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my new youtube intro for those complaining i’m not high energy enough



I encourage you. 

You fanfic writers, whether or not you write 100K of epic smut or 150 words of adorable fluff. 

I want you to keep writing, no matter how many comments, likes, kudos or subscribers you get. 

Write what makes you happy. Share what makes you gleeful. Make friends with your work and don’t be afraid to write boldly. 

Comment on what you love, rec it, reblog it–make sure the writer knows that it made you happy. You might just make their day. 

And to all of you who reblog with love in the tags, who like it and shout at me on messenger. Thank you. Seriously. I write for those moments. <3

Just remember, that we got this. Okay? So keep writing!


My second Phone call animation is finished and successfully uploaded on my Youtube channel -> ksmile1313 !!!! 

                                   707 “ I love you ” call – animated

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HEY GUYS welcome to my channel! today we’re going to be talking about the TOP TEN EASTER EGGS in the new x men movie, LOGAN!


now unless youre a super fan, you might have missed this one. here you can see that the character wolverine has what looks like claws in this shot. this is an obvious reference to the wolverine issue 126, where the character has claws that come from his hands!


comic book fans, you know this one! in the comics, the character “Charcoals Xavier” cannot walk and uses a wheelchair. this clear call back to the original character design is why we comic book nerds love x men movies! way to pay homage, logan writers! 


third and finally, fans might not have caught his cameo but this is an actor called Huge Ackman. he has played the character “The Wolverine” in many x men movies. what a call back to the original x men trology!

well guys, that’s all the insider info i have for you today! as always make sure to like comment and subscribe!!!!!


I was drunk while editing most of this so I realized a bit late that very little information is actually conveyed in this video. I hope you enjoy regardless.


I think the thoughts I shared in this video are meaningful but mostly I just wanted to introduce you guys to the new woman in my life, Lucy the Minivan.


I tackled a pretty important topic.