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What happened with you and your ex?

tbh i broke up with her. long story short when we were together her friends were complete bitches to me and her ex was annoying and when we first started dating she wasn’t even over her and it always pissed me off and i saw a post on insta the other day of them all hanging out and it set me the fuck off. i guess i just realized i made the right decision breaking up with her bc she apparently has zero respect for me and the people you hangout with say a lot about who you are. i don’t need toxic people like that in my life. it wasn’t meant to be and i’m honestly ready to move on with my life and create more and sing and make movies and just fucking be the best i can be.


pairing: draco malfoy x blaise zabini x ginny weasley
word count: 1632
 I started writing this the other week, after first seeing this post pop up on my dashboard and being inspired. anyways, now that I’m done nano I decided it was time to finish it off. hope you enjoy!

“What the fuck have you done to yourself, Zabini?”

Blaise is standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom they share, turning his head to the left and right. Over his shoulder, Draco is glaring also into the mirror, squinting slightly through the post-shower fog to catch a glimpse of whatever it is that’s sparking in Blaise’s nose.

“Piercing.” Blaise responds, voice smooth and deep as always. “Do you like it?” He turns on his heel and notices that Draco’s eyes skim down over his chest, muscular and still dripping from his shower. It takes a minute for the pale blonde to flick his eyes up to Blaise’s face.

“Hmm.” Draco muses, and steps closer, into the muggy heat of the bathroom. He leans a little closer still, looking at the way the thin gold ring contrasts against Blaise’s dark skin. On another man, it might look like a bull ring. On Blaise, it makes him look regal, disarming. More so than he already is, which Draco hadn’t actually thought was possible. “That depends.” He decides, and Blaise raises a brow.


Draco closes the distance between them and presses his lips against his boyfriends, claiming them in an aggressive kiss. “Can I still do this?” He murmurs against Blaise’s lips, nipping the bottom one possessively.

“God yes,” Blaise mumbles back, suddenly grateful that he hadn’t bothered to put his clothes back on.

“Have you gotten another one?”

Blaise is unwrapping a thin scarf from around his neck, and he nearly curses Draco’s incredibly excellent eyesight at catching the ring that is now nestled on the inside of his left ear.

“Yes.” He says, simply.

Draco rolls his eyes as he crosses their small apartment to take a closer look. “I mean, I certainly understand rebelling against your parents-“

“Wasn’t I your rebellion?”

“Exactly.” Draco grins, unable to stop himself. “But, you’ve only just gotten the other one. Your mother is in, what, Sicily right now? She’s not even seen the first one yet.”

Blaise shrugs in a way that looks like liquid and wraps his arms around Draco’s body, tugging him closer still and pressing a kiss to the blonde’s forehead. “You’re right. Actually, I was trying to get the piercers number.”

Draco can’t help it, he rolls his eyes again. “And?”

“No luck. I believe her exact wording was ‘ I don’t date cocky assholes.’”

Draco can’t stop the snort that escapes his lips. “She’s not wrong, you know. You are rather cocky.”

“Why shouldn’t I be? I’m gorgeous, dating a stunning man, I can still date pretty girls…” Blaise grins, charming and seductive and definitely cocky. “Speaking of cocks,” he mumbles, and slides his hand down Draco’s front.

The next one takes three weeks. He doesn’t even make a show of not mentioning it. “What do you think?” It’s his other ear now, a small golden flower sparking with emerald gems pressed against the flat cartilage on top.

“A flower?” Draco says, with a sigh.

“Flowers are pretty.” Blaise says, already pulling his shirt off. “I like pretty things.” He reaches for Draco’s shirt and, thankfully, the blonde doesn’t complain.

“Jesus,” Draco mumbles, as Blaise kisses his neck and then lower with fervour. “You’re always so horny when you get home. What’s so great about this girl? Do her nipples taste like whiskey?”

Blaise laughs, now on his knees and tugging Draco’s pants down to his ankles. “I’m not sure. Still can’t convince her to come on a date. But, if you met her, you’d agree with me.” And then his mouth is too occupied to explain any further, and Draco is definitely not complaining.

“I’ve figured out how to get her to agree to go one a date with me.”

Blaise is lying next to Draco in bed, tracing his finger over his boyfriend’s pale skin, enjoying the way Draco flinches to try and stop himself from laughing. Draco likes to pretend he’s not ticklish, because apparently it isn’t manly to giggle. Blaise knows better. He always knows better.

“Well, go on, entertain me.” Draco drawls, voice still thick with sleep.

Blaise grins, and leans forward to nip at one of Draco’s small nipples. “I’m going to get my cock pierced.”

Draco sits bolt upright, nearly smacking his head into Blaise’s as he goes. “Excuse me?” He sputters, looking over at his boyfriend as though he’s grown a second head.

Blaise shrugs, unaffected. “I figure, once she sees what she’s missing out on she’ll have to say yes.”

“But!” Draco is shaking his head now, trying to wrap his mind around this. “I happen to like that cock.”

“Who’s to say you won’t like it more with a ring in it? Could be good for… stimulation…”

“Blaise, get your hand off me.” Draco chides, but he only half-heartedly smacks the dark hand away from his body. “Right. This is it. I need to see this girl with my own eyes and figure out exactly what’s causing this reaction.”

Blaise, sure that Draco can’t see the glint of his eyes, doesn’t stop the devious smile that breaks out over his face.

They go to the piercing studio that afternoon, Blaise’s fingers twined around Draco’s as they open the door and step in out of the cold. Draco spots her immediately. He’s not sure why he’s so convinced this is the girl - she isn’t Blaise’s usual type.

She’s short, with wide shoulders and thin hips and long straight red hair. She’s got a ring through her bottom lip, a stud in her nose, and he can see nearly a dozen in one of her ears. It’s probably because of the way she grins when she spots Blaise, and then her face falls when she glances down and realizing he’s holding someone’s hand. A man’s hand.

Normally, Draco would count that as a point for him. Their relationship has always been open and comfortable like that, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy getting to be the one Blaise comes home to more often than not. Except. Except, he can’t help but wonder what this girl sounds like when she comes, what her creamy skin tastes like under his tongue. What she would look like with Blaise on top of her. If she could take them both.

His mouth goes dry. Blaise glances over, and grins. And suddenly it all clicks.

“You bastard.” He whispers, under his breath, and Blaise pretends he hasn’t heard as he turns towards the redhead.

“Gin,” he greets, warmly. His voice is lacking the usual layer he spreads on thick as honey when he’s trying to seduce women. He sounds genuine. She smiles back and heads over to greet the men.

“Blaise, good to see you again.” Draco can tell she’s trying to keep her voice neutral, but failing - she seems to wear her heart on her sleeve, or at least on the furrow in her brow.

“This is my boyfriend, Draco.” Blaise introduces, letting go of Draco’s hand so that he can shake the girls.

“Ginny, nice to meet you.”

Draco can’t help it, he plucks her hand out of the air and presses his warm lips to the back of her knuckles, and his own voice is certainly husky when he speaks. “The pleasure is all mine.”

Ginny flushes and removes her hand and looks to Blaise. “What can I do for you today? Another piercing already?”

Blaise shakes his head, and looks back to Draco who can’t seem to take his eyes off the redhead. When Blaise glances over, he realizes it is because her shirt has shifted and he can now see the outline of a barbel in her nipple through the thin cotton. “Not today, love. Actually, I figured I’d see if you were still intent on not giving me your number.”

Ginny’s frown deepens and she looks back over to Draco, who forces himself to meet her eyes instead of her breasts with his gaze. “Am I missing something?”

Draco decides he can handle this situation better than his cocky asshole of a boyfriend. “You see, we’re not entirely… conventional.” Draco explains. “I suppose you’d classify our relationship as open?”

At this, her red eyebrows perk up in interest and she looks back at Blaise, before licking her lips. “Interesting.”

Blaise is about to say something, but Draco speaks before his boyfriend can, unable to stop himself. “How much did that hurt?” He asks, waving at her chest vaguely.

Now, Ginny smirks and steps slightly closer to him. “Nothing I couldn’t handle, though, I’m a bit of a fan of pain. Bit unconventional myself, I suppose.”

Blaise swallows thickly beside him, and Draco smirks in response. “When does your shift end?”

She glances back over her shoulder behind the counter. The man standing there is tall, and his red hair matches hers, though it’s tied up in a bun at the back of his head. He has a tattoo of what looks like a dragon wrapped around his arm, and a large scar across the left side of his neck. She seems to have an entire conversation with him in a series of brow raises and intense glares, and then she turns back and flashes a stunning smile at the two tall men in front of her.

“Right now. Tell me that you live close.”

Blaise has found his voice again, and he steps forward and slips one of his large dark hands into her small creamy one. “Two blocks.” He says.

“Perfect. Lead the way.” 

Draco slips his hand down into her other one and they leave the shop together, and Draco decides firmly that if all of Blaise’s rebellions look like this, he’ll be the first one in line to buy a megaphone in the morning.

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I don’t know who the fuck decided to spread this rumor around, but suddenly pics like these are showing up all over the Internet and I need to say something about this:


There’s no way I can be any clearer about this. For the first pic, if anyone even tried to click on the link or look up the website, they would have learned that IT’S A FUCKING TROLLING WEBSITE FULL OF FAKE ARTICLES. And even if you didn’t look it up, the fact that they even give a WAY-TOO-SPECIFIC DATE is an obvious clue that it’s not real. If there really was a season 2 in production, they might give an estimated year, but they’d never give a full air date two years in advance. Come on, think people. They don’t even do that for movies.

As for the second pic, just fucking look up the damn website, Shareonfb. Right on the front it says “Create fake stories and prank your friends!” You can’t get any more obvious than that people.

Unless you see an article posted by Anime News Network, Crunchyroll, Kotaku, and other reliable anime news sites, DON’T BELIEVE A FUCKING WORD YOU HEAR OR READ. THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION THAT OURAN WILL GET A SEASON 2 IN THE NEAR FUTURE OR AT ALL. This goes for any other anime continuations. Of course we want a season 2! It would be great if they continued to follow Bisco Hatori’s beloved story until the end! But if you see something like this pop up, YOU NEED TO DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE SPREADING IT AROUND. ALL IT DOES IS CAUSE CONFUSION, FALSE HOPE, AND MAKE PEOPLE VERY ANGRY.


Thank you and have a good day.

Okay BuT One More thing @CACW

first of all this is a great fucking movie. not gonna lie. we all know that. batman v superman sucked zombie balls to critics and hardcore fans alike. this movie was compared to fucking Star Wars The Force Awakens. not only that but it holds sentimental value bc this is what lit my SamSteve fire. CATWS i was fine. the final scene of this movie fucked me up. 

so did this poster.

Because in the plot and pre-established relationships, the only people facing off against each other who actually have legit BEEF is RDJ and Chris. Then Sam *my babes* Wilson is mandatorily on his left. But Black Widow is the one standing right beside Tony Stark…. ????why????

Sure she’s one of the most badass female characters alive but if anyone should be directly by his side it’s fucking Rhodey. Give Tony back his fucking Rhodey, Marvel. And you better remember he doesn’t like being handed things.

Rhodey being by Tony’s side also makes more sense due to the parallels between his role and Sam Wilson’s. They are 2 of the 5 people on the poster w/o super powers (Black Widow has superpowers. this is not up for discussion) and the two characters who give up and inevitably lose the most by the film’s conclusion. Rhodey’s health and Sam’s freedom

This poster pisses me off and this is my salty seating chart:

Steve Rogers/Captain America V.S. Tony Stark/Iron man

Sam Wilson/Falcon V.S. James Rhodes/War Machine

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch V.S. J.A.R.V.I.S./Vision

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier V.S. T’Challa/Black Fucking Panther

then nat and clint play fighting bc they bffs

ok bye

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Nickname: davey

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Last thing I googled: first person to ever evolve magikarp (bc i wanted to know ok spoiler alert i came up with jackshit for results)

Favorite musicians: twenty one pilots, the postal service, keaton henson, jon bellion, james blake, dave.

Song stuck in my head: this place is a prison by the postal service
Last movie I watched: big hero 6

Last TV show I watched: steven universe

What are you wearing right now: john egbert shirt and some fucking 👌👀 pikachu sweatpants
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What kind of stuff do I post?: things that make laugh or that remind me of important people

Do you have any other blogs: yeah ive got one for asorted ae but i abandoned it, one for pastel things, two coping/vent, one glow/techy ae, one for a zodiac group im in

Do you get asks regularly?: nah but the ones i do get are really special to me

Why did you choose your URL?: i had this weird ass dream where someone called me a firefly and it stuck while ephemeral is just a pretty word that fits

Gender: dudebro genderfluid (he/him)

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff

Pokemon team: instinct, friend
Fave color: red, navy, yellow

Average hours of sleep: 5.7 hours

Lucky number: 8, 13, 14, 15
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Dream job: i like to songing would song for free tbh
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also before i forget i got tagged in a meme by @winnifredburkle​ and i never get tagged for stuff like this so fuck it, here’s six movies i can watch any time, any where

1. clue (1985)

fucking hilarious. includes a hysterical tim curry, a divine lesley ann warren, and the late great madeline kahn. FIRST ENDING’S MY FAVOURITE

2. labyrinth (1986)

i grew up on this one and it’s a dear, dear movie to my heart. with david bowie’s recent passing, i’ve been feeling a serious need to sit down and watch it again soon.

3. the hobbit (2012-2014) (yes it counts as one)


4. who framed roger rabbit (1988)

it’s honestly just a really, really clever movie and i adore the juxtaposition of cartoons and reality (same goes for space jam, don’t you judge me). plus, like many people, i got a little of the hots for jessica rabbit. shh.

5. hellboy (2004)

i know, i know, it doesn’t adhere to the spirit of the comics at all, but it was my introduction to the world of hellboy, bprd, and all that jazz. and ron perlman could get it in that costume. (second movie? what second movie???)

6. spirited away (2001)

cries about this movie until the end of fucking time

uhhh…tagging!! tagging?? fuckin’ i don’t know, consider yourself tagged if you saw this, lmao

hi hello!! tysm for answering my previous ask a little while back!! youre wonderful!! could i request a scenerio of mccree w a s/o who cries super easily during movies?? thank you very much!! have a lovely day!!

 i am so damn sorry but for some reason this ask is just? not working for me. first, i wrote it with the wrong character how did i fuck up that bad  and then, i started writing it again, only to hit post in the middle of it?? today is rough tbh

anyway! i hope you like this i poured my soul directly into this request cause it’s a super cute request, and it deserves a quality fic

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Just right now I saw someone’s shitty post about how Doctor Strange is a racist movie and it’s pissing me off. First off, Doctor Strange is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE SUPERHERO OKAY!!! Second, all of you whiny little bitch babies saying shit like “don’t pay money for this crap” are fucking Marvel over in the long run. You’re gonna shit on them for “whitewashing” a movie but once they stop making movies bc of all this crap where you gonna be? Exactly, you’re gonna be there fucking crying and complaining that there’s no good movies anymore. LASTLY, this has nothing to do with racism but why didn’t any of you fucksticks complain that the Ancient One was going to be a girl, huh? I mean it’s clearly a guy in the comics so what’s up where were you when this news was out? Oops, I forgot that you “feminist” pieces of shit don’t give a shit if a guy is robbed of anything huh lol. YOU ARE ALL HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLES AND I’M SO FUCKING ANGRY ANYONE THAT IS HATING ON DOCTOR STEPHEN STRANGE CAN UNFOLLOW RIGHT FUCKING NOW UGH

Sorry but I gotta get this off my chest

Let it be known it wasn’t the NH fandom that first got so bent out of shape over vague spoilers of The Last that they lashed out and then tried to flip the script and play victim when we got tired of (politely no less) trying to tell them to calm the fuck down and wait for context.

It isn’t the NH fandom jumping onto posts bringing up Sakura or SS where it ain’t even mentioned in attempt to feel superior.

It ain’t us that actually confessed to feeling like the NH fandom celebration over The Last was gloating that their ship was better than SS. As though the NH fandom shouldn’t be allowed to be excited over the movie just because it ain’t give SS much fanservice.

NH was never the aggressor in this whole deal. Do we vent on the situation to ourselves? Damn right we do. Do we defend our points of view? Of course. Have we ever expressed the superiority complex we’re constantly being accused of as a fandom? Nope, its only one little faction thats obsessed with who’s “Alpha” and who’s “Beta”. The ones making the silly posts about being “the only pairing made canon on panel” and insisting to this day despite Kishi having his prints all over it that The Last isn’t canon because God forbid NH get a canon movie focused on them and SS, the “main pairing” not.

But, yknow, I’m the one that’s bitter and has an agenda when I made it clear from the get go that I’ve grown apathetic to SS as a ship but understood why it would be canon. So I’m not going out of my way to taunt that silly faction in my theory of Sarada being a clone. Whether she is or not has no bearing on the ship as it is. Sasuke’s still her dad (who has some serious making up to do once they get Sakura back), and Sakura’s still her mom who raised her, which is the entire point of the last chapter. The only thing Sakura being the biological mother does is pacify SS fans who fear the fuck out of Karin having anything at all to do with Sarada’s existence (and he only reason she would have anything to do with Sarada’s existence is to supply Uzumaki genes. Chakra chains and life force. That’s it.) because of Die For Our Ship mentality the moment she was revealed to be a fangirl. To everyone else the Gaiden will be a waste of time and forced melodrama because Sakura couldn’t crop a picture and Sasuke can’t keep an eye on his own daughter.

NH is bitter, but the moment you felt Sakura got the short end of the stick with Sasuke being gone for 12 years SS fans just said “fuck Hinata” and supported NS, claiming it to be for Sakura’s happiness at the expense of Hinata AND Naruto. Pushing the whole “Team 7 is Naruto’s real family” bullshit all to spite NH yet turning around and pushing that whole “and Naruto” third wheel nonsense. Claiming to be fans of “canon” Hinata because Hinata in The Last didn’t fit their headcanon, which ain’t no different than what NS fans did with Sakura. Crying about how Sakura was a cupid in the Last but having no problems with Naruto fixing the mess Sasuke and Sakura created with Sarada. In fact outright shifting blame to him for being out of the loop when in fact they kept the truth from him. Blaming SP for everything (even crying over them making Hinata look prettier than Sakura) because “Only Kishimoto knows SS” and then he turns around and makes Sasuke absent over a decade. But oh, you say, “Sakura sees him occasionally!” But doesn’t consider updating him on his daughter’s growth or suggesting he see her? I saw one theory that the paper bags in Sarada’s flashback is lunch for Sasuke, implying Sakura is going out to meet with Sasuke in a very scene his daughter is begging to know when he’ll return. But SS isn’t problematic at all. Right. I’m not saying the relationship is horrible. Far from it. But don’t try to act high and mighty like it doesn’t have some real faults. You’re taking scraps Kishi gives you and making it out like its a gourmet meal because YOU are obsessed with portraying yourself as the “Alpha” pairing and its depressing.

This is directed to that particular faction, not the entire SS fandom, who already look at them as a laughing stock. How’s THAT for “accuracy”.

This is the last rant I’ll make on this matter.

  1. Running past smirking (and short) d-bags like it’s my job.
  2. Though he got the last laugh: he actually beat me based on chip time. Fuck that guy.
  3. This makes three selifes in two days, which means I’m at quota until about the end of the year.
  4. I signed up for my first and probably last half-marathon: Milwaukee in November. 
  5. This makes two running posts in two days, which means I’m at quota until, well, the half-marathon. #nobody_cares_about_your_fitness
  6. Good to get another confirmation today that I follow the right people, and also that I don’t follow the right people. Lots of garbage thinking out there beyond my fortress walls.
  7. Finally saw Mockingjay Part 2 last night (yes I don’t movie in a timely fashion) and was pretty disappointed. You got three (3) Oscar winners in that cast; hire a gotdamn writer.