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what are the paladin's fav candle scents???


  • He likes soothing scents like Lavender or Spearmint, but he also enjoys spice scents like Apple Cinnamon.


  • He enjoys smoky fireplace-like scents, but he also likes the clean laundry smell too.


  • He likes scents like Ocean Mist because it reminds him of the beaches he grew up around. He also likes fruity scents like green apple or pomagranet too.


  • He loves floral scents like Honeysuckle or Sweet Pea. He also joins Shiro in the spicy candle scents club.


  • Pidge likes super sweet scents like Chocolate Chip Cookies (yes, that is a scent. I have a candle with it in my room.) They like more tropical scents too.

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  • Ravenclaw: I decided to go on a diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh yeah? Would you like me to recommend some healthy tasty snacks to you?
  • Ravenclaw: No, it's fine, I gave up on the diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Why?
  • Ravenclaw: Because cake exists.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yields 2 dozen cookies

The things you’ll need

  • 1 cup butter, room temperature
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • ½ cup packed light brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 to 3 drops green food coloring
  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 ¾ cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 5 ounces chocolate mints
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Medium mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Hand mixer
  • Rubber spatula
  • Cutting board and knife
  • Parchment lined baking sheet
  • Ice cream scoop

Let’s get started!

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Roughly chop chocolate mints.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda and salt.
  4. In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugars until smooth.
  5. Add in eggs one at a time, mixing and scraping between each one.
  6. Pour in peppermint extract, vanilla, and food coloring and then mix until evenly colored.
  7. Mix in dry ingredients and then fold in chopped mints.
  8. Scoop dough onto a baking sheet and bake for 8 minutes.

Recovery smells like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Recovery feels like the relief of ice cold lemonade on a hot day.

Recovery tastes like maple syrup drenched pancakes.

Recovery looks like the tallest mountain of whipped cream you’ve ever seen. 

Recovery sounds like movie theater popcorn popping.

Recovery is hard, but wow is it worth it. 


throwback to that one time Spencer tried to drag Aleks into the ocean and Aleks turned into a fucking pro wrestler

“You have to understand, when I like someone, everything becomes way too intense way too fast.

You know the stars in his eyes, galaxies in his mind,

Tinkling laughter like chimes on a windy day,

Chocolate chip cookie smiles,

All of it.

All of it becomes way too real.

I can’t help but wonder this marvel that is sitting in front of me because of the successive generations of transfer of genes to create this human being.does he even know how perfectly imperfect he is?

Every freckle, every blemish, every imperfection, is so Goddamn perfect.

Does he even know?

and I realize he doesn’t.

Does he have have the slightest inkling now magnificently unique he is?

Humans truly are.

It’s time they realize it”

isak and even are in isak’s room, browsing through the “thrillers” section on netflix (because even says he’s in the mood for a little suspence) and there’s a knock on the door and they hear linn say “hey, did you guys take my box of cookies?” and the truth is that said box is right there on isak’s lap, and isak looks at even and mouths “oops”. when he opens the door, the box in his hand, he tells linn “it’s been there for like a month and i wasn’t sure whose cookies they were but, hm” he looks inside the box and continues “there’s a couple left” and he hands it to linn and she just stares at him for a few seconds, expressionless, and says “it’s fine, keep it”, turns around and leaves 

isak asks even “am i an ass?” and even laughs a little and ruffles isak’s hair and says “nah, just a hungry teenager”. and isak moves away from even’s hand and looks at him with a mischievous smile on his face and he replies “totally hungry” playfully, before he leans in and gently cover even’s nose with his teeth, not really bitting down and even doesn’t try to free himself, simply teases “it smells like chocolate chip cookies in there. actually, it smells like stolen chocolate chip cookies” and isak takes his mouth off his nose and replies “hey! i thought you said i wasn’t an ass”, all pouty and grumpy and even can’t help but smile at him. “you aren’t, but you did take linn’s cookies. and now she doesn’t have any”. isak sighs, rests his head on even’s shoulder and says “we could go get her another box?” 

they do end up going to the store, but instead they buy the ingredients they need to make the cookies themselves (except for eggs, which isak says he already has at home). and then they’re in the kitchen, and even places the ingredients on the counter, opens the fridge and grabs two eggs, says “catch!” before he slowly throws one in isak’s direction. isak does catch it and looks at him with wide eyes and warns “if you make a mess, you’re the one cleaning” and even simply cups his face, plants a quick kiss on his forehead and his nose and his mouth and his chin and says “i won’t”. and then they make the cookies, even telling isak the measurements. “two cups of chocolate chips”, which isak adds to the dough, and then he adds an extra handful, says “it’ll taste way better like this. more chocolate, better cookies” and even chuckles. “yes, chef valtersen” 

when the cookies are done, they knock on linn’s door, a platter in isak’s hands. even asks “liiiiinn, our dear linn, are you hungry for some amazing, delicious homemade cookies, made with a lot love and a whole lot of chocolate chips?” and there’s a short silence before they hear her say “thanks, but i’m not really hungry right now”. isak looks at even and shrugs and he tells linn “well, we made a lot, let us know when you want some, okay?” and they hear a muffled “mmhm” from behind the door 

they start to watch the usual suspects, isak all cuddled up against even, an arm around even’s stomach, a leg wrapped over his. a few minutes later, linn’s knocking on the door and asking “cookies kind of smelled nice, can i have some?” and isak tells her “come in, linn!” she doesn’t flinch when she sees them on the bed, linn really doesn’t mind displays of affection as long as they’re silent. even hands her the platter and asks her “hey, feel like watching a movie?” and linn frowns a little. “is it moulin rouge again?” and even replies “nah, it’s not moulin rouge”. he opens his free arm (the one that’s not holding isak close) as an invitation and linn sits next him, cookie platter on her lap, and even wraps an arm around her as she bites into one of the cookies. isak lifts his head up a little, and when even looks at him in the eyes, they exchange a knowing smile 

An Ice Cream Misunderstanding | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Jealousy, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! This is the first ever write-up that I am posting, so please be nice. Haha. If you have requests, don’t hesitate to message me and I’ll get back to you. Jealous Zach will always be my favorite Zach for some reason, next to dumb baby Zach. Anyway, enjoy!


“Baby can we go get some ice cream?” my boyfriend says with puppy eyes as he laid his head on my thighs while we were seated in front of the TV watching a movie.

“I think there’s some chocolate ice cream in the fridge left.” I reply, as I stroke his head with my hand.

“But baby, you know I like pistachio, from that place, our favorite ice cream parlor?” he whines with a pout as he looks at me with puppy eyes again.

“Puh-lease?” he pouts as he grabs my hand and places it under his chin.

“I hate you Zach Dempsey.” I reply as I laugh and shake my head.

“Let’s go then.” I reply as I pinch his cheeks and a wide grin forms on his face.

“Thank you baby I love you!” he replies as he sits up on the sofa and pinches the bridge of my nose.

“Zachary! Don’t!” I reply as I stand up and run to the bedroom to get the car keys and my purse.

We both get ready and head on out of the house to go to our favorite ice cream parlor. Zach drives for the both of us most of the time, but he got an injury during a basketball game, and he was told not to do any activities for 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks are almost done, and he’s healing very well. We reach the ice cream parlor but there weren’t any parking spaces near it, so we had to park quite far. We got off of the car and started walking, Zach held my hand as we walked. While we were walking hand in hand, a familiar voice yelled out my name which made Zach and I look behind us to check who it was.

“Y/N!” the familiar voice yells as he waves his hand from side to side.

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allura and hunk (brotp) concepts:

  • allura loves watching hunk’s favorite sci fi films and seinen anime with him when there’s time
    • she asks a LOT of questions (growing up as an only child, she doesn’t realize how distracting that is, lol) but hunk is always happy to pause and explain whatever she’s curious about
    • hunk’s like, really good at simplifying complex scenes and plots and whatever facets of “earth culture” allura doesn’t understand
    • plus he LOVES talking about his favorite movies & shows (he could go on forever discussing all the lore and meta) and it’s nice talking to someone who’s happy to learn about them
    • the two of them are gossip buddies™
      • they don’t really plan to meet and talk about what tea the mice are spillin every once in a while, it just happens
      • sometimes they’ll chat in the rec room, other times it’ll be while they’re out together on a mission
      • they talk about almost everything, including who likes who among their teammates (ahem, or whatever is going on b/w keith & lance) and who lied about what, and why so and so wasn’t sitting next to whomever at dinner yester-quintant
        • keith and lance: *hesitate to sit next to each other at the table*
        • lance: *suddenly walks to the opposite side of the table, away from keith* hey, wassup everybody
        • allura: *glances at hunk*
        • hunk: *quirks a brow at her* *sips his cup of space tea*
      • they also share theories about what drama’s potentially happenin among the galra
        • (hunk is eighty percent sure prorok and sendak had somethin going on at one point and allura’s just as certain haxus is the homewrecker that broke them up)
    • still they talk freely about their crushes & things like that with each other, because they both know the other is good at keeping secrets
      • (and allura is sure to let hunk know whenever shay asks about him, even though he pretends he’s not curious)
    • hunk doesn’t like to open up about his past, and kinda avoids talking about it, but he’s always willing to listen to allura share her favorite memories
    • and when hunk vents about his gastrointestinal issues, allura doesn’t get grossed out at all (there are grosser ailments among alteans) she sympathizes with him and somehow, that alone settles his stomach at times
    • occasionally they’ll bake or cook together, either for the others or just for fun
      • allura’s terrible at it (princesses don’t need to know how to cook & she’s never learned) and she wants to taste everything before it’s finished, so hunk really can’t help but correct her & tell her everything she’s doing wrong (it’s the gordon ramsay in him)
      • but allura will just flick some space-chocolate chips at him like he’s a nagging younger brother, and they’ll start talking about their favorite things & laughing again, havin a good time

    I don’t know why, but for the last three times I’ve gone out to ice cream with my family (at three different ice cream parlors even, mind you) there’s always been a random ass white dude with a fuckin’ open carry pistol holstered to them, and I’m always like “Why the fuck you think you need that on you when you go to an ice cream shop? Are you honestly afraid someone’s gonna attack you or attack someone defenseless in a place like this? The worst thing that happens here is like, the crying two year old that’s upset they dropped their mint chocolate chip cone on the ground.”

    (Also, if we’re gonna start normalizing carrying weapons into public places, I demand the rights to apply for a license to carry a sheathed bastard sword into public spaces. D: )

    hamilton + restaurant headcanons

    (assuming theyre all sitting together)


    • sticks with water for his drink
    • but lowkey pours sugar packets into it
    • gets soup or salad every time
    • he asks for extra crackers…. he loves soup and crackers
    • (hes an old man)
    • he also sometimes ask for a piece of toast if hes feeling frisky 
    • never gets dessert. never. ever. ever.


    • literally if anyone touches his salsa he will fight them 
    • he loves sour cream from the bottom of his heart 
    • needs to have peppers in his QUESADILLAS or else 
    • he gets mountain dew if they have any but if not he just. gets beer 
    • like it could be 8 in the morning and hed still get a bottle of beer 


    • if you think this boy is getting anything other than a burger and fries you are dead wrong 
    • drizzles ketchup on his fries as well as vinegar and salt 
    • he usually has to take home something though 
    • he can never finish all of the burger AND all of the fries 
    • asks for ice cream even if hes full 
    • gets coke for his drink. 
    • (obviously) 


    • this man is getting eggs benedict 
    • no matter WHAT time of the day 
    • hes getting those eggies on his plate 
    • drinks hot tea or coffee with lots and lots of sugar
    • leaves a generous tip. like too nice 
    • doesnt eat his hashbrowns with ketchup (john calls him a sinner) 


    • if you think this man is getting anything OTHER THAN NACHOS 
    • he only eats them with guac though
    • asks for extra napkins all the damn time 
    • (he doesnt want to ruin his shirt) 
    • (but like he literally asks for napkins everytime the waitress comes back) 
    • (she doesnt like him) 
    • has discourse with john about pepsi vs coke 
    • because he prefers pepsi 


    • like its sitting on lettuce and is sprinkled with pepper or lemon or something 
    • doesnt get dessert and tries to snatch some from her sisters 
    • only drinks iced tea. only iced tea. 
    • (sometimes she steals some of johns fries too) 
    • (hes too busy arguing with hercules to notice) 
    • doesnt help leave a tip if the servers an ass 
    • ends up paying quite often though too


    • she gets french toast or waffles. 
    • of course. 
    • always asks for some sort of topping like whipped cream or chocolate chips or strawberry slices 
    • puts Too Much syrup on. 
    • (like way too much) 
    • she also basically only gets chocolate milk or hot chocolate 
    • she doesnt like drinking pop with her sweet and fluffy foods 
    • gets dessert even though ??? her meal was ??? basically dessert ??? 
    • (its normally cake) 
    • cant finish it 
    • of course she cant finish it 


    • she gets ribs. everywhere she goes she gets ribs and nothing else 
    • somehow eats it WITHOUT GETTI G ANY SAUCE ON HER FACE??? 
    • shes mastered the art 
    • drinks about 10 glasses of sprite to go with it 
    • gets up to pee like 10 times
    • only gets dessert if they have brownies 
    • and will stab anyone who tries to steal some from her with a fork 


    • if they dont give him mac and cheese from the kids menu he’ll get spaghetti
    • (*sigh* “well if im not allowed to get mac and cheese i guess *sigh* ill have the spaghetti” *sigh*) 
    • he’ll glare at the waiter whenever they come around 
    • gets cheesecake for dessert 
    • puts a LOT OF SALT ON HIS PASTA 
    • (he is a salty boy) 
    • finds something to complain to the manager about most days 


    • black coffee. 
    • nothing in it. 
    • will drink it even if its scalding hot 
    • he gets buttermilk pancakes. 
    • but with… nothing on them 
    • no syrup no strawberries no whipped cream 
    • not even butter 
    • (eliza stares at him in horror the entire time) 
    • just…. the pancakes by themselves ….
    Coffee, Tea, or Hot Coco?: BATB Edition
    • Belle: Tea, usually something very sweet and fruit flavored
    • Adam: The biggest fucking coffee snob. Like literally had a paragraph long description for his order and probably brews his morning cup with an expensive French press.
    • Maurice: Likes a good cup of tea after he's finished working on one of his projects - sugary things make his hands shake to much to get precise details/
    • Lumiere: Coffee with two shots of expresso. He's usually energetic but he just needs that extra boost sometimes
    • Cogsworth: Coffee as well - it's how he copes with Lumiere. But he also has a soft spot for hot coco that he won't admit.
    • Plumette: Probably likes really fancy hot coco that tastes like chocolate covered cherries.
    • Mrs Potts: I think you all know.
    • Chip: Drinks tea because his mom makes it 24/7 but like any kiddo he loves hot chocolate
    • Garderobe: Green tea with honey is good for the vocal chords, so she usually has a cup or two before her performances.
    • Cadenza: Coffee has inspired some of his best compositions when he's working late into the night.
    • Gaston: Black coffee with no sugar or cream. He is hardcore in his breakfast and black coffee goes well with 5 dozen eggs.
    • Lefou: Actually a tea guy. Likes unusual flavors like lavender and creme brulee but is still a sucker for Earl Grey.
    • Stanley: Literally the boy makes hot coco like Ned Flanders in The Simpsons Movie with a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a toasted marshmallow. Sometimes he'll add sprinkles.

    prompt: “I just want a hug.”
    pairing: dean/cas
    tags: high school au, bullied!dean, artist!cas, hurt/comfort, 
    for @winvhesters

    request a drabble!

    Special thanks to @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire who gave me wonderful ideas and inspiration when my brain had died. Love you, Moose

    He finds Dean outside, under a tree. His legs are pulled up and he’s hugging them, head resting on his knees. Cas can’t tell if he’s crying or not- he would have been, after what had happened. But he’d never seen Dean cry, except for that one time at his mom’s funeral.

    Castiel quietly sits down next to his friend. Dean looks up at the sound and the feeling of Castiel’s leg against his, and he definitely cried. His eyes are red and there’s still tears on his face.

    “I’m not- I didn’t- I didn’t cry.” He huffs angrily and sniffs.

    “I know.”

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    Does Julian give good hugs?

    If it’s someone he cares about, he gives wonderful hugs. All-consuming hugs. Fold you into his arms like chocolate chips in pancake batter hugs

    If it’s someone he doesn’t care about, he gives praying mantis hugs

    Florida Gothic
    • You stop at the Florida border after hours of driving. There is a small welcome center where a blonde woman named Karen hands you a free cup of orange juice. You excitedly ask how much longer until you reach the Keys. Karen laughs. 
    • There is nothing but farmland for hours on either side of the highway. You have been listening to the same classic rock station for three of them, with the occasional static of lost signal. You play a game counting as many Yeehaw Junction! billboards that you see. If you guess correctly, you win a prize. There are 80 of them.
    • Florida has two main cryptids, the Skunk Ape, and Florida Man. You are canoeing in the swamp and you hear rustling. Swatting at gnats and mosquitos you hold your breath, you spot the Skunk Ape. A moment or two goes by, the Skunk Ape reaches up and scratches his head. He removes what was a mask all along. Florida Man is the Skunk Ape. 
    • You visit your grandparent’s condo that’s 20 minutes from the beach. Everything in Florida is 20 minutes from the beach. There is an alligator walking on the golf course. “Let him play!!” A nearby woman shouts, as animal control attempts to capture the reptile. There will be another. There is always another. 
    • The more south you drive, the more north it becomes. One side of the street is pouring rain with flashing lightning, the other is dead grass from decades of drought. Everyone wears flip flops, often with long sleeved shirts or hoodies. No one questions this. 
    • It is 8:42pm on a Wednesday night. You walk into Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. Chicken tender subs are $5.99 for a whole, the man at the counter asks if you’d like to make it a combo. You never make it a combo. Two aisles over, a sweet woman asks if you’d like a free chocolate chip cookie. You say yes, and promptly buy a dozen more. 
    • The news tells stories of wild parties and drug scandals from one of the 3 major cities. You live in the suburbs, where the craziest thing that’s happened is an iguana went into homeostasis in the winter, and rose from the dead in the summer. You switch to the local weather, rain is in the forecast again. 
    • You have just paid $20 to park at the happiest place on earth. You used to park at the resorts and take the bus over, but they found out, and now monitor the resorts. You do not have extra magic hours but you stay past the park’s closing time anyway. It is empty except for one cast member sweeping popcorn off the floor. They have been sweeping for 27 minutes now. You are in Frontierland, but can hear It’s A Small World. You will always hear It’s A Small World.