” Allura exclaimed. She started to tie back her long, white hair into a manageable bun with one hand, and soon the trio started decorating with what they had on hand.

The Yellow Paladin was surely proud of his work as he strided into the room, the cake carefully cradled in his hands. He was about to announce his presence, but the scene in front of him almost made him dropped the masterpiece in his hands.

[Name] and Lance were on the floor, various cuts littering their fingers, as Allura ordered her four faithful mice to string up a nicely made happy birthday sign.

“She made us cut it out 50 times because she deemed the other 49 as ‘imperfect’,” You explained. Your [Eye Color] eyes stared deep into his soul and he could feel the agony in the air. “If it makes you feel better, I have the cake ready!” He motioned towards the cake in his hands.

“I’m sure it’s amazing Hunk, but our hands hurt so much,” Lance said in despair as he got up from the floor and sat criss-cross.

“Well, we still have to continue on with the decorating! Think of it as extra training,” Allura mused, as she handed you a pack of balloons and a tank filled with an unknown air, she then walked over to Lance and placed three roll of green streamers in his hands.

“[Name], I need you to fill the balloons and tie them. Lance, you’ll be decorating the room paper streamers.” Allura proceeded to place some green paper plates and matching party hats on the table in front of the sunken-in couch.

You could feel invisible tears roll down your face, before you opened the pack of balloons and got to work.

“Hey, I bet I can decorate faster than you,” Lance said, disturbing the silence. You were actually grateful that he got rid of the silence, for you couldn’t bare to work without sound. “Bet you can’t,” You refuted.

“Let’s go then!” He exclaimed, throwing a green streamer across the room. You smirked and began to work faster, despite the cuts on your fingers telling you to stop.

Pidge’s head turned to face the entrance of the Green Lion’s Hangar, only for Coran to walk in with a blindfold. “Good evening, Pidge. How was your day?” He questioned her with a smile. “Good… ? Why do you have a blindfold,” She questioned back, gesturing towards the black blindfold in his hand.

“Oh, it’s nothing, really. I need to show you something, but it’s a secret! You must wear this blindfold if you want to know the secret!” He answered, thrusting the blindfold into her tiny hands. She looked at him in confusion, “Okay?”

Now Pidge was walking blindly through the hallways, Coran guiding her with his hands as she stumbled around. She probably should’ve denied his request, but he seemed so eager about it that she just couldn’t let him down.

You waited impatiently from your hiding spot besides everyone else. The plan was for everyone to hide in the space between the sunken in couch and table to surprise Pidge. You were both excited and nervous, as you didn’t want to upset her with this party—although people getting mad over parties most likely only happened in movies, you still thought there was a chance she’d be mad.

Shiro, Keith, and Coran had arrived before you and the others had finished decorating, so they helped you. The room was covered with an array of green, the green party hats everyone wore only added onto the green madness. There was quite a lot of green in this room, causing you to never want to see the color ever again. It had all been worth it though, as Pidge was gonna have the best space birthday ever.

You were surprised when they had came back with gifts Pidge would adore; a new laptop, a broken down galra droid, and some nice treats. After you had question the broken galra droid. the three of them remained silent and just looked away awkwardly.

You soon got the hint, they—mostly Keith—probably stole the laptop from a space mall and got caught by a droid that they proceeded to destroy. You could see Shiro’s distinct hand mark on the droid after all. You didn’t recall any of them mentioning they had G.A.C after all.

“Um, Coran? We’ve been walking for awhile, where are we?” You heard a small voice. Allura quickly shushed everyone and hid them. “Oh, don’t worry, Number Five! You’ll love it!” Coran said.

The door to the room slid open and Pidge walked into the room, “Uh, Corannn? Where are we?” The group looked towards Coran hands that had been counting down from three, when it reached one he swiped the blindfold off Pidge. The group took it at a sign and jumped from your hiding places with a big smile, causing the birthday kid to jump like a cat.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Everyone yelled in unison. Pidge stood there, blinking, for a moment as she took in the sight. Her best friends, holding a cake for her, with big smiles on their faces. The room covered in green, for her again. A wide smile slowly made it’s way onto her face.

You swiftly jumped over the couch to deliver your favorite paladin a big hug, soon everyone else joined in to give the birthday girl a giant bear hug. “We love you so, so much Pidge! Thank you for being here with us! You’re such an amazing person, so Happy Birthday!” You exclaimed, before feeling small droplets of water onto your shirt. You looked down towards the Green Paladin who hugged you back.

She looked up to you a grin, that’s when you notice that her nose was slightly red and her eyes somewhat puffy. “I-I’m sorry, I—I j-just haven’t h-had a pa—party like this si—since M-Matt left and all,” She stuttered in between hiccups. Pidge then wiped the loose tears that fell onto her cheeks away with her sleeve.

A look of solemn and remembrance spread across Shiro’s face as he thought of the stories Matt told him during the Kerberos mission. “He always did tell me that he threw his younger sister awesome parties,” Shiro said, as he placed a reassuring hand on her fluffy hair. Pidge’s hiccups slowly faded away as she stubbornly wiped away any stray tears.

Lance felt the discomfort in the air from Hunk and the others, so he decided to get rid of it. He stood up, “Sorry to ruin the mood, Pidge, but I remembered that you liked Disney Movies, so me and Coran teamed up to stream Big Hero 6 from an Earth station!” He exclaimed joyfully.

With a press of a remote that had appeared in Lance’s hand, a TV rose from the pristine white floors and hovered near the couch. The TV tuned to the Earth Channel playing Big Hero 6.

You gently guided Pidge to the sunken in couch, causing everyone to follow; including Allura and Coran who began to talk about the strange Earth movie, and Hunk who began to serve out his specially made cake.

“This cake is great, Hunk! Thanks for making it” Pidge complimented with a wide smile. Hunk smiled back, before he went into detail about what he did to make it. “Um, [Name], Lance, mind telling us what happened to your fingers?” Keith spoke up.

You rose an eyebrow, then you remembered the events that led to you and Lance’s bandaged covered fingers. “Haha, funny story actually…” You answered, before explaining what happened. Shiro, Pidge, Coran and Keith couldn’t help but laugh as Allura pouted. “It’s Pidge’s birthday! It had to be perfect!” She yelled.

“Our hands had to pay the price,” Lance said, faking a tone of agony, as he swung his head back with a bandaged hand on his forehead. “Anyone wanna see it?” He added on, already peeling off the first bandage. “Oh god no, Lance. LANCE!” Keith yelled, trying to get the cuban boy to stop. You and Pidge just layed back and laughed at them while watching the movie.

You sighed in content, a warm smile on you face, days like these were the best.

Long post about me being fed up.

I’m fucking done with these Zutarians, and the Reylos for that matter. You know what both Katara and Rey are to these shippers? A place holder. They’re a place holder for themselves because they want to be with Zuko and Kylo.

They don’t even care about the full year of torment and abuse Katara had to face from Zuko and the fire nation. They ignore the fact that Katara had an anger towards the fire nation after they had killed her mother.


Katara on “The Western Air temple” even made a death threat directly at Zuko. She said if he hurt Aang, or even gave her the implication that he was going to betray Aang, she’d basically kill him. And…that’s love?? Wow. I wonder what your relationships look like.

By the end of “The Southern Raiders” Katara and Zuko were on good terms, but that doesn’t mean romance. It honestly didn’t even feel like a friendship it actually just felt like “yo…I don’t wanna kill you anymore, man.” To Katara, Zuko was just there as Aang’s bending teacher.

And…guess what? The last episode that they share together with their “friendship” is entirely about 2 days. Yup, they are most likely “friends” for about 2 days, and if you count the time between “The Southern Raiders” and the four Sozin’s Comet episodes it’s honestly probably about a week. A week and two days…is enough to build an entire relationship on where Katara becomes fire lady at age 15??? Yeah…no keep dreaming.

You can’t deny Zuko’s attempted murder towards Aang and his friends wasn’t abusive. Dude…the whole Fire Nation tries killing them multiple times…and that’s not…youre just going to look over Katara’s trauma and war torn family??? I bet she’d love all of you.

Okay! Now for the Reylos.

Reylos…hmm. You too also like to deny that Kylo has tried to kill both Rey and her friends. He basically mind raped her in the interrogation scene and tortured both Poe and Finn.

Speaking of which Poor Finn, he had to grow up as a child soldier. Being trained to kill, never knowing his family…and now you’re just going to push him out of the story because he’s not a fucking whitey?? Honestly fuck you. John Boyega is a gift to this God forsaken fandom. He truly is a gift. We’ve never seen a poc in star wars besides being aliens and already that’s fucking insulting.

Poc get representation and you Reylos and that dumb ass writer have the nerve to call Kylo the fucking…PROTAGONIST??? Do you even know the definition of protagonist??? The good guy? Since when do good guys kill younglings at the jedi temple? Since when do they turn to the dark side? When do good guys kill their fathers? Umm…never.

Anyways back to Reylos:
Why do you think Rey a sweet, strong, driven woman would ever want to be with Kylo Ren? Do you remember “You still want to kill me.” As a line from the movie…or no? She wanted to fucking murder him, not only for him stalking her in the forest like an animal, but also for her intense force visions of him killing people, and also fucking with her friends.

Rey is powerful. She’s damn impressive. And y'all are trying to make her the reason Kylo’s redemption? Smh. Good redemptions happen when the bad guy decides things need to change. But I don’t see that happening with Kylo anytime soon. In fact, from what Adam Driver has said, I think he might die or something. Lol. That’ll be fun to watch.

Character Designs

Am I the only one who really wants Boruto to get his movie design back?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the new one, but I think the older one fits Boruto’s personality better.

Hopefully he gets his back like Sarada did:

Did I also mention that I disliked Sarada’s design? Unlike Boruto’s, I actually really disliked the old one because it didn’t fit her personality like, at all. At least Boruto’s still does depict it. Unlike most fans, I don’t think it’s necessarily slutty or over-sexualized, I just think it totally took away how badass she was. I’m so glad she got it back, I was squealing ya’ll.

Honestly, it’s a bit hard to choose between the movie design and the design he currently has. But I choose the movie. Even his hair is styled better. I genuinely like Shikadai’s design out of everyone else’s as far as the series goes, but I just prefer the movie design.

Okay, this is obvious give my baby back his design now. Inojin looks great in purple, but damn the movie one is great. I understand that in the series he’s still just twelve and in the movie he’s becoming a teenager, but the one in the series looks so childish, especially with Inojin being as sarcastic and quick-witted as he is. 


Out of everyone’s designs her’s is the most urgent that needs to be changed. It isn’t the most horrible I’ve ever seen but white is just so much better on her. If no one’s is changed, please at least change her’s back to how it was.

Mitsuki’s. This is probably the only one I don’t mind rather it changes or not. I do like the movie design a bit more, but I wouldn’t mind if it stayed the same.

If ya’ll know me or have read any posts I’ve made before, you know that I absolutely love the next gen series, I’m not trying to be an anti. But I just really like the movie designs than the current ones. But according to the official picture for the series, they’ll get them back, which I am overly happy about, not to mention all of them look better with their forehead protectors:

Why I’ll never stop defending Gale Hawthorne

Gale Hawthorne just wanted to save everybody from the games and having to keep living like that.

And it cost him the one person he wanted to live that better life with.

In my opinion, Peeta only ever cared about saving Katniss, he was single minded in this. He never really thought about the bigger picture, about fighting back, not like Gale did. Not until he gave that motivation speech to Katniss while they were hiding out at Tigress’s. A speech that should have been Gales, since he was always the one to say they should fight back, that she should fight back, always putting that spark in her, even when she didn’t realize it at first, a spark that turned into a fire when she needed it. He loved her and wanted to protect her and keep her safe, but never tried to hold her back from the fight, was always right there beside her, knowing how strong she was, but still there if she needed him.

He was a real hero! The bomb thing was 100% Coin’s fault but he still blamed himself, just as he did for not getting more people out when 12 was bombed. And I cry cuz he knew walking into that room that she would blame him too, knew that she would would never be able to forgive him, he knew he had already lost her, and he didn’t even fight her on it, because he felt guilty for not keeping Prim safe like he promised. Even though he was not the one that put that bomb near her, not the one that put her in the middle of a war zone, but he will still carry that guilt, and the loss of Katniss, with him forever.



The Heir

Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to stay away this long, but I hit serious writers block for the direction I was planning on going for, so I ended up taking it in a whole different direction. Instead of doing a complete backstory for the whole crew, I’ve decided to do a reverse of the original series: Instead of Gavin’s views of the crew, the crews views of Gavin. This way I can still get their perspectives and some of the backstories I had planned for them, but I can still have fun with Gavin himself. I hope you enjoy!

Geoff wasn’t entirely sure if the first time he met Gavin was the first time Gavin met him.

In 1997, when Titanic was the greatest movie ever, gas was only $1.22, the Lion King had just been converted into a musical on Broadway, and Princess Diana had recently met her untimely end in Paris, Geoff (Who was temporarily going by Paul Fink at the time) was in Detroit.

The city wasn’t a shithole back then. It was just like any other major city on the map, with the poor side and the wealthy side as far away from each other as they could get, the middle class preferring to distance themselves from the both of them in the suburbs. Geoff was there to meet with a potential ally: The Corpirate. Looking back, he wanted to slap his younger self in the face for ever considering being allies with that asshole, but Burnie had thought it was a good idea, Gus, even though he was one of his best friends, had been getting on his nerves lately, and Joel was in one of his little “moods” where he laid somewhere in the penthouse on the floor, in his birthday suit, staring at the ceiling and muttering about gold. Geoff took the opportunity presented to him to get out of Los Santos and take a breather.

It was after the meeting, during which Corpirate had made a snide remark about Jack being a “dirty whore” whose only use to the Roosters was to warm their beds and quote “provide a nice little cunt for their dicks to have a crew wide party in after a long day”, and Geoff had sworn that he would die by his crews’ hand for it. (Needless to say, over the next two decades their relationship did not improve.)

He was driving around the city, desperately trying to stamp out the urge to go back and kill the bastard, their secret be damned- when he saw him. 

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Would you like TI adaptation from BS crew in like 10 years? I'm not sure I want it. If they'll make it clear that Flint has been alive, OF COURSE, I would want it! But if they'll leave him out altogether and the map Billy has is not actually Flint's map... that will make me sad. I don't want supporters of Devil Theory to have even more ammunition.

only and ONLY if the adaptation is like a 5 hour long movie about all my kids having a reunion in nassau. everyone is still alive and happy, flint has brought thomas and everyone falls in love with him, silver and madi are there, he’s still a little shit and she’s beautiful and regal as ever, max is officially proclaimed the queen of new providence island and everyone worships her (she’s more popular than the king of england), jack, anne and mary read are rich af and basically own the sea (jack cant shut tf up about it so he has to pay for the party), idelle and featherstone are married with kids (augustus is still very stressed), woodes rogers is dead and billy bones is still wandering the skeleton island while ben gunn is probably rowing out to save him

basically it’s a huge party on the beach, they’re catching up on each other’s lives, there’s drink and laughter and music and dancing and bickering and someone accidentally punches jack in the nose (seriously stop bragging), someone (flint) probably at some point sets at least one (three) british ship on fire, silver swears he can walk without the crutch, nearly loses the other leg, jack starts a philosophical issue that catches thomas’ ear and everyone has to listen to a 2 hour long rant about the virtues of stoicism and hidden meanings in bible verses, literally no one understands what he’s saying but flint (anne is disgusted by flint’s hearteyes), max and anne disappear for some actual quality time, silver dances around flint all evening not sure if he’s still mad, madi not at all subtly pushes him into flint and they end up cuddled for the rest of the evening, literally no one questions it. israel hands is sitting 20m away from them sulking in silence and keeping watch like a big angry pupper… anyway treasure island? dont know her

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for curiosity's sake, do u still have a favorite s/u character? most of my favorites either got screwed by bad writing or don't show up in the series anymore

of course i have a fave! i grew up loving the show at one point. 

Bismuth is still high up there as my #1 fave. She only has one episode and yet is more dimensional and fleshed out than the gems could ever be.

For starters she isn’t easily phased by Rose’s purity bullshit and will call her ass out if she needs to. She’ll criticize anything that doesn’t sit right with her, like how a show she watched was bullshitting it’s way out of violence.

I love how she is quick to accept things, despite this delusional ass fandom saying otherwise. If someone doesn’t want to be violent she gets that and is immediately down with whatever. She’ll play cards, bake pizza, watch movies and just have fun so long as she gets participate in some way. 

She was the first gem to pretty much accept Steven as who he was rather than what others expect him to be. Who was the first person to tell Steven he doesn’t have to be like his mom? Bismuth!

In fact Lion 4 feels straight up insulting for repeating what Bismuth already said.

And that brings me to my fave thing about her, she’s possibly one of the most compassionate and supportive gems on the team? She tells Garnet and Pearl how important they are and how their individuality matters. She immediately accepts Amethyst on her team and even upgrades her weapon. She tells Steven that it’s okay to not be like his mom and to be someone even more spectacular and grand than she could ever be.

Out of all the characters, she seems like the only one who still is willing to sacrifice everything she has to protect the gems. Both Garnet and  Pearl were mortified when they found out that there’s still a way for Homeworld to interact with Earth. But Bismuth doesn’t care about her own personal well being because all she wants is for every gem to be free and liberated.

she honestly doesnt belong on su

i can’t stop thinking about how forced jy//ncassian is and how much jyn doesn’t deserve cassian

cassian did so much for her (went back for her at saw’s base, pulled her from the research facility on eadu, gathered troops to help her at scarif) but jyn did pretty much… nothing that would ever make cassian fall for her except beat up a bunch of stormtroopers. if anything she just stole his stuff for her own gain (she literally stole a blaster from his bag and she also ‘stole’ the “hope” line) and got mad at him for following orders (and he still forgave her for that)

i honestly didn’t feel like she cared about him the entire movie and i only felt their relationship was anything but antagonistic/begrudgingly friendly in the last 20 minutes – and just barely, no thanks to felicity’s lack of ability to emote

Maddie’s livestream on ig:

things I remember:
- she face timed with Millie last night
- she cuts Lilia’s hair ever time she’s there (!)
- she’s still totally obsessed with Greys this cutie
- she moved in a new house (?) didn’t really catch this one
- she makes Lilia watch like a thousand dance videos which she is inspired of
- this was her first livestream on ig and she kept getting distracted by all her friends on the stream lol it was hilarious
- they made a joke about the pyramid on DM
- Maddie will only leave LA for her book signing tour
- Jess and Gabriel are some of her favourite youtubers
- “Hunt for the wilderpeople” is Maddie’s favourite movie right now
- Maddie is 5′5
- Maddie will be in LA for a very long time
- Kenzie was with Brynn last night
- ok she says she will be “here” at least till July (not sure if she meant LA tho, but sounded like it)
- Kalani was commenting on the stream and being hilarious, actually so many of her friends were and kept commenting hilarious stuff
- Maddie got food poisoning or something like that at the end of the Australia tour when she ate a burger and has been scared to eat one ever since

this was all i was able to catch, feel free to add! :)