like srs d i l f

Loud House Game

Step 1: Pick the first letter of your first name ⬇

A) Lincoln. B) Lisa. C) Lana. D) Luan. E) Lucy. F) Leni. G) Lily. H) Lola. I) Lori. J) Luna. K) Lynn. L) Clyde. M) Lynn Sr. N) Bobby. O) Howard. P) Rita. Q) Harold. R) Ronnie Anne. S) Liam. T) Rocky. U) Zach. V) Rusty. W) Mrs. Johnson. X) Hugh. Y) Ms. DiMartino. Z) Principal Huggins.

Step 2: Pick the month you were born ⬇

Jan: “Looks like the kind of person who”.

 Feb: “Seems like he/she would”.

 Mar: “I feel like he/she.”

 Apr: “Would totally”.

 May: “I can see”.

June: “I headcanon as someone who”.

July: “Probably doesn’t”. 

Aug: “I imagine he/she”.

 Sep: “I would dare to”.

 Oct: “Most likely”. 

Nov: “Definitely”.

Dec: “Would never in a million years”.

Step 3: Pick the date you were born ⬇

1) Writes fanfiction. 2) Watches horror movies. 3) Brush their teeth. 4) Goes to the dance club. 5) Swears. 6) Eats ketchup on hamburgers. 7) Accidentally swallows mouthwash. 8) gets haircuts on a regular basis. 9) Eats peanut butter out of the jar. 10) Skips school. 11) Twerks. 12) Tortures people. 13) Reads and writes creepypastas. 14) Drinks champagne. 15) Makes themselves vomit. 16) Laughs out of context. 17) Pretends to be gay. 18) Listens to Nicki Minaj. 19) Is addicted to spaghetti. 20) Is lactose intolerant. 21) Can’t swim. 22) Wakes up too late to eat breakfast. 23) Tries on clothes that belong to the opposite gender. 24) Can count to 20 in Italian. 25) Drinks soda at midnight. 26) Likes fat boys/girls. 27) Has severe acne. 28) Paints their bedroom weird colors. 29) binge watches The Golden Girls. 30) Has a YouTube account. 31) Try to kill themselves.


“The only thing I’m a poster girl for is b e i n g y o u r s e l f. I wouldn’t sit here and say everybody should be my size. Or everyone should be a size eight. I don’t care what size you are as long as you’re h a p p y and h e a l t h y. I like people for their a t t i t u d e, not for the way they l o o k.”