like the 80s


i could do this all day. | bucky version.

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!! The entire RE series is on sale on Steam this week, dlcs and all. Some of them (like RE6) are 80% off so it's a pretty great opportunity for fans.

Thanks for letting me know, anon! Anyone who maybe wants to get into the series more after RE7, or if you just want the games or dlc on steam, this is a good chance to get the games! 

im shitting i just looked up maladaptive daydreaming and that is def me like. 80% of my day is spent daydreaming and if i cant do it my mental state severely deteriorates

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I never sexualized jake english. His pre scratch iteration however...

if you wanna fuck grandpa harley thats on you man,,, hes a consenting adult. i just cant see why youd want to hes like 80

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Happy birthday my friend! I'm too shy to go off anon even if we're mutuals, hah; also you're getting Voltron '84 for your bday, that's a pretty cool gift, probably lots of fun incoming

Thank you! I’m a shy bean myself, can relate

And like 80s Voltron is so bad and cringy I honestly don’t know if I should be happy abt this
but the episodes are staff picks so I’ll have to pull through ;;

hello i’m george and this is the internet. i like 80s radio stations and wicked songs about chocolate. if a tune aint cool then i probably love it, probably remixed it in my room w/ my a melting bar of snickers in my hand cos all them neon signs i nicked from our label make it pretty hot in there. you should see my electric bill, sheesh.

use the word ‘nice’ a lot, not sick of it yet.
@wutangdans x

I’m teaching at this tiny school with like 80 students and one 13yo girl I’m teaching is a jimin stan and she constantly talks about him it’s adorable.

She was talking about Jimin’s height to someone and said “he’s 173cm!” and when I said “point 6!” she gaped at me, mouth wide open, eyes bulging.

“miss? You…. know jimin?


Someone on my local women’s group fb page tried posting that noise about how we should respect Taumo Lorene now (for her stated pro-choice views), and none of the other group members were having it. I didn’t see the thread until it was like 80 comments deep, but when I did, I was very proud.

no one is buying this! Please go away forever.

back with another redraw featuring amethyst!!! i love her

and yes its supposed to be fuzzy dont worry i fuzzed it up for ~aesthetic~


• snsd lost a member and hasnt promoted in a year
• f(x) lost a member and hasnt promoted in a year
• miss a lost a member and is basically dead
• after school is basically dead
• secret is basically dead
• 9muses is basically dead
• 4minute disbanded
• kara disbanded
• rainbow disbanded
• 2ne1 disbanded

RIP 2nd/3rd gen girl groups :(

  • Me, an emotionally unstable teenager who's never been in love, almost never gets crushes, and has the bare minimum of a romantic history: Time to write some romance, bitches