like that he or sebastian would drive

Valentine’s Day with Sebastian Stan would include...

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N/A: Special headcanons to celebrate Valentine’s Day - I don’t write for celebrities usually, so please, don’t insist. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you guys <3

  • Sebastian wakes you up early in the morning, by jumping on the bed and almost screaming “wake up, babe, it’s Valentine’s day!”
  • He gives you kisses all over your face
  • And he tickles you, of course
  • “Okay okay, I’m awake!”
  • With another kiss on your cheek, you get up and go to the bathroom
  • Once you’re done with your business, you go to the kitchen only to find Sebastian making coffee, with a lot of breakfast food placed on the table behind him
  • “Sit down, babe. I swear I didn’t burn the pancakes this time”
  • He serves two cups of coffee and you help him to put it on the table
  • And yeah, you sit down - but on his lap
  • “Can’t believe you did this just because it’s Valentine’s Day”
  • He laughs and starts to eat with you
  • Pancakes, fruits, some toasts, jelly, coffee and milk
  • Not so surprisingly, all of the food was delicious
  • Especially the pancakes lol
  • Sebastian caress your skin while eating
  • Like, just gently running his fingers on your waist and arm, kissing your shoulder and collarbone, etc
  • It’s all just so intimate and peaceful
  • And once you can’t eat anymore, Sebastian hugs you, putting his face on your neck and whispering a “can we go now?”
  • “What? Where are we going?”
  • “To the beach!”
  • You try to argue to understand if he was being serious about that, you really do
  • But since you can never argue with that Romanian and stubborn guy about something he knows that will be fun, you just stay speechless
  • Sebastian giggles, kissing your lips and asking you to get up so he can clean the kitchen
  • Which he does in just a few minutes
  • Then, he pulls you to the bedroom, talking nonstop about how cool it will be go to the beach
  • “Seb, are we really doing this?”
  • “Yes! We can drive to the beach and then drive back home at night. It will be like a small road trip, babe”
  • When you finally agree, Sebastian starts to pack some things - like clothes, towels, etc
  • At the car, you put some pop music just to see him singing along really loud, dancing like a dork (I definitely have a playlist of songs he would listen to during road trips, let me know if you want me to share it with you guys)
  • The whole way is just a mix of you laughing at Seb and recording him singing
  • Until, a little less than 2 hours after, you finally get to the beach
  • Sebastian looks like a kid, all excited about being there
  • The best part is that there’s not so much people around
  • Which allows you and Seb to just play like little kids on the sand, running after each other, swimming on the sea
  • There is actually a moment when he throws you over his shoulder and runs with you to the sea
  • You two spend the whole day there, playing, laughing, taking romantic walks, enjoying the view and each other’s company
  • It feels so good to just be there, holding your boyfriend’s hand and spending some time with him
  • But then the sun starts to set, and it’s time to go home
  • And of course that the way back home it’s just as fun as the way to the beach
  • Sebastian keeps telling you jokes and stories, until the moment he realizes you’re falling asleep
  • He smiles to himself, closing the car windows to keep you warm and holding your hand
  • Once he gets to his apartment, he gently wakes you up with some kisses
  • “I’m sorry, I would carry you to bed but right now we’re at the parking lot”
  • You laugh, nodding and getting off the car
  • At the elevator, Sebastian hugs you, letting you rest your head on his shoulder
  • And you’re so tired of a whole day of fun that he doesn’t even care when you throw yourself at his couch, at the moment you enter his apartment
  • And you’re not so sure of how long you slept, but next thing you know you’re waking up at a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen
  • “Seb?”, you call him, getting up from the couch
  • “Hello, sleeping beauty. I was just about to wake you up, dinner is ready. Why don’t you take a shower so we can eat?”
  • He smiles, coming closer to you and kissing your forehead
  • “God, I can’t believe you let me sleep at Valentine’s Day, Seb!”
  • You take a brief shower, washing away all the dirty from the beach, and changing into something comfy (and easier to take it off lol)
  • When you get back to the kitchen, another surprise
  • The whole place is decorated with candles, your favorite song (the one you say that is the theme song of your relationship with Seb) is playing, and your boyfriend is waiting for you, drinking a glass of wine
  • “How long did I stayed in the shower?”
  • He laughs, sitting down and mentioning for you to do the same
  • Even with just a shirt and sweatpants on, Sebastian was still the most beautiful and elegant man on the city, you were sure about that
  • You sit down too, smiling when you realize that he cooked your favorite dish
  • Through the dinner, you and Seb talks about everything - work, family, life, future, etc
  • He even says something about getting married someday
  • Soft music keeps playing on the background
  • “Fuck, I forgot about dessert”, he mumbles suddenly
  • “It’s okay, we have wine”
  • And after eating and drinking a bottle of wine, Sebastian leaves you for a moment
  • When he comes back, he puts a small velvet box in front of you
  • “What is this?”
  • “A present - or something like a question, actually”
  • You slowly open the box, revealing a key
  • “Okay, Stan, what is this?”
  • “I want you to move in with me”, he simply says. “This is the key of a beautiful and cozy apartment I found, not so far from this block. It’s perfect for us - 10 minutes from your work, more private than here, and bigger too. It’s… it’s the perfect way for us to start a life together”
  • Sebastian also tells you that it’s all settled - the only thing he needs to buy the apartment is your answer
  • And of course your answer is yes
  • You cry while hugging him, listening to his soft voice whispering to you how much he loves you and how you make him happy
  • The night ends with you and Sebastian at his bed, passionately making love to each other
  • And then, he falls asleep with your naked body pressed against his own, a tiny smile on his lips

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“i just got a point” || sebastian stan

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word count: 2643

summary: father!sebastian stan x reader → sebastian and you have a competition on who can get the most ‘cute points’ before your son grows up

author’s note: okay, i know that it is in fact, not the christmas season, but this has been in my mind for a loooong time. there is in fact one swear word though, so be warned. (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors) enjoy!

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“Heirs: Wine Bath”  (Chapter 4)  - [A Jeremy Irons/Tom Hiddleston/Sebastian Stan  story].

*** Introducing: Chris Evans. ***

Written by: A.Wölf.

Previous chapter(s): 1: “Heirs: The Scent of Revenge”.  // 2: “Tiptoed love”. // 3. “Family Bonding”

Notes: NSFW  // Let this be another one of those repetitive reminders. No disrespect to any of these actors, they are just portraying these crazy characters of mine.


The warm water coming from the shower was pouring over Jeremy, running down his body and relaxing each of his muscles.

He opened his mouth and swallowed a few drops before pushing his wet hair back. He could imagine her there standing behind him, wrapping her arms around him then letting her hands travel below his waist. He wanted to shake off all thought and feeling but couldn’t help himself. It was making him hard. Her delicate hands around his member, moving up and down was all he wanted; he desired his son’s wife more so then ever but all he could do was close his eyes and take matters into his own hands.

His relief was followed by guilt. He stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. Stood in front of the fogged up mirror and wiped it off with his right hand to stare at himself. A knot formed in his throat. What had he become?

Walking out of the bathroom and grabbing the cup of coffee and slice of toast the maid had left in his bedroom, he could hear her, the muse who inspired his fantasies, giggling outside. He reached his balcony door and leaned against it to see Tom and his wife running on the beach in sports clothing. A playful race seemed to be taking place. She was running away from him but Tom sped up and caught her in no time; husband and wife toppled onto the sand and he looked straight into her eyes while caressing her hair.

Tom kissed her passionately, and Jeremy knew that unlike him, his son would be accompanied in the shower. He took a bite of toast and a sip of his coffee, it was bitter.

“Hey”, Sebastian called, peaking his head inside the bedroom and almost startling his father, “Can I come in?”

“Yes”, Jeremy said moving away from the balcony door while clearing his throat.

“I was thinking”, Sebastian started while plopping down on the bed, “that we could ride in the same car”.

Jeremy raised his eyebrows waiting for his son to elaborate.

“All of us. We can take turns driving back to the city. It’ll be like old times”.

“Have you asked Tom yet?”

“He’s game”.

“Well… in that case”, Jeremy sighed, “We’ll take mine and I’ll send for the others later”.

Sebastian nodded and stood up, headed for the balcony. When his eyes landed on Tom and his wife, he hummed while folding his arms across his chest.

“Look at the lovebirds”, he sang, “aren’t they adorable”.

He glanced at Jeremy when he heard no answer but he was already going through his closet to pick an outfit. Sebastian looked at the ground trying to hold back a mocking smile.

“I’ll meet you outside in an hour”, Jeremy said, evading the subject.

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She Sets the City on Fire

Request: A Sebastian smthye imagine with the reader being small and a part of new directions (I’m 4'9"½) and they are secretly dating and he sees some carry the reader during a performance and he gets jealous so he sings she sets the city on fire or closer (in front of new directions) and then he kisses them saying she’s is his girl(?) -Anonymous

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Notes: PRETEND FINN IS NOT WITH RACHEL RN. Hope you like it!

“Babe.. babe.. baaaaabe!”


*record scratch/freeze frame*

“Hi. My name is (y/n) and this is my boyfriend Sebastian. I’m currently trying to study for the big history test coming up and someone is not being very helpful.” 

“Sorry, babe, but I can’t help the fact you’re incredibly gorgeous, you look completely adorable when you’re concentrating and the whole.. situation we have working here isn’t in fact.. working.”

“Yeah. I should probably elaborate. I’m in a club in my school-McKinley High-called Glee. You’ve probably heard of it. We’re called the New Directions and are currently in the middle of a legendary battle with Seb here’s glee club from a neighboring school, the Warblers. Somehow this little idiot convinced me that it would be a good idea for him and I to date.”

“I don’t know, babe. Even if I were the one to convince you, it was pretty easy.”

“Whatever, Warbler. So, now we’re hiding it from our teams because we don’t want any unnecessary drama between the already feuding clubs. Dating in secret definitely has it’s perks, but Sebastian doesn’t exactly like the fact that he can’t ‘flaunt’ me around in public. His words.”

“I just want to be able to show off my best girl like any other sane guy in this world. I don’t really care what your.. friends think of us as long as we can be together. It would be so nice to be able to take you out without having to always be on alert or driving over an hour away.”

“I know, honey, but I don’t think I’m ready to hear what they have to say. Especially Santana and Finn.”

Sebastian scoffs. “Finn? Why would you care what Finn thought? I’m sick of him always hanging around you. It’s time he realizes that you’re mine a-and taken and.. mine.”

“Aww. Is someone getting a little jelly there, baby?’

“No! I just.. want people to know you’re mine.”

“I know, Seb. We’ll tell them soon. I promise.”

“Ok. As long as it’s soon. I’m tired of sneaking. Although, it is kinda hot isn’t it, babe?”

My cheeks turned bright red. “Seb, hush! We don’t talk about that!”

-The next day-

“5! 6! 7! 8! And step! And step! And spin! And drop! And step! And-hey! Guys we have to focus if we want to win at Nationals and beat those wiry Warblers!”

The high and slightly squeaky voice of Rachel Berry rang through the auditorium as she directed the glee club and led everyone through their respective steps.

“Rachel. We’re working really hard and I just think that everyone could use a little break,” Tina tried to reason with the diva, but when does reason ever work with Rachel Berry?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know my passion for this team and club was too much for you. I just want to win. Us! I want us to win.”

Everyone tried to hide either their annoyance or amusement at their female lead. Most failed.

“Ok, Rachel. You win. Let’s run it again.” “Thank you. 5! 6! 7! 8!”

The first notes of Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me reverberated across the auditorium and the stage came a live with song and passion. Mr. Schuester gave me the ‘role’ of Taylor with Finn as respective love interest. Go figure.

The glee club did a wonderful job of playing out the events of Taylor’s music video. Too good of a job. At least according to Sebastian who was hiding in the back of the first floor. He watched as his girlfriend was paraded around the stage portrayed as a love struck girl who had the hots for the exact guy he wanted her to stay away from. As (y/n) stole the stage, Finn held up the newly added male vocals. Sebastian could start to feel the anger and jealousy seeping into his veins. He was about to rage. At the end of the performance, Finn and (y/n) strutted up to each other and demonstrated a stage kiss. You know. The thing where the guys brings his hands up to girl’s face and places his THUMBS OVER HER LIPS AND KISSES HIS FINGERS! Sebastian was mad. He stalked out of the auditorium and made his way to the glee room where he knew everyone would be going after the performance. It was time.

The voices and laughter of the members of McKinley High’s glee club were nearing closer and closer. Sebastian recruited the instrumentalists for a very special performance. She Sets the City on Fire by Gavin Degraw began playing as the New Directions came into sight. (Y/n) was at the front of the group with Finn not far behind. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Sebastian standing in the middle of their choir room.


“What’s the devil doing here? In our school? In our practice room?’

“Hello to you too, Santana. I’m here to serenade my girlfriend so if you all could take a seat.”

“GIRLFRIEND?!” Everyone was very confused including yourself, but everyone surprisingly listened and took their seats.

“Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten
And I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends
Cause New York sky don’t get much brighter
She sets, she sets the city on fire.”

Sebastian walked up to the group and pulled (y/n) onto her feet. 

“Somebody told me if I’m not careful
Well, this one’s gonna roll me
I got my hands full and this one’s gonna own me and control me
I’m so mystified
She caught the last train last night, left another note
Saying “see you next time; miss me if you don’t”
You look good in your bed; til we meet again
You went through my head and nobody told me so.”

The New Directions were all very confused. How could their sweet little (y/n) fall for such a cold-hearted jerk?

“Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten
And I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends
Cause New York sky don’t get much brighter
She sets, she sets the city on fire
She sets the city on fire
Burns like a million lighters
I’m going up, I couldn’t get much higher
She sets, she sets the city on fire.”

As the song went on, the glee club actually started listening and watching. The whole time Sebastian was staring into (Y/n)’s eyes and twirling her around. He looked like a love struck little boy who had fallen in love with what he thought to be an angel. He looked.. kind.

“New scene, next block
She’ll be jaywalking right across while the cops talk
Make you feel like a boss when your eyes lock
And you can’t stop staring endlessly
She got the whole thing figured out; hits me where it hurts
And I know I might be swinging at a curve
I don’t mind it, though, when the lights are low
She can hit the notes wearing my T-shirt.”

Sebastian ended the song with the chorus and everyone was either deep in thought or their jaws were on the ground. Sebastian then began speaking.

“Hello, New Directions. If your public school brains hadn’t caught on yet, (y/n) and I are dating. We’ve been together for 5 months and I felt it was time everyone knew.”

The choir room then exploded with yells and screams. Everyone was upset at because not only did (y/n) not tell them she was dating, but she was dating Sebastian Smythe-glee club enemy #1 and who Santana called Satan.

“Guys, guys! Calm down! This is exactly why we-I-didn’t want to tell you. I knew you’d freak out and basically forbid me from seeing him. It’s just.. I know he hasn’t been on your best sides.. ever, but I really, really like him. As in more then I’ve liked any guy before. He’d kind and caring and apparently overprotective and I love him. I just hope you can support me in this and trust that I know what I’m doing.”

All was quiet among (y/n)’s friends. For about three seconds.

“But (y/n), he’s the enemy!” “He’s caused nothing but trouble for this team!” “Do you not remember all the insults and threats that came from his own mouth?!’

A loud whistle pierced the shouts and hollers of the enraged glee club, effectively silencing all the voices in the room.

“Excuse me. I’m still quite confused as to what’s happening here. Our little ray of sunshine, (y/n), has chosen the devil himself as her lover. That’s complete bull!”

“(Y/n) was trying to say that she cares about all of you just as much as she cares about her own happiness. Actually more! She was scared to tell you because she didn’t want to disappoint any of you, but I’m telling you that there is nothing you have to be disappointed in her about. I love (y/n) with my whole heart. No one has ever made me as happy as she does. She’s loving and passionate and the cutest little alto I have ever met. She completes me and makes be want to be a better person.”

“And he’s gotten better,” you jumped in. “Sebastian has been nothing but swoon worthy throughout our whole relationship. Just a bit annoying sometimes.”

“Hey! I have been a great boyfriend!” “Yes you have, dear, but everyone has their own faults.” “Whatever,” Seb scoffed.

Everyone was watching Sebastian and (y/n) with mild interest and disgust.

“Guys, please. I’m a big girl. I’m not a baby like you all sometimes treat me.”

“We know that, (y/n). We’re just shocked you chose our competitor who has tried to demolish us to date,” poor Finn muttered.

“I think they’re cute.”

Eyes widened and stared at Rachel as the seemingly traitorous words slipped from her mouth.

“What? It’s not because Finn has a puppy crush on (y/n). I know she doesn’t like him like that. Obviously. But haven’t you been listening to what they’re saying. They love each other. Who are we to get in the way of that?”

For once everyone agreed with Rachel’s statement. The last bits of resistance drained from their eyes.

“OK. We’ll support your relationship as long as you know one thing. If you’re doing this to mess with us, hurt our team or just screw up like every guy does and hurt (y/n), you’re are going to suffer. Do you hear me? I will make you want to have never been born, much less have ever met us,” Santana threatened.

“Message received, but my intentions with (Y/n) are completely- ok mostly- innocent. I genuinely love her and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Ever.”

“Fine. Then we give you our blessing. Treat her well.. or you’ll regret it.”

“Ok, Santana. Thanks for you approval,” you tried to calm her.


“Thank you all for your cooperation. I was just ready to let everyone know that this angel is mine. I want her to wear my jacket, go on public normal dates with me and not have to hide anything.”

“I love you, my Warbler.”

“I love you too, my angel.”

“…you were a little pitchy in areas.”


You (Chris Evans x Reader)

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Prompt: Chris Evans, telling him your pregnant after a rough patch in your relationship? Thanks

A/N: Chris Evans, making everyone emotional since 1981. I DON’T LIKE WRITING HIM SO SAD. But yes. Here is some angsty fluff. You have been warned. Thank you to the sweet anon who sent this! 

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opening up

REQUEST: So say Seb and the reader aren’t dating and he keeps trying to break down her walls and stuff, but her last relationship kind of ruined her so she’s not letting him in? And of course because Seb is Seb he gets her to open up and it’s super cute? THANK YOU!!!

WARNINGS: half angst and half fluff, language, subtle mention of an abusive relationship

AUTHOR’S NOTE: anon, i don’t know if this is cute enough lol buuuut platonic!seb is back to save the daaaaaaay!


Sebastian had always been very observant of his surroundings and the people he most cared about. That’s why he was usually quiet at first - he was reading people and trying to figure out how they worked.

You were a completely different story though. He had met you on set of a movie he was working on. You were working as an extra and after sharing some of the same interests you two became really good friends. You knew Sebastian like the back of your hand but he didn’t and it sort of frustrated him.

“I just feel like I keep climbing and climbing her walls and I can’t seem to find the end of them.” Sebastian vented to his publicist on his ride over to an interview.

He looked over at his client and raised a brow. “Do you at least know why she’s so guarded?”

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What We Created (9)

Sebastian Stan x Reader (pregnancy series)

Summary: A one nightstand with the one and only Sebastian Stan changes your life and his forever

Word count: 1,308 (short because sadly the storyy is coming to an end)

Warning: fluff, gender reveal

A/N: Seriously so sorry for taking this long to update. I started real estate classes and my first day i took so many notes my hand started swelling. Life is really draining me right now, on top of keeping my Instagram and YouTube updated and getting ready for college. I hope you understand. Hopefully part 10 comes faster than this part did. Also lets pretend Anthony Mackie has social media, okay?

What We Created Masterlist

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Before Seb gets fresh hate from people who hated him anyway, let’s agree on one thing: Lewis lost the race and the points to Seb because of the headrest. Not because of Seb’s stupid behaviour. Seb got penalized and if it weren’t for the headrest Lewis would have easily won the race. Because the incident with Seb had ZERO IMPACT on Lewis’s race position. He lost a chunk of time while trying to fix the headrest which helped Seb to close the gap.
Sebastian has a temper and you don’t have to like it. What he did was wrong and he got penalized for it. If you think that it was dangerous then it’s your call. But I remember Daniel bumping tyres with Seb at racing speed and not getting penalized for dangerous driving even though he admitted he did it on purpose.
I wish I could say that Seb will learn from this incident, but I can’t, because that’s how he reacts. Maybe Mercedes will learn and pay more attention to their headrests.

A Brutal Subtext Behind 2CT

(Disclaimer: I’ve been feeling a bit more bloodthirsty because this arc has felt like a plastic plot line in a tin can. There’s such a lack of character depth/plot movement that I’m going stir crazy. We’ve literally dropped important characters in favor of a two dimensional villain and caricatures of who Ciel and Sebastian used to be. Yana has produced some quality work, complete with subplot tie-ins and *proper* character deconstruction but this arc feels like she isn’t even trying. But, moving on…

One of my favorite explanations of the 2CT theory stems from a post made by @dorkshadows (post here), where instead of having two loving brothers you have a fraternal relationship filled with anger, loathing, and jealousy on our!Ciel’s part. I don’t doubt their childhood had happy moments but I picture their dynamic to be more like Thor and Loki than say, Robb Stark and Jon Snow. Underneath all the affection and time spent together, I have no doubt that our!Ciel secretly despised his brother’s venerated position as the future heir to everything—the family name, company, lands, titles. Think about it, real!Ciel was the firstborn—the heir—and was probably the focus of everyone’s attention. Firstborn males are the most important family members—even more so than the patriarch. (To get an idea of how dismissive the Victorians were of second born sons, Consuelo Vanderbilt, wife to the 9th duke of Marlborough, nicknamed her sons “the heir and the spare.”)

To our!Ciel it must have been ten years of agonized longing—of silently seething and watching his brother get everything he’s ever wanted—that finally bubbled over during their time in captivity. When our!Ciel realized he finally had the chance to steal everything from real!Ciel, our!Ciel willingly sacrificed his brother to the cultists—even though he probably didn’t know a demon would appear as the result. This makes the entire situation all the more menacing—our!Ciel let the cultists take and kill his own brother without knowing a demon might appear. He let them take his twin out of pure, undiluted spite. It’s his way of saying “sure you were the heir to everything, sure you had mother, father, and Aunt Ann’s attention but now you don’t. There’s no one here but me—I’m finally in control and I get to see you perish first.”

It’s almost as if our!Ciel is Richard III—he certainly plays the part well enough. If we substitute real!Ciel for the princes in the tower (Edward V of England and his younger brother, Richard), then we get a dark parallel that’s made even more haunting by the fact that our!Ciel didn’t just end his brother life—he stole it right out from under him. And that relationship is the kind I want to see.

Something dark and sinister, full of vice, retribution, and the desire for revenge on both sides. (Cliched survivor’s guilt? No thanks. I’d take murderer’s guilt any day.*) We know our!Ciel is selfish—heck, he even admits it outright—but I want to see to what extent. How far will he go to protect his ill gotten gains? How many people will he kill/sacrifice/offer up just to achieve his own ends? (And I believe there’s a difference between Ciel burning a mansion full of lobotomized children he didn’t know and a potential confrontation with the twin who once had everything.)

Furthermore, how will real!Ciel react to all this? If he’s been brought back to life by Undertaker, he’s probably filled with betrayal, anger, confusion, and a desperate, unyielding desire to seek revenge—just like our!Ciel.

But this is real!Ciel. The happy, confident, extroverted heir—the one who was always meant to inherit everything. How will those three years—first in death, then in the Undertaker’s workshop, then at the Sphere Music Hall, and now, finally, brought back to life—how did it change him? If real!Ciel had always been the more charming, commanding “natural leader” of the two, then I don’t doubt he’ll use all his gravitas and strength to try and take our!Ciel down. But this lingering question remains—how far will he go? We know our!Ciel always had a survival instinct—something he’s probably honed since childhood (as mentioned by dorkshadows)—but real!Ciel never needed it.

He was the heir—he was going to get everything anyway. He never needed to be sly, duplicitous, cunning, or malicious. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have these traits—there is the very definite possibility that real!Ciel is more Machiavellian than our!Ciel—he just never acted on it. He never needed to. Our!Ciel blindsided real!Ciel by offering him up to the cultists and if real!Ciel’s actually back, then the playing field’s even (with real!Ciel having the dual advantage of surprise and three years of plotting). It’d be a violent, grotesque finale I don’t want to miss.

*To me, our!Ciel is like the thief who’s not the least bit sorry he stole but he’s awfully, awfully sorry he’s going to jail. (And yes, this is a quote from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind.)

Note: I know a lot of 2CT theorists are going to hate on this post for being too dark/dramatic/implausible but this is Kuroshitsuji. The manga whose very premise began with a cult torturing and defiling a ten year old boy in order to summon a demon from hell. The story’s bound to get darker as it moves towards the end. And, from what I’ve seen, Yana seems to despise cliches—she does everything in her power to subvert expectations so to put in a cliched “I dost loved my brother, I did!” seems like a pale imitation of shock—the true driving force would be to explore just how dark our!Ciel’s mindset was when he sacrificed his brother and how dark their reunion is going to be. As always, discussion is welcomed but please refrain from using derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and unnecessary online cruelty. Thank you.

Your Imperfections (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Request: Yes

Summary: Reader is trying to end things with Sebastian because she thinks that she isn’t good enough for him.


There were always doubts in your head. A little voice that would tell you that you don’t belong no matter how much you tried. Sometimes you could ignore that voice, especially when you were surrounded with people who loved you. One of those people was Sebastian and around him, you found your home. A safe place where you actually saw your worth. Still, you had your bad days even next to him, but he understood because he really cared.

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Imagine Chris asking your dad for your hand.

A/N: Part 4 is a little longer, but we’re nearing the end! Hope you enjoy this! X (Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3.)

Olive and Sebastian sat at one of the snow covered tables in the coffee house, chatting and playing with Dodger while you rang your dad; he was apparently your next clue. You listened to the phone ring and shook your head, chuckling softly to yourself. If your father picked up and was part of the scavenger hunt, you had to tip your hat off to Chris; that man was a workaholic who spent majority of his time in scrubs, he barely had time for anything let alone your boyfriend’s way of keeping the romance alive. The longer the phone rang, the more you started to doubt. Perhaps your dad wasn’t the clue, but what else could Chris have meant when he said “there won’t be a day where he’ll stop worrying about you, but he can rest easy knowing you’ve got me in your life now.” It had to be your dad, there was no one else.

The call unsurprisingly went to his voicemail, but it wasn’t his usual voicemail. “This is Richard. If you’ve reached my voicemail, it means I’ve ignored your call. I apologize, but I’m too busy running errands with Captain America to come to your aid. If you need anything, there are plenty of other doctors available at Alexander Van Heusen Memorial.”

You were about to redial or ask Olive for the walkie-talkie when you heard a soft tap on the glass. You turned around and chuckled in absolute amazement when you saw your dad; he smiled and waved. “I’ll be damned,” you made your way outside with the others following behind.

Sebastian took the leash from Olive so she could run over to your dad, wrapping her tiny arms around his legs. He chuckled and leaned over to kiss the top of her head, “I see you’re having a ball with Y/N.” Olive looked up at him and nodded with a wide grin. “Hi sweetheart,” he smiled at you.

“Dad,” you chuckled softly, “what are you doing here? And what’s with the new voicemail? Is Chris’ scavenger hunt really more important than saving lives?” You quizzed teasingly with a raised brow and he chuckled.

“Today it is,” he nodded and your eyes narrowed slightly in confusion. “I’m meant to give you this,” he passed you a single key on a Captain America shield keychain. “And this,” he passed you an white envelope. “There’s a cab waiting for you to take you to the next location.” He said and beckoned at the yellow cab behind him.

“You’re not driving me?”

“My days of driving you around are over, kid.” He chuckled softly as he wrapped you into a tight hug. “That’s Chris’ job now, as is worrying about you and taking care of you and loving you unconditionally. You are his responsibility now,” he pulled away and cupped your face in his hand, “my precious baby girl. I am so proud of you and so happy for you, there was nothing I wanted more for you than true love.”

“Dad,” you laughed. “You’re talking like you’ve just sold me to Chris and will never see me again.” You joked and he chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere, I’ve still got a million milestones to get through with my family before I disappear with a family of my own. Olive’s only eight and I plan to be on her beck and call at least until she’s twenty-one,” you looked down at your sister and winked; she smiled. “You’re not going to lose me, and I’m never going to stop being your responsibility.” You told your dad and hugged him.

“He’s a good guy, you know that right?”

“Yeah,” you smiled when your boyfriend’s face- and apparently soon to be fiancé- came to mind. “If he weren’t, you wouldn’t have let this relationship last as long as it has.” You chuckled softly as you pulled away. “And you definitely wouldn’t have given him your approval when he asked if he could marry me.”

“I told him I’d give it away.”

“I kind of figured it out after the first clue,” you admitted with a smile. “Marriage has always been on the table, we just- haven’t found the right time. Plus, I know Chris. He is not the kind of guy who would do something this big if he didn’t have something bigger planned. He’s an actor who dabbles in directing, he likes his theatrics.”

“That he does,” your dad agreed. “You should probably get going, that boy has been waiting all day to slip a ring on your finger.” He told you and you chuckled as he steered you towards the cab. “Let’s not keep your future waiting any longer, shall we?”

“Of course not,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Good luck, Sissy.” Olive called as you got into the cab.

“Catch you on the flip side, Mrs. Evans,” Sebastian waved.
• • • • • • • •
The drive to the undisclosed location looked rather familiar, you couldn’t quite put your finger on why but you knew you’d been there before. You asked the driver how long the drive was going to take only to have him ignore you. You figured it was ‘cause Chris told him not to speak to you so you left it, diverting your attention to the key and envelope in your hand instead. There wasn’t much to the key, it was just a key; you slipped that into your pocket and opened the envelope, pulling out the letter Chris wrote when he started planning the scavenger hunt.

My dearest Y/N,

As I’m writing this letter, you’re five feet away from me fast asleep in my bed. You look breathtakingly beautiful, as always, with your makeup free face and disheveled hair. Dodger’s awake; he’s on the floor next to you ready to pounce on anyone- including me- to protect your beauty sleep. It’s nice knowing he loves you as much as I do, and I hope that he’ll replicate that same great love for our future children. (Or child, if you only want one. But whenever you’re ready and whatever you want, so no pressure.)

Now I know you must be wondering by now why I’m writing this letter to you, chances are that when you’re reading this- you’re on your way to meet me so I can propose to you. (I’d say ‘don’t freak out’, but I’m sure your smart brain already figured out what was happening before you got this letter.) I’m writing this letter because I want to say a few things that I know I won’t get through in person- without crying anyway. (And I also want to waste no time when you’re in front of me. I’m just going to drop to one knee and ask you to marry me without making a big speech first, ‘cause I’ve waited long enough and I am not going to wait another second for you to be my fiancée.) So let’s get to you, shall we?

The night we met wasn’t as big of a coincidence as you’d like to believe, the whole thing was actually the result of my puppeteering. I could credit Sebastian, who you’ve known for a while now, but he had no idea what he was doing when he answered my very innocent question “that actress Kevin just casted, um- what’s her name? Y/N Y/L/N? Isn’t she a friend of yours, why don’t you invite her too?” He thought I was just being nice, that I had no idea who you were and wanted to get to know you before we started work together; he was very wrong. Hearing you got casted in The Winter Soldier was possibly one of the best days of my life, I’d been a fan for so long that- I didn’t see it as an opportunity to work with an amazing actress, I saw it as an opportunity to make you fall in-love with me. I thought it would be hard, but then again, I didn’t expect the beautiful and talented Y/N Y/L/N to be a fan of mine.

So yes, I’ve loved you for a while now. A long while, actually. I would’ve chased after you earlier but I was a little afraid you weren’t what I’d imagined you to, and a little afraid I wasn’t going to meet your standard of the perfect man. (After I read that interview you had with Cosmopolitan, I honestly thought being with you was a pipe dream.) But meeting you and getting to know you and seeing how you were with your parents and your little sister, I realized that you were exactly the person I thought you to be. And dating you made me realize that while I may not be perfect, I could be for you. In our four years of dating, you’d never failed to make me feel like I was enough. Even when we fought, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that you were the one for me and I could do this for the rest of my life.

Flash forward to the present day, right? I’m hoping as you’re reading this, you’re smiling and thinking about our future together. I’m hoping that you don’t have a doubt in your mind about me, that you will say yes when I ask because you love me and you want to grow old with me. I know it’s not always easy because we’re constantly away from each other, and that sometimes phone calls and FaceTime sessions aren’t enough. I know we get tired and heartbroken when the other is on the other side of the world for months on end, but I also know what we have is special enough to hold on to. It’s not all bad. We’ve managed for four years, I think we can manage for the rest of our lives- or at least until we become irrelevant. (Doubt you will, my shining star.) Until then, we can visit, make full use of our hiatus/breaks, and of course- there’s always auditioning for the same film so even on the other side of the world, we’ll be together. There are a million loopholes and I am willing to find them with you, if you’ll have me.

Oh, and one final thing.

I know we’ve always talked about Boston being our home base because that’s my hometown and that’s why my heart is, but I’ve changed my mind. You are where my heart is now, wherever you go- that’s where I’ll go, that’s where my home is. Now I know you love me and I am your home too, but so is Olive. I know we talked about moving to Boston because I have a house there, but I can’t knowing that moving means making you start a long distance relationship with your baby sister. She’s eight and she needs you, so Boston can wait at least until she’s eighteen and ready for university. (She’s going to attend university at my alma mater, by the way.) Until then, we can just stay in our home in California which you should be arriving at at any moment now.


You looked out the window as the cab slowed to a stop. Your smile reached your eyes when you saw Chris standing next to a real estate sign, he smiled at you then slapped a big sold sticker on the sign. You got out of the cab then realized why you found the drive here so familiar, this was the open house Chris dragged you before he left for Houston. You loved it upon seeing it because it checked off every box in your criteria, you thought it was fate but you had no idea that Chris had actually spent the last year and a half looking for it and fixing it up. It didn’t occur to you that the questions he asked- “if you could change one thing about your kitchen, what would it be?”, “don’t you think a pool would be great?”, “how beautiful would a rose garden be?”, “if you could choose, hardwood or carpet?- was used to refine his search with his real estate agent. You didn’t know that the open house wasn’t actually an open house and you’d laughed when he said he was going to buy it, thinking he was joking because of the plans to move to Boston eventually. Boy, were you wrong about everything.

“Is this a joke?” You chuckled breathily as you made your way over to him.

“Nope,” he shook his head and took your hand in his, entwining his fingers with yours. “Welcome home, Y/N.”

Part 5

Sebastian Stan Imagine

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Being on the cast of Avengers can open up a lot of doors. That’s what people have been saying to you since they found out you joined it, but that wasn’t the first thing you thought. Your first thought was I’m fulfilling my dream It has been your dream for a long time to film an Avenger movie and now you have the chance. But you got more then you expected. You found love. 

See when you got to the set people were very friendly, they showed you around, helped you find things and places, but one person would do extra. Sebastian Stan a real like superhero. Sebastian would drive you to work and home. He would have lunch with you, with time going by you found out he asked to film on different days just so he could spend some time with you. This kind of information came to you when you and Sebastian started dating. The dating part didn’t come so easy.  You might film on the same set but you can’t always find time to see each other out of the set life. Both of you tried hard but then realized that you might be trying a bit to hard. So Sebastian had an idea. 

“What do you say if we have our dates on set?” you couldn’t imagine what he was walking about and your facial expression said it all. “I’ll show you tomorrow” so you waited. The next day came and you couldn’t wait for lunch time to see what he was walking about. When the time came Sebastian took you to the roof to of the building you were working in, and found a set up lunch, but not the regular one. Sebastian had set up a table covered with roses, candles. Around the table was a small garden and sitting down it did feel like an actual restaurant. 

“How did you put all this together?” Sebastian didn’t tell you his secret but you found out anyway. Turns out the whole cast and crew had helped him. When ever someone had a moment free they would go there and do some work, put up the garden or make the table. No one had ever done something so sweet for you. 

That’s how things started for you two. It didn’t take you two long to fall in love. Sebastian told you he was in love with you on the same roof top you had your first date. The world found out about to very fast someone had taken a photo of you and Sebastian on what your your roof top dates, but you didn’t care, you were happy and in love. You still are, now you have the chance to have many different dates but your favorite one will always be the ones on the roof. 


Prompt:  Hi!! Could you do one where the reader is a singer and goes on carpool karaoke w James cordon and she’s asked about what’s going on between her and seb and she announces that they’re together or something like that?! Thanks (: Xxxx

Warnings: Les Mis spoilers I guess!

Author’s Note: asdfghjkl I fell in love with this as soon as I read the prompt!!!! This one is for my Broadway junkies! We should form a Broadway gang….like West Side Story but only one sided.

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Oh Honey, I Don’t Share: Sebastian Stan.


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Warnings: Orgasm denial, dom!reader, sub!seb, dirty talk, jealousy, possessiveness, masturbation, teasing, begging, oral sex (Sebastian receiving). Semi-public blowjob. He has to try to be quiet. And no touching!! Praise. Needy Sebastian (like wow so needy). Semi role reversal, but not really.

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We are not lost I just decided to take the scenic route

Summary: You and Sebastian both have time off work so decide to explore your way down to the coast, a long two hour drive but Sebastian guarantees to you he ‘doesn’t need a map.’

A/N: I’ m pretty sure this was a writing prompt I saw somewhere so I’m sorry if its yours and you wanted credit let me know and if you see number ignore them I’ve copy and pasted the work from my word doc but it doesn’t like grammar apparently.

Bags packed, sunglasses on top of both of your heads and a car with an open roof, you and Sebastian were ready to go on another adventure during your short period off together. You were both in Miami for a week, relaxing in a hotel however, you were inland so were a two hours’ drive away from the beach unfortunately. He had suggested at two AM on a drunken bar crawl that he would drive you guys down to the beach and you could enjoy your last day lounging on the windy stretch of sand. In your sober state, you held him too it and at seven AM you were up and packing some clothes, intending to go into the sea, and looking at the quickest route on the map given in their room, you highlighted the route you wanted Seb to take nudging him to attention he rolls over and continues sleeping. Sighing you place tablets and water on the table and head downstairs to read your book and grab a quick bite to eat.

Emerging back upstairs at nine you decide you really want to get going and push him awake, groaning he sits up and you plump his pillows behind him. Squinting up at you, who stands with the water and tablets, he gladly accepts them. With a smell of defeat in the air you jump over him to your side of the bed, placing yourself in a cross-legged position and batting your eyelashes up to his now softened face. “Want something by any chance princess?” He asks coyly, with doe eyes you place the weight of your head on his hand that is placed on your cheek. “Maybeee,” you drag out the last bit, he laughs and leans towards you and tangles your lips in a kiss. Whilst taking the glass from his hand and patting its way to the bed side table you straddle him and cling onto his shoulders, humming against your lips your separate slightly so your lips brush and whisper “one, you have morning breath and two, get up we’re going to the beach!”&#157; He rolls over and flings a leg over your hunched body and whines “let’s stay here, cuddling, sleep and I’ll even kiss you if you want.” Laughing joyfully, you kiss his forehead but wrestle your way from under him and fix the messy bun on your head.

Half an hour later Sebastian is in the front of the rental car and looking at you with loathing eyes, in workout shorts and a black t-shirt he starts off down the road with a hand on your bare knee and one of the steering wheel. About halfway down the road you pop your phone into the aux cord and start jamming out to your favourite song but with your eyes closed, hands hanging out into the air you don’t see him leaning over a turning it off. You suddenly drop your arms down and swing your body around to stare him dead in the eye. “oi grumpy pants! What’s your problem?”&#157; Laughing Seb gives you the same doe eyed expression “I’ve got a headache princess alright now sit still will be there soon.”&#157; She huffs and shunts down into the leather seat that she feels her thighs sticking too already, taking in the scenery you look at the map and notice you coming to cross roads. Sitting back up you look at the map, only to discover that there is no cross section in your path, it was literally a straight line basically. Tapping Sebastian’s shoulder, he gives you a smile and continues, “you’re going the wrong way babe…Babe?”&#157; He ignores you so you stick the map in his face, causing him to nearly swerve. After a ten-minute discussion, you realise he has been ignoring your mapping skills and in your own words following his own ‘directionally challenged arse,’

After half an hour of him telling you ‘everything is fine’ and ‘are you seriously made at me?’ He pulls off the dirt road you were speeding along and mumbles something about ‘stretching his legs.’ As you swing open the door you look around and now can’t even smell the salty air, ‘dumbass’ you whisper as you sit on top the front of the car. He stands biting his lips and you can see the clogs physically turning in his brain, trying to figure out where you are and how to still come out of this being right. The wind has now picked up after your three-hour adventure, “you can admit your wrong and that we’re lost you know?” You yell but some of it gets lost in the wind seep. Turning back, he gets back in the car and says when you climb back in now tired, bored and cold “we are not lost, I’m just taking the scenic route.” Your face fall in bewilderment, really? You ask yourself as he pull off.

For a good hour Sebastian loops around the same area but by this point you have fallen asleep because reasoning with the man is now futile to be honest. He curses each time he sees the same tree or the identical building. He gives up and pulls into a small diner that appears to have a 60′s theme pressing into it. With soft eyes, he looks over to you, a sleeping beauty with a little bit of dribble which he laughs at. Running a hand through your hair you almost purr at the action and come too, “hi princess,”&#157; he whispers. Sitting up excitedly you think your finally at the beach but you see a diner, tutting you turn to him and he shrugs “ok we might be lost…”

▌Kuroshitsuji Ch 131 review

This chapter hits you in the feels. Tears were shed. It’s a lengthy chapter that doesn’t progress the story much at all, but does answer questions and gives glimpses into the life of the Phantomhives before the event. 

Below are some Japanese panels and my comments of what stood out to me this month: (text & picture spoilers after the jump)

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This is my first fanfic ever, so please be nice…

His lips were soft, smooth, and powerful. The kiss wasn’t like the one before, this kiss was different . It was almost hungry. Sebastian had pulled me out of the room, into the warm heat of summer. “Y/n, I don’t think that you know this, but I love you.” I try to comprehend what I had just heard. For 4 years he had just been my friend, sure we had kissed, but that was just a stage kiss. We had once been in a production of West Side Story and I played the Maria to his Tony. Needless to say we ended up kissing, but those kisses were pretend, they were filled with fake passion. “ I love you too,” I manage to squeak out. He smiles, his full lips curling into a sly smile.

“May I kiss you?” He mutters. Sebastian was always so careful and kind, I love how he asks for permission first. I nod my head vigorously to give my consent. He puts one hand on the nape of my neck and the other resting on my hip, and he moves toward me. I feel my breasts hit his chest, and I wonder if he notices. When his lips hit mine, it’s like nothing I’ve felt before. The passion was real this time. It started off slow and passionate, then became more powerful. His tongue flittered across my bottom lip, asking permission to enter. I open my mouth slightly and meet his tongue with mine. He moans slightly, the he pushes me back pinning me between him and the wall. He licks the back of my mouth as if I had syrup in the back of my throat that was his responsibility to clean up. I giggle a bit and he pulls back. “Y/n my beautiful girl, you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that,” he says practically in awe of the kiss we had just shared .

“You are amazing” I say breathlessly as I go in for another kiss. Our tongues are dancing when we hear the bell rings telling us to go to class. “I should get going” I mumble as I pull away from him, “But I don’t want to stop” I add. I try to kiss his neck, then he steps back “No, you’re right we need to go to class” he says and I pout. “Do you want to continue this at my house after school?” He quickly added, putting his hands back to my hips. “ I don’t think your parents would like that”, I run my hands through my hair and pout disappointedly. He leans in close and whispers in my ear “they went to visit friends in the mountains this week.”

I spend the rest of the day waiting for the last bell, I knew something amazing was going to happen.

I’m sitting in chemistry, my last class of the day. The staring contest I’m having with the clock is almost painful when the bell finally rings. Jumping out of my seat, I race to the auditorium to find Sebastian waiting by the piano.

“Are you ready to go?” He smirks. I run over to him and kiss him, trying to match his passion from earlier that day. His response was perfect. His hands flew to my hips and pulled me tight against his solid body. I move my lips down his neck as seductively as I can.

“Y/n, if you want to make out then we should leave before we ge-” he is cut off when I suck on a particular spot of skin behind his ear. A primal groan emerges from the back of this throat “What did you say,” I moan when he stops talking. “I need you,” the words pass his lips and my only response is to grind my hips into his and say “I need you too”. At those words I start to feel something poke at my thigh, and I realized the effect I had on him.

“I need you now”, I mumble against his Adam’s apple. “Y/n, I don’t want our first time to be on a piano, where anyone can walk in. I want it to be special.”

“Oh, Seb,” I sigh “You are right, let’s go.” I bend down to get my bag, I don’t remember dropping it on the floor. Being the attention getter I am, I bend down to show off my butt in his direction. I feel a hand on my back as I return to standing, I lean back into Sebastian’s arms. “Let’s go you tease” Seb chimes.

We walk out of the school hand in hand and make it to his car. I love driving with Seb, he gets this look on his face when he focuses on driving, as if he is a cat in the jungle assessing the surroundings. It is about a 15 minute drive to his house. 2 minutes in I worry that he won’t want to screw my brains out when we get to his house, so I ask “What are you going to do to me when we get there?” Sebastian looks stunned, pondering why I would ask such a question while he was driving. I pull out my phone and wait for his response. I have to text my mother as to why I won’t be home, I tell her I’m going to a friends house to study. She never questions it.

“I have no idea” Sebastian mutters. I had almost forgotten the question I just asked him. “Y/n, you know I’m a virgin, right?” I had forgotten. I lost my virginity to my sophomore year boyfriend Adam, Sebastian had never liked that boy. Sebastian was there when Adam broke up with me, Sebastian is really my best friend. He had had a girlfriend before, but he told me that they never got further than 2nd base.

“Ya know, that’s ok,” I answer as I put a hand on his thigh “I can show you.” The rest of the drive is quiet, except for my adjusting of clothes to show off my breasts.

We get to Sebastian’s house, it was in the woods a bit. He quickly motioned for me to stay put, the he jumps out of the car and goes to open my door. “Such a gentleman” I coo as I practically fall back into his arms and continue the kiss from before. Our tongues are fighting for dominance as Sebastian puts his hands on my butt. I involuntary moan into his lips. He moves his lips down my jawline and to my neck, licking and biting gently.

“Hey,” I pull away “let’s go inside.”  I raise my eyebrows and then it clicks in his head. He scoops me up and runs to the door, he sets me down to get his keys and open the door. I nibble at his earlobe as he continues to fumble with the keys. Finally he gets the door open, I breakaway and start to his bedroom. I had been to his house before, we had been friends for 4 years so it wasn’t like I hadn’t been here before. He chases me into his room, I take note of how clean his room is, it’s always tidy.

He grabs me from behind and starts at my neck again, licking as if my skin was an ice cream cone. I notice his hands on my hips, so I grab one of his belt loops with each of my hands and pull him close to my body. I can feel him getting hard against my ass, so I moan to show my interest. I turn around to face him, “I wanna sit down.” I run and jump onto the bed, motioning for him to join me. He sits on the edge of the bed, so I crawl over to him and straddle his lap. We look in each other’s eyes, and take a moment. He breaks the silence “Are you sure you don’t just want to make out?” I sigh and come up with an idea.

“I give you full consent. If I want you to stop, I will tell you. I trust you so much, I know you will do right by me” I gasped.

His eyes meet mine, he leans in and whispers “As long as you don’t mind my Star Wars bed sheets.” I can’t help but laugh. I look over his shoulder and see that he isn’t lying. From the position we are in, I can still feel his growing erection through his jeans.

I decide he is wearing too many articles of clothing, so I pull at the hem of his shirt. He lifts his arms so I can get rid of the offensive piece of clothing. His chest is well toned, you can make out the shape of his abs and biceps. This is going to be good. I lay him down and start to plant kisses along the lines of his muscles. He moans my name, as if a plea for more. I only realize he has flipped us over when I feel lid lips on my neck again. His teeth graze over one spot that makes me shudder with pleasure. So he stays at that spot near my collarbone and sucks on it, most likely leaving a mark.

From this new position with him between my legs, I took the opportunity to unbuckle his belt. He got the point, and proceeded to take off his jeans. I went for his boxers when he stopped me. “You are still fully dressed!” He teased. I laugh and whisper “how about you undress me.”

He smiles, hands going to remove my tank top. I lift my arms so the top slides off my body. I look down and assess my body. I was toned, but never muscular. My breasts were a size 36DD, they looked smaller with clothes on. Sebastian gawked at them, having never seen them in this state. He smirks and goes to remove my shorts.

I look at him and decide to make a bold move. I grind myself against his member. The friction starts to make me feel even more wet than I already am. He moans when the fluid touches him through our fabrics. I thrust my tongue into his mouth to deepen the kiss, and with him distracted I take off my nude bra and cast it aside. I take his hands from my hips where they always seemed to be, and I place them on top of my breasts. He squeezes lightly to test the waters. To tell him I like it I grind down onto his hard erection.

“I want to make you feel good,Y/n” he breathes “ but I have no idea how. You should show me.” He slowly starts to pull off my panties, his fingers brushing my inner thighs.

I decide to take control. Pressing my hands to his biceps, I push him down. “Let me make you feel good first, Sebastian. I want you to stay still, no touching.” He sighs in protest as I make my way down to below his belt. He moans when I nuzzle his throbbing cock through his boxers. I slide the offending garment down and his erection springs free, bumping my nose on the way up. I giggle to let him know it’s ok.

He lifts his hips so I can slide the boxers off his legs. I start by licking his thighs, making my way up to his balls. I nip at them gently, and I notice a bead of precum on his tip. I quickly make my way to the head, and slowly encase him in my wet waiting mouth. I hum as his precum hits my taste buds. The tip of my tongue slides across his sensitive slit.

“Holy FUCK!” Sebastian exclaims, bucking his hips into my mouth.

“Touch me” I gasp, pulling my head from his lower one. With this permission he slides his hands into my hair, pushing his member further into my mouth. Hitting the back of my throat.

I moan into his member at this action. He is fucking my mouth!

“Babe, I’m- I’m gonna…” He pleads. So I give him one last big suck, hollowing out my cheeks and taking him in deep. His hot seed slides down my throat, part of the big load falls from my mouth and down his still throbbing cock. I use my tongue to lap up what I missed.

“Holy shit, Y/n that was amazing!” He sighs, content from the pleasure I was giving him moments ago.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it!” I giggle. He pulls me back up for a kiss, moaning when he can taste himself on my lips. I lay on his chest kissing him for a moment before he rolls us over and whispers “your turn” into my ear.

To say it was hot watching him settle between my legs would be an understatement. His eyes were searching mine, until I realized it was because he was unsure what to do.

“Start by finding my clit” I gasp as I feel his hot breath on my burning core. He starts at the bottom and makes one long lick from there to the top. He stops at my hardened bud, knowing he’s found it when my fingers thread through his hair.

“Good!” I moan “Now start to write something, anything with your tongue there. After a while you can add some fingers.” I barely get the sentence out before he starts. Good thing I did because his ministrations had me breathless.

It wasn’t long before his actions had the coil in my stomach tightening. I squeeze my thighs together, effectively trapping him as I rode out my first orgasm of the afternoon.

He lapped up my juices, growling from my finish.

“Seba, that was great” I gasp. I glance down to see if he is ready again. He is.

“I don’t know how you did it, Y/n, but you got me from cumming to hard again in a matter of minutes. You are fucking amazing” he says crawling up to kiss me again, tasting myself on his lips.

I quickly stand up and grab my pants, after we had made out at the school i made sure to put a condom in my pants pocket. I toss the foil package to him and watch him roll the item over his thick cock.

“Come here”, he whispers. I walk over to him, swinging my hips as I go. Laying down next to him, he settles on top of me resting his weight on his forearms. I pull his face to mine with one hand while the other teases my entrance with his tip, shuddering when it hits my still sensitive clit.

He pushes into me, moaning out an “I love you” against my lips. I can feel him pick up the pace, pelvis hitting my clit with each thrust.

“Y/n, I’m not going to last long”, he grunts breathlessly. I tell him that I’m close, which is true with all the stimulation I’m getting. Sebastian is so big that it doesn’t take much longer for me to hit my second peak of the day. As my pussy clenches around him, I feel him twitching, signaling he’s close.

“Fuck , I love you so much, Y/n”, he moans as his hot cum spurts into the condom.

“I love you too, Sebastian”. He rolls off of me, then takes off the condom, moving to throw it away. When he make his way back to the bed, we crawl under the sheets, moving to cuddle.


Prompt: Could you do a Seb imagine where one of the reader’s family member has passed away and she starts pushing him away and wants to be alone but he’s just a worried lil pup and tries to do anything to make her smile again

Word Count: 620

Warnings: mentions of passing from cancer, possible trigger warnings, sad sad fluff, sadness, sAdNeSs

Author’s Note: thanks for requesting! I really appreciate it!

The only thing you could feel right now was pain. Losing your mother to cancer was definitely the most gut wrenching thing you had ever experienced. You could only watch as your father and siblings talked about what to do. Sebastian was waiting out in the hallway, as he was here for support. He left filming early as soon as you called crying.

“Y/N, you look like you’re going to be sick. We’ll call you when it’s all figured out, okay?” Your older sister, Jada, said as she rubbed your shoulder. You blinked before standing. She guided you to the door, opening it and finding Sebastian patiently waiting. He stood as soon as he heard movement.

Sebastian looked to you. Then he looked to your sister, who nodded. It was true. She passed. Sebastian nodded back before putting a hand on the small of your back. You numbly walked with him to the car. He had the smallest pout on his face, which usually came back when you were upset.

The drive home was quiet. Sebastian didn’t know what to say, and you didn’t have anything to say. What exactly would you say in a situation like this? It’s not like either of you experienced this before. Though Sebastian promised himself to make sure he was with you through the whole thing.

You walked into your apartment slowly, not sure what to do. Cry? Get angry at God for taking your mother? Eat ice cream? In all truth, you just wanted to be alone. Talking would only make you draw further into yourself. It was a bad habit of yours that just couldn’t be helped.

“I wish I had the right words…” Sebastian trailed off as he closed the door behind him. You watched him for a little bit. He put away his keys, then hung up his jacket on the coatrack.

“It’s okay. I don’t have any words either.” You whispered. He started go to hug you, but you just turned, going to your room. The closing of the door signaled you had no need for human contact. Sebastian sighed then frowned.

It was few hours before you came out. Your eyes were red and puffy, your head sore from it all. Sebastian watched from the couch as you walked into the kitchen. He stood and followed you in.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sebastian asked. You looked up from staring at the stove. Your hair slowly swept in and out of view when shaking your head. He made sure you weren’t looking before hugging you from behind. Your whole body tensed from shock.

Your body eventually adjusted, and you continued to stare at the stove. His arm tightened around you.

“The last thing she made me was a grilled cheese sandwich. It was a bit burnt around the edges because she wasn’t very good at making it. Though she knew I loved it the most.” You whispered. Your voice cracked at the confession. His hand gripped your waist even tighter.

“She loved you. There was no question about it. You were her special little package of sunshine.” He said with a light tone at the end. It made you smile a bit. Your mother joked that you were her bundle of sunshine because of your smile.

“I know. I just miss her. She was my mom.” You said. A simple twirl and you were hugging him correctly. Your head was buried in his chest.

Tears fell on Sebastian’s shirt. He said comforting things while rubbing your back. He filled his promise as well as he could. He’d never leave you in a time of pain, or ever as long as it was an option.

Still Think About You (Sebastian Stan)

word count: 2, 534

request: Haiiiiiiii can you Please make one with Sebastian and The reader get in an argument after him cheating. He is practically begging you back. The ending can be sad or happy. Up to you 😋😋😋

requested by: @simingisfun

a/n: Okay, well I just had to choose Michael B(ae) Jordan to play Reader’s best friend. Michael is a bae and…c’mon, 

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anonymous asked:

can you write headcanons for edward, Charles Grey, sebastian and soma, in which they fall in love with ciel's sister and maybe how ciel would react? :)

((I’m not great with writing for Edward so I apologize if I got his personality a bit off ^^;))

•This would feel very strange for him- considering how his sister is engaged to Ciel, he wouldn’t be quite sure if it’d be right to try and pursue Ciel’s sister romantically. He’d either decide not to, or be persuaded to try (likely by Elizabeth who sees his extremely obvious crush and wants to support him. It’s still at least a bit weird though.).
•Nevertheless, if he did, then he would be obviously kinder to her than anyone else in the house other than Elizabeth. He’d amp up the chivalry to eleven, opening any door for her, pulling out her chairs, keeping unwanted attention off her- going out of his way to treat her like a proper lady and keep her safe.
•Overall much probably wouldn’t be different from trying to court any other lady, except she happens to be Ciel’s sister, which would spin his head out of whack for awhile. Elizabeth would very much need to be driving force especially in order to make something happen.
•There would be a very, VERY awkward moment where he requests Ciel to allow him to court her. Nobody knows how exactly to deal with it, not even Sebastian would. It’s just… so awkward. You could cut the tension with a knife it’s so bad.
•Once they’re actually together, Edward pushes Ciel to keep her safe when he can’t be there- to an almost comical degree. He would also visit whenever Elizabeth does, and when he can’t you can guarantee that he’ll be dropping by soon.

-Charles Grey-
•You can expect he’ll be visiting a ton from here on out, and would annoy Ciel with the sheer volume of unplanned visits. Worst part is he rarely even bothers to speak with him outside of introductions and when necessary- he’ll just talk to his sister.
•Probably offers to teach her how to sword fight. He does care about her, got to make sure she’s strong- though if he fell for her she probably knows how to defend herself. But he’d still offer, plus it’s an excuse to spend more time with her.
•Tries to remain as casual as always but it seems pretty forced. Is also a touch more aggressive towards other men who try getting a little too close to Lady Phantomhive- so his behavioural changes are mostly subtle, but if you know him well they’re obvious to you.
•Would ask to court her in the most casual way ever, in fact it’s so casual and out of the blue Ciel probably spits out his tea. Plus, that very same day, if Ciel said yes, he’d ask his sister. No time to waste, after all. He may be the only one who ends up not bothering to ask before at all.
•Expect his visits to double after that and be even more annoying. Honestly, Ciel’s sister would probably end up just going to visit Charles half the time just so he stops annoying Ciel with these undeclared visits, and possibly get him to ask first because gosh darn it Charles you can’t just barge in here whenever you want. Ciel repeatedly wonders why he agreed to this anyways.

•Being Ciel’s butler, and thusly her’s as well, this would likely end up being fairly awkward at first- even worse than Edward, and that’s saying something. Being a demon who’s going to eat her brother’s soul doesn’t really inspire trust or love between two people.
•He would want to carefully study her opinion of him, make sure that she likes him and holds a romantic interest of him before he does anything. He isn’t going to pursue her if there isn’t an interest, though if he sees the potential for interest he would likely still attempt.
•It’s a very careful game, and from the start he would make his intentions clear to Ciel and formally request for his permission to court her, or give him the opportunity to do so. Though even if Ciel said no, Sebastian may find a way to get Ciel’s sister to convince the Earl herself…
•The entire relationship would be kept out of the public eye. If you looked at the two, you’d never guess they were together- as it wouldn’t do the Phantomhive name any good if people knew Lady Phantomhive was being courted by her brother’s butler. Plus, Ciel wouldn’t want to see that anyway.

•Would go to Ciel right away and ask if she could be his wife. Unless she’s in the room, of course- he wants to make sure that Ciel’s okay with this since it’s apparently what you’re supposed to do. This would happen the second he figured out that he liked her, just so he made sure his best friend was okay with this.
•He’d be the only one to make her aware of his feelings from the start- which could be quite jarring for everybody involved. Even if he didn’t though, his obvious favouritism of her would be blatant enough for her to figure it out.
•To everybody’s shock he’s not actually super jumpy ‘let’s-get-married-right-now’ kind of guy. He’s confident in himself, but still kind of awkward and nervous and doesn’t quite know what to do, though he’s doing his best to impress her.
•Soma may end up actually visiting the manor whenever he has any excuse to just to go and see her. Agni tags along because firstly he’s Soma’s butler, and second, he’s Soma’s wingman. Agni just quietly supports his prince while Soma semi-awkwardly tries to ask her out on dates or for her to allow him to court her.
•The only time he would actual end up properly asking her either question would be when she would have to say yes or no to entering a relationship with him. If she did, Soma would be the happiest man on Earth and treat her like a queen, showering her in presents and attention- at least more than before.