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Blogs that list things in their blog description like “pro-logic” baffle me because pretty much everyone likes to think of their own viewpoints as logical it’s so meaningless.

I’ve never run into a description like that that made me go: “Oh thank god, FINALLY someone who doesn’t self praise for being illogical, about damn time we got some people who feel like their own opinions make sense to them around here.”

50 gay characters that helped the world to beat the homophobia. 

Kurt and Blaine are two of the most influential gay characters in the history . Why? Because of their bravery in coming out of their love story that have been shown to millions of fans of the series worldwide , which  encouraged many young people to take their homosexuality naturally. And that is much more than any campaign in favor of tolerance could do.

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ur japanese? i thought u were chinese?!

since when did I say I was japanese? and I’m not chinese either? it says like right there in my description that I’m taiwanese either way my ethnicity is none of your business I don’t care what u thought 

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ideal type of guy?


  • preferably my height or taller than me
  • dark hair
  • stubble
  • skinny kinda gawky-looking
  • acceptable teeth
  • dresses like he has raided his dad’s attic from the 70s
  • at least one slightly unappealing ‘flaw’ (i hate perfection)
  • not conventionally attractive; wouldn’t look at him in the street and be like WOAH etc

personality wise:

  • intelligent 
  • excellent sense of humour
  • not easily offended 
  • left-wing political stance
  • feminist ideology
  • passionate about something
  • arrogant streak (i love subtle wankers)
  • loves dogs
  • similar music taste to mine
  • open minded
  • sexually enthusiastic & not selfish
  • not scared to argue against me 
  • brutally honest
  • not easily disgusted 
  • somewhat self-assured 
  • very regular swearer 
  • physically lazy 
  • opinionated 

So I’ve been thinking about aravels, and how much the tiny red ships bug me, and devoted far too much time to planning out how I think they work.

To maintain a stable, healthy population, Dalish clans must be 250 members strong minimum. With only so many resources and 250 people to shelter the tiny (though admittedly pretty) delicate little aravels seen in DA:II and Inquisition would not be accurate or useful structures. The large, bulky wooden wagons of Origins would be much more likely, although to be honest they should be bigger. In the Masked Empire Briala describes them as “great wagons” and compares them to buildings. They’re big.

Long post with much rambling and sketchy diagrams ahead:

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In the store:

ESFJ:; “Hello? Yes! Can you help me find a -fill in the blank-? You know it’s kinda like this… -specific description of something that is very particular to what they want-. Oh! I mean… that COULD work but I was thinking it could be more like *repeats description*. Well, that’s not exactly what I wanted. What I actually wanted was *repeats description*. My friend has one somewhat similar. It’s perfect, but I thought if it had this it would be better! One time she let me borrow one and it was almost exactly what I wanted. It just needs this, you know? It’s too bad all stores don’t have it… But it was great! Don’t you think? I just loved it. It was really nice. Don’t you think so? Well! It’s okay I couldn’t find it here. But it SHOULD be here. I’ll just check all the other stores in the area until I find the EXACT thing I am looking for!”

ISFJ: (internal monologue) (Oh dear. Where is that thing I wanted? I enjoyed it before, but I’m so sad to have run out. I’m so stupid for forgetting where it is. But I don’t care how specific it is. Something close will do. Worst comes to worse I’ll have to ASK someone in the store about it…) *shivers* (I just want to get out of here with my thing. I hope it’s not too expensive. Oh no. That store person looked at me. Just smile at him and pretend everything is fine.) (Shit. He asked me if everything was okay.) “Yes! Wait… um actually, I was wondering if you had anything like -fill in the blank-. Oh? Well that’s close enough! It doesn’t have to be exact. Thank you!” (Good enough. This might actually work out better! I don’t need the perfect thing, and not having to go to the other stores is great.)

Does anybody else notice when you write on your description like later in the future go look and not everything you wrote is there? This has happened to me before. All of the pixels are gone and the description randomly cuts off. So annoying. 

Mostly I hate john green cuz I'm sick of reading book descriptions like this

“Jimmy’s happy doing (insert obscure n quirky hobby here) with his best friend, Ryan. That is, until Amber sweeps into his life. Amber is definitely, without a doubt, the single most Incredible, beautiful, funny, and Wild girl jimmy has ever met. Amber takes Jimmy on her Incredible Exciting Journey that involves (three random things) and makes Jimmy question his quiet boring life!”

its like they ddidn’t even read my description? like how can you follow me and not know I am asexual as fuck

Avengers AU | 19th Century

The year is 1891, and Captain Steve Rogers, presumed dead after a failed voyage to the Arctic, returns to England to find a very different country to the one he left behind. 

The nation is celebrating the engagement of their future King, Prince Thor, to Lady Jane Foster, but a dark cloud is hanging over the Royal Family. A series of murders connected to occult rituals have taken place across the capital, and despite the police struggling for leads, there is one name repeatedly whispered on the streets; Prince Loki.

Struggling to return to his former life, Steve throws himself into the investigation, assembling a ragtag group of former soldiers, spies, a doctor, and even a Russian assassin. Loki’s trail leads Steve to the man who funded his doomed expedition, the wealthy entrepreneur Anthony Stark who appears to be hiding a secret of his own. Who are the twins following his every move? And who is the mysterious man known simply as the ‘Vision’? 



“Our kind of love, it was once in a lifetime. It couldn’t last, it was doomed from the first time. And you were 50s cool, in blue suede shoes, but it was a cover for all of the trouble you got into.”

In the dirty, beating heart of the societal underworld, a blueprint for a criminal masterpiece is drawn over the drug-infested alleyways and night clubs where wanderers go to seek pleasure and entertainment. In the midst of it all, two individuals, hopelessly entwined yet foolishly unaware of the other’s role in the corruption taking place, fall madly in love only to discover they are playing for different teams. 

The signs as descriptions in Lana Del Rey songs

Aries: I got the looks/and you love me, ‘cause I’ just like neon, lighting up your night
Taurus: I’m a pop blues singer, fam-bam zinger, Mansfield ringer from the Hollywood silver screen
Gemini: I’m the bad girl next door/baby’s always wantin’ more, buyin’ diamond jewelry
Cancer: I’m America’s sweetheart, cute, delicious sweet tart sippin’ on my diet coke, singin’  in the trailer park
Leo: I’m a four-alarm fire, and I’m what you desire like a siren in the night
Virgo: Peaches and cream, everyone’s dream
Libra: They all got girlfriends but I’m the one that they want/Miss America with the blue mascara on
Scorpio: I belong to a bygone era like the Scarlett O’Hara of the downtown scene
Sagittarius: Gold hoops, cherry pie, I’m the apple of his eye
Capricorn: I think I’m too cool to know ya, you say I’m like the ice I freeze
Aquarius: with my little red party dress on, everybody knows that I’m the best, I’m crazy
Pisces: I know that I’m a mess with my sun tan, short dress, bare feet, I don’t care


Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)