like the intro to be ma girl

B.A.P as Youtubers
  • Yongguk: Indie music artist, edgy monochrome home-made MV's of people walking in streets and broken buildings, actively doing charity events, does videos of him talking about social issues but with his face cut out of frame, literally everyone had tried to parody him and his voice at some point
  • Himchan: Lifestyle blogger with one of those really annoying intro's like "HELLO MY DEAR WATCHERS IT IS ME, HIMCHAN, AGAIN WITH ANOTHER VIDEO!!!". Always sponsored by beauty products, fashion lines, app games, diet foods. Really click-bait video titles and icons. Does loads of collabs because he's friends with everyone. Does regular meetups with fans.
  • Daehyun: Cover artist who changes genre of the song to make video's like "WHAT WOULD BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY SOUND LIKE IF IT WAS AN R&B TRACK??????". Probably a huge musical nerd. A little bit Thomas Sanders with the good vibes and kindness. mas massive following of teenage girls who leave disturbing graphic comments on all his videos and instagram posts. Sometimes youtubers make fun of him until they meet him at vidcon and he's just the nicest guy.
  • Youngjae: Lets Player known for his really graphically violent threats at the game as well as his sneaky tactics and bad sportsmanship in online FPS'. Has not played a single other game since Overwatch came out. Sometimes sings as he plays to deal with his burning hatred for other gamers. Has a REALLY annoying LPer intro like "WHATS UP GUYS ITS YOUNGJAE AT IT AGAIN HAHA!!!". Has his own line of tshirts and assorted merchandise with his ugly af logo on it.
  • Jongup: Makes anime parodies or commentaries of pop culture movies and has a really fucking annoying fanbase that quote the same ancient meme for 300 years. Has a line of merchall based on said annoying memes. Sometimes plays games using the voice of the popular characters of the anime's hes parodied. Once bumped into Youngjae on Overwatch and they spammed the hello emotes at each other for the whole game.
  • Junhong: Sketch-comedy videos based on his #relatable life, all of them with over-the-top youtuber titles like "MY DOG NEARLY KILLED ME :O!!" "MY GIRLFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME BECAUSE IM TOO TALL :(!!" "I NEARLY DIED DANCING TO EDD SHEERAN!!". He owns several low-quality wigs for re-occurring characters in his sketches. Has a really embarrassing story about the time he bumped into Himchan on the streets and made a fool of himself. Himchan commented on it. One time he parodied Yongguk in a video and Yongguk put it in his favourites playlist and Junhong has never recovered.

HEYO so it’s me Madison again, here to tell you about my lil nugget Dominique! ( I also play Teddy ) BUT YEAH I’m super excited and I can’t wait to plot with every single one of you. Warning…I’m a sucker for ANGST and feels so let’s get those plots AGOING. A little bit about me…I live in LA though I’m New York bound at the end of December, I currently work at a movie theatre, I’m a movie and TV fanatic my fave shows are SHAMELESS, How To Get Away With Murder, Doctor Who, Bates Motel, GOT and like…basically everything. I think I’m funny more times than I actually am and I’m HP Next Gen TRASH. OKAY enough about me. ON TO WHO YOU ACTUALLY WANNA HEAR ABOUT. Like this if you’d like to plot with Dominique and I’ll message the shit out of you.

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💌 {MA-140704} Aron & Minhyun Facts ↙
☆ Aron want to thank all fans for the love for love and support again that he receives everyday!

If you guys dont know NUEST release a Medley of the upcoming album today ~ Aron

★ Arons Mobile Photo are the Nuest Teaser Picture and when you open it its a picture of Mel as his background.Aron ask us what mobil background do we have, we can write it on the messageboard and he will read it out maby!

★ Aron said to fan he hope he going to be her bg for years! A other fan has ducks on her bg, and he said it remembers me of me it good to have it as bg he said, he’s happy to make her smile. JRstan I have bg pic of JR, Aron it should be me on you bg, just joking I know you JR fan.

★ Aron said vote for me please. I’m sick of losing to Minhyun. Guys in the second hour its A vs MH, team aron assemble, letz win today ~ Aron

★ Aron cant sleep without eat, nometter what time it is, like last time at 4am he ate some chicken! it a habbit he has ~ Yesterday night , 2-3 a.m , Aaron and JR ate chicken before sleep

★ Lovely Winner Minhyun is back, winner Aron is always there kkk {Intro}

★ {MA} Aron said so many groups make comebacks in July, Minhyun said Oh WoW.

★ With who you want to come close with? Aron: Girls Day Minhyun: JYJ because he’s a fan

★ Minhyun doesn’t feels like they are having their come back when their comeback is less than a week.

★ How do feel to be on other radio programs than MA, minhyun said because Aron is his hyung MA is more conft. the other radio shows going to be bit more nervereaking that MA, but he think since he is co DJ he can tell with it. Can you give the other Members a Advice Minhyun: OFC.

★ Are you afraid of make any misteaks at the new performances Minhyun; a littel bit | Aron arent you are a pro? :P Aron said I am perfect wont make mistakes Minhyun bet against and the bet for ice cream.Minhyun is comfortable and closer with DJ Aron on Arirang rather than other programs is more nervous. They made a bet - If Aron make a mistake on stage, Aron would buy him meat and if he doesn’t Minhyun would buy him ice-cream

★ Aron hasn’t been invited to 93-line meeting

★ Minhyun will feel the comeback after next week’s showcase .

★ JR always where his Micky Mouse Pantys when something specail is going on! During MV filmings/special dates, Aron wears pretty underwear while or leader wears his Micky Mouse Pants

★ Minhyun doesn’t eat breakfast or lunch before they go up on stage because his body digest it fast. He have his meal after. Minhyun says he digests food really fast so he doesn’t eat before they go up the stage. He only eats breakfast and not lunch and eats after.

★ NU'EST not playing anygames this time because they have no time since the ComeBack is soon! Only, Oh rens! thatz Nuest game this time, they say to each ohter thatz  ( they keep saying it with wondering voice…)

★ Minhyun got Student of The Month Award in school. ★ They went shopping once and Aron saw a cheetah print undies on a mannequin. “I need to have that” and so he bought it for $50.

★ Aron and Minhyun a shocked from the poop-club! ( in a school a fan said they do it while class its game)

★ Aron said Ren… after a fan said he make nailarts..

★ Aron loved GameBoy the gameboy game Pokemon alot, Minhyun didnt knew the games! ~ Aron explaind to him the differnent games Minhyun and Aron discussing about the Pocket Monster games they played when they were young.

★ Optimuse Prime is Minhyuns Voice Match. Minhyun & Aron, really want to watch Transformers4 but he has no time. Minhyun did his legendary Optimuse Prime imitation. Aron asked Minhyun to do his Optimus Prime impersonation but he kinda failed because he hasn’t done it in a long time

★ Aron’s all time favorite song: As Long As Yoi Love Me - Backstreet Boys, his request song Minyhun requested BigBangs ~ Blue.

★ Minhyun is happy he has lost today. Aron is happy he won after a long time, but he dont know..!..

★ Aron love to waer conftabel cloths in regular time

★ Minhyun Aron you look at GirlsDays performance not at the fashion!! lol:P★ Minhyun said bye bye again …like a week before and Aron … NO NO! bye bye★ Aron said NU'EST WOULD love to go to the Philippines and met the Loves★ Today was Aron vs Minhyun, so if you want to see Minhyun again next week tune in next Friday ~ Aron

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