like tha nk you

@littlebattlebornthings !!! Oh oh my g od tha nk you so much!! ;;; like srsly tho thank u!! Ive been thinking abt this oc for so long and kind of wanted to post abt them but im too insecure lol, but since you made that oc appreciation week i feel like so motivated to finally put them out there so thank you!!! This totally means alot to me u-u

Also thank you so much for the lovely name suggestions!! Even though I’ve finally got a name for them (Its Zuri ;; lol) now i got to think abt their faction (leaning more towards rogue or eldrid but we’ll see :) )

hsdf im so proud of that stupid pentagram makeup tho esp since i did the actual eye shadow with a fucking childrens kit and it looked really nice aND people sayin the pentagram looked legit like ?????? tha nk you??????