like thats not suspicious at all

i knows its kind of a nitpick but im still mad that peridot was so naive and gullible last episode like shes not….stupid…she spent an entire episode convinced the ruby squad had come to shatter her…if anything shes one of the gems who should be most suspicious about ruby. i mean, it took her an awfully long time to get used to earth, too! and unlike lapis (much as i loved her this ep), we actually SAW that development on screen for the most part!

maybe its just because i still have a strong attachment to peridot despite all theyve done to her character, but i really dont think shed act anything like that, esp if shes close with lapis and noticed she was feeling down?

it just feels like theyre writing peridot as a complete idiot when thats just not her.

#Betcha didn’t see that coming  #Let’s pretend I’m extra confident about this

#NO #NOPE #what is this shit #i don’t like this #where’s jim #petition to bring him back from the dead

#shit shit shit shit shit  #how did she know  #what gave me away  #was it the green carnations in the wedding #or the bridemaids in lilac #perhaps this was a bold choice indeed #no we ‘re not together mary you have to believe me  #he only touched my knee once when we were drunk  #nothing suspicious i swear #he’s not with me #jawn help #and i thought i was hiding it so well  #plz don’t kill me 

#srsly now #is this happening #I can’t believe it #I ain’t got no time for this  #Sherlock plz concentrate I’m about to shoot you  #your gayness is unfathomable #IS JOHN IN THE BLOODY BUILDING

#oh #lol right #not my fault your question was ambiguous #straight bro John is downstairs

#well he answered in the second try  #I guess I must give him that  #I was expecting worse  #given

My actual reading of this scene

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It doesnt matter if she wants to do it or not, what matters is that she is already harming their reputation because dumb people are believing it and spreading it even more. Sites will report about it if this keeps going and thats also bad enough. Report with the tweets before this can blow up. Its better to be safe than sorry (that you didnt report before and let her get that far. Also, i dont think she deserves 'something called fairness' Is what she's doing fair? no. but Reporting silently is)

Like I said be always suspicious!! I personally still dont trust this rumor so be carefull!!
U can report all the tweets that I mentionned bc its real proof (tbh im sure u will find more lmao). But yeah I’m a very fair person, and even if Selja did horrible things, since its a really serious topic + serious accusation I still want to be fair.

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meKO... i just realized how accurately jimin's solo song represents him. like besides it being abt lying and him being the devil, even like the feel of the music nd how it's all mysterious and suspicious at first, then it building up to be super dramatic... thats so him...

yes bihh , his lil libra ass is so extra but fr, di song really is just so…pretty like him. like the song FEELS like him you know??? like di hook is just so tempting ya know? like how jimin b on stage, eyes lows, hair pushed back, but then di chorus is like his passion bihh, like y'all kno jimin fr is one of the hardest workers in bts n u can tell he just genuinely loves being able to dance and loves his job. n di ending of di chorus, it gets softer again n it reminds me of how he is as a person you know??? cause at di end of di day, despite however he look on stage or whatever, he’s fr soft and but desperate. n u can feel all of that in his song like bihh i’m in teArs


Albus hadn’t seen Kieren in a few days, was he avoiding him?  Yes, a little. He wasn’t going out of his way to not see him and just happened that they never bumped into each other. After what Marissa had told him he wanted to lay low and act like what she, and other students, knows wasn’t true. But today he was going to talk to the younger boy to see if he knew what was going around school, Albus didn’t want to just find him in the dining hall and ask him to meet, that would look to suspicious, so, he wrote him a note and left it for him to find. All it asked was that he meet him in the astronomy tower after dinner, he didn’t even leave his initials, scared someone else might find it. But thats where Albus Severus was now, patiently waiting and of course, working on his school at the same time.

everyone is freaking out about mcr maybe getting back together but their last song was called fake your death like thats not suspicious at all


Katrina Crane in 2x12: Paradise Lost

  • fans: are zayn and louis dating???
  • louis: lol nah
  • zayn: lol nah
  • fans: are nick and harry dating??
  • harry: lol nah
  • nick: ;) ;)
  • fans: are liam and zayn dating??
  • zayn & liam: lol i wish ;) ;)
  • fans: are louis and harry dating??
  • harry: ...
  • louis: ...

so i found this shinee gif and i had to do some in depth analysis 

  1. some bitch who was talking shit about taemin just walked in
  2. taemin was probably talking shit first about them and they talked shit back except worse so he ran and told his friends about it and now they’re preparing for battle
  3. jonghyun is taemin’s bff who goes from 0-100 any time taemin says anything at all like that weird thomas the tank engine video when suddenly thomas is running and the music is so loud it gets distorted and im off track but anyway jonghyun doesn’t care if taemin started it or not he’s ready to knock heads and pull out hair bows at the earliest opportunity
  4. minho is the level headed one who knows taemin started this shit and he’s not pleased but he’s part of the squad ok thats what squads do and he’s still ready to fight but first he’s gonna pull his suspicious shady disappointed face to try and shame them first
  5. onew has seen jonghyun do this a million times so he’s just preparing to referee and muttering that if there’s any eyeball gouging jonghyun is disqualified
  6. key just lives for the drama and is ready for the show, probably gonna pull out 3D glasses any minute
Pregnant || Nash Grier ||

     Nash was late, I mean he was always late but It was later than usual this time and I was starting to get suspicious. I had told Nash over and over and reminding him about this date and making sure he would make it. But it seemed like it didnt matter to him, I guess I was in denial and was trying not to think of what he might be doing.

     But it was getting late and I was tired of waiting on him, I looked at my phone 3 hours late. I wasnt surprised but I didn’t want to believe it all at the same time. My emotions were so fucked up and I knew exactly why and thats why I wanted to have a date with him tonight. Im pregnant.

     Ive been waiting for the right time to tell him, but now I feel like I had waited to long. I was only 6 weeks along, I had known for only a week now but I was scared of what he would think of the whole situation. With his growing fame and all it wouldnt look to good that he had knocked me up, but I wasnt just thinking about him I mean what would this do to my life? I wanted to continue with school and I loved parting it was one of my favorite things and I would have to give it all up. 

     All these thoughts were going through my head and I was starting to get emotional and tears started to form in my eyes and roll down my face. While being one of the best things to ever happen to me it was also one of the worst things.

     With all of my thoughts spinning through my head and the mixture of me crying I didnt hear Nash come home. “Shit baby are you okay?” He asked me I looked up and saw him kneeling in front of me “Are you okay?” He asked me confused I shook my head and Nash grabbed me and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, his hand was stroking my hair while the other was holding onto my hip “Whats wrong?” He asked me “Im pregnant” I said through sobs.

     He pulled back and looked me in the eye “Are you sure? Did you take a test?” He asked me, he looked frantic and scared which only scared me more I started to cry harder. “Yes I took a fucking test.” I said starting to panic, I couldnt handle all of this It was to much for me emotionally.

     "Okay baby its okay, its okay.“ Nash said trying to speak in a soothing tone but he was panicking and I could tell he pulled me into another hug and tried to think of anything else but the current situation but it was kind of hard. 

     Once I started to calm down I was alright, "Shit Nash what are we going to do.” I said wiping the tears off of my face “Well were going to have this baby, no matter what ill always be here for you and this baby.” He said with a smile but he was nervous “Your so nervous Nash I dont know mabey I should move back home and you stay here and work.” I suggested “No your staying here, I need you to stay here I want to experience all of this.” He said making a gesture to my stomach.

     "Okay good I was hoping you would say that. But we can deal with all of this tomorrow im going to bed.“ I said to Nash with a smile.


A pregnant Nash imagine was requested alot, so here you go. Let me know if you want me to do a part 2 but if I dont hear any feedback I wont do anything with it.


Gotta tag thephilosopherconcubine and makarafamilyfetish for this one!

Okay so like after tonights upd8 everyone got all suspicious and whatnot because of how everyone was behaving. Terezi was much more submissive and uncertain about everything, Karkat completely zoned out and didn’t say a damn thing for FAR longer than he normally would, was acting way too compliant about everything, Dave (while he usually doesn’t care about much thats going on) just seemed a bit…off to me as well. And Vriska… Vriska seemed to also be a bit…off. She said things that aren’t normally things she would say or how she would say them. While she seemed to be more or less in character the whole time she was very…off! Like, it’s hard to explain but everyone was really different and way too compliant and literally just went along with everything Vriska said. No one had any objections to her being leader, no one questioned anything she did except Terezi but even then it was unsure and she quickly withdrew after a very short easy convincing from Vriska. This is making everyone very suspicious including me! Now I love Vriska, she’s my daughter, my precious 88y, but still I gotta admit somethings not right. Some people I’ve seen have mentioned the Gamzee thing, how the mentioning of him seemed to make Terezi uneasy and how every time he “honked” it was at just the right moment. Like right after he is mentioned he honks to show that he is in fact there. I’ve heard mentioned that some are believing that all this ooc stuff thats concerning people is actually a product of mind control. Not vriska’s completely obvious mind manipulation but that she’s using Gamzee’s chucklevoodoos to make everyone this way and make it so she has control over everything thats happening and gets to be the hero.  But that would involve Vriska doing something to Gamzee would it not? This got me thinking, none of this makes sense at all. Then i remembered a post i saw a while ago about the Vriskagram upd8. They mentioned how in the upd8 every ancestor was present (count em)…….


EXCEPT FOR ARANEA! This got me thinking, “huh, I wonder where aranea is. Why wasn’t she there? Shouldn’t she be there if this is happening before all the shit that happened?????” And then I realized, Vriska is a powerful player what with her mind manipulation, but we all know that Vriskas powers can only go so far. She even said it herself! And back when she was dead and raising her pirate crew and doing the treasure map bullshit with Aranea and Meenah she said that Aranea was actually the one controlling everyone and Vriska only helped out a little (or rather she confessed this later to meenah while she got her hair did XD), Vriska can only control certain easily swayed individuals. Though its possible she got better over three years its not very likely considering Aranea only got as good as she is (which is amazing) after BILLIONS of sweeps! That being said its highly unlikely that Vriska is controlling Gamzee, someone she isn’t shown to be able to control in the past, to control everyone else on the meteor. But you know who can?


Aranea has shown on numerous occasions to be able to control ANYONE and do just about anything! And not only that, y’all remember when she had Gamzee completely controlled? Only during that time did Gamzee constantly and exclusively respond in honks. Exactly what he’s doing now. And let’s get back to Vriskas personality being slightly off, intact lets go AAAAAAAAALL the way back to Vriskagram. In the pictures shown she was being happy and friendly and getting along with everyone and everything was great for everyone! When I saw that I was overjoyed at seeing my precious 88y all happy and enjoying being a teenager and having friends! But! Was that really Vriska? I mean, I know before she got clocked by John she had already started making decisions to better herself and not be such a bitch all the time and kill people, but she went through a SERIOUSLY dramatic change! Idk, maybe it was just her maturing and getting better like she said, I mean Vriska is typically the type to keep her word, but it just seems so sudden and dramatic. Not to mention the one panel where she third-wheels Kanaya and Rose looking over a book on quadrants.

 Imo i wouldn’t peg Vriska to be THAT interested in a book on quadrants. You could say she just wanted to hang with Kanya and Rose and be friends but it look like all her attention was on the book. Pretty Aranea if you ask me. Then during the meeting in tonights upd8 Vriska seemed to be…idk…trying not to be ooc. You know? Like she was trying to act like Vriska without going overboard on it. She seemed to slip a couple times if you ask me then hurriedly come back from it.


 Infact,the way she talked and the way she dealt with Terezi seemed a lot like the way Aranea would deal with it. Like, underhandedly manipulative, not trying to be overbearing and cause people to go against her, by being nice and passive-agressively “agreeing” so that other will agree with her.

 It just seemed slightly more Aranea than Vriska to me and that got me thinking, 

What if the Vriska in these past upd8s wasn’t Vriska? Remember, Aranea wasn’t shown at all with the rest of the dancestors, there’s no reason she shouldn’t be. So what if, Aranea somehow hijacked this session, posing as Vriska to fulfill this “plan” of hers that literally NO ONE knows the details about?

happy birthday don’t die

“You know, Armin, there’s a lot of people here.”

Armin glanced at Eren from under his eyelashes, a suspicious frown creasing his face. “…yes, there are,” he said eventually. “Why?”

Eren cleared his throat. “Well, it seems like as good a time as any.” He stood up, climbing onto his chair and tapping a fork against his glass.

Armin blinked, then his eyes widened in horror. “Eren Jaeger, don’t you dare-”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUU!” Eren bawled, silencing the chatter around the room. At the other end of the table, Jean’s head snapped up, and he grinned, clambering right onto the table and joining in.


By now, half the room was staring, and the other half was singing along. Armin slid so far down in his chair he was half under the table. “I hate you all,” he muttered, feeling his face burn bright red.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ARMINNNNNNN,” someone yelled directly into his ear, and Armin yelped indignantly as someone dragged him out by the elbows, and then someone else was lifting him onto their shoulders and then holy SHIT since when were jean and eren so tall jesus christ that’s it everyone in this room is so dead OH MY GOD 


“I hate you all,” Armin squawked above the cheers. 

“No you don’t,” Jean said cheerfully. He and Eren appeared to be taking him on some sort of victory lap around the room, and Armin squeaked as his head narrowly missed a lampshade.

“Please don’t drop me,” he said, and even though he was currently balanced on top on his shoulders, he could tell Eren was rolling his eyes. 

It wasn’t the first Alexander had to sneak out of his house to meet her. His father started to get suspicious though, it started to dangerous. As his mind still foggy with thoughts and while he went fast down the fire escapes stairs he couldn’t help but worry, what if his father would find out or what if he catches them together? In all honesty all Alex wanted to do was yell the world that she’s his, that his sunshine source is now so bright at the clouded skies called his life. With her he was happy, he had the courage to disobey her father so with such eagerness when he got to the one place he knew he would find her, his sea blue eyes searched for her beautiful doe eyes, hoping that he would find her. clarabrighton-x

So many people keep saying that Zayn’s behaviour lately has been questionable.  WHAT?

Have y’all forgotten that Louis got some girl THAT HE’S ONLY KNOWN FOR A MINUTE pregnant? 

Of course this whole pregnancy story is suspicious as hell and more than likely a stupid stunt, but why isn’t Louis viewed as behaving questionable and reckless?  Why is only Zayn’s actions scrutinized so harshly?

Is it because Louis gave a faux-excited utterance on live TV that he is happy about the “baby” so that means that he is taking responsibility, therefore a better human-being than Zayn?? PLEASE!

Why is this sudden pregnancy a possible stunt but Zayn’s twitter foolishness is 100 % legit?

In REAL life, if some guy you knew just suddenly breaks up with his long-time girlfriend, starts going out clubbing and smoking,  sleeps with some random ass girl, didn’t use protection (in this diseased-filled day-and-age) and knocked her up, y’all would be like

i had a dream i was having a house party and it was fuckibg wild but then all of the sudden one cop came so we all like bum rushed him and ran the fuck away including me. i was running and then this girl from the party cane up to me and was like hey follow me i know where we can hide. and apparentlt were in like texas or something and we find ourselves in this strip mall and go into a dirty ass dennys [bc like dennys is open up all night or smth] so were just chilling there for a few minutes and then shes like fuck we need to change our clothes so wrre not suspicious. so we walk out and thrres like cops driving all over the place looking for the party people. we sneak across to an adult video store?? she sneaks in thru the back and im about to but a cop glances at me so i bolt the fuck outta there and run back to the dennys and hide behind like. a recliner thats there for some reason. after like an hour i walk out and walk into this town and things get a little deja vu here. it becomes a video game and i have a gun and some magic power where i shoot fireballs or smth. theres a few places in the town where if i get too close some enemies will attack me. anyway i make it to a beach and hide behind a tree and the tree has a face. i start talking to him about something and a cop shows up and i start asking where the fuck i am and shit. anyway im done talking to him and i see this small lady on thr beach walking to this big house which is like the police hq or mayors house or smth. i walk up to her and like shes complaining abt her husband and like a choice of dialogues to say come up like in a video game. except all the negative ones have bad spelling and grammar? and also all the bad ones revolve around me selling crack to her and having her dump her husband whos also the mayor. so i choose one of those and suddenly a couple years later were back at the front of the house holding hands but shes ugly as shit bc of the drugs. we walk up like 8 flights of stairs and i start hearing a conversation and it sounds like the girl that originally helped me escape is here and she like. hookdd up with thr mayor. so all of the sudden it fast forwards like 7 years later. im a well known to the town community and people think im cool. except one day the police of the town find out that i was the person who threw that wild house party and escaped and theyre searching for me so i start hiding in this place but i notice some snacks are stored here and a friend i made here hides next to me because the cops are after him as well. we promise not to rat each other out if the other gets caught. i realize i can catch a train out of here the next day at like 2 o clock and not get caught and then i woke up

Okay so in stakes, when Marcy is poisoned, pb is havin a chat with pep and they’re both like ‘yeah I don’t like video games’


in broke his crown when Marcy is like 'I like video games’ pb says 'we’ll have to play sometime’

Highly suspicious is all I’m saying

okay but let me explain why I voted for mop

my choice was either rick or mop, rick seems like a nice guy. “trusted leadership”. we can trust him. 

“lets connect on social media” this girl has never contacted me before i have no time for these lies

uhmmmmm look his text is so long, he seems fishy. this is too good to be true, it isnt said that he’s trust worthy, he seems really suspicious i cant trust someone like him, what kind of name is wretched tooth, hes going to wretch our economy and burn our crops once he’s president and on top of that will probably ban humans or something i cant trust him

NOW THATS WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. mop has nothing to offer. mop is honest, mop is still happy, he’s ambitious, running for president even though he has nothing. mop seems like the kind of person who’d make shitposts, he does not make hollow promises, because he doesnt make any promises at all. he is still nice and caring, thanking is for stopping by. has anyone else done that? no. and he even put TWO exclamation points. he’s obviously excited for his regency and so am i


Im actually suprised at how many people are suprised about the way Sasuke acted towards Sarada.

First of all
He was just attacked by a fake Uchiha, whoever made that Uchiha couldve made someone to look more similar to an Uchiha aswell

He would assume that Sarada is safe within the village and not off on her own (it probably wouldve been better if she didnt sneak off from Naruto)

If Sarada doesnt remember Sasuke why would Sasuke know what she looks like. Its been years since hes seen her and its not like you look at a baby then see them 12 years later and think oh yeah thats that baby

He probably didnt assume that Sarada would have her Sharingan by now, so seeing it wouldve made him more suspicious

And we all know Sarada didnt wear glasses when she was younger, so maybe he doesnt know that she needs glasses?

i was also thinking that maybe Sakura does have contact with Sasuke but she doesnt tell Sasuke anything abot Sarada because she doesnt want him to worry and screw up his mission by returning home

Afterreading Naruto for so long ive learned to not jump to conclusions. Things are never what they seem and i could think of 1000 possibilities but not one of those would ever be the outcome.

So relax and have some faith in Sasuke. We know he loves family more than anything else. If Masashi wrote otherwise then he would ruin the 15 years worth of character he creaed for Sasukes whole being.