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Hi I ve read the pages you posted of your ice prince au about twenty times and your art gets more beautiful each time thank you for blessing the fandom with your work!

Oh my god I read this and I was like “What pages??? The number of pages in the fantasylock tag? What” and then I remembered the comic asdaaefaef anyway thank you very much I appreciate that. 

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Caddy tell your mom about the green magic in your eye!

Jennifer: “Your eye? They mean your blind eye?”

Caddy: “Well, it’s… remember that thing I did with the photographers, mom? How I stuck them in place with my Green Magic? Well, whenever I do something like that, my eye kinda… opens by itself.”

Jennifer: “Caddy-!”

Caddy: “I-I still can’t see out of it! It’s still blind, just… “

Caddy: “… Sorry if that got your hopes up, ma… ”
Jennifer: “Well, you know how much I’d love for you to get your sight back someday, Teacup - but just being able to see both my baby’s beautiful eyes again would be wonderful. Have ya seen a doctah about it yet?”

Caddy: “Eh, not yet… I’m like 90% sure it’s just some kinda weird quirk with my Green Magic, but-”

Jennifer: “I’ll make a call to Dr. Kirin in the morning, see if they can squeeze you in sometime in the next few weeks… if that’s okay with you of course, Teacup.”

Caddy: “Y… yeah, of course that’s okay. Thanks, mom.”

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Hi. I'm sorry to bother you, but i've been asexual as long as i can remember. Then, i started dating a guy and suddenly the thought of "doing it" with him wasnt far from my mind. Sometimes i'd be excited, i'd always be terrified, and most of the time i'd be disgusted like if i had to think about "doing it" with someone before i was dating him. He thought those thought made me no longer an ace, but i would like to ask your opinion. Could i still be considered an ace or was my now-ex right?

That doesn’t cancel out your asexuality. Feeling comfortable with the idea of having sex with someone doesn’t necessarily equate to sexual attraction, especially to a lot of asexual people. But even if you did feel sexual attraction, you could still be asexual and identify as demisexual or grey-asexual, or still feel the asexual label fits you best. It’s a matter of what you feel suits you best, and nitpicking with the semantics of it all doesn’t really matter as much if it conflicts with what you feel is best for you. So I’d say your ex is wrong on that front; you’re still asexual if you feel you are!

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"I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow." With Sammy...

Laying in Sam’s arms, your fingers were laced together. Your wedding band hitting the light just so. “I’m glad we got a couple days to ourselves.” You chuckled.

“I’m sorry it’s not much of a honeymoon.”

Shifting, you looked at him. “As long as I’m with you, it’s perfect.”

A grin spread across his face. “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” He said softly before pulling you into a soft kiss.

You smiled into it before pulling away. “Remember that the first time I piss you off.”

“Oh, you mean like the time you tossed my favorite white shirt in with your colored clothes and it came out some weird greyish color?” He teased.

“It was mixed in with my shirts! I got it back to white!” You laughed, burying your face in his chest. That had happened right after you moved in with him, and he never let you live it down.

hey, i’m sorry i keep disappearing and stuff. i have something to say though because it’s crazy. do you guys ever have that like.. song, or memory, or whatever that is forever remembered and stuck in your head? well, for me, it was a song. i played this game called thrillville when i was super young, and i remember there was this specific song in it that i absolutely loved. you could play minigames and stuff in the game, and the minigame had that song in it. well.. i probably searched for it a trillion times throughout the years. no matter what i did, i just couldn’t find it. well, today, that’s changed. i came across it by accident, and i just recognized it and almost started weeping. i was just so happy because i remember how that song made me feel when i was little. i could picture myself, younger, dancing around the room to it. my younger brother must have gotten so tired of me talking about it, and saying that i wanted to replay the minigame just to hear the song.. but man, i’ve listened to it probably 20 times. it’s just so good to hear it again! 

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Hey!! I need some advice. I wrote to you before about how much of an inspiration you are, but now that my study abroad trip is less than a month away my anxiety is in full gear. I am 20 years old & wear a size 24 pants. I can't help but feel like as a plus size, black woman I will be isolated. I know that sounds like a stretch (I've been tryin to think otherwise) but as time gets closer I feel like I will be there 4 months & have not cultivated friendships or anything becuz of my color & size.

Dear Anon,

First of all, I am really sorry you have felt and continue to feel this way. I understand the struggle a lot. At 20, I was going to Beijing and remember that feeling clearly. All throughout high school I always felt like people didn’t want to be my friend because of my weight. But, the truth was, it was all in my mind. If such people exist, do you really think they’d be healthy friendships for you? Probably not. So, you’re dodging that bullet. As a plus size person, we don’t need to be friends with anyone who’s going to body shame us. So, firstly, take a breath. You’re beautiful. Be you. Those who can’t accept someone who’s comfortable in their skin, are not worth your time.

I am not going to lie. Living in Korea is tough as a plus size woman because everything you see is “thin thin thin thin”. It’s in your face a lot! But, my best advice is that this is not going to be directed towards you. This is directed towards Korean society. It’s going to be hard at first, but if you can stay strong and find good people, then it can be the least of your worries.

If they stare at you for being black, it’s probably because they’re just curious that there is a black person among them. Korea isn’t as bad as China. My best friend was a plus size man who was black. Chinese would just come up to him and snap photos of him like he was an animal. I feel like in Korea they’re a little more polite about it? However, as an Asian American in Korea, I can’t speak for black people in Korea. Sorry!

Also, I suggest buying a good amount of pants and super cute outfits that make you feel good about yourself! Splurge a little! Because if you’re in an outfit that makes you feel good, then that’s all that matters.

You’ll get stares. It might not be easy, but just don’t let that get to you. These people, you’ll never see again. They’re just strangers in passing. Stare back! That will make them u comfortable and teach them a few lessons on rudely staring at strangers.

As for the friends thing. As a study abroad student, there will be tons of other study abroad students there. They’re all nervous, scared, and like you, just want to make friends. So, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make friends during study abroad.

I made 3 really good friends out of 90 students during my time in China. We clicked, liked the same things, and it just worked out! So, don’t freak out too much about it. You will make friends! And, again, don’t let your weight influence your thinking.

Shallow people are not worth being friends.
You’re a beautiful girl, and you’re just about to begin a new and exciting adventure. You’re in control of your life, not your body size. Good luck!

wait oh my god

i just realized why lance was all “nope. don’t remember, didn’t happen” when keith brought up the whole ‘i cradled you in my arms’ thing

lance was getting revenge on keith for saying he didn’t remember their time together at the garrison. he was probably really hurt by the way keith was like “who are you” after not seeing him for a while, especially since lance never forgot about keith. in fact, he could spot keith from a distance by his hair style alone

lance literally took the first opportunity he had to do exactly what keith did to him

keith essentially asks him ‘don’t you remember the bonding moment we just shared?’ and lance is like ‘nope! sorry! i don’t recall. and since i can’t remember it, i guess it never happened.’

asdfgk, oh my g od

if you think i’m joking:

i hate this app so much. i mean it only works like 10% of the time and the 10% it does work i’m trapped in a real life pokemon cave


(under read more because it got a bit out of hand whoops)

•Okay okay so Nicky is getting married
•so obviously he throws himself a bachelorette party
•because his cousins are meanies and won’t throw him one
•Andrew originally didn’t want to go but he remembered what happened last time
•and he’s not willing to let Nicky go out on his own
•too many nasty homophobes he’s not willing to take his chances
•aaron of course didn’t want to go but Katelyn convinced him that it was the right thing to do
•Kevin is forced to go because Andrew isn’t about to leave him alone
•But Kevin is secretly excited although he won’t show it
•the rest of the foxes go obviously because they’re a family™
•(lets pretend for this hc’s sake that they semi got along now)

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“Hiiiiiii! Your blog is absolutely amazing and I’ve looked through every one of your posts!do you think you could give me a list of your fluffiest wing fics? I really love those! Thank you!!”

Hey there. Thank you for your compliments and your time, too. You have looked through all the posts? Wow. That’s so cool! Thank you!

And hey, look who’s back! Yes, it’s me, Admin J! Someone still remember me?

Sorry for answering your ask like this… Admin A accidentally deleted your message while I was away… Luckily, we do have all the asks saved to our own folder, so it was safe there.

So, about fluffy wing fics. We have posted a lot of wing fics already, you should go and check those out in HERE. Anyhow, I do have a few good, fluffy wing fics for you that I’m almost sure you can’t find in that tag. I hope that smut isn’t a problem since in many of these there’s both fluff and smut. Enjoy! – Admin J

P.S. So good to be back! Hey you all, there are so many more of you than there were last time I was able to blog. How are you? Enjoying the blog?

Title: The Rare Gift

Author: triedunture

Rating: Mature

Words: 4,803 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I like the idea of Cas healing Dean by his Grace. This fic was kind of fantasy novel like to me and I adored it. It’s a very good wing!fic, very well written and very enjoyable. If you want to read just one wing!fic, read this.

Summary: The prompt was “Dean receives an … unusual … Christmas gift from Castiel.” The gift turns out to be wings.

( Read here )

Title: The Care and Keeping of Wings

Author: nekosmuse

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 2,956 –  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I love how much Destiel this is, even if they’re not even kissing. It’s written from the POV Sam which is always amazing because poor Sam! I always feel so sorry for Sam. I need to make a list of fics in which there are epic “poor Sam” moments. Anyway, the POV Sam is very well written, totally different way to use language than in POV Dean, which makes this one even better. Good job, author.

Summary: Castiel comes back from Purgatory a little different. Sam doesn’t want to talk about it.

Aka the one where people can see Cas’ wings, Dean discovers a kink, and Sam resolves to be a good brother. Also, dust baths are had on the side of not-so-deserted highways and #angeldustbaths trends on Twitter. Utter fluffy crack.

( Read here )

Title: Angel-Mine

Author: relucant

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,274 –  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: While reading, I got a bit frustrated because of the lack of last letters. I know that Dean speaks that way, but it’s just annoying if everything he says is like “talkin’, sayin’, hatin’”… You got the idea? Good. It’s okay once in awhile, but not all the time. If you ignore that fact, this fic is a nice little wing!fic with smut and fluff.  

Summary: Cas exhaled. “When an angel’s wings are injured,” he said to his feet, “the healing process can be augmented by… grooming, I suppose, would be the most accurate word. Removal of the maimed feathers to allow growth of healthy ones. Otherwise, they’re left to fall out alone.” He tilted his head towards the nightstand. “As you see.”

Dean stared at him. “So… that’s why I can’t help?” he said slowly. “‘Cause I can’t, y'know… see ‘em? Or touch 'em?”

“Yes,” Cas said, slightly too quickly, and Dean snorted.

“You’re still a shitty liar, Cas,” he informed him. “What ain’t you tellin’ me?”

( Read here )

Title: How To Groom Your Angel

Author: allthebeautifulthings9828

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,893 –  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: It seems that I’m giving so many five stars today but I can’t help it: these are good. The author is one of my favorites and I just love her way of writing. Once again, it works so well, and in this fic the entire atmosphere is so from the show. No big moments between Dean and Cas, only a huge tension and bond. It’s amazing! I love all the little details, everything just works together so well.

Summary: The season is turning colder and, unexpectedly, Castiel’s wings molt. When Dean and Sam see black wing feathers shed everywhere, Castiel is embarrassed. Dean confronts him about it privately and learns that an angel’s wings are an intensely private thing, like seeing a human naked. But Dean is curious. Before either of them understand the implications, Castiel is allowing him to see his wings.

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From the perspective of someone "who just stopped talking" to you

I’m sorry if we just stopped talking because I stopped trying. I didn’t do my part and give this potential friendship to blossom. I made you feel like I didn’t wanna talk to you, which I need to correct, it’s not you who’s the problem. It’s me. I am fine with not talking to people all the time. I am better this way. There’s nothing wrong with you. Please remember that. Do not be discouraged when you try to make friends with other people. They’ll like you. I did. I just was not the kind of person you’d like to be friends with if you want constant communication. I am sorry. I really am.

I've Never Had One [Ashton Smut]

Summary: Daddy Ash doesn’t like it when you’re telling lies.

Warning: My smut is very detailed and graphic.

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“Damn it Ashton, you always do this! Every time something happens with the guys you always flake out. You have responsibilities you know!” You screamed into the phone, grabbing a pair of comfortable ugs and a jacket as you quickly walked to your car.

“I know Y/N, but this is just for today. I’m so sorry baby, I promise I’ll make it up to you… Both of you!” Ashton tried to reason, but you knew better than this. He did this all the time. Whenever something “urgent” happened with the band he was gone within seconds.

“Yeah right,” you scoffed, putting the car in reverse. “You better be home by dinner and I’m serious.” You didn’t even wait for a reply, ending the call as anger boiled through your body.

You get that he’s the one with the job, and that his job takes care of the family but you wanted him to still be responsible.

As you pulled into the middle school’s parking lot, you waved at your beautiful baby girl. She smiled and came up to the car, opening the door.

“Hey mom, I thought daddy was gonna pick me up?” She asked as she situated herself in the chair and you just smiled at her, watching as she buckled her seat belt. She undid her jacket, glad to be away from the cold since she spent all day in it.

“Dad had to work, sweetie. I hope me coming was okay?” You asked, beginning to pull out of the parking lot.

“That’s okay. I didn’t think dad would come anyways.” She smiled understandingly, saying the words so nonchalantly that it made your heart hurts. You didn’t reply, watching as the snow fell outside and you continued to drive home.

While you were making dinner, you heard the door swing open and familiar footsteps make their way into the kitchen. Ashton walked towards your daughter that sat at the table, doing her homework.

“Hey pumpkin!” he smiled, kissing her head.

“Hey daddy! How was work?” Your daughter asked, turning in her chair to look at him. Uou found yourself smiling at her. She looked back down at her homework, the packet seeming a little too hard for a sixth grader but you knew she was extremely smart for her age.

“Work was well sweetie.” Ashton smiled, settling into a chair across from her. You were still extremely upset at him, seeing his hazel eyes meet your own from across the room. You rolled your own, continuing to cut the onions for the roast you’re making. He looked away from you then turned back to your creation. “And how was school?” He removed his jacket and scarf from his neck, exposing his gray long sleeved shirt.

“School was fine.” She smiled, her whole face brightening at the question. “I learned about the human body and about puberty and a bunch of other things in health!“ 

You found yourself smiling at this- your daughter being fascinated by the human body. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a doctor, she’ll live the dream you once had.

“Speaking of puberty, mommy, what’s an orgasm?” Your daughter turned to you, looking at you expectantly as you heard your husband chuckle, trying to hold it in. You rolled your eyes at his childish behavior then began to cut up a carrot, looking into her eyes.

“I don’t know sweetie,” you smirked, looking into the familiar hazel eyes now. “I’ve never had one.”

Once the words left your mouth, Ashton glared at you, then licked his teeth as he nodded his head a little. You bit your lip, pride spreading through your body as you saw your daughter refocus on her work as you continued to make dinner.

“Sleep well baby.” You smiled, kissing your daughter on the head. She was already gone by then, her lips parted as she slept soundly. You smiled, proud of the little girl laying in front of you, knowing that she is the one thing if anything that is perfect in this world- and you know you couldn’t have any better than this. You stood quietly, making your way out of her room and into your own.

“Ashton?” You called as you saw an empty bed. When you didn’t get a response you brushed it off, thinking he’s probably on the phone with his mates, deciding on what to wear for the next concert.

You walked to your closet, looking for something cozy to put on to sleep. You settled on just one of Ashton’s plain black shirts. You removed your clothes and placed it over your head, letting your hair down and taking your bra off, the feeling of freedom making your body rush with relief.

“You’ve never had one, hmm?” You heard Ashton’s voice behind you, his body pressed against your backside and his hands sliding onto your hips.

“Not now, Ash.” You said, closing the door to your closet.

Ashton chuckled into your ear, his warm breath tickling your neck, the feeling making your body erupt in butterflies and excitement.

“Not now? Baby girl, it’s funny how you think you’re going to get away with it that easily.” His hands began to slide over your body, one making its way up your shirt and the other beginning to slide between your thighs. Your knees felt weak, but you knew he was the one who wasn’t going to get away with what he did to his own daughter.

“Ashton, you can’t just walk in here and pretend everything’s alright. You’re the one who couldn’t even pick up your own daughter!” You said, turning around to face him, removing his addicting hands from your body.

“And I said I would make it up to you.. that’s covered. But,” he pulled your body towards him. “We have other things we need to focus on… I haven’t pleased you enough it seems. Maybe I should stop being so… Gentle.”

His eyes flashed with something you haven’t seen since you two were teens fooling around, and it made you a little nervous, yet every piece of your body with lit up on excitement… But you weren’t going to show it.

“Ashton-” you started, but he pushed a finger over your lips, grinning down at you.

“You don’t get to talk, baby girl. Not this time,” he said darkly, pulling down on your bottom lip. You felt your breathing becoming uneven as he slowly began to lean into your lips. As your lips brushed, you felt his hands slide down your side’s and grip your hips, then your feet leave the ground.

You squealed a bit as you felt yourself being tossed on the bed, and you let out a small laugh when you landed. Ashton removed his shirt, crawling on top of you. He kissed your lips roughly yet extremely passionately, holding himself up with one elbow as his other hand rested on your waist. He pulled away from your lips, his mouth beginning to teasingly kiss across your jawline to your ear, where he gently bit down. You let out a soft breath, knowing that he knew that it was your weakness. He smirked then nibbled on your ear for a few seconds, your hands finding their way into his hair. You bit down on your bottom lip, feeling his hand slide up to your breasts. He began to grope you through his shirt, kissing down on your neck now and pushing his hips into yours so you could feel his hard on perfectly.

“Ash,” you let out breathlessly and he stopped, looking down at you with a devious grin.

“Baby girl, that’s not what you call me right now,” his hand slipped from your chest, beginning to make it’s way down between your thighs. “What’s my name?” His finger gently began to circle your clit through your laced panties.

“Ashton please,” you whined, pushing your hips up into his hand as you felt like you could burst.

He chuckled, pushing himself down to the edge of the bed. His arms wrapped around your thighs as he pulled you closer to him. You propped yourself up to look down at him, watching as he slowly slid your panties down your legs. “Aw baby, you’re soaked for me.”

He grinned up at you before slowly kissing the inside of your thigh, leaving his lips  there for a few seconds before doing it to the other one, working his way up to your core.

“Stop teasing,” you whined. He smirked, biting the inside of your thigh now.

“I can’t give you what you want until you call me by my name.” He looked up at you, his hands running up and down your thighs.

You let out a soft groan, then looked back down into his eyes, innocently yet lustfully saying: “Please daddy.”

As you said it, you felt Ashton mouth wrap around your clit, his tongue flicking at it hard while he sucked around you, the feeling making you whine out in pleasure. You pushed your hands into his curls, feeling him lick up your slit then continue to focus on your most vulnerable spot. His finger slowly made his way inside of you, pumping in and out slowly as he gently bit down on your clit. You bucked your hips as you whined out again, feeling him slip in another finger and go faster, sucking harsher on you until you began to move your hips at the pace he was going, moaning out his name.

“Come for me baby,” he said, his fingers moving at a rapid pace now.

You let out a loud moan as your legs began to shake and begged to be closed, but he held them down. You released into his mouth, and he licked you clean, his fingers going slowly as he helped you ride out your high.

He stood up, looking down at your body and you noticed his boner pushing against his jeans. “We aren’t finished yet baby girl,” he smiled. You sat up, undoing his jeans, sliding them along with his boxers down his legs. You began to pump him, hearing him inhale a sharp gasp before you felt his hand come around your own. “No, this is for you, not me.”

You felt him lift his shirt off of your head, then he picked you up and kissed your lips lustfully. You tugged at his hair, feeling him lay himself down on the bed on top of the bed with you on top of him. He pulled away from you and positioned himself at your entrance, sliding his length over your slit slowly. He let out a groan as he slid inside of you, and you moaned out, throwing your head back.

“Fuck baby I’ve missed you,” he moaned into your ear, his arms wrapping around your back securely as you began to rock your hips back and fourth on him, feeling his length deep inside of you and stretching you out. You pushed your hands into his hair again, his mouth coming down to your neck as he thrusted up into you hard. You moaned out, tugging at his hair as your head fell backwards. He gripped your waist, pushing your body down onto him as his hips thrusted into you harder and faster.

“Daddy,” you moaned out, your eyes clenching shut as you felt yourself getting close again. He groaned, flipping your position so you were laying on your stomach on the bed. He lifted your hips again, then thrusted deep inside of you at a rapid pace, the feeling of him throbbing inside of your tight walls making both of you go insane.

He took a fist full of your hair and pulled you up to him, fucking you harder and faster, his other hand beginning to circle your clit as fast as it could. He bit down on your earlobe, making you whine out loudly, feeling the pressure build in your stomach.

“That’s right baby, come for me,” he moaned into your ear and you did just that, your body feeling limp as he moaned out, continuing to thrust harder and deeper until his thrusts became slower and more sloppy, him emptying himself inside of you. He let your body fall on to the bed as he rode out your highs, then pulled out and laid beside you, trying to catch his breath.

“Was that good for you?” He asked breathlessly, pushing a piece of hair behind your ear. You smiled at him, pressing your lips to his softly.

“It was the best,” you told him and he smirked.

“Good. That was only the beginning.”


After 12 hours, I am finally home! Here are all my Photo Ops and Sigs! I REALLY REALLY wish I’d had time to make a portrait of Chuck to sign. 

At any rate, stories. I’ve got nothing earth shattering but…I gotta say, as quick as the interactions are, they are still memorable and they still manage to find time to interact with you and then remember you later! and that’s just awesome (Even if i looked like a dork…Kat though, she looked perfectly adorable!).

Misha was really taken with Kat and her wings (asked us if we made them ourselves, to which we sadly had to respond with no….). The photographer - Chris, right? - ran over saying “Little dude! let’s get your hair out of the way” (or some approximation of that after Little dude, which i thought was so cute) and then Misha looked down and helped. He said some complimentary things and it’s true….WE COULDN’T STOP SMILING, something Kat continued to remark on for most of the day. Even as she continued to randomly ‘spaz out’ about having met Misha or anyone else…

While we were waiting in line for our next photo op, Misha must have just finished the duo ops he was in the middle of, cause then we had  Wild Misha sighting #1 (these are not counting when we’re in the panel room and we looked up with the rest of the audience into the glass hallway lol) and he saw us and smiled at us again. Kat was literally bouncing….

Richard was the next one and honestly, we had a plan. a simple one, but when we saw how fast people were ushered through with Misha and we knew that other photo ops were scheduled quite close to Rich’s, we abandoned the plan. He joked around with us about our outfits, i can’t remember quite what but it was funny. We waved to Matt Cohen on the way out and we ran back around to get in line for Rob.

Lastly, we got Rob. He was a last minute addition to our line up and it was great! Kat went up to him first, holding out her Samulet and with as serious a face as she could muster, she said, “I finally found you.”  He was quite amused, so that’s what he’s doing here is holding up her tiny Samulet…

So we were among the last to get Misha’s autographs. He looked tired, but he was still smiling. Kat went first, but i kinda missed his interaction with her as I tried to deal with the person taking our tickets/setting us up. I put the portrait on the table and tried to tell her to be careful with it and tried to hand her a cloth to let Misha use under his hand so he wouldn’t get dirty, but something got lost in translation as she just left it on the table as she pushed the portrait over.

he really liked it though, and then asked if it was fresh? I guess he meant if i had just made it or something. So i said no…then he wanted to know how i managed to make it without smudging it all over the place. i’d snagged back the cloth by then and explained that i put cloth under my hand while i worked on it. He was all smiley and i totally don’t remember most of what he said (that seems to be a trend!) and as we walked away he called back out to Katrina “I still love your wings!” :D

Richard was next again (another trend!) and his handler seemed much more open to listening as she attempted to carefully hand the portrait over, with the cloth. first he asked if it was okay to sign in one particular place and then asked if i had made it and complimenting me on it. Made me SO happy! Again, I missed Kat’s interaction because I wanted her in front of me. But it seemed positive. His was the only personalisations we got though…

cause by the time we got to Robs table, he was running late and he still had to set up for the concert, so we were told last minute, no personalisation. *pout* and i REALLY REALLY wish I’d been able to get a portrait done before I got there cause now its not a matched set (so to speak).

there was surprisingly a lot in each short span of time, but these are all i can actually remember. I think i might have been a little overwhelmed…

I know that by the end of the night we were definitely tired. I was developing a headache and we were waiting outside the center for our shuttle when we had Wild Misha sighting number 2 as he was apparently leaving too (though i guess he came back for the concert i really wished i could have gone to!). 

Again, WE COULD NOT STOP SMILING!!! We said hi, and couldn’t help but watch as he walked past. he responded, then a few feet away looked back at us and smiled again. Hope he didn’t think we were creepy!

This is gonna be kinda long, sorry about that

I’m actually gonna tag people in this because I feel like you guys deserve to know. Please read through all of this; I know it’s kinda long but it’s really important to me that you know.

I consider you guys my closest friends, even if we don’t really talk all that much. This post is mainly to apologize and just to let you guys know what’s happening because it’s kinda serious, and I usually just hide this thing from you because I don’t want you to worry. Sorry for the kinda heavy shit.

I’m really sorry that I’ve been such a bad friend lately. I’ve treated some of you like shit and I’m really sorry about that. You don’t deserve that shit from me and I really do love all of you so much.

I’m not using this as an excuse, I don’t have an excuse. But I’m 95% sure that I have BPD. Also some pretty extreme social anxiety and paranoia, and possibly mild insomnia. Honestly I don’t know what the general consensus is on all of this but these are all self diagnosed because I can’t go anywhere to actually be diagnosed because I can’t tell my parents. But all of these things have made me really depressed lately, to the point where I’ve ripped up my own legs. Don’t worry about that though because I’m not ever going to do anything more serious than that, I promise.

Depressing stuff aside, I need to say that I’m really bad at responding to messages. Sometimes I just get really burnt out and I need to take a break, and I kind of just disappear. It’s not anything that anyone did, sometimes I just get really exhausted and need some Introvert Time™. I’m also really shit about talking about myself. I don’t like telling people my problems, I don’t like talking about myself in general , really. I feel really guilty every time I vent at someone or tell someone one of my problems. So saying things like “you can come to me any time to talk about stuff,” while I REALLY really appreciate it and that’s amazing of you to say, I just can’t ever bring myself to actually message you about my problems. Which is kinda why I’m making this post now? I dunno.

I’m really sorry about being so depressing in this post, but it’s over now so you guys don’t have to worry. Thank you so much if you read this and I’m really sorry that this is just kinda a waste of time rip.

I know some of you are gonna see me tomorrow, so please don’t talk about it with me out loud because I’ll probably just start crying on the spot. You can message me about it if you want but I can’t promise I’ll respond to it until later today cause I don’t have the energy to right now.

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MBLAQ’s Mir announces army enlistment (Full translation)
K-pop band MBLAQ’s member Mir announced recently on the official MBLAQ fan page that he will begin serving his military service on Thursday .Mir also apologized for shocking fans with the s...

Below is a full translation of the announcement:

Hello, it’s Mir.

I’m curious to know how everyone is doing in this hot weather. I am gratefully living every day to the fullest.

I feel like I have to inform you some bad news. I will begin my military service on July 14.

You must be shocked to hear this sudden news, and I’m sorry I am announcing it so late.

All Korean men have an obligation to our country and there comes a time when a man must fulfill this obligation, but I do have doubts on whether that time is now.

I would appreciate if you don’t worry and feel bad.

I have received so much love and support, but during my service I would like to find time to develop myself as an ordinary person.

Thank you so much for supporting and loving me, I am greatly humbled. I will remember the love and support, and will use that to guide me in becoming a more mature Mir.

I wish to part ways with you with a smile, like all the other times you have supported me, and I genuinely love and thank all of you.


Okay guys, I have a little piece of ass in my life and I need some money, so here’s a signal boost about commissions.

  • Portrait - 12$, 6$ for additionnal character
  • Half-body - 20$, 10$ for additionnal character
  • ¾ body - 26$, 13$ for additionnal character
  • Full body - 34$, 17$ for additionnal character

I don’t draw:

- porn (not this time, sorry!)
- backgrounds
- furry/anthro

- I’ll be happy, if you describe what you’d like me to draw for you as precisely as possible.

- If you want to commission your OC, I’ll need good references!

Remember: prices may changes to the complexity of your request (clothing, extra objects like armor or weapon, animals, etc.), but it always can be discussed. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible!

  • Payment will be upfront and through PayPal or WesternUnion. After this, I’ll send you a sketch (or sketches), so you can chose the most likable for you and give some validation in the process.

If you want to see more examples of my work, you can click this link.

If you interested in or want to get more info,

  • Write me an e-mail to

Thanks in advance, feel free to ask me about any other info (。・ω・)シ 。・☆

P.S. I’m going to take commissions for the first time, so please don’t be aggrieved on me if I will be all abroad and behave like an idiot 

murderscne  asked:

tbh i've always kind of thought that gerard had more of a hand in the breakup whereas it seems like frank was more shocked by the band ending, like maybe he didn't think that it would actually happen. i remember reading that he didn't see the breakup coming, although that could've just been a rumor. but fuk like mcr was his favorite band when he was in pencey prep and??? ugh thinking abt the breakup and frank makes me weirdly emotional lmao

yeah! like if you read frank vs gerards breakup letters, like gerard’s is so self centered… hes all like guys, i haven’t been right for a while, its time, i just knew we had to end…. im sorry, its for the best… but its ok, ill be happy soon… and franks is kinda hurt, but grateful. he really just appreciates everything they were and what they achieved… and i definitely agree it was a surprise to him i think if they had had a band meeting and voted whether to break up the band, frank would have said no. that band was nearly half of his life, and all of his adult life. so yeah i think he has every right to be salty bc i think in the end a lot of the bands break up was gerards fault- not in a bad way necessarily its just the way it was