like the one where he fights

The Best Friend

Request: “Can you write an imagine where H and y/n are best friends but have feelings for each other but he’s dating Kendall and you don’t like her so you start to fight about that and suddenly he walks and kisses you while you were screaming like in the movies and he tells you how much he loves you.”

xx Thank you so much for requesting, I love best friend stories. Also requests are open! :) xx

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Kendall I actually like her! So please no one get offended, this is just a story! Also there is cussing so just a warning


“Then I was just standing there minding my own business when I sa-” You tell your best friend Harry but you were cut short by his phone ringing. He quickly picks it up and answers it. You can hear the other person on the line all the way from your spot on the couch. Instinctively you roll your eyes, anger starting to boil in you. It was her.

Kendall Jenner. Harry and Kendall had been friends for a little bit and you didn’t love it but you were fine with it. But then a couple weeks ago Harry came up to you and dropped the bomb that they were dating. Since we are best friends but you’ve been in love with him since you were 14.

Harry is such a sweet caring guy and Kendall is a total bitch who only cares about fame and money. Also did I mention talking to her is like talking to a potato? She has no personality. But Harry only cares about girls who were hot and models.

You cross your arms and turn towards the TV which was playing some random movie. You knew you looked as pissed as you felt. I mean who picks up a call mid conversation and doesn’t even apologize for it? He does this shit all the time. At a drop of a hat he does what ever she needs. He even lets her use his card to buy stuff! She’s a fucking billionaire for fucks sake!

Finally Harry comes back into the room and sits by you on the couch.

With a smile he says, “So back to your story.”

You ignore him and continue to stare at the TV all the while your anger is building up inside of you.

“Y/n.” He says pocking you in the cheek.

“Honestly fuck off Harry!” You yell getting up from the couch and head for the kitchen.

“What did I do?” He asks confused while getting up from the couch.

“Of course you don’t know what you did because your an ass!” You yell continuing into the kitchen with him hot on your tail. You abruptly stop and turn around causing him to almost run into but you don’t care.

“It’s always fucking her Harry! When’s the last time we spent time together for even a hour and have her not call or text? “ You saw more hurt than anything.

“Y/n she’s my girlfriend I have to make time for her.” He says running a hand through his hair.

“No Harry you shouldn’t be dating her because I know for a fact that your only with her because she’s a hot model who will give you more publicity!” You basically scream. This hit a nerve with Harry.

“Can you not be jealous for five minutes! I don’t fucking care that she’s a model! I can’t believe you think I’m that shallow of a person.” He yelled getting closer. But you didn’t move.

“I’m not jealous.” You yell but not nearly as loud as before.

“Yes you are.” He says coming closer until he’s right in front of you.

“Harry I’m not jealous I just want the be-” You try to say but your cut short by his lips touching yours. At first your to shocked to move but then you finally give it. It’s the best kiss you’ve ever had. All too soon he pulled away.

He moved his hands from your hips to the sides of your face.

“I go out with girls like Kendall because I know I’m not good enough to get a girl like you. I’m sorry if this is weird but it’s always been you Y/n. Your the girl I want.”

You couldn’t keep the grin off your face.


Hope you enjoyed!

anonymous asked:

Can you write a caryl prompt, where it takes place during 8x1 and after carol hugged him and told him to be careful and it took him extra long to get back to her and she was worried and when he finally did get back she attacked him in front of everyone? Please? Can you make it super fluffy :)

No one had seen him since his fight with Rick, even Carol taken back by the news that he’d hit Rick first. It wasn’t like him to start fights, not anymore, but you could always be damn sure he’d finish them.

That wasn’t her pressing issue right now though, her issue was that no one had seen him in almost a week and it was driving her sick with worry. 

Focusing on other things seemed fruitless, everything she did reminded her of Daryl in some way. She’d wanted to go search for him herself, but with Ezekiel in bad shape and her having minimal tracking skills, searching would have been a waste of time.

That didn’t stop her forcing Rick and Morgan to go after him though, her heart weighing a little bit heavier every time they returned alone.

A week came about and Carol felt the swell of nausea hit her as the two men came back empty handed. 

“We need to go to Hilltop,” Rick said solemnly. “We can ask Maggie if she’s heard anythin’, but we need to get things back in motion.”

She wanted to defy Rick. Wanted to shout and scream that they couldn’t stop looking until he was found. But she knew she couldn’t. She had to hold it together, in her mind Daryl was alive until found otherwise. 

“I’ll get ready to head out,” she said quietly, not another word uttered until they arrived at Hilltop that night.

Carol closed her eyes with a shaky breath as Maggie told her there had been no sign of Daryl around their parts. Keep it together.

“I’m going out first light,” she announced to everyone.

“Carol you can’t,” Rick protested.

“No Rick I can!” she yelled back suddenly. “If things were the other way around you know he’d be out there looking every day.” 

“Where would you even start? It’s not safe for anyone to go alone and-”

Rick was cut off when there was a sudden commotion by the front gates, Maggie taking the lead forward, calling up to the man at the watch tower.

“There’s a guy here, says his name is Daryl?” 

“Open the gates,” Carol demanded, the guy glancing to Maggie who gave him a nod of affirmation.

The second Carol laid eyes on him she sprinted forward, lunging herself at him, uncaring of the dirt and grime Daryl was covered in, uncaring of the curious eyes that watched the pair.

She’d gone at him with such force that her feet left the ground, Daryl dropping his crossbow to keep her held up in his arms.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” she practically whimpered into the crook of his neck, nuzzling into him to get as close as possible.

“M’sorry,” Daryl murmured, placing her back on her feet but keeping her in close to him. “Weren’t intendin’ on bein’ gone s’long.”

She pulled back, cradling his face in her palms, letting her forehead fall to his as screwed her eyes shut to stop the tears. 

“You can’t do that to me,” she whispered. “I thought I lost you.” 

Daryl nudged his nose against hers to make her look at him, his eyes telling her so much more than he could ever verbally express.

“Wouldn’t leave ya like that. Ya know me.” 

Carol nodded, the pads of her thumbs tracing his cheekbones. 

“People’re starin’,” Daryl murmured.

“Let them,” Carol answered, she wasn’t ready to let him go yet, not even close.

Benny & River

This was requested by @emilyymichelle! I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

Originally posted by lucifersagents

After a fight with your brothers, you drove to the forest.  You knew Benny would be there.  He was always there for you when things weren’t going well.  Benny always listened and offered as much comfort as he could.

Benny took you out on his boat and headed down the river.  It was one of the only spots where you could see the sunrise perfectly.  As he stopped the engine, he watched you lean your arms against the edge of the boat.  You were staring into the river, most likely staring at your own reflection.

“You don’t have to talk ‘bout it [Y/N],” Benny assured you.  “But if ya want to, I’m here to listen.”  Benny took the spot next to you, folding his hands together.

“Things aren’t getting any better,” you mumbled, leaning your head against the Cajun’s arm.  “I get tired of them arguing.  Then when I speak up about it, they both turn to shout at me.”

Benny put his arm around your shoulders.  “Sounds rough,” Benny spoke lowly, his hand rubbing your arm slowly.  “You’re welcome to spend the day with me, if ya want to.  Might help ya take your mind offa things.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” you said as you watched the sky in front of you.  “After we watch the sunrise, maybe we can go further down the river?”

Benny smiled and gave a slow nod.  “Sure thing Sugar Belle.”

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zenyatta is so cute i dont understand how some ppl dont feel anything but unabashed love for him?? his peace sign victory pose?? his tickled and taunt emotes??? he fist bumps one of his iris arm things and says stuff like “i win this round genji” with an implicit “>:3c” and says the zen-equivalent of “FIGHT ME” when another zen gives him a discord orb… hes perpetually floating jst bc and wears lil omnic sandals and asks bastion to “tell me your thoughts, my friend” and calls orisa “sister” and his on fire voice line is “i am on fire…but an extinguisher is not required” and responds to zaryas “ive got my eye on u, omnic” with “and i will watch ur back in return :^)”

i dont know where this post was going i just love zenyatta he is so goddamn cute

Very important observations from seeing DEH from the fourth row yesterday
  • It’s not an illusion. Mike Faist really is that tall. And yet his pants are so insanely tight like do they even make jeans that tight for legs that long or did they have to custom-make them? I need to know
  • Half of it was hidden behind the bed, but from what I saw, there is a deck of cards, what appears to be an old blanket, a tackle box, and a safe on Connor’s shelf. There is also a Harley-Davidson sticker on the side of it
  • Evan has a three-ring binder and two massive books on his side-table, like thicker than some dictionaries I own
  • Some of Jared’s shirts include one with pictures of flying pigs that says “don’t stop believing,” another that says “coffee is for quitters,” one with a faded superhero logo (I think it was the Flash?), and one that says “Pokemon made me do it.”
  • Evan has a Dell laptop, Jared, Alana, and Zoe all have Macs
  • Zoe and Connor both wear multiple bracelets
  • Connor looks so completely sad during Waving Through a Window and it hurts
  • The one time the actual Connor smiles is when he’s talking to Evan in the computer lab
  • Idk about Ben, but when Evan is singing about climbing the tree in For Forever, MLB starts crying
  • Imaginary!Connor has this dorky grin almost all the time, but especially during Sincerely, Me
  • Cynthia cries into Connor’s pillow during Requiem
  • There’s a point where imaginary!Connor playfully hits Evan and it was so loud like I can see why the Newsies ended up bruised after fight scenes with Mike he does not hold back
  • After the Sincerely, Me reprise, he looks so bummed out that he doesn’t get to be friends with Jared
  • When Zoe is upset or stressed out, she taps her foot
  • When Heidi is yelling at Evan, he gets tense and teary-eyed, like he’s never heard his mom yell like that and it terrifies him
  • Will. Fucking. Roland. Holy shit, this guy needs more credit. I wouldn’t have even noticed if it didn’t literally happen ten feet in front of me, but during Good For You, when Heidi comes back in and he isn’t at all the focus or even in the light, Jared absolutely breaks down. Like, his body heaving as he desperately holds back tears, teeth clenched, clutching his chest, leaning against the wall on the edge of the stage. And just before he turns back and starts singing again, he pulls himself together and lets out this furious shout and it hurt my soul
  • Okay so I’ve seen this show three times now and idk if Mike was just super into it yesterday or what but holy shit the scene where it’s revealed that Evan attempted suicide was different and even more painful. Like, imaginary!Connor was literally screaming “EVERYONE WILL HATE YOU!” and then when he asked “how’d you break your arm?” he said it like he was taunting Evan with what happened, but then once it was all out in the open, his entire demeanor changed. He started slouching a little, his voice got quieter, higher, and started breaking, and then he fucking cried. Like tears just streaming down his face and falling to the stage and when he sang the reprise of For Forever, he smiled, as if the lie was the one hope he had, the one thing he was clinging to, and it was so good that it took away the pain, but his eyes were still red and glistening in the spotlight and ahh I have never felt so much for a literal figure of someone’s imagination
  • During Words Fail, Zoe is just staring at Evan with wide, tear-filled eyes, Cynthia is outright sobbing and can’t bring herself to look at him, and Larry isn’t crying, but he looks so betrayed, like Evan just punched him in the face
  • Kristolyn Lloyd and Michael Park each put an arm around Mike Faist during curtain call
Today's Cartoons
  • Gravity Falls: Two Kids spending summer vacation with their weird uncle in a town where bizarre things happen with a big mystery. Also about trust, growing up with maturity rather than grow apart from family, always sticking by your friends through the roughest times.
  • Wander Over Yonder: An Optimistic alien who wants to help people across the galaxy. Also wants to make sure no one is ever helpless like he was and help villains rather than hurt or beat them just because they're bad.
  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil: A magical princess from another dimension fights evil with her best friend while having magical and fun adventures. Also shows the fear of the future, fear of growing up, and realistic crushes/relationships/love triangles and how to face them sensibly while growing as a person.
  • Steven Universe: A young boy being partially raised by aliens and has space related adventures while learning about his mother. Also about love and acceptance for everyone and character development that's relatable and real.
  • Voltron-Legendary Defender: A reboot of an 80's show that didn't have much to offer centering around five people who are chosen to defend the universe. Also about teamwork always works, everybody has each others backs, and helping anyone in need no matter how small they seem. Becoming more than just a team, they've become a family all while saving the universe from a former hero.
  • O.K K.O! Let's be Heroes: A boy wants to become a great hero like his friends and family and fight evildoers. Also explains that a hero's journey is long and hard but can be achieved by focus and discipline, while showing that everyone has different sides to them including dark ones and can grow everyday.
  • Society: They're just kids shows, people. 😑
Hit and Run (Steve Harrington x Fem! Reader)

Requested by:@s-e-x-l-o-s-t ( you should really write an imagine where a reader is friends with steve and the kids and in that scene where steve gets out of the bus to confront the demo-dogs one of them attacks him but the reader gets the nail bat and kick the hell out of it and the kids are like omg wtf the demo-dogs go away and steve just kisses the reader, sorry this is so long, you’re writing is incredibly good!)

Summary: You weren’t expecting to spend your evening with a bunch of middle schoolers, and Steve Harrington in the middle of a junkyard, fighting yet another demogorgon. Or demogorgons. 

Word Count: 2000+

Warnings: few curse words here and there and some smooching ofc

Note: I changed the scene up a little and made her attacking the demo-dog on the bus! It’s still basically the same!! I hope you like it :))

HELLA Spoilers for Season 2!!

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

You were planning on spending today in doors, either drawing or studying, not in the back of Steve Harrington’s car with a middle schooler in the front giving you mad attitude while telling you this story of how this demon-slug he found Halloween night turned into a demogorgon and ate his cat. Then escaped the cellar he locked it in by digging through the ground.

“Are you kidding me?” you asked, staring at Dustin with complete bewilderment, “It ate Mews!?” you frowned now, Dustin nodded, and you pouted slightly, “That’s fucked up, your mom came over crying about if we’ve seen Mews the other day!” you pointed, Dustin sighed.

“I know, I know- but I can’t exactly tell her that some demogorgon ate her cat now can I?”

You scowled at him, shaking your head and then looked to Steve, “So what’s the plan?”

Steve shrugged, “We’re going to lure it somewhere secluded and kick it’s ass- you know like last time,” he answered nonchalantly, “You’re here because for some reason you’re really good at gameplans…”

“Yeah, so like last time eh? Set up a trap? I’m not going to cut myself again like I did with Nance and Jonat-”

“No-no, Dart is attracted by raw meat,” Dustin cut you off, you turned to him.

“Who the hell is Dart?”

Dustin rolled his eyes like you were too slow of a thinker for him, “Dart is his name, (y/n)! But that doesn’t matter- what matters is that he grew, and now it’s roaming free and we have to kill him before he kills, so if the next thing you say isn’t how we are going to do it, then don’t talk at all!” Steve turned to Dustin like he was about to scold him or something.

You glared at the kid.

“First up, don’t talk to me like that you little dweeb, and second- it’s clear we have to get a bunch of meat and make a trail- it’s smart, but not that smart because it’ll follow,” you said, leaning back and digging through your bag, “Then we get gas like last time and-” you flicked the lighter in your hand up, Steve glancing at you through the rearview mirror, “and light it’s ass on fire,”

“And where will we get that much meat?”

“Oh you know we’ll just find it lying around- hey maybe we’ll skin and gut a cow, Dustin! It’ll be a fun experie-”

Dustin was about to clap back at you before Steve told you both to shut the hell up.

“Obviously we have to buy meat, and you-” He pointed Dustin,”Stop talking to her like she’s some kind of idiot, she fought one before, so she knows what the hell she’s doing,”

You crossed your arms all smug.

Dustin just simply turned away, saying something under his breath about ‘she didn’t really fight it’. Steve turned back at you, winking, you offered a smile before looking down at your feet. In a way Dustin was right, you didn’t really fight it, but you did help Nancy and Jonathan plan how to trap it.

You let out a sigh. Just an hour earlier, Steve had showed up at your house, telling you to put on your shoes and jacket because he needed your help. You, of course not wanting to pass up another opportunity to hang out with Steve, agreed. That was before you saw Dustin, looking impatient in the front seat of his car and were told you were going to fight another demogorgon.

You huffed slightly, and rubbed your forehead. You really, really didn’t want to do this, you thought you’d never have to ever see one of those things again.

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Here’s to the new me. The old me. The you-don’t-even-know-me. To the me that died twice before I met you: third time’s the charm. Been chewed up and spit out more than I’ve ever seen a sunrise, and I’ve only ever liked sunrises when I’m with you. I’ll become something you’ve never seen before, nothing borrowed, nothing blue. Set my head aflame, built a home out of the ashes, let the wind blow it away into the sun. The breeze sings, lo que está muerto no puede morir. And when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

I don’t know that kid anymore, and maybe I never knew him at all.

your love could start a war

billy hargrove x reader

words: 1303 (this one got long idk i love dacre’s face)

warnings: language, fighting

request:  Could you do an Imagine where Billy flirts with the reader and he’s like a dick to everyone else but her and he even kicks someone’s ass because the person tried to flirt with the reader. Like not as aggressively as his fight with Steve at the end. Thanks if you do it :)

Billy Hargrove had a reputation. It wasn’t a good one, as most saw him as kind of a dick. His ‘fuck you’ attitude and disregard for what people thought of him, most of Hawkins wasn’t quite sure how to feel about him. Most were intimidated, trying to fly under his radar. But you never really understood why.

You’d only ever seen him as caring and kind since the first day you met him. He was always more concerned of you than himself. He gave you a sea of compliments, no matter how many times you told him to stop, and was the first person you called when you just needed something. From the first day you met him, he was nothing but the most amazing guy in the world, it was hard to think of him as otherwise. He always sat with you at lunch on the same bench every day, even though it wasn’t his lunch period. You sat on the bench now, basking in the sunlight and waiting for him.

“How’s my favorite girl?”

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this isn’t going to be elegant but hear me out. It appears as your worst fear, your biggest nightmare, right? so what if, after all the losers meet up again as adults and hear about stan, their biggest fear is losing another one of them. they all know they wouldn’t be able to handle the heartbreak. this is specifically geared towards richie, whose biggest fear (you could say) is never knowing eddie’s true feelings for him, and never knowing if he was the only one who felt what they had. so what does It do? It conjures up a scenario in which It kills Eddie, and they are forced to leave his body in the sewers. richie holds him in his arms as he dies, and calls him Eds one last time, and is forced to watch as eddie dies before he can get out whatever he was thinking so hard about saying. most of us are in agreement that eddie was definitely going to confess while he still had the chance, but It doesn’t let the scenario play out like this. It has eddie die before richie receives any closure, any confirmation, anything that would have let him know that the boy he grew up loving, the one he never forgot, the man he just got back, loved him too. this is all in It’s little play. it’s what It wanted them to see. they have to leave him.

in reality, eddie didn’t die. he was knocked out cold. his arm is broken, again, but still there, if a little worse for wear. he wakes up, alone in the sewers, and finds his way out. he doesn’t lose his memory like the rest of them, because he wasn’t there during the final fight. he knows where to find richie. he gets on the first plane to LA and never looks back.

Sans Isn’t a Hero in Any Sense of the Word

I was willing to be quiet about the amount of Sans ass-kissing in the fandom, but a certain Youtuber dropped a vocal Megalovania cover and the comments are horrible. It’s not people who ship Fell!Sans and Swap!Sans, or love Bitty!Sans, or replace everyone in Undertale with Sans. It’s not that type of Sans ass-kissing. It’s people calling Sans “the epitome of good”, “the hero of the No Mercy run”, “striking you down with righteous fury”, etc. etc. etc.

Among the larger group of Undertale fans, even people who liked the game in 2015 and haven’t given it a single thought since then, there exists this insidious idea that Sans is this hero of justice, this calculating genius, this suave man with hidden (sexy?) emotional depths under his lazy front. We see art of Sans crying over a dusty red scarf in the No Mercy run. We get AUs (like Glitchtale) where Sans is the main scientist that everyone respects rather than Alphys (we even see Gaster replacing her in Glitchtale, but that’s another grievance to nail to another church door). We see art of Sans killing that evil, nasty Chara with his eye burning blue flame while the light of God shines down on this chosen, sexy Christ figure who brings nothing but justice and good!

What we have in canon is a fat, lazy skeleton who makes puns and willingly lets you kill everyone he’s ever known and loved because he’s too sad to try and stop you.

How the hell did we all get it so wrong?

I want to deconstruct these ideas one by one. Feel free to add on to this post or correct any mistakes i make. If you don’t want to read any further, just leave this post with this idea: Sans is not a hero or even a great person; he does not protect you, Papyrus, or anyone; he is not the smartest, strongest, or best character in Undertale by any means.

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dating Bucky Barnes...
  • he’s definitely really hesitant around you at first because this is all so new to him and he doesn’t wanna fuck it up
  • he ends up pushing you away as a defence mechanism 
  • you’re not upset though, you understand and give him a little room
  • then one day it’s just you and him in the tower
  • so you decide to watch a movie (he let’s you pick)
  • so you go with Titanic because a) it’s a classic and b) he’d never seen it 
  • there’s subtle touches 
    • like his hand grazing yours in the popcorn bowl
    • or his side pressed against yours
    • he’ll definitely be paying more attention to you than the movie
  • that’s when he realises he’s in deep and you’re the only thing that matters to him 
  • he doesn’t even realise but he’s pulled you into his lap, crashing his lips onto yours

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I had a dream that I was watching season 4 last night and I’m going to share this one part with you

first of all this was being broadcasted on a gigantic movie screen in an outdoor stadium packed with thousands of people all watching together which was kind of cool

there was a time skip so they were all a few years older now with slightly different battle armour and Keith had to stay behind on this one planet to be ground control or something bc apparently the aliens there had decided that Keith gave them so much hope that they needed him around always?? so Shiro went back to leading Voltron while Keith was on this planet but he hadn’t lost his fighting spirit and wasn’t too happy with being grounded and only in contact with the rest of the team over phone

anyway Lance came down to visit him at one point but he wasn’t in Blue, he was on some alien flying motorbike thing, and Keith walked out to meet him

they exchanged friendly banter for a while and then Lance was like “so can I give you a hug or are you gonna get all up in arms about that too?” and Keith had his arms crossed and was like “ugh as long as you don’t make a big deal about it I GUESS” but then his face softened and he gave Lance one of the most tender smiles I’ve ever seen on this boy’s face and I remember thinking wow dude there is NOTHING hetero about this situation AT ALL

Slav appeared at this point bc he was also stationed on this planet and was like “oh you’re getting along now!! does this mean you’ve finally gotten together??” and Lance & Keith were like um !?!? wtf are you talking about and Slav was like “well there are a lot of alternate realities but you are a couple in most of them! I was worried this might be one of the realities where you weren’t bc you were fighting so much but then you asked to hug him and he is blushing so it is safe to say that you like each other!!!” and during this whole rant the camera kept repeatedly zooming in on Lance’s face as he made a bunch of confused/shocked/embarrassed expressions and Keith was just silently blushing in the background looking embarrassed

there were more scenes that happened but the only one that I remembered when I woke up was this one because 1. it’s obvs the most important and 2. when it happened everyone in the (previously quiet) crowd started to cheer


Two very different kind of evil.

The idea of Taako and Ren being close friends is just… so good. I love it so much. I love their friendship.

What Ren liked most about Taako’s show when she saw it wasn’t the grandstanding or the dramatic gestures and tricks. It was the genuine excitement about cooking that she could sense coming off of Taako with every smile and the delighted giggling she just barely caught when he successfully flipped the contents of a pan. It was the same way she felt about cooking, and magic, and she dreamed about making it look as effortless as he did. The way he talked onstage made it feel like the whole audience was in on the secret. Other people who put on shows sometimes felt untouchable; Taako felt like someone she could have a conversation with. That experience was part of why Ren felt like the school would be a good fit, because it felt like Taako was already teaching her then.

Ren is Taako’s best friend, but Lup loves her, too; she’s unofficially adopted by the twins as another sibling. Ren is invited to all of the family functions, even when it’s just supper at Taako or Lup’s house. She has a beautiful singing voice, and she sings accompaniment to Lup, Barry, and Kravitz while Taako listens quietly. Taako still teaches her things in the kitchen on quiet afternoons and she shares new recipes she’s found or come up with; Lup joins them a lot and it’s fun to watch the twins working together and around each other, but she never feels like she’s in the way. She always bounces a little when she spots Taako from a distance, and Taako always smiles when he sees her. When other people express jealousy that she’s so close to actual living heroes, she tells them about the time that Lup turned Taako’s hair green because he stole her skirt and the hour of her life she wasted coaxing him out of his room. A whole hour that she is never getting back, while Mr. Hero acted like an actual five-year-old. She keeps getting startled by Kravitz in his skeleton form - every time - and Kravitz always feels so bad about itLup likes to dress her up and buy her new clothes. Taako likes to flirt with every attractive person they come across on her behalf, and it’s mortifying.

She knows about Taako’s bad days, when he can’t remember things or doesn’t talk much or has to be reminded to eat. She knows how to calm Taako down when the smell of garlic or standing in front of a stove is still too much. Lup thanks Ren for being there when she can’t; Ren asks that, if Lup ever makes good on her promise to visit the prison, she’ll take Ren with her. Taako knows about Ren’s bad days, too. He knows how to talk to Ren like everything is normal until she feels real again, alive again. He knows how to sit with her on days when getting out of bed doesn’t feel like it’s worth the effort, nothing does, because isn’t it going to end again soon anyway? Somehow he always knows when she needs him there, and he shows up with something sweet and ridiculously unhealthy.

Ren will not take any of Taako’s shit. She doesn’t have Lup’s fire - her specialty is wind instead - and there has been more than one occasion where Taako has tried something, Ren didn’t like it, and Taako walked into his office/house/wherever to find a gale-force winds fucking everything up. They’re never fighting for long.

Ren is an optimist; Taako laughs sometimes when she gets particularly enthusiastic about an idea. They like to people-watch and make up stories about the lives of the people they see. Ren teaches Taako all of the mixed drinks she knows from the bar, and more than once they sample way too many in one night and end up passed out together on the couch. Ren calls Taako from her date and for once it’s not so he can come get her - she’s really sweet, and we like so many of the same things and - yeah, I should probably get back out there, huh? They publish a cookbook together and it’s a bestseller. Ren works too hard and Taako doesn’t work hard enough, but somehow they balance it out. They’re a good balance for each other in a lot of ways.

The Battle on Crait is NOT the Final Showdown -- Snoke’s Supremacy is the Climax of the Film


Synopsis from my Predictions Post on the Climax of the film:

In my Predictions Post released after the Official Trailer, I posited a timeline that proposed that the Battle of Crait happened in the 2nd Act [and perhaps a small part of the 3rd Act] in TLJ, while the events of the Supremacy occur in the climax of the film. While this was certainly not the popular theory amongst most speculators (most people placed Crait as the climax of the film), I proposed this theory mostly based on sensical writing structure and character narrative, and some evidence through the footage. Here are some excerpts from my original Predictions Post:

[After Rey and Kylo have spent significant time on Ahch-To together, Kylo is somehow unexpectedly returned to the First Order, while Rey and Luke have a bit of a spat over her newfound “alliance” with Kylo – she’s come to an understanding and realizes she needs his help. Rey leaves Luke behind, departing with Chewie on the Falcon and heading for Crait to talk with Leia and notify her that: 1 – Luke is not helping the Resistance and 2 – there is still hope for her son, but Rey needs help bringing him back.]

I believe it’s possible that once Rey arrives on Crait, there is still some battle going on. The Falcon appears to be engaged at some point in battle. Rey may also not be present for that battle, since we can’t see the pilot – it may be that Chewie is flying by himself or with someone else.

It might be that some minor action happens when Rey arrives on Crait, but I don’t think that’s the climax of the film at all. 

In my opinion, the climax should look like this: […] Finn fight[s] Phasma, Rey [is] captured by Snoke, and Kylo and Rey [fight] the Praetorian Guards together.

Things continue as follows:

[Sometime after, during, or right before Rey’s arrival] Finn and Rose go to infiltrate the F.O. somehow through (probably) D.J.’s help. […] Predictably, they get caught. […]  

My theory is[Finn, Rose, and DJ are] trying to take control of [the warship Dreadnaught – a ship described as raining down fire on its enemies in the SW Databank] and use it against the F.O. to take down Snoke’s ship. [Rose is an engineer and DJ is a hacker – their skills would be very useful in hacking into and reengineering the weaponry of a ship like the Dreadnaught to fire against Snoke’s Supremacy.]

Meanwhile, our favorite Emo Space Zuko is brooding on board a F.O. ship [after Ahch-To]. He’s basically taken captive at this point – even if he’s “playing along” he almost CERTAINLY doesn’t want to be there. I’ve speculated that he has been forced back into the F.O. and [he then receives news that] Rey has been captured.

I think Snoke will [then] call Kylo to his throne room [and] torture Rey in front of Kylo and force him to make a choice. That line in the trailer, “Fulfill your destiny” is said to KYLO, not Rey. He’s telling Kylo to kill Rey [because Snoke wants to maintain that control over his “possession” – Kylo Ren]. But, this backfires, of course, because this only pisses Kylo the FUCK off.

From there, both Rey and Kylo Ren fight the guards together in an epic battle. Snoke flees, probably much to both of their dismay. [And probably because the Dreadnaught begins shooting on the Supremacy after Rose {and possibly DJ} successfully hack into and reengineer the fire cannons to fire against the FO– it looks as if Snoke’s Throne Room is directly hit by the weaponry of the Dreadnaught].

Below is further evidence to support the above predictions for the climax of the film from the recent image of Rey in the Japanese trailers:

^Red = Fireball
Orange = [what appears to be] a fallen Praetorian Guard 
Green = Weird contraptions in Snoke’s Throne Room
Purple = Rey’s head wound status

^The contraption in Snoke’s Throne Room matches the one in the background of the image of Rey.

^Blue = Kylo’s scar – nearly completely healed
Red = Fireball

EDIT: I meant to mention, but the above picture probably happens after their epic fight against the Praetorian Guard, where he then reaches out his hand to her in some gesture of alliance. The flames have increased in intensity and the scene looks like he’s out of breath.

Ok, next!

Purple = Rey doesn’t have her head wound quite yet – looks like she gets that after fighting the guards. My guess is she gets walloped on the head in that fight. One of them has a mace-like blunt weapon.
Yellow = Kylo is holding his saber in his left hand.

Note: Kylo is behind Rey, facing Snoke. Rey does not look perturbed by Kylo’s presence, nor by being in the presence of Snoke. I’ve no idea why and it’s hard to extrapolate, to be honest. Maybe she chose to be there. But him being BEHIND her, implies (as I’ve guessed) that perhaps he is called into the throne room after Rey’s capture.

Blue = Kylo’s healed scar matches the above in the “Handgate” scene. He is consistently not wearing a cape in any of these scenes, and his hair matches, too.
Yellow = Kylo’s saber is not in its hilt, would be in his left hand, and if you look at his belt you can even see a reflection of his saber and the reflection of a shadowy figure of SNOKE. Look closely, and you can see the reflection pretty clearly. It’s pretty eerie to look at.

You might argue it looks like Kylo and Rey could be facing off against one another, but (1) look at Kylo’s belt there and that creepy, looming shape of a shadow of Snoke again, and (2) we have this footage from BTS:

Originally posted by mine-loves

(See my other post about the Praetorian Guard fight for proof that the guy Kylo is fighting is indeed a Praetorian Guard present in the throne room when Rey is there)

Here below, you can see Finn facing off with Phasma on what is definitely Snoke’s ship at the same time, as well. Finn is in his FO uniform, and the burning around them suggests the same destruction is happening as is occurring above with Rey and Kylo:

Finally, if Snoke’s ship is destroyed to this level, it implies that the Battle on Crait must be finished before this showdown, too, because Snoke’s Supremacy is the origin ship for their manufacturing of weaponry used on Crait, as we can see in this image:

^I believe this image precedes Rey showing up and being captured by Snoke [before Kylo would be called into the throne room], and this supports my theory that Kylo is ripped back to the FO after his time on Ahch-To, and Rey pursues him by seeking out Leia’s help on Crait. There’s no way this image comes after the showdown with Snoke and the guards – as evidenced by the destruction of the ship above. There is also evidence of that equipment being visible in the background of the scenes with Finn and Phasma, so it’s definitely STILL THERE during this fight on Snoke’s ship. The equipment Kylo looks at here in this image gets destroyed along with the ship, is what I assume.

It is true that after this Rey shows up on Crait and has [what appears to be] a reunion with Finn. My guess is that is the resolution of the film after the climax – much like we saw with Rey at the Resistance Base after the fight on Starkiller, and then her journey to Luke. Obviously, it’s not clear where Kylo is and what’s happened with him… My guess is he’s doing alright and that he and Rey will be implied allies in some capacity.

If you ask Dean, especially in public or around other hunters, he’ll tell you his favorite place in the world is behind the wheel of his Baby. Riding off to another hunt, gun tucked into his waistband, Sam by his side, and Cas in the back, ready to fight evil. 

And he does love it. It’s where he feels comfortable, like he’s making the biggest difference he can possibly make in a world that often seems beyond help. The reality, however, is something that Dean will admit to himself only occasionally. His favorite place in the world is actually right here, where he currently is. 

The room is a little warm, and he’s defintely a little sweaty after one hell of a workout. Dean’s body is heavy on his memory foam, and he’s maybe minutes from drifting off, but Dean wants more than anything to savor this moment a little longer. Cas is just as warm as he is, but it doesn’t bother Dean in the least that their naked skin is sticking together. He’s tucked into Cas’s arms, and Cas’s wonderful long fingers are tracing nonsensical patterns along the ridges of Dean’s spine. 

“Sleepy?” Cas asks softly. 

“Mmm, yeah,” Dean mumbles. With each inhale and exhale, he’s finding it harder and harder to keep his eyes open. 

“Go to sleep,” Cas tells him, pressing his lips to Dean’s forehead. “I’ll watch over you.”

Cas’s words bring him comfort like nothing else can, and Dean quits fighting, dropping off into peaceful sleep. 

anonymous asked:

Hi can I have an billy Hargrove imagine where the reader is sweet and shy and the only one that can calm him down when he goes crazy pretty please !! Thank you!!

Summary: You’re the last person anyone would ever expect to be able to calm down Billy Hargrove when he’s in a mood, but you’re also the only person capable of doing it.
Pairing: Reader x Billy Hargrove.
Fandom: Stranger Things.
Warnings: Fighting.
Word Count: 1034

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BUT what if Dex and Nursey kinda fall out of touch after they graduate. Sure, they’re still in the SMH group chat, but life gets busy and group chats aren’t for individual relationships, they’re for groups.

And maybe Dex gets drafted and Nurse was surprised to hear that he was even thinking about going pro because Dex was just so smart and really into programming. Sure, he’s one of the best players Nurse has ever played with, but he just never considered that he’d go pro. 

And Dex has to roll his eyes because of course he’d enter the draft if there was a chance at millions of dollars. He grew up working for scraps, he wants to have the best life possible, he wants to be worth something.

So Dex and Chowder are both in the NHL, Chowder with the Sharks (he’s so excited) and Dex with Blackhawks. Nursey coulda probably gotten drafted too, but he honestly just wanted a chill life where he doesn’t have to wake up at 5 am for morning lift and always on the ice. He loves hockey, he doesn’t want to do it for a living and end up driving himself to hate it. 

A couple years pass, Nursey gets published, Chowder is an all-star, Dex is really good, he holds his own and gets a lot of time in the box, he still likes to fight. He’s one of the most feared enforcers in the NHL after only two seasons. 

Then the invite comes in the mail for Bitty and Jack’s wedding.

Neither Dex nor Nursey is worried about it, it’ll be just like old times and they’re actually excited to see everyone again. Dex hasn’t really seen anyone from Samwell except when he plays Jack or Chowder or Whiskey who ended up going pro after one three years in college. 

The group chat is 🔥  for the first time in forever. Chipping Shitty saying he has to wear pants, reminding Rans and Holster that there won’t be a keg, asking Lardo to please not steal any of the silverware for her latest art project. It’s really nostalgic for everyone and they’re ready for the reception because it’s Eric fucking Bittle putting it on and it’s going to be amazing.  

Then Nursey sees Dex and Christ, he got bigger. His arms and shoulders are to die for and don’t get him started on this thighs. He looks like he could bench more than Nurse’s body weight and now he’s thinking about Dex holding him. 

He knew in theory that Dex would be in great shape, he’s followed Dex’s career enough to know that he’s really good. But he still saw Dex as the guy he played with for four years, as the guy he lived with, as they guy he made a habit of annoying as often as possible.

It’s not like Nurse didn’t keep up with his fitness, but he’s more of a runner and yogi now. He doesn’t have to have the extra muscle to check a guy into the boards and protect the puck, he’s cool with being 6′2″, 200 pounds, but Dex looks like he’s 6′2″ 230 of pure muscle. 

And Dex is dying a little (a lot) because Nurse looks good, like really good. His eyes are softer somehow and he has a beard, a fucking beard. He’s got laugh lines around his eyes and doesn’t look as ‘chill’ as he used to. He looks so real. 

Which isn’t great for Dex, because he always thought Nurse was attractive, but this is next level. It’s like he left Samwell and finally let his guard down. 

Both of them manage to be super awkward, Dex going for a handshake and Nurse going for a hug, and then they start fighting after about 3 seconds because it’s them.

But after a few minutes it falls back into easy chirping and conversation. Nursey tells Dex about his newest book, Dex tells Nursey about the potential for him to get traded in the off season, it’s comfortable, like coming home.

Until finally Nurse blurts out, “We were the same size at Samwell and now you have melons for arms and could probably crush me with your thighs, what the fuck.”

Dex just shrugs and smirks, “It’s chill, Nurse.”

They end up making out in a closet because Nursey can’t wait to get his hands on Dex’s ass. It’s as amazing as he thought it would be. 

Ransom and Holster find them and take pictures before running off to tell everyone that Dex and Nursey finally resolved the sexual tension. They end up using one of the pictures at their own wedding three years later. 

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Okay I know the popular scenario is "embarrassed mutual pining" (and trust me I love that) but what about this: soon after lance realizes his feelings for Keith he just fully embraces them and starts flirting with Keith almost 24/7 the way he does with random alien chick only more specific/flattering? And Keith's like "what did my gay ass do to deserve this" not knowing Lance is actually fully serious. Then Lance finally stops playing games and just asks him out and Keith's like U WERE SERIOUS?


The time Lance realized that he was undeniably attracted to boys was directly correlated to Keith. It was weird because he could have sworn that he didn’t like Keith - that dense, unwillingly condescending and hotheaded idiot - until. Well. Until they were out after a mission mingling with the locals and Keith was just standing there, a drink in his hand, smiling softly while he talked to a young alien girl. 

It was a huge thing. Lance’s breath caught, his heart skipped a beat and all the blood in his body rushed to his cheeks. Keith hadn’t even done anything special, he really just stood there, a soft and attentive look on his stupidly perfect face while the sun drew patterns on his mullet. It should have been an everyday thing except it wasn’t because Lance really could count on one hand all the incidences where he wouldn’t have changed a thing about Keith (including his awful hairstyle).

So back then Lance did the most sensible thing he could have done: down his drink, cough like mad because wrong pipe and hightail the quiznak out of this situation before it could go completely wrong.

Also, a private freakout that lasted for like five minutes. And maybe some stress eating and extra face care but honestly, that wasn’t a bad thing. He was a paladin of Voltron, they were fighting pretty much 24/7, he was allowed to eat more of Hunk’s cookies if he wanted to. And his face certainly wouldn’t complain about testing out new products to help it stay smooth and soft.

Honestly, Lance thought he had handled it pretty well. No excessive drama and no insults hurled Keith’s way. He’d like to think that he matured through his time as a defender of the universe and could now totally deal with being attracted to boys and Keith. No problemo for Loverboy Lance. 

Except, of course, it was Keith. How did one woo Keith? He was pretty sure that Keith was gay, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that Keith was dense as quiznak. 

Luckily, the response had been right in front of his eyes: Keith might have been dense but Keith has also spent nearly 2 years with him in space and knew what Lance’s flirting looked like. It was ideal, he just had to act like he always did, not even Keith could be stupid enough to misunderstand that. 

So when the opportunity arose, Lance didn’t hesitate to take it.

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