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Kaz talks a lot about kaz rietveld being dead and gone forever but I really don't think that's 100% true. D'you think kaz could ever get close to being who he was and dropping dirtyhands any more than he has already by ck? And what d'you think that'd be like for him now, and for the others?

i love this ask. 

okay first off kaz has an R tattooed in homage to his family, so do i think that part of him is dead and gone? definitely not and i think deep down he doesn’t actually want that part of him lost. but i think kaz rietveld represents innocence more than anything, he grew up way before he had to, so in that sense i don’t think he’ll ever be close to who he was. he’ll forever be older, stronger, wiser. kaz rietveld died at nine years old…..he can’t get his childhood back. 

i don’t see him ever fully dropping dirty hands, but i do think he has more development in his future because throughout ck he was truly seeing what was most important in life. i think there are more layers of armor he’d be willing to discard for his friends, but it’ll be a painfully slow process. the others already trust kaz to get things done, but i like to think they’d start to trust kaz, you know? listen i just want them to be a happy family so i’m always going to be optimistic about that :)

dear dad,
I remember being a little girl and laughing at your silly jokes, your weird faces, and your pranks.
I remember how much fun it was having you around.
But dad,
I can’t remember a single moment where we had a meaningful conversation, a sentimental moment, or a bond at all.
I remember the times of your addiction and the anger, the stumbling, the slurred words.
I remember the times you were sober when all you did was go to work and come back home just to isolate yourself in your room.
I remember countless times asking you to teach me how to play guitar so that we could spend time together,
but always hearing, “i’m tired” or “im busy.”
I remember always having you around,
But i don’t remember ever really having a father.
And now, Dad,
I know why i hide behind humor and I close myself off from boys.
Now i know why i don’t like affection or getting close to people.
It’s easier. Thats what you’ve shown me.
Dad, I’ve always wanted nothing more than a close relationship with you.
I always looked up to you, and I’ve always thought you were the best.
But all you showed me was that you didn’t care.
And thats the only form of love I’m familiar with.
The kind that doesn’t feel like love at all.
—  dear dad
A New Years Eve to Remember

Shawn Mendes x reader



“Oh is that champagne?” I ask my boyfriend of three and a half years just as he is lifting the glass to his lips. His eyebrows raise in surprise as as you take the glass from his hand. You smile, take a sip, and give him a wink. He takes the glass back from you, gives it a swirl, and takes a sip himself. 

He then places a kiss on your temple before reaching to the table behind him and picking up a glass and says, “If you really want champagne, you can have this one.” Shawn hands you a glass while taking a sip of his own. His lips linger on the glass as he tries to hide his smile. 

You bring the glass up to  your lips and at the last second you notice the faint grey color of the liquid with black specs floating in it. “Shawn!” You exclaim.

“Yeah (y/n)?” He asks innocently.

“Did you give me the fucking Champagne that is filled with Geoff’s spit and pepper?” You ask.

“What if I did?” Shawn asks, “You should try it, its honestly not that bad.” He tries to force it toward you.

“Shawn no!” You laugh, “I swear to God Shawn if you put that shit in my mouth I swear to God we are breaking up for a week.” 

Oh yeah, you and Shawn are currently at the LA New Years Rockin Eve Pre-Recording show. You have done this before, twice actually. You tell him you are going to ‘break up’, but really you are still together. You just treat him as if he is isn’t your boyfriend so no kisses, no cuddles, and especially no sex. 

“Shawn don’t!” You yell while he continues to forcefully, but playfully, shove the drink your throat. He catches you mid laughing pours some of the drink into your mouth. 

“That’s it Mendes, we’re done!” You laugh. 

“Come on baby, you love me.” Shawn says as he gently places his hand only your lower back. 

You quickly remove his hand and say, “I don’t let men I’m not dating touch me.”

He pouts and says, “Just tell me you love me.”

“I love my best friend Shawn.” You smile and take a sip of Shawn’s glass of champagne. 

“Do you love your boyfriend Shawn?” He asks partially serious. 

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” You whisper and then you walk away with a wink and  Shawn’s drink. 

The next night is the real New Years Eve and to be honest it has only been 24 hours and you are already missing Shawn’s lips among other things of course, but you find yourselves at a party Cam Dallas was throwing. Usually you simply stay home and cuddle on the couch with a bottle of champagne, but you felt obligated to show up at Cam’s house. 

“You look gorgeous.” Shawn whispers in your ear as you enter through the door of the party.

“Thank you, friend.” You smile. “Damn I need a drink!”

“SHAWN!” Cameron yells the second you two arrive inside. Shawn immediately gets swept away with old friends and you find Madison Beer to chat with. 

“So you two are technically not together?” Mads asks. 

“Well… I guess not. Obviously Shawn and I are still together, this is just my way of punishing him for pouring that shit down my throat” you laugh. 

“So who are you going to kiss at midnight?” Mads asks. 

“Oh Shawn of course, I’m just going to drag it out a little bit.” You say.

“You sly bitch.” She laughs, “Well, I’ve gotta find my man.”

“Oh shit three minutes to midnight.” You say. You search the crowd for Shawn. You find him in the kitchen leaning against the counter talking to Jack Johnson.

“Hi.” You whisper.

“Uh, I’m gonna go man.” Jack says.

“Sure we’ll be in in a minute.” Shawn says. 

“So…” Shawn begins pulling you close, “Do I get to kiss my beautiful girl at midnight?” 

“I don’t usually kiss random men,” You begin, “But, I think I can make an exception tonight.”

“I think we better get with everyone else for the countdown.” Shawn says. 

“Mhmm why can’t we just stay here for a minute and…” You lean in and you can assume Shawn gets what you mean. You are centimeters from touching when you here everyone counting down. 

You quickly run into the other room with everyone else when Shawn grabs a couple glasses of champagne. 

“11, 10, 9!” You all cheer. Shawn joins you and hands you a glass of champagne. 

“8, 7, 6, 5!” Shawn wraps his arm around your lower back and pulls you in close. 

“4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone cheers and takes a sip of their drink. You then look at Shawn with a smile. He leans down and kisses you. First kiss of 2017!

“Come out on the balcony with me.” Shawn whispers to you as he takes your hand. You follow him out to the balcony. It has beautiful string lights wrapped around the railings. 

“Whats your New Year Resolution?” Shawn asks as you take a sip of your Champagne. 

“I want to strengthen the relationships I already have and make new ones so I can say the same thing about them next year.” You smile. 

“Thats sweet.” Shawn kisses your cheeks. “Almost as sweet as you!” He says as he continues to rapidly peck your cheek. 

“Whats yours?” You ask him. 

“Funny you say that because I think I’m gonna complete mine.” He says.

“What do you mean?” You ask. Shawn takes both of your hands. 

“Mine is kind of like yours but focused on one person.” Shawn smiles, “I want to further our relationship. I love you more than you could ever imagine (Y/N) and I think about my future a lot and honestly, I can’t think about my future without seeing you. So… my resolution this year is ask the woman I love to marry me and I know we are young but I think we are more than ready.”


“So (Y/N)?” Shawn says as he gets down on one knee. At this point there are about 20 people looking at you both through the window. “Will you marry me?”

You can’t even believe that this is happening right now. You in no way expected this. “Yes, Yes!” You say with tears streaming down your cheeks. He places the ring on your finger and you bring him into a kiss immediately. You can’t even believe you are going to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. 2017 is going to be an amazing year!

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I'm tiny and I sound like a child but it's okay because I'm cute and my girlfriends love me! Does Emily ever use you as an arm rest or is she not that much taller than you?

em isnt /that/ much taller than me but she still calls me a titch ! she does sometimes but thats only cus i slouch when i sit (i much prefer sitting on her lap though !!!)

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Well statistically there are more women than men so you're more likely to know more women and hence know more shitty women And the girl power movement is about a lot of things. Not always women helping women. Some women are shitty ans they wont help and shouldn't be helped. Also i cant understand why you have to identify with a character in order to like them. Are you the same with real people? Cause id imagine that limits the people you could possibly ever like and thats concerning.

In Canada there are 0.4% more women than men.  An almost negligible difference.  By that logic I should meet 0.4% more shitty women than men.  That is untrue.

The girl power movement as I understand it is about lifting other women up and helping them break barriers.  I have not encountered a lot of that in my life.

Because I write fanfiction.  I can’t write fanfiction about a character I don’t understand.  I can’t write fanfiction about being a sexy temptress whose girlfriends will help her achieve her goals because that is just about the opposite of my life.  I can’t understand that and can’t identify with it.

That sounds like a question in which you are attempting to corner me, but it is incorrect.  If I didn’t like the people I worked with day-to-day I would quit my job and find a new one where I felt the team was better.  One of the few reasons I haven’t quit my job is because I like the people who work there.

Iron Man Sentence Meme
  • "Good god, you're a woman. I honestly....I couldn't have called that."
  • "I'd be out of a job with peace."
  • "As liaison to Stark Industries, I've had the unique privilege of serving with a real patriot."
  • "Did they rope you into this?"
  • "I don't blow on a man's dice."
  • "What do you say to your other nickname? The Merchant of Death?"
  • "It's an imperfect world but it's the only one we've got."
  • "Doesn't it kind of defeat the whole purpose of having your own plane if it departs before you arrive?"
  • "I'm allowed to have plans on my birthday."
  • "You don't respect yourself so I know you don't respect me."
  • "You are constitutionally incapable of being responsible."
  • "You're more than what you are."
  • "Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?"
  • "They say the best weapon is one you never have to fire. I disagree."
  • "This is the 'fun-vee'. The 'hum-drum-vee' is back there."
  • "What I did is to save your life."
  • "Those are my guns. How did they get my guns?"
  • "What you just saw, that is your legacy."
  • "They call themselves the Ten Rings."
  • "You're a man who has everything and nothing."
  • "Don't waste it. Don't waste your life."
  • "Your eyes are red. A few tears for your long lost boss?"
  • "I'm with the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division."
  • "I came to realize that I have more to offer this world than just making things blow up."
  • "Did I just paint a target on the back of my head?"
  • "I just don't want a body count to be our only legacy."
  • "What we do keeps the world from falling into chaos."
  • "Could you have a lousier poker face?"
  • "Is that the thing that's keeping you alive?"
  • "I don't think I'm qualified to do this."
  • "You're the most capable, qualified, trustworthy person I've ever met."
  • "Don't ever, ever, ever ask me to do anything like that ever again."
  • "I don't have anyone but you."
  • "Don't do that. They'll believe that. Don't do that."
  • "I'm working on something big. I came to talk to you. I want you to be a part of it."
  • "I don't want this winding up in the wrong hands. Maybe in mine, it can actually do some good."
  • "Just because I brought pizza back from New York doesn't mean it went bad."
  • "What's the world coming to when a guy's got to crash his own party?"
  • "You look fantastic! I don't recognize you."
  • "I actually don't think that you could tie your shoes without me."
  • "No, it was not just a dance. You don't understand because you're you."
  • "I would like a vodka martini, please. Very dry, with olives. A lot of olives. Like, at least three olives."
  • "Panic. I would say panic is my reaction."
  • "You do not send civilian equipment into my active war zone."
  • "The more you struggle, the more this is going to hurt."
  • "Let's face it. This is not the worst thing you've caught me doing."
  • "You paid us trinkets to kill a prince."
  • "You stood by my side all these years while I reaped the benefits of destruction."
  • "I shouldn't be alive, unless it was for a reason."
  • "I'm not crazy, I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart that it's right."
  • "Your deception and lies will cost you dearly."
  • "When I ordered the hit on you, I worried that I was killing the golden goose."
  • "Do you really think that just because you have an idea it belongs to you?"
  • "What kind of world would it be today if he was as selfish as you?"
  • "Your services are no longer required."
  • "Nothing is going to stand in my way. Least of all you!"
  • "Trying to rid the world of weapons, you gave it it's best one ever."
  • "Just call us S.H.I.E.L.D."
  • "I never said you were a super hero."
  • "I'm just not the hero type. Clearly."
  • "The truth is I am Iron Man."
  • "You've become part of a bigger universe. You just don't know it yet."
  • "I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative."
Mom, Dad We've Got Something to Tell You

Since the day that Liam had come over to his flat unexpectedly, the two of them had been practically inseparable. They had even taken turns sleeping over at each others, although they seemed to gravitate more towards his own flat. This weekend was big for the two of them, it was when they were going to come out to their families. They were going to have dinner with Liam’s parents on Saturday and then head to Bradford Sunday morning so that they could tell his parents. Zayn wasn’t sure what he was more anxious for, telling Liam’s parents or telling his own. Though he knew that Liam’s parents adored him, he still had the nagging feeling that they might not accept him or deem him not good enough for their son. And though he never voiced his worries to Liam, he was sure that his anxiety must be radiating off of him in giant waves.

That’s how he found himself Saturday night, at Liam’s flat as they both waited for Liam’s parents to arrive. Zayn had spend the previous night sleeping over at Liam’s so that he wouldn’t have to drive over the next morning as they prepared for the big day. They had both spent the entire day cleaning, making sure everything was spotless for Liam’s parents. Though it wasn’t even his flat, Zayn still felt like he needed to make a good first impression, which was ridiculous he told himself since Liam’s parents had known him for years now. When there was finally a knock on the door, Zayn turned towards Liam his anxiety reaching an all time high. “Babe, how do I look?” He asked before Liam could even take a step towards the door. No matter how much longer he had spent making sure he looked presentable for Liam’s parents, he still had the nagging feeling that he had forgotten to do something and he needed Liam’s reassurance now more than ever.


so i know i just made a follow forever when i hit 10k a few weeks ago but i started following a lot of people and made a lot of friends in these couple weeks and plus 11k was my goal since the start so yeah

follow forever:

adorescalumh ashtcnsirwin ashton5sos ashtonsflannels blamecalum blazeluke calum5sos calumxhoood cashtcnsos cashtonkinks clumhood fallenfor5sos fivesaus hemmocrat hemmojaw hoodzer itscashton itsmichaels lashtonau lashtuns llilacsky luke5sos lukebb lukeorhemmo lukesos micool5sos muketrash outofmylimits owashton ridicalum rocketcalum sonicalum teenagedfricks toolucas tryhards unofficialrockstar whereversyouare

special mentions:
txmlinsn - sarah youre my bestest friend and i love u so much weve been talking for a whole year non stop pretty much every single day and youre always there for me and you make me feel like i matter and thats more than i could ever ask of you so thank you for everything i love you
mukenope - to this day i cant believe i actually got so lucky to get along with someone who has the exact same sense of humor as me an is just as sarcastic as me and cashton trash too and is just overall so nice and amazing and idk man i love you a lot but what do you call a magic owl
lamelucass - weve been talking pretty much every minute of every day since we started talking and honestly youre just the easiest person to talk to and i know i can trust you and i love everythng about you and honestly i should be writing this in caps bc im not sure you can understand anything in lowercase can u
fuxkashton - youre like the funniest person ive ever met and youre super chill and i feel like i can say anything around you bc you actually manage to be weirder than me somehow but ye ure a super special lil bug and i love u

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Just wondering, but if working at Starbucks is so horrible then why continue working there? It seems like every "barista" hates it there. That's all you ever blog about like you never post anything positive about your working experiences.

No fucking shit, dumbass. You must be new here because otherwise you’d know that this is a place for people to rant and complain and (more than occasionally) ask for clarification on policies when really, they could look on the portal or call corporate for the same answer I’m giving them.

This blog is a concentrated area of bad experiences. I run it for the catharsis it brings me and prevents me from bottling up all the anger and then one day snapping and going completely berserk.

I really only hate maybe 1/10th of my customers. In reality, I love being a barista. I love being on bar. I love the way my customers’ faces light up when they see I’m going to be taking care of them that day. I love the tone of concern when I’ve been off for a few days and they ask “Where have you been? I was worried you left!” I love the endless support and love I get from my partners, who are like family to me.

I love the awesome feeling I get when I help a customer find a drink that is perfectly tailored to their taste buds. I love the look in the customer’s eye when they’re having the sort of day where nothing goes right and I can see that’s what’s happening and I do a little register magic to take care of their drink because I know it’s going to help set their day on a better path.

I love the passionate enthusiasm of my coworkers when they’re talking about coffee to customers who until that point had only ever thought of it as a beverage but have their eyes opened to the fact that it’s a way of life.

I love the way the cafe sounds during peak. There’s an elegant symphony of groggy customers, enthused partners, espresso machines, steaming milk, blending pitchers, and oven beeps.

I love that I get to watch the sun rise every single morning.

But you don’t hear that on this blog because I don’t need to get that out. That’s the stuff I want to keep inside and lock it up tight so that I can hold on to it on those days when nothing is going right for me. When I feel as if nobody is actually hearing what I have to say. When I don’t like what I see in the mirror. When my anxiety and depression reach levels that make the simple act of getting out of bed nearly intolerable. I hold onto that good stuff because I know my days in a green apron are numbered and I’m going to lose those experiences. 

That stuff is mine. It’s personal. It’s the light in my dark places and I shouldn’t have to share that with you because I don’t know you and you haven’t earned the right to see that part of me yet.

this random but when today i was thinking about what would happen if my dad ever lost his job and i was thinking about how i don’t think he’d ever beg for money/help from anyone even at his lowest point and like…

even tho he’s never said it out loud, the way he goes about life and working says enough to where i know that he’d never go out of his way to ask for anything he can’t ultimately attain himself

this really just came about cuz someone was criticizing me today about how i told them i don’t like asking for help and i hate taking shortcuts and how id rather die than ask for help

like…that shit is just not in me and i really could never see myself asking for money i rather find my own way even if it means struggling longer or taking more Ls i rather fuck myself over by keeping to myself than to say im in a weak spot idk my family didn’t raise me like that it’s not in any of us


Some WinterShock feels hit me and then this happened lol

Darcy Lewis/James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes

“Okay, then.” Darcy said quietly in the silence that had followed James outburst, sitting down on the bed next to James. “Tell me.”

James turned towards her, his eyes tired and puffy with tears and exhaustion. He hadn’t slept soundly for around two weeks, and it was showing. The Serum only went so far.

“What?” He asked, confusion lacing his voice.

“Look,” Darcy said patiently, her hand reaching out to grasp his. Mentally, they’d been so far apart the past month that she couldn’t help but be relieved when he didn’t pull away. “I can sit here all night, and tell that what your body did – without your permission – doesn’t bother me, at least not in the way you think it should. But you won’t believe me.”

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Hi! Since you've been doing some fic recs could you recommend me any fics that continue the last episode or show inukag's life after the final act? thanks💖

Sure ! :) I know a lot of fics like that, so here it goes:
Light Me a Lantern 
Little By Little 
The Inuyasha Epilogue
Inuyasha’s Baby
A Tale of Ever After 
Towards Tomorrow
One Hundred Thousand Lifetimes *
He Just Wouldn’t Stop *
Chase *

* = oneshot

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has anyone mentioned TLM's ariel as asexual? she's preoccupied by ideas and finds the human world wondrous. by the movie's point of view, her view of eric is more like an imprint: he's just so beautiful and that's just about all she ever knew about him. so, she's at least a heteromantic ace. i think she could be just as enamored if her first human was androgynous, trans, or a woman.

Hmmm interesting! Now that I think about it, it does make WAY more sense to view her interest in Eric as aesthetic attraction, at least at the beginning, and then romantic later on. I like this interpretation a lot.

Of course, I always think of that story as being much more about Ariel falling in love with the human world rather than just one human, anyway.