like the best scene in the whole first season


My favorite thing about this scene is how clearly Fitz is trying to downplay the date, and - maybe this is more headcanon than meta - but I suspect he’s doing it for a specific reason. He knows Jemma so well, better than she knows herself sometimes, and he knows even before getting to the restaurant how touched she would be by his actions. Jemma, her inclination towards understatement and suppression notwithstanding, is something of a romantic, which Fitz knows well (he’s present at both of the season 1 moments above, in addition to having the experience of almost a decade of their best friendship). So her instinct in this scene is to want the whole thing to fit this sort of idealistic image she has of what their date should be like - and in her head, everything fits except for her

Fitz knows that she’s just barely holding on, and his goal here is not for this to be a perfect first date, but to show Jemma what they have to look forward to. To help her “feel human” again, like she did for him. But he also knows that he’s toeing a delicate line with Jemma’s mental state at the moment, and so he undercuts the romantic aspects of his actions by trying to stop her from pointing them out. He dismisses her attempt to point out the fact that he held a table for six months while he searched for her, and when she doesn’t know how to reciprocate his (arguably intentionally nonchalant) declaration of “what else was I gonna do?” he tells her outright that he’s not expecting anything from her in return. In the best way he knows how, he’s grumping in order to try to make the night about her, and not about his actions. 

(Of course, I also think that Fitz genuinely underestimates how meaningful his actions are, and how much they mean to Jemma - and how disappointed she is in herself for not being able to live up to her own expectations of “the perfect date” on her first night out.)

Letting you know

So, today my brother and I started watching Supergirl S2 (we got to episode six or so, I had already watched the whole season but he hadn’t started it yet).

In the end of first episode when Lena says “I hope this isn’t the last time we talk” and Kara “I hope not either”, my brother said “Now they’re going to be best friends!” and I thought “I wish they were more than friends”. But the thing that surprised me was that my brother saw how much chemistry Lena and Kara have on screen since the very first episode, and he kept saying like in every scene they had together in any episode that they were bff’s and insisted on that. BUT the thing is (well, the other thing) that he didn’t say a single word about Kara and Mon-El. I know him, he always makes fun of how people on tv shows fall in love with each other or when there’s someone that is only there to be the love interest, and gets all “why do the writters do this? You don’t need romantic relationships between main characters in every tv show, you can have a good show without all that unnecessary drama, just focus on the main plot. Because that’s what most people are interested on, or at least what they should be interested on”. So even if I know that he would never think of shipping them (Lena and Kara) or something like that (because that is just not how he thinks), the fact that he found more interesting to comment Supercorp friendship than the supposed chemistry between Karamel is really, really, REALLY satisfying.

So I’m just letting you all know that even the people that completely ignore the existence of this fandom notice how Supercorp are especially made for each other (even if it is in a platonic way).

PS: Forgive me if I make some grammatical errors, English is not my first language. Also it’s like 2AM and my brain it’s not working anymore.

The relationship between Clarke and Lexa was such a slow burn, Lexa had so much respect, admiration and love for Clarke. Lexa was a well written three-dimensional character in a position of power, and a lesbian, unheard of.

For the first time in my life I was excited about a canon lesbian ship, I allowed myself to hope and believe in equal representation.

I now feel foolish that I was excited, that I allowed myself to be excited for episode 3x07.

I replayed the kiss scene and the love scene several times because I was so happy, I was on an emotional high. The whole first half of season 3 had been leading to this moment. The acting, especially by Alycia Debnam Carey was impeccable & raw with emotion. It is one of the best, if not the best lesbian kiss scenes I have ever seen.

Lexa’s death occurring immediately after Clexa consummated their love feels intentionally gut wrenching, it feels like it was purposefully meant to cause trauma & pain. It sends a message that our love is unnatural and that there are violent consequences for our misconduct.

I feel violated, betrayed.

When Lexa was shot I felt actual physical pain in my chest. It was triggering, I am struggling.

When I was 17 my girlfriend died in a car accident, I grieved for a long time, it was years before I was able to function again, I am not the same person I was before, it changed me.

I am fortunate to live in Canada and yet still I am afraid, I am afraid to be myself.

I am afraid for my future I am afraid I might get attacked or even killed for something as small as walking down the street holding my wife’s hand, or of being passed over for a job because of my sexual orientation.

The entrenched culture of fear and the longing for lesbian representation, good representation in the media is not something you can understand if you are heterosexual. We look to the media for validation & acceptance, but instead we are repeatedly told that we do not deserve happiness.

Our love is portrayed as doomed and tragic.

Lexa gave me hope and she was so violently taken away, I’m not okay.  

Representation matters.