like the best scene in the whole first season

Joe Dempsie is the best non-shipper EVAR!

So new Joe Dempsie interview from a few days ago (it’s awesome, every Dempsie fan should read it) and the part about Gendry and Arya is AMAZING, like the best ever. For a non-shipper, he’s like the shippiest EVAR! I’m just gonna quote those parts, but seriously I recommend reading the whole interview because it’s awesome-sauce.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Joe Dempsie Finally Reveals What Happened To Gendry

Now here are the awesome Arya/Gendry parts…

I kept myself in shape the first three seasons, and then I had a scene I think in Season 2 where I’m fairly inexplicably forging a sword with no top on. I mean, it’s raining. I can’t say that it’s warm. He’s just got his bod out, and David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] knew that I had been hitting the gym in order to get in shape for that. So this time around when I was coming back, they said, “All right, so yeah, you’re coming back and you better hit the gym, dude, and get back in shape.” 

Now that Gendry’s back, what do you think an Arya and Gendry reunion might be like?

[The Stark children have] seen terrible things, and they’ve had experiences that have changed them forever, and there’s bound to be some of that with Gendry seeing Arya again ― if it was to happen.

As well, we don’t know what might have happened to Gendry in intervening periods. His experience with Melisandre, as you’ll see later in this season, is still something that rankles with him, something that he’s maybe not quite able to get over in his mind. These things are all happening at quite formative ages, so I think it’d be great to see them cross paths again. I have no idea what it would be like, but I think they must carry some torch for each other. I think they crossed paths at that time where they were both searching for something, and they kind of found it in each other a little bit. I think Gendry really reminded Arya of her brothers back up in Winterfell, who she was missing greatly. Then Arya trusting Gendry with the information that she was who she was. I’m filling in my own blanks here, but I don’t imagine that Gendry ever felt that he’d been trusted like that before by anybody, and maybe the first time in his life that he was given real purpose ― the purpose being to keep a secret ― but he’s like, “Oh, someone actually trusted me with a task that’s really fucking important,” and the fact that interacting with highborns is something Gendry’s never done before, so it was almost the beginning of opening his eyes, and being conscious that there is much more out there than what he has known his entire life. There is a bond there, and I hope they get to cross paths again at some point.

Yeah, plus she was around for your shirtless scene, so at least the gym was working for you there.

[Laughs] I was disingenuous before when I said it was pointless to have my top off. The idea of that scene, yeah, I mean David and Dan were like, “Look, it’s more about Arya than it is about Gendry. She’s becoming a young woman and is noticing things and feeling things like she hasn’t felt before.” Whether the romantic storyline is one they chose to pursue or not, I have no idea.

I used to get asked about that quite a lot when we were doing Seasons 1 through 3, and it was never something that I ever felt massively comfortable talking about because at the time I was a 25-year-old actor talking about a 14-year-old girl, and I sort of felt like, “Look, I know what you’re saying. I know what you’re getting at, but what do you want me to say about that? ‘Oh, yeah, no, I really hope we hook up?’” So that’s something I’ve given a great amount of thought to, really, and it’s been years. I’ll be interested to see what David and Dan have in store.

Reveling in Richonne

#99: The TLC (7x16)

Every time Rick and Michonne have a scene, or even just a moment together, it’s electric. Like every single time, since the beginning. 💯

They can make such a huge statement with something as small as a gesture. Which leads me to the final Richonne moment of season 7. 😋🎉

So we have this montage of all the happenings after the battle. We see all these different activities and what people are up to and then we get a visual that shows us why Rick is the realest of ones. 👌🏽

Y’all I seriously love that they included this moment in the montage of Michonne resting up and Rick being right by her side holding her hand. 😊

It’s so good and Rick is a man who has his priorities all the way straight!

I loved the way they pan over from Tara and Rosita and then for a moment you just see Michonne lying in the nearby bed and then they reveal what I’ve been saying since the start of these posts which is that Rick and Michonne are legitimately magnets. Cuz sho nuff, Rick is right there with her. 👌🏽

I remember watching this moment the first time and just being like…

Cuz this was such a nice way to close out the Richonne of the season. It’s kind of mind boggling how much camaraderie, chemistry, and just pure love is conveyed in just this one shot. 🙉☺️ Like there’s so much good stuff about this single wordless moment.

Like One; It really does show how R&M are always a priority to each other. Cuz Rick is ASZ leader and it could be easy for him to get occupied with a bunch of different things as all these communities are now looking to him to guide them but I love that none of that is going to stop Rick from being in the most important place for him to be which is by Michonne’s side.

Two; This was also nice just cuz like Rick isn’t necessarily buddies with Tara and Rosita but he’s in this room because he’s going to be there for Michonne regardless. Like here’s the Rick Grimes sitting in this room with these ladies because this is where his woman is so this is where he wants to be as well. 😊 I love that they are always such a unit and package deal. 🙌🏾

Three; It’s precious to know how much Rick wants to take care of Michonne. Like this is such a husband and wife moment and you just knew Rick’s going to be dedicated to making sure her healing process is as smooth as possible lol. 

And it’s especially sweet cuz he’s not just sitting by Michonne’s side, he’s holding her hand and just trying to provide some form of TLC cuz Homeboy always wants to be useful and cuz magnets. Here for it. 😋

Four; I adore the little subtle smiles. 😊  

Like y’all these two are the cutest and they make each other so happy. I love that you can always see the gratitude Rick has for Michonne radiating off him and especially here as he smiles and nods he just seems so happy that she’s okay and that she’s still with him.

Five; This moment really parallels the moment when Rick was by Carl’s side when his eye was shot out. 

And I love that we get to see how committed Rick is to his family and that Michonne really does get the same treatment from Rick cuz he knows she’s his immediate family. 

Like she truly does share the place in his heart where his children are and I love that their love goes that deep.

Six; During this whole montage we hear this voice over with Rick and mainly Maggie speaking and I love that the part of the voice over that’s spoken during this Richonne moment is Maggie saying, “That was the decision that changed everything.” in referencing how Glenn saving Rick really started this whole chain of events. 😭 

It’s super sweet and it’s fitting that this line is said over this image of Richonne cuz this line is also super significant for Rick and Michonne too.

Cuz everything in R&M’s journeys led them to each other. And when they came into each other’s lives everything changed and slowly but surely got better for them.

I love that in a world with so much loss, Rick and Michonne still gained something so invaluable when they found each other. And I love how visibly and authentically they cherish what they’ve found in each other. 😊

As I thought about this relationship, even outside of them being a couple, I realized just how crucial and important the character of Michonne is for the character of Rick in this story.

Cuz before she came into the picture, Rick’s relationships were mainly with people who were more like younger siblings or elders. Like he didn’t exactly have someone who was explicitly a peer that he himself could lean on and look to.

But ever since Michonne came into his life it’s allowed us to see a different more free and human Rick. A Rick that even seems new to himself because of how liberated he can be with her. So she really did change everything for him. 👌🏽

And he changed everything for her when he carried her into that prison rather than just take the formula, cuz he gave her a family and she gave him his true self. 😊

I seriously love how Rick and Michonne really have met their match and their equal and their future and their soul mate.

And this closing image of them just let you know that Rick and Michonne are going to stay side-by-side, even if not always physically then mentally, no matter what and for as long as they live. (Which should be a long time since they’re the ones who live 😋)

Season 7 really did bless us with some Richonne gold. Like the handling and depiction of Richonne remained quality no matter what else was going on cuz they are the GOAT. 🙌🏾

I feel like seeing this last Richonne moment of season 7 really established that we’re only going to see their bond get more unbreakable and their love get even deeper when they returned back onto our screens. 

Cuz they had a lot thrown at them in this season and yet they only continued to get closer and rise above together. That’s the real deal love, y’all.

And I love that we end their first full season of canon with them side-by-side and more together and in love than ever. 😊

One thing that really impressed me is how after every golden Richonne moment I’d always think there’s no way it’ll get better than this, but it did. They top themselves all the time. 💯👌🏽

Like I saw the Kiss of Life and was like this has to be the best it can get and then we’d get the cell scene and then we’d get the cat callback and then we’d get a whole heavenly episode made of Richonne gold and so much in between. Gift. That. Keeps. On. Giving. 🙌🏾

Rick and Michonne’s scenes, from the fence arrival in season 3 all the way to Rick being by her bedside in this room in season 7, are just so good and meaningful and authentic and special…which makes sense cuz Richonne is all those things too. 😊

So all I know is we’re blessed and I have a feeling we have a lot more Richonne gold coming our way. 😌

Naturally, the obvious way to close out my final post of season seven is to reference a rap verse (??🙈😂), but it just really applies lol, so I just have to say; 

Richonne’s the best yet and yet their best is yet to come. 🙌🏾💯😋

Oh yeah and one more thing y'all…

We Made It!! 🎉🎉🎉

Y’all thank you so much for reading all these posts and for spending the last two months of the hiatus with me!

I started this on August 22nd and was determined to be consistent with my posts all the way until October 22nd to get us to the season 8 premiere. And here we are! 

And I’m seriously so grateful for the support and especially for every comment and message. Like to hear people take time out to express that they enjoyed my posts or that my words actually made them smile or laugh 😂 or see Richonne in a new light made me so happy. And in particular to hear that my thoughts on certain moments were actually something that was looked forward to was really encouraging to me. It all sincerely made my day. 😊🙌🏾 So just know…

I started writing out all my thoughts on Richonne not even knowing if I’d share it. I just had to finally put my analysis and novels-worth of thoughts on paper. And then I thought maybe just maybe someone else would enjoy reading them too since I know how much I enjoy other’s Richonne analysis. 

I meant it in my first post when I said if my break downs just make one person smile it would be worthwhile, so to receive so much kindness and support was such a pleasant surprise and really helped me stay consistent with my goal. 

I was nervous at first cuz I was like what if I sound repetitive or make a mistake since people know so much about them already (and I def did make some mistakes (cannon/canon😂 😂 )) and plus I’m the one who was late to the Richonne party but y’all were still so kind so I ended up having a lot of fun doing this and y’all are a big reason why.

As I wrote these posts I just realized more and more what a masterpiece Richonne is. Like they really are something special. 😊💯 Even their deleted scenes are special, y’all…

Originally posted by sugarh16

And it’s so nice that for as many moments as Richonne has, they’re still not done. 🙌🏾Like I managed to find 99 moments to talk about in regards to Richonne (and I didn’t even go into “Clear” and some of their other great standout pre-canon Richonne moments that I missed in the moment due to being in the sunken place (analysis coming soon😉)) And Richonne isn’t even what the show is all about but they’re that good and make the most of each scene to the point where there can be so much to talk about.

And it’s crazy that in a few hours, we will have some new Richonne gold. 🙉 

And y’all I have no idea what to expect for the premiere, like I really don’t know anything going into this season but I have hope that TWD will remind everyone why this is the show we all fell in love with.

Cuz yes there have been some major missteps made in the series, but at the end of the day it’s undeniable that there was something really special about this show and specifically these characters. So while I’m going into this season with realistic and sober expectations I also believe TWD still has some quality stories left to tell and so here’s to hoping it delivers as best it can.

And the cool thing is that no matter what else happens I know that the Richonne moments we’re going to get are going to deliver like always. 👏 Whether it’s just a few moments or a lot, they’re going to be great. 🏽And I’ll be ready to take note of all of it like…

Originally posted by xspongebobmomentsx

I’m so touched that some have expressed wanting to know to my season 8 Richonne thoughts and y’all already know I’m gon’ have some thoughts lol. 😂 So my 100th reveling moment will be the first Richonne moment we get in the 100th episode. 👌🏽

So y’all thank you for letting me recap scenes you already know so well. You know how people say “I could go on forever about this”? Thank you for listening to me actually go on forever about Richonne and talk about them in-depth. 

Also thanks for letting me just be my extra and silly self and for letting me say “magnets” a million times in these posts (lol I mean but R&M really are magnets tho 😋)

We all have a story about when this show became more than a show and when Richonne stole our heart so thank you for letting me share mine.

These posts were started cuz I just wanted to share my journey with falling in love with Richonne’s journey. So thanks for going on this little journey with me.

And thanks for reveling with a sister. 💕😊💕

Season 8 Richonne gold here we come! This should be fun. 😋👌🏽

Joyce Byers

Everyone talked about how Mike and El’s reunion is a tear-jerker scene. And I agree it is indeed a beautiful scene, and it does make me tear up. But what about the scene where everyone trying to reach Will by talking about their old memories?

Joyce Byers started it. She tried to reach her baby boy by talking about his birthday, about his crayons, and about how she was proud of him. And actually that scene is really heart-breaking and tear-jerking. It made me shiver for the rest of the scene and I cried like a baby.

And then Jonathan. And then Mike. Everyone tried to reach Will. Jonathan talked about when their parents argued and he distracted Will with his mixtape. Mike talked about their first meeting as a child and asking Will to be his friend was the best decision he ever made.

You can see the desperation in everyone’s eyes, especially Joyce’s. All of everyone, she is the one who affected the most by what happened to Will and all the event that occured for the whole season. Mike might worried sick about Will, Jonathan might feel like shit for not being able to help his brother, Dustin and Lucas are also worried, but Joyce is the one who deal with it the most. She is desperate to help her son. She spent a lot of money to heal his son mentally. She is worried for what happened to Will, how he started to occured a lot of episodes and an alien make her son’s body as a host and acted like a virus.

She once lost Will, her son, and she will never let anything or anyone come close to her son to ever hurt him again. Remember the scene when she talked with Bob about the possible bullies that frighten Will during his trick or treating trip? She said she will kill them. She will kill anyone that dare enough to hurt Will.

So to me, personally, that scene wrecked me the most. We can see how Joyce desperately looking for her son. How Joyce desperately tried to talk and reach her son. His body is there, but his soul is nowhere close to be found. But she had faith, she always had faith that Will is there. Waiting to be found. During the first or second season, Joyce is always believe that her son is still there to be found. She screamed at Jonathan when he tried to unplug the heater because he thought it will killed Will. She will never let anyone touch it. Because that’s the way to save her son.

I love how Joyce is a loving mother that willing to do anything to save her son, even if that means it hurts and wreck her. But if that means her boys are save, she will do it. No matter what, she will always do it.

do you all have any idea how much i am struggling to pick a favourite season for “delena forever appreciation week” like hear me out

season 1 was amazing because it’s where it all started, it’s when damon without even realizing it fell in love with her. we have their best roadtrip where their friendship begun and where she saved his life, we have damon being there for elena while stefan was a ripper. there’s just so many things in that season that made delena what it is now

in season 2 we got the best redemption storyline, we have damon making a mistake that he had to spent the rest of the season apologizing for, we have the scene where he confessed his love for her and made her selflessly made her forget about it too. we have great sexual tension in some scenes and others that helped further develop and add layers to their friendship/later relationship

in season 3 we have damon always being there for her, we have elena falling in love with damon while not wanting to admit me, we had the most amazing sexual tension season of them all, we finally had a kiss after three years and their friendship/trust levels rose to a limit that we could never imagine it even reaching

season 4 we had damon literally being the only one that accepted her as a vampire while everyone tried to fix her. we have the beginning of their relationship and the struggles and drama that came with it because of the cure and the sire bond. we have the proof of just how far they came despite 95% of their friends and family being against them

season 5, unarguably their most aesthetic season, we had some of their best moments of them both working as a team and also some of their most tender moments as a boyfriend and girlfriend while still having the angst and sexual tension that made delena what delena is now. they defied universe in this season, quite literally, and they still won all the battles they had to win

season 6, okay listen when did they become so cheesy, like the scenes after 6 years of being together. THE S-C-E-N-E-S in this season. him making sure she eats before going to work despite her being a vampire, damon literally proposing, them talking about kids, listen this whole season, after the whole starting drama with damon’s “death” and elena’s memories which those two first episodes were some of the best things i’ve seen on television hands down. but other than that we had such amazing scenes that showed us just how far their relationship came

and after all of this, you are expecting me to pick ONE season? how? literally how? each and every single one of these is so important. each of these seasons made delena what delena is now. the best ship on the planet, a ship that ruined any other ship for me. you aint never seeing me actually hardcore shipping anything else

utopianday  asked:

Casual viewer turned shipper here. So I always thought Cas had a thing for Dean but I never thought Dean would feel the same... Until 8x02. That was the episode that made me REALLY start shipping it/got me into fandom, etc. (that river scene!!) But even after that I've always thought they were probably just gonna leave it open for interpretation... UNTIL 12x12, and it's not because I think the "I love you" made it canon or anything, it just caught me off guard - I never thought one of them would

actually say those words. The whole nature of that scene (Cas saying Dean’s been the best part of his life, declaring his love) proved to me that they COULD actually go there in the future, because my first thoughts after watching that were that if they WERE gonna just leave it open for interpretation, that’s probably the closest they’d ever get.. But there’s still like 2 seasons left! And I don’t see how they can top that off without making it canon TBH. Just thought I’d share!

Originally posted by timewillnottakethelifefromme

Thank you for sharing!

I think a lot of people this season (and particularly after 12x12) thought hey, they might actually do this, I know it made me much more confident that they would follow through with it, because jeez, why would you build it up so much like this all season (and season 11) knowing that you’ve already been accused of queerbaiting and bad storytelling in the past? It’s the opposite of what I would do, I would try to reign it in and totally bro-zone it (though I think that’s basically impossible at this point and would be totally OOC) or actually kill the character off. 

It just makes no sense to have built it up and built it into the narrative as a main plot point for season 11 after it’s been an under riding C plot that affects the A and B plot so much since season 4 if not to follow through and IMO would be career suicide for the writers and showrunners, plus people like Steve Yockey would want to be nowhere near a show that did that…

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I miss Erica Durance as Lois Lane too, she saved the whole Smallville show back in the days, but at least she's in Supergirl now, well in very few scenes... but still. ;-)

I liked Smallville since the first season and then Erica came during season 4 and made the show even better!! 

I just love her performance as Lois Lane and I think it’s one of the best Lois ever!! Just look at her

And I’m so happy to have her in Supergirl, at least for a few episodes and few scenes


*SQUEEEEES* Can’t wait to see the whole scene. :P

Having seen this I kinda like movie!Alec’s more surprised reaction to being singled out as “the hot one” the best, but this is a whole new kinda adorable. I like it. I like it a lot. :P

I like here how Alec is at first shocked, happy, and then he’s all like, “I’m just as surprised as you are.” haha.


My favorite thing about this scene is how clearly Fitz is trying to downplay the date, and - maybe this is more headcanon than meta - but I suspect he’s doing it for a specific reason. He knows Jemma so well, better than she knows herself sometimes, and he knows even before getting to the restaurant how touched she would be by his actions. Jemma, her inclination towards understatement and suppression notwithstanding, is something of a romantic, which Fitz knows well (he’s present at both of the season 1 moments above, in addition to having the experience of almost a decade of their best friendship). So her instinct in this scene is to want the whole thing to fit this sort of idealistic image she has of what their date should be like - and in her head, everything fits except for her

Fitz knows that she’s just barely holding on, and his goal here is not for this to be a perfect first date, but to show Jemma what they have to look forward to. To help her “feel human” again, like she did for him. But he also knows that he’s toeing a delicate line with Jemma’s mental state at the moment, and so he undercuts the romantic aspects of his actions by trying to stop her from pointing them out. He dismisses her attempt to point out the fact that he held a table for six months while he searched for her, and when she doesn’t know how to reciprocate his (arguably intentionally nonchalant) declaration of “what else was I gonna do?” he tells her outright that he’s not expecting anything from her in return. In the best way he knows how, he’s grumping in order to try to make the night about her, and not about his actions. 

(Of course, I also think that Fitz genuinely underestimates how meaningful his actions are, and how much they mean to Jemma - and how disappointed she is in herself for not being able to live up to her own expectations of “the perfect date” on her first night out.)

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Hi, your Starco art is so sweet! And I wanted to start the episodes of Star vs Forces of Evil. Also I watched the first ep. and I really found Starco sooo cute! I wanted to ask you the first season has 19 episodes? Actually, if I be honest I really want to know some informations about the show from you. Can you explain some of them a little bit please? Thank you

A promising recruit, shipping Starco since the first episode. Excellent., and thank you! The first season has 13 episodes (that you can find here in direct download and hd quality). There are actually 22 eleven minutes segments and two full 20 minutes long episodes.
What do you mean with “informations”? Explanation about the setting and the show or opinion/reviews?

If you wanted opinions or a “what am I in for?”:

Possibly slight spoilers for season 1 ahead. Also, I’m writing this during a break so I’ll probably butcher the english language.

The Bad

-SVTFOE is a great show, but not a fantastic show, as I already said the episodes (it’s only my opinion, obviously) range from a 6/10 to a 9/10. There is a lot of wasted potential: there are issues with the jokes timing and some episodes, while still good, look like a 20 minutes episoded crammed in a 11 minutes one, like Mewberty.

-The first 5 episodes, ‘till “Brittney’s Party”, have been animated by Mercury Filmworks. Just when they started to get really good (the first 2-3 episodes had a little bit to much tweening, Disney said “No! Mercury must work on our new Lion King animated series. Find another studio!” and we got Toon City. So starting with episode 6 the animation and drawing style changes a little. It doesn’t actually get that worse (safe for some episodes like Fortune Cookies and Lobster Claws), but the character design gets less consistent, often changing in the same episode from scene to scene:

(not the best example, it’s the first one that came to my mind)

and the whole show becomes less… bouncy, with fewer over the top facial expressions.

- While I liked the season finale a lot, it felt a little bit rushed (I don’t want to spoiler, let’s say that the whole horse-scene would have worked better in the next season). Maybe that’s a good thing though, otherwise the season would have endend on a HUGE cliffhanger, instead of a big one. And waiting would have been even harder.

- Jackie, as other secondary characters, gets too little screen time. The show is VS FORCES OF EVIL, obviously, but a little more high school life could have been noice. They are definetely going to fix this in season 2 though, both Daron and Marco VA said so.

The Good (again, mostly personal opinions)

- The design. I love the visuals of this show, from the awesome character design for almost every character to the backgrounds and the light effects.

- I said how many jokes fall flat, but many do not, and sometimes are hilarious, expecially all the black humor ones.

- I often joke about my “shipping craze”, but I honestly think that Marco and Star relationship is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a cartoon. It’s well developed, they are rubbing they personalities and quirks on eachother in an almost realistic way (as far as cartoons go, obviously). The hug progression theory shows how they are getting closer and closer. Should they really become romantically involved it wouldn’t be an out of the blue from best friends to lovers trope.

- Toffee. He is introduce in the second part of episode 8. He doesn’t appear much until the season finale, but boy do they give importance to every smile, look and movement he does. Top tier villain here (fantastic voice, too).

- The heavier plot. We only have hints, for now, but with Miss Heinous, the strange St. O’s room, Toffee and the wand we are probably getting a lore heavy season 2. It’s not comfirmed, but veeeeery likely.

So, to recap and put it in a few words:
Super comfy -makes-you-happy show with decent to great episodes, awesome design, good while inconsistent animation, stellar voice acting, an overarching plot that’s taking shape and that will surely get explored in the next season, andfantastic chemistry between the protagonists. If you like shipping you are in for a treat, otherwise just enjoy a super cute friendship.
Objectively a 7.5/10, a 9 in my heart. Potential to improve a lot. WATCH IT.

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(i love the dream scene too) but explain why you love it so much and why its the greatest thing? i understand that it implies heavily that he is dereks anchor, and he thinks of him while he was shot, but why else?

Well you just opened Pandora’s Box and since you did so I’m gonna actually make a huge post out of this where I’ll explain why The Dream Scene makes me wanna commit homicide. (I apologize for not putting this under a read more but it’s easier to read it this way)

Firstly, let me tell you where I’m coming from and why it had such a huge impact on me in the first place and how never in my life have I reacted so…bodily? to something? ever? to any series ever? I’m a pathetic piece of shit? 

For the whole of 3b I expected something out of sterek. The potential was huge, angst and tragedy everywhere, Derek was acting accordingly (concerned and trying to find solutions instead of downright killing him), Stiles was in mortal danger, all of a sudden Derek was the king, the stars were aligned for the best scene ever and then-

The loft scene was not what I expected, the derek vs nogitsune didn’t deliver, Aiden died and Stiles and Derek were in the same open space for the first time but I didn’t believe anything would happen anyway and so on. I put my whole faith in the last episode (much like I’m putting it now) because I knew that Derek and Stiles had to have some kind of interaction or some lines exchanged because all the Derek foreshadowing wasn’t for nothing goddammit. But then the episode was nearing the end and nothing happened and I started to panic because it was either nothing or the best sterek scene ever (because honestly last 3 minutes of a season, it had to be something good and important and I almost started losing hope because it would be too big even for sterek). But then LO AND BEHOLD

Full body shots, Stiles and Derek in a locker room with the pretty lights and I just- lost it.

At that point, their scenes weren’t part of the surface plot, didn’t have anything to do directly with their characters, it was all foreshadowing. But now, The Dream Scene was a huge step towards sterek and it cemented important things that had to do directly with Derek’s character.

Now I’ll go technical on this:

  • The Lighting

—-Warm hues (yellow, red, orange, pink) generally allude to happiness, security, lightness, romance, eroticism, you get the point. When combined with sterek, it’s about security, sense of safety, trust, lightness.

—-The fact that it takes place at sunset symbolizes the end of a cycle and the beginning of another, it’s about a positive change in one’s life (ie change of anchor, alliance, trust, sides you name it)

—-The light coming from behind Stiles and the sides means depth and salvation in this case (love interest is on the list too but we’ll get there)

  • Body language and postures

Stiles takes the adviser’s position (I’d love for this to be emissary foreshadowing), arms crossed, Derek has all his attention, he is uncharacteristically serious and still, he believes him and he’s patient with Derek (that ‘Okay. What happened?’ kills me). I’ll go overboard and ask you to notice how his hands are either hidden or he’s fidgeting, so you can’t count his fingers. In any other context this would mean that Stiles is hiding something or lying, but here the real reason is obvious. It’s a dream, the illusion is still there. 

Derek is showing distress, which is not something that he does in front of others. He’s open and vulnerable and he actually talks about his fears. Of course he has no reason to be afraid of Stiles but he’s unguarded, head down, fidgeting, standard Derek thinking position.  

When Stiles sits, it’s in front of Derek. Now let’s compare this to Scott and Peter.

When Scott and Derek have that heartwarming conversation in the locker room (I think it was 4x04), we see Derek taking the role of the adviser and sitting down next to Scott. This means equality, going through the same things, team work, understanding one another, partnership, you catch my drift.

When we see Peter and Derek’s exchange in the locker room, back in 3x08, talking about Paige, Peter is the adviser and he is standing, behind Derek, out of sight, looming over him. This is obviously manipulation, hiding and lying. The following events are a testimony.

Now, Stiles and Derek are mirroring each other which is extremely important. Don’t forget that this is also all in Derek’s head so this means that he is the one that sees things this way. Mirroring happens between very close people, like family, close friends, couples and so on. So clearly, for Derek, Stiles is not only an equal, but also he’s the person that he latched onto (for lack of a better word).

Stiles’ stance is also very interesting, but it’s quite hard to speculate because we don’t see his whole body. I might be over-analyzing this, but hey, let’s have fun with it. Far as I can tell, he’s resting his elbows on his knees, while one of his legs should be between Derek’s legs because their facing each other. So his arms are paralleled and so are his legs, so basically this means wall or isolation.

Stiles is acting like a shield between reality and illusion.

The illusion is shattered when Derek takes Stiles’ hand and counts his fingers. It’s very interesting that he did that in the first place. Hands are very important in tw and they have a lot to do with anchoring (darachmoon made a post about it and you should go read it if you want to fully understand the extent of this scene and the importance of it).

  • Angles

I question my existence when Stiles sits down because who the ever loving fuck filmed that scene like that and thought it was ok to add that to the sterek ”platonic” chart.

My shippers goggles are off I swear, but jfc, this is so intimate. Why is it so zoomed in on their faces??? Is it there to give me heartache??? I think it is. 

No but for real. The angle here is too closed in on Stiles’ face for it to be anything but perceived as romantic. I’m sorry, I kept my mouth shut at the lighting, at the dream meaning (which I’ll cover in a second), at the context, but dude, give a dying girl a break. Then there’s the fact that Stiles is the emotional focus and while, that’s a very good thing, it shouldn’t make any sense here, because this is all from Derek’s pov and he’s not even looking at him. The audience is shown a very concerned and close to Derek’s face Stiles. I’ll take it. And you can pry it from my cold dead hands.

  • Locker room meaning as a dream and for Derek in general

The locker room has always been Derek’s safety place and cooling off place. He also had quite a few realizations here (about Paige and Scott mainly). So to have Stiles there with him, alone, and him being in such a vulnerable state, is an amazing testimony of trust. He was even shown to anchor himself in the locker room before (4x02).

Locker rooms, as far as dream meanings go, represent cooling off places, secure places, change, and surprise surprise, pursue of a love interest. So there’s that.

  • An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge or A Dead Man’a Dream

The very fact that this scene was inspired from somewhere, tells us that it’s important and that we should pay attention to it. The story is basically about a dying man that seeks out his wife and kids but it turns out that it was all a dream and in the end he dies. Who is Derek seeking out in his dream? That’s right. Canon.

  • Kate vs Stiles

Let’s talk about how this put Stiles and Kate at polar opposites. Derek is faced with his living nightmare and seeks out Stiles in his mind.

Bad vs Good.

Reality vs Illusion. 

Sucky real life vs safe dream.

Kate vs Stiles.

It’s also interesting how in this season we have two more instances where the focus is on the two of them.

  • The scene itself

Watch the last 3 minutes or so without the dream scene. Did you get the same information out of it? Of course you did because the dream scene doesn’t give us any information. At best this was an explanation for Kate being alive and she could have been introduced in any other manner, there was no use for the whole sterek let’s be honest. So the very fact that it exists is a huge deal.

So yeah. Say it with me.


"I can take care of him. Let me take care of him."

This entire scene is so heartbreaking for so many reasons, the acting, the news, and how everyone handles it. And I think Mickey surprised everyone by his vehement refusal to let anyone take Ian away from him. I just wanted to explore this a little more. 

TW:  Mentions of Suicide, Bipolar Disease, and brief mention of homophobia.

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anonymous asked:

Serious question. Do you think the 100 is racist? Like I'm so confused and literally don't know what to think because you got people screaming about all the representation on the show and then others screaming not all representation is good representation. And I'm just scrolling through tumblr and twitter and it just seems like everyone is trying to point out a million problematic things about the show and I'm just wondering is that show really that problematic?

ETA: It was pointed out to me that I should link to woc who’ve had good commentary on this issue (I was afraid of putting people on the spot, which is why I didn’t the first time around).  A while ago, gunsandbellamyblake​ had a really good post (and a lot of discussion that followed).  starqued​ has been making a lot of good points the past few days in her tag. @tinykhal (which tumblr won’t let me tag, urrrg), made great posts here and here, and actually, this whole tag.  And @la-petite-fadette (who also cannot be tagged) has this post, and also her whole tag.  There are obviously more people, but these are blogs that have been brought to my attention.

(And, for the record, it’s still possible to acknowledge the show as problematic and racist as fuck but still care about the universe and the characters.  I hate that season 3 is going to be run by these people, but I’m going to watch, goddammit.  And if there isn’t a season 4?  More room for me to fix their mess with fanfic.  (And I’m still bitter about the fucking ROBOT APOCALYPSE.  We could have had a century and multiple generations of mystery and intrigue and despicable planning (the Ark’s blood was genetically engineered and it was a fucking throwaway line), but no.  We had fucking robots.))

Okay, so off the bat I’ve got to be honest with you: I’m a white cis girl, so this battle is not my battle, and there are a lot of people who can say this better than I can, because they live it and I don’t.  But I have taken an English class, so I know how to analyze my shit.  (And i know it’s not the same, but once English class teaches you how to analyze author intention, it’s kind of hard to turn that off.)  So, objectively, yes.  The 100 is racist.

Basically, the crux of it is this: while the show does have a diverse cast, it has also taken every opportunity to belittle, demean, abuse, and kill off complex, engaging POC characters it does have, while propping up and excusing the crimes of the white characters.


  • Wells and Anya were both killed off for the shock value, and Anya, who was already an engaging, multifaceted leader in her own right, was replaced by Lexa
  • Lincoln, Raven, Monty, and Bellamy’s torture.  Aside from the 100, who have been killed off so indiscriminately it’s just mind boggling, have we seen any white characters strapped down to a table or tied up? No, no we haven’t.
  • Raven’s sexualization, and the fact that she’s had two of the four sex scenes on the show, and the fact that her arc this season revolved around stripping her down and torturing her until she fell into a guy’s arms
  • Jaha.  Don’t even get me started on Jaha.  I just–he’s turned into a half-religious figure, half-crackpot, and I don’t know.  I just don’t.
  • Okay, I rarely see this scene mentioned, but the scene in Earth Kills where Murphy pees on Connor makes me uncomfortable on so many levels
  • Murphy has not had any retaliation for his crimes at the end of the first season; he tried to lynch Bellamy, crippled Raven, and murdered two boys for revenge, and the season 2 finale saw him chilling in the lap of luxury, knocking back 100-year-old scotch or whatever; he hasn’t atoned, but he was rewarded for being a terrible person
  • Bellamy didn’t have a character arc during the second season; in fact, they actively demoted him from Clarke’s partner and co-leader to her knight and right hand
  • You know who got Bellamy’s character arc?  Lexa.  Lexa got Bellamy’s character arc.
  • In Mount Weather, whiteboi Jasper got the girl and the lead role, while Monty and Miller (BELLAMY’S LIEUTENANT) were sidelined
  • FINN: They had a chance to make commentary on PTSD, but it fell so fucking flat, because he didn’t get proper resolution AT ALL; yes they killed him, but everybody was making excuses for his behavior the whole episode, and the flashbacks were designed deliberately to make him sympathetic
  • We got a whole episode of mourning for Finn, who Clarke knew for like three weeks? Whereas how much mourning did we get for Wells, Clarke’s best friend? TWO FUCKING SCENES, a season apart (Clarke, and then Jaha at Wells’ grave)
  • Backing up a big, widening our lens from the show to include the writers and jr, they made SO MANY apologies for Lexa’s behavior during the season 2 finale, while Anya made a lot of very similar decisions in the first season but was widely regarded as a villain.
  • Back to Bellamy, Bob’s ethnicity was erased when they cast white actors to play his family, and even his younger self
  • I’m not making fandom commentary right now (again other people can do it better, and besides, it’s a topic for another post), but the artists and gifmakers who wash out Bellamy and Raven and other POC

And on a note unrelated to race, Clarke is the first bisexual lead on any network, but she’s textbook for the Cartwright Curse.  If you expand this from just love interests, then EVERYONE Clarke has loved has been killed, tortured, or has committed such crimes as to be irredeemable.  If we’re supposed to be celebrating Clarke’s sexuality, then why is her love proven to be toxic, why has she been stripped of her support systems and left to wander the Earth on her own?

That’s why we’ve got to take control.  The showrunners obviously don’t care, so it’s up to us to point out this bullshit when we see it.  They may have created the show, but it belongs to us now.

The relationship between Clarke and Lexa was such a slow burn, Lexa had so much respect, admiration and love for Clarke. Lexa was a well written three-dimensional character in a position of power, and a lesbian, unheard of.

For the first time in my life I was excited about a canon lesbian ship, I allowed myself to hope and believe in equal representation.

I now feel foolish that I was excited, that I allowed myself to be excited for episode 3x07.

I replayed the kiss scene and the love scene several times because I was so happy, I was on an emotional high. The whole first half of season 3 had been leading to this moment. The acting, especially by Alycia Debnam Carey was impeccable & raw with emotion. It is one of the best, if not the best lesbian kiss scenes I have ever seen.

Lexa’s death occurring immediately after Clexa consummated their love feels intentionally gut wrenching, it feels like it was purposefully meant to cause trauma & pain. It sends a message that our love is unnatural and that there are violent consequences for our misconduct.

I feel violated, betrayed.

When Lexa was shot I felt actual physical pain in my chest. It was triggering, I am struggling.

When I was 17 my girlfriend died in a car accident, I grieved for a long time, it was years before I was able to function again, I am not the same person I was before, it changed me.

I am fortunate to live in Canada and yet still I am afraid, I am afraid to be myself.

I am afraid for my future I am afraid I might get attacked or even killed for something as small as walking down the street holding my wife’s hand, or of being passed over for a job because of my sexual orientation.

The entrenched culture of fear and the longing for lesbian representation, good representation in the media is not something you can understand if you are heterosexual. We look to the media for validation & acceptance, but instead we are repeatedly told that we do not deserve happiness.

Our love is portrayed as doomed and tragic.

Lexa gave me hope and she was so violently taken away, I’m not okay.  

Representation matters.

cc: @yeoldeshipper (the app keeps closing when I try to submissions, but I wanted your thoughts on this)

So I came across this cute selfie of Peybrina on the set (based on the outfits, its Texas 3 during the “Riley, Maya, Lucas” Cory freakout). And besides Peybrina being cute, I also noticed the back of the classroom bulletin board: “History of Communication”. Like okay, realllll subtle Michael Jacobs, I see you there. Very obviously intentional. So I went back to look at when it first appears. It’s not in Season 1. And it doesn’t show up in Season 2 until Girl Meets the New Teacher (there’s a different bulletin board before this episode). Most of that episode takes place in the English classroom, except for the end scene in the history classroom, and that’s where we first see this bulletin board. But what scene takes place directly before the history class? The whole ‘Archie metaphor’ bay window scene (”Well this dark haired girl and this blonde girl both like the same boy and they all stay best friends. Could that really happen?” “Nahh”Okay…”). This is basically the first time the impending Rucaya triangle is mentioned by the show (even if metaphorically). And what comes after New Teacher? Belief (technically in production order) or Yearbook (in air date order). Two episodes not just strongly hinting at Rucaya stuff, but human communication in general (working with each other on projects, Maya keeping the brother secret, etc). So I’m feeling pretty confident the timing of the bulletin board is super significant.

Anyway, as of Texas 3, it’s still up there. I’m guessing it’ll be up there through the end of the season (until Rucaya resolution in Legacy).

Just wanted to point out the most likely intentional timing of this to show that TV is not accidental. Wardrobe, set, etc. can have meaning (obviously sometimes a shirt is just a shirt).


This should not be just promo photos for season 3. This must be deleted scene! 

But they probable should meet in restaurant with Mary first, as we have seen. So what is this act? This is before their first meeting either, or after. This looks like John dreaming about Sherlock, or Sherlock observing John. 

The last picture is John  surprised his own imagination, or John in shock, when see his dead best friend. 

Why they cut this? Why only promo photos? Maybe it was too GAY for this season. That’s the reason indeed, why we’ve seen only one deleted scene from whole season 3 (Magnussen). Because everything else we will see extra in future bonuses. Probably after season four or five :DDD