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5 years away Pt. 2

Title: “I’ll always be there for you”

A/N: Enjoy the really long pt 2. I still have more ideas so let me know if you want pt 3! @sarasmismyonlydefence

Warning: death 

Part One

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It had been a few days since that disastrous night, you hoped that this whole trip was a dream and you would wake up in your loft back in New York. That wasn’t the case though. You had woken up in your childhood bedroom. In disappointment you made your way out in to the small kitchen the trailer held, finding your sister refilling her coffee cup. Knowing her it was probably already her 3rd cup the morning. 

“Good morning. Any news on dad?” You asked as your grabbed your own coffee cup out of the familiar cabinet.  She nodded as she sipped her coffee, “All this vitals came back up over night so the doctors think the antibiotics are working, but he is extremely exhausted. Mom went up to the hospital to spend a little time with him this morning and then she’s gonna come back here so that we can spend time together before I leave.”

You listened to what she was saying as you filled your coffee cup making it just how you like it. You were relieved to hear the new about your dad. “Maybe I can head to Pop’s when mom is on her way home and grab dinner like old times.” 

The idea made you both smile, remembering the good old days. “I think mom would love that. Not to pry or anything but I saw you grab those dog tags out of your old jacket the other night. Perhaps you went to see a certain someone.” You quickly shook your head. Wanting to continue the conversation with her, you nodded over to the couch both going to it.

“Actually I was going to avoid a certain someone. I just went to the Wyrm to see Toni and Fangs because I was promised her wouldn’t be there, but things didn’t turn out that way.” You self-consciously moved your hand down to your left wrist which held your snake and his initials. You shivered at the remembrance of how cold his was to you. 

“What did you accept of him Y/N? You left him. He has a right to be pissed off. Hell if you told him you were leaving he probably would’ve went with you. You hurt him so you’re gonna have to give him time and I’m sure you showing up on his territory in front of his people that he now leads wasn’t smart either.”

You knew everything you sister had said was true but still you weren’t use to Sweet Pea’s bad side. You didn’t like this cold place. “I know that but I can’t change it. 5 years is a lot of time. We are probably two different people with old feelings.”Your sister laughed at your response. “The two of you might have spent 5 years apart but neither one of you have changed. Matured yes but changed no. You are the same person who showed Sweet Pea had a soft side. He is the same person who showed that you had a bad side and that you did belong somewhere.”

You smiled hearing what she was saying but it was a sad smile. You knew that having such a connection with him wasn’t something that you two would explore again. Y/S/N didn’t stop there at letting you have it though, “But what you need to do is stop pretending that he was the one who hurt you. I know it’s different being on his cold side not thinking it was a place you would ever be, but you are. So suck it up and if you see him again apologize. Just don’t do it in front of seprents.”

While taking in the conversation with your sister, which was more like her lecturing you, she got up. “I have a few errands to run. I will be back later.” You nodded in response. “Oh and I almost forgot I ran in to FP last night and he got word you were in town and wants to see you.” You gave her a confused look but she only shrugged and walked out the door. What would FP want with you? 

Trying to avoid finding out, you sat on the couch for another hour aimlessly flipping through channels on the television, but you couldn’t stop wondering what FP wanted with you. Giving in you grabbed a jacket and headed to his trailer. You walked up the few stairs hearing a voice or two inside. You knocked and heard footsteps come towards the door immediately. The door opened and a familiar figure stood in front of you. 

“I see you still haven’t grown out of that hat.” Getting a laugh in response, Jughead turned around where you assumed FP was. “Dad, a special visitor is here.” Jughead moved out of the way, letting you in. You walked in, the door closing behind you.

 Looking around you spotted FP sitting at the table. You smiled at him as he pointed to the seat across from him. Sitting down you looked at him. He hadn’t aged much and he looked sober which was a good look on him.“Sober looks good on you FP.” You said in hopes not to offend him though. “You sound like my boy Y/N.” You made eye contact with Jughead smiling. Getting FP sober was something he wanted for so long. It was great to see it had happened. 

“Not that I wouldn’t love to catch up with you guys but my sister said you wanted to see me and I’m sure it wasn’t to talk about your sobriety.” You spat out a little top harshly. That caused the whole domineer of your visit to change. “How long are you here for?” FP’s voice was now strict and to the point. “Until my dad gets out of the hospital maybe a little after. Why? What does this have to do with you FP?”

“I need you out as soon as possible Y/N. We have some serpent business to take care of and with you here, you are going to do nothing but distract Sweet Pea. We can’t have that.”You were floored at the way he was speaking to you and demanding you to get out of Riverdale. “I’m not here for Sweet Pea so calm down. I’m not gonna take your precious King away. In case you have forgotten I am, well was, a serpent I know how things work around here.  I’m not here for any other reason but my dad FP. We weren’t even suppose to run in to each other-“

“But you did.” Jughead interrupted. You were growing frustrated at this conversation. How could such good family friends treat you in such a hostile way?

“Only because he finished talking to FP earlier than planned. Didn’t he have some meeting here the other night? That was the only reason I went to the Whyte Wyrm because he wasn’t suppose to be there. I don’t want to run in to him any more than he wants to run in to me.” The expressions on FP’s and Jughead’s face told me that he didn’t have any meeting here a few nights ago. Your shoulders fell and you let out a loud sigh. Confirming your fears, Toni had lied to you.

 “Listen guys, I’m trying to stay away from everyone okay? I just wanted to see some old friends and it back fired. I’m just trying to keep to myself now. So go about your business.” Your voice had now softened. This trip had already became emotionally draining for you and it was only day 2. You stood up ready to end this rondayvoo. “It was nice seeing you guys, but I gotta go pick up food from Pop’s.”  

“Let me walk you. I’m actually meeting Betty there.” You chuckled at the habit that hadn’t broken between the two of them. As you guys walked out of FP’s trailer leaving him behind, Jughead turned to you. “I’m sorry about that but things have been tense between the Ghoulies lately and we need Sweet Pea in the right frame of mind to lead us.”

“I get it.” And you did, but what you would never tell Jughead was that it wasn’t any of their business what was going on between you and Sweet Pea. “I should warn you though. Pop’s has become a little bit of a hang out for there serpents now.” You threw your head back in annoyance. “I think I need to move my parents to the Northside.”

“Yeah because your serpent dad will really love that.” You both laughed. The conversation continued, as you approached Pop’s seeing a clan of motorcycles in the parking lot. The conversation was interrupted as your phone rang. You pulled it out of your pocket seeing your sister’s name appear on the screen.

 “Hey. I’m getting ready to walk into Pop’s now. You still want your usual right? You’ll never guess who I’m walking with-“She cut you off by letting out a sob. “Y/N stop. I don’t care about food right now.” You stopped walking as you heard her sob. Jughead stopped once he realized you weren’t by his side and gave you a confused face.“Y/S/N what happened? Is dad okay? What’s going on?” You were now freaked out. Being too focused on the phone, you hadn’t seen Jughead look in to the window of Pop’s and make eye contact with Sweet Pea. He made a gesture to Sweet Pea to come outside followed with a sad face knowing this call wasn’t a good one.

“He is gone Y/N. Dad is gone.” At your sister’s words, you dropped your phone. You had completely zoned out. Hearing a muffled sound of Jughead calling your name, your vision turned blurry. How could he be gone? He was doing so well today. He was suppose to be okay. It was just ammonia. He couldn’t be gone. He would miss everything. He will miss your whole life. He won’t be there to walk you done the aisle or hold your future children. He won’t be there to watch you finally graduate from law school. Who would help you fix your motorcycle? Who would stand up for you to your mom because you were a serpent? Oh mom, who would she grow old with now?

All the thoughts overwhelmed you. Your knees began to shake. As they gave out someone caught you. “I’ve got you babygirl. I’ve got you.” That sweet voice played in your ear and you had completely lost it. Turning in to Sweet Pea’s chest, you began to sob. Unknowingly, Jughead, Toni and Fangs stood behind the two of you all with concerned faces. “Let us take her home.” Toni said to Sweet Pea. He just shook his head. “I’ve got her.” Everyone knew that the type of relationship you had with your dad was the one you cherished the most. Everyone knew that they would all have to come together to help you get through this.

He wasn’t going to let you go right now and for that you were thankful for. “Fangs, let me take your truck. I’m not putting her on my bike like this.” Fangs nodded and they switched keys. You had pulled yourself out of Sweet Pea’s chest and turned to Toni, just hugging her not caring that she lied to you at the moment. “Be nice to him.” You pulled away and gave her a small nod.

 Hearing the door of a truck open and close, you figured that was your cue. Getting in to the truck, it was filled with nothing but silence minus you sobs still coming. Sweet Pea kept looking over to you not knowing how to comfort you. If it were 5 years ago, you would’ve been cuddled in to his side with his arm wrapped around you. And that was the best way he knew how to comfort you. So that’s what he did. He grabbed your arm and pulled you over in to his side.It felt natural to cuddle in to his side again. But he made sure to ruin the moment, “Please don’t think this changes anything.”

 You didn’t respond right away. Debating whether it was the right time to have this talk. “For whatever it’s worth, I’m sorry Pea. I’m so sorry.” This time he didn’t respond, he didn’t know how to. He couldn’t forgive you but he felt like it was the right thing to do at the time. After not getting a response from him, you pulled away and moved back to your side of the truck. You couldn’t put yourself in to this conversation right now when you had a much bigger issue going on.

The whole situation sent you in to hysterics again. Thankfully, the truck had parked in front of your parent’s trailer, while mom’s trailer now. You quickly got out, muttering a small thank you. Noticing FP’s, Tall Boy’s and a couple of the older serpents trucks and bikes, you figured word had gotten out. 

Calming your tears before you went inside, you gave Sweet Pea one last look before walking inside. When you walked in, everyone’s eyes turned to you. But you didn’t want anyone’s sympathy right now. You just wanted your dad back. You went straight to your room.You laid right down and began to cry again. How was this place going to feel like home without your dad? How could he leave you? You couldn’t seem to wrap your head around it. You jumped when you felt your bed sink down. “It’s just me.” You sighed. He didn’t need to be here. It wasn’t his responsibility anymore. You flipped over to your other side to tel him just that. “You can leave Pea. I’ll be fine.”

He moved his hand to your cheek trying to wipe away your tears, but they just kept on rolling. “We both know you won’t be. I’m not going anywhere.”

Querencia [ Part 4 ]

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🌸 Pairing: Jungkook x reader (y/n)

🌸 Author’s Note:  Man, I lost sleep for a few days; it’s giving me a headache. Good news: I finally have time to do what I like to do: writing and making content.

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“Are you sure this is a good idea? I don’t want you to get in trouble…”

“Relax y/n, I’ve done this multiple times and I was fine the next day.”

“…Today would be a good day to counter that statement.”

“Don’t jinx it then and stop worrying. C’mon, it’s just around the corner.”

The skies were painted with the sunset hues of pinks, blues, and lavender as Jungkook led the way through the streets of Seoul. Everywhere I looked, it was filled with people either rushing to go home after a day’s work or with students finding places to recover from school. The weather was just right; not too hot and not too cold.

It was honestly a perfect afternoon if not for the fact that it worried me so much that we went out without his manager. He at least had his usual disguise on but let’s be real: when did it ever actually work?

“…You’re frowning again, y/n. You’re gonna get wrinkles early if you keep that up.”

“I wouldn’t be getting wrinkles soon if you just told your manager beforehand what we’re up to.”

“We’re not gonna do something stupid. Have a little faith in me.”

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Camp Camp Secret Santa 2017

Happy Holidays to @conky-in-action! It was so much fun to participate in this year’s @campcamp-secretsanta, and I hope you enjoy this little fic!

(Credit for the brilliant Christmas tree idea goes to @hopefullypessimistic84, who helped me out of a serious rut, writing-wise.)

“For Christ’s sake, let me g –”

“Your scarf is dragging, Max! Just – stop – for a second –”

“It’s a thousand degrees!”

Gwen glanced up from her phone, abandoning the “I’m here” text she’d been about to send David. She’d been worrying about how she would be able to find them in the crush of people thronging the train station, but of course she should’ve realized they wouldn’t be hard to find. “Guys?” she called, pocketing her phone and tightening her grip on her bag.

David’s head popped up over the crowd – a second’s flash of a robin’s egg blue pompom bouncing into the air – and then he was pushing through the throng, nearly tripping over his own feet and several others’ before stumbling to a halt in front of her. “Gwen!” he cried, flinging one arm around her with the other awkwardly held out behind him. “It’s so good to see you! Max!” His body twisted in the direction of his outstretched arm, gently tugging Max forward. “Look who’s here!”

Max rolled his eyes, shuffling his feet but letting himself be drawn into the hug by David’s mittened hand in his. “So? She’s here all the time.”

David had cajoled his young houseguest into full winter gear this month, Gwen noticed; last time it had been a constant battle of shed clothing and loud arguments. And judging by the way Max’s scarf was only loosely draped around his neck, both ends soaked and filthy and threatening to trip him with every step, it was a fight David had only barely won. She resisted the urge to kneel down as he approached, knowing it’d only make his mood more sour. “Nice to see you too, asshole.”

David frowned, but Max’s eyes flicked up to meet hers, and she could’ve sworn she saw the ghost of a smirk cross his face for a second.

“Come on, guys, it’s Christmas! We’ve never all been together for Christmas like this! Isn’t that special?”

“Maybe if you stopped shoving holiday bullshit down our throats,” Max muttered, yanking his hand free and shoving them in his coat pockets.

She glanced over at David, watching the sunshine in his face fight with worry and plain sullen disappointment. They’d talked about Max’s increasing bad mood as Christmas drew closer, over text and phone and Facebook and email (and even the occasional concerned snap; she was pretty sure he would’ve sent his fears of being a good guardian by carrier pigeon if he’d known how). She was of the opinion that Max was a kid and kids were assholes, but David was convinced there was something deeper going on.

Judging by the frustration that drew his eyebrows together and thinned his lips, he hadn’t hunted down that “something” just yet.

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member: kang daniel (ft. ong seongwu)
genre: angst, fluff
summary: daniel graduated from university in canada and came back to korea only to find out you have another best friend.
a/n: this is my attempt of writing when i’m not forced to. i’m going on a clean slate… also, i’m writing for a female reader… i’m sorry! i usually try to make my stories gender neutral as possible. & holy fuck…. ? ?? ?  this is 2.9k words. im shook……. also, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO BABY BOY, KANG DANIEL. i meant to post this yesterday but… this kept getting longer and longer… so…. 

when he walked through the door of his old house for the first time, he took in the smell of cats and his favorite foods lingering in the air and immediately went off to find his two kids.

“i swear you love them more than you love me,” his mother shook her head while smiling to herself as she went straight into the kitchen to heat up his dinner she was preparing all day.

“that’s not true,” he pouted as he followed her into the kitchen, reaching out to hug her by the waist, “you’re my favorite.”

“you say that like you’re not going to seoul next week.”

“i’m going to see y/n, mom.”

“are you two finally dating?” she stopped what she was doing to look at him. she could tell when he was lying always. he was never really good at it especially that time in midd school when he hid his first cat in his room because he was scared his dad wouldn’t let him keep him. he kept meowing throughout the day to coverup for his cute little stray.

daniel furrowed his brow and let go of his mom. “we’re just friends. i’m going to see her as my friend. how many time do i have to tell you?” he asked her.

“i’ve seen you put your arm around her and pull her even closer to you. daniel, that’s a move!” she pointed out as she imitated how he would pull you closer to him with the air. 

“oh my god, mom. that’s not what i do!”

“you so do it,” she said as she continued to mimic her own son, “kiddo, let’s go to the movies.


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Fake It

Summary: Bjorn has been your neighbor and best friend for 4 years. His daughter Siggy happens to be your son’s best friend also. Out of the blue Bjorn asks you to act like his girlfriend during a weekend getaway which happens to be his family reunion.

Series Warnings: Smut (in later chapters), NSFW, language, drinking, AU! Modern!Bjorn, Reader is a single mother of a 4 year old boy, angst, dub-con

Acknowledgements: first and foremost this series is inspired by another called “Let’s Pretend” by Bovaria aka Tesla. I owe her many thanks for allowing me to write this. If you wish to check her blog out she is now under @captainrogerss     If you wish to read the series “Let’s Pretend” you can find it on archive of our own under the author Bovaria. 

It was an easy, quiet night when you heard the door open. You remained still with your glass of wine in your hand and let out a sigh. Only one person in the neighborhood knew where your spare key was.

“Y/N, I need to talk to you real quick.” Bjorn’s voice was surprisingly soft and quiet.

You stood up from your couch and turned around to see your neighbor with his beautiful daughter, Siggy asleep in his arms. He moved slowly to place the sleeping child on the couch and motioned you towards the kitchen.

“What’s going On? Everything alright?” You whispered.

Bjorn smiled down at you. “Don’t worry, Siggy is safe.”

You finished your glass of wine and leaned against your counter. “Okay, so then what is it?”

“Well… I feel really bad about asking this-”

Bjorn chuckled nervously. 

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Shameless - Theo Raeken

I am SO SORRY it took me this long to write this! I hope someone is still willing to read it.

Word count: 5000+

Warnings: SMUT!, unprotected sex.

Pairing: Theo/Fem!Reader

You hadn’t seen him in over a year.

The last memory you had of him was the expression on his face the moment he was dragged into the ground by his sister’s corpse, the last sound coming from his mouth was a desperate cry for help. Despite the fact that the two of you had a purely physical relationship, the truth about Theo Raeken’s intentions hurt you just like the hell he had been sent to, and it made you suffer more than you would have expected. You thought that watching him kill your brother, turn your friends against each other and torture your best friend would make you hate him more than you actually loved him – because, no matter how hard you tried to deny it, you did love him -, but once again he proved you wrong. You knew he had tried to protect you from his own actions, but he couldn’t hide the truth about himself: he was selfish and dangerous, and you didn’t have room for sociopaths in your life.

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Guys I’m all about supporting the twins, but this “contest” … This “contest” is gonna be a shit show! I thought it was dropped but nope here it is. & its happening. So get ready for all the drama, & hate it’s gonna bring. (As if we don’t have enough of that in the fandom already 🙄)

Not every fan has a fan Instagram account. & they probably wouldn’t want to post it on their personal account.

Also why isn’t this open to international fans? That’s not fair. International fans miss out on so much. Like follow sprees, dm sprees, being able to meet them, & now this contest? Yikes.

I love that the twins want to give someone the chance to hang with them, but there’s so many other ways of doing this “contest”. & making it fair to EVERYONE! But hey!

Good luck to those who take part in it! 💕

The Best and the Worst of You

Chapter 9: Arin’s Danny

AO3 | Read chapter 1 | more

Dan had been scared before. He’d played horror games and hated them. He’d been in dangerous situations and cried until he had no more tears to cry. He’d been away from Arin for longer than he should have, and panicked that the younger man might do something dangerous to himself. He’d met Arins who had been close to ending their own existence, and heard of Dan’s that had disappeared altogether. Truly, Dan was a naturally anxious person - but nothing terrified him more than the thought of Arin losing him.

The worst day of Dan and Arin’s lives seemed to be the wall that their snowballing mess of a life crashed into. It was a busy day for Dan - plans and plans for bands, meetings with important people and hurried greetings to executives and fans along the way, Brian wanting to just hang out and have a coffee… And then back at the Grump space late, to record some episodes with Arin. Arin, who he hadn’t even had a chance to talk to all day, who’d been braving it out with Suzy by his side.

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it’s been ages since I’ve been able to actually be friends with a straight guy because once I came out as gay, the guys who were apparently just hanging around me out of hopes of getting laid dropped like flies. but now I’m actually. really good friends with a straight guy who knows I’m gay and still wants to be friends with me and it’s kinda nice? and very surprising

Getting High with GOT7


I had already written this and was going to wait to post it for a couple days, but honestly I couldn’t wait to post it (and for @catladyjaebum to see it tbh). Hope you all like it!!


Jaebum is the person who starts smoking and suddenly thinks they know everything and will just talk at you for hours about the most random topics. Probably becomes a bit of a music snob and only wants to listen to slow jams.


Cali Stoner!Mark probably likes to hang out at the beach or in nature somewhere, and listen to music. Doesnt really matter what, would just like to zone out with some tunes and some In-N-Out. Deep conversations at 3am and high also seem like a very Mark thing to do.


(Jackson wouldn’t want to smoke probably because he’d be worried about his lungs, but!!! Organic brownies or something?? hell yeah!!) Jackson would probably be a little paranoid, but just chilling, sleeping, maybe. 


Gets all philosophical and existential about the universe. Probably not all that fun to be high with, because he brings everyone down a little, but if he’s in a good mood, then he would just be chill, and chat about random stuff.


Youngjae would just be way more relaxed than usual, and talk louder. Probably a little bit more giggly too. Would love to sit around and just chat with everyone and have a joke.


(Besides being the person who doesn’t even breathe in the smoke and then says he’s ‘so high right now,’) when he actually smokes, he likes to cuddle with his S/O and watch kids movies, but specifically musicals.


He just wants to hang out with whoever is there. Gets crazy affectionate with literally anyone around him, but specifically good friends/SO’s. he doesn’t really talk either, just makes little noises to agree or disagree with things and answer questions.

Request some things my dudes!! (I write for EXO, Red Velvet and Blackpink too, not just BTS and GOT7!!!) || Masterlist

really proud of myself because ive been meaning to ask this guy that ive been becoming friends with if he wanted to hang but my anxiety held me back, so tonight i asked him as we were getting out of class and turns out he wanted to ask me but his anxiety prevented him from doing it … so wild but im really happy im finally making friends at this new school


Okay I’m actually really proud of this fic please read, reblog, and review!

Angus loved Taako, every weird bit of him.

He was definitely weird, the elf was just a walking collection of eccentrics. Of course, as a detective, Angus was able to find a reason for each and every one of them.

“That’s alright, sir, I’m full,” Angus said, putting his hands up as Taako approached his plate with the pot. Taako scoffed and loaded Angus’s plate up with more seconds than the small boy could ever eat.

“You’re too small just eat it, squirt,” he said as he walked back into the kitchen.

He was always like that when it came to feeding Angus, slipping the kid extra cookies and making sure he had a big lunch to take to school with him.


-Taako likes to make sure everyone in his life, especially me, has enough to eat

-Taako keeps a hoard of snacks under his bed

-Taako eats till his plate is clean

-Miss Lup says her and Taako never got enough to eat as kids


-Taako starved as a kid and has been paranoid about food and others starving ever since

Taako didn’t just slip Angus cookies. He was also loose about the liquor cabinet.

“You want soda or beer, sweetie?”

“I’m only ten, sir?”

“Better to learn young so you can get the taste for it,” Taako said uncapping the bottle.

During New Year’s Taako had let Angus have a sip of his champagne, and had earned a through scolding from the director for it.


-Taako gives me alcohol even though I’m only 10 11

-Taako swears around me a lot

-Taako raised himself


-Taako’s never followed a rule in his life, and doesn’t see why I should have to

Once Angus had gotten up for a glass of water in the middle of the night and found Taako crying in the living room. Once Taako realized Angus was there he’d cast a glamour on himself to erase any signs of crying and greeted the kid with a snappy: “shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“Are you alright sir?”

“None of your business, twerp, go back to bed, jeez Louise.”


-Taako cries a lot at night

-He always cries in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen


-Taako doesn’t want me or Kravitz to see him crying

Living with Taako and Kravitz had taught Angus a lot about love and being in a relationship. For example, one night they were walking home from the best pizza place in town, Taako had been very drunk at the moment, and had been the one to insist on going out to pizza in the first place. All three walked down the street munching on their slices when Taako paused and looked Kravitz dead in the eyes.

“Babe. Baaabe. You wanna know how much I love you?”


“You see this pizza? This is the best pizza in the goddamn world.” Taako shook the slice in Kravitz’s face. “But for you, for you Kravitz, I would throw this bitch right on the ground. I would do that for you!”

Taako had then thrown the pizza onto the ground.

“Do you want me to buy you another slice?” Kravitz had said once he finished laughing and kissing Taako.

“….yes, please. I still love you more than pizza! I just-“

“Love pizza very much, I know, dear.”

As they waited for Kravitz to come back with his new slice, Taako picked up the street slice and started feeding it to some nearby racoons (ANGUS WE CAN’T LET FOOD GO TO WASTE).

“I’m glad you took us out for pizza, sir!” Angus said. Kravitz had asked him to keep an eye on the drunk elf while he was gone, and he was taking his job very seriously and making sure Taako didn’t put his hands too close to the racoon’s teeth.

“S’lonely,” Taako sniffed. “Needed someone to get pizza with.”

“What was that sir?”

“I was lonely, Ango. I get lonely a lot. A looooot.”

Taako slumped over, sitting with his back to a building. Angus sat down next to him and Taako lay his head on the boy’s shoulder.

“I’m not a good…” he hiccupped. “M’not a good person, Ango McDango. “Dunno why Kravitz hangs out with me….or you…”

“One fresh slice of pizza, please try not to drop it to prove your love,” Kravitz said, returning that very moment.

“Gimme!” Taako made grabby hands and snatched the pizza away from Kravitz, chowing down with all sadness forgotten.

“I love you, silly man,” Kravitz laughed, pressing a kiss into Taako’s hair.

“I love ya too, I love you more than pizza, ‘n the moon, n’ magic n’….” the list continued.


-Taako is lonely and thinks he’s bad

-Taako gets drunk a lot

-Taako doesn’t like to be alone while he’s drunk


Angus crept into Taako and Kravitz’s room, breakfast tray clutched carefully in his hands. He’d followed one of Taako’s recipes for cinnamon walnut pancakes and had tried to throw together a decent mimosa (which he tried just one sip from to make sure he got it right! Cause he’s still a little boy!).

He set the tray on the bed. “Good morning sirs!”

“Mmm…good morning, Angus,” Kravitz yawned. “What’s all this?”

Taako rubbed his eyes and looked down at the tray. “Hot shit Angus you got ‘em just right, nice job little dude.” He ruffled the boy’s hair.

“Happy father’s day!” Angus said, blushing slightly.

Kravitz and Taako exchanged a surprised look for what seemed like an eternity. Then suddenly Taako burst into tears and pulled Angus into a hug, almost knocking over the tray (Kravitz saved it with his quick reflexes before joining in on the hug)

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could I pls have some pining klance headcannons? i recently realized I’m crushing super bad on this person and it’s super dumb but I don’t want to tell any of my friends bc they’re friends with them,,,, plus I love love love your headcannons :)

that’s rough buddy! i hope you find solace and comfort in your crush ;    ; 

  • lance spends a lot of time in the training room sitting in a corner, trying to hide the blush on his cheeks while he watches keith spar with the bot
  • shiro: ‘keith come with us to the beach’ keith: ‘pfft no’
    • shiro: ‘lance is gonna be there too’ keith: ‘oh umm…yeah ok’
  • lance does wilder and wilder things just to get keith’s attention. he talks really loud and really fast while keith watches him with a smitten smile 
    • lance running at the kitchen table and bellyflopping on it, smashing it to smithereens, because keith’s hair is in a ponytail that morning: 
  • lance claps a hand on keith’s back and smiles at him, and later, keith is hugging a pillow and can barely sleep because he can still feel the warmth of lance’s hand and see his bright blue eyes
    • keith bites the inside of his cheek to hide his grin and whispers ‘god he is so cute i think i love him’ 
  • lance: ‘….keith is mcdonald’s’ hunk: ‘uhhhh…why?’ 
    • lance: ‘i’m lovin it. doot doot doot doo doo’ 
  • during movie nights, when there’s a kissing scene, they both get embarrassed and look at each other, which makes them more embarrassed. they both cough awkwardly and turn the colour of the red lion. keith wonders what it would be like if lance kissed him like that 
  • lance: ‘ok i’m gonna go clean the pods’ pidge: ‘what?! since when do you ever do work??’ 
    • lance: ‘um….keith’s on pod duty today and i just wanna annoy him’ pidge: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • keith: ‘princess did you ever….have you ever liked anyone?’ allura internally: this better not be a confession this better not be a quiznakking confession i will throw him across the room i’m- 
    • keith: ‘i kind of….i feel weird around lance? he makes my tummy flip and i get so stupid and tongue-tied’ allura: ‘oh thank you god’ 
  • lance has a thousand nicknames for keith and he tests them all out. he hangs onto the ones that make keith blush 
  • lance: ‘hey cherry bomb, help me out with this’ 
  • lance: ‘you looked really good up there- i mean, you looked adequate- you were doing your job- ok hotshot i’ve gotta go’ 
  • lance: ‘you think you can beat me pretty boy?!’ 
  • as soon as lance enters the room, all of keith’s attention is diverted towards him and he watches him with a lovesick gooey smile that literally everyone notices except lance 
  • keith finishes leading a mission debriefing and everyone is leaving, but he calls out ‘lance! wait!’ 
    • lance: ‘yeah?’ keith looking up at him through his lashes: ‘i just want to say you’re doing a really good job. i notice and- you’re great. i mean, what you’re doing is great’ 
    • lance internally: KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME lance externally: ‘haha thanks buddy pal bro man :  )’ 
  • they both race from one end of a beach to the other because they’re competitive, and when they collapse in the sand, they’re laughing so hard they’re breathless. keith holds onto lance’s shoulders and lance holds onto keith’s waist, and their breath mingles as they both sneak glances at each other. lance brushes keith’s hair out of his face and his heart beats so fast he can barely breathe, and keith turns as red as lance’s lion 
  • keith with a crush is careful, gentle, and completely devoted. lance with a crush is boisterous, teasing, and extremely affectionate
;dimple (m)

pairing—kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings—smut, comedy, slight angst/drama, romance, slow burn, roommates/friends
words— 14,725

:: summary— What’s the rule again? How many dates does it take for you have sex with a guy? Three? Five? Ten?! What if all this waiting and you can’t remember how to do it? It’s been so long since the last time you swear you’ve forgotten! You’re desperate, and that’s how you end up asking your roommate for help. Only trouble is, you get much more than you bargained for…

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Like a Book

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompt: The reader and Bucky return to tower after a messy mission, they need to release some pent up aggression. 

Word Count: 3,701ish (I regret nothing) 

Warnings: 18+ ONLY, Slight angst, little fluff (If you squint), Swearing, Grinding, Hair pulling, biting, dirty talk, Unprotected sex (Yall better wrap it in real life, this is fiction) NSFW gif (Only two, I did not want to overdo it.) 

A/N: All these new photo-shoot pics and endless videos Sebastian has been providing lately has me soo fucked up in all the right and wrong places. I tried to think of a plot but nah, fuck it. This is my first full on plot-less smut so if it is bad my apologies. This is the absolute dirtiest piece I have ever written and I am SO NERVOUS If you are under 18, don’t read, if you are over 18, I really hope you enjoy. To be tagged and for future tags let me know! My ask box is alive and Requests are open. Feedback is appreciated! 

There were not many things that surprised you anymore. Being an Avenger, along with being friends with every single member of the team had you expectant and knowing on everything about them and vice versa. Of course, that was expected in order to be the best team you could be on the battlefield, the other details were learned just from spending so much time with each other. You each read each other like a book. All of your strengths and weaknesses, your best combat moves, what you liked on your toast, you all were closer than even the best of friends, and you would not change it for the world.  

Being as close as you were to everyone, you can imagine your surprise when you found out that your boyfriend Bucky Barnes was a raging sex machine. You should have expected it to be honest, you loved studying psychology as a side hobby, and according to many respected professors the silent types were always the ones that were the most extroverted in intimate physical and emotional situations. Bucky was the most introverted out of everyone. He loved long silent walks on the beach, spent a good few hours each night working out in an empty gym, and he always tied to stay close to the corners of the room during Tony’s extravagant parties. Maybe it was because he looked so innocent and so fragile, that it was hard at first to come to terms with knowing the blue-eyed soldier got off on hair pulling, public sex and talk so dirty even repenting would not cleanse your tainted souls.

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Just let me sleep

For @goldentruth813 for being such a joy on my dash

“Where’s Harry?” Ronald Weasley asked in the hallway. Draco tensed and made sure again that the door of his eight year dorm was tightly locked. It wasn’t that he opposed to people finding Harry in Draco’s bed after a particularly wild christmas party, but he wasn’t sure Harry would appreciate it much.

“Oh, I think he had a little bit too much fun last night.” That voice Draco recognised as well, it belonged to Ginny Weasley.

“What do you mean by that?” Ron asked. Draco crossed his fingers and hoped that Ginny just meant Harry’s drunken state from the night before. He didn’t want to break whatever it was that they had built up over the past months by exposing it too soon. 

“He’s away with the fairy, that’s what she means.” Seamus Finnigan explained as he joined the party outside in the hall. Out of the blue there was a loud thump on the other side of Draco’s bed and a sudden loss of warmth.

“Draco Malfoy is not a fairy!” Harry yelled sleep-drunk at his friends outside, after undoing Draco’s powerful locking charm with a single wandless spell. The Pakistani man had rolled out of bed still naked and was only shielding himself from his friends with the duvet he had stolen on his way to the bedroom door.

“Potter!” Draco yelled, suddenly not caring anymore about people finding out about them now that Harry appeared to be fine with it. “Stop defending my dignity and get back with the duvet! I’m freezing my tits off here!”

There was a bout of laughter audible from the hallway as Draco’s words reached the others.

“Oh fuck off, all of you.” Harry called out as he glared at his friends. “If anyone disturbs me again tonight I’ll hex their buttocks off!”

And with that threat hanging in the air Harry slammed the door shut and made his way back to Draco’s bed, where he promptly fell down on top of Draco. Immediately the freezing-off danger for his tits was decreased by a tenfold.

“You do realise it’s morning, don’t you Harry?” Draco asked with a bemused smile as Harry attempted to shove his head into the crook of Draco’s neck.

“When I said anyone, I was including you.” Harry lifted his head up to glare at him. “Shut up.”

“Not much of a morning person?”

“You’re not going to be a person anymore if you keep talking, asshole.” Harry replied before collapsing on Draco again. But the blonde was only capable of following Harry’s advice for so long, because he had a burning question and due to his lover being so close to him he now also had poor impulse control.

“Why are you so against Finnigan calling me fairy?”

“Because it makes it sound like you’re fragile, which you’re not. I only feel comfortable letting everything out when I’m with you, because you’re strong and I know you can handle everything I throw at you.” Harry pushed himself up on his elbows, which leaned on Draco’s chest where they would surely leave a mark. “Also, fairies are cute and lovable, while you’re an asshole who keeps waking me up at ungodly hours.”

Harry collapsed on Draco again with a groan. Draco chuckled and pulled the man closer to his chest. “Thanks Harry.”

“Shut up Malfoy.”

A (Semi) Regrettable Incident

The Loopy Logan fic I’ve been promising! I hope you all enjoy.

Pairings: I mean, it’s me. Did you seriously expect it to not be Logicality???

Warnings: Well, Logan’s feeling some anesthesia affects, so he’s acting a little like he’s drunk. If that bothers you, perhaps you’d best steer clear of this one. 

With Thomas getting his wisdom teeth removed, Virgil had been working overtime, and frankly he was exhausted. After the procedure was completed and Thomas was home safely, he sank back into the mindscape, ready for a long nap.

Virgil could honestly say he wasn’t really expecting anything when he sank into the commons, but if he HAD been expecting something…this would not have been it. Logan was clinging to a very flustered Patton, and Roman had his hands on his knees and was clearly gasping for air in between hysterical laughter.

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spoiler alert.

Originally posted by xendozo

(joe keery x reader)

request: oh oh oh! Joe Keery meets Y/N when being interviewed and she’s like the camera woman or something and he invites her out on the town with the rest of the older cast and it’s drinks and love, you know! And Y/N ends up at Joe’s hotel room

summary: of course you and joe would bond over something as dumb as spoiling movies and tv shows you’ve (mostly) already seen to each other. weirdly enough, it also kind of is a massive turn on for joe. huh.

word count: 4, 532

a/n: so there are a lot of spoilers in here, but none for stranger things (go figure). but here are the movies and shows that are: star wars episode v, star wars episode vii, fight club, the handmaid’s tale, game of thrones, the sixth sense, 30 rock, harry potter and the halfblood prince. 

At least once a month, you post a picture of you wearing an all black outfit on Instagram with the caption let’s play a game called production blacks or emo (or a variation of that incredibly worn out joke). When you’re filming a live event, it’s all black, even down to your shoes. You can’t count the number of times that you’ve thrown on black sneakers, only to notice that they’ve got a white stripe down the sides. Which means running around the venue, trying to find some black duct tape or a black Sharpie to color it in.

In your college classes, you can remember multiple professors drilling it into your brain - people behind the camera should be invisible, to blend in with the background so everyone forgets that you’re there. On sets with scripted content, it’s a different story. But for anything else, you’ve got to be background noise. And you’re fine with that. There’s a kind of comfort that comes with being able to just settle into the background and watch the action go on around you.

Which is why it’s so unnerving when he noticed you.

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MC bringing home RFA (and V &Saeran) S.O. to meet their family over the holidays?

Tis the season!! ⋆ᗰદ૨૨ʏ⋆ᐠ₍⁽˚⑅̆˚⁾₎ᐟ⋆ᘓમ૨ıડτന੨ડ⋆

~I’ll base some of the things on Christmas since it is the holiday I know the most about

◉ Yoosung 

  • Not nervous at all?
  • Just suuuper excited to meet them, honestly
  • The week before you guys left, he was dragging you through the mall asking a billion questions about what your family likes and what to buy each of them 
  • Took almost a whole day making sure he wrapped them beautifully and was so excited when everyone opened and loved their gifts 
  • Fits in like he’s known your family for years 
    • “You guys know you can’t trade me for Yoosung, right?” 
  • They urge you both to kiss underneath the mistletoe and then take pictures when you finally do
  • You both are blushing like crazy 
  • Yoosung always making sure to help with dishes and even gets up early to start breakfast for everyone 
  • (they’re so shocked and happy about that)
  • Your family is so sad when it’s time for you both to leave 

◉ Jumin 

  • Laughs when you ask if he is nervous 
    • “Should I be? I think I’m actually quite likable, wouldn’t you agree?”
  • He still makes sure you both are dressed in very nice clothes and he has expensive gifts from his company to give to everyone 
  • Can’t stop talking about how much he absolutely loves you??????
  • It’s honestly embarrassing but your family is eating it up because he is saying all these lovey-dovey things with the upmost seriousness 
  • She is LIVING for all of the attention she is getting 
  • Is already planning family trips around the world 
  • Tries to show your parents photos of your guys’ travels but they’re all terrible and blurry and your family just has to smile and nod 
  • Asking questions like crazyyy 
    • “What are these…socks, hanging here for? What is their purpose?”
    • “What is this eggnog? Quite the peculiar taste, but not disagreeable.”
    • “I don’t understand the origin of the tree, but Elizabeth 3rd seems to enjoy playing in it. We should get one for the penthouse.”
  • It actually became a new family game where everyone picks something and bets on whether Jumin will know what it is or not 
  • And Jumin loves the game so much 

◉ Zen 

  • He changes outfits like 17 times before he finds something he is comfortable wearing in front of your family 
  • Praying like hell they have never seen any of his stuff/don’t know who he is, he wants to meet your family as someone they don’t have preconceived notions about 
  • Holds your hand the whole trip there, for comfort 
  • When you arrive, he is the pinnacle of calm and polite (but you can tell he is nervous by the random, almost undetectable fidgeting he does)
  • Mostly he just tries to be himself, and your family adores him
  • He is taking photos with EVERYONE 
  • Christmas filters with antlers and santa hats and you all are laughing so hard 
  • King of playing charades when it’s family game time 
  • How many times can you hear the joke “What’s such a handsome man like that doing with someone like you??” they probably broke the record for it 
  • But Zen is at your side every time, explaining how HE is the lucky one 
  • And everyone just goes “Awwwwww” when he kisses the top of your head 
  • Everyone is blown away when he sings along to the holiday songs on the radio and even more blown away that he could play piano and lead everyone in the songs 
    • “You didn’t tell them we ride a motorcycle….right?”
    • “Zen, for the 100th time, no. They’d kill us both.

◉ Jaehee 

  • A bit nervous but for the most part, collected 
  • She’s planned the entire trip, packed the correct number and type of outfits for you both, looked at the weather forecast, and grabbed appropriate gifts for everybody 
  • Okay maybe she’s a bit more nervous than you thought because that’s when she starts planning like a crazy person
  • Your family loves her, she is so intelligent and can have a conversation with anyone on just about anything 
  • Offers to bake christmas cookies as a thank you and your family decides she is never allowed to leave because they are SO GOOD 
  • Shows your family self defense moves 
  • It’s such a relief that they can feel safe that you’re with someone so capable as her after seeing her throw your dad across the room LOL
  • Ends up baking all of the desserts for the entirety of your stay because everyone loves them so much 
  • You guys decorate ornaments together and get embarrassed when your family keeps making remarks on how cute you two are together 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Says he is totally fine but on the inside he’s screaming
  •  He has NO CLUE how to act in family environments and he wants to make a good impression 
  • On top of the fact that he’s never been a fan of holidays 
  • Gets strangely reserved and you have to kinda pull him out of it 
  • When he first meets them he is so not like himself
  • Quiet, awkward
  • As time goes on he starts to warm up and get comfortable 
  • Gets really teary-eyed when he sees his name on presents under the tree and a stocking for him next to yours 
    • “They…did this for me?
    • “Well, of course! You’re family now,” you smile and grab his hand 
  • After that he starts to really dig the whole holiday tradition thing 
    • “I wonder if we can bake honey buddha chip cookies and dip them into PHD Pep-”
    • “Saeyoung NO”
  • Surprises everyone by dressing up as Santa and handing out the presents on Christmas Morning 

◉ V

  • All he wants is to meet your family, so he is thrilled when he finally gets the chance
  • Right away he thanks your family for raising such an amazing and beautiful person 
  • Captures everyones hearts with his flowery way of speaking and plethora of life experiences 
  • AND with how much he adores you 
  • So observant and attentive, he is grabbing things for your family members before they even ask or cleaning up before they can even notice 
  • No matter how much you try to stop it, this boy is getting every single story about you growing up and what you were like
  • Also asks to borrow photos and videos of you as a child so he can make copies because he loves you so much and he loves them so much  
  • You didn’t even know he snuck in gifts for everybody but he did and somehow they’re all perfect??? How??
  • Over Christmas dinner he brings out several bottles of champagne and offers a wonderful toast to your families hospitality and again thanks them for bringing the love of his life into this world 
  • He blends in so well 
  • And he wishes he could just sit there forever around all the people you hold closest to your heart, listening to them laugh and talk about old times 

◉ Saeran 

  • Much like Saeyoung, he is crazy nervous
  • But also crazy stubborn and doesn’t want it to show 
  • Puts on a Christmas sweater before you head over 
    • “I look stupid.”
    • “Nooo! You look so cute and handsome! They’re going to love it, and they’re going to love you.” 
  • When you first arrive he’s a lot like a lost puppy and he doesn’t quite understand what to do and how tradition works 
  • B-lines it to the sweets 
  • He is literally never without a cookie or candy cane in his hand
  • So much so that he becomes the honorary family taste-tester for the baked goods 
  • Will NOT share the bowl or spoon when he gets to lick them and only sticks his tongue at you when you call him rude 
    • “Honey, leave Saeran alone. Let him enjoy his treats, it’s Christmas!” 
    • Saeran:  ;P
  • Can’t decide if he likes eggnog but he hasn’t stopped drinking it since you got there so that must be a good sign 
  • Brought Poinsettias as a gift 
  • Your family kinda loves that he doesn’t really speak much 
  • Laughs at your old embarrassing photos and you have to smack his arm playfully 
    • “Tell me more about that time you peed your pants”
    • “Saeran I swear to god.”


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