like the one they suffered last weekend

YoI Episode 11

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Aaaah, episode 11. Only one episode left for the end. I’m sure that these two last episodes will be packed with information, but I hope they don’t feel too rushed.

Anyway. The Grand Prix Final. I hope it isn’t a mess like the real one that happened last weekend. But it probably will, right? Because that’s the life of figure skating fans: suffering for our faves.

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Last Christmas
  • Last Christmas
  • Wham!
  • Last Christmas Mixtape


Day 1 - Wham!

Before we started our journey I was the only one who actually liked this song, but my other 7 vanmates suffered through this version to give us our baseline. As we got deeper and deeper into the covers (most of which were horrible) everyone started to appreciate Wham’s version more. By the end of our weekend I started to feel kind of uneasy whenever Last Christmas /wasn’t/ on.

Our favorite line of this song is undoubtedly the whispery “Happy Christmas!” bit, and we gave extra stars to people who used it more than once. Someone could make a version with just the whisper looping over the entire song and we’d probably love it.

Having listened to just under 500 versions of this song I feel pretty well versed on it, and I’ve gotta say, though some of the covers I’ll be posting over the next few weeks are really good, I still find myself needing to go back to Wham’s from time to time. 

We gave this version 4 out of 5 stars.