like the merlin fandom

me: finds a meta about how merlin’s magic is actually a metaphor for his sexuality, but not the usual, but the bisexuality
me: this is the best moment of my life

  • Me: I should study
  • Me: or talk to my friends
  • Me: or go outside
  • Me: or sleep more than 5 hours per night
  • Brain: OR you could read more fanfiction
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: I can't argue with that logic

what do people do if they aren’t in fandoms ??

I feel like the Harry Potter fandom should talk more about Merlin:

  • He was a Slytherin!
  • He was one of the most powerful wizards of all time
  • He may have been taught by the Founders, which sets up for a lot of possible headcanons
  • He was a SLYTHERIN
  • He was a huge supporter of Muggle rights
  • He founded the Order of Merlin, an award bestowed upon many of the major characters in the series
  • He is a major role model for young, outcast Slytherins

Working on my Merthur series today =)

“Merlin? Wake up, Merlin!”

“I’m up, I’m up.”

Merlin winced at the light, and squinted. Arthur was leaning over him. For a moment, Merlin frowned, wondering why Arthur would come all the way down to see him, when he was surely busy with the return of the knights. A moment later, he was scowling and sitting up.

“What are you doing out of bed?” he snapped, looking him over.

Arthur was leaning on a cane, and dressed rather haphazardly. He scowled right back at Merlin.

“I’m not an invalid!”

“No, you’re an idiot!” Merlin snapped, throwing his blankets off and getting up. “If you don’t rest that leg, it’s only going to take longer to heal. How did you manage the stairs?”

“You can’t speak to me like that!”

“Someone has to!”


They both turned to see Leon standing with his back to the door, looking out into Gaius’ workroom.

“Yes?” Arthur said sharply.

“Gaius says your tincture is ready.”

Arthur’s scowl darkened. Merlin reached out before he even thought about it. Arthur tensed when he touched his arm, but didn’t shrug him off.

“Are you in pain? Why didn’t you send a servant down to fetch me?” Merlin asked. “I’d have brought it up for you.”

Arthur opened his mouth, then glanced over at Leon, who still had his back facing them.

“I’ll be out in a moment,” he said shortly.

Leon nodded curtly, and then disappeared from the doorway. Arthur wait a moment, then turned back to Merlin.

“You were working through the night with Gaius,” he said, his tone suddenly much, much softer. “You need rest too.”

Merlin flushed with warmth at his concern, even as part of him was still irritated by the assumption that he was weak.

“Why did you wake me now then?” he asked instead, lightening his tone. “Used up your allotted generosity for the day?”

Arthur rolled his eyes at him. “I wish I hadn’t now,” he muttered, turning and limping to the door.

  • Arthur: *Looses Merlin in the heat of battle*
  • Arthur: *Yells over the fighting* Arthur Pendragon doesn't deserve to be king
  • Merlin: *magicks his way through a wall and probably most of the army* WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY???
  • Arthur: There he is! Wait Merlin, did you just use magic?
  • Merlin: Noooooo...what makes you say that?
Being in a fandom is kind of like:
  • Me: -finds new post where someone spots a character's left foot in the background and comes up with a legitimate reason why that character is in this character's space and there's an entire off screen/behind the scenes backstory and <i>they're in love, okay?</I>-
  • Me: Aww, you nerds... -shares it because it's <I>true</I> and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise, including the writers or directors.-