like the one she got full of mud so she could find some flowers and give them to him

Forever Enough

Summary: [Pre-serum] Steve Rogers is determined to get into the Army, but you and Bucky keep trying to persuade him that it’s not a good idea.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: fluff, cute af!Steve, angst, arguing, character deaths [?]

A/N: @redlipstickandplaid  kinda requested this, I say kinda because she asked for some Fluffy Pre-Serum Steve where Buck and the reader try a deter Rogers from trying to join the army- and this, well, my brain had different ideas. Annie, don’t hate me too much, lmao <3

“You need to stop this, Steve,” you let out a sigh as you ran a hand through you hair, exasperated at your friends actions.

He shook his head, taking a seat on the couch. “I can’t. I have to do this,” he spoke with pure determination, that determination he always had every time he tried to enlist and still got denied on medical grounds. He wasn’t one to give up, that’s for sure.

There was a short silence before the door opened, revealing Bucky in his full army uniform. It was fair to say, he looked pretty angry.

“What were you thinking!” he threw his hat unceremoniously onto the spare chair in his frustration. Bucky took a deep breath, running a hand across his face, “you can’t keep doing this, man. Going as different names each time won’t change your medical records.”

“I just want to do something to help, alright?” Steve retorted, getting to his feet, a look of dismay across his face. “Everyone else is out there fighting and I’m just here- doing nothing to save anyone.”

It pained you to see him beat himself up over things that were beyond his control. “Steve, listen to me,” you walked over to him, your hand gently taking hold of his own, “you can help here, and you do help here. You help me just by being here, by being my friend in this crazy, horrible time.”

Those bright blue eyes looked up at you with slight hesitation before Steve spoke, “but I’m not enough, am I? I never will be,” he spoke in a broken tone before pulling away from your touch and making his way out of the house.

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space is ever expanding, but not without you (part 1) - kickthepj

Requested by: @tinycat-feet 

Prompt: Space. Dark, Empty, Incomplete. Some may say they were, too. But when the two explorers crash land in each others lives, they discover maybe space is more than just a void. 

Word Count: 1,396

A/N: The way the imagine turned out was quite a bit different than the original request (which i can’t find anywhere fml) , but I hope you like it anyway PlanetKid for some backstory, so if you haven’t seen it for some reason, go watch it, its one of my fav pj vids ((and this is a pov i’ve never tried before so i hope it’s not too bad lmao))

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after the ravens (i’ll be home with you)

(a/n) @onthespectrumwriting is now a whole adult and this is my b-day capriltello present to them! love ya friendo! takes place in my mystery gang au inspired by a lot of 80′s horror and scooby doo aesthetic 

Three-hundred sixty-five days, two hours and eleven minutes into the past Casey is sixteen and his heart is broken, suit wrinkled and eyes red rimmed; a boy growing up too fast, when he finds the two most amazing things in his entire world, and a meaning to his life that, if it even existed anyway, he would call magical. 

Fresh grief was hard to maneuver around, to sort out, so he sits on the wet bench that overlooked his mom’s grave, hearing the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood.  He finds the two loves of his life in the middle of a graveyard with shovels and flashlights and a gameboy, creeping around in the rain and dirt and unweeded flowers. 

And when he asks them, throat torn and raw from emotion, they tell him they’re looking for ghosts because there was one haunting a deli a few blocks away and its origin was coming directly from a coffin sitting about six feet below their feet (“give or take a few inches” the one in aviator glasses shrugs, reading this homemade poltergeist tracker).

And that was pretty metal.

And Casey grabs a shovel.

Three-hundred sixty-five days, two hours and eleven minutes later he’s sitting in their Volkswagen, clutching a backpack full of things to use to not die in the woods, and his mother’s necklace.

October 31, 1982

“Oh shit, oh sit, shit shit shit!”  Casey’s feet pounds the broken twigs and mud and fallen red leaves, and his breath pushes out into the cool night, visible like April’s cigarette smoke, evaporating up to the moonlight, “Guys? This kinda…sucks, where-”

“Shut up Jones and try to breathe- please. There’s nothing here…not yet anyway,” Dee’s voice fills Casey’s ears through his headphones, disappearing into static before fading back into clarity, and he can’t not listen to Donnie when he says it like that. He tries to breathe, eyes on the full moon, almost red through the branches of bare trees.

“Good,” Donnie says, and Casey pops another bubble gum in his mouth; helps with the nerves, “Now I can kinda see everything you’re doing so…it’s like I’m right out there, okay? If you need me t-”

“Jeez, Don, I’m not two- just got shaken up a bit ‘s all.”

“Okay, be an asshole about it, I’ll just sign off and see how April’s doing and maybe- maybe check on you later.”

“Fuck you, man.”

“Love you too, Jones.”

Casey kinda wishes Dee would stay and talk to him more, about anything, maybe. The banter was actually helping settle his heartbeat into a dull throb under the sweater April insisted all of them wear, after all, they were practically an undercover business now, solving crimes no one else wanted to, hunting ghosts and possessed dolls and crazy, scary shit like that. And lately there’d been something about birds that seemed to bug everyone, seeing as their whole family would have an awful case of terrible bad luck if one appeared at their doors. 

Every Friday there was this distinct crowing of a raven, and the lights of an unsuspecting house on a cute little street would flicker and the family’s scream was burned into the brains of the neighborhood.

Every Friday night.

And now it was Halloween, Friday the 31st. Dee had it in his bones they’d catch the guy tonight.

Some people, like Kurtzman who had an eye pecked out, said the raven who speak the name of its victims right before it attacked, and Casey used to think superstitions were all fictitious. Of course, that was before he discovered the ghost of the deli owner’s wife the first night he met April and Donnie.

The wind howls, dancing through the gaps, scraping the wood and carrying leaves into the sky, dropping them back like snowflakes onto the ground. They fall in Casey’s hair as he follows the blimp on Donnie’s gameboy; apparently wherever these strange creatures come from, it’s pointing to the center of the woods, deep into the heart of it, where peculiar and deadly things happened. Avery Winston went missing around the same time Casey’s mother died and there’s gotta be a ton of rumors about it (some too wild for casey to think about, others so gruesome and ugly…that they’re probably closer to truth than anything) and all they found was a shoe and an old doctor’s mask. Could’ve meant anything.

Casey thinks about Avery Winston and remembers his mom, making him go over and bring some bread pudding or wopaji or a card or something that would never fill the void of Avery, and closes his eyes, slowing his pace so he could hear the sticks break under his worn out sneakers, the wind rushing through his hair; he knows Donnie’s watching. But Dee’s smart, and he gets loss just as much as Casey does.

In the eerie stillness of the night, their are children laughing where the light is, behind him, outside the woods. And every step Casey takes away from it, their voices warp, the laughter turning to garbled chokes. The shift tightens Casey’s chest as he lifts his walkie-talkie, “Dee…? April? Guys, I’m losing my shit,” he wheezes,  clutching the walkie-talkie, looking around the branches.

From Donnie’s end is static and ragged breaths, April’s is silent.

His fingers unwind as he lowers his hand at his side, staring down to the blimp, his directly at the center.

A buzzing enters his head, filling his body till he’s shaking, vision blurring briefly. And as the world tilts, Casey looks up and stares into black eyes, around them is a mask of rusted metal, and a beak that cracked along the edges.

Oh Casey Jones….you’re not yet a man…

You’ve come looking for trouble in such wrong places no no, no, no, no, no, no, no

You have no idea? You love them and I’ll take them because you are being bad, so bad, not behaving, trouble, you’re in trouble….now them?


Casey? Arnold Casey Jones?!

Casey gasps awake, jolting up just as hands keep him down, and vaguely, he makes out the ceiling of April’s van, and her brown eyes, braids dangling in his face as she tries to control her own breathing, staring down into his. She has blood on her, under her nails and dried tear tracks down her muddy cheeks.

“Wow..,” Casey breathes, cracking a grin, because no matter how many times he’s almost killed or hunted or scared out of his fucking mind, she will always be amazing- they will always be amazing, April, Donnie, and maybe sometimes, him- and April scoffs, straightening herself out as Donnie takes her place, grabbing Casey by the chin and tilting his head in the harsh glare of his flashlight.

“You could’ve died,” he says, without really looking at Casey, the ends of his voice rising with emotion Jones isn’t accustomed to hearing from Donnie, “That’s….I’m sorry, I’m…are you okay? How’s your head?”

Casey doesn’t say anything, listening to the Parliament that Dee has on low, filling the van with a soft sound of music. And it might be a concussion, or the way April has the blood of a cryptic bird being on her yellow sweater, or the glossy brightness in Donnie’s eyes, but Casey is seriously glad to be alive and not floating in something sinister and black. He grabs Dee’s hand and April’s face softens as she plops down and holds both their hands till they’re in an awkwardly formed circle of three crazy kids, listening to tracks from 1977, the dead body of the dead Birdman slowly burning outside the van and his army of talking ravens guarding it. 

stcriescfourlives  asked:

Omg, please tell the Riarkle exposed on Valentine's Day. Please. I need it.

You better like this because I just wasted like an hour of my life typing it out only for it to DELETE ITSELF so now I’m starting over omfggggggg

  • Kay so Riley and Farkle start dating on her Sweet Sixteen but keep it a secret
  • Mostly because they’re just assholes who find the sneaking around thing fun but it’s also Riley being salty about people forgetting her birthday and Farkle worrying Cory will murder him and serve him on a plate with mashed potatoes
  • The ONLY person who knows they’re together is Feeny
  • Because Riley and Feeny are super close like they Skype each other and have tea almost every Saturday it’s very cute
  • So Feeny was well informed on the who Farkle-Drama before they got together, so she told him like immediately after they kissed. He’s super happy for them but he thinks they should tell everyone else they’re dating
  • They don’t listen to Feeny
  • You should always listen to Feeny
  • Okay so anyway it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone’s got plans- Zay’s visiting Vanessa, Auggie’s at Ava’s place, Lucas and Maya are at a bowling alley antagonizing sixth graders, Shawn’s taking Katy ice skating HE’S GONNA PROPOSE SCREAM WITH ME
  • Cory and Topanga have reservations at some fancy place. Morgan showed up in the city out of the blue, so Eric and Josh are taking her to dinner while (jokingly) texting Cory about him being awful for picking his wife over his sister. Cory is so distressed bc he has had the reservations for 3 months omg
  • So anyway Riley’s home alone and Farkle has a plan
  • A good plan
  • An amazing plan
  • But what happens to all of Farkle’s plans? They fail horribly
  • like omg so Riley specifically told Farkle she didn’t want to do anything for the holiday bc she had studying to catch up on and she didn’t want anyone to run into them and figure out they were together
  • And Farkle was like “yeah that’s reasonable”
  • Except he’s trying to be romantic so now he’s trying to fucking break into her apartment
  • Which he normally wouldn’t have a problem with except he wasn’t expecting rain and he sLIPS AND FALLS OFF THE FUCKING FIRE ESCAPE
  • So now Farkle Minkus is just laying on the ground covered in mud and water with ripped flower petals surrounding him and a sad bunny head next to him and he’s just like “this is it. this is how I die”
  • He literally fucking lays there until the rain stops omfg
  • Suddenly he gets a text from Riley asking what he’s up to and he has no words to possibly explain this so he just snaps a selfie and sends it to her with no context
  • Except the dumbass forgot to switch it to selfie mode so actually he just sent her a picture of a decapitated stuffed bunny laying in the mud surrounded by rose petals
  • Poor Riley gets the picture and is like what the fuck is this supposed to mean????
  • So she calls Farkle and he’s trying to sound casual as if he doesn’t have a concussion so he picks up and is like “Do you like surprises? If so, come outside, darling’
  • So Riley’s like ‘what the fuck’
  • So she goes outside and sees him laying there and she’s like FARKLE H O W
  • She helps him up and they stumble up to her apartment and shoves him in the bathroom and tells him to shower while she washes his clothes
  • Which he does but he finishes much faster than the washer so now he asks Riley if he can borrow some clothes and
  • She just hands him a pair of hot pink sweatpants with purple flowers around the ankles
  • And he’s like “this is a weird tactic of trying to see me naked”
  • “Just put them on, if I give you my dad’s clothes he’ll notice. I don’t think any of my shirts will fit you tho”
  • So Farkle just groans and accepts it. However, had he not been concussed, the poor boy would probably have remembered that roughly 87% of his girlfriend’s wardrobe used to belong to him
  • Riley was absolutely just fucking with him and when he wasn’t looking, got plenty of pictures for future black mail
  • Anyway so now Farkle and the ill-fitting sweatpants are sitting on the bench in the kitchen right
  • And Nurse Riley is kneeling on the bench in front of him, her pajamas consisting of basketball shorts and a t-shirt,  checking for injures
  • She notices blood and freaks the fuck out and basically becomes Jacob from Twilight cause she rips her shirt off to put pressure on it (she’s in a sports bra chill)
  • Farkle’s got his arms wrapped around her waist because he feels like he might fall over
  • And then the door opens
  • In walks Cory, Topanga, Eric, Josh and Morgan omg
  • They find these two in an admittedly compromising situation
  • Dead silence for a long moment as everyone stares at each other in shock
  • The silence is finally broken by Eric emitting a high pitched shriek
  • Followed by Josh whispering “OooOOOHHH NOOOOOOO” while covering his eyes in horror
  • Riley opens her mouth to explain but Farkle, in full panic, just screams “I’VE BEEN DATING RILEY FOR TWO MONTHS”
  • The only reaction that gets is Morgan starts applauding like the fucking Opera just ended omg
  • Cory and Topanga look like fish and they just wordlessly leave the room with Topanga gesturing for them to give them a minute
  • Eric is still shrieking and is using the couch to stop himself from collapsing at this point
  • Josh just lays face down on the window seat in the living room and starts to quietly cry to himself
  • Morgan is cracking the fuck up and looks at Riley and deadass says “Atta Girl!”
  • Flash forward like 30 minutes omg no one is talking Stuart and Jen are here now bc they received an angry phone call
  • Riley knows all four parents are about to go OFF because they won’t even let her explain it was a misunderstanding. She texts Maya to come save her
  • Just as the yelling gets underway the door opens to reveal Shawn and Katy!!!
  • Because Katy said yes so Shawn’s immediate reaction was “sWEET I’M ENGAGED I GOTTA GO TELL CORY” but they walk in and immediately figure out the situation
  • Mostly because no one has let Riley and Farkle get dressed yet and Josh is still softly crying in the window
  • Not to mention Eric is on the phone yelling “FEENY MY NICHE WAS VIOLATED BY A ROBOT” omfg
  • Shawn is very torn at this moment because since he’s been more ~involved~ he’s gotten pretty close with Farkle so like half of him is like “Nice, kid!” and the other half is “RILEY MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD NO”
  • So everyone’s getting ready to yell again when Maya and Lucas burst in
  • And boy when Maya figures out the situation she goes off before their parents do omfg
  • Lucas is honestly just confused he has not put it together yet
  • At one point Maya literally yells “You’re not supposed to loose your virginity before me!” and that’s when all the adults in the room remember the yelling is supposed to be their job
  • Everyone starts yelling at once omfg Stuart/Jen go the ‘irresponsible’ route while Corpanga seems more upset this was happening behind their backs while Riley’s yelling in defense of herself while Maya is siding with Corpanga because she didn’t know about this while Katy’s yelling at Maya for apparently having planned when she and Riley would respectively loose their vcards while Shawn goes back and forth between “HOW COULD YOU TWO” and “NICE” and Feeny is yelling on speaker phone trying to get everyone to calm down while Farkle is yelling about the fact no one is getting him medical attention while Eric and Josh just cry
  • Morgan is filming and also defending Riley lmao
  • Everyone eventually calms down enough for Riley to explain it was all a misunderstanding right
  • But then Cory goes “okay but how did Farkle get hurt?’
  • And bless Farkle’s poor concussed little self because he said "I was trying to break into your apartment to surprise Riley and be romantic”
  • Stuart just GROANS
  • Cory just takes a deep breath and says to Farkle, “This is your head start”
  • Farkle gets the message and immediately bolts out the door
  • Still wearing nothing but Riley’s hot pick sweatpants
  • Cory let’s out a war cry and runs after him
  • There’s a moment of silence and Topanga’s like “I’m just gonna follow after them in the car”
  • Eric and Shawn just make eye contact, nod, and start screaming and run after her
  • Riley’s now in her apartment with the Minkus’, Maya, Lucas, Morgan and Josh
  • There is a very awkward tension in the air so Morgan is like “Why don’t we just put on some tv”
  • Top News Story: Billionaire Stuart Minkus’ Half Naked Son Runs Screaming Through the Streets as a Curly Haired Man Chases Him. Car of Laughing Adults Follows Leisurely in Pursuit?“
  • Everyone groans
  • Meanwhile, Eric’s in the car live tweeting the whole event
  • And Eric’s the fucking Senator so he has a fair amount of followers on Twitter. That’s where the news is getting the updates to the story omfg
  • So there’s the basic background info of what started all this (apparently he had been live tweeting the fight too without anyone noticing) but now he’s like ”THEY’VE BEEN RUNNING FOR HALF AN HOUR WITHOUT STOPPING THIS KID IS DEFINITELY A ROBOT”
  • “Okay apparently Shawn Hunter is Mary Poppins because he just pulled a fully loaded water gun out of his coat pocket I don’t see where it could have fit???”
  • So meanwhile in the alley Farkle hit a fucking dead end and Cory’s cracking up and is trying to get him to calm down
  • Like Cory’s a little pissed obviously but not this much he totally just wanted to see how scared of him Farkle actually was omfg
  • So Cory gets him to chill and they have a quick sappy talk about how of course Cory ultimately knows he can trust Farkle with his daughter but also implores them to just take things a little slow
  • And Farkle agrees 1) because duh but 2) it’s not like him and Riley have even done that much in their two months of dating because they are both awkward little ducklings omg
  • They get in the car and thank God Topanga had blankets waiting for Farkle because it’s fucking February and he’s shirtless and barefoot omg
  • They get back to the Matthews apartment and everything is still really awkward
  • Riley heads to her room to get changed and Stuart and Jen are getting ready to take Farkle to the hospital to get him checked out
  • Lucas is still super confused and Zay’s in the group chat trying to get details and he’s like “I don’t know???” Maya just pm’s him to tell him everything omg just let Lucas suffer
  • The two of them leave
  • All the sudden Shawn just fucking groans and looks at Farkle and was like “you couldn’t have held out till June??? Now Eric won the bet!”
  • And everyone starts grumbling while Eric is celebrating until they hear the deathly low angry voice of Riley Erica Matthews
  • “What bet?!”
Rain and a Smile

(it finally started raining again here in California and that gave me the idea for this. Forgive any weird typing, it’s hard to type through my own tears :’[ also I’ll just go ahead and show myself to the corner….)

The Shooting Star is falling from the sky. Her blazing tail is fading as its path is remembered in reverence and gratitude by those who had seen it.

Mable lies in bed, its been a month since the visitors started coming. First was family, her darling triplet babies Acacia, Willow and Hank and their clan. Great grandchildren run through the mystery shack, some are laughing with gamgam Mable, some who are old enough to understand are crying. Mable can see the tears hidden behind the smiles and hugs each one gently until there are no more tears to give.
Next was friends, everyone that could make it came. Humans, spirits and supernatural alike came to say their farewells. Jokes were traded, stories were told, tears were spilled and promises of drinks in the next life were made.
Finally were the people who simply wanted to say their thanks. Political leaders who had fought alongside her for supernatural rights, Supernatural’s who gained so much thanks to her work, all the families she had helped and all the people she inspired came to give tribute and say goodbye.

For the month of farewells the small figure of a 12 year old boy could be seen sitting in a corner wearing a worn out vest and shorts with a faded baseball cap covering his eyes as he stared blankly at the floor. He had been the one to call them all and let them know her time was ending. When everyone would leave for the day he would sit next to the old woman and they would talk. No words were ever exchanged; instead the boy had taken them deep into the mind. Where they ran and played under the sky until there was nothing left to say.

“I could make you stay you know…”

“I know you could bro-bro”

“You wouldn’t need to grow old, people wouldn’t need to say goodbye. You wouldn’t have to…… leave”

“….. You know I’ll never really leave Dipper, you’ll see me again and again and again”

“but you won’t be… YOU

"sure I will, you just might need to remind me a bit”


“…… you know I’ve lived a long enough Dipper. You’ll be fine without me! Don’t tell me the great demon Alcor is gettin all weepy about his sister”

“heh…. Mystery Twins till the end?”

“Mystery Twins Till the end! and beside I feel tired Dipper, but a good kinda tired. Like I’ve played all day during summer and now it’s time to go to sleep, and it’ll be nice to see Henry again”

“yea, tell him I said hi”

“ I will. ‘Night Dipper see ya soon”

“…….It’s a Deal. Good night Mable”

The Shooting Star has fallen.


You couldn’t have asked for better weather during the funeral. It was bright and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. There was no need for a eulogy, or a service. Everyone who had wanted to say their goodbyes had come before. One by one they laid flowers on her grave. Even great demon Alcor came and rained petals from the sky and played violin in honor of her passing. As the day turned to evening, all the mourners had turned to their journey home to spread the new of her passing. The triplets were the last to leave, silently hugging Dipper before going to be with their family. As the last car drove away and the sound of crunching gravel faded he could feel the restrain on his emotions breaking as the hot tears spilled down his face. He was alone. His Twin Star, The great Mizar was gone. Mable was really gone. The heavens opened and wept with him.

Dipper didn’t know how long he had been crying, the rain had kept him cold company the entire time. Some days were a violent storm when he thought of everything he could have done or said but didn’t. Other days were a light drizzle with the sun almost peaking through the clouds as memories of her smile and hugs enveloped him. The rain didn’t stop until one day a little girl had found her way to the grave.

“Mister! Mister! Are you the one making the sky cry?”

Alcor whipped around, there had been visitors to her grave before but none had dared to try talking to him. And yet here stood a little girl with long dark hair tied with a pink bow clutching a stuffed animal

“Mister! Everyone says you’re the one making the sky cry. Mommy and Daddys car got stuck in the mud and we haven’t been able to get it out, I wanna go home”

He could do nothing thing but stare… Her soul it was so familiar… was she really? Had it really been that long?

“Mister are you crying too?”

“yes I’ve lost something important, and it hurts” Why was he telling her this?

“hmmm We’ll I’m not good at finding things but I can give you a hug! Mommy gives me a hug and a big smile whenever I get hurt and it always makes me feel better!”

“a hug and a smile huh…. ” He looked up at the sky and could see the clouds already begin to break
“tell ya what kid, it’s a deal”

The little girl smiled and gave him a big hug as the sun began to show.

“Alright mister I gotta go before my mom gets mad! Make sure you keep smiling so the clouds don’t come back!”

“haha Sure thing kiddo!”

Dipper turned and stretched as the girl ran back to her parents, the sun was out in full blaze, just the sort of day she liked. Dipper smiled wide it still hurt, but it wasn’t the end. He had a deal to keep, and he intended on doing just that.

The End

Crazy on You: Part III (Rated M for Adult Situations)

I'ma put this author’s note BEFORE this installment of Crazy on You. First of all, I am so overwhelmed by your kind responses, reblogs, likes, tweets, and messages. I seriously adore you all so much. Your support has given me such epic muse, I can’t even begin to explain it! 

This is the third segment and it is rated M. I am warning you righhhht now, it contains sexual content. I am not aiming to teach you how to sex so if you’re not comfortable or very young, I would steer clear. For the rest of you brave souls, make sure you are away from family members, small children, and/or anything combustible. 

Big shoutout to my Tumblr sharer, internet wife, and beta Josephine. I posted parts I & II of this fic without her notes…so this is what it looks like when she gives me feedback. She is awesome. BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR JOJO! 

Please enjoy! I worked hard on this for you all. And as always, let me know what you think and if you want more. Who knows what’s going to happen next? Anything is possible ;)

Happy Friday! <3



“Just a little further,” Kai encouraged Bonnie as they headed up the last of a very steep incline. Bonnie hadn’t realized how deconditioned she had become due to the stab wound. Between the pain and Kai’s insistence that he do the majority of household chores and heavy lifting, she’d grown a little weak. It felt wonderful to finally be outside, though. 

Inhaling the scent of the woods deep into her lungs, Bonnie paused at Kai’s side and her breath caught in her throat. In the Western sky, the sun was beginning to set and it cast a reddish orange glow over a thick copse of trees budding with flowers. Just beyond where they were stationed there was a clear brook, gurgling as it flowed over rocks. The chorus of birds chirping, frogs croaking, and wind rustling through leaves was sweeter than any music Bonnie had ever heard.

“I can see why you like this place. It’s beautiful.” Peeling her sweater off, she set it on the edge of the checkered blanket. Kai was grinning like that cat that got the canary and Bonnie couldn’t help but smile back. When he wasn’t losing his temper or maiming her, Kai was more than tolerable. Picking up a rock from the shore, Bonnie skipped it across the water and smiled at the soft splash of water. “How’d you find this place anyway?” 

Kai glanced up at her, “I know every inch of this property.” He leaned against a tree and draped his arms across his knees. “Being the abomination I am, I was often the scapegoat. If a glass was broken or the cat went missing, it was time to hide…” Kai exhaled noisily, “I was four the first time I ran away. I threw the essentials into my knapsack: cookies, comic books, and my father’s hunting knife.” He laughed mirthlessly, “I quickly learned to always pack toilet paper and a flashlight.” 

Bonnie’s expression tightened. “So, you decided to come here?” The image of a wan, dark haired boy flashed in her mind. She could picture him all too easily, face streaked with tears and his tiny body trembling with rage. It made her heart ache.

“Not at first…” The memories were like bile rising in his throat. Kai grabbed a stick and snapped pieces off, ignoring the rough bark digging into his skin. Physical pain was a welcome relief from the emotion welling in his chest. “For one thing, I had short legs and I had no idea where I was going. It took me two days to find this spot.”

Two days?” Bonnie repeated, turning to face him fully. “You were out here for two days before someone came looking for you?” 

 Kai snorted derisively, “Oh no, Bon Bon, it was a week.” Standing to his full height, he closed the distance between them. He hated that pitiful look that crossed her face even more than he hated dredging up the past. “My sister—my twin, Josette—was the one who eventually decided to look for me.” He grimaced slightly as his sister’s name passed his lips. “I was half starved, delirious, and covered in mud. Jo dragged me back to the house. I had this terrible cut on my leg. I don’t even remember how it happened…must have tripped over a rock or something.” His expression remained blank. “Jo patched me up, force fed me soup, and put me into bed.” Kai tossed the pieces of the stick he had destroyed away. “She was always right there when I got hurt. I was eternally getting myself into some kind of scrape. It worked out fine because she always wanted to be a doctor and I made a pretty amazing practice patient.”

Dark eyes swept over Kai’s face, instantly recognizing the sentiment roiling beneath. “You were close to your sister?” He’d mentioned Jo a handful of times since Bonnie arrived here and each time, it seemed to drag something out of him. Despite the distance between them, Bonnie could feel the tension in Kai’s body. The wind picked up, drying the sheen of sweat that beaded over her shoulders. Shivering slightly, Bonnie took a step forward to grab her sweater but instead found herself wrapped in Kai’s tight embrace. His thumb brushed against her cheek and she paused, “What are you doing?”

“If you have to ask, I must not be doing it right…” Kai murmured. He knew it was futile to try and distract her now. Grasping her hand, he led her over to the blanket. Wine was poured and the tapas arranged artfully. Kai popped an olive into his mouth and chewed. “I’ve been stuck here for eighteen years, I must be rusty.”

“Maybe,” Bonnie sipped her wine thoughtfully, “Or you’re afraid.” 

Chortling softly, Kai shook his head, “Afraid of what? I’m the most terrifying thing in this realm.” 

“Opening up? Admitting you have feelings other than rage? Trusting me with your secrets?” Bonnie laid down on the blanket on her stomach, resting her chin on her hands. “You said it yourself, you had no intention of killing Jo.” She narrowed her eyes, “I don’t for a second believe sparing her was just about her magic. You can take magic from anyone.” Kai nudged a rock with his shoe and Bonnie knew he was trying to dodge the question. “So?”

Kai huffed in annoyance. “You aren’t going to give this a rest, are you?” When Bonnie shook her head no, he exhaled sharply. Flopping back onto the blanket, he laced his fingers over his stomach. Kai stared up at the massive expanse of sky above him, already starting to darken as it grew closer to sunset. “Jo and I were close in some ways but very distant in others.” He rested his cheek against the blanket as he stared over at Bonnie, “You see, Jo was everything my parents wanted and I…was not.” He shrugged. “It created distance between us. She wanted to help in her own way but no matter how you look at it, she was still the good twin and I was the evil one.” 

Bonnie rolled onto her side to face him. “Did she know what was going on?” Brushing her fingers over his shoulder where she knew the scars remained, she licked her lips. Kai’s muscles bunched and she could feel him starting to disengage. “Kai?” Those cobalt eyes locked on her own and she tightened her grasp.

Kai heaved a sigh. “My father was not exactly secretive about his disdain. As the leader of our coven, he was in charge of discipline. In order to be fair and just to the rest of them, he had to satiate his nasty streak somehow. I was the perfect target. Small, weak, and unable to use magic.” The muscle in his jaw ticked dangerously as he gritted his teeth. “Jo was always right there to patch me up but she never once spoke out. None of them did.” 

“I’m sorry.” And Bonnie truly was. Kai hadn’t been born a psychopath; he’d been warped by years of physical and psychological abuse. In that time he’d gone from a lonely, terrified little boy to a violent man who would strike first and ask questions later. Everything Kai was stemmed from the way he was treated. Bonnie didn’t want to admit how deeply she ached for him. Bonnie inched closer and rested her hand against his chest. His heart beat wildly against his ribs as if straining to fill her palm. “Killing them isn’t going to make you feel better, you know.”

“Maybe not, but it can’t hurt any worse,” Kai replied simply. “If they’re dead, at least they won’t be able to send me back here again.” Covering her hand with his, a smile played over his lips. “Once they are dead, we’ll be the leaders. We’ll rule the Gemini coven as equals, Bonnie.”

Bonnie raised an eyebrow at his use of the word ‘we’. Once they got back to the present, she fully expected that they would part ways and never see each other again. At least for now, that was still her goal. “You were angry because Olivia and Lucas were meant to replace you as the leader of the coven. Jo doesn’t even have magic anymore. What if they step down without a fight? Are you still going to kill them?”

Shadows began to darken around them as the sun set in the West. Kai mulled the thought over for a moment. A month ago, he would never entertain the thought of allowing his siblings to live…but Bonnie brought up an interesting point. The bond of blood was extremely important not only within the Gemini coven but for witches in general. “If they pledged their loyalty, I’d need some kind of insurance policy…”

“Of course,” Bonnie indulged him. Kai acted purely on instinct; it was a mechanism that had kept him alive all this time. He was not altogether different from a caged animal; snarling, snapping, aching to get free and tear his captors apart. But Kai was also smarter than Bonnie had initially given him credit for. Perhaps that intelligence would translate into a better solution than slaughtering his surviving family members. “Just think about it.” 

Kai rolled onto his side to face Bonnie head on, “We have plenty of time to figure it out.” His thumb stroked over her hip, the heat of his hand bleeding through the fabric of her jeans. “Tonight is about us.” His face was so close to hers that Bonnie could smell the twang of the olive he’d eaten on his breath. “I loved the naughty crossword book, by the way…I managed to finish half of one while you were getting ready.” Tracing her curves, he grinned wider as she shivered. “I can’t help but wonder what you meant by it.” 

The visceral reaction Bonnie had to Kai’s gentle touch frightened her. Bonnie loved Jeremy; she had to…he was sweet, kind, handsome, but most importantly he was Elena’s little brother. Breaking up with him was simply not an option if she wanted to keep their friendship intact. Once removed from the pressures of the real world, Bonnie quickly realized that what she shared with Jeremy was comfortable, safe, and boring. The sex was perfectly acceptable, they had some good laughs, and enjoyed the same movies and books…but never once in their time together had she ever been swept away by one single touch.

When Kai’s lips descended over hers, Bonnie felt as if she would drown in her own desire. A gasp of pleasure tumbled from her lips and Kai felt it deep in the core of him. Her hand fisted in his hair, tugging at the short strands and the prickle of discomfort opened a vortex of need inside of him. Pushing her against the blanket, Kai pressed his body half on top of hers while he held the other half over her with his arm. He captured her lips in a short, brutal kiss. “If you don’t want this, you need to tell me now…” Kai’s voice came out as a gravelly whisper, “If we go any further, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop. I don’t want to hurt you, Bonnie.” 

This was Bonnie’s one chance to push Kai away. She could forget the lust he inspired, ignore the low thrum of pleasure that resounded inside her, and put a stop to this flirtation once and for all. The only problem was that Bonnie didn’t want to. She wanted to slake the hungry need that gnawed at her center. More than that, Bonnie ached to pull Kai deep inside her and allow his poison to spread through her veins. “Don’t stop,” Bonnie didn’t recognize the throaty growl that emanated from her, “I need you, Kai.” 

 No further encouragement was needed. Kai brutally tugged the soft cotton shirt she was wearing over her head and tossed it away. Sliding down her body, he dragged his teeth over her lips that were becoming plump and swollen from his kisses. From there, his head dipped down, pausing at the valley of her chest. Expertly, he undid the clasp that hid her breasts from him. His cobalt eyes flashed dangerously as he cupped them in his hands, sucking one into his mouth and flicking his tongue over the diamond hard nipple.

Bonnie gasped and arched up against the onslaught of pleasure. The sun sunk lower in the sky, shrouding them in a haze of darkness as Kai lavished his attention over her breasts. Bonnie whimpered as he kissed lower, his tongue trailing over the smooth plane of her abdomen. Her breath hitched in her throat as he took inordinate time to kiss over the scars he’d inflicted upon her. “Kai…”

“I’m sorry,” Kai spoke so softly that Bonnie almost didn’t hear him. He had every intention of making up for his crimes. When his fingertips reached the button on her jeans, he felt her nails bite into his skin and he let out a throaty growl. Pain only heightened his pleasure…

A shiver of anticipation trembled over Bonnie’s skin as Kai removed her jeans and left her bare before him. It seemed unfair that she was naked while he was still fully clothed. When he sat up to push the rest of her clothing away, Bonnie took full advantage. Grabbing his collar, she ripped his shirt open. The sound of buttons falling among the foliage awakened something primal in Kai. Without warning, he wrapped her tightly in his arms and kissed her so deeply that she saw stars. 

Kai’s chest heaved with the exertion of controlling himself. It took every shred of strength in his body not to pin her to the ground and bury himself within her. Maybe someday, he would…but Bonnie deserved more than a quick fuck. Tonight, he would bring her such pleasure. It was everything she deserved and more.

Tugging at his belt, Bonnie tore it away and tossed it among their scattered belongings. Dipping her fingers below the waistband of his pants, she pushed them down his hips. As she went, her nails dragged over the sensitive skin of his thighs and she tensed at the guttural moan that tore from his throat. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was the sexiest sound she’d ever heard. 

Bonnie Bennett was going to be the death of him. How could he offer her a night of romance when she was determined to strip every shred of control away from him? Dragging her against him again, Kai sealed his mouth over hers. Every kiss was a vie for dominance and he’d completely lost sight of who was winning. When Bonnie wrapped her legs around his hips, it became very clear that she was the victor. Kai pushed her against the blanket, his throbbing manhood twitching against her belly. It wouldn’t be long now before they were one. 

Kai’s cobalt eyes locked onto Bonnie’s hazel ones as he silently sought her assent. She writhed beneath him, grinding her hips in anticipation of what was to come. It was all the encouragement he needed. Kai entered her in one vicious stroke, filling her so perfectly and completely that Bonnie nearly wept. For a moment, he didn’t move and she felt as if she would die. “Kai,” Bonnie begged, “Please.” 

Kai did not intend to make Bonnie suffer, he simply wanted to remember every detail of this moment. The soft pleas tumbled from her lips; he could deny her nothing. Thrusting again, Kai started slow but soon worked up to a furious pace. Bonnie would surely be sore tomorrow but her whimpers and moans spurned him onward without remorse.

Kai’s hands slid along Bonnie’s arms, pinning them above her head. His fingers laced with hers and squeezed tight. Bonnie tightened her legs around his waist as he maintained breakneck speed. Every stroke pushed her closer to the inevitable culmination that boiled inside and threatened to overwhelm her. Although she had been teetering on the precipice since the moment Kai first kissed her, the first tremor took Bonnie by surprise. Crying out, her voice echoed through the trees and rose to the heavens.

It was no use trying to hold back anymore. The moment Bonnie tightened around him, Kai relinquished control. No regret, no hesitation, he spilled himself within the fertile gulf of her womb. Eighteen years of pent up rage, frustration, and loneliness rolled off him in waves. Kissing her more softly this time, Kai was careful not to rest too much of his weight on her. He shifted carefully and laid down beside her. Bonnie snuggled against him and he wrapped her in his arms. 

No words passed between them. It was dark now except for the full moon that bathed them in pale light. Kai cradled Bonnie close and his chin rested atop her head; her fingertips brushed gently over his chest. He couldn’t see her face but he could feel the curve of a smile playing on her lips. Kai assumed it was very similar to the wide grin he wore. It wasn’t until their passion began to cool that they were forced to get up. It was too cold for them to be out in the woods all night. 

Kai reluctantly disentangled himself from Bonnie and dug through the picnic blanket until he found a flashlight. He shined it in Bonnie’s direction and let out a low growl; she looked thoroughly fucked and he absolutely loved it. Rallying that legendary strength, he managed to tamp down on his raging desire. Instead, he busied himself with sorting through their clothes and handing hers back.

Bonnie slid the shirt over her head and covered herself with her sweater. It didn’t warm her as much as having sex with Kai but it was a start. “I can’t find my underwear, have you seen them?”

“Yep,” Kai replied nonchalantly as he pulled the ripped remnants of his shirt over his shoulders.

Glancing around her immediate area, Bonnie frowned when she still couldn’t find them. “Where?” 

Chuckling darkly, Kai patted his pocket, “Right here, Bon Bon.”

“You’re a perv.” Bonnie was forced to stifle a grin. Any indication that she found his perversions charming would make him even more of a nightmare to live with. 

Kai closed the distance between them and kissed her ardently. “I know, it’s one of my finer qualities.” Cupping her ass tightly, he relished in the feel of her melding against him. Were it not so chilly out here, he would’ve fucked her against every tree in this vast forest. Unfortunately, that was not an option. “Stay close to me. It can get a little rocky and I don’t want you taking a spill.” Whether it was his warning or something sweeter that motivated her, Kai couldn’t help the bubble of affection that rose inside him when her hand slid into his.

Slowly but surely they navigated through the darkened woods. Kai clearly knew them like the back of his hand, easily avoiding obstacles that would’ve tripped her up. The hike back was easier by far, as it was mostly downhill. When they got to the steepest part, Kai’s arm wrapped around her waist as he steadied her. Just that chaste contact got both of their hearts racing once more. The sounds of cicadas filled the air as Bonnie and Kai hurried the rest of the way home. 

It struck Bonnie as odd that she had come to think of this place as ‘home’. Kai had such dark memories of this place. There were some odd bloodstains on the carpet that would never, ever come out. It was monstrously large and eerily silent…but still, she was comfortable here. When she finally ascended the front steps, Bonnie was surprised when Kai grabbed her wrist.

“What? No goodnight kiss?” Kai’s bravado never faltered. “I had fun tonight.” Brushing a strand of dark hair from her cheek, he smiled and picked out a small leaf. His thumb traced a hickey he’d left above her breast; he was extraordinarily proud of his work. “That was undoubtedly the best first date I’ve ever had. We should do this again sometime…”

“You’re a dork,” Bonnie swatted him playfully. She attempted to pull away but Kai held tight, his fingertips digging into her flesh. Even though she was very satisfied from earlier and tired from the exertion of the day, heat was already pooling between her thighs again. “I need to rinse the forest off me…” The look of disappointment on Kai’s face only lasted half a second, “I think the shower would be a great place for a second date…”

Kai lifted Bonnie easily. Her legs wrapped tight around his waist as he rushed forward. Fumbling with the door, Kai eventually kicked it open and carried her up the stairs. The rest of the night consisted of pleasing her against the cold tile of the shower until she screamed his name again. Afterward, they both needed a break to gather their strength. Kai served up the rest of the tapas he picked up and they ate them in bed. Were it humanly possible to make love to Bonnie again that night, he would have. Unfortunately, they were wiped. Kai settled on holding Bonnie tightly against him and they both fell into a hazy, satisfied sleep. For the first time in as long as he could remember, Kai did not have a single nightmare…it was bliss.

Time for a story - A reminder

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“Emmy, Deepa, be careful when you’re in the water,” Oliver called back over his shoulder to the girls. “William, could you-?”

“Already on my way,” William replied, quickly getting up on his feet and running to where Emmy and her best friend Deepa were playing in the small stream.

The stream that ran through the park had recently been restored which was why Oliver and Felicity had decided to use this sunny February day to take the kids here. They loved spending time in the park anyway, and with the stream it was now an even better place to play for them. Well, it would be if Oliver let them.

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