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Nichelle’s 5K Celebration

I’m a little late for this and the idea I had hasn’t come together yet, so I’m going to table it for a bit.

If you’d like to help me celebrate, I’m going to ask you do to do me a favor.

Do something nice for another blogger today.

If they are struggling, reach out and let them know they aren’t alone.  If they wrote something you like, leave a comment.  If they’ve said or done something that touches you in some way, let them know. Tell others they are loved, remind them they matter, do something nice.

It costs nothing and it means everything.

Thank you.


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fuckingchatnoir  asked:

I'm so sorry you have to deal with idiotic comments like that. I agree 100% with everything you said. I'm straight so I can't even imagine what you and everyone in the lgbtq+ community have to deal with on the daily basis, especially regarding representation in the media. So really kudos to you for bringing this up and for standing up for yourself and others. We need more people like you. Have a hella good day (and also Marinette is totally bi).

thanks for the kind words and support! :) <3

yeah, i mean, im “fine” in the sense that im so used to comments like this i sort of skip the feeling bad part and go straight to the “lol you’re a jerk” part. which is why im always making posts and confronting people. i just think of the people in this fandom who see these things and feel bad when they read them, and don’t feel comfortable saying anything against it. i kinda feel uncomfy when stuff like that just goes unchallenged. people should know things like this are being said and that they aren’t okay. 

good news is that there are a huge number of us in this fandom who are kind, open-minded, and supportive so it’s not all bad :) 

breaking news: harry potter has quit his job as an auror!

stating that ‘i have no idea why i thought that was a good idea, holy shit’, potter has since relocated to diagon alley and reopened florean fortescue’s ice cream parlour. in a comment, potter said ‘yeah. yeah, this seems more like it’ and added ‘i mean, he gave me ice cream that one time. loved that guy.’

someone in a youtube comment said that stephen colbert looks like an older tyler oakley and i’m just not going to be able to unsee that

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….


dylan strome getting stitched up during pratice (feat. marner) 08.04.16

Except for the few, adorable moments he dedicated to kids, he walked that red carpet as if there was fire burning under his feet. Of all people, he had Simon Jones attached to his hip the entire time and that was only part of the horrible company he had to endure throughout the evening. And yet no Danielle, who’d be always so very willing, alongside him. Beautiful, but tense, dedicated to nicest fans but mostly detached, he might have nothing to promote but a dubious girl band project coming up and yet he could have made a good use of such a fitting opportunity to bask a bit in the spotlight, get a little more attention, spread his enthusiasm about his personal and professional moves. Instead he ran faster than Forrest Gump, chose not to discuss anything of what is publicly associated with him at the moment. Why? Is he as private and shy as Danielle shielding the wrong side of her face from the mean mean paps? 

One day it’ll end, but today isn’t obviously that day. And calling that a happy, free, willing Louis is like attending a Donald Trump convention and judging him a wise, competent, upright person.

anonymous asked:

hi I like your writing but you really should my call lance "McClain" in your fics. Lance is canon Cuban in VLD, it isn't a Cuban last name and was only his last name in go lion, when he was white. Using it is kinda whitewash-y. Maybe next time use a Cuban name! Have a good day!


now, you want me to stop using ‘McClain’ as lance’s last name because it’s not “cuban”, right? 

ok. i get where you’re coming from and i understand. “McClain” has a history linking back to scotland and the like, so i get why you’d say it’s “whitewash-y”. however, that being said, i don’t think it’s white-washing to use that as his last name.

i’m going to state here: i’m not cuban. i’m white. i’m not going to preach on behalf of poc - cubans in particular, i’m just going to give my opinion. feel free to message me again if you want to discuss this (or if i say smth bad). 

k, now bc i’m white, all i’m going to say is: i don’t think you should be claiming that lance’s last name can’t be mcclain purely because it does have scottish links. lance’s family, (as seen below), aren’t all poc. in fact, some of them are white, i would say.

what does this mean? lance could be biracial. in fact, i headcanon him as such. is that a problem? literally no. having biracial representation is really cool too! 

so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for his last name to be mcclain if his dad is white and his mother is cuban.

REGARDLESS, labelling names as black/white/asian/etc isn’t … the best thing to do, i don’t think. i’m not sure how to word this exactly but: names don’t define ethnicity / race. 

in short: i’m going to keep using McClain as Lance’s last name until we get a different one, if that happens. i’m sorry if this offends you or upsets you.

I’m a little annoyed

I posted a drawing of Robin and Jack from the drawing meme I did yesterday on twitter and as soon as Robin and Jack replied to my work, the majority of people were commenting about septiplier when the drawing had nothing to do with that ship.

I’m annoyed in how out of hand this ship is, how people fight over how actual REAL people “should” be together as if they are fictional characters, I’m annoyed in how I will find these comments on any Mark or Jack related artworks I create when it has nothing to do with this ship.  It really takes the fun out of it which is why there has been a heck lot less of me drawing these guys.  And if they read this, I don’t want them to feel like they have to stop commenting on said works so that I don’t have to deal with it cause thats not gonna solve anything (and plus you’re lovely people <3).

I’m just annoyed that people don’t think before they speak, that there is no filter in how annoying it must be to receive a shit ton of the same comments and be excessively annoying about something that will not happen.  I just don’t understand, no matter what age you are there’s just no excuse imo cause I was never like that growing up and talking to people.

I’m not speaking on anyone’s behalf but mine, I’m just annoyed that this has been happening to my work as of late.

This has been a psa. thank you for reading, and hope everyone is having a good day.


You choose to protect the whole world, only leave me behind.

This is PAGE 1-9 of the first part of the story CHASE. 

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I’ve received lots of comments said you like my story, so I did this. If you like it, don’t hesitate to tell me! All I want are some encouraging words. It’s tired, it’s lonely. It’s so hard to translate my own comic work into English.( If there are some better suggestions about the lines, you are always welcom to tell me!)

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  • why people think jk rowling considered killing ron off: he was the most useless of the trio and jo hated him and she wanted hermione to be with harry
  • why jk rowling actually considered killing ron off: she was at a really bad place in her life when she thought of it as an option because she knew that ron's death would have the most impact as he was extremely important and if anything was going to break harry beyond repair it would be him thinking that he led this best friend (aka the person who meant the most to him) to his death
How Are You A Reader and You Hate Google?

It’s always strange to me when I see folks (mainly white folks) ask book reviewers (mainly on youtube) things like “well, WHY is this racist?” “How is this ANY different for POC than for white people?” “I just don’t see how this is racist, can you explain it to me?” “Oh, so if this were to happen to a white character it would be okay????” in the comments.

Sis. You’re such a liar. Because you have “bookworm” or “reads” in your cute little youtube name but you don’t wanna read anything that people have already written about racism in literature? You don’t wanna consult my good sis Google who gives y’all ALL OF US answers for free? Like, if I come across something while reading that’s potentially offensive to a group I’m not a part of and would like to know more about the context that makes that thing offensive…my instinct…is…to READ about it. Because I enjoy reading. And you claim to. So why are you confused? Like, TONS of books have been written about racism in media and literature. If you don’t have time to read whole books, REVIEWS of those books have been written and are probably under 1000 words. Blog posts, youtube videos, fucking NUMBERED BUZZFEED LISTS. Fam, the internet is a goldmine of information, y’all have no excuses anymore.


anonymous asked:

(OP of tae qn) OKAYY i read your tae post / i love how your conclusion is like / well i know this much facts about him / but well, fuck / we don't know nothing don't we / but i really love your "tae is an old soul" and that he has intense artistic sensibilities read on tae / because / i can't feel that completely but i feel that ON SOME LEVEL you have something there. sometimes i feel like as a fan, i fail tae, because i get tired of him sometimes and switch off, whereas park jimin is so human

(OP of taeqn part 2) that I adore him, because he’s so failiable and so empathetic that I. love his face. but i loved tae right at first (and he STILL, amazingly! remains at bias spot, unshaken and unmoved), and i just try to understand, understand, understand - the hardest part of loving tae is that sometimes you don’t love tae! (whereas park jimin loveable 24/7 killing myself now jump of the cliff kind of love) but i. of everyone. tae had my heart. and thats the struggle of tae fans
(OP of taeqn pt3) (could write a cypher at this point) the struggle of tae fans is that we fell hopelessly and irrevocably in love with him, and then we realised that tae was so much bigger than we first loved him for. and its so hard to expand our love! maybe that’s why God gave him that face - to compensate his ultra-alienness to normal people. i struggle everyday with loving kim taehyung. but it pulls at me in a good way, an emphatetic way, and i think “i first fell in love with him. still am
(OP cypher pt4) dude i just sat here and i was like “thank you so much for ANSWERING my ask” like i learnt so much about tae and I finally. finally. got one step further in understanding my love/ambivalent relationship with my bias. I really - I really had a breakthrough with that. thanks okay. thanks.

I have a LOT of feedback for these asks so…here i go….

First of all, I’m not one of those people who gets tired of Taehyung or wants to switch him off. And I would disagree that Park Jimin is any more ‘human’ in any way over Kim Taehyung. kajldsfkjasdf I Disagree again with the statement that the hardest part of loving tae is that sometimes you don’t. 

…i really…wish…people…would…stop…acting…like…taehyung…is…that…weird. and if i have to hear one more person use even close to the word ‘alien’ when talking about him imma kermit. i don’t think Taehyung is that strange? At least, not in the way lots of people seem to think. Truth is People tend to think that Taehyung is high energy and wild as fuck. In reality he’s somewhat guarded, a little bit low energy with bursts of wild that come and go depending upon how happy or positive he seems to be feeling. He’s not that strange, I mean, he’s definiltey not as calm and mellow as Yoongi but he’s pretty close. Sure he has a pension for singing along with music, randomly picking up a vlive just to chat with fans (aKA sit in front of us and act a lil goofy while he’s eating pudding) but honestly, that boy isn’t much weirder than I am at the end of the day.

Taehyung doesn’t LIKE being called out on his personality. He doesn’t LIKE being considered alien-like. He just wants to be able to be himself in front of people without feeling like he’s somehow being looked at like he’s strange.

You’re talking about a boy who stutters when put on the spot because he doesn’t want t mess up and wants to say the right thing. A guy who shares his favorite things only to be told that they’re weird and hes weird for liking them. Who laughs and acts genuine, and is told that his genuine personality is too strange.

Is he quirky and eccentric? Yes? But I don’t really think he’s that strange idk. I think that with Taehyung, he seems very strange at first, but once you get to know him, it’s endearing and honestly, it’s not quite as much as you thought it was at first. The truth is, if you pay attention to Taehyung at any given moment, especially recently, in a crowd he’s most likely to be just as reserved as Namjoon or Yoongi, and when he’s alone, he has off and on bursts of quiet and calm, just hanging out and listening to music with us, and some high energy goof sessions that I don’t think are really that ‘ultra-alien’ when you take everything, the WHOLE of him, into account. :”)

I’m really sensitive about people saying things about Taehyung’s personality that imply that he’s weird, strange, annoying, or stupid/vapid/air headed, because the truth is, he’s literally so far from all of those things…….. 

I’m happy to answer any ask about Taehyung and I’m happy to hear peoples thoughts about Taehyung even if they differ from mine. Truth is, I’ve never really talked to many Taehyung stans eVER, maybe like? 1? 2 other Tae stans? So Idk how most people view him or felt about him early on versus now.

It’s interesting to hear other perspectives at the very least~