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I never liked the idea of Will’s dad being a jerk, (like he is in ALL fics) I always thought he was just a guy that didn’t know how to express his love for his son in more open ways, after all Will never talked in a bad way about him, and even some of the things he loves are things his dad taught him.

I ended up joking over twitter that his dad was Ron bc they share many hobbies and the way they live, and well a joke led up to this…(Hannigram are still on the run tho  but Ron doesn’t watch tv and lives in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t know/care his son-in-law is a serial killer) 

Hannibal will never let Will live down that his dad accepted him officially, Will regrets it so much

Bonus (how do you know what human meat tastes like wtf?!?!)


The project is to take a LGBTQ+ flag to the Shepherd’s Bush gig, and recover it with words of people coming from all sides of the world. 

As you know the Muse fandom has always been very accepting and open-minded. We can see more and more artists grabbing pride flags on stage. We thought it was a good idea to express our affections from the community. 

One of our admin (me) will carry the flag during the gig and eventually give it to Matt or the band. As the venue has a small capacity, it should be easier than a usual gig. 

To take part in the project

- Send a DM to @ClubMuser on twitter

- If you don’t have a twitter account you can send ME or @clubmuserstuff​ a DM on tumblr

- Your message can be a little word for the community and the band, maybe lyrics? Be creative and nice!

Unfortunately we’re very well aware that this will strikes “controversy” and opposition. If you don’t want to be a part of this, no one is forcing you to.


Hopefully a lot of people will participate! This project is an idea from @clubmuserstuff​: don’t hesitate to follow them them here and on twitter! Please share this post so a lot of people see it and cheers x

So now that Isak and Even have their own place, Even tries to do these little things he likes to call “Dinner party Tuesdays” (he wanted to call it Eat Even’s Buffet Mondays but Isak said a very strong Nei to thaaaat) 

So every fortnight Even does this thing where he sends the girl squad, boy squad and the kollektivet a cute little “you have been cordially invited…” text message with the menu for the nights feast. 

He then goes all out, spending most of the day cooking a big delicious meal for his friends, while getting Isak to peel potatoes, set the table and help organise the music playlist. 

Once everyone arrives Even does a big show and dance of “dinner is served” and of course “I now would like to present our dessert for this evening which I would like to call Amour de isak” 

and then everyone groans and someone is just like

“Even it’s chocolate cake”

while Eskild turns up his nose and waves his hand in the air in annoyance “You always name your desserts after Isak, I am starting to think you like him more than us.” 

Even mocks offence every time while claiming “nei! never” 

they then all eat and talk about their lives and bond as a big family, bringing all the squads together, giving them all a chance to bond and see each other. It makes Even so happy and Isak just spends the whole evening admiring his boyfriend as he fusses over the food and introduces silly little dinner games for everyone to play. 

Even is literally the mum of the super squad and I love it.

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you know that sharp gasp and voice we give our parents when we go out shopping. like we give them the puppy dog look and shyly ask them about this thing we want them to buy. i want to see that with tomoko and josuke. like josuke holding a shirt he want but cant buy while going shopping with his mom and give her the puppy dog pouty look. if you please. oh, i also want to say that i love your art and art style. the creativeness and techniques you put into it is wonderful to see <3.


(Thank yoooouuu! I appreciate thaaaat~❤ )

Title: Picky Eater
A/N: i am very tired but still clinging to the idea that Virgil loves raccoons that’s the cutest thing
Warnings: Food talk

“Virgil, you have to eat,” Logan groaned in frustration, glaring at the child beside him.  Little Virgil sat in his chair, arms crossed and legs drawn up to his chest.  The plate of chicken, peas, and cornbread sat in front of him, not even picked at.

“I don’t like it,” Virgil whined, reaching up to flick the plate farther away from himself.  “That’s all nasty stuff.”

“How would you know if you won’t even touch it?” Logan asked, pushing the plate back towards the child.

“I can smell it.”  Virgil shoved the plate away once more and tried to hop down, whining at the hand that grabbed his wrist.  “Le’go, Lo!”

“You can leave after you eat ­four pieces of chicken and half of your peas.”

“No!” Virgil cried out, clawing at Logan’s hand.  “I don’t wan’ it!”  He used his feet for leverage, escape plan failing him greatly.  “I don’t want thaaaat!  It’s yuckyyyyy!”

“What’s with all the fuss?” Patton asked, poking his head in. Logan sighed and picked up Virgil, making his way to the moral side.

“He refuses to eat what’s on his plate,” Logan explained, gladly handing Virgil over when the anxious side made grabs for Patton.  

Patton looked at the untouched plate and cooed, looking at Virgil. “Y’know it’d be a shame to have to throw out all that yummy food, Virge.”

“It ain’t yummy; it’s yucky,” Virgil spat, hiding his face in Patton’s shoulder.  “Throw it away!”

“I mean, I’m sure the raccoons would be very thankful for such a feast…”

“Wha…?”  The mention of Virgil’s favorite animal peaked his interest, and now the little side was staring at his plate with narrowed eyes.  “ ‘Coons eat peas?”

“They sure do!  And they looooove chicken and cornbread, too!” Patton said.  He watched the wheels turn in Virgil’s head, grin taking over his face when Virgil made grabs for the plate.  

Logan quickly grabbed the plate off the table and held it out to Virgil, who grabbed a piece of his cut-up chicken with his chubby fingers. Virgil wrinkled his nose before taking a tiny, tiny bite.  He didn’t like it at all…but if raccoons would eat it…

Virgil kept an eye on the other two as he stuffed the chicken in his mouth and grabbed another piece.  Neither of them said a word, luckily, so Virgil took a fistful of peas as well.  

“Don’t want no more,” Virgil said after that handful, disgusted by the taste.  Ew, the raccoons could have peas!  

“That was really good, kiddo!” Patton praised, holding a hand up for a highfive.  Virgil sheepishly put his palm to Patton’s, burying his face in Patton’s shoulder once more.  “You want some milk?”

“Can it have Fruit Loops?”

“It sure can!”

Patton sat Virgil down on the counter and grabbed the Scooby-Doo sippy cup, filling it with milk and grabbing the spice grinder to quickly turn some Fruit Loops into near-dust.  Virgil happily took the cup and stuck the nib in the corner of his mouth, chewing on it as he half-drank.

“Can the raccoons have my leftovers?” Virgil asked.  

Logan was about to protest, but Patton stopped him.  “Me and Lo will make sure they get your leftovers, but you have to go get ready for bed!”

“OK!”  Virgil had Patton set him on the floor, and just like that the little tot took off down the hall towards his room.

“I’m not feeding raccoons, Patton.  Once you feed them, they’ll keep coming back!”

“That’s why you bury the plate in the trash, Lo.”

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13 Reasons Why (Daveed x Reader)

Sooooooo this took me literally forever to write, but I’m happy with the way it turned out!! Lil shoutout to Becca ( @angeilca-s ) helping me with some of the reasons ;) feedback would be lovely, and enjoy! 

Warnings: ANGST, swearing, it gets a little heated at one part but other than that I think it’s all good?

Words: 5447 (dang this took forever)

One - Constantly distracted

You mindlessly scraped the food around on your plate, your eyes glancing from the food up to your boyfriend, who obviously had something much more important than your three year anniversary on his phone.

“Babe, can you please put that away?” you hinted, glancing down at his phone when he looked up at you.

“Oh, yeah, mhm,” he nodded, sliding it into his back pocket and looking at you. That’s one of the many things that killed you, was the way he looked at you. No matter what you looked like, what you were doing, it didn’t matter. His chocolatey brown eyes bore into you like you put the stars in the sky and made the earth spin on its axis. You sighed and continued eating.

“Babygirl,” he strung out, letting the word slide right off his lips like music to your ears.

“Yes?” you responded, once again giving him your attention.

“I love you, I promise. So much,” he grinned, reaching over to take your hand. He rubbed his thumb across the back of your hand, something that you had always found calming.

“I love you too,” you replied, smiling back. It was a truly genuine smile. You couldn’t be more in love with the man sitting across from you.

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What’s going on in Brazil? #10

So, this is gonna be me trying to put A LOT of stuff into very few words. Written at 26/05/2017.

Alright. You know how the whole world is kinda feeling like its situation can’t possibly get any more scandalous at this point? it’s what we felt about two weeks ago, too. I mean, between our ex-president being on a crusade against the justice system and the media and all the unpopular measures taken by our politicians lately, including reforming the labor laws and social security to make them shittier, and a new small corruption scandal every week, y’know, you figure it can’t get much worse than that. 

And then it happened. It was a beautiful Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) night. All was its usual mess. And then a businessman came forward like, “ops I recorded the president negotiating to bribe someone who’s in jail to keep quiet and the other presidential candidate negotiating on how to get his usual 2 million in bribes discreetly lol did I mention he might have mentioned the possibility of killing someone?” BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. 

If you screamed right now, imagine how much we did. There were so many memes. So many. The jokes, the glorious jokes. I hadn’t have that much political fun in ages. But you’re probably still confused (we are, too), so imma explain it a little better.

Businessman Joesley, owner of the biggest meat company in the world, was caught in corruption schemes. Who wasn’t, right? so, like it happens in Brazil, he started negotiating his sentence by giving other people away. And he sure as fuck named a lot of people, like anyone else, but this guy did something that other people hadn’t yet: he recorded it. You’d think more people would’ve been this smart just in case, I guess, but so far, nah. And obviously the most polemic recording is of a conversation our now President Michel Temer had with him, negotiating bribes to Eduardo Cunha. If you’ve read my older posts, you’ll know his name. He’s the main dude behind Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment (if you have no idea of absolutely nothing i’ve just said, dude, go back to the other posts, this is quite saga already). Did I mention he’s in jail??? yeah. Arrested for money laundering sometime ago or something (one cannot remember all the scandals in brazil for more than 2 months since there ARE SO MANY NEW ONES ALL THE TIME). Still, he did swear he’d bring two presidents down, and now it seems the time has come, one way or another (we’re so dramatic, omg, this is gonna make for excellent movies someday, we’re already out-houseofcarding house of cards).

BACK TO IT. So. The president is on tape negotiating quite a crime. In most countries that’d lead to the guy resigning. And we thought he would, too, actually. This dude scheduled a press conf. and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see the second president down in less than a year. But guess what? dude goes “I’m not resigning”, gives pissed off speech, alleges everything is a fake and says if we want him down we’ll have to bring him down. He also kinda tries to forbid people from using his pictures in memes, which leads to opposition party creating a whole gallery online of pictures they bought of him for people to do their memes safely. I ain’t joking. The most brazilian think to ever happen, probably.  

Meanwhile, remember I said there was a second recording? Yeah, it was from Aecio Neves, and you might remember him too: he ran for president against Rousseff at the last elections, and he was the main activist for her impeachment after he lost the elections, all “against corruption” and shit. Lol. Dude was literally negotiating how to get his money, cursing a lot, and saying they’d need to find good people to do this money transporting thing, it had to be someone, and I quote, “that we can kill before they can make deals with the police”. And then he proceeds on suggesting his cousin’s name. Talk of family issues, right? Anyway. It came as no surprise for us with half a brain that both these man were corrupt because honestly there had been people saying that before, but nobody had them on tape yet. Aecio’s sister has been arrested, he has kinda stepped down from his senate position and his apartments are being raid by the police, let’s see where this leads. 

Back to Temer, remember when he told people we’d need to take him down if we wanted him down? Yeah, people took that quite literally and a couple of days ago in the middle of a protest some SET FIRE to a few ministry buildings. Nothing much happened to anyone there tho. But Temer took that as a good opportunity to give especial authorization to the Army to be on the streets and do whatever was needed which was pretty fucking scary since we haven’t been out of a dictatorship for thaaaat long??? but the order has been revoked by now so we’re ok. For now. I guess. Who knows. 

So the question now is how long can Temer hold himself in power. If he does fall, which is complicated, since he’d likely have to resign (there are already a few impeachment processes opened against him, but since they depend on the ok from chamber president, who still supports him, it’s unlikely to work, and it’d take months anyway), but if he did fall, we’d get either president of the chamber of deputies in power or president of the supreme court in power (cause president of the senate can’t, since he’s a defendant in a corruption investigation) - and I said “OR” there because there’s a chance president of the chamber also becomes a defendant in corruption charges through the next months so we can’t really be sure on how the succession line will be in the future. Yeah, that’s how screwed we are. Anyway, if any of them get to power they are bound to organizing new indirect elections, by the constitution, since it’s past half the term and we’d only need someone to basically finish this year and the next one when there are elections again, hopefully. However, with congress as it is, with most people there charged with something, you’d think brazilians are…. less than happy with the idea of our congressmen choosing their own fucking president. And you’re right. Most of us are. Which is why there is a campaign to make a change and try for direct, real, voting elections (and to get Temer out, obviously). 

It’s worth noticing that a lot of powerful people are still behind Temer, though, especially big businessman and the media, because of his austerity measures and probable cuts on labor laws, and also, because a lot of them are scared shitless of we actually getting a direct election and Lula winning. Yes, our ex-president, yes, the one in trouble with the law that I mentioned early. Aaand I would like to have covered him and our asshole hygienist new são paulo mayor whose biggest ability so far seems to be shitty decisions here, BUT this post is long enough as it is, so if y’all wanna know about them ask away and I’ll cover it in another post. For now, just remember: it can always get worse if you’re brazilian :)

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H teaching his baby to give him kisses 😍😍

Puckering his lips, very close to his little baby girl’s face. “Gimme a kiss. C'mon. Like this.”

Your daughter giggles and her chubby fingers reach for his lips. He laughs. “Noooo no no. Like this. See? Look'a daddy.”

He puckers again and she giggles, pushing her nose against his. He laughs at her again. “Not like thaaaat, silly! Say ‘mwah!’”

She makes a half hearted noise, and he laughs, nuzzling her nose with his own. “Silly girl. Give daddy a kiss. You know how!”

She giggles, pressing her lips softly to his, open mouthed and giggly, and he gasps. “You diiiiiid it!!!! That’s daddy’s girl. I knew you could do it!”

She claps her hands and giggles while he kisses all over her chubby little cheeks.


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means:
  • listen I get why it's so easy to be cynical about disco and everything associated with it especially given how dead the genre is but dont tell me that there's no beauty in that balance between tacky and opulent that makes it both desireable and attainable for the everyman and dont you dare say that there isn't pure joy and sex and youth in this movement and dont you talk shit about disco not being Real Music because like all important genres of the present it was the music of the devil that parents didnt allow their kids to listen to and quite frankly if you dont see the charm in disco with all its rhinestones and dance and boundless sexuality then i'm sorry for you like seriously Donna Summer and the bootcut jeans belong on that pedestal we build for renaissance art and Bach<p/></p>

tbh one big reason i think it’d be cool if carrot joined the straw hats is that’d it’d do something to alleviate the dichotomy between the guys and the ladies on the crew??

like, nami and robin are completely different people from each other, and i appreciate and recognize that.  but it’s easy for ppl to lump them together as just ~the girls~ because of things like how they both almost never participate in crew gags, they’ll just be in the background eyerolling or looking bemused by most of the boys getting excited about things.  there’s this undercurrent of “oh you’re girls, you wouldn’t understand” when usopp, luffy, franky, brook etc get excited about robot stuff or whatever.

and that’s something you see from female characters so much: this misconception that the girls always have to be the voice of reason to the annoying, excitable boys who care about things “girls don’t care about” like NINJAS or ROBOTS.  

it doesn’t bother me thaaaat much because like i said, robin and nami are great characters and very unique from each other nonetheless, but still can you imagine how refreshing it would be to have a female crewmember who totally destroys that???

carrot participates in the gags.  she’s aggressive, she’s passionate, she’s reckless, she’s excitable.  she’d sure as hell start freaking out over a robot.  she’d be HAPPY to participate in something like pirates docking 6.

if she joined the crew, it’d force oda to stop separating the crew into “the boys who love cool stuff and are reckless!!!” and “the girls who just don’t get it” for gags, and idk, i think that’d be really nice.  the concept of girls being the rational ones and the voice of reason to the “”funny, stupid”” boys is a lot less grating and trope-y if one of the girls isn’t that way at all.  

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tokoyami doesn't try thaaaat hard to be an edgelord I think? but like, there's at least one scene where he says something dramatic and no one reacts so he repeats it and the others are like "why did you say that twice"

LOL amazing

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You should be proud of me!! I've killed all my seedlings (your grandseedlings)!! But my question: How would the 104 th and vets react to all the (smutty!!)fanfictions wrote of them? You are awesome!!


Mikasa: Deletes the internet
Reiner: Saves all of them to his laptop
Bertholdt: Finds out about new kinks he has, reads all the smutty BeruAni fics
Annie: Spends four hours in the bathroom trying to clean herself again
Eren: Doesn’t mind the smut, but those fics just don’t make sense?!
Jean: wishes he was that smooth
Marco: thinks it’s funny until he reads a Marco X Levi fic
Connie: Never have I ever encountered a smutty fic with Connie…
Historia: Blocks everyone who writes her in het!smut
Armin: “I guess it’s part of human nature… in a way?”
Ymir: Laughs forever
Levi: Is so grossed out that his skin starts to peel off clean
Hanji: Ships all the Hanji ships from now on and tells everyone about the read fics
Erwin: Doesn’t quite understand where all of that comes from
Nanaba: Is thankful to only find smutfics with people she likes
Mike: Reads all of them
Moblit: WHY?!

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wait hold on... you mean dean REALLY gave castiel a mixtape with his favourite songs and ... that thing in 12x19 really happened?? i feel like it's fake, like it didn't happen :P the world is falling apart and i fell into the universe where the writers have the balls to follow through with destiel, but at what cost!?

Bad news, this actually happened.

Good news! They already killed Cas in front of Dean, made Dean react 10x what Sam did (and Sam was NOT HAPPY about this :P) and then left him to fall to his knees beside Cas in the mud so I mean it’s got to be anywhere but down from here. 

TBH I haven’t really processed that it happened either. I’m still at the stage where I was grimly accepting this would be the last shot we see of Dean n Cas together at the end of the show, and this exact image has been burned on my retinas since about the first time I ever stopped and thought, what what MIGHT happen at the end of the show? Now I’ve actually seen it it’s all slipped through my brain like fine sand and I haven’t put it all back together yet >.>

The mixtape was easier, it seemed like more of the same fuckery dialled up to… 13 (We already did Spinal Tap much earlier in the season - we’re past dialling up to 11 :P) I do feel like I need a proper run through the season collecting all the pieces because I feel like I’ve barely got anything coherent to say about the Destiel in it because it’s all so obvious and on the screen and went to an actual model of canon endgame Destiel that I have previously assumed would happen (but as the END end), and I’m like a GPS when you accidentally take a weird turning and end up in a field.

I mean. Without rewatching… They started us from Dean telling Cas he was their brother (speaking for him and Sam) and then had him and Cas working together to save Sam and it was cool because Sam wasn’t there to compare to and Cas was helping Dean, but THEN come 12x03, Cas decides to leave, and immediately we have the focus on Dean welcoming him to his table, and Sam being just an attachment when Dean runs after Cas when he leaves. Dean keeps in contact with Cas while he’s gone, Dean gets the weird back and forth with Cas when they meet up again, Dean gets the weird moment with Cas after the whole prison thing where he sits in the backseat with him and the camera sort of tips its head and squints at the fact they did that… And then we get to the good stuff where the season shifts to being REALLY REALLY about Cas… 

Here’s the anon above you:

And yep 12x10 was filled with the little connections where Dean was the one sulking at Cas but the one rushing into the cafe, the one snapping at Ishim and being concerned about Cas, while Sam is sitting crammed on the end of the bench that he barely fits on but he’s a part of this too dammit, he’s just learning his space in it too. And Dean is the one who tries calling Cas at the end, rushes off with him while Sam stays with Lily, and ends up in another highly charged confrontation where he represents humanity and human weakness to Cas which basically sums up all these previous encounters like it like 8x17 and 9x22… In an episode about sexual and romantic love between humans and angels. 

In 12x12 Dean pays extra attention to Cas when they meet him, distracts himself with aggressive over-helpfulness with the waitress on Cas’s behalf, and then when Cas is dying, is the one fretting and lurking over him and pretending it’s fine, seems to get the “i love you” and even if it’s not directed at him specifically, the camera DOES look directly at him and capture his reaction. And then the whole thing with the hand holding and clinging onto each other, earning several extra seconds clutching time compared to Sam and Cas - and yes Sam holds Cas’s hand and helps haul him up because they’re a team and a family and Sam cares, but Dean’s just thaaaat much more clingy.

And at some point he gives him a mixtape.

And 12x19 is a study in Sam being like, …. okay… how about a practical response? and Dean’s like !!?!? CAS!?!!  and it makes 12x10 look like a weaksauce character sketch in comparison :P 

And after all that quiet emphasis on Sam and Dean walking a similar side by side path watching Cas’s second half of the season nonsense and reacting to it and to each other reacting to it, Cas dies in front of Dean and Sam’s like, shit, the slightly more alarming antichrist than the last one we encountered was just born, brb going to see what new horrors await us, and Dean’s like, 404 CARING NOT FOUND as he slumps down beside Cas. 

Like… yeah. That happened. >.>

Remember in season 11 when Cas was possessed by Lucifer and Dean was sort of a wee bit more worried than Sam was? 

And pfft season 8 who?

Anyway idk what they’d plan to do from here, but if they stick with it, Dean’s going to be totalled and I don’t envy Sam’s job propping him up while trying to deal with the next great escalation of the drama :P If they bring back Cas immediately, Dean’s going to also need to have a very different reaction to Sam’s generic happy relief.

so after FINALLY watching the final bee and puppycat episode I have a lot of feelings and thoughts on it

i feel like bee is a cyborg, not a robot like a lot of people are saying, since there’s that picture that natasha drew of her and her dad when she was younger,
~i was thinking that maybe something happened to her and maybe her dad that he had to ‘fix’ her to be able to survive something that happened(which might be why he’s gone[maybe])
~and this is plausible since we know that he’s really good at machines, making video games for bee since she was small plus making the machine that was fixing her arm
~i dunno he could have been up with some shady stuff that he knew was gonna happen so he could have prepared before hand for bee
~ along with why she doesn’t really need a kitchen, she likes to eat but doesn’t need to

also i feel like the reason why i think cardomons mum started crying jellyfish instead of waking up is because she ate it, so it made her biggest dream come true (hence her cute jellyfish story) instead of having cardomons dream of her waking up come true(my poor baby!)
~does that mean that stickys dream was to be colorful?
~cardomons mom was so pretty i wanted to cry even more than their story was making me do already

~plus DECKARD WAS SO ADORABLE i absolutely loved his interactions with bee throughout the whole episode and his picture of them in their matching aprons killed me
~and awwww bee likes him and hopes shes soul binded with him
~i love that he has so many siblings and lives with them, especially since i’ve lived with all 6 of my other siblings and their families
~i think it’s cool that they make deckard depressed,but don’t really talk down on it but instead just normally bring it up
~toast sounded a lot like the dub usagi in sailor moon and she’ll FIGHT U WHILE TELLING U ABOUT HER EX WIFE

i just love bee and puppycat, but i wish it was a bit more cohesive with the story in general, especially since we didn’t learn anything new about puppycat except that the pilot was cannon in the series. but overall i really enjoyed the episode and all that we’ve leaned about bee AND I’D SELL MY SOUL FOR MORE SEASONS ESPECIALLY SINCE EVERYTHING ALWAYS LOOKS SO DYNAMIC AND AESTHETICLY PLEASING

A Tiny Problem, Part 3

Heyo! I’m back with another chapter of A Tiny Problem! And may i just say, I am absolutely floored by how much everyone seems to be enjoying this! Thank you so much for all of your support!

Part 1     Part 2 

Tag List (let me know if you want to be added/removed!): @cefmua56 @mewsicalmiss @ashrain5 @princeyssash @twettypuff @softvirgil @i-m-p-a-l-a-6-7 @alivingfandoomreference @cinquefoilelove @wizxrdscorbus

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Request: Hello darling. I saw you take requests :D Could you do Crowley x reader, where reader is Lucifer’s daughter and reader finds out that she is pregnant and reader with Crowley have to tell the news to Lucifer?

Requested By: @karlamoriarty

Warnings: Language, pregnancy, anxiety

Word Count: 1,180

Pairing: Crowley x Pregnant!Reader, Father!Lucifer x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Reader, Crowley, Lucifer, Doctor (Actual medical doctor, not the doctor)

A/N: I hope you like it girlie! I tried to follow the request as much as I could, but I kinda took it further than I thought I would lol. I’ve got lots of free time this weekend so keep requesting!

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