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@lephenixrenaissaitdesescendres called me a prince today and i cried. She is so nice. She is the best blessing anyone could ever ask for and she doesn’t even know it but here i am to say that!!! owo



Australi is a celebration of the truly beautiful and naturally mysterious Australian landscape & fauna - captured in a fantasy world.”

We follow the story of Maloo, a young Aboriginal boy searching for his people and a place to call home. 

Set twenty years after the European, Chinese and Middle Eastern empires first set foot on Australi’s shores, Maloo must navigate a new world, full of unique and dangerous trials. 

Hey everyone! I reblogged something about this project earlier but the article didn’t list the kickstarter campaign that will help it get going ! It looks like an incredible project, I’m super excited about it, and it’d be awesome to get it funded. They need to hit $20k by the end of September, so please, if you can, spare a couple of bucks to help out! They’ve got a ton of cool rewards for any donation over $5. 

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do helen gansey for the headcanon thing


  • ok so stiefs likes to joke how helen doesn’t work, but. she obviously does something super-secret and incredibly awesome like run a CIA unit or moonlight as a superhero (or maybe both. it’s Helen Gansey we’re talking about here. come on). no but seriously i see her being a political power behind the scenes- where Gansey runs from it, Helen embraces it and makes it her own 
  • also she’s Declan’s boss so one day Ronan and Decs are fighting and Helen just glares at them and they both back down mumbling apologies (Decs because she’s his boss, Ronan because she’s Helen) and Gansey’s just like ??????? how did you do that 
  • Helen lowkey has a girlfriend (she’s the biggest gay F IGHT ME) who doesn’t come from money and it was an issue for a while but now they just do rlly cute stuff together like going sightseeing in the helicopter or just chilling in her tiny apartment but she still gets to keep her independence (this is why when Gansey says ‘we fought’ about Adam Helen doesn’t need to question it) 
  • she’s also a fantastic racer and occasionally will completely EMBARASS k and the dream pack in her pink Volkswagen and one day Gansey and Ronan are out at night and they’re like is that HELEN???!!!!! and she just laughs (and when Ronan says he’s gonna race her, K’s just like man its your funeral) 
  • She dresses very elegantly and conservatively at Gansey family events but in her downtime she’s a super cute dork who wears like oversized glasses and high ponytails and sweatpants (also she’s got a secret tattoo somewhere) 
  • SHE HAS FRECKLES (just a few and she covers them up with concealer at formal events, but she doesn’t on down days and it’s aDORABLE)
  • She loves thunderstorms, and there’s nothing she loves more than taking the helicopter out on a cloudy grey day
  • Her other hidden talents include classical languages (honestly she’d totally SMOKE Gansey so he doesn’t even try), baking (Gansey will occasionally find muffins/pies in the fridge/bathroom at Monmouth, he still hasn’t figured out where they come from but they’re really good like wow), also she’s really good at coding 

send me a character/ship and i’ll send you headcanons 

  • Faye: lmao funny story
  • Faye: so i'm at this party at a rich dude's house last night, just drinking a lot, SUPER HAMMERED, doing my thing. and I had to go to the bathroom. so I went in, and there was this SUPER FUCKING AWESOME golden toilet. Like. made of solid gold. Incredible. but then I leave the bathroom and the guy who apparently owned the house started screaming at me like "WHY DID YOU TAKE A SHIT IN THERE YOU BITCH FUCK YOU" and I'm wondering why he's all up in my business so I pushed him and then he tried to hit me so I punched him in the face
  • Faye: anyway turns out he was mad because it wasn't a golden toilet it was a tuba and lmao long story short I'm not arrested but can u come pick me up from the police station