like that he or sebastian would drive

probably one of my fav press photos of Noah’s Ark Circus so far

besides all the suit of shame of course lol
but yeah
I like how they captured this moment
when Sebastian and Ciel are not trying to drive each other crazy
also Reo is smol
and Yunbastian’s leeeeeeeeeegs are gorgeous

Back in Lycoris 2015, Toboso-sensei specifically helped Yuta get the kneeling right by drawing him how Sebastian would do it in the manga (90 degrees and such). And now he can do it so effortlessly. <3

I really like this :3

DAII Companions In The Car Headcanons

Varric sits on a beautiful pink booster seat with some blocks added to the petals, thanks to Hawke, Isabela and Merrill. He typically drives people around, being the Most Reliable Friend With No Real Job.

Fenris gets road rage even if he’s sitting in the back seat. He cannot stand when people drive recklessly because Hawke is in the car and if he’d kill his “friends” for hurting Hawke, there is a laundry list of things he would/could do to a stranger.

Anders likes to drive his own car, sometimes, but Fenris refuses to drive with him. Whenever he sees a Templar bumper sticker, he goes all-out Justice and pretends to be a cop before shooting lightning or fireballs at “fools”.

Merrill is not allowed to drive. Ever. Period. She sits calmly beside Varric in the front to avoid the amalgamation of awkward conversations in the back seats of the Suburban. She is also not allowed in Anders’ car, because she will also lead him to road rage.

Isabela is the designated Get Us Out Of A Traffic Ticket friend. Whenever they get pulled over because the drunken group has decided it would be fun to fire all middle fingers in the vehicle at the cops (or anything else), Isabela takes the driver’s seat and flirts with all manner of cop until their “misdemeanor” is lowered to a “friendly warning”.

Sebastian is the friend that drives a Hybrid and ferries people to important things, such as court dates, therapy, the local Women’s Clinic, work, and various other things that need done. He listens to the Andrastean channels on the radio and sometimes sings along quietly when he drives, and the only person who clams up and listens is Fenris.

Dog alerts the company to any unwanted attention. A swift, loud bark is issued if a cop is nearby. If someone appears to want to break in, he growls ferociously. And he whines and cries when they pass pretty poodles on the street.