like the one they suffered last weekend

Four Hours - Johnny x Reader - College!AU

Requested by: @sellmysoulpls . Enjoy the suffering, lovely Bry <3

Word Count: 1838

Trigger Warnings: None

Genre: College!AU, Fluff, Slight Angst

It had been six months since you’d last seen your best friend.

It’s not that you two had been fighting or anything.

You video chatted and texted all the time like you two were practically living together, it’s just that the two of you were attending different universities that were approximately four hours apart.

Neither one of you had had the time to leave town during the weekend and hang out, so you settled for talking on the phone all day.

And now the semester was over, and the both of you were headed to your home town, back to the same two houses that stood right next to each other and made you the best of friends all those years ago.

You could clearly remember it when his family had moved in.

He had walked up to your front door with his mother, smiling widely as he introduced himself, one of his front teeth missing.

You had giggled softly, giving a shy wave and introducing yourself as he had.

From that day on, the two of you had been inseparable. You did literally everything together, from sports tryouts and taking the same classes and hanging out with the same group of friends, to always being around the other and having sleepovers after school ended and being in all of each other’s plans.

Your parents might as well have had trouble remembering which one of you belonged to whose family, and it was like all of you were part of a larger one that everyone seemed to already accept.

Everyone had known it for years: there was no you without Johnny, and no Johnny without you.

It was a package deal, take it or leave it. Just like that.

And you’d missed him, a lot more than you cared to admit, because the last two years of high school were not exactly what you had had in mind.

It was during those last two years when you had understood that you had been betrayed by your own mind, and had classically but ironically started falling in love with your best friend.

It was no secret that neither one of you had gone out on a date with someone before, let alone been in a serious relationship, but everything was at a standstill when it came to the two of you.

It was like a forbidden topic, a sentence the both of you clearly wanted to talk about from time to time but never took the chance and gone with it.

And then high school ended, and the both of you left for your different universities, leaving behind the question and hoping that being away from him, even though the two of you would be talking all the time, might make the feelings go away because you wouldn’t see him in person for quite some time.

Man, were you wrong.

Your heartache was treacherous when the two of you had parted, realizing that being away from him only made you miss him and want him by your side all the more. All to yourself.

No one could ever take Johnny’s place at anything in your mind and heart and soul.

Only he could make you laugh the way you do, and smile at the most random things at two in the morning. Only he could make you want to dance on the sofa with your pants flipped inside out as you used the TV remote for a microphone and performed to your favorite artists.

Only he could ever send you random pictures or videos telling you about his day and making you long to be with him.

Only he could make you want another human being’s presence so badly.

And you were going to tell him.

Or not, because you already knew that you’d lose the courage to say anything if the opportunity ever provided itself, and it made you groan and want to hit your head.

Your mind was clouded with thoughts of him the entire ride home, making the long trip seem like only a few minutes.

You saw your house, and you neared the driveway in order to park the car when you saw him sitting down on the steps to your front door, earbuds distracting him from everything around him as he absently gazed at the dark, clouded sky.

You parked the car and got out, grabbing his attention as he realized there was movement not too far away.

He saw you close the car door and stood up in a heartbeat, practically running to your spot and making you worry about him slipping on the snow blanketing every possible spot.

“Hey!” you started, “I thought I was getting here before you, what gives?”

He laughed, ruffling your hair. “I had to hit the road early so I ended up getting here way earlier than I had planned.”

“Are your parents not home?”

“They’re at yours, everyone’s waiting for you inside,” he smirked, reminding you of how your families seemed to take the expression mi casa es su casa way too literally.

He stepped aside so the both of you could head towards your place, the snow crunching softly underneath your boots as you hooked arms and asked each other about the ride home, Johnny telling you about this one man driving a car next to him on the highway who he could have sworn was the real Santa Claus.

You walked into your house, removing your wet boots at the front door and heading over to hug your and Johnny’s parents as they told you how much they missed you and asked about your semester.

Johnny sat not too far away from the fireplace, and he left a hole between his crossed legs, where you walked over and took your spot between them as he hugged you from behind and rested his head on yours, the same way the two of you had been doing since you were seven.

The rest of the night was spent in that same safe and comforting spot, your back pressed against Johnny’s torso, feeling as well as hearing his laughter and his beautiful voice, making you glad that he couldn’t exactly see your face.

There was spilled hot chocolate, of course, the two of you’s signature mess whenever you refused to move from your spot and insisted that there would be no difficulty having the drink while tangled in each other’s embrace, making everyone laugh and smile fondly, already knowing how this would end but not daring to say a word.

The two of you stayed in the living room till past midnight, and it had already begun to snow, so Johnny decided to sleep over. Nothing unusual.

The two of you headed to your room, and he opened your closet to where he usually kept his clothes for staying over, making you smile as he exclaimed way too loud and told you that he had been looking for that set of pajamas for the past six months.

He went to the bathroom to change, and you quickly changed in your room, waiting for him to finish so that you could use the bathroom yourself.

He left and plonked down on the bed, telling you to hurry because it was getting cold.

You stepped into your bathroom, and everything was just as you had left it. Your and Johnny’s bathrooms looked similar, in the sense where both of them had both of your shampoos and toothbrushes and toiletries.

Like you’d already been living together for well over ten years.

You finished washing up, walking outside and realizing that Johnny was sitting on your desk, his legs propped up on the chair as he looked through the scrapbook that the two of you had created before middle school.

“Brings back so many memories, doesn’t it?” you asked, smiling.

“Do you still have all of them? I just realized I never got a copy,” he said instead.

“You didn’t want one, remember?” you teased, remembering his reason and shaking your head.

“Right, I didn’t need a copy because we agreed to live together by the time we were twenty-five.”

You laughed, but he looked up and stared into your eyes. You halted.

“Johnny, what’s wrong?” you asked, taking a step closer to him.

He opened his mouth and shut it, then he opened it again, giving an agitated  grunt as he furiously ran his hand through his beautiful hair, placing the scrapbook down.

“Hey, you know that you can talk to me. What happened?”

Before you could move any closer, he was already across the room, standing so close that you could feel his warm breath fan your face as yours stopped for a second.

Johnny engulfed you in a tight hug, his cologne hitting you and making you smile as the familiar scent washed over you and reminded you of all the years you’d spent together.

“I never thought I’d miss you as much as I did,” he said, words a little muffled as he nuzzled his face into your shoulder, chuckling gently.

“Neither did I,” was your own muffled response through his sweater.

“No, you don’t get it,” he retorted, his voice frustrated. “I thought staying away from you would stop me from caring about you the way I do but it only made things worse for me and I couldn’t sleep and I missed being so close to you and seeing your smile in person and making you laugh and staring at you when you do something cute and don’t know I’m looking and that’s not what friends are supposed to feel but -”

You were frozen, a warm feeling invading you as you realized where this was going.

“Johnny?” you asked, sounding very tiny.

“I’m sorry,” he said, the pain evident in his voice as he braced for rejection.

“Johnny,” you stated this time, pulling yourself out of his hug.

“Yes?” he replied, his fallen expression making you impulsively reach out and push his hair aside so you could see his face, cupping it with your soft hands.

“I’ve loved you for years,” you blurted before you could stop yourself, your eyes never leaving his.

His breathing hitched and his expression changed immediately as his eyes went wide, disbelieving laughter making his shoulders shake a few seconds later.

“I love you,” he said, one of his hands coming to rest on your cheek while the other enveloped the hand you had on his.

“You can’t imagine how many times I’d dreamed of you saying that to me,” you giggled, burying your face in his chest.

“Don’t steal my lines,” he answered playfully, using his index finger to tilt your chin up and place the most delicate kiss onto your soft lips.

You smiled, and he pecked your nose.

“Wow, twelve year old me would be so proud right now,” he announced, laughing happily as you jokingly shoved him aside, shaking your head with a grin plastered to your face.

Maybe happy endings did exist, after all.

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Can you do an "ill timed" sickfic for Alan Shore and for Reddington, please? 😀

Here’s the ill-timed one for Red; I’ll have to do the Alan one seperately

Red wants to groan at the sheer unfairness of it all.

Of all the times to be sick, his damaged, broken body just had to pick this week specifically. Not last month when he had been chased around the Bhutan jungle by a band of pirates, not last fortnight when he had to jump out of a flying plane to escape a particularly nasty shootout, not last weekend when he had to escape from a gradually-filling water tank like a cheap dime store magician – those would have been much more preferable times to suffer through a vicious cold.

But no – of course his body just had to pick this week.

Really, he should have known.

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Hey, I'm the "I binge read after midnight last weekend" anon, I'm binge reading Haunted now . It hurts actually, and it feels weird to read during this moment, coz you know, TOP. I don't want to mention it, I'm having chills! Chapter 4 made me cry, seriously! It hurts, but I'll read it still because the story is amazing. I'm starting to love your brain! And looks like I'll be expecting more crying! Darn I love pain! You're amazing!!!!

Aww, yeah, Haunted is a tough one right now, and you can definitely expect to suffer some more before the end, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

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DET @ BOS, 9th June (3-5, win)

Too often I find myself saying, “man, we needed that” after a win, but man, we needed that. For a bunch of reasons. First off, while losing two in a row sucks, it doesn’t classify as a streak. Streaks consist of 3 or more games. Or, in my headcanon they do. Whether they do in real life, well, that’s up to reality. Interesting side note, I had no idea headcanon was considered one word. It looks weird. 

Anyway, we won. We won coming back from what looked to be another loss which would have, in my book, meant that the Red Sox were in a losing streak. We won on a spot start night from Brian Johnson where he didn’t look like he’d fully recovered from the hamstring tweak he suffered last weekend. We won after dropping two to the hated Yankees where our lineup looked like a little league b team. 

Perhaps it’s my delusional optimism, but I like to think that the Sox that won last night are the *real* Red Sox. They hit baseballs far when they need to and don’t give up more runs than they score. And at the end of the game, Craig Kimbrel comes in and makes the other team look terrible. Throw in a hilarious Hanley base running gaffe, and you’ve got a World Series team. 

The fake Red Sox are the team that played those last two games in the Bronx. Those guys have me throwing beer at the wall above the tv. 

So… bright sides?

Brian Johnson wasn’t at his best, but he wasn’t at his worst, either. Hope he gets better as he gets healthier.

The bullpen, for four and two-thirds innings, kept the Tigers from increasing their lead. I’ve said before that the problem with our bullpen is that they’re really good until they’re not, but last night they were just really good, striking out eight and allowing only three hits over four different pitchers.

Craig Kimbrel only had to pitch an inning, struck out two, and reduced his ERA once again to below 1. It’s 0.98. I think I read somewhere that he’s only let 8 people reach base this season. That is super crazy.

Mitch Moreland had a bit of a day for himself, going 3-for-4, knocking in two runs, and doing a little bit of a Papi in the 2013 ALCS impression with a home run into the bullpen that nearly saw the Tigers right fielder injure himself trying to snag. 

Jackie Bradley Jr, one of my favourite players, also had a game for himself, going two-for-four, knocking in the other 3 runs the Sox scored, two on an absolute beast of a home run in the bottom of the 8th. According to Statcast the speed off the bat was a million miles per hour and the ball landed across the Charles River, so that’s pretty good. He’s heating up, folks, and that makes me so happy.

Sandy Leon caught Jose Iglesias trying to steal second in the top of the eighth with a perfect throw. Iglesias often punishes the Sox when he faces them, so it was good to see him get snagged. 

We won! On Pride Night!

The Orioles lost!

Chris Sale pitches tonight!

CS AU Week: “I’ll Give $10,000 To Whoever Finds Me Love” (based on a Buzzfeed story)

When she sees the ad inside the weekend classifieds, she almost chokes on her cereal. (And, okay, fair enough, reading the personal ads like they’re the Saturday morning cartoons is just as strange, she’s not averse to admitting it, but she’s never seen something quite like this before.)

“Elsa, come here. You have to read this one.”

Her long-suffering roommate, completely used to this kind of thing, took her time shuffling away from the refrigerator door. Elsa’s feet shuffled as she came to stand beside Emma’s stool, eyes roving a bit carelessly over the paper until she came to the last line.

“Are you kidding me? $10,000 for a date? Emma, call him up. This sounds right up our alley.”

“That’s not what it says,” Emma says, handing the page over her shoulder and trying her best not to smack herself in the face with it. “He says regular dating is inefficient.

“We have to call him.”

Emma twists to look at her over her shoulder, her eyebrow flying up incredulously. She knew it had been a long week for them both, and she knew Elsa found the ads more entertaining when they included a bit of participation, but calling him was a little much.

“Emma…it’d make a great story. Regina might even run it on page four,” Elsa sang out, reaching dramatically for the phone next to her roommate’s elbow. The puppy eyes come next, even when Emma shoves her elbow into Elsa’s side. “I’ll even let you put your name first on the byline.”

“All right, all right,” Emma groans, rolling her eyes despite the fact that Elsa cannot see. “But I’m calling. I don’t trust you to be appropriate.”

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Last Christmas
Last Christmas


Day 1 - Wham!

Before we started our journey I was the only one who actually liked this song, but my other 7 vanmates suffered through this version to give us our baseline. As we got deeper and deeper into the covers (most of which were horrible) everyone started to appreciate Wham’s version more. By the end of our weekend I started to feel kind of uneasy whenever Last Christmas /wasn’t/ on.

Our favorite line of this song is undoubtedly the whispery “Happy Christmas!” bit, and we gave extra stars to people who used it more than once. Someone could make a version with just the whisper looping over the entire song and we’d probably love it.

Having listened to just under 500 versions of this song I feel pretty well versed on it, and I’ve gotta say, though some of the covers I’ll be posting over the next few weeks are really good, I still find myself needing to go back to Wham’s from time to time. 

We gave this version 4 out of 5 stars. 

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Since it's starting to be summer vacation for most college students, do you have any Korean dramas (new and old) that you would really recommend? You probably get asked this a lot but I'm curious! Thanks~

Hi! I don’t really have the time (eeeh, it’s not summer vacation for me yet. : () to do a proper masterlist of k-dramas so if you don’t mind, I’ll just focus on those who aired in 2013-2014. Anyways, people usually look for recent dramas. Of course, this list is based on my own standards and feelings and I don’t have the pretention to say they’ll please to everyone (I’m a little weird, you know, and so are my tastes), but… let’s do this.

Queen’s classroom (asianwiki): MY BABIES (look at them, aren’t they ADORABLE?!). This list  has no special order but my TQC babies had to come first. I was genuinely sad this drama was snubbed by fans last year, even if I pertinently know why. I think I cried almost each episodes which NEVER happens usually. It’s a drama that has something to say, and that’s a lot. You’ll probably not agree w/ some methods used by Ma’s teacher, but a drama that makes a viewer think won everything. And do you realize we need a kids drama to find this kind of convo in a drama? The children played their role with a disconcerting authenticity and sensibiliity. Don’t even need to make Go Hyun Jung’s reputation, she’s effortlessly brilliant.

Two weeks (asianwiki): another of my favorite 2013 drama. Much better than God’s Gift or 3 Days that have a similar concept. I have a genuine attachment for Lee Jun Ki and I’m still SO mad at how MBC treated him. He’s really hardworking, humble and listen every single advice (and USE THEM!). The rest of the cast is as meritorious and play well-written and layered characters, which is a miracle in this kind of show. A good and gripping action thriller and paradoxically, very heartwarming and human drama.

Heartless City (asianwiki): Heartless city isn’t perfect but it has one merit, it brings something different to the dramaverse. It’s really dark, stylish and sexy. I was so immersed in the show that I forgave them a lot. And while I’m the kind of people who move on very quickly when a drama ends, Heartless City stayed in my mind months after the last broadcasting (I STILL THINK ABOUT IT). Jung Kyung Ho is truly royal in this, from the eye-liner to the acting. Some people complained about the ending, but I love how the writer/PD stayed true to their tone and story and followed their thread.

Master’s sun (asianwiki): I’m not a Hong Sis’ fan but I know their charm work for pretty much everyone else. And actually, MS did it for me. Perfect rom-com for summer, it’s truly lovely and sweet. I adore Hong Sis’ for finding a good reason for the leads to touch each other ALL THE TIME. Must say I wasn’t particularly fan of the background story, but the little ghost stories format was refreshing. I also appreciate that, for once, they gave more meat to their second characters. That being said, honestly, MS is all about Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub’s magical chemistry. (And I’m sorry, PSH and LMH won best couple over GHJ and SJS? Are you kidding me?)

Flower boy next door (asianwiki): (wait, lemme a second. Yoon Shi Yoon just entered to the army and I’m SO sad). I remembered I first approached FNBD as a harmless rom-com and I was truly impressed at how meaty it was. FBND doesn’t have a captivating plot to follow but following Dok Mi and Enrique’s journey was not less interesting. I think the show would have benefited to be a little short but overall, I enjoyed the poetic and cozy mood. Probably my favorite installment from the TvN’s Flower Boy series.

Nine (asianwiki): I think I missed Nine. I watched it at a time where I was really busy at work and in my mind and it was probably a bad timing. Nine isn’t your average drama and it requires to be savored. It’s penned by one of my favorite writer and I’m starting to think she can’t do wrong. Actually one of the only time-travel drama that used that theme wisely and not just as a narrative device for the romance. Lee Jin Wook (he’s always a hit, even more w/ cable) and Jo Yoon Hee were lovely but be ready to suffer a little.

Empire Gold (asianwiki): Not the kind of drama that’ll attract a large audience, but if you’re up for something serious and a little more intellectual, you could be interested. It’s really dark and corrupted. Don’t go thinking you’ll get endearing characters or romance, you’ll likely be disappointed. Sometimes a bit too ambitious, but one of best thing that aired last year. Dialogues are sharper than a knife and the tension is palpable thanks to a solid acting from the all cast.

Scandal (asianwiki): MBC did it! Finally a decent weekend drama from them. More than decent actually. Almost brilliant. Drama did suffer halfway run but overall those 36 episodes were masterfully handled. Melos can be good… when they’re in good hands. Acting was brilliant… Jo Jae Hyun and Shin Eun Kyung just killed it. Scandal is probably worth to watch just for their performances.

I hear your voice (asianwiki): The infamous IHYV. Not sure why I’m putting this here since I’m sure everyone watched it already. But just in case… Nice mix between several genres, an heartwarming and deeply human drama. Some people will tell you to watch this for Lee Jong Suk, I’ll tell you to watch it for Lee Bo Young and Jang Hye Sung. I love her so much. One thing I also truly appreciated about IHYV (and also Secret) is that they both have an interesting and ambiguous antagonist. They’re creepy because they seem real. Drama tend to villainize antagonists so much that they aren’t credible anymore. In Secret and IHYV, we have a human, someone everyone could be and could have been. 

Man from the stars (asianwiki): Same than IHYV, do I really need to recommend this? SBS’s biggest hit last year and k-medias are still talking about it. I have several issues w/ YWCFTS, it goes from the two-dimensional second characters and a weaker second part (quality and plot-wise). Drama could’ve been much better with 16 episodes even if I do admit I love fanservice. But it’s definitely a drama that’ll hit close to home for a great majority. It’s perfect for summer, full of references, Jun Ji Hyun is hilarious and outshined everyone else. KSH still manages to create an electric chemistry with her. A nice ride.

Miss Korea (asianwiki): Alert, a gem! I was the first one skeptical about it, and how wrong I was. It’s not a drama-crack, something you’ll marathon in two days but more something you’ll savor. Consistent (from the beginning to the end), realistic and smart. I was so invested in those characters’ journey that I ended up caring for their damn lipstick so much (I surprised myself screaming at my screen “BUY THEIR LIPSTICK PLEASE” once). AND, last but not least, MK has the most amazing female characters. All of them are truly amazing and it feels good to see this in a kdrama. Just for that miracle, Miss Korea is a must (And for LSK’s aphrodisiac voice).

Cunning Single Lady (asianwiki): To be honest, CSL is an average rom-com. Why do I recommend it then? Because it’s a rom-com and we’re all hungry for rom-com when summer comes. Despite its stereotyped second characters, CSL is a true rom-com and this from A to Z. They never took the melo road (like Prime Minister and I and so many other rom-coms did) and even subverted the noble idiocy. Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung had a lovely chemistry and it was amazing to watch a totally disinhibited Joo Sang Wook. Don’t be fooled by some synopsis here and there, Na Ae Ra is far from being a gold-digger. She’s actually a progressive and endearing character, the kind of heroine I’d like to see more.

Give Love Away (asianwiki): My favorite family drama in 2013-2014 because it feels like a family drama. Many people found it boring, slow. Probably because it’s not over the top or as makjang-ish as other families dramas. But that’s exactly what I loved about it. Really low-key but it explored the family’s thematic very well and I feel like many people can relate to this show. It exalts a reassuring and warmness feeling.

Honorable mentions (aka I did like them but either something annoyed me or I wouldn’t recommend them in priority):

  • All about my romance
  • Secret
  • Reply 1994
  • One warm word
  • Prime Minister and I
  • Incarnation of Money
  • Cruel Palace
  • That Winter the wind blows
  • Three Days

Still airing but potentially good:

  • Secret Love Affair
  • You’re all surrounded
  • Angel Eyes
  • Witch’s Romance
  • A New Leaf

Bonus (k-movies released in 2013-2014 that are good, in my humble opinion)

  • Hope
    The Attorney
    Miss Granny
    Boomerang Family
    My paparotti
    Steel Cold Winter
    Fasten your seatbelt
    The Berlin File
    Fist of Legend
    Very ordinary couple
    The five
    Our Sunhi
    Nobody’s Daughter Hae Won
    Rockin'on Heaven’s Door
    New World
    The terror live
    The face reader
    How to use guys with secret tips

YoI Episode 11

[You can read my previous mega-posts here:

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7 Episode 8  Episode 9  Episode 10]

Aaaah, episode 11. Only one episode left for the end. I’m sure that these two last episodes will be packed with information, but I hope they don’t feel too rushed.

Anyway. The Grand Prix Final. I hope it isn’t a mess like the real one that happened last weekend. But it probably will, right? Because that’s the life of figure skating fans: suffering for our faves.

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