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actually from what i've heard some shippers are freaking out bc of music bank and losing faith in the ship? idk

Anonymous said to jikook-love: No she said she saw some interactions with a female idol that made her doubt that Jikook is real. She wants to delete her account coz of it. Wtf is that.

asjdfaslfjlsdkfj. Guys please. There will be no faith losing. Not on my watch. Don’t forget, that it’s human nature to remember the negatives over the positives but please, try not to forget the wonderful week that we’ve had as a shipping fandom. Don’t let all this be crushed over claims that were never confirmed or just merely blown up by a few people. I feel like so many people have a tendency to live in this one moment and forget about the entire history as to how they started shipping and all the other things that led up to this point.

People can do what they want, and I’m not about to tell people how they feel but let’s…try not to linger on the bad things geez. None of these are more real than others as of now, and until the dating scandals or whatnot are actually confirmed, there is no need to discredit anything we’ve doing thus far. Remember, as sad as it sounds, we all pretty much agreed back then (at least here on my blog) that there’s a low chance any of this is real, but we can cling on the slightest hope that it is and play around with that. Ship things to make yourself happy and live vicariously through their love and whatnot–don’t do it because you can’t stand seeing them with anyone else and feel tormented because of it, because that’s neither healthy nor right. 

So yeah, I guess, if you honestly feel threatened by all this, then maybe shipping really isn’t for it, and it’s alright to take a step back. But in the meantime, I hope there’s still some of you who have enough reason to realize that nothing’s really changed for now, and we’ve had a really good past few weeks, so don’t be needlessly crushed or ask too many questions right now, because they are questions that probably won’t have good, legitimate answers anyway :)

We need to be chill, and filter out the negativity (I sound like a hippy or something omg no but srsly). All these things are up for interpretations, and it’s up to you to choose whether to believe others’ opinions…or your own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Breaking Broken Hearts [Jin Angst]


Genre: Pink Princesseu sadness and angst and tears and a lot of heart breaking moments.

Words: 1500+

“If the heart is the strongest muscle, then why does it break so easily?”

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Nothing hurts more than realising that no matter what you do for him, he’ll always make her his number one. And no matter how much you wished it was the other way around, you were always going to be his second choice.

It was his Jin’s birthday. A day where you could show him how much he actually means to you. A day where it was supposed to be perfect with only the two of you, hanging out. A day that was supposed to make him realize that you would do anything and everything for him.

It was supposed to be you and him. Not you alone, in this dark room.

Jin had promised to come home earlier. Even though it was his birthday, the boys still needed to perform their new song. It was just good since you knew all the fans were looking forward to it. And you had time for yourself to get everything ready until he got home.

You prepared his favourite food and made the kitchen look nicer than usual. It was tiring and you almost burned yourself several times while cooking. But what didn’t you do for him?

It was past 8pm when you started to get nervous. What if he forgot or couldn’t make it?
You picked up your phone, dialed his number and pressed your phone against your ear as you waited. Your call went straight to the voicemail making your heart drop.

Did he just ignore you?

You sank down on the chair and looked down at your hands. You knew where he was. You knew really well what he was doing.

Her. He was with her. Of course he was with her. Of course he would celebrate his big day with her. He still loved her after all.

You felt stupid, pathetic, hurt and crazy for loving a boy you knew would never see you as a girlfriend. You felt like breaking down, right there. Because it hurt more than anything. Because you knew the truth since the begining but kept hiding it from yourself. You knew everything was just a dream that wouldn’t come true. A dream that you’ve dreamed of since the two of you were in kindergarten,

Getting up, you started to clean the kitchen. Taking down the decorations and cleaning the table. Once you were done, you felt empty. Your heart felt empty. Empty but at the same time heavy. Could that even be possible?

You were tired, exhausted. Was your heart even able to stand more pain?Because you seriously wanted to give up. You wanted nothing but leave. Not only was you acting like an obsessed love sick idiot, but you were too naive to realize that you were blind because of love.

Maybe you really were dumb for being in love with a boy you knew was impossible to have

It was past 1am when you heard the front door open. You heard his voice, he was talking on the phone with her. He was laughing at something she was saying.

“She’s probably asleep, I’ll talk to her tomorrow” you heard him say as he came closer to your shared bedroom. You got a hard grip on the duvet and shut your eyes hard.

“Yeah, good night. I’ll see you tomorrow. Yeah, I love you

You pressed the duvet against your heart and shut your eyes harder to prevent the tears from falling. 

You heard Jin walking around the room but you had no idea what he was doing until you peeked up at him.

He was packing. Packing his clothes. He was leaving. He was leaving you for her. He finally got her back and was leaving.

You shut your eyes again and pressed your face into the pillow that started to get wet because of your tears while cluthcing your heart and keeping your mouth shut.

That night was one of the hardest night for you. As you laid there, beside him with the thought of him leaving you the next morning hurt. It broke you apart. The thought of not being able to wake up next to him after today killed you. It made your heart beat slower and extremly painfully.

As the morning came, you woke up after him. You wanted to stay there and stop the time. You weren’t ready to let him go although you knew it was the best thing to do for the both of you.

You found him in the livingroom after that you had brushed your teeth and got ready, with the suitcase beside him as he looked down to his phone, his fingers typing on the screen. He was still looking down at his phone when you came closer before he realised that you was there and placed his phone away.

“Hey” he greeted you and patted on the couch beside him. You gave him a small smile and sat down beside him.

It’s the last time I can sit this close to you, you thought.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night… I got invited to a party and… Nana was there. You know I can’t say no to her, she’s my best friend. I hope you understand that” he explained and looked at you.

You nodded once.

“And I have something I want to tell you”

It was now. He was going to say it.

“Maybe… maybe we should break up? I’m not sure if I love you as a girlfriend. I see you as one of my closest friends. I’m… I’m in love with Nana. I’ve been in love with her since day one. You already know that… but now that I know that she loves me too, I want to make it work. I want her” As those sentences left his lips, you just felt your heart break into thousand of thousand pieces. You felt like your lungs were being ripped away and that someone was stabbing your heart with a knife every living second.

I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m sorry that you had to hear this. I know how you feel about me. I know you like me and that you care about me and I’m thankful for that. But I honsetly can’t control whom I fall in love with” he said and grabbed your cold hands in his big, warm ones.

You nodded again while tears streamed down your face. You haven’t been able to look at him at all since you first saw him on the couch earlier. You haven’t been able to open your mouth and tell him how you feel. 

That you don’t like him, that you love him. Love him with alll that you had.

“I’ll leave this house since it’s both ours. You can stay here, everything is yours from now on. And… please, try to forget about me, about us” he said quietly and squeezed your hands before letting them go making you finally look at him.

“I will leave. It’s your house. It was never mine to begin with. Please, stay here” you said quitely, afraid that your voice would break.

You stood up and I walked to the bedroom where you closed the door, locked it and sank down on the floor with your back pressed against the door. It was there you completely broke down. Letting the tears run down your face.

You knew this day would come sooner or later, but you didn’t expect the pain that would come with it. You didn’t expect your heart pounding so slow and painfully. You didn’t knew you had more than a heart. Because everytime you thought about it, it felt like your heart was breaking over again. Love was making you go insane. You didn’t expect it to rip you apart.

Because that’s what it was doing to you. It broke you, completely.

You started to pack your things while wiping away your tears every 3 seconds. You stopped when you heard that you got a message. Picking your phone up from the night stand, you saw it was from Nana.

From Nana 5/12-2015 10:16am:
“Who won? Guess he still loves me, don’t you think?”

And then another.

From Nana 5/12-2015 10:17am:
“I told you to give up. It would be a lot easier for all three of us.”

You clenched your fists and sat down on the bed and started to write something back before sending it.

“I love him. I didn’t give up because I love him more than anything else. I’m not angry at him. I’m just worried that he will get hurt, because of you.”

To be honest, you were never angry at him for loving her. You knew from the start how much she meant to him and how many things he has done for her. You three was best friends since kindergarten. It has always been like that. You loving him, he loving her, her loving another.

You still remember the day he showed up at your doorstep, drenched because of the rain. He looked so broken, so hurt and so lifeless. All because of her.

Will you even be able to forget about that night? Will you even be able to protect his heart from getting hurt again?

You knew that Nana’s talent was to break hearts, you didn’t want her to hurt Jin’s heart again. But was he going to listen to you? He was blindly in love with her, just like you were in love with him.

Were you going to let her break him apart again? Were you going to let that break you apart? Were you going to let broken hearts break again?

HI MY BUTTERFLIES! It’s been over a week since last time and oh gosh, I’ve missed writing soooo much! I know you missed me.

I was supposed to post a scenario on Jin’s birthday to celebrate his big day with you guys, but I had so much to do. This week has been very hectic and I’m so happy that it’s over. 

2 more weeks and then I’m free from school. Caaaaaaaan’t wait!!!

So back to the scenario. What did you think of it? Did you like it or nah? I honsetly don’t know since I’m totally dead in the head since BTS MV.

Oh, now that we’re talking about the MV. WHAT. THE, HECK?!?! I know I’m not the only one that has the biggest “wtf?” in my head rn. It srsly was soooooo good. It was perfect. But whyyyyy did they do this to us? I was so freaking confused and I don’t know what theory I should believe…

I’m honestly strating to get a headache because of this again lmao.

Please let me know what you thought of “Breaking Broken Hearts”! 

I love u all and thank you so much for reading! And thank you for 500+ followers!

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(The traffic dance gif is not mine. Ctto)

Okay, so I’ve been seeing a few posts floating around saying how terrible of a friend Kaneki is to have left Hide all alone and all that, so I thought I’d make sort of character analysis thingy to see Kaneki’s reasons properly before I start jumping to conclusions.

This ended up hella long so I’ll put it under the cut.

[Also there are spoilers and lots of baseless speculations, so please dont take some of it too seriously]

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Batladies- The Four Hogwarts Houses

For jandavolta who asked about the batladies!

Here’s the Batboys’ houses!

The 3 traits are something that’s with the batladies at the same time, it’s what their houses are most known for~

Kate (Gryffindor)- Kate without a doubt is a very strong person. She’s very driven, determined, and she fights for everything she believes in. She’s not only strong in terms of physical aspects but mentally and emotionally as well. We saw her grow, live through deaths of people she loved, and she definitely kept fighting. She didn’t stop when they told her she’s not fit for duty but in turn, she fought her own fights no matter how impossible or difficult it seemed. She shed her irresponsible party girl self for a more righteous person. She’s daring, brave, and a very passionate lover, too. 

Cass (Slytherin)- Cass was born out of a family of really great assassins. Her mother being one of the deadliest fighters while her father is a perfectionist in the art of assassination and combat. Cass is known to be a very family oriented person, seeing as how she loves her newfound (Bat)family whom she will fight for no matter what. She’s close to all her adoptive siblings and she shows unwavering love and loyalty to Bruce. She’s also very ruthless due to her early conditioning. Cass is also not only strong physically but in terms of determination, she’s extremely adamant. You can see how she pushed herself to learn to read, write, to be a detective, and to become worthy of her mantle.

Babs (Ravenclaw)-The all-seeing Oracle, hacker extraordinaire. Babs belongs in Ravenclaw due to her ability to gain information, manipulate data, calculate endless possibilities, and create plans that can bring down a nation or even the Earth. Undoubtedly, she has the means and the intelligence that keeps the whole Superhero community in check and supported. She may have all the information but, she never  forgets to be open to possibilities and chances. The extent of her genius branches out to just about anywhere and anyone who is in need of her assistance and Babs has proven again and again that she’s indispensable. 

Steph (Hufflepuff)- Among all of Steph’s adoptive siblings and maybe even the whole family, she has the most positive outlook in life. You never see her brooding or grim. She’s always been a ray of sunshine whoever she is with and she always brings joy to her companions as well. Steph came from a humble background and it shows through her actions. She doesn’t ask for anything huge, nothing too flashy, nothing too over the top. She’s friendly, seeing as how she got through Cass and won over the batfamily’s trust later on. Steph is also very considerate, thinking of others before herself and though it gets her into trouble, she only means the best for the people she cares for the most.

YAY for the batladies! I was actually not sure where I should put them at first… But my instincts tell me this is fine? XD

Anyway~ Hope you guys like this! You can go derp around my HEADCANON TAG and please do ask me stuff!
I find your questions very interesting! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Hi! First of all I really like your blog! *_* You are perf! I am new in Super Junior fandom and I really appreciate all your edits like omg Eunhyuk is also my favorite. But since I am new here, I don't really know how to tell them all apart. I had enough problem with EXO as it is xDD as for SuJu I know Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon so far lol. If it's not asking too much, can you help me and write something about them, how to recognize them etc? :3

Eh, Super Junior… my precious boys. Don’t even look at Hyukjae, pick another bias, there are plenty of them to choose from lmao k  But back to what you asked lol. I know there are way too many of them. (OT15 FOREVAAA) At first it seems impossible to know them, but trust me, if you watch the shows you really get to know them better. Okay, here’s a little description about each member and pics and stuff in no particular order. :3 

1. Leeteuk ~ His real name is Park JungSoo. He is the leader. Has the cutest dimple when he smiles. Very Caring ~ he’s an actual angel (nickname angel teuk). He was born in 1983, so he’s the oldest and is always teased by other members because of it. He’s known for his unique laugh hahah. You should hear that like oh my god hahha xD He’s sub-vocal but also the second best rapper (so he usually does some rap parts). He MCs many shows, so you probably saw him somewhere lol. Usually has blonde/brownish hair. And damn gurl that body… like woah. *fangirling* Was in military ~

2. Eunhyuk (baby boo ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ)) Real name is Lee HyukJae. He is damn dancing machine, meaning SuJu’s main dancer. Also main rapper when we are at it. :3  Always being picked on by the other members who claim he is the ugliest one except Donghae . (Srsly guys leave my babe alone, u wanna die ha?ha??┻━┻︵💨ᕙ(🔥益🔥ᕙ )) He was born in 1986. He tends to  change often his hair colour. I am worried that he’ll end up being bald lol (ye, thats him with that pink hair. Yes, that too with that blue hair in that MV… *rollsEyes*). He has the most adorable gummy smile. ASDFGGHJKL And that JAWLINE of death. :O His nicknames are monkey, anchovy, jewel boy… I wonder why. (-.-)  Best friends boyfriends with Donghae. Idiots in the group of two. Famous pairing Eunhae. They damn ship themselves lmao He has dog named Choco. Never forget ”I am not short, I am long”. lmfao my precious He is a crybaby. xD

3. Heechul or Kim HeeChul. He was born in 1983. Beauty. lol That says it all xD But no, seriously he is really, like REALLY beautiful. He usually has long hair. Somewhat feminine. SOMEWHAT?? He makes me question my exsistence as a girl. His nickname is Cinderella. If you see someone dressed in Hello Kitty stuff or buying Frozen merchandise - yup, that’s probably him. He has Russian Blue cat named Heebum. His English speaking skills hillarious :’D. He is the King of Kissing. (ELFs know hahhaha) He is the most outgoing tbh and loves the spotlight. He can be very moody and others don’t mess with him. Was in military as well. He is an atheist. Donghae (though younger than Heechul) is the only member of Super Junior who is allowed to address Heechul informally, and that’s because Heechul finds him cute. Heechul himself talks formally to young kids! Srsly Heechul is hilarious.  

4. Han Geng or Hankyung (Korean name) was one of three Chinese members. He left SuJu in 2009 because the company was treating him bad. (you know that story already *RollsEyes* ). He’s known for his Beijing Fried Rice. He is great at dancing, he knows ballet! He is now doing his solo activities in China.

5. Yesung ~ Real name is Kim JoongWoon ~ He is one of the three main vocals. He was winner on Immortal Songs 2. Was born in 1984. He has somewhat chubby face and is one of the taller members. But man, his voice… His voice is AMAZING. When he sings you know it’s him. He is also in Super Junior KRY (with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook). They always call him the weird one haha. If you see someone around turtles (he has three), bugs etc.  with that unique ( bushy?) hair, that’s probably him. xD In Explorers of the Human Body he was very confident but always failed at his challenges haha. He is currently enlisted in Military so he wasn’t on last SuJu album, ಥ_ಥ

6. Kang-in or the real name is Kim YoungWoon. He was born in 1985. He is known for his strength. He’s is one of the bigger guys in the group. He is also very funny. Was in military. The members are all scared of him when he gets mad, although he’s actually really hilarious and sweet. He really has beautiful voice.

7. Shindong- or Shin DongHee. He was born in 1985 and is damn great Dancer. ~ Lead Rapper. He is also one of the bigger guys in the group. But his sense of humor is really cute. Usually he is the mood maker. Probably the easiest to tell apart because he’s “chubby” and is always teased about it haha. But he is super hilarious and I think is very cute. He choreographed many of the groups’ dances along with Eunhyuk. ♥ Going to military this year together with Sungmin. :(

8. Sungmin or Lee SungMin. If you saw someone with blond hair, short, wearing all pink - you got your man. LOL HE LOVES PINK. It’s not even joke. xD He is super like super-duper cute. Also does Martial Arts. One of the lead singers. He is just as girly as Heechul hahaha. People (and members) have voted him as the member with the best booty. xD. Oh yea, he is the only married member. xD He really has strong, beautiful voice. He is member of Super Junior M.

9. Donghae or Lee DongHae. Eunhyuk’s boyfriend best friend. REALLY GOOD Dancer. Known as the second best dancer in Super Junior, after Eunhyuk. D&E unit with Eunhyuk.  He is very funny, and although he was born in 1986 he is 5 years old. Seriously. He’s really a sweetheart who everyone loves.  If you hate baby Hae, I am judging your existence on this planet. He doesn’t know how to lie. Kangin said, if you want to know anything about their private life, you should ask Donghae because he couldn’t lie. lol xD He is very popular with fans, and one of my faves. He likes rain so he often uploads pics and vids of it on his SNS. His nickname is “Fishy”. That damn body tho…Did I mention how effin handsome he is???

10. Siwon or Choi SiWon. Siwon is the richest lol. He can buy SM :O hahah He is known for his infamous hand gestures. Very polite. Muscular. Model. And those damn DIMPLES! >.< He is the tallest member and damn he has the sexiest abs. Definitely has the the best body and is very handsome (VERY).  ”Shibrows” (ELFs know hhaha). Siwon is the most religious member of Super Junior. He’s trying to convert Heechul for years. What a failure. LOL He’s very conservative. He is a skinship addict. He loves to hug or ask his members for a kiss. *cough* EunSiHae *cough*

11. Ryeowook or Kim RyeoWook. He is SO DAMN CUTE. He used to be the youngest member until Kyuhyun was added to the group. THAT DAMN VOICE He’s one of the main vocalists and his voice isn’t hard to recognize. He is pretty shy. The one with those unique cheekbones? Yup, that’s him. He cries very easily as well. He’s very short (the shortest one, he once said he is even shorter than EXO’s Kyungsoo lol xD) and is just tiny overall. Ryeowook likes cooking, and often takes care of his hyungs by cooking for them. His nickname is ”eternal maknae” because of his looks. He loves giraffes lol. He really has unique looks and unique voice, theres no way to miss him. xD Make up king xDD He is adorable overall.

12. Kibum or Kim Kibum. He is on ”hiatus” - pursuing his acting career so he kinda is in suju but not really… Who knows. *sighs*  He was pretty quiet even when he participated in SuJu activities. He lived in the US for a few years, and has fairly good English. He has an IQ of 138.  :O

13. Kyuhyun- or Cho Kyu Hyun. He was born in 1988  and is maknae. (May I add EVIL maknae). Main Vocalist. His voice could melt the heart of any living person. He is also in Super Junior KRY and SuJu-M. Although he is the youngest member, he doesn’t look/act like it. LOL He was added to SuJu a year after the group debuted, but he fits right in. If you see someone non-stop on their computer playing games - that’s him. He plays so many games that people call him Gamekyu. He’s very witty and funny. He is the type to hold grudges haha. A lot of people call him “evil” because he plays so many tricks on the other members. He is very tall, and very attractive as well, may I add. He has that ”manly” image written all over him. xD Kyuhyun is a recipient of the President’s Award as he showed excellent results in a Math
Olympiad. He has his solo album. ^^

14. ZhouMi - One of the two Chinese members. He is part only of Super Junior M. He was born in 1986. Main vocalist in SuJu-M. He is gentleman Mimi. Has solo album. Very tall and handsome. Zhoumi has a nickname “Siwon” since he looks like him. Some say he looks like a combination of Siwon, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk. He’s SJ-M’s Mandarin teacher. He’s big fan of fashion. He has one of the most beautiful smiles you” ever see.

15. Henry or Henry Lau. He was born in 1989. He is Canadian. His skills are amazing. I mean AMAZING. He dances, sings, plays violin name it.  Very talented. He’s 2nd Chinese member in Super Junior M. He speak English fluently. He speaks Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, English, Korean and Japanese. He’s the only fluent English-speaker rn. Has solo albums. And OMG Henry is just the most adorable person ever. He even follows his fan club accts on twitter. He’s always so adorable towards fans.

Here, I hope this helped you ^^