like the coloring is already great


“Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe



This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

hey, i’m opening up emergency commissions!

here’s what’s going on:

my parent’s food stamps got cut really bad? the place keeps telling my mom that she didn’t turn in the correct information at the beginning of the year. she tried to fix it and turn in every thing, but they keep refusing her. it could be months before we get a decent number of stamps again. (we are getting 60-100 which is only about $120-$200 worth of food. there are eleven of us in the house) it is only like 19th as i type this, and we are pretty much already living off left overs and that’s that we try to find deals and buy reduced food.

if you could commission me, that’d be great! i’d be able to help my parents buy food for us while i am still applying for jobs.

about the commissions:

they are $30, unless you wanna give me more (lol). full color, up to two characters. there’s not a lot of things i won’t draw, so just shoot me a dm if you’re interested! i will only be taking so many at a time, though. spots are limited, so i don’t get overwhelmed, but i will reopen them as i finish the batch i’m on, etc. 

thank you & reblogs are appreciated.


Captain Fantastic (2016) - Matt Ross

5 bullets on this film:

  • I honestly hope 2017 blesses us with more movies like this one. The plot is original, it’s well written, there aren’t any boring scenes, and it made me cry and laugh at the same time. If there are more films like this one out there, please let me know.
  • The cinematography is perfect. I mean it. The setting and the colors are very relaxing and ‘pure’, and the way the film shows the constrast between nature and society is amazing. The soundtrack is also very nice, especially when the characters make their own music. 

  • Viggo Mortensen is great, I even cried because of his performance, you can really notice that he’s feeling his character. And the kids??? DO YOU WANT TO WALK ABOUT THE KIDS?? Some of them are like 5 years old and are already amazingly talented.   

  • The dialogues are really well written and there are some great references and memorable quotes, so if you’re looking for phrases to write on your bedroom wall, this movie will give you some ideas.  

  • This movie manages to send a strong message about capitalism and society’s values without being too extremist, so by the end of the film the viewer gets to have its own opinion on the subject. I think the whole point of the plot is that you can do whatever you want, but never impose your views on other people, let them decide what they want to believe in.  
  • Star Wars Fans: We want an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie with Ewan McGregor!!!
  • Disney: What's that? A Han Solo movie without Harrison Ford?
  • Star Wars Fans: What? No, we don't want--
  • Disney: And a guy who looks nothing like Han to play Han?
  • Star Wars Fans: No, just--
  • Disney: How about another, white brunette female lead cause Girl Power™, yeah!
  • Star Wars Fans: Female leads are great and all but what about women of color being the lead--
  • Disney: What if this female lead was Han's real love interest and we totally undermine Leia completely?
  • Star Wars Fans: No, that's not what we want at all. Who are you even listening--
  • Disney: Great! It's already in production with a large budget and a predominately white, male cast, but we added Donald Glover so it's all cool!
  • Star Wars Fans: What
  • Disney: Look how excited everyone is for this Han Solo movie! We just started filming today, yay!!! It's gonna be the film of a generation!
  • Star Wars Fans: *sigh*
Sketch talks

I’ve got really great requests for chibis already, so thank ya’ll! Some things got requested more than once, others I’ll mash up with others… I’ll upload them on my youtube account (because god knows how I completely forgot that existed) and the idea is to show you guys a bit of my process :))

It isn’t much of a big deal, really, but I definitely love to make “goofy color keys” to pick colors like this one:

I love how cheesy they look!? hahahahha anyways, thank you all who requested, I’ll make the most I can on this weekend :))

do you have to be special? 
do people have to recognize you, no matter what? i don’t think so. 
at the very least, not when it comes to this child. 
he doesn’t need to become great. 
why does he have to be better than everyone else? just look at him. 
don’t you see how cute he is? 
he’s already great, because he was born into this world.

Hufflepuff: I think I have a crush on this person…
Slytherin: I know. That’s why I have already made friends with them and all their friends. We play cards every day at lunch. Tomorrow, I’ll casually invite you to join in and initiate conversation. Here’s their schedule. *Hands over pre-printed and color coded list* Tonight we can go shopping. Their favorite color is green, and fortunately, you look great in it. Also, you DEFINITELY need to let me do your makeup…
Slytherin: Maybe you should start writing this down. They like dogs, history, and baseball, and their favorite scents are vanilla and coconut. I have some perfume for you at home. I’ve also arranged for them to walk you home from school today. By the way-
Slytherin: *reveals evil plan that they’ve had for a year*
Hufflepuff: You know what, I’m just gonna go talk to the poor sucker.

||January BPC: Just One Word|| 1. Goal. Here are my bookish 2017 goals! I’ve got a zillion books on my TBR, and I already own (according to a count I did like twenty minutes ago) 66.5 of them. So I’m going to try to read as many of those as possible this year, so I can make space for new acquisitions.

Speaking of new acquisitions, last year I had great success buying mostly books by authors of color, so I’m going to keep that in mind this year. Plus I’d like to have more poetry, graphic novels, and memoirs in my library, and I’d also like to start my personal read around the world project–I’ve got a spreadsheet started for that one.

Oh, and also I’d like to get Faultlines to a publishable stage and start querying. That’ll get rolling in February. Super stoked.


I finally got around to finalizing the designs for the Broppy twins! They’re fraternal, but they still look very similar, and sometimes, they like to trick people by dressing as one another (the only ones that can tell them apart 100% of the time are their parents)

You’ve already seen the beta design for Rosiebrooke, or Brooke, and here she is with her brother, Puzzle! Unfortunately I kind of messed up the top of their hair, it’s supposed to be the exact same color as their bangs. Their hair is a little on the pastel side, something they get from their great grandmother!

Also, if princesses get a flower crown, perhaps princes get a dandelion crown? I know the king’s crown isn’t made of dandelion, but it’s aesthetically similar so hey

Brooke takes after her father in the sense that she tends to be more cautious while Puzzle has the same leaps-before-he-looks personality as his mother. It makes him a bit of a handful that can be hard for Branch to handle without Poppy’s help.

And yeah when they’re together they do tend to play a lot of small pranks and practical jokes on others (all in good nature, of course!) and a lot of the times it does involve seeing how long they can trick others when they’re dressed as each other (they even go as far as to switch hug time bracelets, something that trolls would normally never do). Puzzle, however, has a slightly bigger nose, and slightly pointer ears, and Brooke has slightly more curled hair and a little bit longer bangs, and Branch and Poppy always notice instantly if they’re trying to trick them, haha

Technically this falls under the early twins au, but this is also just general, this is what i think their kids would look like, whether out of wedlock or after they’re happily married nwn


The team from “More than Just Parks” has already done some great work - the Aurora Borealis shot at the front seems like reason enough to click through this video. Here’s their original caption:

This film is the culmination of several weeks spent in the northernmost region of Minnesota known as Voyageurs National Park. Encompassing more than 340 square miles, Voyageurs is a watery wonderland almost exclusively accessible by boat. Journey with us as we explore a land blanketed in pristine lakes, ablaze with kaleidoscopic fall colors, and home to the most spectacular displays of the northern lights on the planet. This is Voyageurs.
This film was made possible by the wonderful people at the Voyageurs National Park Association who work so hard to maintain the park for folks like us. Please check them out (and feel free to donate!):
To see more National Park films or learn more about More Than Just Parks, visit our website:
Social: FB, Twitter:, Insta:, Email:

ok, but think about this: dragons in the workforce

- therapy dragons for people with anxiety that are soft and cuddly, that leave you little piles of treasure they’ve found when you’re having a bad day

- dragons with fire departments that can get into the places already too far gone because “fire cannot kill a dragon”

- dragons for the blind that can communicate telepathically and know the value of paper and coin so that their person is never cheated

- search and rescue dragons that can see in infrared and have wide wingspans that can cover great distances quickly, or sea dragons that can retrieve the bodies of those lost and give families peace

- dragons for the deaf/hoh that understand sign and can vibrate and change colors to convey different messages

- dragons with scales like armor that help fight crime and have eyes that can see the intent of a person’s heart

just…working dragons

The Cutest // (Young!Remus Lupin x Reader)

Originally posted by azulcrayola

Part 2

Word Count: 1,558

Warnings: None!

Movie Quote: “Sit next to the boy you think is the cutest.” ~ Ms. Pomeroy, Donnie Darko

AN: Hey! Another movie quote one! This time with Remus cause I kinda like him…I hope it is enjoyable~ Also I might write a second part to this? Not sure though…

All characters (except for you) belong to J.K. Rowling!

(Y/N) = Your Name
(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name
(E/C) = Eye Color


Great.’ You think to yourself, ‘Only the first day of my sixth year and I’m already late.’
You hurried through the empty corridors, heading for the Transfiguration classroom. You were somewhat afraid of what Professor McGonagall would think, but hoped she’d let you slide this once since she was your Head of House. Oh who were you kidding, she RARELY ever let anyone slide. Even those troublesome and tricky Marauders who everyone loved so much couldn’t get past her. That’s it. You were doomed.
“I’m sorry I’m late Professor.” You say slowly walking in, trying to bring as little attention to yourself as possible. It looked like the class had barely started, so maybe you weren’t as late as you thought!
“Ah yes, Ms. (Y/L/N) so nice of you to join us.” Professor McGonagall said in her usual stern voice, raising an eyebrow in your direction.
I wonder how much trouble I’m going to be in later?’ You think to yourself, trying to come off as innocent as possible.
“Uhm…Professor? Where should I sit?” You ask, taking note of the nearly full classroom.
“Oh!” Professor McGonagall looked back at you, but this time she had a small glint in her eye and a small smirky grin crept on to her face. “Sit next to the boy you think is the cutest.” She finished with an air of mischief and triumph that made you wonder if she was really a Slytherin in disguise.

Meanwhile, your heart sank into your stomach and the color drained from your face as everyone in the room was now looking directly at you, if they hadn’t been already. This could literally make or break the rest of your school life, and even though you only had two years left, you didn’t want those two years to end in misery.
You slowly began to scan the room, hoping there really would be someone you thought was really cute so it would at least be easy to choose, and as you looked, your fellow classmates began to snicker and giggle. You scanned over the Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs and still saw no one, until your gaze found the Gryffindors. There he was. Caramel colored hair, light freckles, tall and thin with green eyes that were slightly hidden by the book he had resting in his long, thin fingers.
You felt your face and shoulders relax from their tensed-up state, but your mouth became a little dry when you realized that the boy you became infatuated with in a matter of seconds was Remus Lupin. A Marauder. Sitting next to him was a boy with long dark hair you knew to be Sirius Black, who, at the current moment, was smirking wildly at you and wiggling his eyebrows, which made you blush slightly. Did he think you were looking at him? Or did he know that you were taking a fancy to Remus?

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Honestly, @just-derpy, Cloudy Sky is already a pretty well rounded and wonderful OC. But…

Lets start at the beginning:

  • The colors are wonderful. not too bright, not too dark, the white isn’t a full white but a slight gray. Everything works together wonderfully, great job
  • You mentioned not liking the tail, so I made it more like the mane
  • The backstory is believable and original, and you get extra points for having a disabled character
  • The cutie mark is simple but distinct. You can tell its a cloud, and pops nicely off the green coat

Overall, this is a pretty awesome OC. I got nothing big to change about it

“I’m writing something for the first time that’s a little bit autobiographical,” this one extremely serious white woman once said to me after workshop. “I wanted to get your advice. You write about yourself all the time. How do you do it?” My characters were always young Asian American women or girls, but I hadn’t written anything autobiographical. Just like her, I had imagined my stories. I made them up. They were fiction. But to her, they were so obviously just an unimaginative extension of my already-limited self. I was just tracing my life and my identity artlessly into my stories.

Jenny Zhang, “They Pretend To Be Us While Pretending We Don’t Exist” (Buzzfeed)

The other day I asked for recommendations for MG and YA memoirs (MEMOIRS) by people of color or immigrants to the US. I received some great suggestions, but among them were also several recommendations for books that were novels. Novels are fiction, not memoir, which is nonfiction (often artfully done, but still: NONFICTION, based on a real person’s real experiences). I tweeted that I hadn’t figured it out yet, but there was something about the easy slippage into fiction, when requesting memoirs by POC/immigrants, that made me uncomfortable. It was as if the real experiences of POC/immigrants didn’t actually exist, or that readers had a hard time telling the difference between real and imagined stories about POC/immigrants.

The paragraph above is from an essay by Jenny Zhang which is about the recent instance of a white male poet using a Chinese pseudonym to game the system. The paragraph above encapsulates precisely the problem I didn’t know how to articulate on twitter about this memoir/fiction slippage.

Women who write literary/realistic fiction about women are often asked about how their fiction is autobiographical, even if it is clearly not. I don’t believe that men are asked this “is your work autobiographical?” question nearly as often. I wonder if writers of color are asked this question even more than white women, because the white majority has a hard time understanding that writers of color could imagine stories about characters of color who are not them. It’s a weird, slippery, erasing state of belief about writers of color.

As if our imaginations are so limited by our real-world minority status that we couldn’t possibly tell stories about other, imagined others. And it also, in a way, cheapens the memoirs by people of color/immigrants by mushing them closer to fiction. Real stories are valuable, and fiction is valuable, but they are two different things. It’s so strange to me that some people can’t tell the difference, or don’t care to.

we-da-yaoi-trash  asked:

Hey there Lissa! I was wondering if you can give any tips or a tutorial on how to draw backgrounds? I'm currently starting a fancomic project, but my background skills are really wack lol. Thanks in advance and much love to your skills (´∀`)

aaaa I’m not really good at them myself…. I just tend to abuse of texture brushes and blur tools to make it fast and if the scenes don’t require a bg (or maybe if the bg takes the attention away from the character) I tend to skip drawing it altogether. 

I feel like the most important thing is the atmosphere… if your background is enough to set the mood you need, than that’s already great! Storytelling will be the most important part, so as long as you know the basics, like simple perspective and a bit of color theory, it should be okay ^^

Puppy name suggestions?

I’m getting a puppy together with my mom, and am trying to find a fitting name for her. I’m extremely picky and don’t feel like I’ve found the right name yet, even though I have long lists of names from years of “collecting”. Good female names are so hard to come up with, and almost all the female names I’ve got are unisex names. 

She’s an Siberian husky of pure race lines: 

Below is the list of some names I’ve already got on my list. There are male names there too, just so that you can see what kind of stuff I am looking for (and maybe get some ideas for your own dog?:) as I have very few female names to show to. Types of names that I am looking for is:

Native Amerian names:

  • Chepi - Fairy
  • Fala - Resembling a crow
  • Nakai - Victory/One who wanders
  • Atka - Guardian spirit
  • Yoki - Rain
  • Sitka - Town in Southeastern Alaska
  • Kenai - Flat land
  • Nuka - Younger sibling
  • Mika - Intelligent raccoon
  • Oyako - Loved one
  • Chaska - First born
  • Moki - Deer
  • Akela - leader wolf

Old norse mythology:

  • Frigg
  • Frøya
  • Mime
  • Tyr/Tyra/Thyri
  • Fenrir/Fenris
  • Loke
  • Glitnir
  • Nord
  • Hymir/Yme/Ymir
  • Mist
  • Hænir
  • Meile
  • Freke
  • Garm

And to my Norwegian speaking followers out there. I think Norwegian words can be great names for a dog, especially a nordic breed! If anyone has some more suggestions than the ones below for names like these I’d be so happy!

  • Is - Ice
  • Rim/Rime - Frost
  • Frost - Frost
  • Fauna - Fauna
  • Måne - Moon
  • Gaupe - Lynx
  • Vilje/Vilja - Will
  • Ravn - Raven
  • Tro - Belief
  • Lykke - Luck
  • Drønn - Rumbling
  • Skrall - Rumbling
  • Glitre - Glimmer
  • Lyng - Heather (plant)
  • Stjerne - Star
  • Hauk - Hawk
  • Falk - Falcon
  • Yr - Light rain
  • Bris - Light wind
  • Storm - Storm 
  • Flamme - Flame
  • Flaks - Luck
  • Ekko - Echo
  • Fryd - Joy
  • Sjarm - Charm
  • Kvikk - nimble/agile 
  • Rust - Rust 
  • Føyke - Wind that whirls snow
  • Torden - Thunder 
  • Tåke - Mist
  • Tundra - Tundra
  • Gnist - Spark
  • Mynte - Mint
  • Kraft - Power

Icelandic words:

  • Jarfi - Wolverine
  • Vinur - Friend
  • Hrimnir - Frost
  • Heppni - Luck
  • Sokki - Charm
  • Krummi - Raven

These are only the names I can remember at the top of my head (I forgot my laptop at home). Other name suggestions are also welcome of course!

Thank you for your suggestions!

the first fanart i ever saw of TAZ was by @paticmak who i’ve been following for a while because of her just. UGH. enviable grasp on character design, visual development, silhouette, color, environment, stylization

my sister @getwhelmed showed me some of it and i was like WAIT I’VE SEEN THIS ARTIST

great stuff, just really clean designs and a lot of refreshing departure from the inevitable fanon-standardization of the characters (green femme taako is cool but lanky kinda grungy brown taako is PRECIOUS)

anyoo it’s set the bar pretty high for my own interpretations, which i appreciate! i’m interested in dabbling in some TAZ fanart sometime but first i gotta figure out how to invent the wheel a third time lol

anyway follow that artist if you don’t already, really inspiring stuff!