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Finally finished this after butchering it on the first try. digital painting is NOT my strong suit, so i’m just not gonna worry about trying that style for now ~ w ~;



Oh sweet beans what did I do to the colors and the face and the UGH D:



genderfluid nico fic

because my lovely genderfluid girlfriend is not feeling too well and i will do anything for her


nico has always felt different. he remembers very distinctly believing as a child that he had been born a girl. his mother always corrected him, bianca always corrected him, but he had been entirely convinced that he was born a girl.

nico doesn’t tell anyone that. it’s an odd memory, something that he doesn’t care to share with another living being. 

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Fandom Panic Mode

Homestuck: Well this has gone completely pear-shaped, there’s no way out of this, you’re going to have to decapitate me.

Hetalia: Please don’t shoot me! I’m too young to die! And what if I don’t die? Then I’m just mortally wounded and forced to lie there in misery in a pool of my own blood! Please, I’ll do anything within reason! I don’t want to die!

Supernatural: I found a liquor store and I drank it.

Sherlock: No it’s not! It’s not okay!

Doctor Who: Run!

WTNV: If you see something, say nothing and drink to forget.

Hamilton: I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory….

Les Miserables: What have I done? Sweet Jesus, what have I done?


Ok Hee has already been… the daughter of a single mother. I don’t want her to be the daughter of a divorcee.

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Okay but did you see how round and curvy fuyuhiko's hips where In the ova, specifically the scene where Ko has him backed against a wall, like sweet Jesus that boy is curvy


looks like.. i cant cut through those words..  👀💦

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I have a request: could you just talk about chubby Bucky, anything your beautiful chubby loving heart desires, anything you've ever wanted to say that you never have, ANYTHING

Can I talk about chubby Bucky?  I can and I will.  It’s one of my favorite topics of conversation.

Okay, so since you asked for anything my heart desires, I decided to be pretty self-indulgent with this. Allow me to present to you, my dear dumpster anon –

Chubby Bucky Barnes: The Evolution

Okay, so first, let’s just establish that Bucky has never not been a little soft.  

Again, for the folks in the back: he has never not been soft.

Let us consider him in the First Avenger:

You can tell me that he has a six pack under that uniform, but I will spit in the face of your skinny propaganda.  Bucky Barnes was sturdy, well-fed, and sleek as a baby seal before the war.  You will never convince me otherwise.  

And let’s think about what that would have meant to Steve, who’s tiny and sick and all knees and elbows and angles? The feeling of Bucky’s sturdy body when Bucky casually throws his arm over his shoulder, that easy camaraderie and physical contact?  It would feel so different to Steve than  his own body, safe and comforting.  And imagine, if you will, how much Steve might have liked knowing about that secret little puff of softness around Bucky’s waist, that tiny little pooch of belly fat that no one else saw but Steve knew was there because Bucky is absolutely shameless around him, shirtless in the summers, cuddled next to him for heat in the winters, and Steve knows.  

So.  Then shit hits the fan (and Bucky hits the ground from a great height).  Enter the Winter Soldier.

Originally posted by harleyquinn00

Does the Soldier look soft? No.  No, he doesn’t.  Hydra has shaped him into an actual, factual cyborg, a walking, talking weapon.  He doesn’t need to be soft.  He needs to be finely honed.  


Consider the thighs.

Originally posted by angrymysticarchive

Consider the softness of the jaw:

Originally posted by blackinjustice

Consider the fact that, even when he’s stripped shirtless and about to get wiped, there’s a sturdiness about him.  He’s muscled, sure.  Abs, definitely.  But is he ripped to shreds?  Nope. 

And that’s part of what makes the Soldier so goddamn heartbreaking.  Because there are shades of Bucky Barnes in him everywhere you turn, that lingering softness around the edges.

And then, my friend. Hoo boy.  Then Civil War happens and the entire game changes.

Bucky looks like this:

Originally posted by youneedtostrut

And like this:

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And, dear sweet jesus, like this:

Originally posted by tyrant-princess

And let’s imagine what that means to Steve.  Steve, who remembers a time when Bucky was so much bigger than him, when Bucky was his protector and guardian angel and safe haven.  Steve, who is now bigger than nearly everyone he meets – but not Bucky, not anymore. Bucky’s still the bigger of the two. Bucky’s shoulders are still broader, Bucky’s waist is still thicker, Bucky’s chest is still wider.  

Imagine what that does to Steven Grant Rogers.

And imagine what it does to all of us, when we watch that goddamn mid credits scene.  Because here is this man, so fucking powerful, so fucking BIG (oh my god, him biiiggggg), and yet he’s completely vulnerable.  He is, in that moment, so ridiculously soft.

Originally posted by hurtbymanyblogs

I’ll be honest, anon. I would have sold my fucking soul for this scene to have been shot topless.  Hell, just for a slow pan of his midsection in that stupid tank top, which you KNOW would have been pulled taut over his belly – maybe enough to stretch out the ribbing, right over the thickest part of his waist.

Fuck, anon.  Just writing this damn answer killed me.  I have died. 

But yeah.  Chubby Bucky.  I have thoughts and feelings about him. 

I am so so sorry I never did this sooner. I’ve been really unwell the last couple of days so I haven’t been online. 

But here’s the list of fics I wanted to suggest to you!

  • A Little Patience 200K+ AU. Friends With Benefits
  • And I Will Walk On Water 100K+ - Canon!AU
  • Castiel In The Bunker 25K - Canon!Verse
  • Cowboys and Real Estate Angels 36K - AU – Strangers to lovers
  • Epilogue 27K - Endverse. 2009!Dean/2014!Cas/2009!Cas - Pretty angsty but bittersweet and hurt/comfort
  • FWB!verse 100K+ - AU - Friends With Benefits
  • Forgotten - 100K+ - - Canon!Verse – Takes place mid-season-9 – (There’s a sequal after this called Flight 300k+) – I just finished this yesterday and it was so sad and amazing. Dean and Sam have amnesia and don’t remember who Castiel is, pieces of Castiel in the memories have been forgotten and replaced by other memories. Cas is left homeless and feeling abandoned. Sam and Dean come across Cas and Cas delves more into sadness when they don’t recognise him. But they end up working together to solve a problem happening in the town. The first part of this story doesn’t have destiel but the sequel does. It’s a very nice slow-burn and it’s not one of those stories where you’re like “UGH JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY” you’re so focused on just having Cas be better that you’re not even focusing on that. But the sequel (which I started reading today) is really wonderful. Lots of hurt/comfort and angst. 
  • Ghost Dance 51K - Canonverse!AU – Amnesiac!Dean – hurt/comfort 
  • Hunting For Faith 200K+ - Reverse!Verse AU – Angel!Dean and Angel!Sam with Hunter!Cas
  • Living In Agony 100K+  - Au – Depression, hurt/comfort
  • Let This Remain 63K - AU
  • In Our Nature 62K (WIP) - A/B/O Verse with no Mpreg. Alpha!Dean and Omega!Cas, Asexual!Cas, Cas is pretty awesome in this, and Dean is very kind and understanding, lots of fluff imo. I know it’s a WIP but it’s so good dfhgkdahg hnggg. This is the only WIP I’ll rec.  
  • It’s Not Easy Being Dean 47K – Canonverse!AU – brainwashing, angst, lots of angst, child-abuse, prostitute!cas, depressed!cas, this story is overall fucked up. But I rather enjoyed how dark it was, despite how upsetting the whole thing was as well. I’m weird. 
  • Nine Times We Met (And One Christmas We Parted) 58K - AU – Whole lot of pining and angst – historical 
  • Our Bodies, Possessed By Light 40k - Canon!Verse AU – I don’t ship wincest, and this is not a wincest story. But Cas needed a vessel and Sam offered himself to Cas. so there’s tension and awkwardness because of Dean’s feelings for Cas but him being in Sams body causes problems. It’s really freaking interesting. And a nice ending too. I love it.
  • Out Of The Deep 400k+ AU – Mermaid!Cas – You would think it was like The Little Mermaid and at first I thought it was gonna be like that. But sweet merciful jesus it’s nothing like what you would expect. It’s so angsty and so nice. So much hurt/comfort and pining and freaking fadghadghkj hngg it’s my favourite destiel fic of all time. I’ve read this beautiful story 5 times now.
  • Redemption Road 600K+ - Canon!Verse – Takes place right at the end of Season 6 when Cas becomes god and the author works from there making her own ending and story. This is such an incredible story and the author writes the whole thing like it is a series of supernatural. Each chapter is like you’re watching an episode of Supernatural. I’m not exaggerating when I say how so freaking in character everyone is. So damn in character. I’ve never read anything like it. And it’s beautiful. And so long. So very very long but satisfying. It’s a very slow-build for Dean and Cas in this. And while it has destiel in it, it’s not just about Dean and Cas. It’s about all of them. Sam, Cas, Bobby and Dean. It’s pretty much like watching supernatural with the bonus that Destiel becomes canon. Cannot emphasise how well-written it is. 
  • Shootin’ You Straight 41K – AU – Dean’s a famous singer and Cas is a big fan. Dean’s a bit of a dick at first. But it ends well.
  • Stitches 20K - Canon!verse – Blind!Cas – Cas is found broken and battered beside the lake he went into when the Leviathan took over, Sam and Dean nurse him back to health. Lots of hurt/comfort. Just overall nice. And wonderful.  
  • Suburban War 100K+ - AU – Childhood friends to lovers – I’m not huge on HS!AU’s but this kinda broke me in because I’m sucker for Dean and Cas growing up together and slowly falling love. 
  • The Breath Of All Things 65K – AU – Dean has gotten into an accident that’s left him paralysed from the waist down. Depressed!Dean, Caretaker!Cas. No smut in this one, but it’s a very sad but nice story. 
  • The Hardest Part 49K (Which also has a Sequel called To Reign In Hell 68K) - Canon!Verse AU
  • Until The Lose Become The Found 38K - Endverse.

Sorry I didn’t give descriptions to all. But these are some of my favourites. Feel free to post if you like, or just keep the list to yourself. I don’t have many more then these that are long. Lemme know what you think of these :)

Again, sorry I took forever. Have a nice read~

Thank you so much! You’re awesome and these look great!There are some I already read and loved them, so I think we have similar taste!

Creepypasta #873: Morning Traffic Report

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Length: Medium

“Howdy folks, this Chip Thompson with your early morning traffic report, brought to you by Sunny Brand Orange Juice. It’s a beautiful day here on the South half of the island, and a great one to be alive! Pack up your swim trunks and grab your surf boards because today’s also a great day to head to the beach and forget all about the traffic on the 317 because it is a disaster out here!

I’ve seen some bad snare ups in my day folks but this is one for the record books. Me and my co-pilot here Jon Spence have a view all the way from the South Beach up to the city core, and my, every single lane is backed up as far as the eye can see. I’d recommend just enjoying the beautiful sand and surf today and forgetting all about making it downtown for work today if you’re commuting, because things do not look like they’re going to be getting any better any time soon!

We here at KRCH-11 haven’t received any word of major accidents so we’re not sure what the problem is, alright… alright… we’re just coming up around the bend now and… my God… this is a disaster! There’s cars on fire! Overturned vehicles. It’s a big accident folks and it sure looks like a bad one, a real bad accident, a tanker truck’s overturned and is spilling gasoline onto the road and…

Jesus Christ, there’s people down there running around! Even from up here I can see blood. It looks like they’re surrounding one man… my God… my God! What are they doing? Oh Jesus! Sweet Jesus! Jon, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. What is this? What is this? 

Oh God, they’re overturning some of the other cars now and pulling people out… sweet Jesus, there’s blood everywhere…. everywhere…. on the pavement, I can see it even from here…. they’re covered in it… more of them are coming out of the others cars now and.. oh God they’re eating each other. They’re eating each other! What is this? What is this? What is happening?!”

Credits to: the_itch

I wonder how rhett’s parents felt when he got home from school on the first day of first grade and told them what happened ? like, Momma Di’s been stressing all day because it’s her little boy’s first day at a new school on the opposite side of the country from his old one, and then he gets home and she’s like, “hey, darling, how was your first day? did you make any new friends?” (in her cute lil southern accent). and then he tells her that he got detention and made a friend in detention. what was her reaction??? like, sweet Jesus my 6-year-old is a thug and he’s making friends with other thugs what am I supposed to do?

Quick story: so a few years ago I finally got a flat iron I was about 13 I had never used one and so when I first used it I burned my neck and I was wtf??!? But I kind of did it right so it was fine. I get to school and someone sees the burn and my neck and says “dang Jen you’re getting some aren’t you?” And I was like sure because I thought they burned themselves a lot too. So every time I used the flat iron I would burn my neck and I was like okay this sucks, but then I would get to school and people would be like “girl get some” and “you get a lot don’t you” and “you must be really good to have so many” and I was so confused and then my brother made a comment two weeks later he said “you need to be more careful with your neck or people are gonna think you have hickeys” I was like what?? So I looked up the word (because I haven’t had my first kiss….I still haven’t) and when I saw what it meant I was like oh sweet Jesus people think I’m getting hot makeout sessions daily when I’m really burning myself with a hot piece of metal because I can’t straighten my hair.

oh dear god sweet Jesus I’m having Prequel Feels again.



(Anakin was such a precious emo trashbaby human disaster)


And Obi-Wan full of regret and self-loathing returned to Tatooine to live as a hermit and to seek his redemption though Luke.

This basically checks all of my OH GOD MY FEELS check points, so yeah.

pray for me