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Sleepover Saturday I've got like no friends tbh no exaggeration, just people i talk to sometimes and it kinda sucks a lot but being in the BMC fandom kinda makes me feel like i've got a lot of friends??? At least sometimes it feels like that. But yeah!! this show means a lot to me

aaa!! yea same, i get that from some shows sometimes and it’s rlly nice, i’m super glad bmc can do that for you

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Can you explain to me Jimins personality because I can't seem to understand him 😭

does any of us…. really… fully understand jimin?

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👑 and 💀

👑 OC dressed as royalty

//Don’t!!! encourage him! I mean… he already lowkey thinks of himself like this, but…

💀 OC in goth/emo/scene attire

//Oooooh! Now this one actually has some basis in canon!! Fred has actually had a really half assed emo phase where he dyed his hair a lot and bought loads of Claire’s Accessories type chokers and so on, in a bid to “fit-in”, when it was way past time for him to be “fitting in”. He just ended up alienating himself more.

@terezees yesSSS ive been waiting for an abraca-fuck you like that really had me sold too (that and ZERO, MOTHERFUCKERS)

tbh like?? tru like there are some Super gr8 lines u have no idea how hard it was for me to decide on a fave like?? Jeez..These Boys And Their Words

KISSING YOU –(lovey dovey kpop songs for valentine’s day) 
hey mr chu; dalshabet // xoxo (kisses & hugs); exo // love sick; tahiti // boy in luv; bts // falling u; t-ara // be my girl; ze:a // kiss me; rainbow // always love; shinee // honey; kara // miss right; teen top //  kissing you; girls’ generation // loveable; kim jong kook // he’s my baby; apink // say love; vixx // love at first sight; tint // man in love; infinite // loving u; sistar // baby; exo // love day; yoseob & eunji // my love, my kiss, my heart; super junior // love & slow; // this love; shinhwa // first; 4minute // kiss yo; shinee // lovey dovey; t-ara // 1-4-3 (i love you); henry // let us just love; apink // special girl; infinite-h (feat. bumkey) // romantic st; girls’ generation // love style; boyfriend // i love you; 2ne1


i ran into my headcanon karkat and it was the most beautiful thing i have experienced while in cosplay like dangdiddly you’re just super gr8 ok and i apologize for having to leave before the official shippy part of the photoshoot whoops

i’m the sollux

karkat was chicksdigthekarkat

pictures taken by supposibly