like that's all she's ever wanted

the thing that moana finally got right was the heroine not needing a romantic interest. in that there wasn’t like some big scene with a boy where she said ‘i dont need a man’ or whatever. 

instead it was just never assumed. there was no big stereotypical strong female character moment shouting she doesn’t need a man to be strong, because the idea of needing a romantic partner to be whole was never presupposed. 

and thats all ive ever wanted tbh


I want Bellamy to be happy and loved and to know he can rely on the person he loves. I want Clarke to be happy and loved, and to know she can be vulnerable with the person she loves.

Funnily enough, for BOTH characters, that happens only with each other. So… yeah, you don’t want me to ship Bellarke? Gimme other people with whom Clarke or Bellamy can have that kind of relationship and we’ll talk.

Imagine going out to a bar with Rafael & Sonny and you end up having a threesome. 

Requested by anon.

Warning: Smut, threesome, Rafael x Reader x Sonny

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Can we just stop making characters into things they are not and stop assuming things about them and their intentions?

I can’t go into a single tag related to Blake, Yang or Sun without some kind of passive aggressive bullshit post attacking blacksun or bumbleby. JUST STOP ALL THIS NONSENSE!! WE ARE ALL FANS OF THE SAME SHOW!! Who cares who ends up with who? Sure, I would like Yang to be with Blake but in the end I still want what is best for Blake and her happiness so I will be happy in ANY SITUATION WHERE BLAKE IS HAPPY AND FULFILLED. Blake deserves someone in her life that will treat her the way no one in her past has ever bothered to. She deserves someone that looks out for her and cares about her well being and is willing to do anything to protect that. If thats Yang, amazing. If thats Sun, well so be it.

Everyone needs to grow up and stop pointing fingers at each other. People are always going to have their opinions but lashing out at them for it won’t make things any better either.

We all want what’s best for Blake Belladonna so lets act like it and get our heads out of the sand.

Thank you.

hedacophine  asked:

what the fuck. forreal. stop the hate on arielle (not especially you, just everyone hating on her rn) its her preference and she wasnt transphobic at all. she can choose who shes attracted to or who she wants to fuck. if shes not into transgirls pre op, thats her fuckin choice stop being little pissbabies and complain about smth else like the cw not making supercorp canon

> stop being pissbabies about transphobia and be mad about something REAL, like a ship

this is the most cis thing i’ve ever read bye

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Hey I dunno if you'd know but, do you have any ideas for building a Narset EDH deck that is fun to play and play against? She was my first commander I ever built, but every time I've made a deck around her it was either extremely boring for my opponents (do nothing until Narset is dropped, then suddenly have turbo spell swings) or extremely unfun for me (put too many creatures instead, get nothing on Narset swing). I really want to make a deck that's fun for everyone yet still viable. Any ideas?

thats like… an actual problem with narset though

i mean you can build it all nice n dandy, but the issue lies in that you wont be able to close any games in anyway that most people would consider ‘more fun’. 

Like ofc you can make a deck just out of planeswalkers n such, but people will complain at that too and say narset is too unfair that she is able to cast 4 planeswalkers for free at some of the swings

If you build anything pillowforty with narset, people will also complain that you are slowing down the game too. 

My best recommendation for anything with Narset is actually to build just a chaos deck. Like Goblin game with eye of the storm, Zurs weirding, Warp world and so on. 

Bottomline is that Narset is indeed a horrible commander to build around, and people will always complain on just the mere concept of casting free spells, even when those spells aren’t giving you any extra turn.

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I'm one of the biggest selenators anybody will ever meet. That does not mean i have to support everything she does. I always respect her. But some selenators just be like "abelena is better than jelena...." and im here like bitch they been together for less than a month. Thats so stupid judging a 4-5 year relationship to not even 4 weeks. But I love that woman with all my heart. Just want to see her happy. But a man has to respect the woman their with. And abel is just underrating. SAD!!!!!!!!!!


okay but imagine?????? alex is like???? rewarded or something or something happens and the gods decide to give her whatever she wants and she says that she wants to be able to change her body just like how she is with animals and shes granted that and one day she wakes up with a female body and starts crying happy tears because thats all she’s ever wanted.

imagine clone club at pride though:

  • cosima wearing the lesbian flag and delphine wearing the bisexual flag holding hands and kissing like 24/7 (“would you two get a room?” “sarah it’s pride and i will kiss my girlfriend as much as i like” “i’m joking, cos”)
  • felix with rainbow glitter makeup!!!!!! looking like a total badass!!! felix making alison wear a rainbow shirt (she pretends she doesn’t like it but she secretly Loves it)
  • sarah wearing bi pride bracelets!!!
  • helena steals felix’s rainbow glitter and covers herself in it (“this i like”)
  • helena meets tony for the first time and, to everyone’s surprise, they totally get along
  • alison bakes everyone pride flag cupcakes!!!!!!! (she has to ask cosima about the colours beforehand so she makes sure she gets them all right)
  • tony explains to alison the difference between bi and pan 
  • tony and cosima totally get high together

like theres soooo many posts that i just quietly scroll past without saying anything bc they look too light to me but i dont have the energy to like, do all the legwork myself of proving that you can do the same coloring style without whitewashing, and i dont want people going ~batgirltim is a fucking bitch who is mean to gifmakers~ for saying shit too often, but… but.. when youre at the point of deliberately coloring someone pink when they are Definitely Not (like, look at literally every off-show pic of camila ever, group candids, any lighting, she is Never the same color as everyone else) then thats just serious hardcore intentional racism and i get to be as rude about it as i want. bc youre the one who fucked up in the first place and needs to face consequences

So…  @dust-in-my-eyes‘s redesign of the powerpuff girls is all I’ve ever wanted and would give my soul for? Honestly, grown-up versions that aren’t oversexualized but also not afraid to show the characters as /women/, and a matching team uniform that is all I’ve ever asked for. (And buttercup isn’t left out just because she’s a tomboy! Instead of giving them all skirts and buttercup shorts or something they all have the same uniform!)

I had to draw some art of it. I keep thinking of Blossom enrolling in a nearby college thats not in Townsville (she got into all the ivy leagues, obviously, but she wanted to live nearby so she stayed somewhere close enough so she could still fly to townsville whenever). And just coming into class in her superhero uniform and everyone’s constantly like “what the hell” until a giant squid attacks the campus or something.

Please Calm Down

I wanted to reblog this, but I couldnt do it properly.

Now, its okay if you dont like the show, thats your own, but please do not slander them with no proof what so ever. I  do not like putting people on the spot, which is why i left your username out, but I do want to voice my thoughts on this. Its okay if others dont agree.

We all know that the writers of the show and the creator himself get ideas from us, you should of thought it through before sending the letter. They did not steal your OC design.

She has bluish skin.

She does have spots on her yes, but that still does not mean they “stole” They probably took some ideas from some fans OCs yeah but thats how they get their ideas, from us, and that should be okay, we shouldnt get this mad about it calling them ass holes.

FYI, they are busy, like really busy, putting episodes together for us, so yes of course they wont respond, they’re not ignoring you on purpose.

Calm down and take a breather. I think you’ll be alright. Like i said, you can hate the show, but dont slander them without proof.

just stop.

Im sorry for putting you on the spot like this, and to those who want to hate me, then fine, but im not gonna put up with someone slandering them and talking about them like this with out actual proof.

If you wanna come to me in a respectful manner, then go here.

If you wanna hate on me and waste your time them go here.

Anyways, ive done my damage, you make up your own opinions, sorry for those who feel offended. I guess. This is why you dont tag this kind of stuff in the main tmnt 2012 tag. Just saying.


this is your OC that nick supposedly stole the design for Mona Lisa


I am nice, but i will call you out on your BS. 

(((This is why im not fond of OCs sometimes….)))

alot of theories  are going around saying that bismuth is all an extremist and that she was bubbled because she was to dangerous.  but let me tell yall something. 

one that was a fucking war. people use this image alot as to why shes an extremist

but dude. they were in a war. lapis can control all of the earths water . and in war you dont really have time to ask someone thats super fucking powerful and maybe dangours if your on thier side or the enemy. she took action like someone in  awar would.

second. she is in  lion. lets look at what else is in lion.

a flag,sword,the first thing Greg ever gave her…and bismuth . the only things she ever put inside of lion are things that she loved and cared for so much that she put them in a safe place. she put bismuth in that bubble and in lion because she didnt want to lose her no matter what like the other gems she lost. . and on top of that this is a place that rose knew that steven would find. in a way this room in lion is her giving steven all the things she holds close. and she left bismuth in there with the others becuase she not only cared about her so much but because she trusted her so mch that she was willing to put bismuth in steven protection and make sure noting bad ever happened to him

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I'm rather curious about your Shoot Hogwarts headcanons but I don't want you to get in trouble lol

(This is Chamber of Secrets AU)

i. The first time Root ever lays eyes on Sameen, she’s climbing eagerly up onto the platform at the first meeting of Professor Hersh’s little “duelling club.” (Root wouldn’t have bothered to come, but she just found it so amusing that she was the reason they were all here.) 

Root can’t take her eyes off her. Sameen looks so sure of herself up there, she’d jumped up so quickly when Hersh first asked for volunteers, that the room falls still and silent beneath her gaze (beneath the challenge, the dare in it). At least, until Root hears some taunt about a “honeybadger” peal out from a severely coiffed blonde head at the center of a sea of silver and green. (Root made it a point to never stand with the other Slytherins.)

ii. No one ever calls Sameen a honeybadger again.

iii. Talking to the Diary begins to take up increasing amounts of Root’s time, until it doesn’t feel like it’s taking up time at all.

Suddenly, the Diary has woven itself so inextricably into her life that she doesn’t remember what it was like before. Even when she’s sitting in class, gazing idly at the lesson she’s supposed to be paying attention to, she finds herself reaching into her bag and running her fingers along Her spine.

iv. Later on, Root realizes she can talk to Her even when she can’t have the Diary out in her lap. She can hear Her in the walls, she discovers, like the castle itself is speaking to her, a low soothing hiss in Root’s ear that never ever leaves her.

v. Talking to Sameen begins to take up increasing amounts of Root’s time, until it doesn’t feel like it’s taking up time at all.

Well, Root talks, mostly. Sometimes she finds herself absently running her fingers along Shaw’s spine. Sameen just rolls her eyes like she’s got a million better places to be, but she never ever leaves.


everyone asks me,
who the hell is she?
that weirdo with five colours in her hair

when i was 14 i went to a friend’s birthday party, and he was playing all these ‘blast-from-the-past’ songs from the early 2000s. my friends and i were dancing and the song ‘five colours’ by mcfly came on and they were like, ‘loren, it’s you!’ (nevermind that my hair was black at the time)

but ever since then i’ve wanted to have rainbow hair. and now i finally do! <3

The entirety of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is really Little Ben, Little Rey, Little Finn and Little Poe play-acting a new game of Rebels vs. Imperials.

Little Ben wanted to play a Bad Guy like Grampy except he ended up crying when Dada played “dead” so very well.   And he promised he would never ever EVER really be like poor Grampy when he grew up. 

(He made that promise to Dada, Mama and Grampy himself, who was all blue, glow-y and looking very very proud.)

Little Rey wanted to pretend that she was living on a desert world just like HER Papa and Papa very graciously pretended to have gone far, far away so Little Rey could go find him, along with BB-8 and Chewbacca in Uncle Han’s Millenium Falcon. 

Little Finn wanted to rescue Little Princess Poe (“Finn, I’m not a princess, Imma PRINCE!”) from the Evil First Order but he wanted to play stormtroopers first.  Finn was NOT too short to play a stormtrooper!

—  A Blanket Fort Star Wars Headcanon, inspired by this fanart.

Say what you want about Dinah Jane Hansen, sure she has done/said some problematic things in the past, but she’s literally one of the most genuine, humble and kindest human beings. She has one of the biggest hearts that I’ve ever seen. Despite the fame, her success, all the celebrities, award shows, parties, etc that she’s been exposed to over the last three years, she’s still humble and appreciates everything that happens in her life and every single person who makes it all possible. The way she treats harmonizers never fails to make me emotional. She doesn’t treat harmonizers like fans or just sees us as dollar signs, no, she treats us like friends, family, people. How many celebrities snapchat, hangout, and just go out of their way to be with their fans or to just make them feel significant compared to someone in the spotlight, even if it’s just for a second. Dinah has a heart of gold and I really hope that never changes.