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Valentine’s Day with Sebastian Stan would include...

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N/A: Special headcanons to celebrate Valentine’s Day - I don’t write for celebrities usually, so please, don’t insist. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you guys <3

  • Sebastian wakes you up early in the morning, by jumping on the bed and almost screaming “wake up, babe, it’s Valentine’s day!”
  • He gives you kisses all over your face
  • And he tickles you, of course
  • “Okay okay, I’m awake!”
  • With another kiss on your cheek, you get up and go to the bathroom
  • Once you’re done with your business, you go to the kitchen only to find Sebastian making coffee, with a lot of breakfast food placed on the table behind him
  • “Sit down, babe. I swear I didn’t burn the pancakes this time”
  • He serves two cups of coffee and you help him to put it on the table
  • And yeah, you sit down - but on his lap
  • “Can’t believe you did this just because it’s Valentine’s Day”
  • He laughs and starts to eat with you
  • Pancakes, fruits, some toasts, jelly, coffee and milk
  • Not so surprisingly, all of the food was delicious
  • Especially the pancakes lol
  • Sebastian caress your skin while eating
  • Like, just gently running his fingers on your waist and arm, kissing your shoulder and collarbone, etc
  • It’s all just so intimate and peaceful
  • And once you can’t eat anymore, Sebastian hugs you, putting his face on your neck and whispering a “can we go now?”
  • “What? Where are we going?”
  • “To the beach!”
  • You try to argue to understand if he was being serious about that, you really do
  • But since you can never argue with that Romanian and stubborn guy about something he knows that will be fun, you just stay speechless
  • Sebastian giggles, kissing your lips and asking you to get up so he can clean the kitchen
  • Which he does in just a few minutes
  • Then, he pulls you to the bedroom, talking nonstop about how cool it will be go to the beach
  • “Seb, are we really doing this?”
  • “Yes! We can drive to the beach and then drive back home at night. It will be like a small road trip, babe”
  • When you finally agree, Sebastian starts to pack some things - like clothes, towels, etc
  • At the car, you put some pop music just to see him singing along really loud, dancing like a dork (I definitely have a playlist of songs he would listen to during road trips, let me know if you want me to share it with you guys)
  • The whole way is just a mix of you laughing at Seb and recording him singing
  • Until, a little less than 2 hours after, you finally get to the beach
  • Sebastian looks like a kid, all excited about being there
  • The best part is that there’s not so much people around
  • Which allows you and Seb to just play like little kids on the sand, running after each other, swimming on the sea
  • There is actually a moment when he throws you over his shoulder and runs with you to the sea
  • You two spend the whole day there, playing, laughing, taking romantic walks, enjoying the view and each other’s company
  • It feels so good to just be there, holding your boyfriend’s hand and spending some time with him
  • But then the sun starts to set, and it’s time to go home
  • And of course that the way back home it’s just as fun as the way to the beach
  • Sebastian keeps telling you jokes and stories, until the moment he realizes you’re falling asleep
  • He smiles to himself, closing the car windows to keep you warm and holding your hand
  • Once he gets to his apartment, he gently wakes you up with some kisses
  • “I’m sorry, I would carry you to bed but right now we’re at the parking lot”
  • You laugh, nodding and getting off the car
  • At the elevator, Sebastian hugs you, letting you rest your head on his shoulder
  • And you’re so tired of a whole day of fun that he doesn’t even care when you throw yourself at his couch, at the moment you enter his apartment
  • And you’re not so sure of how long you slept, but next thing you know you’re waking up at a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen
  • “Seb?”, you call him, getting up from the couch
  • “Hello, sleeping beauty. I was just about to wake you up, dinner is ready. Why don’t you take a shower so we can eat?”
  • He smiles, coming closer to you and kissing your forehead
  • “God, I can’t believe you let me sleep at Valentine’s Day, Seb!”
  • You take a brief shower, washing away all the dirty from the beach, and changing into something comfy (and easier to take it off lol)
  • When you get back to the kitchen, another surprise
  • The whole place is decorated with candles, your favorite song (the one you say that is the theme song of your relationship with Seb) is playing, and your boyfriend is waiting for you, drinking a glass of wine
  • “How long did I stayed in the shower?”
  • He laughs, sitting down and mentioning for you to do the same
  • Even with just a shirt and sweatpants on, Sebastian was still the most beautiful and elegant man on the city, you were sure about that
  • You sit down too, smiling when you realize that he cooked your favorite dish
  • Through the dinner, you and Seb talks about everything - work, family, life, future, etc
  • He even says something about getting married someday
  • Soft music keeps playing on the background
  • “Fuck, I forgot about dessert”, he mumbles suddenly
  • “It’s okay, we have wine”
  • And after eating and drinking a bottle of wine, Sebastian leaves you for a moment
  • When he comes back, he puts a small velvet box in front of you
  • “What is this?”
  • “A present - or something like a question, actually”
  • You slowly open the box, revealing a key
  • “Okay, Stan, what is this?”
  • “I want you to move in with me”, he simply says. “This is the key of a beautiful and cozy apartment I found, not so far from this block. It’s perfect for us - 10 minutes from your work, more private than here, and bigger too. It’s… it’s the perfect way for us to start a life together”
  • Sebastian also tells you that it’s all settled - the only thing he needs to buy the apartment is your answer
  • And of course your answer is yes
  • You cry while hugging him, listening to his soft voice whispering to you how much he loves you and how you make him happy
  • The night ends with you and Sebastian at his bed, passionately making love to each other
  • And then, he falls asleep with your naked body pressed against his own, a tiny smile on his lips

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What We Created (9)

Sebastian Stan x Reader (pregnancy series)

Summary: A one nightstand with the one and only Sebastian Stan changes your life and his forever

Word count: 1,308 (short because sadly the storyy is coming to an end)

Warning: fluff, gender reveal

A/N: Seriously so sorry for taking this long to update. I started real estate classes and my first day i took so many notes my hand started swelling. Life is really draining me right now, on top of keeping my Instagram and YouTube updated and getting ready for college. I hope you understand. Hopefully part 10 comes faster than this part did. Also lets pretend Anthony Mackie has social media, okay?

What We Created Masterlist

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A Brutal Subtext Behind 2CT

(Disclaimer: I’ve been feeling a bit more bloodthirsty because this arc has felt like a plastic plot line in a tin can. There’s such a lack of character depth/plot movement that I’m going stir crazy. We’ve literally dropped important characters in favor of a two dimensional villain and caricatures of who Ciel and Sebastian used to be. Yana has produced some quality work, complete with subplot tie-ins and *proper* character deconstruction but this arc feels like she isn’t even trying. But, moving on…

One of my favorite explanations of the 2CT theory stems from a post made by @dorkshadows (post here), where instead of having two loving brothers you have a fraternal relationship filled with anger, loathing, and jealousy on our!Ciel’s part. I don’t doubt their childhood had happy moments but I picture their dynamic to be more like Thor and Loki than say, Robb Stark and Jon Snow. Underneath all the affection and time spent together, I have no doubt that our!Ciel secretly despised his brother’s venerated position as the future heir to everything—the family name, company, lands, titles. Think about it, real!Ciel was the firstborn—the heir—and was probably the focus of everyone’s attention. Firstborn males are the most important family members—even more so than the patriarch. (To get an idea of how dismissive the Victorians were of second born sons, Consuelo Vanderbilt, wife to the 9th duke of Marlborough, nicknamed her sons “the heir and the spare.”)

To our!Ciel it must have been ten years of agonized longing—of silently seething and watching his brother get everything he’s ever wanted—that finally bubbled over during their time in captivity. When our!Ciel realized he finally had the chance to steal everything from real!Ciel, our!Ciel willingly sacrificed his brother to the cultists—even though he probably didn’t know a demon would appear as the result. This makes the entire situation all the more menacing—our!Ciel let the cultists take and kill his own brother without knowing a demon might appear. He let them take his twin out of pure, undiluted spite. It’s his way of saying “sure you were the heir to everything, sure you had mother, father, and Aunt Ann’s attention but now you don’t. There’s no one here but me—I’m finally in control and I get to see you perish first.”

It’s almost as if our!Ciel is Richard III—he certainly plays the part well enough. If we substitute real!Ciel for the princes in the tower (Edward V of England and his younger brother, Richard), then we get a dark parallel that’s made even more haunting by the fact that our!Ciel didn’t just end his brother life—he stole it right out from under him. And that relationship is the kind I want to see.

Something dark and sinister, full of vice, retribution, and the desire for revenge on both sides. (Cliched survivor’s guilt? No thanks. I’d take murderer’s guilt any day.*) We know our!Ciel is selfish—heck, he even admits it outright—but I want to see to what extent. How far will he go to protect his ill gotten gains? How many people will he kill/sacrifice/offer up just to achieve his own ends? (And I believe there’s a difference between Ciel burning a mansion full of lobotomized children he didn’t know and a potential confrontation with the twin who once had everything.)

Furthermore, how will real!Ciel react to all this? If he’s been brought back to life by Undertaker, he’s probably filled with betrayal, anger, confusion, and a desperate, unyielding desire to seek revenge—just like our!Ciel.

But this is real!Ciel. The happy, confident, extroverted heir—the one who was always meant to inherit everything. How will those three years—first in death, then in the Undertaker’s workshop, then at the Sphere Music Hall, and now, finally, brought back to life—how did it change him? If real!Ciel had always been the more charming, commanding “natural leader” of the two, then I don’t doubt he’ll use all his gravitas and strength to try and take our!Ciel down. But this lingering question remains—how far will he go? We know our!Ciel always had a survival instinct—something he’s probably honed since childhood (as mentioned by dorkshadows)—but real!Ciel never needed it.

He was the heir—he was going to get everything anyway. He never needed to be sly, duplicitous, cunning, or malicious. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have these traits—there is the very definite possibility that real!Ciel is more Machiavellian than our!Ciel—he just never acted on it. He never needed to. Our!Ciel blindsided real!Ciel by offering him up to the cultists and if real!Ciel’s actually back, then the playing field’s even (with real!Ciel having the dual advantage of surprise and three years of plotting). It’d be a violent, grotesque finale I don’t want to miss.

*To me, our!Ciel is like the thief who’s not the least bit sorry he stole but he’s awfully, awfully sorry he’s going to jail. (And yes, this is a quote from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind.)

Note: I know a lot of 2CT theorists are going to hate on this post for being too dark/dramatic/implausible but this is Kuroshitsuji. The manga whose very premise began with a cult torturing and defiling a ten year old boy in order to summon a demon from hell. The story’s bound to get darker as it moves towards the end. And, from what I’ve seen, Yana seems to despise cliches—she does everything in her power to subvert expectations so to put in a cliched “I dost loved my brother, I did!” seems like a pale imitation of shock—the true driving force would be to explore just how dark our!Ciel’s mindset was when he sacrificed his brother and how dark their reunion is going to be. As always, discussion is welcomed but please refrain from using derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and unnecessary online cruelty. Thank you.

Imagine Chris asking your dad for your hand.

A/N: Part 4 is a little longer, but we’re nearing the end! Hope you enjoy this! X (Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3.)

Olive and Sebastian sat at one of the snow covered tables in the coffee house, chatting and playing with Dodger while you rang your dad; he was apparently your next clue. You listened to the phone ring and shook your head, chuckling softly to yourself. If your father picked up and was part of the scavenger hunt, you had to tip your hat off to Chris; that man was a workaholic who spent majority of his time in scrubs, he barely had time for anything let alone your boyfriend’s way of keeping the romance alive. The longer the phone rang, the more you started to doubt. Perhaps your dad wasn’t the clue, but what else could Chris have meant when he said “there won’t be a day where he’ll stop worrying about you, but he can rest easy knowing you’ve got me in your life now.” It had to be your dad, there was no one else.

The call unsurprisingly went to his voicemail, but it wasn’t his usual voicemail. “This is Richard. If you’ve reached my voicemail, it means I’ve ignored your call. I apologize, but I’m too busy running errands with Captain America to come to your aid. If you need anything, there are plenty of other doctors available at Alexander Van Heusen Memorial.”

You were about to redial or ask Olive for the walkie-talkie when you heard a soft tap on the glass. You turned around and chuckled in absolute amazement when you saw your dad; he smiled and waved. “I’ll be damned,” you made your way outside with the others following behind.

Sebastian took the leash from Olive so she could run over to your dad, wrapping her tiny arms around his legs. He chuckled and leaned over to kiss the top of her head, “I see you’re having a ball with Y/N.” Olive looked up at him and nodded with a wide grin. “Hi sweetheart,” he smiled at you.

“Dad,” you chuckled softly, “what are you doing here? And what’s with the new voicemail? Is Chris’ scavenger hunt really more important than saving lives?” You quizzed teasingly with a raised brow and he chuckled.

“Today it is,” he nodded and your eyes narrowed slightly in confusion. “I’m meant to give you this,” he passed you a single key on a Captain America shield keychain. “And this,” he passed you an white envelope. “There’s a cab waiting for you to take you to the next location.” He said and beckoned at the yellow cab behind him.

“You’re not driving me?”

“My days of driving you around are over, kid.” He chuckled softly as he wrapped you into a tight hug. “That’s Chris’ job now, as is worrying about you and taking care of you and loving you unconditionally. You are his responsibility now,” he pulled away and cupped your face in his hand, “my precious baby girl. I am so proud of you and so happy for you, there was nothing I wanted more for you than true love.”

“Dad,” you laughed. “You’re talking like you’ve just sold me to Chris and will never see me again.” You joked and he chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere, I’ve still got a million milestones to get through with my family before I disappear with a family of my own. Olive’s only eight and I plan to be on her beck and call at least until she’s twenty-one,” you looked down at your sister and winked; she smiled. “You’re not going to lose me, and I’m never going to stop being your responsibility.” You told your dad and hugged him.

“He’s a good guy, you know that right?”

“Yeah,” you smiled when your boyfriend’s face- and apparently soon to be fiancé- came to mind. “If he weren’t, you wouldn’t have let this relationship last as long as it has.” You chuckled softly as you pulled away. “And you definitely wouldn’t have given him your approval when he asked if he could marry me.”

“I told him I’d give it away.”

“I kind of figured it out after the first clue,” you admitted with a smile. “Marriage has always been on the table, we just- haven’t found the right time. Plus, I know Chris. He is not the kind of guy who would do something this big if he didn’t have something bigger planned. He’s an actor who dabbles in directing, he likes his theatrics.”

“That he does,” your dad agreed. “You should probably get going, that boy has been waiting all day to slip a ring on your finger.” He told you and you chuckled as he steered you towards the cab. “Let’s not keep your future waiting any longer, shall we?”

“Of course not,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Good luck, Sissy.” Olive called as you got into the cab.

“Catch you on the flip side, Mrs. Evans,” Sebastian waved.
• • • • • • • •
The drive to the undisclosed location looked rather familiar, you couldn’t quite put your finger on why but you knew you’d been there before. You asked the driver how long the drive was going to take only to have him ignore you. You figured it was ‘cause Chris told him not to speak to you so you left it, diverting your attention to the key and envelope in your hand instead. There wasn’t much to the key, it was just a key; you slipped that into your pocket and opened the envelope, pulling out the letter Chris wrote when he started planning the scavenger hunt.

My dearest Y/N,

As I’m writing this letter, you’re five feet away from me fast asleep in my bed. You look breathtakingly beautiful, as always, with your makeup free face and disheveled hair. Dodger’s awake; he’s on the floor next to you ready to pounce on anyone- including me- to protect your beauty sleep. It’s nice knowing he loves you as much as I do, and I hope that he’ll replicate that same great love for our future children. (Or child, if you only want one. But whenever you’re ready and whatever you want, so no pressure.)

Now I know you must be wondering by now why I’m writing this letter to you, chances are that when you’re reading this- you’re on your way to meet me so I can propose to you. (I’d say ‘don’t freak out’, but I’m sure your smart brain already figured out what was happening before you got this letter.) I’m writing this letter because I want to say a few things that I know I won’t get through in person- without crying anyway. (And I also want to waste no time when you’re in front of me. I’m just going to drop to one knee and ask you to marry me without making a big speech first, ‘cause I’ve waited long enough and I am not going to wait another second for you to be my fiancée.) So let’s get to you, shall we?

The night we met wasn’t as big of a coincidence as you’d like to believe, the whole thing was actually the result of my puppeteering. I could credit Sebastian, who you’ve known for a while now, but he had no idea what he was doing when he answered my very innocent question “that actress Kevin just casted, um- what’s her name? Y/N Y/L/N? Isn’t she a friend of yours, why don’t you invite her too?” He thought I was just being nice, that I had no idea who you were and wanted to get to know you before we started work together; he was very wrong. Hearing you got casted in The Winter Soldier was possibly one of the best days of my life, I’d been a fan for so long that- I didn’t see it as an opportunity to work with an amazing actress, I saw it as an opportunity to make you fall in-love with me. I thought it would be hard, but then again, I didn’t expect the beautiful and talented Y/N Y/L/N to be a fan of mine.

So yes, I’ve loved you for a while now. A long while, actually. I would’ve chased after you earlier but I was a little afraid you weren’t what I’d imagined you to, and a little afraid I wasn’t going to meet your standard of the perfect man. (After I read that interview you had with Cosmopolitan, I honestly thought being with you was a pipe dream.) But meeting you and getting to know you and seeing how you were with your parents and your little sister, I realized that you were exactly the person I thought you to be. And dating you made me realize that while I may not be perfect, I could be for you. In our four years of dating, you’d never failed to make me feel like I was enough. Even when we fought, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that you were the one for me and I could do this for the rest of my life.

Flash forward to the present day, right? I’m hoping as you’re reading this, you’re smiling and thinking about our future together. I’m hoping that you don’t have a doubt in your mind about me, that you will say yes when I ask because you love me and you want to grow old with me. I know it’s not always easy because we’re constantly away from each other, and that sometimes phone calls and FaceTime sessions aren’t enough. I know we get tired and heartbroken when the other is on the other side of the world for months on end, but I also know what we have is special enough to hold on to. It’s not all bad. We’ve managed for four years, I think we can manage for the rest of our lives- or at least until we become irrelevant. (Doubt you will, my shining star.) Until then, we can visit, make full use of our hiatus/breaks, and of course- there’s always auditioning for the same film so even on the other side of the world, we’ll be together. There are a million loopholes and I am willing to find them with you, if you’ll have me.

Oh, and one final thing.

I know we’ve always talked about Boston being our home base because that’s my hometown and that’s why my heart is, but I’ve changed my mind. You are where my heart is now, wherever you go- that’s where I’ll go, that’s where my home is. Now I know you love me and I am your home too, but so is Olive. I know we talked about moving to Boston because I have a house there, but I can’t knowing that moving means making you start a long distance relationship with your baby sister. She’s eight and she needs you, so Boston can wait at least until she’s eighteen and ready for university. (She’s going to attend university at my alma mater, by the way.) Until then, we can just stay in our home in California which you should be arriving at at any moment now.


You looked out the window as the cab slowed to a stop. Your smile reached your eyes when you saw Chris standing next to a real estate sign, he smiled at you then slapped a big sold sticker on the sign. You got out of the cab then realized why you found the drive here so familiar, this was the open house Chris dragged you before he left for Houston. You loved it upon seeing it because it checked off every box in your criteria, you thought it was fate but you had no idea that Chris had actually spent the last year and a half looking for it and fixing it up. It didn’t occur to you that the questions he asked- “if you could change one thing about your kitchen, what would it be?”, “don’t you think a pool would be great?”, “how beautiful would a rose garden be?”, “if you could choose, hardwood or carpet?- was used to refine his search with his real estate agent. You didn’t know that the open house wasn’t actually an open house and you’d laughed when he said he was going to buy it, thinking he was joking because of the plans to move to Boston eventually. Boy, were you wrong about everything.

“Is this a joke?” You chuckled breathily as you made your way over to him.

“Nope,” he shook his head and took your hand in his, entwining his fingers with yours. “Welcome home, Y/N.”

Part 5

Oh Honey, I Don’t Share: Sebastian Stan.


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Warnings: Orgasm denial, dom!reader, sub!seb, dirty talk, jealousy, possessiveness, masturbation, teasing, begging, oral sex (Sebastian receiving). Semi-public blowjob. He has to try to be quiet. And no touching!! Praise. Needy Sebastian (like wow so needy). Semi role reversal, but not really.

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This is my first fanfic ever, so please be nice…

His lips were soft, smooth, and powerful. The kiss wasn’t like the one before, this kiss was different . It was almost hungry. Sebastian had pulled me out of the room, into the warm heat of summer. “Y/n, I don’t think that you know this, but I love you.” I try to comprehend what I had just heard. For 4 years he had just been my friend, sure we had kissed, but that was just a stage kiss. We had once been in a production of West Side Story and I played the Maria to his Tony. Needless to say we ended up kissing, but those kisses were pretend, they were filled with fake passion. “ I love you too,” I manage to squeak out. He smiles, his full lips curling into a sly smile.

“May I kiss you?” He mutters. Sebastian was always so careful and kind, I love how he asks for permission first. I nod my head vigorously to give my consent. He puts one hand on the nape of my neck and the other resting on my hip, and he moves toward me. I feel my breasts hit his chest, and I wonder if he notices. When his lips hit mine, it’s like nothing I’ve felt before. The passion was real this time. It started off slow and passionate, then became more powerful. His tongue flittered across my bottom lip, asking permission to enter. I open my mouth slightly and meet his tongue with mine. He moans slightly, the he pushes me back pinning me between him and the wall. He licks the back of my mouth as if I had syrup in the back of my throat that was his responsibility to clean up. I giggle a bit and he pulls back. “Y/n my beautiful girl, you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that,” he says practically in awe of the kiss we had just shared .

“You are amazing” I say breathlessly as I go in for another kiss. Our tongues are dancing when we hear the bell rings telling us to go to class. “I should get going” I mumble as I pull away from him, “But I don’t want to stop” I add. I try to kiss his neck, then he steps back “No, you’re right we need to go to class” he says and I pout. “Do you want to continue this at my house after school?” He quickly added, putting his hands back to my hips. “ I don’t think your parents would like that”, I run my hands through my hair and pout disappointedly. He leans in close and whispers in my ear “they went to visit friends in the mountains this week.”

I spend the rest of the day waiting for the last bell, I knew something amazing was going to happen.

I’m sitting in chemistry, my last class of the day. The staring contest I’m having with the clock is almost painful when the bell finally rings. Jumping out of my seat, I race to the auditorium to find Sebastian waiting by the piano.

“Are you ready to go?” He smirks. I run over to him and kiss him, trying to match his passion from earlier that day. His response was perfect. His hands flew to my hips and pulled me tight against his solid body. I move my lips down his neck as seductively as I can.

“Y/n, if you want to make out then we should leave before we ge-” he is cut off when I suck on a particular spot of skin behind his ear. A primal groan emerges from the back of this throat “What did you say,” I moan when he stops talking. “I need you,” the words pass his lips and my only response is to grind my hips into his and say “I need you too”. At those words I start to feel something poke at my thigh, and I realized the effect I had on him.

“I need you now”, I mumble against his Adam’s apple. “Y/n, I don’t want our first time to be on a piano, where anyone can walk in. I want it to be special.”

“Oh, Seb,” I sigh “You are right, let’s go.” I bend down to get my bag, I don’t remember dropping it on the floor. Being the attention getter I am, I bend down to show off my butt in his direction. I feel a hand on my back as I return to standing, I lean back into Sebastian’s arms. “Let’s go you tease” Seb chimes.

We walk out of the school hand in hand and make it to his car. I love driving with Seb, he gets this look on his face when he focuses on driving, as if he is a cat in the jungle assessing the surroundings. It is about a 15 minute drive to his house. 2 minutes in I worry that he won’t want to screw my brains out when we get to his house, so I ask “What are you going to do to me when we get there?” Sebastian looks stunned, pondering why I would ask such a question while he was driving. I pull out my phone and wait for his response. I have to text my mother as to why I won’t be home, I tell her I’m going to a friends house to study. She never questions it.

“I have no idea” Sebastian mutters. I had almost forgotten the question I just asked him. “Y/n, you know I’m a virgin, right?” I had forgotten. I lost my virginity to my sophomore year boyfriend Adam, Sebastian had never liked that boy. Sebastian was there when Adam broke up with me, Sebastian is really my best friend. He had had a girlfriend before, but he told me that they never got further than 2nd base.

“Ya know, that’s ok,” I answer as I put a hand on his thigh “I can show you.” The rest of the drive is quiet, except for my adjusting of clothes to show off my breasts.

We get to Sebastian’s house, it was in the woods a bit. He quickly motioned for me to stay put, the he jumps out of the car and goes to open my door. “Such a gentleman” I coo as I practically fall back into his arms and continue the kiss from before. Our tongues are fighting for dominance as Sebastian puts his hands on my butt. I involuntary moan into his lips. He moves his lips down my jawline and to my neck, licking and biting gently.

“Hey,” I pull away “let’s go inside.”  I raise my eyebrows and then it clicks in his head. He scoops me up and runs to the door, he sets me down to get his keys and open the door. I nibble at his earlobe as he continues to fumble with the keys. Finally he gets the door open, I breakaway and start to his bedroom. I had been to his house before, we had been friends for 4 years so it wasn’t like I hadn’t been here before. He chases me into his room, I take note of how clean his room is, it’s always tidy.

He grabs me from behind and starts at my neck again, licking as if my skin was an ice cream cone. I notice his hands on my hips, so I grab one of his belt loops with each of my hands and pull him close to my body. I can feel him getting hard against my ass, so I moan to show my interest. I turn around to face him, “I wanna sit down.” I run and jump onto the bed, motioning for him to join me. He sits on the edge of the bed, so I crawl over to him and straddle his lap. We look in each other’s eyes, and take a moment. He breaks the silence “Are you sure you don’t just want to make out?” I sigh and come up with an idea.

“I give you full consent. If I want you to stop, I will tell you. I trust you so much, I know you will do right by me” I gasped.

His eyes meet mine, he leans in and whispers “As long as you don’t mind my Star Wars bed sheets.” I can’t help but laugh. I look over his shoulder and see that he isn’t lying. From the position we are in, I can still feel his growing erection through his jeans.

I decide he is wearing too many articles of clothing, so I pull at the hem of his shirt. He lifts his arms so I can get rid of the offensive piece of clothing. His chest is well toned, you can make out the shape of his abs and biceps. This is going to be good. I lay him down and start to plant kisses along the lines of his muscles. He moans my name, as if a plea for more. I only realize he has flipped us over when I feel lid lips on my neck again. His teeth graze over one spot that makes me shudder with pleasure. So he stays at that spot near my collarbone and sucks on it, most likely leaving a mark.

From this new position with him between my legs, I took the opportunity to unbuckle his belt. He got the point, and proceeded to take off his jeans. I went for his boxers when he stopped me. “You are still fully dressed!” He teased. I laugh and whisper “how about you undress me.”

He smiles, hands going to remove my tank top. I lift my arms so the top slides off my body. I look down and assess my body. I was toned, but never muscular. My breasts were a size 36DD, they looked smaller with clothes on. Sebastian gawked at them, having never seen them in this state. He smirks and goes to remove my shorts.

I look at him and decide to make a bold move. I grind myself against his member. The friction starts to make me feel even more wet than I already am. He moans when the fluid touches him through our fabrics. I thrust my tongue into his mouth to deepen the kiss, and with him distracted I take off my nude bra and cast it aside. I take his hands from my hips where they always seemed to be, and I place them on top of my breasts. He squeezes lightly to test the waters. To tell him I like it I grind down onto his hard erection.

“I want to make you feel good,Y/n” he breathes “ but I have no idea how. You should show me.” He slowly starts to pull off my panties, his fingers brushing my inner thighs.

I decide to take control. Pressing my hands to his biceps, I push him down. “Let me make you feel good first, Sebastian. I want you to stay still, no touching.” He sighs in protest as I make my way down to below his belt. He moans when I nuzzle his throbbing cock through his boxers. I slide the offending garment down and his erection springs free, bumping my nose on the way up. I giggle to let him know it’s ok.

He lifts his hips so I can slide the boxers off his legs. I start by licking his thighs, making my way up to his balls. I nip at them gently, and I notice a bead of precum on his tip. I quickly make my way to the head, and slowly encase him in my wet waiting mouth. I hum as his precum hits my taste buds. The tip of my tongue slides across his sensitive slit.

“Holy FUCK!” Sebastian exclaims, bucking his hips into my mouth.

“Touch me” I gasp, pulling my head from his lower one. With this permission he slides his hands into my hair, pushing his member further into my mouth. Hitting the back of my throat.

I moan into his member at this action. He is fucking my mouth!

“Babe, I’m- I’m gonna…” He pleads. So I give him one last big suck, hollowing out my cheeks and taking him in deep. His hot seed slides down my throat, part of the big load falls from my mouth and down his still throbbing cock. I use my tongue to lap up what I missed.

“Holy shit, Y/n that was amazing!” He sighs, content from the pleasure I was giving him moments ago.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it!” I giggle. He pulls me back up for a kiss, moaning when he can taste himself on my lips. I lay on his chest kissing him for a moment before he rolls us over and whispers “your turn” into my ear.

To say it was hot watching him settle between my legs would be an understatement. His eyes were searching mine, until I realized it was because he was unsure what to do.

“Start by finding my clit” I gasp as I feel his hot breath on my burning core. He starts at the bottom and makes one long lick from there to the top. He stops at my hardened bud, knowing he’s found it when my fingers thread through his hair.

“Good!” I moan “Now start to write something, anything with your tongue there. After a while you can add some fingers.” I barely get the sentence out before he starts. Good thing I did because his ministrations had me breathless.

It wasn’t long before his actions had the coil in my stomach tightening. I squeeze my thighs together, effectively trapping him as I rode out my first orgasm of the afternoon.

He lapped up my juices, growling from my finish.

“Seba, that was great” I gasp. I glance down to see if he is ready again. He is.

“I don’t know how you did it, Y/n, but you got me from cumming to hard again in a matter of minutes. You are fucking amazing” he says crawling up to kiss me again, tasting myself on his lips.

I quickly stand up and grab my pants, after we had made out at the school i made sure to put a condom in my pants pocket. I toss the foil package to him and watch him roll the item over his thick cock.

“Come here”, he whispers. I walk over to him, swinging my hips as I go. Laying down next to him, he settles on top of me resting his weight on his forearms. I pull his face to mine with one hand while the other teases my entrance with his tip, shuddering when it hits my still sensitive clit.

He pushes into me, moaning out an “I love you” against my lips. I can feel him pick up the pace, pelvis hitting my clit with each thrust.

“Y/n, I’m not going to last long”, he grunts breathlessly. I tell him that I’m close, which is true with all the stimulation I’m getting. Sebastian is so big that it doesn’t take much longer for me to hit my second peak of the day. As my pussy clenches around him, I feel him twitching, signaling he’s close.

“Fuck , I love you so much, Y/n”, he moans as his hot cum spurts into the condom.

“I love you too, Sebastian”. He rolls off of me, then takes off the condom, moving to throw it away. When he make his way back to the bed, we crawl under the sheets, moving to cuddle.


Prompt:  Hi!! Could you do one where the reader is a singer and goes on carpool karaoke w James cordon and she’s asked about what’s going on between her and seb and she announces that they’re together or something like that?! Thanks (: Xxxx

Warnings: Les Mis spoilers I guess!

Author’s Note: asdfghjkl I fell in love with this as soon as I read the prompt!!!! This one is for my Broadway junkies! We should form a Broadway gang….like West Side Story but only one sided.

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lovesick (1\1)

AKA the conchell sick fic i’ve been dying to write 

The sun is shining, the breeze is nice, and Mitchell has not murdered his younger brother yet. 

These were all pleasant facts, especially for said brother in question.

Sebastian had insisted on after-school burgers after their hellish pre-finals week. Despite the fact Sebastian hadn’t attended a full school day in weeks, he seemed very insistent on the fact of his mental exhaustion due to the upcoming exams, and Mitchell hadn’t had nearly enough fight in him to disagree with the statement. Like a student who actually had been attending his classes regularly, he was dead in every way but literally. 

So, there they were - some nameless side of the road drive through that advertised the cheapest burgers on this side of Cali. 

“What are you doing tonight?” Sebastian took a messy bite of his burger, smearing mustard all along the side of his cheek and Mitchell physically had to resist the urge to reach out and wipe it off, tucking his hands underneath his legs instead.

“Bi-weekly Skype date with Connor.” Mitchell grinned, excited. He passed over a napkin, hoping Seb would actually get the hint. He didn’t, of course, and instead threw the crumpled napkin in the backseat.

Mitchell didn’t bother to conceal his sigh, instead only going back to his own burger.

“You guys are an old married couple, it’s disgusting.” Sebastian licked a trail of grease off his wrist.

Mitchell rolled his eyes. “Just because we’ve been dating longer than you’ve ever kept a hairstyle doesn’t mean we’re boring.” Mitchell blew a huff of air into his bangs, “Nothing is ever boring with that boy.”

Sebastian hummed, flicking through his latest dating app, apparently done with the conversation.

Mitchell finished his food, singing along softly to the age-old song playing on the radio, grateful that Mitchell was the one actually doing the driving this afternoon. Their odds of reckless driving went up significantly every time Sebastian got behind the wheel, and Mitchell never enjoyed it.

He drove them home, Sebastian poking at him every few minutes to just hurry up Mitchell jeez as Mitchell safety, legally kept the speed limit.

He got them back alive - always counted as a win when Sebastian was annoying him into oblivion - and the other boy rushed to grab his things and get upstairs.

His phone was already dinging with notifications - probably Connor’s warning text that his skype invitation was about to go through - and Mitchell booted up his laptop quickly. Their skype dates - every Wednesday and Friday, occasionally Saturday - were Mitchell’s favorite hours of the week.

He finally managed to log onto his laptop, getting comfortable and settled at his desk chair, and grinned at the immediate notification that popped up. Connor icon - grinning and flipping off the camera, Travis’s cropped out grin barely visible in the small photo - greeted him. Mitchell ran a hand through his hair, mussing it up a bit like he knew Connor went crazy over, and accepted the call.

“Hey!” Mitchell grinned, shifting closer to the camera. It took a moment for the blocky connection to settle,

“Hey babe.” Connor’s voice filtered out through the speakers, the sound weak and tiny. The video was dim - too dim - and Mitchell leaned into the camera, peering at the screen with careful eyes.

Connor was in bed, that was obvious, his curls even more of a mess than usual. Usually, Connor walked and jumped around during their Skype dates, incapable of keeping still, usually hanging off the back of the couch or jumping around the living room. It was an amusing habit, one Mitchell usually laughed and teased about, and that only made it more stranger as Connor buried his face in his blanket.

Connor’s skin was pale, that was obvious even through the screen and dark lighting, and his eyes drooped weakly even as he spoke.

“How was school, Mitch?” Connor’s voice was rough as he spoke around a yawn, wiping at his eyes.

Mitchell narrowed his eyes, “…Are you in your pajamas? Did, did you not go to school?” Mitchell made a face of horror, “Are you sick?”

“The doctor said to rest.” Connor told him, his tone edging on dismissive. “It’s just pneumonia.”

“Just?” Mitchell’s voice was high and shrill.

“I’m fine.” Connor mumbled into the screen. “Just…tired.”

Mitchell bit his lip, staring at the other boy with hardly concealed concern. “You should get some sleep, sweetheart. I’ll talk to you later, okay? We can make up our Skype date later.”

The lack of protest was startling – usually Mitchell’s attempts to end their late night calls ended with several minutes of drawn out goodbyes and whines. But the other boy hardly blinked back at him before yawning goodnight and hanging up, leaving Mitchell alone and staring at his computer screen.

Mitchell stared at the empty homescreen for a long moment, just blinking at his reflection.

“Aright.” He said out loud, waiting another moment before shoving himself up. He pulled his duffel from under the bed, the essentials already packed. He knew to be prepared at this point.

“Sebastian! Come here!” He called over his shoulder, throwing his bag onto his bed. He waited a few moments, grabbing his phone and charger in the time, and shoved them both into the empty side pocket of the duffel.

“Sup broseph?” Sebastian asked, leaning on the doorway, barely looking up from the frantic tapping away at his phone.

Mitchell already had his duffel bag unzipped, looking through what he had already stuffed in his bag, and considering what else he needed. “Connor’s sick and I’m gonna go take care of him – I’ll be back Sunday night. Can you cover for me with Maria and Jacques?”

Sebastian looked up from his phone at that, blinking a few times. “Wait, what? You’re what?”

“I’m visiting Connor.” Mitchell repeated, a bit impatiently.

“In…New York?” Sebastian clarified.

Mitchell huffed out a breath. “Yes. In New York. Because he’s sick. Can you cover for me with your parents or not?”

“I mean, yeah.” He shrugged, “I’ll tell them you’re spending the weekend at Naomi’s. But are you sure going to New York is like, the best idea?”

“You’re not going to talk me out of it.” Mitchell told him, looking for his jeans. Under his bed – great, they were probably dirty. He packed them anyways.

Sebastian held up his hands. “Hey, as a child of Aphrodite it’s basically a sin for me to try and talk you out of making this insanely adorable declaration of your love, but it’s a 40 hour drive. So. Consider that.”

“Who said I was going to drive?” Mitchell asked, throwing other his duffel bag. He began digging through his drawer, clothes flying everywhere in the process.

Sebastian huffed, “Still! That’s an expensive plane ticket.”

“Not a plane either.” He finally found what he was looking for, holding up a thin purple vial to the light, “I helped Lou with Micah’s birthday present in exchange for this baby. I was going to save it for our six month, but this is important.”

Sebastian gave him a judgmental look and Mitchell sighed, taking a moment to turn and explain.

“Listen Seb, Travis is a good brother but I am fully convinced he simply threw a bottle of cough medicine in Connor’s general direction and skipped town or something. Anyways, it’s Friday. I’ll come back Sunday night.” Mitchell shook the bottle, “There should be enough for two trips. If not, I’ll book a plane ticket.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes, but began digging through his closet, hopefully to help him pack. “Fine, I’ll cover for you with the parents. But be careful not to sex him up so much when he’s sick, dear brother. I’ve been there, it’s not cute.”

“We’re not going to have sex!” Mitchell rolled his eyes, and paused. “Tonight. Probably.” Mitchell shrugged, “Not while he’s sick, at least.”

Sebastian gave him an incredibly dry look, reaching over and dumping a few condoms into his open duffel without breaking his gaze.

Seb zipped up the bag and shoved it in his chest. “Go before Maria gets home. Do you have his address?”

Mitchell nodded, peeling a post-it note off his wall and holding it up. “Right here. I’ll see you later, okay? I’ll Iris-message you tomorrow.”

Seb waved him off, pulling out his phone to probably call his thing of the week.

Mitchell held up the small vial to the light, studying the thick purple syrup. He trusted Lou, yeah, but…

Mitchell bit his lip, remembering the miserable flush on Connor’s cheeks, barely visible through the video chat. With this image in mind, he cracked the top and swallowed down a mouthful.

Mitchell spat the bitter taste out of his mouth, completely unprepared for how vile the potion tasted. Wasn’t magic supposed to be sweet?  

He adjusted the back hanging over his shoulder, staring up at the building in front of him. The potion had dropped him in a nearby alley, close enough that the surroundings were familiar enough for Mitchell to find his way. He quickly stopped by a nearby bodega , filling up a few bags full of supplies, and set out towards his building.

Mitchell had been to the shared Stoll apartment only once before, and has been much less interested in the space as they had been…preoccupied.

Mitchell shook the idea out of his head, shifting the crackling plastic bags over to one hand. The door was locked, most definitely. It was the middle of the day, Travis most likely out. He sighed. There was really only one choice.

The door clicked open easily, Mitchell glancing around before slipping the pins back in his pocket. He liked to be prepared, okay? It was nice to always have what you needed.

The apartment was cleaner than he expected nice open windows that set the sun gloss over the dark hardwood floor. He couldn’t even image the rent on a place this nice in New York City.

Just like he predicted, the apartment was nearly empty, Travis nowhere in sight. He headed towards the room he was pretty sure was Connor’s and shifted the bags over to one hand as he swung the door open.

Connor was there, in bed, sprawled across his mattress. He was shirtless, a shiny sheen to his skin. He barely lifted his head as Mitchell walked in, instead pushing his face into a pile of pillows. Mitchell crouched down next to him, a worried frown crossing his face.

“How did you get in?” Connor asked, his flushed face still buried into his pillow.

“Picked the lock.” Mitchell used one hand to smooth the other boy’s curls back from his forehead, frowning.

“That’s the hottest thing you’ve ever said to me.” He declared, turning over on his back. He stared at Mitchell for a second, his eyes squinted and his voice drowsy. “What’s up?”

Mitchell held up the bags, smiling a bit. “I got you flu medicine, soup, and Gatorade.”

“Grape?” He asked hopefully, his eyes still closed and his face still buried in his pillow.

“Of course.” Mitchell answered easily, throwing down his duffel and grocery bags. “Here, drink some water before you fall back asleep. You’ll feel better, I promise.”

Connor did as told, draining the entire water bottle in one go before falling back into his pillows. “Night babe.”

Mitchell took the bottle from his loose fingers, “Night, darling.”

He took to cleaning up Connor’s room a bit, mostly just gathering up the loose crumbled tissues and taking out the trash. He threw in a load of laundry, knowing how much both boys detested the chore, and folded the pile on top of the dryer.

Cleaning always calmed him, soothed him in a way only complete order could. He wasn’t a neat freak or anything – he lived in a cabin with ten other teenagers – and his room back room was far from order – but it was always nice to work with his hands, and have something nice come out of it.

He moved onto the rest of the house next, wiping down the slightly sticky counters in the kitchen and throwing out some probably-sentient take-out.

Mitchell had just begun cleaning up the minimal mess in the living room – more tissues, a few plates left out – when he heard a few rough coughs from the direction of Connor’s room, and the bed creaking from obvious shifting.

He threw the dirty plates in the kitchen – a mental note in place to wash them later – and grabbed the grocery bags he came in with to check on the other boy.

“Hey, how ya feeling?” Mitchell asked, shifting through the bag to pull out the still-chilled Gatorade. He cracked the cap and held it out. But Connor, red-cheeked probably from his fever, only stared at him in bewilderment.

Connor blinked, sitting up and staring at him with wide eyes. He looked more surprised than Mitchell would have expected after speaking to him barely an hour ago.

“I…You’re here?”

Mitchell pressed the bottle into Connor’s hands, “Drink.” He ordered, sitting on the edge of the bed. “You’re not getting dehydrated on my watch.”

Connor was still blinking at him. “I…thought I was hallucinating. You’re, uh, you’re here. Wow, um. Hi.”

Mitchell smiled fondly at him, poking his arm. “Hey hun.”

Connor pushed himself up, his comforter falling to pool at his waist. “You’re actually here. We should – we should go do something. You’re here, we should have fun.”

Mitchell reached out, gently pushing the other boy back. Even from the soft touch of Mitchell’s fingertips, he could feel how hot and clammy the other boy’s skin was.

“Lay down.” Mitchell ordered softly. “I’ll be here all weekend. But first, you’re gonna have to focus on feeling better.”

“I feel fine.” Connor told him, despite his fluttering eyes and flushed skin. “Seriously, we shouldn’t waste this visit –“

“It’s not a waste if it’s for you.” Mitchell only told him, tipping back the water bottle a bit so Connor would actually drink it.

Connor took a long drink and passed it back. Mitchell smoothed back his curls, enjoying the way Connor leaned in heavily to his touch.

“Let’s take your temperature.” He pulled out the red bag he found in their bathroom, the white cross distinctly familiar as the first aid kits kept at camp. He found the thermometer easily, still in the plastic. He ripped it off, playing with the buttons for a moment. “Open your mouth, c’mon.”

Connor groaned, “You know, I usually love to hear those words from you. Now, not so much.”

Mitchell smiled at that, “It’ll only take a moment. Now, tongue up.”

He complied, making a scrunched up face that warmed Mitchell’s chest a bit. The thermometer beeped after a moment, the display glowing a soft blue.

Mitchell hummed. “102.1”

Connor fell back onto his pillows. “That’s…not good?”

“You’ll feel better when it goes down.” Mitchell told him instead.

“I have to pee.” Connor said after a moment, pushing himself up. He moved slowly, shoving off his blankets with weak hands, and settled his feet on the carpet, looking unsure.

Connor stood, wobbling worryingly for a moment. Mitchell was at his side in a second, his hands hovering over the other boy’s skin. “Do you need help?”

Connor frowned, “No, I don’t need –“ He paused, the flush in his cheeks paling. He fell forward, Mitchell’s hands catching him, and stumbled towards the bathroom.

“I’m going to be sick.” He gasped, before doing just that, barely making it to the toilet in time.

Mitchell pulled Connor’s curls back, using a rubber band to tie his curls back while rubbing circles into the other boys back.

Connor finished, coughing a few more times into the toilet as Mitchell stood, grabbing a dishtowel from under the sink and running it under the cold water. He had a water bottle within reach, thankfully, probably forgotten there as he was cleaning.

Connor wiped at his mouth, exhaustion in every line of his body as he fell back against the wall. “You’re the best Mitchell, and I’m so happy to see you, but you should go. This can’t be very fun for you.”

Mitchell passed over a wet cloth and water bottle, “I deal with sick kids all the time. If I couldn’t handle a little puke, there’s no way I could survive as a camp counselor.” Mitchell settled down next to him, the bathroom tile cold and hard under his damp palms. He smoothed back Connor’s messy curls, holding them out of his face as Connor wiped his face off. Connor reached for the mouthwash on the counter and Mitchell helped him lean over carefully and spit it into the shower drain.

“I haven’t eaten in like, two days. How is throwing up even possible.” Connor groaned, his head dropping down onto Mitchell’s shoulder. “This is horrible. I feel horrible.”

Mitchell hummed sympathetically, his arm coming up to curl around Connor’s shoulders. Connor’s cheek was hot against his skin, his breath huffing against Mitchell’s neck.

Mitchell ran his fingers through Connor’s curls, and pressed his dry lips to Connor’s heated forehead.

Mitchell took a deep breath, giving the other boy one more moment. “Brush your teeth and use the washroom. I’ll go put on a movie, come on.”

Connor looked up hopefully. “Monster Inc.?”

“Your favorite. Already set up and ready to go.” Mitchell grinned, pulling him up. He gave Connor a few minutes alone in the bathroom, listening to the faucet click on and off and the toilet flush as he leaned against Connor’s bedroom wall. It was only a few more minutes until the door swung open, revealing the other boy with much, much fresher breath.

Mitchell held out his arm, letting Connor come to him. The other boy leaned heavily on him, his arm coming up to hang off Mitchell’s waist.

Mitchell helped him to the couch, dropping him off easily while the other boy groaned and curled on the cushion. Mitchell gave him a fond look before speaking.

“You should try and drink some broth and crackers, see if you can keep it down.” Mitchell grabbed the fleece blanket off the arm chair and draped it over his legs, tucking in the sides like he always did for the younger kids.

“Food is probably the worst idea you’ve ever had.” He declared from his place on the couch, but he sat up slightly and stared at Mitchell with tired eyes. “Like, actually the worst.”

“Well, you’re gonna try and keep it down.” Mitchell told him sweetly, ripping open one of the instant soup packets he picked up from the store. It only took hot water and a minute in the microwave to make – and it was probably horrible high in sodium – but it was the same, familiar brand the camp store held, which he knew the other boy would appreciate.

Mitchell caught Connor peeking over the couch arm with interest, the heavy scent probably making its way over to the other boy already.

He smiled softly, adding a bit of spice to the soup. Hopefully, the spice would help clear out Connor’s congestion – it was always a popular trick with the sick Aphrodite kids. He quickly bowled it and made it back to the living room where the selection screen for the movie was already on loop. He had put in the DVD earlier when he was cleaning, already planning to persuade Connor into dragging his feet to the couch so Mitchell could clean up his room.

“Eat.” Mitchell instructed, smoothing out the blanket before passing over the warm bowl. He settled next to Connor, their bodies brushing, and reached for the remote.

Connor caught his wrist before he could press play, focusing intensely on the soup in his lap.

“What’s wrong?” Mitchell frowned, his hand coming up to brush Connor’s cheeks and forehead. “Is your fever bothering you? I can go grab an ice pack if you want.”

Connor glanced up at Mitchell, catching his hand before he could pull away. “Thank you for this.” Connor told him softly. “You know, Mom’s always busy with work and Travis is great but he’s horrible with sick people and…I don’t know. I haven’t had someone take care of me in…years.” Connor gave him a half-shrug, his eyes glassy. “It…means a lot to me, Mitchell. You being here.”

Mitchell blinked a few times. “Of course Connor. I…” Mitchell’s eyes flickered away and back in a nervous movement. “I love you. Of course.”

Connor smiled, the movement a bit weak and hazy. “I love you too, Mitchell.” He burrowed his face into Mitchell’s neck, “Tell me again when I’m not super gross and I promise at least like, three blowjobs are in order.”

“Will do.” Mitchell laughed, pressing the other boy a bit closer. He grabbed for the remote, flipping on the movie, and Connor was asleep – his bowl drained – before Boo made it into Sully and Mike’s apartment.

Mitchell finished watching the movie, keeping his laughter low at the familiar jokes. It was nice, having this. A familiar movie playing, a warm, sleepy, albeit sickly boy at his side, his arms curled around Mitchell’s waist.

Connor was already drooling onto Mitchell’s sleeve. At least he was mostly cute.

Before the movie was over - right before the scene that always had Mitchell sniffing into his sleeve - the lock in the door clicked and turned, and Mitchell glanced over in time to see Travis dunking through the doorway.

“Hey Mitchell.” Travis greeted, his voice casual. He held up the grocery bag dangling from his hand, “Got you some of that strawberry milk you love.”

Mitchell sighed, carefully pushing the sleeping boy off of him and standing.

“Of course you did. Because you knew I was here. Of course.” Mitchell answered in a breezy voice, collecting Connor’s empty soup bowl, fixing the blanket to settle across the other boy before walking over. “And keep your voice down, Connor’s sleeping.”

Travis nodded, wrinkling his nose. “Good. He was vomiting all night, it was disgusting.”

Mitchell rolled his eyes, almost hip-checking him as he dunked past to throw the dishes on the sink. He turned on the tap, warming up the water, and dumped a glob of soap on the sponge.

“How’s Katie?” He asked, because he really did enjoy the other girl’s presence, usually in the midst of some poorly thought through Stoll ‘adventure’.

Travis jumped on the counter, letting his feet hit the cabinets as they swung. “She’s bored. Living in Kansas can do that to you. I’m thinking about visiting her this weekend. She wants to pull a prank on one of her teachers and could use the backup, I think.”

Mitchell nodded slowly. “That’s…nice of you. When was the last time you two met up?”

“Two weeks ago. I missed her, thought why not.” Mitchell shot him a surprised look that had him laughing.

Travis winked at him, “Mom’s an airline stewardess. We fly free.”

Mitchell blinked, “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Well, that’s nice. Tell her I said hello and that she’s my favorite.”

“Will do.” Travis told him with a grin, turning his head so he could spy on his younger brother passed out on the couch. ”Monsters Inc.? How’d you know?”

Mitchell shrugged, scrubbing at a plate stain particularly hard. “He mentioned it once. It’s his favorite sick day movie.”

Travis raised his eyebrows in amusement. “Yeah, I know. I’ve been forced to watch it twice a year or so since we were kids. What’s yours?”

Mitchell snorted. “Spaceballs.” He shrugged at Travis’s laughter, rinsing off the bubbly dishes. “It’s a classic.”

“Can’t fight that. I always been more of a Good Burger kind of guy.”

Mitchell nodded in approval. That was one of Asher’s favorites, and he’d been forced to listen to the dialogue play in the background of their cabin for years. He finished up the dishes, feeling completely at home in the apartment, and tried not to bicker with Travis too loudly.

Later, his boyfriend would wake up lovingly tucked in in his own bed, Mitchell curled into his side, and he’d smile a bit too softly to be anything but lovesick. 

Still Think About You (Sebastian Stan)

word count: 2, 527

request: Haiiiiiiii can you Please make one with Sebastian and The reader get in an argument after him cheating. He is practically begging you back. The ending can be sad or happy. Up to you 😋😋😋

requested by: @simingisfun

a/n: Okay, well I just had to choose Michael B(ae) Jordan to play Reader’s best friend. Michael is a bae and…c’mon, 

Originally posted by annutystan

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Prompt: Could you do a Seb imagine where one of the reader’s family member has passed away and she starts pushing him away and wants to be alone but he’s just a worried lil pup and tries to do anything to make her smile again

Word Count: 620

Warnings: mentions of passing from cancer, possible trigger warnings, sad sad fluff, sadness, sAdNeSs

Author’s Note: thanks for requesting! I really appreciate it!

The only thing you could feel right now was pain. Losing your mother to cancer was definitely the most gut wrenching thing you had ever experienced. You could only watch as your father and siblings talked about what to do. Sebastian was waiting out in the hallway, as he was here for support. He left filming early as soon as you called crying.

“Y/N, you look like you’re going to be sick. We’ll call you when it’s all figured out, okay?” Your older sister, Jada, said as she rubbed your shoulder. You blinked before standing. She guided you to the door, opening it and finding Sebastian patiently waiting. He stood as soon as he heard movement.

Sebastian looked to you. Then he looked to your sister, who nodded. It was true. She passed. Sebastian nodded back before putting a hand on the small of your back. You numbly walked with him to the car. He had the smallest pout on his face, which usually came back when you were upset.

The drive home was quiet. Sebastian didn’t know what to say, and you didn’t have anything to say. What exactly would you say in a situation like this? It’s not like either of you experienced this before. Though Sebastian promised himself to make sure he was with you through the whole thing.

You walked into your apartment slowly, not sure what to do. Cry? Get angry at God for taking your mother? Eat ice cream? In all truth, you just wanted to be alone. Talking would only make you draw further into yourself. It was a bad habit of yours that just couldn’t be helped.

“I wish I had the right words…” Sebastian trailed off as he closed the door behind him. You watched him for a little bit. He put away his keys, then hung up his jacket on the coatrack.

“It’s okay. I don’t have any words either.” You whispered. He started go to hug you, but you just turned, going to your room. The closing of the door signaled you had no need for human contact. Sebastian sighed then frowned.

It was few hours before you came out. Your eyes were red and puffy, your head sore from it all. Sebastian watched from the couch as you walked into the kitchen. He stood and followed you in.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sebastian asked. You looked up from staring at the stove. Your hair slowly swept in and out of view when shaking your head. He made sure you weren’t looking before hugging you from behind. Your whole body tensed from shock.

Your body eventually adjusted, and you continued to stare at the stove. His arm tightened around you.

“The last thing she made me was a grilled cheese sandwich. It was a bit burnt around the edges because she wasn’t very good at making it. Though she knew I loved it the most.” You whispered. Your voice cracked at the confession. His hand gripped your waist even tighter.

“She loved you. There was no question about it. You were her special little package of sunshine.” He said with a light tone at the end. It made you smile a bit. Your mother joked that you were her bundle of sunshine because of your smile.

“I know. I just miss her. She was my mom.” You said. A simple twirl and you were hugging him correctly. Your head was buried in his chest.

Tears fell on Sebastian’s shirt. He said comforting things while rubbing your back. He filled his promise as well as he could. He’d never leave you in a time of pain, or ever as long as it was an option.

probably one of my fav press photos of Noah’s Ark Circus so far

besides all the suit of shame of course lol
but yeah
I like how they captured this moment
when Sebastian and Ciel are not trying to drive each other crazy
also Reo is smol
and Yunbastian’s leeeeeeeeeegs are gorgeous

Back in Lycoris 2015, Toboso-sensei specifically helped Yuta get the kneeling right by drawing him how Sebastian would do it in the manga (90 degrees and such). And now he can do it so effortlessly. <3

I really like this :3

These are the lies || Kurtbastian

The last few weeks had been anything but enjoyable, as far as Sebastian was concerned.

The spiral pretty much started when he’d gone to audition for glee club.

Kurt had been putting ideas into Sebastian head, all about how good it would be to have Sebastian there, and how he could finally find a place for himself here in Ohio and how talented he thought Sebastian was, and Sebastian… he ate it all up. Every compliment. Every nice word. Straight to his head, and he believed every single thing that Kurt had told him.

Kurt had gone to talk to Mr. Schue about the audition, and all about his issues with Puck. Kurt had never really told Sebastian what he’d said, or what the teacher had said back, and every time Sebastian would ask Kurt would just say “I have it sorted” and moved topics.

Sebastian was in no place to question him, since, as he constantly said, he knew these people - these were his friends. His second family. Though he did have his concerns.

Mr. Schue had decided that since the year had already started, and “foundation blocks” had already been laid within the club itself, that he thought it was better if Sebastian auditioned in front of everyone. The way both Schue and Kurt made it sound when he did eventually talk to them both, in the same room, was as though Sebastian was a show pony, and they had to show him off first before he participated. Apparently Kurt had shown Mr. Schue some of Sebastian’s videos as well, so he seemed eager, however, it was all the other stuff that seemed to be the issue. It wasn’t that Schue thought that Sebastian was lying about it, but Sebastian could see the hesitation, the thoughts going on in his mind, a few random comments about how Puck wouldn’t say some of that stuff because, well, he was friends with Kurt.

Apparently if you are friends with one gay kid, you’re friends with them all.

Blaine hadn’t said much to Sebastian throughout the whole thing, and Sebastian couldn’t help but feel like the other was giving him a cold shoulder. He wouldn’t blame him, especially after he’d done everything to help, and Sebastian had done everything to push him away, but he tried to be nice when Kurt would drive Blaine over, or, when he knew they wanted alone time and would excuse himself downstairs. He’d even gone so far as to make loud knocking noises from downstairs when he would hear Burt’s truck pull up outside so that Kurt knew to quickly get up and open the bedroom door and put their clothes back on. Burt didn’t mind anyone being in the room, just as long as the door was open. He made an effort to try and talk to him, or compliment articles of clothing, though Blaine would always give him that half disgusted, half polite smile when he’d do it. Sebastian was certain that Kurt knew what he was doing as well, just from the way he’d almost give him this sympathic smile.

When the day finally arrived, Sebastian was hyped. He had butterflies in his stomach, and he was equally nervous, but he was hyped regardless! He couldn’t focus on his classes all day, and instead spent a great deal of time trying to visualize the performance, and also what reaction he hoped to get.

He followed Kurt, who kept giving him pointers on things to do, or how to move, and when he walked into glee club he instantly saw several pairs of eyes looking at him. It wasn’t that he was a stranger to these people, in terms of, never seeing him, but he was a stranger to them, because not one of them had bothered to get to know him. Though, in the sea of eyes, he noticed that Puck wasn’t there.

Maybe it was the realization that it had actually happened, that Puck was gone and this was Sebastian’s new “place” that was his downfall, that he became too cocky or confident in that moment, or maybe it was just because if something could go wrong - it went wrong.

Mr. Schue had just finished introducing Sebastian, making him go out to the middle of the choir room, when he walked in.

Sebastian could tell straight away that he knew what he was doing, and that arriving late was probably all part of his plan. Some type of dominance act as so to say he didn’t even think Sebastian was worth turning up on time, or that he could interrupt him here because this was Puck’s place.

They locked eyes as Puck moved to his seat, which made Sebastian squirm a little, but he stood his ground, clearing his throat.
However, he had been blindsided when Rachel shot up her hand and demanded that he sing something from Broadway. Sebastian wasn’t really interested in broadway, nor was that an aspiration of his, but apparently, if you wanted to be in this glee club, you needed to know some sort of broadway. He didn’t think anything of it at first, Kurt may have just forgotten to mention that.

“I don’t… really know a lot of broadway songs that I’d want to audition with” Sebastian said as he looked around the room, sometimes looking at Kurt for guidance. He wasn’t opposed to it per say, and he was sure he could learn songs if required but it didn’t seem fair to put him on the spot.

“Screw the broadway, lets see you strip, Justin Timberlake" Santana had screamed out, making fanning actions with her hands.

“How about some MJ?” Artie announced, which resulted in Mercedes muttering a little too loudly about “another white boy singing MJ in this glee club”

Though, that is one of the few suggestions he could have done on request.

From there, an all out argument began, another member with another genre screaming out their demands, and another, and another, the entire time Sebastian stayed there in the center of the room, umming, and erring as he watched in absolute horror.

Thankfully, they calmed down, well, if you could call what happened calming down, and Schue asked Sebastian to perform what he had originally planned. He hadn’t really gone over his song selection with Kurt, though he’d definitely dropped enough hints, or purposely sung a little louder in the shower so the other could hear him. Sebastian had decided on VÉRITÉ - Somebody Else ( , even though it was originally sung by a female, he had dropped it down to his own key and put a different spin on it. Plus it had been stuck in his head for days and couldn’t quite shake it. He’d only met the McKinley Jazz band members earlier today and handed them sheet music, though they all seemed pretty comfortable with performing it, but said they would talk to him later because it was better they get to work.

When he finished, the group was silent, except for Kurt who started clapping. He tried to not laugh at that, but slowly the rest of them clapped. He wasn’t sure whether it was because he had done so poorly that they were pity clapping him, or if they were just surprised. It made him conflicted, unsure whether to be reeling from the performance, or feeling his stomach drop in disappointed.

Sebastian was asked to step outside while they had a discussion, which he thought this was a little strange, and rude, but he shrugged it off and went outside. Maybe this is the way they always do it. Maybe each one of them had gone through the same process, and this was some kind of intimidation aspect. If you weren’t strong enough, or something…

He was confident anyway, because he KNEW his performance was good, and he had the experience to help them win their showchoir competitions. A petty rumour spread by a petty guy shouldn’t stop him from being a part of something.

Sebastian couldn’t hear anything at first, which was probably a good thing, however, over time he started to hear the soft murmurs of their voices which resulted in Sebastian moving closer to the door so he could hear things clearly.

He could hear Kurt telling someone to shut up, and then he heard a lot of commotion of voices.

Throughout them he could hear blurbs of comments about himself, though, none of them were overly nice. A few people had said they liked the performance, but equally another handful seemed to have a massive problem with him, as a person.

“New Directions !” Schue called out over the top “This is a very simple yes or no”

“I say no” Rachel called out.

“Of course you do, wouldn’t want anyone to take that lime light” Tina called out, Sebastian could hear the slight groan in her voice “I say yes, I thought his voice was good and I like him”

Sebastian smiled and looked down at the floor, before he continued to listen.

“I say no” someone else called out, though he couldn’t quite pick who it was “There is too much drama with that kid and we are already on thin ice as a club as it is”

Rude, but fine.

“I say yes” Mercedes called out “I liked his song”

“No” another voice simple said, and that was all.

“I say yes” He heard Mike’s voice, and smiled “Also he looks like he’d be a strong dancer as well”

Sebastian felt his cheeks heat up a little at Mikes words, smiling to himself.

“If we say yes, does that mean Puck has to leave too?” Another voice called out, which resulted in another large argument breaking out.

Kurt naturally said yes, which Sebastian was thankful for, However, even just a quick tally he’d been making in his head had said he needed a few more Yes’s.

“Blaine hasn’t voted yet” Rachel called out, which resulted in some chatter.

“I…I say no”

Sebastian could feel the way his entire face dropped at Blaine’s words. No? Blaine had said No? Blaine saying yes would have been a deciding vote. It would have put him over that line that would, hopefully, have brought up another conversation. He’d thought he had the other ones support, if anything, just because he was Kurt’s brother.

It wasn’t that Sebastian was going to cry, but he was hurt and a lesser man may have cried. His chest felt heavy as he listened to each insult, each negative comment while resting his head on the back of the door. This was a stupid decision anyway. Of course they weren’t going to accept him. Why would anything in this backwater place make him happy? What’s to say glee club would make him happy anyway! What a stupid thing to think!

Did Kurt know this already? Had Kurt purposely set him up for failure just to get some kind of amusement out of it? While he knew the blame wasn’t on Kurt, he couldn’t help but direct the feelings of betrayal toward him.

“Well I have to say New Directions, I am shocked by your decision, but I understand. Puck is part of our family, and while I think that he and I will be having a little meeting about the things I’ve heard, this is your club as much as it is mine, and in the spirit of trying to work together as a well oiled machine I think it best we do not accept any new members that might… interrupt that"

Sebastian didn’t wait around to hear any extra, thankful that he’d left his backpack in his locker he ran through the halls to retrieve it and then jogged home, and though he’d never quite admit it, a few rogue tears did run down his face.

He never mentioned that he had heard them ALL when Kurt did eventually ask why he had left, but he knew the other HAD to have pieced that together. Sebastian knew Kurt wasn’t an idiot but honestly if he believed Sebastian’s “I just changed my mind” response then he wasn’t as bright as Sebastian thought.

Things had been tense after that. Sebastian pulled back again from Kurt, and kept to himself. He didn’t completely close himself off, and he wasn’t rude to the other, he just tended not to talk unless he had to, and if he did it was when they were in private. In the evenings, once he was done with his homework, and either worked out or gone for a jog, he would chat online. He wasn’t usually this active on social media, but it was a good way to feel like he had least had some friends, plus, it was easier to pretend that everything was fine. Good. Great, even. He even got pretty good at taking the perfect selfie. The one that looked as though he wasn’t posing, but always made him look good. He loved the compliments that he would get from guys talking about his body, every so often taking a lazy shirtless picture or flashing his abs that he’d been working on lately, that online, he became this cocky, extremely self assured “Hottie”. Which was why he didn’t really add anyone from McKinley to his page except Mike, who would always like his photos, sometimes adding the love heart eyes on the shirtless photos in the stream of spam from people he knew back home, friends of friends, or ransoms that he’d just gotten to know over the Internet and it would make Sebastian feel extremely giddy.

He made do with what he had been given and tried to make the most of it. He convinced the coach to swap their training days because he said the team was getting distracted by the Cheerios and also that he feared some unhealthy competition might arise between the titans and the track team, because they were clearly faster than the teams wide receiver, and surprisingly, managed to charm his way into them agreeing. Sebastian noticed quite a lot of the team started to turn up as well and began to wonder if they had all been avoiding it because of the sheer amount of people that were present, whether it was because the football team were the bullies and others were being bullied or…something else. Sebastian hadn’t asked why they turned up, but enjoyed the fact that they did.

He did like the fact that his way with words had gotten him what he wanted, and tried to take that approach to everything.“ Class and charm can get you far” he would tell himself before he had to talk to someone.

However, anytime something good happened, something bad would happen. Like losing his contact down the sink resulting in him having to wear his glasses until Burt could organise a trip to the optometrist.

But still, after everything, he would still sometimes find himself in Kurt’s bed during the night. He would wake up from a restless sleep and in a half daze would get out of bed and slide into Kurt’s bed. He would instantly fall back asleep. He wouldn’t even remember doing it until morning when he’d apologise and either go back to his bed or get up to shower.

Today had been no different than any other day. School. Avoid cafeteria. Home. On the days that Kurt had glee club or if he had cheerio practise, or was going to Blaine’s house, Sebastian would throw his bag into Kurt’s car and swap into a pair of shorts and jog home, on other days he’d wait for him either walking together from class or meeting him at the navigator. Sometimes Blaine was with him, and after what had happened in the glee club, Sebastian didn’t even make an attempt to speak with him. Over time he noticed Blaine kept trying to be friendly toward him, but why would Sebastian want to befriend someone he knew didn’t even really like him?

Thankfully Blaine wasn’t there for long, and he did wave bye when the other left, but Sebastian still stayed down in the kitchen, using the small dining room table as his desk while he spread his books out instead of shifting back upstairs. Sometimes he found himself completely engulfed with his work that people talking around him just faded in the background.

He glanced up, however, when his Dad walked in the door, giving him a small smile when he walked in.

“Hey kiddo” Burt put all of his stuff down before flicking through the mail he had in his hands “How was school?”

“Schools school” Sebastian shrugged “Got an A on my History essay, oh, and we have a track meet on Saturday if you want to come? You told me last time to remind you” He glanced back down at his work as he continued working through the take home quiz he’d gotten for his calculus class.

“Hey, good job” Burt grinned as he made a small ‘hmm’ noise and opened two envelopes. Sebastian didn’t pay him much attention once he’d glanced back down, just saw things out of his peripheral vision, a piece of paper being put down on the bench, another one being opened, however, he looked up when Burt started to move. He saw that he was holding a second piece of paper and walked towards the steps, Sebastian still able to see him but no quite “Kurt, can you come down here please”

Something about his tone made him want to look up and focus on it, but then again he didn’t want to seem to eager to hear what happened. Burt walked back into the kitchen, grabbing one piece of paper and pushing it in front of Sebastian’s eyes. He pulled back a bit to look at it, squinting a little as he pushed his glasses up.

He wasn’t quite sure what it was, some sort of progress report that had a school marking and comments by his teachers. It didn’t look like a proper school report card, plus he hadn’t even taken his half yearly exams for their to BE a report card. Sebastian skimmed down the list, noticing the As for each class and feeling completely relieved. He knew he was doing well, this wasn’t a shock, but it was nice to get some sort of reassurance. Some of the comments made him want to laugh, like his English teacher saying he should talk more in class, however, that looked like the most negative thing that had been written. The rest were just that he was a good student and always did his homework.

That much he knew.

Sebastian glanced up to give Burt a smile before he began to wonder why had Burt called Kurt downstairs. Had he done well also? Had he done bad?

Winter Break: Part Two

Summary: You’re saying goodbye to your friends before boarding the plane to Germany with Sebastian, where filming is taking place.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Tom Holland(more to be added)

Word Count: 1467 words

Warnings: Swearing?

Originally posted by colinodoneghue

   At the same time you recognize your brother, at least twenty girls around you scream in complete excitement.

“Sebastian!” You make your way towards your brother, pushing through girls that had gotten up and threw yourself into his arms, grinning ear to ear into his sweater.

“I missed you so much!” Sebastian says into your ear, happiness in his voice.

“I missed you too!” you grin, holding onto his sweater sleeves as he pulls back, “but how did you get in here?”

“I ran,” Sebastian smirks, and you don’t know if you want to smack him or yourself. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“I think you surprised the staff more than me,” you laugh, and he joins you.

“Miss Stan,” one of the faculty members that had been chasing Sebastian, Mr. Flint, the school’s only male Assistant Principle, pants like an overworked dog. “You…know this…man?”

“He’s my brother,” you inform him, smiling more in amusement now than happiness of seeing Sebastian. Mr. Flint had been giving you a lifetime’s worth of shit in the nearly four years you’d known him, and it satisfied you that it had been your brother to make your least favorite adult look so displeased.

“Well,” Mr. Flint wheezes, “your brother needs to learn that this is a closed campus, and adults must remain at the front of the school.”

“Well,” you mock the AP. “He is standing right here.”

Mr. Flint glares at you, and you smile innocently back.

“Oh yeah,” Sebastian suddenly says, pointing at you. “I’m signing her out.”


“I loved you in Political Animals,” Chris goes on, and you rest your head against the seat in the airport terminal, trying desperately not to ask the luggage woman standing at the counter closest to you for her roll of duct tape.

“Thanks,” Sebastian smiles awkwardly, turning his phone over in his hands. His hat was pulled low on his head, and with his sweater pulled up to his chin, it was hard for even you to recognize him.

“I hope you know you just outed yourself to Sebastian Stan,” Max says to Chris, and your blond haired friend blushes a crimson color and retreats back to Damon’s side, where the football running back was playing some game on his phone.

Sebastian gives your best friend a questioning look, and glances at you, his eyebrow raised, but you shrug your shoulders and ignore your brother’s mouth beginning to form a question.

“(Y/N),” Max drawls out your name, and you look over at her. Forest was leaning against her, playing games on his phone with his legs thrown up over Jamie’s lap. She didn’t look like it bothered her though, since she was zoned out, staring at the ground.

“Max,” you reply with the same length, and smile at her.

“When does your plan leave? I want to go home and sleep,” she complains, and you put a hand on your chest, pretending to feel hurt.

“Gee, Maxie,” you say sarcastically. “If I had known you didn’t care about me getting safely onto my flight, I would never have asked you to come with me to the airport.”

Max gives you a smile the Cheshire Cat would be proud of and goes back to commenting on Forest’s game strategy.

“Your friends are weird,” Sebastian says to you.

“Says the one that dresses up as a ninety something year old assassin and makes sound effects for his guns,” you reply dryly.

“He’s not an assassin,” Sebastian mumbles defensively.

“He’s an assassin,” you say, and your brother sticks his tongue out at you.

“Hey (Y/N),” Jamie speaks up. “What time does your flight leave?”

“Eleven fifteen, why?” you answer, and Jamie nods in the direction of the flight tracker above the escalators. Your flight number and the Germany destination draw your attention instantly, and you realize that there’s only twenty minutes before the plane lands.

“Hey Seb,” you say, nudging your brother. “We’ve got to get through security if we want to make this flight.”

Sebastian looks up at the flight schedule and sighs, then stands up and stretches. “Alright kiddos, (Y/N) and I have to go if we want to get to Germany on time.”

Max, Forest, and Chris collectively whine, while Damon stands up quietly, and throws his arms around you.

“Text me when you land,” he tells you before kisses your cheek before pulling away.

“Awh,” Max crows. “Old flames go out slowly.”

Damon ignores her and hands you his letterman jacket, smiling. “Take care of it, alright? I’m going to need it when you get back.”

You smile and nod your head as Chris hugs you.

“Be safe, scheißkopf,” Chris tells you as he steps back, and you roll your eyes.

“Real mature, tu connard,” you curse him in French. He winks at you.

Jamie’s embrace is minimal, and you only smile at the girl as she moves away to stand next to Damon and Christ.

Forest hugs you like it’s the last time he’ll see you, and squeezes you hard enough that black dots dance across your eyes until he lets Damon pull him off and stands beside him, teary eyed.

Max yanks you into her arms, holding you bone crushingly tight and ordering you to be safe and text her every moment you’re in Germany.

“I will, I will,” you promise her.

“And get me some autographs,” she adds on, and you laugh, but hug her quickly again.

“We’ll see,” you promise, and look at your friends. “I’ll see you all soon.”

“Be safe,” they call after you as Sebastian pulls you through the crowd, towards the escalators that would take you up to security.

“I will!” you shout over your shoulder, and hold tightly onto Damon’s letterman jacket with your free hand.

“You’re not going to cry on me, are you?” Sebastian asks when you reach the top of the lift.

You wave at your friends as you answer.

“I’ll be okay,” you tell him, smiling thinly.

“Good,” Sebastian nods, ruffling your hair and checking his phone at the same time. “Chris is picking us up from the airport.”



“Welcome to Leipzig-Halle Airport,” one of the pilots in the cabin say as your plane begins to touch the ground. You hold onto the seat’s arm rest, gritting your teeth at the most nerve wracking part of flying for you. “The current time is five twenty-three am. We hope you enjoyed your flight and have a safe time in Schkeuditz, Germany. Thank you for flying with us.”

You nudge Sebastian, who has been out like a light since the plane got into the air, and he stirs, grunting and yawning.

“Are we here?” he asks, hands reaching for the roof of the plane as he stretches.

“Yeah,” you nod. “Do we have to get ready with our passports?”

“Yes,” Sebastian nods. “I got us fast track checking, so we should get through quickly as long as we can get off of the plane early.”

“Okay,” you nod, pulling your carry on backpack out from under the seat in front of you and pulling Damon’s jacket tighter around you.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” one of the flight attendants speaks over the intercom. “Please remain seated until the plane has come to a complete stop at the gateway.”

You unclick your seat belt and stretch as much as you can without your bag falling out of your lap.

“Chris is waiting for us,” Seb tells you, and you nod, yawning yourself.

It takes another ten minutes until you’re completely off of the plane, and moving into Immigration Check, but even that goes by surprisingly fast. You were still chuckling from the passport checker’s expression when they realized whose passport they were holding when your brother went after you. The man’s reaction to being told you both were here for the Civil War filming was ever better.

“That bag’s yours,” you nod towards the incoming navy blue suitcase with a few braided bracelets you had made for Sebastian when you were eight. It warmed your heart to see them there.

Your brother had only left your side for a moment before a large arm threw itself over your shoulder. You jumped, and yelped, scaring a few people in the immediate proximity, and then shouted, “Chris!”

You throw your arms around the much taller man, grinning ear to ear as your brother’s best friend laughed, patting your back.

“I haven’t seen you in almost seven months!” you exclaim, holding onto Chris’ jacket as you pull away. He didn’t really look much different other than the scruff growing on his face from lack of shaving, but someone would probably make him shave it soon.

“Ah, I know!” Chris chuckles, pulling on a piece of your hair. “You look taller.”

“And you look like shit,” Sebastian says as he walks up to you both, smiling.

“It’s almost six in the fucking morning, Seb,” Chris rolls his eyes. “You’re lucky I’m not the one driving or else I would have left you here.”

“Steve Rogers wouldn’t treat me this way,” Sebastian huffs playfully.

“Well then it’s a good thing you aren’t Bucky Barnes,” Chris chuckles.

“Hey wait,” you speak up. “If you’re not driving, who is?”

Chris winks. “You’ll see.”

~Stay With Me~

A MorMor Valentine’s Day ficlet for pieofthelord
Happy Valentine’s Day, Maëbaë <3
Special thanks to nixiesaurus for plot ideas

Go here for the 8tracks MorMor playlist I created to accompany this fic :3
(The amazingly kind and talented octofied drew the album artwork!)


“Stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“Looking at me like that.”

“I’m not doing anything!”

“Yes, you are. Stop it.”

Sebastian grinned, watching as James Moriarty busie­d himself with fork and knife, his eyes set determinedly on his meal instead of the sniper sitting across the table from him. “You’re not even looking at me, how can you tell I’m doing anything?”

“You’re being annoying,” grumbled Jim, delicately lifting his fork to his mouth. “I don’t need to look at you to know it. You’re doing that stupid thing where you smile.”

Seb chuckled, shaking his head. The whisper of conversation surrounding them was like a thick, warm blanket, where they sat in the middle of the dimly lit restaurant. “So now I’m not allowed to smile anymore?”

“No.” Another bite of food, Jim’s nose turned up haughtily. 

It had taken weeks of cajoling and in the end, whining, to convince the criminal king to come out that night, but for all Jim’s complaints, Sebastian was reveling in the accomplishment that was dragging James out to dinner. 

The tiger set his elbows on the table and cocked his head, waiting for Jim to finally look up at him. “It’s Valentine’s Day, you know,” he said, watching for a reaction.


“Is that why they’ve got so many stupid hearts stuck up on the walls?” drawled Jim in that dry sarcasm of his. 

“Yeah. I thought it’d be nice, taking you out on a date…”

Now he got a reaction. 

Moriarty’s black eyes flashed over Sebastian, chilling him like a bath of ice water. “It's not a date,” Jim enunciated sharply. His words carried the authority of a man who had brought a world to its knees and knew he could do it all over again. It made Sebastian shudder, a visceral reaction; his body was conditioned to obey Moriarty, but the smirk on Seb’s lips was written all too plainly in defiance. 

“Of course not, my mistake, Boss.” The glare Sebastian earned from the Irishman was entirely worth it. “What do you call it, then, when two people who’ve been sleeping together go out for a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day?” The flickering light of the candle resting on the table between them gleamed in the squint of Sebastian’s smiling eyes; it burned a predatory white against Jim’s. 

Dinner,” growled Moriarty. 

“Dinner.” Sebastian chuckled softly, savoring the dangerous edge in Jim’s voice just as much as the meal before him. “And what would you call it if we went home after dinner and made love? Still not a date?" 

"Sex.” Jim didn’t even deign to look at the sniper, entirely put off by his insistence on using such flowery language. 

Sebastian shook his head with a grin, used to Jim’s abrasive manner whenever he tried being soft with the man. “Ever the romantic, aren’t you?”

“And you’re ever the idiot,” quipped Jim. “Dates, love; honestly, I don’t know what’s gotten into you today, Bastian.”

The sniper shrugged. “Can’t I take you out for something nice once in a while? What can I say? I like showing you off to the commonality sometimes.” He reached across the table and brushed his fingers over the cuff of Jim’s perfectly-tailored suit. “And you like it too. Got all dressed up for it.”

Jim just grumbled, minutely shifting his arm away from Sebastian’s touch. “You told me we were meeting Neil deGrasse Tyson.”

That brought a laugh from Moran. “I did, didn’t I?” He grinned wide, that tiger-teeth smile of his. It had been a ridiculous cover story, one that Sebastian knew Jim wouldn’t have believed in a hundred years. But he’d come along anyway; that had to mean something.

Across the table, Jim averted his eyes once more. “You’re doing it again. Thought I told you to stop it.”

“Oh, come on, you like it. You like me. OW! Shit!” A sharp heel struck his shin full-force, Moriarty’s face remaining calm and collected as ever. Sebastian jerked his knee up, slamming it against the underside of the table hard enough to make the dishes rattle. His nerves on fire, Sebastian muttered a string of curses to himself as the attention of the other diners turned to the two men in their suits. Jim cracked a smile, the barest of tugs on the corner of his lips. “Alright, alright, don’t look so smug about it,” griped Seb, rubbing at his bruised knee.

“You deserved it,” sing-songed the criminal king. The smile on his face was real now, and Sebastian rolled his eyes.

“You just love to see me in pain, don’t you?”

“Oh, you just make it so easy, darling.” Jim snapped his fingers and beckoned to a passing server. “We’ll take the cheque, now. Ah!” He stopped the nervous waitress, lifting and wafting his empty glass of wine. “Another glass, first. Conti, 1985.” 

The poor girl stuttered, eyes fixed on her shoes. The man’s reputation had preceded Jim that night, and the entire staff was on edge, jumping to his every need. “I-I’m sorry, sir, we don’t carry that vintage.”

Jim’s features hardened, a nearly imperceptible change. “Then get some.”

“Oh! Y-Yes, Mr. Moriarty!” With wide eyes, the girl scurried away, and Jim petulantly grabbed Sebastian’s glass from where it lay. 

Raising the rim to his lips, Jim downed the last sip of the burgundy. “Honestly, the least you could do is order us a decent wine, Tiger, instead of wasting this crap.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes. “Fooled me, the way you’ve been guzzling it tonight.” 

That earned him an annoyed glare. “Just do your research next time instead of asking the waiter’s opinion.”

Sebastian’s mood perked up despite Jim’s condescending tone. “Next time?” he asked, a gleam in his eyes. 

“Don’t get your hopes up, Bas.” Jim’s voice was gravely with warning, but he smirked nonetheless.

When the cheque was brought and had been signed, the same serving girl approached the table, smiling stiffly with a dark red bottle in her hands. “Free of charge,” she offered, hands wavering as she poured the drink. “For our best customers. W-Will that be all, sirs?” 

Jim waved his hand in dismissal, eagerly lifting the glass to his nose to take in the aroma. He tasted a sip and sighed in appreciation, visibly relaxing into his seat. “Perfection.”

Awe shone plainly across Sebastian’s face. He glanced down into his own glass and took a taste. Maybe perfection was a bit of an overstatement, but Jim’s palate was much more refined than Moran’s. “It’s good,” he commented, leaning against the table. “Here, have mine,” he joked, pushing his glass across to Jim. “You look like you could use it more than me.”

James paused, realized he had been slouching into his chair, cleared his throat and regained his posture. “Shut up,” he muttered, loosening his tie to take a deeper quaff. 

Sebastian smiled, tipped up his glass, and joined Jim.


Sebastian’s back hit the wall with a pleasant thud; he was hoping it would be there to catch him, but it wouldn’t have been the first time Jim got tired of waiting and shoved him to the floor instead. The shorter man had pressed himself close into Sebastian’s body, his fingers tangling lazily in Seb’s hair. 

That was how the drive home had gone - muffled snickering and drunken kisses, like a pair of teenagers. Lucky they’d brought along the driver instead of trying to make their own way home. 

Up the stairs and into the hall, jackets had been shed from their shoulders, facilitated by a few too many glasses of the good burgundy. Sebastian chuckled, his hands finding their way to squeeze Jim’s waist. “Remind me to get you buzzed more often.”

Jim scoffed quietly, tugging his tiger down to meet his lips. “Don’t think this’ll become a habit.” Halting Sebastian’s reply, he closed the gap between them, soft lips sliding together. 

Moran was in heaven. He hummed appreciation for the kiss, his hands gripping James tightly. The rub of wool between his fingers drove him crazy. Ever the tease, it wasn’t uncommon for Jim to deny his sniper any skin for as long as possible. The usual strategy on Seb’s part, then, was to rough up their contact until the king himself couldn’t take it any longer and gave in to throwing his designer clothes on the floor, but not without some protest about the proper care of his beloved Westwood first. 

But then there were nights like tonight, rare as a total solar eclipse, Sebastian finding relief from the harsh glare of Jim’s sun. Sebastian pressed his fingers into Jim’s sides and slid them up, bunching the fabric of his dress shirt. To his surprise, there came no annoyed chastising, no bite about how the shirt cost more than Sebastian was worth. 

“Hell, if I’d known some good wine would shut you up so well, I’d’ve bought you some sooner.” The quip wasn’t met with any threat, no scratching nails - nothing. Just a tannic kiss pressed over the sniper’s mouth, tongue tasting wholly of the tart, red drink. 

Sebastian blinked, taken aback by Moriarty’s complacency. He’d only ever met such a version of the man once before, upon return from a mission that had nearly cost Sebastian his life. He’d been battered, bruised, and bloody. But he’d returned to Jim. He always would. 

Heavy eyelids slid shut, weighed down with the saturation of wine, and Sebastian reveled in this rare display. Jim felt soft against him, tangible, vulnerable. Seb’s voice went quiet.


No response, just lips. 


Not a word. Jim pressed in closer, palms resting on Sebastian’s broad shoulders, warm breath caressing the skin of his cheek.


Still nothing. Sebastian was being ignored, he knew that, but he didn’t understand why. Not that he was complaining - this was a side of Moriarty that he wasn’t graced with often. But still, why tonight?

Thinking too much made Seb’s head hurt. Shouldn’t have drank so much wine. 

His train of thought drifted away from the rails, conducted by the temperate winds of Jim’s mouth against his own. 

"I don’t get it,” he muttered between shallow breaths. “I don’t get it." 

Sebastian pushed his fingers up beneath Jim’s shirt, ghosting his palms over the warm, smooth flesh of Jim’s sides. His nose found its way into the crook of James’ pale neck, breathing in that cloying, rustic scent of well-aged wine, fogging over the familiar aroma of Jim’s cologne.

“Mmm.” Moran’s fingers tentatively padded over Jim’s skin, numb to the touch yet exciting all the same. He nudged in, kissing at the Irishman’s neck. Through the haze of it all, Sebastian could sense Jim stiffening, beginning to build up the wall that he perpetually stood behind. Seb’s lips continued their ministration.

Cologne never quite tasted the way it smelled.

The beating of Jim’s heart pulsed against Sebastian’s tongue and he felt it quicken. Sebastian swallowed hard, his fingertips dimpling Jim’s skin as he grabbed the man close, possessively, almost.

Thin hands tightened on the sniper’s shoulders.

“I don’t understand you, Jim,” whispered Sebastian. His head was reeling. There he had James, so exposed for once, but already he could feel the window was closing. Moran feared that one wrong breath would send his world toppling down.

“What do I have to do for you? Anything. You know I’ll do anything.” A whisper of breath brushed the sniper’s ear. All the air left Sebastian’s lungs.

That was when Sebastian felt his grip on reality slip away. He captured a kiss from Moriarty, then another, and another. His heart was racing, but so was Jim’s. Looking down, two slender hands began undoing the buttons of Seb’s shirt, opening the fabric wide to spread palm and fingers against the muscle.


Sebastian wasn’t even sure his words made a sound. He pulled a hand out from under Jim’s shirt, leaving the skin exposed to cold air and a shiver. The tiger’s calloused palm lifted, stroking the side of Jim’s face while his lips hovered above his boss’.

“I need you.”

Jim was the centre of Sebastian’s universe, the star around which his whole life orbited.

“Jim, I—”

It was dizzying, how lost Sebastian felt. Like he was careening into a black hole, James Moriarty had simply swallowed him whole.

“Fuck. This wasn’t part of the plan…”

Sebastian felt grounded when his lips were against Jim’s, so that’s where they stayed. He swept his fingers through the dark hair atop Jim’s head and held himself steady. His eyes squeezed shut and he felt Jim’s warm hand cover his own, tense. Jim shook his head, as if reading Moran’s mind.

“Don’t.” It was the first thing Jim had said they’d stopped in the hall, but the words were already toppling from Sebastian’s lips.

“James, I lo—”

He never finished, though, his statement cut short by a biting kiss. No more words, then.

This was the Moriarty that Sebastian was accustomed to. Fingernails pressed sharp divots into the top of Sebastian’s hand, and there was a sudden urgency in the kiss, as if desperately trying to keep the fatal words from being uttered. Sebastian was swept away by the rushing river of Jim’s being. He groaned, pain seeping through his hand atop Jim’s head, once again feeling small in the wake of James’ presence.

A growl rumbled from Jim’s frantic kiss, as much a threat as a confession of fear. What would happen if he allowed those words to be said? It would expose a weakness. Love could only ever be a weakness.

But Sebastian understood. He rubbed his palm up and down Jim’s side, encouraging him to slow. There didn’t have to be fear, didn’t have to be defenses. It was just them in that room. It was just them in the whole world.

Gradually, James calmed, his heart still racing. Their lips separated and he looked away, chest heaving for breath.

Sebastian watched, captivated. It was like cornering a predator, lashing out against the cage closing in. But Sebastian wasn’t trying to cage Jim. He doubted anyone ever could.

When James had caught his breath and spat out a breathy “fuck” of exasperation, Sebastian leaned in. Brushing his lips up against the man’s refined jawline, Seb began to move them, walking Jim backwards with each step closer to the bedroom. He received an annoyed rolling of Jim’s head on his neck when he realized where he was being moved to, but encountered no protest.

“You ruined my hair, Tiger.”

Well, except for that. It wasn’t much of a complaint, anyway. In fact, Sebastian smiled at the comment – it was more like their normal bickering routine.

“But I like your hair better like this.” Seb rubbed his fingers over James’ scalp to the sound of an empty scoff. With his lips curled in a grin, Sebastian kissed his king once again, and was greeted by a pliable mouth, a rocking give-and-take. Teeth nibbled here and there, but there was no need to claim – they already belonged to one another. What was the use in trying to prove it to the empty flat? The backs of Jim’s knees met the mattress’ edge, and Sebastian laid Jim down; or was it Jim that pulled him down by his tie? Perhaps both.

Seb lay between Jim’s legs, practically purring to have the Irishman so cooperative for once. His fingers worked to undo the zip of James’ trousers, all the while peppering chaste kisses to Jim’s collarbone. Sebastian thought he could see a blush rise to Jim’s cheeks, Jim looking adamantly away until Moran sucked a red mark to his skin.

“Oi!” Jim hit Sebastian upside the head, but Seb was glad for it. “Just get on with it.”

That was Jim, always rushing through what Sebastian liked most. They were well-suited, Seb supposed – James always hurriedly igniting the fire, Sebastian working to draw out the last dying embers. Usually by then, Sebastian had kneaded Jim down into something more flexible, complying with the sniper’s methodical finish.

It wasn’t long before all clothes had been shed and discarded, rumpled heaps on the bedroom floor. The night air of the flat was silent save for the heated breaths and rumbling groans of the tiger and his king.

James was commanding, demanding as always, his own pleasure before Sebastian’s. But tonight the atmosphere shook with some newfound force, settling palpable as a fine dust that permeated every space, covering prurient bodies and lining Sebastian’s lungs.

Ohh, god.” Sebastian trembled, supporting himself above Jim. He rocked into Jim’s body, a rhythmic pace that just barely kept release at bay, torture and heaven all at once. James draped his pale arms over his sniper’s shoulders, lazily scratching his nails at the base of Seb’s neck as encouragement. He’d since come, and drifted hazily down from his climax, body slowly regaining sense.

The criminal’s black eyes watched intently the man overhead. A shudder shook Sebastian’s body, and Jim observed as a contortion overtook Seb’s face. First the thick brows drew together, as if unprepared to reach the end of it all; teeth bit down on his lower lip, clenched through the last of the release. A huff blew out and the tension in Sebastian’s face dissipated briefly, breath carrying out a warbled sound that may at one point have attempted to be the word “Jim.” That brought about a rare instance of a smile on James’ face.

He pulled his tiger down, silencing the dizzied mumbling of a good peak with a kiss. Jim raked his fingers lightly through Sebastian’s hair, appreciating the final shudder it brought about.

It was for but the few minutes that it took to regain breath between deep, claiming kisses that Jim remained. He never lingered much longer than the time it took to finish himself. Some would say he was a selfish lover, but Sebastian knew just those few breathless moments were a struggle for Jim to give over. He lay on his side, feeling as though he watched from a distance of a thousand miles as his hand slid off of Jim’s stomach, James moving to stand already.

Emboldened by the wine and the unusually obliging mood of Jim that night, Sebastian reached out to grip lightly around Jim’s wrist, tethering him so that he couldn’t move more than a step away from the bed.

James turned, his face blank save for a nearly imperceptible crease in his fine brow.

“Stay.” Sebastian licked his lips, tasting the salt of his sweat. “Please.”

For a tense moment, Sebastian thought he would be denied, judging by the stall in Jim’s features. Why should he stay? Why tonight of all nights? They’d never spent a night together. Not like this. It just wasn’t in Jim’s nature to allow for vulnerability. But the heat of his gaze was concentrated, boring deep into Sebastian.

One night. He would accede to one night.

The mattress molded around the weight of a second body once more. Warm skin met his own, and Sebastian breathed a relief he hadn’t realized he’d been holding in.

By the time Sebastian woke, he was alone.


Sebastian stepped up behind the luxurious chair at Jim’s desk to set a mug on the surface.

“Morning, boss.”

No reply. Sebastian was growing rather used to that by now.

Jim simply sat, elbows on the desk, fingers laced, staring at his computer screen, blank. He didn’t seem like he’d moved from that spot for hours. Seb didn’t think Jim had slept for days.

“I brought you some coffee.”

Jim’s gaze remained glued straight ahead, silent. It was beginning to infuriate Sebastian, being so blatantly ignored.

“Aren’t you getting tired of this little game of yours?” The words came out a bit harsher than intended, grating on neglect and confusion. Had Sebastian done something wrong?

Still nothing. It was like talking to an empty room.

“Right. Well, I’ll just leave you to it, then.”

Retreating, Moran left the door to James’ office ajar. He sighed and ran a tired hand through his hair. Jim had been this way for weeks now. What started out as a harmless little game, no more serious than any of Jim’s other attempts at entertainment had turned into all-out war.

Sherlock Holmes had consumed Jim’s waking moments, filling up the air until felt as though there was no room for the sniper any longer.

James just wasn’t the same these days. The usual spark in his eyes had dimmed down, a worn, dull light. He hardly spoke, and when he did, Sebastian found he preferred the silence to it.

Moran sat himself at the kitchen table with his own coffee, attempting to stave off the effects of his restless sleep. He picked up the newspaper thinking he could distract himself with it; but there the damned man was again – Holmes was everywhere, wasn’t he?

A sudden stirring of the air beside his ear caught Seb’s attention, and Jim’s smart mouth descended with it.

“I’m bored, Bastian,” drawled Jim’s voice. He laid his arms over Sebastian’s chest, fingers dragging idly. “Entertain me?

A heat rose in Sebastian’s cheeks when the Irishman’s teeth grazed his skin, indignation and listlessness.

“Haven’t you had entertainment enough?” Sebastian stood abruptly, pushing James off of him. “Or is one man not enough for you?”

Jim blinked, unaccustomed to Sebastian refusing him. He watched Seb move away, weakly projecting an authority that was a mere ghost of what it used to be.

One man?” scoffed Jim under his breath. “One man is the problem.”

“Oh, I know,” bit back Sebastian. He slapped that morning’s newspaper upon the table, jabbing an accusing finger down at the inked photograph of the detective. “It’s Holmes. Fucking brilliant Sherlock Holmes. Finally met your match, have you? Sorry I had to be so normal, Boss. It must be painful to be surrounded by the insipid masses, day in and day out. Finally got yourself the challenge you’ve been waiting for.”

Jim’s lip curled up in a snarl, and he pushed forward, tipped over the edge of exhaustion and nearing the end of his patience.

“How dare you?”

“Excuse me?” Sebastian confronted Jim, a hurt sarcasm heavy in his tones. “Do I exist again? Or are you still punishing me for being human like the rest of them?”

James bristled, appalled at being forced into the defensive.

“You don’t understand a thing,” he sneered, turning his back on the growling tiger. He couldn’t be bothered by this. Not today.

But Sebastian wouldn’t have any of it.

“You’re right! I don’t understand any of it!” He raised his voice, giving raw emotion control of his senses. “I don’t know why you’re doing this, Jim! Why are you chasing after Holmes? What do you have to prove to him, or anyone else? Why are you letting him bother you? He’s nothing! And yet you lock yourself away in your study for days on end, you don’t sleep, you don’t speak! I don’t understand, Jim! I can’t get inside your head!

It drove Sebastian crazy, the way James would hardly even look at him lately. Jim had become taciturn and closed-off, more so than usual. There was no more room for Sebastian in Jim’s world, and he lashed out now, angry and bitter. Seb stepped forward, daring to set his palms on Jim’s shoulders and shove him back.

The aggressive motion forced a surprised grunt from James, who drove his own hands back against Sebastian.

“It’s your damned fault!” Jim screamed, deprived of sleep and sense. “You’re everywhere, I can’t get away from you! You’re in my head and in my blood! It’s impossible to breathe!” Fists pounded against Sebastian’s chest, releasing pent-up frustration “You’ve made me weak, Sebastian Moran! You’re a weakness!”

Seb just stared, brows drawn together. Was this possible? Was Jim saying what he thought he was saying? Sebastian felt as if his world was falling apart, crumbling from beneath his feet.

Jim huffed his breath, scrambling away from the sniper in a most undignified end to his tantrum. His nostrils flared, hair mussed, cheeks red. He looked wholly unlike the composed, almighty man James had built himself up to be.

There was a moment of silence, the only sound the irregular breaths of the two. The air between them solidified, a barrier between one world and the next. The wall had been cracked once more, a veritable Pandora’s Box of all the things that could bring Moriarty’s image tumbling down from the high alter at which Sebastian worshiped. What would happen if that box were opened? The lock would break. No matter how they tried, they could never force its contents back inside. It could be a living hell.

But they were going to hell anyway.

Sebastian lunged forward, gripping Jim’s head in his hands and crushed their mouths into one, feeding on the tense rawness of the atmosphere. The two found sustenance in the blazes of hell; always had. The clash of tongue and teeth fanned the flames. This was what Sebastian lived for. He’d been graced with knowing Jim at his most intimate, most angered, defenseless and sore. Being pushed away as he had for the past weeks put Seb through a withdrawal from which he’d felt escape hopeless. James could be so fickle, but it was the unpredictability of the man that kept drawing Sebastian back in.

Sebastian wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Urgent hands grabbed whatever clothes and skin they could find, burning to make contact. Needing air, the two broke away, and Sebastian leaned his forehead against Jim’s.

“What’s gotten into you?” Seb asked once he’d regained his breath.

Jim’s hands clenched harder the fists he had bunched in Sebastian’s shirt. It was a simple answer, but not so easy for his mouth to form. “You have.”

Sebastian could see it, the way James trembled to say those words. Jim had shut himself away from it all, burying himself in his game with Sherlock, a hiding place from the impairing effects of being near Moran. But he could never escape it. Sebastian was in his mind always.

The sniper groaned, a noise of vexation and torment. He held Jim steady, unsettled to see the man so undone.

“Let’s go away together,” he mumbled, wanting to restore his king to his former glory. “Let’s leave everything else behind. Holmes, Watson, all the boring others – forget about them, Jim. Just you and me. That’s all we need.”

Behind closed eyes, Jim breathed a thin, pained sigh. “I can’t—” There was a rooftop calling Jim’s name the next morning. He couldn’t let all that he had worked for so far go to waste.

“Then stay,” insisted Sebastian, nudging into another kiss. “Stay with me, Jim.”

Moriarty said nothing. He couldn’t promise a thing. But for his sniper, his Sebastian, he would stay, if only for tonight.

Sebastian breathed slow and calm, his lips skating over Jim’s face with the languidness of a man who didn’t know just how quickly time was slipping away. Or perhaps he did, on some level. He’d been stopped from saying it once before, but today, whether it was the first day or the last, it would be said.

“Jim.” Moriarty’s breath was a comfort against Seb’s skin. No protests this time, no quips, no objections. “I love you.”


I Love You, Man (Part 8/?) (Avengers/MCU cast x reader)

Part 7

Chris sat on one side of your bed with Steve standing next to him, Sebastian and Bucky on the other side. With a few flashes of light and a handful of questions, the reporters finally left just in time to take care of official business that you didn’t want them to hear.  Steve took the pen that was left behind by your nurse and paused, nodding in resolution to put it to the paper sitting on the table over your lap.

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Fairytale (Sebastian Stan 2/2)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: ur gunna hate urself a bit in this, IN THE END IT’S PURE FLUFF I LUV IT.
Request: No
Word Count: 1518

A/N: This is a part two to my last Imagine “US” I’ll link it right here



So there they were, first time seeing each other in months. She looked around, trying to find somewhere else to go. But it seemed that more people were coming in than out. So she decided to walk over to Sebastian, it would be okay. They were both going to be studying, in silence, not talking to each other. How bad could it be?

“Is it okay if I sit here?” she asked at the other side of the table, at least two chairs separated them. He slowly looked up from his book, she looked pale. Skinnier, like she hadn’t been eating well for the past few weeks. Her (Y/E/C) eyes looked dull, dark circles under her eyes, which she tried to cover with concealer. Sebastian immediately got worried, she was never one to miss a meal. He nodded, not saying anything to her. She said a quiet ‘thank you’ and sat down taking her books out. He noticed how, as always, he ordered her books in a way only she understood. She had taught him, once, the way she organized his books. But that day he had been so mesmerized by her, he didn’t pay attention.

A good fifteen minutes passed and none of them said a single word. You could feel the tension in the air, it was too awkward, but neither wanted to get up and leave. He dared to look at her, only to find her looking at him, quickly they both got back to what they were doing. Sebastian blushed a little, she looked beautiful, she was wearing a big sweater he got for her on Christmas.

“How have you been?” he asked her, she looked up again, he was highlighting something from his book.

“Good. You?” she asked quietly

“Good” she nodded, smiling a little.

They didn’t talk much after that. Another ten minutes passed, and she couldn’t handle it anymore. She had to leave, she closed her book and grabbed her bag, she passed next to him and before she could keep walking he grabbed her arm, she turned around, confused. He took his stuff to, grabbed her hand and before she could say anything, he started walking out of the library.

“Sebastian? Let me go” she told him trying to get away from him, but he gripped her tighter. He had decided that it was long enough. They needed to talk. He needed to know why she didn’t want to marry him. It was getting dark outside, around five pm. He walked to his car, unlocked the doors and motioned for her to go in. She bit her lip, trying to decide what to do. She could run and go home, or she could get in the car and talk to him. He waited for her until she got in the passenger seat. He got in and locked the doors, not turning on the car.

“We need to talk” he said

“I know” she said playing with the hem of one of her sleeves. She loved that sweater.

“It’s been long enough” he said while running a hand through his hair

“I know” she repeated

“Why did you break up with me?” he asked her straightforward

“You know why” she said looking out the window, it looked like it was going to rain

“No, I don’t. I did nothing wrong” she looked at him with cold eyes, not believing what he was saying. He did nothing wrong? He was the one dancing around with some girls while she was alone.

“Nothing wrong?” she asked and he raised his eyebrows before nodding “oh, my god. So now letting some girls twerk on you is doing nothing wrong?” she said raising her voice a little

“I pushed them away, right before I… did you not see it?”

“Yes, I saw it. Right before what?” she yelled

“Right before I… this is so embarrassing. Seriously did you not see it?” he asked him, rubbing his hands on his face

“All I saw was you dancing and enjoying yourself” he took out his phone, searching through his gallery until he found the video. He showed it to her.

At first, Sebastian was dancing; Y/N looked at him angry, not knowing why he wanted her to see it again.

“Why are you showing me this?” she asked him looking away. She couldn’t watch how the man she loved betrayed her the worst way possible.

“Keep watching” he said and she looked at him with venom in her eyes. But she looked down just in time to see Sebastian talking to the camera.

“Are you recording this? Fine, watch this. I want you to send this to everyone in your contact list.” She looked at him confused, he had his eyes closed, head resting on the wheel. She kept on watching.  “Y/N, baby, I love you so much. I know what you saw might have confused you, but listen to me. I love you more than anything, more than life itself. That’s why I have this.” Video Seb took out a small box from his jacket. “I guess you already know what it is. I know this isn’t the most romantic way of proposing; neither it’s what I had planned. But I want you to know I love you and I want to make you Mrs. Stan. Y/L/N never suited you anyway.” He finished by blowing a kiss to the camera before walking out.

They were both quiet, not knowing what to say. She was breathing fast and heavy with tears welling up on her eyes, he had tears as well. If he had only talked to her before, he hated himself. He was such an idiot.

Meanwhile, Y/N was also having the same thoughts. She regretted not talking to him, not letting him explain. She also regretted shutting everyone out; she refused to listen to anything related to Sebastian.

“I…” she started. “I’m sorry” she simply said

“I’m the one who should be sorry. I never came to explain myself. God, I’m so stupid.” He said while wiping the tears off of his eyes

“No. don’t say that, ever. I never looked for you, never let anyone tell me anything about you. I never saw your…”

“My proposal” he finished for her, he looked at her and she nodded. They were both quiet, again. She looked at him from the corner of her eye, he was biting his lip. He knew what that did to her, she couldn’t control herself when he did that. But she played around with her sleeve.

“So…” she said

“So…” he repeated “I should’ve known something like this had happened. If only I had gone looking for you, we would be…” he didn’t finish his sentence

“Would be what?” she asked him

“We would be planning the wedding of your dreams, you would be picking out your dress, we would choose the invitations together. “ he finished before letting out a deep sigh.

“Can we still do that?” she asked almost whispering, he thought he didn’t hear her right

“What?” he asked

“Do you still want to do that? Marry… me?” she asked, feeling insecure. Many things could happen in months. When they first met it only took them a couple weeks before they became inseparable, and then it took just one day for everything to fall out of place.

“Do you?” he asked her. He knew his answer. It was a 100% yes.

“Yes” she said looking at her hands

“Yes” he repeated before taking her hands in his, he raised her hands to his lips and kissed them. She smiled at him. They both leaned in, he kissed her, slowly, carefully. She hugged him, missing the feeling of his arms around her, embracing her, showing her that he cared, that he was always there for her.

“I love you” she whispered in his ear. Lord, he miss the feeling of her lips in his. The feeling of her body underneath him.

“I love you more” he whispered back before looking at her, smiling.

“Do you still have that ring?” she asked, he nodded like a child

“Always” he said before digging in his jacket and pulling out the red velvet box “I always carry it with me in case I… you know” she nodded.

“What are you waiting for?” she said looking at the box. He quickly opened the box and took out the ring. He looked at her, asking for permission to put it on, she nodded smiling widely. He quickly put it on and kissed it. She smiled at him.

None of them knew how they survived those months without each other. They complemented the other, they both knew it wasn’t good to depend so much on a person, but they were just meant to be together.

He turned on the car, getting out of the parking lot and driving; they played their favorite songs and sang along. Right then and there, she knew, this was forever. This was their story. And only they decided what would happen. Now it was up to them to write it.


Burning Desire [Sebastian Stan x Reader]

Summary: In which Seb can’t keep his hands off you at the civil war premiere

Word Count: 1620

Warnings: smut bc i need some more seb smut in my life

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“Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?” Sebastian whispered into your ear. His hands were on your waist and you couldn’t help but bite your lip as his touch sent chills down your spine.

“Once or twice.” You teased as he left sweet but sensual kisses on your earlobe. You had to try your hardest to surpress a moan as he lightly nibbled on your earlobe.

“Maybe I should show you.” Sebastian replied, his hands on your waist getting lower and lower with each word that fell from his plump lips. The way he licked his lips and whispered sweet nothings in your ear as he subtly grinded his hips against yours - subtly of course because there were hundreds of other people in the room if not thousands. People were talking faintly in the background but it was all just white noise to you. You two were at the Civil War premiere and after the two of you went inside Seb couldn’t keep his hands and eyes off of you. You didn’t mind of course because his touch was euphoric. The two of you were outside the move screen waiting and subtly lusting after eachother.

“This dress needs to go before I go crazy.” Seb whispered in your ear as he gripped your hips tightly before slowly almost painfully grinded into you. You couldn’t stifle the moan that came out as he did so, luckily the sound of theChris calling Robert’s name muffled the sound. To the outside world it looked as if the Sebastian was simply holdng you close and whispering sweet nothings in your ear that was definitely not the case. His hands were on your hips and his name on your lips, you couldn’t help but moan each time you felt him touch you.

“Fuck you’re so hot I need this dress gone now before I rip it off infront of everyone.” Sebastian said his voice getting rougher and sexier as he spoke. Each word murmurred against your neck sent vibrations down your body and straight to your core. You couldn’t help but feel aroused Sebastian was more enticing than he looked. You sucked in a breath before turning around and grabbing Seb’s hand. He looked at you with arched brows.

“Let’s go home so you can rip this dress off.” You said and Sebastian smirked. You pulled him into the waiting car.

“Thank god we’re home I nearly pounced on you ten times in the car.” You confessed smirking at Seb who simply licked his lips in a way that made it suddenly hot.

You didn’t want to waste no time and neither did Sebastian so swiftly you removed his belt and then undid his trousers. His trousers fell to his ankles and soon enough his boxers fell with them, his hard member slapping against his stomach making your mouth water. Sebastian smirked as he followed the direction of your eyes. He didn’t even care if he ripped your dress because he took your dress off forcefully by the time he was done you were left in your just your sexiest lingerie and the dress was strewn across on the floor with multiple rips at the seam. You didn’t care because desire was flooding your senses and all you wanted was Sebastian.

“I need you Y/N, I need you right now.” Seb said almost pleading as he kissed along your collarbone.

“Then take me right now.” You replied biting your lips as you felt him nip at your neck.

“Against this wall?” Sebastian asked.

“Just fuck me.” You replied and you could of sworn you heard a growl come from Sebastian

Instant Sebastian had you against the wall wasting no time on ripping the underwear off your body. Once your bra was off your nipples hardened almost immediately as they were exposed to the cold air, your whole body was was prepared and waiting for what was about to happen next. Seb’s hand came up to your hair, he planted a trail of kisses along the stripe of your neck. The anticipation was killing you, you couldn’t wait any longer all you wanted was Sebastian but he was taking his time which you didn’t appreciate.

“Please Seb I need you.” You begged because you needed him inside of you.

“I know baby and I need you too.” Seb said planting a kiss on your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck waiting for his next move.

“Jump!” Sebastian said and you obeyed jumping so that you were in postion with his member. Your back pushed into the wall as you arched back against it in anticipation. Sebastian made sure that he was fully aligned at your entrance before thrusting his hips forwards entering you. He stayed still allowing you time to adjust to him before he started moving. Your back against the wall, your hands wrapped around his neck as slowly thrusted into you to make sure you were comfortable. He was always loving especially during sex.

You couldn’t help the moans that spewed from your plump pink lips as you felt him thrust for the first time since he entered you. You always loved the way he left you time to adjust instead of thrusting without warning it was just Seb being his usual sweet self. You of course had to give him a nod of re-assurence so he knew he could start moving because that was all you wanted.

His thrust were rhythmic and everytime he thrusted his hips forwards into yours you were pushed further back into the wall. One of his hands gripped your hips and his other hand layed flat against the wall for support as Seb thrusted into you making you moan his name over and over like a mantra.

“Fuck you’re so goddamn tight!” Sebastian exclaimed and his dirty words only made you moan more as he thrusted into you harder making you want to scream his name out. Luckily for you your house was quite a distance from your neighbours so you could be as loud as you wanted. You couldn’t help the scream that erupted from your throat as he thrusted into harder and faster making your arch back, your head hitting the wall as he did so. Every thrust was getting you closer to the edge and making you moan like it was a reflex to his him thrusting into you.

You were clinging on to him for dear life as he fucked you up against the wall. It was even better than you imagined it on the car ride home, you were guilty for leaving so soon but the delicious feeling that spread through out you each time he thrusted into you made that guilt wash away. You whimpered as he started pounding into your mercilessly, you couldn’t even process anything because you were too focused on the feeling of having him inside of you. You could hear his low and lustful groans as he watched your breasts bounce up and down he each time he thrusted into you, he adored the postion you were in because he could watch you come undone easily.

The way your back was arched and the way you moaned constantly was turning Sebastian on. He didn’t need anything more than the sight of you to keep thrusting into you faster than he had ever done during sex. He wasn’t really rough in bed but here the two of you were fucking against the wall in your hallway right by your door. Sebastian was impatient all he wanted was to be buried deep inside of you and give you heights of pleasure. You were just as impatient as him, you both wanted the same and that was how you two landed up fuckinng against the wall.

He was slamming into you each thrust were pure bliss and you knew you couldn’t last long with each euphoric thrust of his. The grip on your thighs tightened as he used all of his strength he had left to thrust into you. Your body moved upwards as he thrusted into, you hair now a mess from being dragged up and down the wall. Nothing else mattered than the sound of your skin slapping against eachother, your moans and Sebastian’s deep throaty groans. The two of you were experiencing the most of amount of pleasure you could have and you loved the sensation that flooded your senses.

Sebastian pulled your legs further up his torso allowing him to thrust into you at a new angle, this new angle allowing him to hit your g-spot with each blissful thrust. You knew you wouldn’t last long especially with this new postions and neither would Sebastian. Because of the new postion you were moaning even louder practically screaming his name and it was driving him closer to his orgasm, he could feel himself coming.

“I-i’m close.” You exclaimed and Sebastian didn’t hear you at first still focused on getting both of you to your orgasm. Once he had snapped out of it he looked at you nodding. In seconds his the pace of his thrusts had quickened and you were moaning like it was the only thing you knew how to do. He didn’t stop and you didn’t understand how he was still keeping it going because you were exhausted and if it wasn’t for your hands wrapped around his neck you would of collapsed.

You couldn’t take it any longer everything Sebastian was doing was driving you over the edge. You bit your lip to supress a scream as you came. Sebastian didn’t last long after witnessing you succumb to your orgasm, you were taken over by it and he loved the way your small moans and whimpers as you experienced your high.

Sebastian pulled out of you and carried you upstairs. He ran a bath and the two of you got in and once out and changed you fell asleep in his arms almost immediately.

The Bees Knees

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Sebastian Stan x Teenager! Reader x Chris Evans

Request: So I’m going in for knee surgery tomorrow and I’m feeling kinda down about it, so could you do something about Chris or Sebastian taking care of the reader after a surgery?



Genre: Friendship, Family, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Surgery, swearing, slightly crude humor, WORRIED BROS

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

For anybody else, knee surgery wouldn’t really be a worry. But for you, it was the biggest and most terrifying moment of your life. Here you were, a young and healthy (age) year old going through knee surgery. Of course, torn cartilage or any slightly minor injury can happen to anyone, but to have a completely shattered patella? You really don’t see that everyday. How did that happen? Well, let’s think back.

You were filming a scene with Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans for Avengers: Infinity War. You were a villain that had to fight Bucky and Steve, almost killing Bucky but ultimately being killed by Steve. In one of the fight sequences, you had to run off a platform onto a shorter, farther platform. When you had ran, you had miscalculated the time and when you tried to land, you landed on the edge right on your knee cap, shattering the whole thing. 

Now, being the youngest, everyone was worried sick. But being the best friend of Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan? Well, they might as well be your mother. Both of them. Chris had been the one to put you in the back seat of the SUV, and Sebastian had been the one to drive like hell. When you got to the hospital, you were screaming, you were in so much pain. You would never forget the look on Sebastian’s face.

The look of fear and helplessness, of wishing he could take the pain away. Chris had tears in his own eyes, still in his Captain America suit, as Sebastian was still in his. Sebastian had held your hand, soothing you with Romanian words that you couldn’t understand, but still appreciated. You remember when the doctor suggested taking you in for X Ray and the two men stayed with you the whole time as you cried and whined in pain. God, you’d never felt pain like this in you life and you never wanted to feel this again. 

After that, the doctor told Chris and Sebastian that they were going to perform surgery. Talk about overprotective mother ducks! 


Sebastian was holding your hand gently. 

“(Y/n), they’re gonna put you under for surgery.”

You whined and cried. 

“Please! It hurts s-so fucking much.”

Chris looked over at the doctor and then at you, kissing your forehead. 

“I don’t think we should keep you for another moment, sweetie. Come on, Sebastian.”

Sebastian nodded and bit his lip. He didn’t like seeing his best friend in so much pain. He couldn’t do a thing about it; he couldn’t take it away. Sebastian felt helpless. Looking to his friend, Chris, he knew he shouldn’t feel so self-centered. Chris was just as worried as he was. As they wheeled her away, Chris murmured beneath his breath.

“Stay strong, (Y/n).”

Sebastian could only think the same thing.


You were still asleep, but Chris and Sebastian stayed with you the whole time. With one man on either side of you, each holding a hand, they spoke quietly. 

“Today was…eventful.”

Chris said. Sebastian looked up and muttered unhappily.

“Ya think? I hope they don’t let her go because of this.”

Chris stayed quiet. They might have to, but he secretly wished they wouldn’t as well. (Y/n) was his best friend, as well as Sebastian’s. She lit up the whole casts day, and made everyone on the laugh every time she came in for filming. She was a total sweetheart, and Chris hated to see her in so much pain. Looking at (y/n)’s face, Chris could only sigh and then say.

“I’m gonna text the guys and tell them that she’s doing ok. Want anything?”

“A coffee, if you don’t mind.”

Chris nodded and stepped out, laying a gentle kiss on the young girls hand. When he stepped out, Sebastian couldn’t help but smile. Chris was such a kindhearted man, and was so caring. (Y/n) was lucky to know such a sweet man such as Chris. It was amazing how much of an older brother Chris acted towards her. But, then again, Sebastian, himself, acted the same. But who in their right mind would deny (Y/n) of such acts of kindness?

She did more for the crew than anybody else. She ensure their happiness. It was only right that someone, like Chris and himself, returned the favor. 


It was a hectic day and night, but in the morning, Sebastian, Chris, and you were all laughing. Chris asked after a moment. 

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah. Still really numb and a bit tired, but I’m gonna be ok. How about you guys? I’m sure I scared the hell out of you guys.”

“That’s an understatement.”

Sebastian teased lightly. You glared at Sebastian and he chuckled. You couldn’t help but chuckle and then exclaim.

“Alright, bring it in!”

The boys immediately hugged you and you smiled, hugging them back.

“What would I do without my favorite, wanna-be big brothers?’

“Probably dying with a shattered knee.”

“Shut up, Chris. It was a rhetorical question.”




My Romanian Forever

Here is the last part in the “My Romanian” series. 

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Words: 1115

Warning: Pregnancy, labor

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send me an ask.

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          “Seb,” you groaned as he held your hand, pulling you toward the door. You were only half walking, half pulling him back.

           “Baby, come on,” he chuckled, “It’s just dinner with our friends.”

           “I’m huge,” you complained, putting your hand on your seven-month pregnant belly and glaring at him.

           Sebastian stopped walking and pulled you into his arms, “Sweetheart, you’re pregnant with our child; you’re gorgeous.”

           You sighed, “You’re just saying that.”

           “I’m saying it because it’s true. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. And,” he knelt down on his knees, placing his hands on your belly, “I think you’re gorgeous pregnant,” he smirked, kissing your stomach.

           You rolled your eyes, “You’re a nut.”

           “And you love me.”

           “So much,” you nodded, “Okay, Crazy, let’s go to dinner.”

           Sebastian stood up and kissed you, “Only if you’re sure.”

           “I’m sure.”

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Midnight Rendezvous - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said to rogerthat-bucky: For the sentence prompts can you do 32 with sebby stan? That’d be great thanks

32. ”Okay, when you say love, do you mean love as in like loving pizza or as in love, love?”

It was midnight again. The moon had risen, lighting your way as you drove down the path into town. You always liked night time, the shroud of darkness felt like it supplied you good coverage for your secrets, and boy did you have a lot.

There was that secret you kept from your parents about the night you went out and did weed for the first time, you smoked the night away and then threw it all up by morning. You weren’t really a weed person. There was the secret you kept from everything about the time you stole a creme egg from a shop when you were five, you remember how you saw this big barrel and just assumed they were for the taking. There were the many chocolate cakes overflowing with calories that you kept secret. And there was the big secret, the secret you experienced every night, the secret you wanted to hide from the world and keep hidden from the world: Sebastian Stan.

The midnight rendezvous at a bar named Pineberry started happening a couple of months ago, you were both there alone and you managed to bump into him with a drink. This small, accidental, act managed to create a relationship that was very dear to you.

But of course, like every fantastical and great romances, there was a humongous problem that got in the way of you having your happily ever after with him. And this issue, was the fact that both you and Sebastian already had partners.

Even though the two of you knew it was very wrong, neither of you could deny the very strong attraction shared, you would deny that constantly feeding your addiction with these rendezvous would lead to a very bad ending. There was no way you’d be able to keep it a secret for the rest of your life, you knew this, but you also knew that your time with him was so good and so precious that you were so scared moving any further than midnight rendezvous would cause the euphoria to end.

As always it took you between thirty to forty minutes to reach the bar which was located between where you and Sebastian lived; though you suspected he might live closer as he always ended up there first.

This time was no different. You went straight to the table near the back of the room where you and Seb would always sit at, and came to find him sipping on a beer with your  drink waiting in front of him. “Hello,” you greeted, doing nothing to hide your glee from your voice.

He looked up, and like a child seeing a puppy for the first time, Seb’s eyes sparkled as he stood up and strode two steps to get beside you. His hands automatically rested on your waist as he began to kiss both your cheeks, “hi.”

You’d never kissed him, and that’s the weird thing. You’d never kissed one another, never had sex, never technically cheated at all really. But you cared so strongly for one another, experiencing the kind of emotions that only couples would share, though you never gave it a name. Giving it a name was just as risky as making out with him in front of your boyfriend.

Once seated, you talked with him about many things and he talked to you about many other things. His conversation pieces were much more interesting than yours, considering he’s an actor and got to do much more in a day than you’d do your entire life. You’d always give him an update on how your day went, and he’d return this by telling you about his, and he’d always manage to make your life seem terribly boring. For example, you’d tell him about waking up at seven, driving to work through traffic, photocopying all these papers, having a conversation with your rather dull coworkers and then going home. He would then tell you about how he got picked up at eight, was in makeup for three hours getting his metal arm put on and then doing all these stunts with explosions and other interesting things. Sebastian did once say that your was much more interesting than you gave it credit for.

And while this time went much like that, something was different. It took you a while but you eventually managed to pinpoint the strange feeling to be Sebastian’s behaviour. He kept getting distracted and he generally just looked troubled.

“What’s wrong?” You eventually asked after his third drink. On a normal night the two of you would average about ten drinks, what was weird this night, was that he had consumed three drinks in the past hour.

He looked up at you just before he had a gulp of his latest drink, when he saw the concern on your face and realised that there was no way he could keep whatever he was being troubled by hidden any longer, he put down the glass and inhaled a long breath. The breath didn’t seem to help as twenty more seconds passed in silence. You were just about to say his name out of concern when his mouth timidly opened, “mylivpoo.” He rushed out the words very quietly and there was no way you could decipher them.

Your eyebrows scrunched up together, “I’m sorry, could you say that again please… maybe slower… and louder. Yeah, that’d help.”

“I… I love you.”

Time froze. He’d done it, he’d named the emotions shared and plunged you both into danger. Because this was something you couldn’t deny, you loved him more than anything. It was a burning, passionate, love. Something that could never be ignored or denied, unless the person was suicidal. ”Okay, when you say love, do you mean love as in like loving pizza or as in love, love?”

“Love, love.” He confirmed, giggling a little at what you’d said.

“Well then…” You mumbled, all of a sudden finding yourself incapable of looking at Sebastian.

This speechless reaction had Sebastian panicking. It had him thinking that perhaps you never actually loved him back and that he’d been imagining it the entire time. And if that were the case than everything in his life felt hopeless, so he was just hoping that it wasn’t the reason. Sebastian was hoping you were simply in denial still, because that he could deal with.

By moving to the seat beside you Sebastian was able to grab your hand and with it he began to gently kiss each of your knuckles. “Y/N, how long do you want to keep this up?” The prospect of being able to keep this a secret had your eyes rising and looking into his. “Because I’d happily keep doing this as long as it means I get to see you still, but how long do you think we can actually keep this going? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that you love me back, and I know it’s going to be hard breaking up with our partners… but isn’t it worth it? I’ve never been happier than when I’m with you, I’ve never smiled so much, talked so much, laughed so much… loved so much. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m tired of only having you on nights. I want to be able to wake up next to you and cook breakfast with you, I want to spend so much time with you that we argue about the dumbest of things like what the word rhetorical means. So please? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?”

A heavy and extremely tense silence settled in between the two of you as you tried to make up your mind on what to do next. Your eyes reared towards the bar and you stared at the multiple couples that hung there, dancing, talking, kissing. They looked so happy and though it wasn’t a confirmed thing, that could be you and Sebastian.

There was, of course, no way of knowing that what you and Sebastian had formed from these midnight rendezvous could evolve into an actual relationship, but wasn’t it worth a try anyway? You obviously weren’t happy in your current relationship, he hadn’t even noticed you going out at midnight or if he had then he didn’t care and that was just a perfect example for how much effort was put into the relationship you had. There was literally no doubt in your mind that he wouldn’t care at all if you were to dump him. So that wasn’t the problem, the problem is that you feared a future without Sebastian in your life.

“I don’t know what to do.” You whispered, feeling so torn between the two choices you had.

He raised one hand up and grabbed a hold of your chin, now forcing you to look at him and giving you no option to metaphorically run away like you had been doing by constantly avoiding his gaze. “I’m going to kiss you,” he said, “is that okay?”

With baited breath you nodded your head.

He kissed you and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. Sebastian’s hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your breath mingled with his. You ran your fingers down his clothed spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between the two of you and you could feel the beating of his heart against your chest.

Sebastian had to be the one to move away from you, and when he did you were completely dazed. “Y/N?” He said and you remained wide eyed and silent. “Is… Is that a yes?”

“Will you kiss me again if I say yes?”

A resonating chuckle escaped him and it caused the butterflies to stir in your belly, “babe, if you say yes then that means we can kiss whenever and wherever you want.”

“Oh yeah,” you giggled, promptly jumping forward so that you were closer to him and able to attack his lips with yours. “Yes, then.” You finally answered his question, merrily kissing him once more.